TakyojiStupid question: Would an SD card supposedly be faster (in terms of reading) in comparison to a 4200 RPM harddrive?01:10
TakyojiI can't find any definite number that SD cards typically are used at.01:11
_diabloTakyoji, sd will almost for sure be faster at reading, but it depends on a ton. Also, it depends on other stuff like whether you need burst data or long reads.01:12
_diabloand do you mean sd card or ssd?01:12
TakyojiBecause I'm thinking in terms of an OS installation01:12
TakyojiSD card01:12
Takyoji(for the time being)01:12
_diablooh. It will probably be faster01:14
_diablobut it might also depend on brand and other stuff01:14
_diabloI would try it.01:14
_diabloit will probably be faster.01:14
TakyojiBecause I got a somewhat older laptop handed down to me, which already dual-boots XP and Ubuntu (but 9.04 I think)01:15
Takyojiand was considering if I should get an SSD, or just work along the lines of an SD card or USB for the OS, and the harddrive for large storage.01:15
tonyyarussoTakyoji: most SD cards read at a max of 15MB/s, with more expensive ones going up to 30MB/s.01:18
_diabloeh, if it's an old computer, the HDD is probably not your limiting factor. It's probably CPU or RAM so it won't matter too much.01:18
tonyyarussoOh please - it would have to be like circa 1994 for the CPU to be the limiter.01:19
TakyojiWhat would be a typical size of an Ubuntu installation?01:21
Takyoji~2GB, or?01:22
_diablotonyyarusso, it depends on what you're doing.01:22
TakyojiI'm simply talking in terms of boot performance01:22
_diabloah, right, oops01:23
TakyojiBoot performance and perhaps time taken to open applications01:23
TakyojiI don't mind how long it takes a thing to save, or for a document to be read necessarily01:23
Takyoji9.04 is about 2.3GB installed01:28
TakyojiReferencing from: http://www.tuxradar.com/files/ubuntu_vs_7-3.png01:29
mr_steveTakyoji: if you try it, let me know how it goes...01:33
mr_steveI was considering Ubuntu on an SD card for my netbook, to avoid spinning the HD when I don't need to01:33
_diablosame here01:34
_diablomr_steve, when do you want to start ubuntu hour?01:34
TakyojiI think I might try just grabbing an small high-speed SD card as well for testing. But perhaps, I could test between the two, to see if it's any different for my system (like if the reader only works at a certain speed)01:34
mr_steve_diablo: I'm starting to figure out my routine a bit more now, so I'm thinking maybe this coming friday01:35
mr_steveThere's a new variable now though apparently I've started having anxiety attacks. Yay.01:35
mr_steveat any rate I'm going to start looking for a decent coffeeshop close to MCTC to hold it at01:37
_diablomr_steve, ouch. okay, yeah, keep me in the loop01:38
TakyojiOoo, the Firefox Personas are quite nice01:45
TakyojiWhen it originally came out as a plugin there was barely much available01:46
TakyojiNow it's like the next best thing, beyond desktop wallpapers01:49
* tonyyarusso doesn't see the point02:06
TakyojiIt's just a simple customization; it's not too obtrusive either02:07
tonyyarussoIt's just another application - why do you need it to have star trek logos scattered about?02:07
_diabloit's pretty02:07
_diablosame reason why I like compiz02:07
TakyojiIt's built into the GUI system of Firefox 3.6. :P02:07
TakyojiSo it's not necessarily a whole separate entity02:08
TakyojiThat is very awkward02:57
TakyojiApparently I'm installing a Java update, and it's offering a Bing Toolbar for Internet Explorer..02:58
TakyojiDue to my current lack of a 4GB SD card (that isn't of someone else's), and to the worry that a 4GB SD card might not work on the system (due to the delay until SDHC was really used)04:21
TakyojiI think I'll try a 4GB flash drive04:21
TakyojiUSB flash drive04:21
TakyojiThe only thing I worry of is that it might install the bootloader to the USB flash drive04:22
Takyojiand at the same time, USB might be a bit slow04:23
tonyyarussoyeah, it will be super slow04:25
Alpha_Clusternot ture04:25
Alpha_Clusterit depends on if its a usb2 port and how fast the ram in the usb drive is04:25
tonyyarussoI've never seen a USB flash drive with a decent speed of the actual flash.04:26
Alpha_Clusterreally my corsair flash voyager has pretty awesome speeds04:27
TakyojiThe optimal speed of USB 2 is 480Mb/s04:28
tonyyarussos/optimal/theoretical maximum raw/04:29
tonyyarussoMeaning your best bet for actual data transfer is more like 30MB/s04:29
Alpha_Clusteryep i get about 40 with my good flash drive04:31
Alpha_Clustermost flash drives use cheap ram and so they normally get up to maybe 30 on a good day04:31
Alpha_Clusterif you buy a drive though from the enthusist ram companies they tend to be less skimpy and get 40-5004:32
Alpha_Clusteri cant wait for usb 3.0 to become big04:32
Alpha_Clusterit will force flash drives to use good ram :)04:32
Alpha_Clustertrue its NAND >.< i always just call it ram  cause i forget the name04:34
TakyojiI need an Ubuntu sticker for this laptop...04:38
Alpha_Clusterlol i feel bad i dont have any computers running ubuntu rigth now >.<04:39
TakyojiMy whole house runs Ubuntu!04:40
Alpha_Cluster>.< i got a macbook pro and a desktop that has a new ati 5770 so i cannot really run it very well04:40
Alpha_Clusteri got VMs though that i run it on04:41
TakyojiGeez, you're such a disgrace to our cult! :P04:41
TakyojiI think it would run fine on a Macbook Pro though04:41
Alpha_Clusterhey i would run it on this computer if i could04:41
Alpha_Clusterno sound on the Mac04:42
Alpha_Clusteron this computer the ATI drivers dont allow it to play videos04:42
Alpha_Clusteryeah sadly OSX works to well also for me to want to replace it04:43
Alpha_Clusterand Windows 7 works better right now for this computer >.<04:43
TakyojiAnyone have thoughts on http://helpmysql.org/en/theissue/customerspaythebill ?04:58
TakyojiApparently Web of Trust is advocating it05:03
Takyoji(the petition)05:03
TakyojiHah, this boot performance is slower than a crawl05:19
TakyojiIt's probably only USB 1 ports05:19
TakyojiJust loading GRUB was like several minutes05:19
Takyoji50 seconds from GRUB to the login screen using this USB drive http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820220251&cm_re=patriot_4GB-_-20-220-251-_-Product on a HP Pavilion DV1000 laptop05:21
TakyojiIs it considerably wrong that wireless service works fine; but identifies as eth1?06:49
tonyyarussonot at all06:52
tonyyarussomy thinkpad does the same, always has06:53
TakyojiApparently my desktop, which is connected directly by Ethernet claims an internet speed of 11Mbps, while the laptop claims 0.5Mbps08:08
TakyojiHowever the upload speed was at about the same as it was for the desktop08:09
TakyojiBased upon testing with the use of speedtest.net, and the Milwaukee, WI server08:10

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