erUSULpuszy: probably you want the cpufreq applet. right click on a panel choose add to panel search for the cpu freq monitor00:01
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erUSULpuszy: if you click on it you can choose the cpu governor00:04
erUSULpuszy: ondemand (default) powersave; performances etc ...00:04
erUSULpuszy: really ondemand should just work in all situations00:04
puszyerror :P smthg like "You cannot change freq of cpu"00:05
erUSULpuszy: :/00:05
erUSULpuszy: are you sure the cpu can scale and that thwe option is enabled in BIOS ?00:06
puszyit works at 100% so it's fine xD00:06
puszydunno, on WIndows that worked00:06
puszybut power mode was good for university00:07
porter1Does anyone know of a good resource to look in detail at how upstart works? There isn't as much information about upstart as there is for the traditional init system.00:08
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Ben90hello :)00:10
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/00:10
erUSULpuszy: then i dunno00:10
puszyanyway thx :)00:10
Ben90hello? :P00:10
SmartSsadoes the 'powernowd' package need to be installed for that to work?  It's been a while since I've messed with cpu scaling.00:10
h2g2bobBen90: hello00:11
Ben90can i ask something?00:11
natexBen90: no00:11
natexBen90: :)00:11
Ben90hey :P00:11
h2g2bobBen90: go ahead00:11
puszykurwa! today they start to censore internet in my country o.O00:12
Ben90is there a low-latency kernel package?00:12
Ben90for intrepid ibex00:12
erUSULBen90: yes the -rt one00:12
Ben90how do i get it?00:12
d0cis it a common problem to get the Errno 5 Input/output error?00:12
d0ctried on two PCS now with 2 different discs00:13
daftykinsBen90: sudo apt-get install linux-image-rt ?00:13
d0cboth same error at 65%00:13
Ben90ok brb00:13
d0cubuntu just wont install00:13
Flanneld0c: Did you verify the integrity of the CDs?00:13
d0chow would i do that?00:14
d0c(and no, i didnt)00:14
Flanneld0c: There's a "Check CD for defects" (or some verbage like that) on the boot menu of the CDs (second from the bottom maybe?)00:14
totoprhi , one question, I have ubuntu 9.04 and modules ehci_hcd uhci_hcd seems not loaded00:14
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h2g2bobd0c: a quick check on ubuntuforums suggests it might happen for some hardware configs http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60012600:17
totoprusb transfer rate after some seconds go down to 2 MB/sec00:17
totopron usb 2.000:17
falkI am trying to hunt down where middle mouse button is binded too. Does anyone know of a method to find what is using it? Its not a compiz plugin....00:18
soreaufalk: Have you tried disabling compiz to make sure?00:18
h2g2bobtotopr: you could load it with modprobe, i guess?00:18
NiktyHi, what's the name of default cursor theme in Ubuntu?00:19
falkgone through all of the gconf, searching for button2 and stuff00:19
soreaufalk: What makes you think middle click is bound to something?00:19
falki know mmb on the titlebar lowers the window00:19
chalcedonyis there anywhere i should ask besides here for help getting skype to work with voice? i have ubuntu 9.0400:19
falkprograms/option that use the mmb only work for a split second.00:19
falkfor example, i can't rotate in blender. it only works for a split second00:19
falksame with xmind00:20
totopr<h2g2bob> both modules are not present in  /lib/modules/2.6.28-17-generic/kernel/drivers/usb/host00:20
falkand the window resize alt-mmb does work either, it just lowers the window00:20
d0cthanks. reading now00:20
_wast3lanDim having troubles with ubuntu server 9.10: i went to 'make' something and i get an error saying something like: "gcc not found"00:22
_wast3lanDhelp me!00:22
uninvertedFor some reason, the default on my box is to have the right alt key as something other than alt. What line can I _add_ to my xorg.conf to restore it to normal? (I can't just delete the XkbOptions line, since I can't find it)00:22
_wast3lanDalso, no internet (the thing im trying to make is the wireless card driver)00:22
AtlanteanI've installed ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop and doesn't connect to my wifi and ethernet, anyone knows why?00:23
blakkheim_wast3lanD: if you can't figure out the problem there, you shouldn't be using a server00:24
chalcedonyblakkheim, people do learn by doing00:24
Dr_Willisuninverted:  check the keyboard perferances yet under 'layout options' thers lots of settings in there00:25
timahvo1hi guys00:25
WipsterI have managed to build a new kernel for a basic live cd and installed a module, is there a way I can revert the packages in the chroot back to the basic system, because alot was installed during the kernel recompile, the basic like 190mb atm I'm at 2.2gig00:25
jibberiah2g2bob: fyi, i asked somebody to flip a coin, and it came up with "REBOOT" and grub loaded and booted normally. then i came. now i'm going to run away from this dell as fast as i can.00:26
timahvo1running jaunty trying to install firefox-3.6 from a ppa but keep getting Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9.2pre and 1.9.2pre.00:26
timahvo1any help ?00:26
Craig_DemYou need 1.9.2pre or something?00:26
h2g2bobjibberia: phew!00:27
jibberiayeah thanks for the advice00:27
timahvo1I have xulrunner-1.92 installed00:27
zomfgcrazyWhere would I set default boot OS for a dualboot Ubuntu/WinXP hdd?00:27
uninvertedDr_Willis: I'm using a funky tiling WM and have just about none of gnome installed00:27
timahvo1tried xulrunner-1.9.2 --register-global00:27
timahvo1still nothing00:28
jibberiah2g2bob: it was either spend an evening trying to restore that machine *somehow* or not cancel a date. now i get to go get my flirt on. gotta remember not to mention linux, at all, ever, ever. ;)00:28
h2g2bobjibberia: good luck :) much more fun i hope00:29
jibberiasometimes there are better things than making your mom's linux laptop work, indeed00:29
jibberiabest of nights, everybody00:29
brianhermanYour mom's cool if she has linux on her laptop00:30
timahvo1anyone else have similar problem wih jaunty ?00:30
brianhermantimahvo1 whats ur problemo?00:31
timahvo1rying to start firefox-3.6 from cmd line installedfrom ppa on jaunty00:31
timahvo1get Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9.2pre and 1.9.2pre.00:31
j-3-r-g_wats up00:32
j-3-r-g_anyone familiar with LMMS00:33
kradj-3-r-g_, sure, whatcha need00:33
timahvo1fyi GRE= Gecko Runtime Env00:33
j-3-r-g_well krad i need to get sound out of it currently it has the ALSA driver selected but doesn't seem to work00:33
timahvo1 I think :-/00:33
j-3-r-g_i want to know how can i go about debuging exactly wat is the issue00:34
j-3-r-g_im not familiar with sound settings in linux00:34
dominik{true}Hello World?00:35
timahvo1brianherman: any ideas ?00:35
dominik{true}Cool, it works00:35
mikobuntuj-3-r-g_,  i am a bit00:36
bobinohi guys, is there anyone out here using evolution for its gmail account?00:36
wolterhow can i reset my xorg.conf file?00:36
Jazzcan anyone help me please im having trouble with x chat00:36
wolterxorg is taking up 20% proc use00:36
bobinoi followed a howto but missing info00:37
xXxLORDxXxalguien save español xD00:37
bobinowolter: just mv it to another name it will generate a default one00:37
xXxLORDxXxnadie weyes00:37
DARKGuyhey wtf, anybody knows why my numeric keypad isn't working in X, but it works outside X and other OSes?!00:37
ugarithow do I restore grub after windows 7 took over the mbr?00:37
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bobinougarit: liveCD and reinstall grub or chroot and grub-install00:38
bobinoguys, no one here using evolution with gmail?  and evolution with HTC phone?00:38
DARKGuyoh hey it's fixed00:38
DARKGuyhow come "control the mouse using the keypad" was enabled? I never enabled it before :/00:38
timahvo1anyone successfully install ff-3.6 on jaunty ?00:38
timahvo1am in trouble here00:38
timahvo1Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9.2pre and 1.9.2pre.00:39
daftykinsDARKGuy: apparently there's a keypress for it, to enable it, check out accessibility or something maybe you accidentally turned it on00:39
david16Anyone get vlc to recognize there upnp servers in Karmic?00:39
DARKGuydaftykins: I'm checking, and all the checkboxes in Accessibility are off00:40
david16I have twonky running and can't use a application to access it...00:40
daftykinsDARKGuy: yeah now, what about before? :)00:40
=== tato is now known as tato42
DARKGuydaftykins: same state :P the Mouse tab had the "control the mouse using the keypad" option enabled, but I never enabled it before00:41
daftykinswell just bear it in mind.00:41
DARKGuydaftykins: in fact I never touched the keyboard settings today, all I was doing was programming when suddenly the "/" key stopped working :(00:41
timahvo1anyone ?00:41
sprithi all00:42
daftykinstimahvo1: you trying to instal latest firefox from mozilla?00:42
spritI need help with a digital camera00:42
shane2peruwhy is it that on Linux the print option never gives you a paper choice (card stock, photo paper, plain paper etc.)???00:42
daftykins!ask | sprit00:42
ubottusprit: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:42
timahvo1daftykins: yes00:42
spritI cannot see it00:42
timahvo1daftykins: from ppa00:42
daftykinssprit: are you plugging in a card via a card reader or a camera directly via USB?00:42
spritdirectly via USB00:42
daftykinstimahvo1: what PPA?00:43
bobinono one using gmail and evolution mail?00:43
daftykinssprit: do you see anything other than your hard disk using "sudo fdisk -l" in terminal?00:43
spritit's a KodakM107300:43
ugaritbobino thanks00:43
shane2perubobino, yes, they work great together00:43
spritlet me see00:43
daftykinssprit: and i take it the camera's on?00:43
Wipsteris there a way I can strip out the packages I have used to compile a kernel once its done? trying to make a livecd modification but I'm still hovering around 2gig. I have removed the main packages the kernel install needed but it hasn't got rid of their deps00:43
timahvo1daftykins: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main00:43
spritcamera is on00:43
shane2peruwhy is it that on Linux the print option never gives you a paper choice (card stock, photo paper, plain paper etc.)???00:44
bobinoshane2peru: how did you manage it?00:44
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daftykins!repeat | shane2peru00:44
ubottushane2peru: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.00:44
spritdaftykins I only see my hard disk00:44
shane2perubobino, been quite a while ago, I think I just followed the google instructions, I did imapi00:44
daftykinssprit: ok try unplugging the camera, doing "lsusb" then plug it back in, see if anything changes00:44
daftykins(with lsusb)00:45
oberonI have this keyboard problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43741500:45
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:45
daftykinstimahvo1: ok sorry no experience with that00:45
shane2perubobino, here is a guide:  http://tuxicity.wordpress.com/2007/03/08/howto-set-up-gmail-in-evolution-gnomes-mail-client-and-organizer/00:45
timahvo1daftykins: still using 3.5 ?00:45
shane2perubobino, ahh, here is the Ubuntu one: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingGmailWithEvolution00:46
daftykinstimahvo1: not running ubuntu with X00:46
spritdaftykins... nothing00:46
bobinoshane2peru: well, i don t get the google instructions for evolution, and in google settings, there s something weird cause they do not mention in Imap and POP forwarding the name of the email adress00:46
timahvo1daftykins: gotta love elinks ;)00:46
shane2perubobino, the ubuntu one would be the best to follow00:46
daftykinsoberon: i only have experience with Xen on ubuntu 8.04 LTS, i'd recommend trying there. an earlier release is a waste of time imo00:46
daftykinstimahvo1: elinks?00:47
shane2perubobino, It is pretty simple once you get the few tricks they show in those guides00:47
newbuntui need help00:47
daftykins!ask | newbuntu00:47
newbuntui cant connect00:47
ubottunewbuntu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:47
zenlunatic_wast3lanD: why are you using wireless on a server?00:47
spritdaftykins... nothing00:47
shane2perudaftykins, is quick on the draw with the bot tonight!00:47
timahvo1daftykins: text based browser00:47
_wast3lanDzenlunatic: server is on a laptop00:47
oberondaftykins, I have the problem on a 2.28.2 (recent) gnome installation00:47
timahvo1like w3m00:47
newbuntuI can`t connect to Internet because jews are playing with my cable,how i can fix this?00:47
daftykinstimahvo1: oic :)00:47
daftykinsshane2peru: ja too much experience idling here ;)00:48
_wast3lanDzenlunatic: i have it wired to teh router right now, so its working... but i dont want it there long term.00:48
daftykinsoberon: yeah but on dapper? :P00:48
bobinoshane2peru: thanks! i m on it00:48
newbuntunigga u gay00:48
newbuntucrank dat ku klux klan00:48
daftykinssprit: to be honest i'd use a card reader if it has a memory card00:48
shane2perubobino, no prob, if you get hung up, let us know00:49
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!00:49
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datacrusherhello everyone, im trying to use some services as twitcam, livestream.. whem the popup asks me to allow flash to use my webcam, i cant use the button to confirm... how do i force flash to be able to do that?00:49
datacrusheris that a bug?00:49
detrixanyone know how to get an ASUS Eee netbook to access the bios or how do I get it to boot off of a usb memory stick?00:49
shane2peruwhy is it that on Linux the print option never gives you a paper choice (card stock, photo paper, plain paper etc.)???00:49
LinuX2halfWill I able to burn a disc that supports 16x speed while my driver only support at maximum 8x?00:49
shane2perudetrix, hmm, I just did that not to long ago, it was quite tricky00:50
shane2perudetrix, it is buried in the bios somewhere, I think you have to hit tab to get the bios00:50
shane2perudetrix, the splash screen should tell you what to hit, I can't remember now, may have been F200:50
detrixshane2peru: thats the thing, I am not getting a splash screen.00:51
Rafaelhello, if ubuntu shows a connection as available but i can't connect to it, is it a problem wit00:51
shane2perudetrix, really?  is it hidden with an asus splash screen?00:51
mikihi people... i cant get sound to work anymore.00:51
shane2perudetrix, what asus is it?00:51
daftykinsdetrix: a lot of the Eee's use a feature which prevents the BIOS being easily accessible. what i recommend you do is shutdown, turn off the laptop, remove the battery, disconnect mains power, then plug it back in. then start up with the power button and try F2/delete/etc to try and get in00:51
detrixshane2peru: the F2 worked.00:52
Rafael hello, if ubuntu shows a connection as available but i can't connect to it, is it a problem with my 3g modem(nokia cs-10) or the way the connection is configured?00:52
mikiyesterday I had all the options like HDA.. and all these other sound drivers but now theres only 2 and they wont work'00:52
DexterP17I don't know if I did this irc right can anyone help me?00:52
Equsdetrix try esc. that is what it is on my EEE 70100:52
mikihow can i reinstall my sound drivers00:52
detrixI am in, thanks00:52
daftykinsDexterP17: ask away00:52
shane2perudetrix, ok, glad you got it, the bios is a little confusing, so poke around till you find booting off the usb00:52
* shane2peru thinks asus should always check usb boot first, 00:52
daftykinsdetrix: it's usually pretty vague like "external device boot"00:53
tato42detrix u need to hit f2 and enter setup and then enable f12 to choose boot options00:53
daftykinsshane2peru: hmm, not really, kinda security issue00:53
tonygok so I need some help how do I find a desent tutoral for learn ubuntu 9.1000:53
DexterP17I tried to register an account with irc on empathy but it said that it could not register with nickserv and i am real confused00:53
shane2perudaftykins, ok, granted good point there, but it is so buried and obscured in there it is a real pain00:53
shane2perudaftykins, most people here wouldn't know how to boot off a usb even anyway,00:54
daftykinsshane2peru: yeah agree with you there, BIOS interfaces need redesigning00:54
bobinoshane2peru: thanks, i ve done it. just hae to check now.00:54
bobinoshane2peru: another one: do you use synce or similar to sync your PDA phone and evolution?00:54
shane2perubobino, glad you got it, you did it, not me, ;)00:54
shane2perubobino, Palm is the way to go00:55
daftykinsDexterP17: please join #freenode for network help00:55
jake614hi everyone! i would really appreciate some help, all my usb ports stopped working00:55
DexterP17how do i do that?00:55
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help00:55
daftykinsjake614: shutdown your computer, remove the mains cable, then wait a few seconds, then plug it back on and switch on. if you're on a laptop, remove mains and the battery00:55
shane2perubobino, what phone do you have?00:55
daftykinsjake614: this will cause USB to reset and all should work again00:55
bobinoshane2peru: HTC touch diamond00:55
jake614alright, shall try that, how long should i wait?00:56
shane2perubobino, hmm, don't know nothing about that. :)  I have always used palm00:56
daftykinsjake614: only about 30 seconds00:56
siveljoh6nn: try installing the backport modules00:56
daftykinsDexterP17: er, does typing "/j #freenode" do anything? sorry i have no experience with empathy as an IRC client00:56
joh6nnsivel: i did; so far, no change00:56
joh6nnalso tried switching to wicd00:56
bobinoshane2peru: no worries, i ll have a look and also  I ll check the gmail account00:56
jake614just so you know, this is a laptop and i did shut down and leave it shut for hours, and still didnt work00:56
jake614i did not remove the battery though, will that do anything?00:57
shane2perusebsebseb, what was that other channel?  is it gone?00:57
DexterP17where do i type all this stuff at do i use a terminal or what00:57
miki!sound driver00:57
bobinoshane2peru: this worked! coooool00:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:57
bobinoi guess i can do same with hotmail?00:57
BlackFlag20im having problems installing wine on my computer anyone wanna help?00:57
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:58
blakkheimBlackFlag20: whats the problem00:58
daftykinsDexterP17: just in the chat window00:58
shane2perubobino, I'm not sure, I thought hotmail did away with their pop access?00:58
daftykinshotmail only has paid POP afaik00:58
shane2perudaftykins, that is what I thought00:58
bobinoshane2peru: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingHotmailWithEvolution00:58
BlackFlag20whenever i try to download wine from the ubuntu software center i get a message that has the title PACKAGE DEPENDENCIES CANNOT BE RESOLVED and this message"This error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Futhermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time."00:59
blakkheimBlackFlag20: sudo aptitude install wine00:59
shane2perubobino, I'm pretty sure hotmail locked their pop mail to only paying users00:59
shane2perubobino, so if you are a paying user, you should be fine01:00
shane2peruBlackFlag20, also you can open up System -> Administration -> Synaptic  and try with that01:00
zomfgcrazyWhat are 'sda1' and 'sda2'?  Why can't all of the partitions be in the same 'sd'?01:01
BlackFlag20if you type $ winecfg into your terminal are you supposed to show one or two versions of wine?01:01
shane2peruzomfgcrazy, how many hard drives do you have?01:01
bobinoshane2peru: i m not so you mean it s useless to go forward with the guide?01:01
DexterP17register mack72676 DexterP17@gmailc.com01:01
blakkheimnice one bro01:01
zomfgcrazyshane2peru: only working with one at the moment.01:01
ChogyDandecoder: time to get a new password01:01
ChogyDanDexterP17: time to get a new password01:02
DexterP17register mack72676 DexterP17@gmail.com01:02
Billiardzomfgcrazy: sda1 and sda2 are partitions 1 and 2 on your first drive01:02
shane2perubobino, I'm not 100% sure, but I would double check before going through the setup01:02
BlackFlag20cause when i type $ winecfg it shows wine and wine 1.201:02
daftykinszomfgcrazy: yes "sd" is a hard disk, then "a" is the first hard disk01:02
bobinoshane2peru: i ve done it. you think i will have to pay then?01:03
zomfgcrazyhow come ubuntu install (and ubuntuswap) appear /within/ sda2 (inGparted) but sda1 is /itself/ the windows partition?01:03
Wipsteris there a way to remove the packages which where installed to satisfy the dependancy of something else once I remove it?01:03
DexterP17register <mack72676> <DexterP17@gmail.com>01:03
bobinoor will it just not work?01:03
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  pastebinit the output of 'sudo fdisk -l' and let the channel take a look01:03
andrukDexterP17: you want to type something like /msg NickServer register mack72676 DexterP17@gmail.com01:03
daftykinszomfgcrazy: because of the MBR specification. bootable partitions must be one of four maximum, and these are sda1 through sda4. then logical drives are numbered from sda5 ->01:03
Billiardzomfgcrazy: because that is how it set it up? windows on first partition, linux on 2nd?01:03
shane2perubobino, I really don't know much about hotmail01:03
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  if sda2 is a extended partiion - its holding logical partions.01:03
bobinono worries i ll figure it out and let you know01:04
rwwDexterP17: switch to a server window and do /msg nickserv register putpasswordhere putemailhere01:04
andrukDexterP17: except, now that everybody has seen your password, you should not use that one...01:04
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis, it is not on this computer.01:04
rwwDexterP17: and use a different password from the one you just messaged to the whole channel twice.01:04
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines01:04
bobinoshane2peru: WOW it works but i had to cancel it cause it was retreiving 712 messages... i just wanted from now on..01:04
zomfgcrazyCurrently I have unallocated space within sda2.  I would like to install Ubuntu in that space.  Must I delete sda2 first, or can I install Ubuntu within that space?..01:06
daftykinszomfgcrazy: can you upload an image of gparted or whatever partitioning utility you're looking at?01:07
daftykinsi think said picture would tell a thousand partitions...01:07
yoyonedzomfgcrazy: how much space01:07
Billiardzomfgcrazy: if sda2 is an extended partiton, and you arent going to have more than 4 partitions, i would delete it and just use primary partitions01:07
yoyonedzomfgcrazy: does  sda2 contain data,01:07
zomfgcrazydaftykins, unfortunately it's on a seperate computer with no net connection currently booted on an install cd01:08
daftykinszomfgcrazy: you not got a flash drive to transfer?01:08
zomfgcrazyyoyoned, sda2 contains "unallocated space"01:08
zomfgcrazydaftykins, one moment.01:08
=== tato is now known as tato_
yoyonedzomfgcrazy: are there any partitions higher than 2 or do you just have sda1 and sda201:09
daftykinsyoyoned: please just wait for a pic so it's easier for everyone (:01:09
daftykinsbetter to know than guess01:09
yoyoneddaftykins: he's posting a pic somewhere?01:10
jake614hi everyone! i would appreciate any help, my usb ports are not working01:10
zomfgcrazyyoyoned, just 2.01:10
daftykinsjake614: battery and mains out didn't make any difference?01:11
daftykinshmm :/01:11
Matthew11Hello! I have a problem. I trying to set up my ubuntu for packet writing, but the pktcdvd module is missing. Where can I found it?01:11
zomfgcrazy(-> http://i45.tinypic.com/316aqvo.png <-)01:11
jake614i think this must be a software issue01:11
daftykinsjake614: which ubuntu and what changed last between now and when it didn't work?01:11
ardchoilleHow do I get "Encrypt" and "Sign" options in the nautilus right click menu? Which package do I need to install? I already have seahorse and gnupg01:11
rwwardchoille: seahorse-plugins01:11
daftykinszomfgcrazy: ah yeah that's fine, delete the sda2 then install \o/01:12
yoyonedzomfgcrazy: you can install there01:12
songerwhy audio disappears after a while on firefox01:12
mikicould someone help me with my sound, all the drivers are messed up01:12
Billiardzomfgcrazy: i would delete sda2 and just use primary partitions if you arent going to have more than 4 total01:12
zomfgcrazyBilliard, I don't think I understand the difference between primary and logical01:12
SqueeseFresh ubuntu user, having slight problems with right click - Right click always ends up selecting the first option on the menu, I have "untitled folder" everywhere :P01:13
jake614just so you know, this toshiba laptop came with vista, i switched to ubuntu jaunty in may 09 and everything worked perfectly, then switched to karmic when it was released, and again everything was working just fine (except the sound), while on karmic, usb devices stopped working after an update (after two months of working fine), then downgraded to jaunty again, got sound back, but no usb01:13
daftykinszomfgcrazy: on an MBR (normal) hard disk, you can only have 4 primary partitions (only primary are bootable) then logical ones come after. it's an old term from sorta DOS era01:13
jake614i have a webcam, a mouse and a usb flash, none work in any port, i have 401:13
daftykinsjake614: have you tried a livecd?01:14
greatendCome check out new proxy :D http://legit-source.com/01:14
daftykinsto rule out the installed OS01:14
zomfgcrazyso.. what is the point of a logical partition?01:14
rwwzomfgcrazy: the partition table format you're using supports a maximum of four partitions. Windows and Ubuntu get around this by making the fourth partition an "extended partition" with more pretend-partitions (that look and act just like regular ones) crammed inside it.01:14
ardchoillerww: do I need to enable those plugins somehow? They aren't showing in the nautilus menu01:14
rwwzomfgcrazy: the pretend partitions are called "logical" oens01:14
rwwardchoille: restart GNOME, perhaps01:14
daftykinszomfgcrazy: to have more than the primary ones (:01:15
zomfgcrazyahh.. so that's why the ubuntu one looked like it was 'inside' the blue box, graphically, while the windows one 'was'a blue box.01:15
jake614no, i havent01:15
rwwzomfgcrazy: yes :)01:15
daftykinsyep :)01:15
jake614do i need to reboot again to try?01:15
zomfgcrazySo do I want to delete sda2 and install ubuntu over that space as a primary partition?01:15
daftykinsjake614: ah i'd give that a whirl yeah. i'd reboot to boot off a CD ye01:15
ardchoillerww: That worked, thank you01:15
jake614ok, shall do... thanks again, ill be back to let you know01:16
jake614which one should i try? jaunty or karmic?01:16
mikianyone help me with my sound?01:16
Matthew11Can anybody help pls? I trying to set up my ubuntu (Karimc) to write a dvd+rw with packet writing, but the pktsetup needs the pktcdvd module, and it's missing. Where it can be found?01:16
jake614i'm most likely to keep jaunty the time being, since sound will not work on karmic01:16
Matthew11there is a patch for sound01:17
Matthew11it makes the things better01:17
daftykinsMatthew11: "udftools" package. to find that out i just ran "apt-cache search pktcdvd"01:18
Matthew11yes, i installed it, but the module is still missing01:18
Matthew11For the sound problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-plugins/+bug/48548801:19
daftykinshe's gone01:19
detrixI am still having problems getting an ASUS Eee netbook to boot off of a usb memory stick ( a SanDisk Cruzer), and the 1st partition is bootable.  I set the bios 1st device to removable media, 2nd device to San Cruzer, and 3rd the internal Drive.  Its seems to be trying to boot off of it, but I still get windows.  Any ideas?01:20
bankixGood eavening01:20
daftykinsdetrix: what did you make it bootable with?01:21
ascheelWindows has the false 3.75 GB RAM limit, is Linux the same or does it give a darn about it?01:21
bankixdetrix: Did you ever boot from usb stick? Did it work?01:21
detrixI used cfdisk01:21
daftykinsascheel: you have to run a 64-bit OS.01:21
ascheeldaftykins: run a 64-bit OS for what?01:21
daftykinsto get 4GB RAM+ to be usable.01:21
joh6nnascheel: to bypass the 3.5G limit01:21
bankixdetrix: Booting from USB stick is completely different than booting an internal harddrive.01:22
daftykinsno it's different on different computers01:22
joh6nntomato, tomatoh01:22
daftykinssometimes it's 3.5, sometimes it's 3.75, depends on your graphics card etc01:22
rwwIt's 4GB total, including all forms of memory in your computer, so it generally shows up as 3.something.01:22
detrixMy wife has an Acer netbook, and it boots off of this memory stick....01:22
rwwalso, I believe Ubuntu does PAE now, but I'm not sure.01:23
bankixdetrix: use the usb-creator or UNetbootin (available for windows) for writing an ubuntu iso image to your usb stick.01:23
mikiwhats a command to automaticly install sound drivers?01:23
bankixdetrix: Both programms take care of making the stick bootable.01:23
Matthew11miki: You shuld add the PPA that contains the upgrade01:23
bankixdetrix: The rest is to your BIOS -- different BIOSes use different methods, most work, but some fail.01:24
mikiWhat's the PPA?01:24
wolterhow do i reset my xorg.conf?01:24
Zezurashould i dual boot ubuntu with my windows 7? or do u guys think i'll ever use it01:24
DexterP17I finally go the irc to work thank you to the people that helped me01:24
woltermiki, personal repository on launchpad (personal package archive)01:24
woltermiki, whose ppa are you looking for?01:24
wolteroh i see01:24
woltermiki, depends on your sound card01:25
mikiI wouldner know wolter01:25
mikiim just trying to re-install my sound drivers01:25
woltermiki, what sound card do you have?01:25
mikian ATI01:25
detrixbankix: thanks.  I have a normal install onto an 8gig stick, not the install image.01:25
woltersound card ati?01:25
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mikiI had a link with all the specs, shall I send it to you?01:25
bankixdetrix: The normal grub installer won't boot your usb-drive installed ubuntu, sorry.01:26
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help01:26
kradstfu people01:26
kradyou're very annoying01:26
Matthew11miki: lspci | grep media01:26
bankixdetrix: grub installer / grub bootloader01:26
detrixbankix: correct.  the usb stick has its own grub boot.01:26
mikilspci | grep media - what's meant to happen?01:27
bankixdetrix: yes, but installing grub to the MBR of your usb-disk won't help due it will never be used by the BIOS.01:27
wolterhow do i reset my xorg.conf file?01:28
Matthew11miki: it isn't important now01:28
bankixdetrix: I fear you only chance is to install grub somewhere on your harddisk so it gets started.01:28
wolterdpkg reconfigure xserver-xorg didn't work01:28
detrixbankix: I install it with my hard drives physically disconnected so the usb's mbr would be set up01:28
rwwwolter: which version of Ubuntu are you using?01:28
wolterrww, karmic01:28
DexterP17does anyone know if it is true that Ubuntu is getting a music store?01:28
bankixdetrix: To be more verbose: When the BIOS boots an USB drive, it won't load the bootloader from the MBR.01:29
Billiardwolter: you can run without an xorg.conf then01:29
rwwwolter: There isn't an xorg.conf by default, Xorg just uses autodetection. To get back to defaults, you'd just remove /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:29
andrukDexterP17: i doubt it01:29
rwwDexterP17: ask in #ubuntu-offtopic01:29
mikiso what now?01:29
teachprintProblem with keyboard -- I'm using a ibm thinkpad t41 laptop, after recent upgrade my keyboard uses the numloc characters instead of regular characters, can anyone help?01:29
wolterI don't know if that will solve my problem, Billiard / rww, I came up with it because Xorg is taking too much processor every time i wake up from suspend01:30
wolterBilliard, but well, I will trust you and remove it01:30
wolterbackup it in case anything happens01:30
rwwwolter: You probably should have asked about that, rather than how to reset xorg.conf, then ;P01:30
bankixdetrix: A solution is to install grub and the grub files in the MBR of your internal harddisk and on a partition on this disk (the filessystem doesn't matter much).01:30
wolterrww, well I have done that for 3 days and nobody answers, so I began to pioneer :)01:31
bankixdetrix: Then grub could boot the system installed on your usb-disk without a fuss.01:31
David-Twell, there is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/LucidUbuntuOneMusicStore01:31
Matthew11miki: I don't know :( The link what i was given  is a solution for the cracking noise01:31
wolterrww, Billiard, I will relog to see what happens.. or should I just start and stop gdm?01:31
mikiOhh, the noise is irritating lol.01:31
kradstfu miki01:31
aliendude3500Hey guys -- could you help me figure out how to play a DVD I bought on my computer? The DVD is Terminator Salvation. It won't play.01:31
Billiardwolter: i would logout and restart gdm01:31
aliendude3500I think it has DRM on it.01:32
kradcuz i said so.01:32
Dr_Willisaliendude3500:  do other dvd's play?01:32
bankixBut I have a question myself, folks.01:32
Matthew11miki: Is you soundcard recognised at all?01:32
zenlunaticZezura: that is really a personal decision you have to make01:32
aliendude3500Dr_Willis, yeah, some do, some don't.01:32
mikikrad go fuck yourself01:32
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aliendude3500Dr_Willis, I can *see* all the files on the DVD.01:32
rwwwolter: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/HighCPU might be useful, but I'm not particularly good at diagnosing Xorg problems myself01:32
aliendude3500Dr_Willis, It's a BRAND NEW DVD.01:32
aliendude3500It's not scratched or anything...01:33
rwwubottu: language | krad, miki01:33
ubottukrad, miki: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:33
JohnTeddyOn Ubuntu 9.10, is there any unofficial developer run repository for getting the latest stable kernel. so instead of 2.6.31, I can use 2.6.32?01:33
mikirww.... kid a moron. what do u expect01:33
jellow!grub | jellow01:33
ubottujellow, please see my private message01:33
JohnTeddywithout compiling, using all the same ubuntu tweaks and so on, a deb repo01:33
brophatI put UNR on my usb stick. Will the U3 thing on it get in the way of booting with the stick?01:34
aliendude3500I expect DVDs to "just work" under Linux... :(01:34
rwwmiki: follow the channel rules anyway, thanks :)01:34
mikiMy sound was working yesterday... but my mic wasnt i attempted to fix it now my HDA sound drivers have gone and I get some ALSA crap that doesnt work01:34
bankixI'm trying to boot ubuntu 9.10 on an Acer Extensa 5235 notebook. The screen blanks out when the display switches to graphics mode for the splash (or during boot when using nosplash). When booting Ubuntu 9.04, the screen is fine -- but 9.04 lacks several drivers for that notebook.01:34
Dr_Willisaliendude3500:  for legal reasons thats not going to happen.01:34
jellowI need to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst01:34
jellowthough i can't find it01:34
mikirww ok01:34
aliendude3500Dr_Willis, I'm not _stealing_ the DVD. I PAID for it... :/01:35
Dr_Willisaliendude3500:  so some comercial dvd's do work.. but some do not.01:35
blakkheimjellow: if you're using grub2, you dont havve a menu.lst01:35
Dr_Willisaliendude3500:  tell it to the courts.. it dosent matter abiouyt the dvd.. its about the encruption/protection.01:35
bankixThe notebook uses an Intel ICH9 chipset with onboard graphics. Any hints what I can try?01:35
jellowblakkheim: but i need to add a boot option01:35
brophatwill U3 prevent booting UNR on flash drive?01:35
aliendude3500Dr_Willis, how can I remove the protection?01:35
rwwjellow: gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub ; I think there's a line in there for boot options01:36
Dr_Willisbrophat:  ive had all sorts of issues with U3 stuff. i just remove it.01:36
david16Doesn't libdvdcss solve the encryption issue?01:36
rwwjellow: (and then do sudo update-grub when you've added it)01:36
Dr_Willisaliendude3500:  try vlc and pointing it at the files you can see on teh disk.01:36
blakkheims/gksudo gediit/sudo vi01:36
feedmecerealCan anyone tell how I can get my computer to beep when I get a new email in my Gmail account?01:36
Matthew11Any ide for my problem (pktcdvd module)01:36
rwwdavid16: some DVDs are horribly incompatible, even with libdvdcss installed01:36
Dr_Willisaliendude3500:  or copy the files from dvd to a folder on the pc and tell vlc to play the folder01:36
bankixaliendude: Your problem is the copy protection of your DVD.01:36
aliendude3500Dr_Willis, "File reading failed:01:36
aliendude3500VLC could not read the file.01:36
brophatDr_Willis i can't even find it on flash01:36
rwwblakkheim: telling new users to use vim ends with lots and lots of "how do I close this stupid editor" questions ;P01:36
david16I guess I am lucky... My dvds play so far01:37
Dr_Willisbrophat:  i reopartiobn my flash drives and delete the u3 stuff01:37
blakkheimrww: at least i didn't say ed01:37
rwwblakkheim: hehe :)01:37
bankixaliendude: You could buy the LinDVD player software, this will play your video DVDs. Costs around 30 Euros.01:37
brophatok I am on a mac i guess i use disk utility?01:37
* Dr_Willis wonders if LinDVD would even do it.01:37
Dr_Willisbrophat:  no idea. My Mac is a large doorstop01:37
Matthew11feedmecereal: search some gamil checker in the software center01:37
brophatyeah bwahahaa01:38
aliendude3500I don't know why I should _need_ to pay for software if I have a DVD drive... this is BS. :(01:38
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help01:38
bankixaliendude: There are possibillities to break the copy protection, but this is prohbited in most countries.01:38
feedmecerealMattell: I think I tried them all but none of them seem to have a beep option.01:38
karialiendude3500: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DVD::Rip01:38
bankixaliendude3500: Thank the film studios, they're the problem.01:38
bankixaliendude3500: They encrypt the contents using CSS.01:39
bankixaliendude3500: So you need a DVD playing software which is capable of decrypting.01:39
aliendude3500Installing DVD::Rip right now...01:39
darthanubisallenwhat is the problem, trying tol play an encrytped dvd?01:39
david16aliendude3500, people are worried about being sued or arrested....  You'll probably only get "hints"01:39
Dr_Willisaliendude3500:  do a total boycott of dvd/movies/music - that will show them!01:39
bankixaliendude3500: The only legal way to do this is to buy LinDVD, from Intervideo (they do also WinDVD)01:39
feedmecerealI tried to get some to execute the command echo -e "\a" on a new email but they don't seem to do that for some reason. Anyone have any idea why?01:40
* Dr_Willis wonders how come 'some' dvds work and others dont. perhaps some have extra tracks of content/pc content goofing things up01:40
jellowrww: Could you have a look at this to see if i got it right after #ADDED http://pastebin.com/m70e18aee01:40
Akkernighton ubuntu, when I hold alt and press right click, the desktop properties show or something, the problem is that this also happens in applications like Blender, how do I disable it?01:40
darthanubisaliendude3500, I can help you01:40
bankixaliendude3500: BTW: It's all the same with Windows. Without a DVD player software you can't play the DVDs under windows as well.01:40
Dr_Willisfeedmecereal:  thats supposed to make a 'beep' noise?01:40
darthanubisaliendude3500, PM me01:40
feedmecerealDr_Willis: It does for me, try in the terminal.01:40
rwwjellow: nope. put it all on one line, something like GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="quiet splash noapic nolapic" etc.01:40
Matthew11feedmecereal: If you vant to build a beep in your script, use the "beep" command (install it, if it isn't installed yet)01:41
Billiardfeedmecereal: you could try the beep command in the beep package i think01:41
bankixDr_Willis: Because some DVDs aren't encrypted. E.g. "Das fünfte Element" (Fifth Element) is not.01:41
Dr_Willisfeedmecereal:  like the others said. use the beep command.  its more relieable01:41
teachprintProblem with keyboard -- I'm using a ibm thinkpad t41 laptop, after recent update my keyboard began using  numloc characters instead of regular characters, can anyone help?01:41
feedmecerealThanks to both of you, I'll try that.01:41
karialiendude3500: you need to lrn2google01:41
karialiendude3500: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs01:41
Dr_Willisbankix:  hes saying that come comercial encrypted dvd's do work.. and some comercial encrypted ones dont.01:41
Dr_Willisat least i think thats what he said01:42
rwwubottu: google | kari01:42
ubottukari: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.01:42
karii didn't01:42
karii told him to do it next time, and then linked him01:43
bankixDr_Willis: How did he find out the disk was encrypted? However, if one encrypted disk works, others will do as well.01:43
kario wait, am i arguing with a bot?01:43
Matthew11Hm. I formated a dvd+rw in my desktop computer, and now, my laptop even cant't recognise the disc XD01:43
bankixkari: Yes, you are ;-)01:43
Dr_Willisbankix:  ask him.  I dont use dvd's any more01:43
jake614hi, everyone! id be so thankful if someone could help me, my usb ports are not working01:44
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help01:44
bankixDr_Willis: Same with me. I said everything I could legally.01:44
mikidoes anyone have a resoultion?01:44
* Dr_Willis guesses that most comercial movie dvd's you buy in the stores are encrypted.01:44
bankixDr_Willis: In Germany, it's even prohibited to tell people how to bypass those content protections...01:44
rwwMost commercial DVDs will work fine with libdvdcss. A small minority will not.01:44
karion windows, DVD43 is my choise, but i don't know what works on ubuntu01:44
Dr_Willisbankix:  you bypass them by using a dvd player..  are those legal to sell? :)01:45
jake614can anyone help me with my usb ports?01:45
Matthew11jake614: What device what you are trying to connect?01:45
jake614i have a webcam, a usb flash disk and a mouse01:45
jellowrww: Like this then http://pastebin.com/m5389d560 , Not sure should add to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="" or the *_DEFAULT one01:45
Matthew11and they are neither work?01:46
jake614i already tried removing the battery and tried to run from a live cd01:46
jake614none of them are working now, but i know these devices should work01:46
bankixDr_Willis: Hmmm, interesting point, but I don't want to be the one trying out if this way is legal :-)01:46
Matthew11what is the dmesg last few lines after connecting a device?01:46
feedmecerealHi again. I just tried using the beep command with cGmail and that doesn't seem to work. I do have the package beep installed and it does work in the terminal. Any ideas?01:46
jake614let me do that right away01:47
Billiardfeedmecereal: could try specifing the full path to beep for cGmail maybe?  do any commands run by cGmail work?01:47
Gran_GerHi there! Using Karmic as Live CD, the monitor starts blinking at the login, but not into graphics mode, but in text mode01:48
rwwjellow: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX propagates to all linux lines in Grub. GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX doesn't propagate to recovery lines.01:48
Gran_GerI have the same issue at two computers01:48
jake614Matthew11 it won't let me copy paste01:48
feedmecerealBilliard: I'll try that, hold on.01:48
rwwjellow: sorry, second one should be GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT01:48
bankixGran_Ger: Which graphics cards?01:48
=== Bwaah is now known as SkinnyWeeabo
jake614Matthew11 here i got01:48
jake614[  355.592069] usb 2-3: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 401:48
jake614[  356.000098] usb 2-3: device not accepting address 4, error -6201:48
jake614[  356.176075] usb 2-3: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 501:48
jake614[  356.584738] usb 2-3: device not accepting address 5, error -6201:48
jake614[  356.584807] hub 2-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 301:48
Gran_Gerthe first one, nvidia GEForce 650001:48
FloodBot4jake614: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:48
Gran_Gerthe second one I don't know, I have to recheck01:49
jake614sorry for flooding01:49
rwwjellow: so yes, that pastebin you just did would work, assuming you don't want those options to be used in recovery mode.01:49
bankixGran_Ger: Hm, GeForce 6500 should work for all I know.01:49
Staatsfeindlibstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory but the lib is installed. should i do this: http://www.joewein.de/sw/swnotes002.htm01:49
Matthew11jake614: try another usb port01:49
Staatsfeindi am on karmic01:49
jellowrww: thanks, so second one is good as if i mess up i won't have options at boot01:50
jake614i have tried all 4 of them01:50
rwwjellow: indeed01:50
Gran_GerThat's true, I was working fine with that computer until 9.04 version01:50
bankixGran_Ger:  Is it the same monitor for both computers?01:50
Gran_GerNo, It's diferent01:50
rwwjellow: so yes, when you have it like you want it, sudo update-grub to apply.01:50
benkillinso by default the ubuntu 9.04  box I was admining had /bin/sh as a default shell for accounts that should not be logged into like www-data and service acounts like that, so I changed them all to /bin/false. why was it set as default to be a valid shell to login as? even though there was no password set (* was in the passwd hash field) ?01:50
jellowrww: Many thanks for your help! xD01:50
Gran_GerAnd is the AMD-64 version01:50
feedmecerealBilliard: no commands work with cGmail and specifying the full path doesn't seem to work either. I guess I'll try another program. Thanks.01:50
bankixGran_Ger: I hoped for an easy solution :-)01:50
DexterP17How can i get facebook to appear on empathy01:50
Matthew11jake614: is the usb worked before?01:50
jake614just so you know, i had jaunty installed after it was released and everything worked smoothly, then updated to karmic and still everything was working just fine01:51
jake614like a month ago, after an update they stopped working01:51
cornbreadly_i dont think facebook can work with empathy01:51
Dr_Willisbankix:  it seems LEGAL copies of that movie (blueray) have problems playing in legal players. :) isetn that nice...01:51
jake614then i downgraded to jaunty again b/c of sound issues01:51
adubzzzhow can i find the ntp servers of a given network01:51
jake614yes, everything worked just fine before01:52
bankixGran_Ger: Have a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log at the command line. The last lines should tell you what's going wrong with the graphic mode.01:52
bankixGran_Ger: Oh, you do see the splash animation during the boot?01:52
Matthew11jake614: Is there any operating system installed, that can handle the devices?01:52
jake614i only have jaunty installed01:53
bankixDr_Willis: Really nice! So nice, that I'll not risk my money facing those problems -- and just ignore everything "blu" :-)01:53
Gran_GerOk. For the AMD-64 computer with the GE-Force card, at live cd works fine01:53
Gran_Gerthe instalation was the problem01:53
detrixbankix: Hey, I got the full install mem stick to boot.  thanks for your help.01:53
jake614i dont think its the devices though, all of them worked before and none is working now, and ive tried in all ports01:53
Matthew11jake614: Have you got any other liveCD?01:54
bankixdetrix: Ŵhat was the problem if I may ask?01:54
jake614the mouse will even blink01:54
JohnTeddyHow can I tell what version of alsa I'm running right now?01:54
zeta-Is it possible to replicate my Karmic installation onto a new partition I've created on a 2nd drive?01:54
zeta-Just copy preserving permissions? I can alter the boot menu myself.01:54
JohnTeddymeaning currently running in my kernel, not installed package01:54
bankixGran_Ger: Ah, if you use the live system, everything is fine, but if you boot your installed system, the graphics mode won't come up?01:54
jake614Matthew11 no, i dont... is there something else i can try?01:54
Staatsfeindnobody an idea?01:54
detrixbankix: pretty much a bios setting.  there is a boot priority, and then a setting for which drive is the first drive.01:55
Matthew11jake614: My soundcard also deffected by one moment to the secound. So i want to sure if it isn't a hardware problem01:55
Staatsfeindlibstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory what shall i do if the lib IS installed01:55
bankixdetrix: That easy? Great!01:55
detrixbankix: it was the latter option that was needed. to set the san cruzer to be the 1st drive01:55
rwwStaatsfeind: are you using 32-bit or 64-bit Ubuntu?01:55
toastedmilkI'm trying to connect  to the internet on a different computer, but sudo lshw -C netowrk is saying that wlan0 is disabled.  How can I fix this?01:55
rwwStaatsfeind: is the program you're trying to run 32-bit?01:56
Gran_Gerthat's true into that computer.01:56
jake614Matthew11 everything worked perfectly on this laptop out of the box when i installed jaunty... lost sound with karmic, but usb was still working fine01:56
Gran_GerI had to make the installation without the live mode01:56
bankixGran_Ger: OK. And you did install the proprietary Nvidia driver, right?01:56
Staatsfeindrww i am not 100% sure. PTC.PRO.ENGINEER.WILDFIRE.v3.0.M080.LINUX01:56
Gran_Gerbut directly to the Installation opcion01:56
detrixbankix:  and that the removable media had higher priority.  ;)01:56
jake614Matthew11: sound is back now i put jaunty back, but usb is not01:56
teachprint Problem with keyboard -- I'm using an ibm thinkpad t41 laptop, after recent update my keyboard began using  numloc characters instead of regular characters, can anyone help?01:56
Gran_GerYep bankix01:56
rwwStaatsfeind: if it is, you probably need to install the "ia32-libs" package01:57
Gran_GerNow, that computer is working, but sometimes freezes01:57
bankixGran_Ger: Let me guess, there was a kernel update before your problems?01:57
Gran_Gernop, bankix01:57
Staatsfeindrww: i have already installed this for poweriso01:57
Talon_I was here a couple days ago, asking about ram usage inside ubuntu 9.10, I had 1gb and tried running a virtual machine (windows xp) with virtual box. 83% of my memory was used.01:57
bankixGran_Ger: OK, check with "lsmod" if the nvidia module is loaded.01:57
Matthew11jake614: Try the karmic again (as a live cd). If it works, there is an unoffical upgrade that makes the sound much better01:57
bankixGran_Ger: If not, try to load it manually.01:58
Staatsfeindrww: should i do this: http://www.joewein.de/sw/swnotes002.htm01:58
Staatsfeindrww: dont know what was meant with linux 701:58
bankixGran_Ger: Via "modprobe nvidia".01:58
Matthew11jake614: you experienced a cracking noise dont you?01:58
opoksa polacy ?01:58
toastedmilkI'm trying to connect  to the internet on a different computer, but sudo lshw -C netowrk is saying that wlan0 is disabled.  How can I fix this?01:58
Talon_using system monitor and my new machine I built to accomidate this, I now have 8gb of ram, and it's still using it ALL! gnomes system monitor shows 16% used by programs and 83% as cache01:58
jake614Matthew11: no, sound was completely gone01:58
Gran_Gerbankix, with that computer, the only problem I have, and never did before It's the freeze01:59
blakkheimTalon_: i don't think you understand how ram works in linux01:59
karpusdeluge 1.2 on ubuntu 9.10 is using up to 80-90% of my cpu while downloading torrents, is there any way to fix that? :\01:59
jake614Matthew11: i'd rather keep jaunty, sound is not an issue anymore, but i'd like to make usb devices work01:59
Matthew11jake614: Well i don't have any further idea right now02:00
blakkheimTalon_: free -m | grep buffers02:00
Talon_so does cache matter? 16+83 = 99, i assumed 99% of my ram is in use02:00
Matthew11Maybe someone else can help you02:00
Dr_WillisTalon_:  so its used as cache.. that how its supposed to work02:00
jake614Matthew11:  okay, thanks for your time!02:00
bankixGran_Ger: Hm? When does the computer freeze? I think it's blinking some times?02:00
Matthew11your welcome02:00
cornbreadly_anyone know offhand how I can pause music in banshee, to listen to some sound from a youtube video in chrome? 9.10?02:01
jake614can anyone else help with usb ports?02:01
Gran_Gerthe blinking problem was after the installation, But I fix it making a Direct installation, and making at the end the activation of the drivers02:01
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help02:01
cornbreadly_what ius the usb issue?02:01
Talon_blakkheim: free -m | grep buffers shows used: 1332, Free: 667102:01
Gran_GerThe freezes, that is the actual problem is trying to see some videos02:02
blakkheimTalon_: so there's your actual usage02:02
jake614cornbreadly_: my usb devices will not work02:02
bankixGran_Ger: Sorry, I'm puzzeled now. What is your problem?02:02
rwwStaatsfeind: hmm, weird, I can't find that specific .so in the repositories. I'm out of ideas, sorry :(02:02
Gran_Gerthe freezes for that computer, the blinking for the another computer02:02
cornbreadly_ok  have you run lsusb?02:02
jake614cornbreadly_: ive tried removing the laptop battery and also tried running them from a livecd, to no avail02:02
Staatsfeindrww: ok, ty02:02
=== Z is now known as Guest52012
bankixGran_Ger: When exactly does the computer freeze? Is it reproducable?02:03
Gran_Gerbankix, let me see.02:03
jake614cornbreadly_: i just did, what should i look for?02:03
=== Guest52012 is now known as zepauloa
cornbreadly_does it look like anything you have plugged in is showing?02:03
Talon_so what is "cached" then in the system monitor?02:03
zhuzhixinhello all, quick question. I just now download a fiction with stk extension, but i don't know howto open it. Can someone give me a suggestion.02:04
cornbreadly_here is an example02:04
kuja605can anyone point me to the Ubuntu room for general chat?02:04
jake614thank you02:04
bankixTalon_: Nothing is cached in the system monitor, your RAM is used as disk cache. That's all.02:04
boss_mckuja605: #ubuntu-ot02:04
rwwkuja605, boss_mc: #ubuntu-offtopic, not -ot02:05
kuja605brilliant, cheers :D02:05
jake614Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:05
jake614this is what i get02:05
boss_mckuja605: apologies, i was confused by !ot02:05
zeta-Staatsfeind: do you get the error during boot? could be that /usr is not mounted at that point (if you have separate partitions)02:05
bankixjake614: Remove the device in question. Call "lsusb". Then connect the device, run "lsusb" again. Find the new line and post this.02:05
adubzzzhow can i find the ntp server of a given network02:05
Talon_so i shouldnt lose any performance if say i started a game?02:06
adubzzzthat i am currenlty on02:06
Talon_the "cached" ram gets written to disc to accomidate the program that needs ram?02:06
kuja605oh and could anyone point me to somewhere that easily explains the linux filesystem for someone whos pretty new to it?02:06
bankixTalon_: The cache will _improve_ your system performance. Nothing to worry about.02:06
bankixTalon_: Most is _read_ cache, not write cache, so the content gets just freed and overwritten when needed.02:07
jake614bankix: just did that, the lines are the exactly the same02:07
bankixjake: So, regardless if the usb device is connected or not, lsusb shows the same?02:07
Dr_Willisadubzzz:  you could nmap scan the network02:08
bankixjake614: Just to get this point sure.02:08
jake614bankix: yes thats right02:08
bankixjake614: Are there other devices listed than "Linux Foundation" root hubs?02:09
jake614bankix: no, i got two linux foundation 1.1 and one 2.002:09
Talon_so what is swap space then, it's never used, least it hasnt been since system monitor's been monitoring it02:09
=== zach is now known as Guest84878
adubzzzwhat is the linux command to display current date and time02:10
bankixjake614: Not good. This means your USB device doesn't communicate as it should. Which kind of device is it?02:10
adubzzznvm its date02:11
rwwadubzzz: date02:11
jake614bankix: right now i have a webcam plugged in, but my mouse, usb flash, and cellphone dont respond either02:11
jake614and all of them worked in the past02:11
bankixTalon_: Swap space is disk space (usually a partition on your disk) used as RAM extension, for the case you have more data than physical RAM. Of course darn slow, so normally unused.02:11
bankixjake: Hm. Maybe the USB stack is stuck. At least keyboard, camera, etc. should show up via lsusb when they're connected.02:12
jake614bankix: my mouse will blink sometimes, but it wont work, my usb flash does not blink anymore02:12
MauritianGuyelo people02:12
jake614i have tried all my ports, i have 402:13
bankixjake614: OK, does that machine have PS/2 ports for keyboard/mouse and you have a ps/2 mouse/keyboard somewhere in your trashbin?02:13
MauritianGuyi got a lil issue prior to trying to install a beta driver i got further than before but now its telling me that i need to quit X server and someting like that i got a log file with the three errors02:13
zeta-Talon_: you have 8GB ram! try loading a few large databases if you want it to swap out to disk.02:13
jake614bankix: no02:14
bankixjake614: Hm, how did you enter "lsusb" then? Or is your USB keyboard working?02:14
jake614bankix: my keyboard is built in, this is a laptop02:15
Droll_Trollersono/ s0n1c800m02:15
bankixjake: Ah. Okay.02:15
s0n1c800m\o Droll_Trollerson02:15
Real_UbotIf I move a file from one directory to another, will the digits on my hard drive be moved too or will only some kind of index be updated?02:15
ralphv2o/ Droll_Trollerson02:15
bankixjake614: I would suggest to reboot with _all_ USB devices disconnected first.02:15
Droll_Trollerson\o ralphv202:16
aboydhi everyone, I have a bit of a problem, and if anyone can help, that would be great. So, I have ubuntu installed on an external hard drive, and my  cousin unplugged it while it was running. I fixed the install and it now loads again, but when I click on any of the folders to access the file system, it shows that it is opening, but it never loads. ANy thoughts?02:16
Dr_WillisReal_Ubot:  from what i gather just a  few bits get changed. :)  so they appear in teh other place02:16
bankixjake614: Then connect the external keyboard and check if it shows up in "lsusb".02:16
jake614bankix: i have tried that several times02:16
Droll_Trollersonaboyd: First, kill your cousin.02:16
jake614bankix: and i dont have an external keyboard, what i have is an external mouse02:16
aboydhaha i wish I could02:16
Droll_Trollersonaboyd:  You /can!/02:17
bankixjake614: Okay, then start with the  mouse.02:17
MauritianGuyi was also wondering if you guys could help me modify the permission so i can edit a log file in etc//file.log so that i can use an application as my default user02:17
jake614bankix: ok, shall try02:17
Droll_Trollersonaboyd:  Set your mind to it.02:17
ralphv2I'm the only one here using Xircon02:17
bankixjake614: When connected solely, it should really show up in your lsusb list.02:17
zenlunaticMauritianGuy: why did you want to edit log files?02:17
Dr_WillisMauritianGuy:  log files in /etc/ ? thats odd.. normally they are in /var/log/*02:17
Real_UbotDr_Willis: I mean if I have a file containging like "secret" data and moves it to another folder. Then I remove it using shred or wipe. Will it still be able to get the data from the place the file once was located?02:17
grkblood13how do you allow remote desktop access from the cli?02:18
bankixjake614: If it doesn't, there is either a hardware problem with the mouse or some relly weired problem with the USB/mainboard chipset.02:18
aboyddroll_trollerson: no then I would be killed... anyway...02:18
Dr_WillisReal_Ubot:  shred/wipe overwrite the file several times    copy it.. then shred it. i guess.02:18
=== zach is now known as Guest28093
bankixGran_Ger: Still there?02:18
zenlunaticgrkblood13: usually usnig ssh02:18
Gran_Geryep bankix. I'm tryin to duplicate the freeze, but not lucky02:19
Dr_Willisgrkblood13:  local lan? over teh internet? or how exactly? You can ssh in , and start a vncserver session and get a 'new' desktop  you can connect to02:19
=== Talon_ is now known as Talon__
grkblood13local Dr_Willis02:19
bankixGran_Ger: Did you remember the last freeze, when it happended? Could you describe the circumstances a bit?02:19
Dr_Willisgrkblood13:  vnc can do more then 'share the current' desktop. Its a very flexiable tool02:19
FiReSTaRTGuys, I'm trying to get my media box set up, and it's mostly working. Now these instructions indicate that I have to have my xbmc session "auth'd properly" to be able to suspend/resume with the remote.. What does that mean and how do i do it?02:19
FiReSTaRTAs of 9.11 alpha 2, XBMC uses ConsoleKit in the Karmic packages so you need to make sure your session gets auth’d properly or you’ll end up with permission denied messages in the xbmc logs when it tries to suspend.02:19
s0n1c800maboyd: you wouldn't have to worry about the hd, tho02:19
MauritianGuyDr_Willis and Zenlunatic i am trying to run an application but when i went to the website its telling me to edit a file so that i can use it otherwise i will have to run it as sudo02:19
FloodBot4FiReSTaRT: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:19
grkblood13so i have to install vncserver?02:19
zenlunaticMauritianGuy: you02:20
MauritianGuybut i tried to run the file as sudo but i am still getting errory guess02:20
zenlunaticMauritianGuy: you arent making sense02:20
Droll_TrollersonDr_Willis:  huh? You jump the good ship Puppy Linux?02:20
Dr_WillisMauritianGuy:   i doubt if it wants you to edit a LOG file.. what file is it wanting you to mess with?   You can just alter the file with root permissions ionce and be done with it i imagine02:20
MauritianGuycan i pm u zenlunatic02:20
zenlunaticyea sure02:20
Dr_WillisDroll_Trollerson:  puppy sort of sunk for me.  I only used it in special cases anyway02:20
Droll_TrollersonDr_Willis:  Ah. To each his/her own, I guess.02:21
aboyds0n1c800m: true, but I prefer him alive... he can come in handy... anyway, any real help to fix this stupid thing would be great...02:21
Dr_WillisDroll_Trollerson:  its more of a rubber dingy with lots of patches/glue/stikytaps.02:21
ralphv2I like puppy, still, despite usually being in arch02:21
zeta-Real_Ubot: move will leave the file in the same location on disk unless you move between partitions.02:21
MauritianGuyDr_Willis,  I am not sure i know how to edit the file as root02:21
Droll_TrollersonDr_Willis:  No lie there.02:21
karpusCache Size (16 KiB blocks) in Deluge, what would a good value be for it? in windows and utorrent I used 2048 mb as my cache size (got 6 gb ram), but I don't even know in what unit Deluge's cache size should be in (kb?)02:21
jazzgrr sorry  i cant get this to open lol02:21
=== NeT_DeMoN_ is now known as NeT_DeMoN
ralphv2run sudo geany or sudo some other editor02:22
Droll_TrollersonDr_Willis:  Of course talking like that in #puppylinux will earn you a PERMA-IGGY02:22
Dr_WillisMauritianGuy:  sudo EDITOR /path/to/file    if you dont even know thse linux basics.. it might be a good idea to spend an hr reading some linux/ubuntu guides befor messing with programs/docs that tell you to alter some system files that you have no idea what they do.02:22
Johnny1how to I install star wars empire at war forces of corruption on ubuntu 9.10?02:22
jazz /join #ubuntu-classroom02:22
MauritianGuy# User to setid to (should be your normal user)02:22
jazzanyone got the link?02:22
jazzfor user day?02:23
MauritianGuyi am suppose to edit that line02:23
Dr_WillisDroll_Trollerson:  they all know its just scripts with exceptions for special cases coded in on top of scripts and other band aid fix's.. :)02:23
MauritianGuybut i can only view the file02:23
zenlunaticsudo -s02:23
Johnny1how to I install star wars empire at war forces of corruption on ubuntu 9.10?02:23
Dr_WillisMauritianGuy:  'sudo EDITORYOULIKE /path/to/file'02:23
BilliardJohnny1: using wine02:23
Droll_TrollersonDr_Willis:  YEA, BUTT ITZ IN TEH TOP TEN ON DISTOWACH!02:23
Dr_Willis!appdb | Johnny102:23
ubottuJohnny1: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:23
MauritianGuythanks Dr_Willis  and zenlunatic02:24
GrayGnomeDoes Karmic have a package for Python Yardis bindings?02:24
MauritianGuycan you goys help me with my driver issue as well i paste a pastebin link before02:24
MauritianGuyi'll paste it again02:24
Droll_TrollersonAs in "goyum?"02:25
bankixDroll_Trollerson: s/o/a/g :-D02:25
rwwDroll_Trollerson: I'm assuming as in "I can't spell guys" ;P02:25
MauritianGuyi tried to install 190.53 and it got stuck with an error i checked the file based on the error etc..02:25
macbuntu11Hey guys, i'm running ubuntu 9.10 on my macbook 2,1 and the graphics on my GMA 950  are terrible compared to when I use it in mac or windows. (i tri-boot) is there any way to update the driver?02:26
jazzjoin #ununtu-classroom02:26
Droll_TrollersonMan, I sure wish we had 1,224 users logged in on #puppylinux.02:26
Jeeves_Mosshey guys, I killed my GRUB after installing Windows.  How do I recover it?02:26
rwwjazz: you're missing a slash and misspelled "ubuntu"02:26
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help02:27
Droll_TrollersonI wish some of you...say 100 or so, would join #puppylinux just to drive the userlist off the rails.02:27
joh6nnJeeves_Moss: do you know if it was Grub, or Grub2?02:27
Dr_WillisDroll_Trollerson:  why? they would just be asking the same 5 questions over and ober and over..02:27
* AllYourBases are belong to puppylinux?02:27
bankixJeeves_Moss: With a live ubuntu cd/usb-stick02:27
rwwubottu: ot02:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:27
Droll_TrollersonDr_Willis:  They'd get the same canned answer: Have you bothered to RTFM?02:27
rwwjazz: there you go :)02:27
BilliardMauritianGuy: any reason you dont use the nvidia drivers from the package manager?02:27
jake614bankix, you around?02:27
Jeeves_Mossjoh6nn:  I'm not sure,  it's from Ubuntu 9.10, so I'm guessing GRUB 2.  I follwed the steps to "recover" it, and they went through, but when I reboot, I get stuck @ the grubmenu with a prompt02:28
bankixjake614: Jepp02:28
brophatwhy doesn't my mac allow me to earse the U# sytem on my flash drive?02:28
Dr_WillisDroll_Trollerson:  yep.. the docs that often vanish.. or are 4+ yrs old..   or are for puppy 2.0 ... Ill pass.02:28
bankixjake614: Waiting for your input :-)02:28
uninvertedAnybody know how to downgrade xorg? The latest version borked my driver.02:28
MauritianGuyBilliard,  its not working02:28
joh6nnJeeves_Moss: ah, then yeah, it's grub 2.  in which case, i don't know enough to be of any help, unfortunately :(02:28
jake614hhehe thanks... but nope, still not listed02:28
jake614im running on a livecd again and nothing02:28
Billiard!ot | brophat02:28
ubottubrophat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:28
Droll_TrollersonDr_Willis:  heh...amen! I bailed for Arch Linux in August 2008.02:28
Jeeves_Mossjoh6nn:  is that common for GRUB2?02:28
Dr_Willisuninverted:   You might want to try upgrading xorg depending on what dirvers you are messing with02:29
MauritianGuywhen i try to use 3D software or games for example its crashing02:29
bankixjake614: "nothing"?02:29
brophatubottu this is an ubuntu topic because i want to put UNR on my flash drive get it?02:29
Billiard!doesntwork | MauritianGuy02:29
ubottuMauritianGuy: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.02:29
ralphv2Jeeves_Moss.  Install ubuntu 9.04 to get the old grub.  Then install 9.10 without installing grub02:29
zomfgcrazyokay so I had a working dualboot of WinXP and Ubuntu goin, but the ubuntu install was a logical partition, so i deleted sda2 (the partition it was inside, i guess?) and now I rebooted and i get an error GRUB loading.  Error: no such partition grub rescue> _...  ..i never touched the windows install.. any ideas why it doesn't just boot into windows now and/or how i can fix it? if i boot from the ubuntu live cd it shows the wind02:29
uninvertedDr_Willis: The newest version doesn't work with it (the nvidia driver)02:29
Dr_Willisbrophat:  dont argue with the bot.. it just annoys the bot. :)02:29
macobrophat: ubottu is a bot02:29
jake614bankix: i still get the same lines02:29
brophatoh ok hahaha02:29
bankixjake614: Ah. Which device did you try to connect?02:30
jake614bankix: my mouse02:30
Billiardbrophat: use a ubuntu live cd to format your flash drive maybe?02:30
bankixjake614: Ok, try a USB stick then (because it doesn't need much power).02:30
bankixjake614: Does this show up using lsusb?02:31
=== nitor is now known as n1t0r
jake614bankix: nope, nothing shows up, usb flash is not working either02:31
brophatyeah just weird how the M *** C can't do it02:31
PeterTwow, channel has quite a few people02:31
MauritianGuywell simple desktop 3D effects is basically not loading and i have to choose normal basic desktop effect02:32
bankixjake614: Very strange. And you did try not only one of your ports, but all? One on the right, one on the left, one at the back of the notebook (if there are any)?02:32
BilliardMauritianGuy: this is when the drivers are installed and enabled?02:32
Talon_how do I share my wireless internet (wlan0) with computers on a wired network (eth0)02:32
bankixjake614: Just to prevent a dead usb socket.02:32
MauritianGuyi got a XFX 9800 GTX which should handle this sort of #D graphic very well02:32
jake614bankix: yes, i did try, i have 4, apparently one of them is actually dead, but yes, i did02:33
daftykinsTalon_: bridge-utils package will be your starting point02:33
Real_Ubotzeta-: Ok, then only some kind of index willl be changed?02:33
Talon_so find that in synaptic package manager?02:33
MauritianGuyso ur telling me the driver was working well then02:33
bankixjake614: Hm. Did you try windows or another linux live CD? Does USB work there?02:33
ahabmanNvidia question - Can I programatically replicate the Nvidia X Server Settings' "Apply" button? I have 2 xorg.conf files that I want to swap out, in order to add a 2nd screen - but Not Log Out.02:33
Billiard!who | MauritianGuy02:33
ubottuMauritianGuy: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:33
MauritianGuythere are 2 drivers one is 173 one is 18502:34
Talon_daftykins, downloaded and installed02:34
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:34
BilliardMauritianGuy: did you try the 185 driver? and how did you install it?02:34
FiReSTaRTguys if a part of the instructions says to make sure that my session gets "auth'd properly" so a certain package can suspend/resume the comp, how do i go about it?02:34
MauritianGuyBilliard,  i uninstall reboot and instell 185, id did the same for 17302:35
jake614bankix: i dont have windows anymore02:35
daftykinsTalon_: yeah the rest i don't know myself ;) hit up google for a bridge-utils guide.02:35
BilliardMauritianGuy: how did you install 185?02:35
daftykinsBilliard: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18502:35
lucascastro /?02:35
zeta-Real_Ubot: yes, just the directory that points to the file02:35
Billiarddaftykins: that doesnt enable the driver02:35
bankixjake614: And a different live linux somewhere? I would check if it's a general problem or only related to ubuntu/your ubuntu version.02:35
daftykinsBilliard: then after run "sudo nvidia-xconfig"02:35
Billiarddaftykins: is that what MauritianGuy did?02:36
daftykinsBilliard: i dunno sorry, i just assumed you were asking how to use it.02:36
bankixjake614: Did you check the BIOS settings if you did disable something related to USB perhaps? Just guessing...02:36
Billiarddaftykins: no i was asking which method he used02:36
daftykinsah ok sorry.02:36
MauritianGuyi uses systems>administration>Hardware Drivers and shoose 18502:36
MauritianGuyBilliard,  i uses systems>administration>Hardware Drivers and shoose 18502:37
jake614bankix: my guess is this related to this version since it previously worked on jaunty, karmic, and windows vista... as for bios, how do i do that?02:37
lucascastro /help02:37
BilliardMauritianGuy: ok, and hardware drivers had shown the driver as enabled?02:37
oasisno sound in ubuntu help?02:37
Trek!help | lucascastro02:37
ubottulucascastro: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:37
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help02:37
bankixjake614: Ah, that's new information. It did work before.02:37
zomfgcrazyI had a working dualboot of WinXP and Ubuntu goin, but the ubuntu install was a logical partition, so i deleted sda2 (the partition it was inside, i guess?) and now I rebooted and i get an error GRUB loading.  Error: no such partition grub rescue> _...  ..i never touched the windows install.. any ideas why it doesn't just boot into windows now and/or how i can fix it? if i boot from the ubuntu live cd it shows the windows inst02:37
jake614bankix: i'm sorry, i didnt mention? plz excuse me02:38
bankixjake: When booting Jaunty live, does the usb stick work?02:38
arastoowhen i wnat to boot sys i cant boot and i see grub error >> file not found and grub rescue how can i do02:38
BilliardMauritianGuy: i would run the appearance dialog from the terminal and look at the errors you get when you try to enable the special effects, after installing the 185 drivers02:38
Droll_TrollersonDr_Willis:  Stay well. Good seeing you again.02:38
Droll_TrollersonDr_Willis:  alienjeff here quasi-incognito02:38
joh6nnzomfgcrazy: it doesn't just boot to windows because there's some stuff that happens during install, that you didn't count on02:38
releaseanyone know why nickserv doesnt work in irssi ?02:39
MauritianGuyBilliard,  how would i do that02:39
blakkheimrelease: it does02:39
jake614bankix: no, not anymore...this laptop came with vista and everything worked (so to say, i really hated vista), then installed jaunty02:39
releaseI'm having trouble. I'm escaping nickserv with slash but get no command02:39
MauritianGuydo i have to remove the Xserver as well Billiard02:39
rwwrelease: /msg nickserv, not /nickserv02:39
bankixjake614: Sorry, you see me helpless...02:40
Likedcan anyone help me?02:40
BilliardMauritianGuy: no? idk what you mean02:40
Likedim trying to set up a VPS in ubuntu02:40
Likedim a begginer02:40
BilliardMauritianGuy: one sec, let me find the command for the appearance dialog02:40
Likedso i'm trying to start02:40
Talon_hah that was easy, i just did properties on eth0 in networkmanager applet.. i edited eth0 and in ipv4 settings i made it shared to other computers02:40
Likedcan anyone help?02:40
zomfgcrazyjoh6nn, could you please elaborate? =\02:40
bankixjake614: When usb devices don't show up at all, it's a very basic problem. I thought of not enough power as one reason, that's why I asked to disconnect everything and reconnect something with low power first.02:41
MauritianGuythanks Billiard02:41
jellowLiked: Look at ubuntu community Documentaion , And ask us if or when you hit any problems02:41
jellow!vps | Liked02:41
jellow!vpn | Liked02:41
ubottuLiked: From more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN02:41
jake614bankix: that's ok, thank you for trying to help... apparently this is related to my hardware, someone else  kindly gave me this link just a sec ago: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1004166.html02:42
jake614bankix: i do not now how to update tho02:42
bankixLemme have a look...02:43
BilliardMauritianGuy: you currently have 185 installed? if so, run "gnome-appearance-properties" from a terminal, and attempt to enable the visual effects, then pastebin the errors it gives you in the terminal02:43
MauritianGuyi just reactivated 18502:43
bankixjake614: You mean how to update your BIOS?02:44
paragonci have an iso i made on my mac - but when i mount it under ubuntu - i dont see any data02:44
daftykinsjake614: hmm says to update BIOS. i wouldn't really say to run into doing that, but could be worth looking up what BIOS your laptop has and what the latest is on your laptop make's website02:44
jake614bankix: yes02:44
jellowLiked: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VPNServer02:44
Billiardparagonc: how are you mounting it?02:44
jake614daftykins: how do i do that? looking up bios and the such?02:45
paragoncsudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 my.iso /media/windows02:45
bankixjake614: This is a dangerous procedure and for most laptops you'll need DOS or Windows to do the update.02:45
paragonctrying to get access to some old file data - and its driving me insane02:45
jake614bankix: i see.. is there a way to check on bios settings?02:46
bankixjake614: You'll have to ask your vendor how to do this for you laptop. You should find this informations where you'll find the new BIOS versions.02:46
Billiardparagonc: try removing the -t iso9660 part, and the /media/windows directory is empty after mounting you say?02:46
paragoncso sudo mount -o loop my.iso /media/windows02:46
Billiardparagonc: yeah02:46
bankixjake614: Just have a look at everything in your BIOS referencing "USB". USB should be enabled, USB 2.0 as well, and USB Legacy Support should be enabled.02:46
randy_any gamers here?02:46
MauritianGuyi will reboot and try the appearence properties Billiard02:47
BilliardMauritianGuy: ok02:47
Siria_CalvWhere can I get a free video converter capable of converting videos to .asf from .avi and .flv?02:47
jake614i do not now how to look at that though02:47
bankixjake614: Depending on your BIOS, you wiill see more or less USB related menu points. Difficult to point you the way more precise.02:47
Billiardrandy_: probably there are 12xx people here, just ask your question02:47
randy_i did02:47
jake614i'm sorry, i'm not that computer savvy02:47
jake614where is the bios menu?02:48
daftykinsjake614: look up the model on the manufacturer webby to start02:48
Billiardrandy_: i dont see it02:48
randy_any gamers here02:48
Billiardrandy_: yes02:48
jake614i mean, where do i " enable" usb options?02:48
blakkheimSiria_Calv: ffmpeg02:48
randy_well are there?02:48
paragoncthat did it02:48
Billiardrandy_: yes there are gamers here02:48
jolarenWhen pressing keys from my remote I get no response in irw! What can I do?02:49
randy_anybody have a thought about win 7?02:49
bankixjake614: when booting your computer, pressing DEL or F2 key will enter your BIOS setup.02:49
jake614oh, ok!02:49
ganymedeand out come the offtopic warnings02:49
Siria_Calvblakkheim: Where do I get the codec needed and how do I get it to show up in the ffmpeg frontend WinFF?02:49
jake614i shall try that now, thank you so much02:49
Billiardparagonc: np02:49
rwwrandy_: This channel is for Ubuntu support. For discussion of Windows, please /join ##windows02:49
blakkheimSiria_Calv: the codec is probably in ubuntu-restricted-extras, and just use ffmpeg from the commandline. the gui is unneeded02:50
randy_oh i thought it was computers in general sorry02:50
Aly-Necesito entral al canal de ubuntu en espanol02:50
rwwubottu: es | Aly-02:50
ubottuAly-: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:50
Aly-NO se puede, tienes que identificarte dice.02:51
zperteedoes anyone have any good advice on how to do seamless virtualization? want to virtualize xp on ubuntu 9.1002:51
hominghamsterzpertee: look at virtualbox02:52
randy_virtual box02:52
rwwubottu: register | Aly-02:52
ubottuAly-: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode02:52
randy_I use virtual box02:52
rwwAly-: I don't have this information in Spanish, apologies.02:52
zperteeits for kids to play computer games with?  is virtualbox fairly intuitive?02:52
=== hominghamster is now known as HomingHamster
randy_really easy02:53
randy_i use it just to play on line checkers02:53
zperteeok.  I'll take a look into it.  Thanks!02:53
randy_it is really good02:53
randy_easy to delete too02:54
lucascastrovirtualbox is so much fine02:54
matelotin CCSM (compiz) what does <Super>Button4 mean ? what is "Button4" ?02:54
JosephMgreetings... I am looking for a simple email server that is easy to configure, a gui for setup and admin would be nice.... anyone have any suggestions?02:54
defenceministerWhat is the service called that provides the login screen on xubuntu? And how do I disable it?02:54
macomatelot: i think it's the scrollwheel up02:54
daftykinsmatelot: fourth mouse button i think.02:54
HomingHamsterAm i getting through to #ubuntu?02:55
Gapppysuper buton = windows button02:55
macomatelot: 1 is left, 2 is right, 3 is middle click, 4 & 5 are scroll wheel02:55
macomatelot: i think02:55
deenaHi anyone can explain how nat works02:55
lucascastroyou have to take  from the sun repository cause that you download from ubuntu repository virtualbox-ose there's not so good02:55
Dr_WillisHomingHamster:  if we say no.. :) what would you do then?02:55
daftykinsdeena: rewriting source and destination IP packet headers02:55
HomingHamsterDr_Willis: be rather confused, i've been struggleing with my firewall and cgi-irc etc.02:55
Dr_Willisdeena:  there used to be a decent ip-masquerading howto.02:55
deenasee i installed virutal box and running opensolaris inside it..02:55
soreaumatelot: Super is the Windows key and Buttons4/5 are scroll up/down02:56
stan_I down loaded a video card driver file from Matrox.  It has a .run extension.  I don't know how to install it.02:56
fuzzy`anyone play qlive? :)02:57
deenawhen i check ip it is taking it is taking 10.x series02:57
matelotsoreau - so for the compiz binding "<super>button4" means hold down super while pushing the wheels ?02:57
fuzzy`awesome with linux :)02:57
deenabut my main pc is working 192.x. series02:57
lucascastro /J #ubuntu-server02:57
deenahow it works02:57
daftykinsdeena: can you ping your router? (if you use one)02:57
daftykinsfrom the VM i mean02:57
neil_dI have 2 sata drives rigged as a RAID 1 :)   but when I remove a HDD (for testing) initramfs doesn't start md0 correctly :(  it sets the only drive as a spare..  but I can manually stop and assemble the drive OK (degraded).. what is wrong?02:58
soreaumatelot: It means hold Super while scrolling the wheel (not clicking it)02:58
matelotsoreau, ok02:58
bankixdeena: You're using NAT in VirtualBox.02:59
deenahow it works thats my question is03:00
bankixdeena: So your guest system gets for default03:00
deenaglobal system is having 192.x.x.x03:00
deenahow it happens03:00
bankixdeena: And the VirtualBox is doing the translation. You can reach your serving system on IP
deenafrom global i am not able to ping03:01
deenaif i try
bankixdeena: VirtualBox acts as a normal router does, the only difference is that your gateway is and not .2.1 as usual.03:01
Dr_Willisdeena:  you may want to check the virtualbox docs on how it does the networking.  I normally set my vbox setups where they appear as a normal machine on the lan. (ip range 192.168.1.X)03:01
joh6nnzomfgcrazy: sorry, got called away for a moment03:01
bankixdeena: So if you want to log into your host system, you do a ssh to
allyourbasshaving some trouble with usb volumes not auto mounting03:02
allyourbassIO charset iso8859-1 not found03:02
deenai am able to ping from quest to global... but i am not from global to quest03:02
bankixdeena: deena: from inside of your guest system, of course03:02
allyourbassany takers?03:02
deenathat is why wondering how this nat is working03:02
Blue1deena: it's magic...03:02
bankixdeena: Yes, you can't reach your guest system from outside of VirtualBox because of the NAT.03:03
deenawhat i have to do if i want to ping from global to guest03:03
=== David is now known as Guest77373
daftykinsdeena: basically when a packet comes from a VM e.g. the router between your real network 192.168.0.x will rewrite the source IP as being itself, so then the real network will pass it to the router. then the router rewrites the packet header with the destination of the guest and so it arrives there03:03
bankixdeena: VirtualBox does not set up a corresponding network device with the host's IP, it's some kind of "embedded" networking device03:03
zomfgcrazyI had a working dualboot of WinXP and Ubuntu goin, but the ubuntu install was a logical partition, so i deleted sda2 (the partition it was inside, i guess?) and now I rebooted and i get an error GRUB loading.  Error: no such partition grub rescue> _...  ..i never touched the windows install.. any ideas why it doesn't just boot into windows now and/or how i can fix it? if i boot from the ubuntu live cd it shows the windows inst03:03
daftykinsdeena: it's probably default virtualbox firewall'ing blocking ping the other way03:03
bankixdeena: In fact, VirtualBox just seeds the packages directly into the networking layer.03:04
daftykinszomfgcrazy: is it XP?03:04
bankixdeena: So you can't ping, ssh or what ever your guest from outside of virtual box when using NAT03:04
bankixdeena: If you need access to your guest system, you'll have to use bridging instead of NAT.03:04
daftykinszomfgcrazy: boot the windows CD to recovery console and run "fixboot" then "fixmbr" then it'll be pure windows again. then install ubuntu03:04
zomfgcrazydaftykins, thank you. would it take more than a few lines to explain what happened so as to not do it again?03:05
deenain case of briding i have to configure same network range only am i right03:05
bankixdeena: Then your network card acts like a network switch and you connect both, your host system and your guest, to this switch -- both getting one exclusive IP through DHCP.03:05
allyourbassanyone else having troubles with usb media not mounting ?03:05
deenaexample 192.x.x.x from to guest to global same series03:05
daftykinszomfgcrazy: i'm afraid i've no idea why GRUB was already present if you dont have ubuntu installed. that partition before was just empty really03:05
zomfgcrazydaftykins, thank you.03:06
daftykinszomfgcrazy: np. this is another option too: http://www.arsgeek.com/2008/01/15/how-to-fix-your-windows-mbr-with-an-ubuntu-livecd/03:06
bankixdeena: No, using a different IP address for you guest won't help anything. If you need to connect to your guest system, your only chance is setting up network-bridging.03:06
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allyourbasscan someone help with this ?? http://pastebin.com/m2b1143a03:08
FloodBot4tim: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:09
timMAC WINS03:09
timFUCK YOU03:09
goose_!ops | tim would appear to be a trollercopter03:09
ubottutim would appear to be a trollercopter: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!03:09
FloodBot4tim: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:09
goose_allyourbass: perhaps: sudo apt-get install locales; sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales03:10
wish^So i installed ubuntu using the Wubui, but i wanna make it a full install.. how do i go about that?03:11
goose_wish^: do you want to keep windows?03:11
mikiwho wants to keep windows?03:11
Dr_Williswish^:  not very easially from what i gather.. but ive heard it can be done.03:11
goose_it's not hard :303:12
allyourbassok goose i did that03:12
allyourbassstill no luck03:12
allyourbassthats what pops up when i plug the device in03:12
jolarenIf irw is not giving any outputs, is it doomed not to work?03:12
nvmei want to start an XBMC x-session side by side with gnome, at startup. anyone know how i can do that ?03:12
mikiDon't use enter as punchuation03:12
Dr_Williswish^:  this thread has some urls with info --> http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120496303:13
tcarteri am trying to run a bin file. so far i have ran  sudo chmod +X Savage2Install- it then turns green and i ran ./Savage2Install- it then says initial Lua setup faild can not continue....any ideas03:13
goose_wish^: if you want to keep windows, backup whatever ubuntu files you want to keep, then uninstall Ubuntu from windows. Then, put the Ubuntu CD in, and restart you computer, and boot from CD. When it asks you during install if you want to split your HD between windows and Ubuntu, then you choose what you want, and the installer does the rest!03:13
Dr_Williserr thats not really 'converting' a wubi install to a 'full' install. :) in my mind..03:14
unoptcarter, you probably needed to use sudo?03:14
Dr_Willisdo a normal install, mount the 'wubi' installed file/filesystem copy stuff over.. may work easier also.03:15
wish^not much03:15
tcarterunop:for the chmod or the ./filename.bin03:15
bleepbloophi, I am having almost exactly the same issue as is explained in this thread: http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=25457  , but I don't really understand the solution03:15
wish^i dont wanna keep windows03:15
bleepbloopor how to go about implementing it in my case03:15
wish^atm i have a 30gb intallation of ubuntu03:15
wish^which is embedded into my vista install03:16
wish^i wanna make it a proper installation. without having the cd03:16
neil_dI have a RAID1 setup.. if I turn the computer off, remove a HDD.. should it still boot correctly?03:16
bankixneil_d: If the raid1 is set up properly, yes03:16
bleepbloopapparently I have a problem with my cell ranges in an open office speadsheet that's preventing me from saving the spreadsheet03:17
tcarterunop: i get the same message regardless of sudo03:17
bleepbloopbut I'm not quite sure how to fix the cell ranges03:17
JosephMgreetings, I am in need of a mail server, and looking for one that is simple, easy to configure, and a gui to setup and admin would be a plus.... any ideas03:17
neil_dbankix: I thought so.. mine doesn't.  initramfs isn't setting up md0 correctly :(03:18
Dr_Williswish^:  i would suggst you backup everything you got on wubi to some safe place as step 1 - in any case.03:18
Dr_Williswish^:   You can go the 'backup/clean install/restore stuff' route.. or some how try to 'convert' the wubi  to a normal install..  that may be much harder03:18
=== greguniverse is now known as greg_universe
bankixneil_d: Sure it's the initrd?03:19
neil_dbankix: well it drops into the initramfs prompt... and the md0 has the only drive listed as a spare.. but I can "mdadm --stop /dev/md0" and then do a "mdadm --assemble --scan" and it restarts it correctly.03:21
=== homer is now known as Guest71562
Likelolz with guns03:22
neil_dbankix: can I get it to continue booting after I get the initramfs prompt?03:22
=== xgenesis is now known as Guest71761
johnny1243I just got a dell studio 15 and I am having a screen problem with ubuntu it boots up on the live cd but gives a blank screen but it works with a monitor03:24
johnny1243does anyone know of this problem03:24
darkfunerali need a gui to enter in hierarchial data03:24
marcosRzguys I'm making a video tutorial, whats the correct pronunciation of .ini files and -?03:25
coz_johnny1243,   mm let me see if I understand this...if you connect a monitor it shows  but doesnt on the laptop screen?03:25
marcosRzdot I N I ? - , hypen hifen?03:25
johnny1243coz, yes03:25
coz_johnny1243,  mm that's odd... are you sure the laptop screen works properly?03:26
johnny1243coz, it works with win 703:26
johnny1243coz, a few other people have had this problem but no answer03:27
wish^hmm, Dr_willis do you know of it being done?03:27
neil_dcoz_: johnny1243: could it be a dual monitor type thing.. defaulting to the wrong monitor?03:27
coz_johnny1243,  ok  then we know it works..  if you unplug the monitor the laptop screen still refuses to work?03:27
Dr_Williswish^:  nope. I avoide wubi as if it was the plague..  (a also missed the last 5 min or so of chat in here)03:27
zealiodwhat command line program can i use to grab the urls that people are loading through my proxy?03:27
johnny1243coz, let me try03:27
wish^not much has been said willis03:28
wish^thing is, i just wanted to try the new distro03:28
wish^and it seemed to be a nice option so now i wanna swap over to it permanently03:28
Dr_Williswish^:  try the tools.. or just do a clean install..03:28
jellowLiked: Did you sort out your error?03:28
LizardK|ngzealiod, wget03:28
johnny1243coz, yes03:28
Likedjellow: nah ill just use debian03:29
coz_johnny1243,  so it works now?03:29
wish^well, i can do a clean install but i dont have the install disc03:29
johnny1243coz, no03:29
coz_johnny1243,   ok   are you now on the liv03:29
Dr_Williswish^:  you can make a bootabel usb flash  if you wanted to03:29
wish^so i guess i gotta download and burn that first then03:29
zomfgcrazywhen installing ubuntu with an ubuntu livecd how do i make sure it installs ubuntu as a primary partition and not logical?03:29
johnny1243coz, still just the monitor03:29
jellowLiked: you try apt-get -f install ?03:29
coz_johnny1243,  are you now on the live cd03:29
darkfuneralis there a linux tool for entering in hierarchial data?03:29
=== deus is now known as Guest77306
johnny1243coz, no but the laptop is next to me03:29
johnny1243coz, and on the live cd03:30
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  iuse the partion manager tool in the installer to lay out my HD's exactly how i want and tell it where to mount / and /home  - i alwyas use primariy partions03:30
coz_johnny1243,   ok if you can get to the live cd  open a terminal and type   lspci | grep -i vga03:30
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis, Gparted?03:30
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  the installer has  a partionign section you use to tell it where to mount what locations where.  You could use gparted first.. then use the custome install settings in the installer03:31
zealiodLizardK|ng: no, i meant sniff what urls are being loaded...03:32
coz_johnny1243,  any luck with that command?03:32
johnny1243coz, output 00:02.0 vga vompatible controller: intel corporation mobile 4 series chipset integrated graphics controller (rev 07)03:32
coz_johnny1243,  ok now this command     glxinfo -l |grep MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE03:33
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help03:33
johnny1243coz, sorry what a sec i need to try them all out03:33
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis, when creating a new partition, next to "Use As:" what do I select for a bootable Ubuntu partition?03:33
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  if you want sda1 to be / = you tell it to use sda1 with the mountpoint of /03:34
Dr_Willisset the filessytem to be ext3/4 or whatever you want03:34
johnny1243coz, GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE = 409603:34
=== ThipThip_ is now known as jMyles
hoinkproblem: Deleted files return after reboot. (Jaunty) Happens with Gnome and shell (rm).  Saw a post on launchpad (?) but can't find it.03:35
coz_johnny1243,  ok and what is the resolution of the laptop screen and the monitor you have attached?03:35
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis, / = ?03:35
johnny1243coz, let me check03:35
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  linux basics / = the root partition03:36
Dr_Willis  / is called 'root' not the same as /root/03:36
tympvv3trying to get graphics drivers working for x3100 graphics card on an inspiron1525, shell says i have direct rendering but crashes when I try to launch games like SuperTux, or through Wine.03:36
k3rni insterted a script into runlevels 2-5. i have some echo messages in it, i would like to see them on bootup and shutdown.03:36
Siria_CalvI need a video convert that can convert .avi and .flv to .asf. Yes I know I´ve asked before and been told to use ffmpeg, but ffmpeg doesn´t convert to the .asf format. It´ll convert to that extension, but not that format. I need that format specifically because my portable media player is having problems rewinding/fast-forwarding videos of the other supported formats.03:37
Dr_Willisk3rn:  use the 'nosplash' and remove the 'quiet' option from the kernel boot lines - perhaps. to see all messages03:37
k3rncan i define that in grubs menu.lst - or may i uninstall usplash? will those echo msgs show anyhow?03:37
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis, I don't know if i want it to be /.  i don't understand what that would mean.03:37
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  you always have a / partition . its the core of the linux filesystem03:37
Sememmonis there an issue w/ the latest karmic & wifi speed? I'm noticing very poor performance.. but seemed to be fine yesterday.03:38
johnny1243coz, 1024 by 768 for monitor laptop is ~1400 by ~1200 if I think03:38
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  normal partion layout ==>  (sda1 /) (sda2 /home) (sda3 Swap)03:38
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis, If I set it to / would that affect the winxp partition?03:38
Sememmoncoz_: =]03:38
coz_Sememmon, :)03:38
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  you make a partition and mount it as / - thats where linux installs to. Nothign to do with windows at all.03:38
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: okay. so Ext4 or Ext3? Is there any noticeable difference for a novice such as myself?03:39
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  stick with ext4 then03:39
Siria_CalvSememmon, have you left your computer and its wifi antenna on since it worked yesterday? I have experiance sometimes that a wifi antenna that has been left on will have trouble connecting eventually after being left on too long.03:39
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  if you dont know linux basics. why are you even worrying about all this> the normal install should do fine for you03:40
Jeeveshow can I fix my GRUB2 install?  I had to repair XP, then I had to reinstall windows 7, and now I can't get GRUB to work03:40
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: Understood.  At this point I would like WinXP to stay as the default boot partition (so if I don't touch anything it boots to windows).  Would I set that here or later?03:40
SememmonSiria_Calv: I've restarted. Also restarted the wap just to make sure. I'm getting better wifi performance on my cell phone =P03:40
Sememmontried downgrading to an older kernel .. seems to be a bit better.03:40
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: I would like to dual-boot and i've been told primary is the way to go for <= 4 partitions, and i'll be using <= 4.03:41
Jeeveshow can I fix my GRUB2 install?  I had to repair XP, then I had to reinstall windows 7, and now I can't get GRUB to work03:41
neil_dA mdadm raid1 doesn't seem to work on this motherboard!!  if I was to plug the drives into a cheap PCI raid card, could I boot of that raid card?03:41
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  You repartiioon/resize your drive to haev a section of it be 'unallocated' and you just tell the ubuntu installer to use the unallocated space..  thats about all there is to it.03:41
k3rnDr_Willis: wehn i use nosplash i see the bootup outputs but i can't see any of my script.03:41
coz_johnny1243,  hey guy   did you try to unplug the monitor and then reboot into the live cd?03:41
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:   its not really going to matter if its primary or not.03:41
coz_johnny1243,   both monitors attached are going to exceed the MAX_TEXTURE size  hardware limitation03:41
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  or  resize windows - make unallocated space.. partiton the unallocated space to make a / /home and swap partition then tell the installer to use them03:42
coz_johnny1243,  once installed you can set the resolutions for both monitors so that it doesnt exceed the MAX_Texture in any one direction03:42
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: Okay.  Well, extra knowledge is never (rarely?) a bad thing. ^.^  Would I set WinXP to be default boot in GRUB here or later?03:42
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  somthing like -->  (sda1 Windows) (sda2 /) (sda3 /home) (sda4 swap)03:42
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  you tweak grub later.03:42
Jeeveshow can I fix my GRUB2 install?  I had to repair XP, then I had to reinstall windows 7, and now I can't get GRUB to work03:43
Dr_Willis!grub2 | Jeeves03:44
ubottuJeeves: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub203:44
johnny1243coz_, so I should set the resolution lower and install03:44
Jeevesubottu:  you suck03:44
Jeevesand for the reccord, I know it's a bot03:44
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: I have decided to go back and tell it to just use 'largest contiguous free space' so I don't have to set up a swap.  Where would I tweak grub to change the list of boot options?03:45
rwwJeeves: have you tried https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover%20Grub%202%20via%20LiveCD on the page it linked to?03:45
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  you are confused.. it will STILL use/make a swap partition.03:45
johnny1243coz_, also about installing i wanted to have a separate , /boot, /, /home partition I have done it before and I cannot resize this huge partition in gpart03:46
coz_johnny1243,  first I would reboot with just the laptop screen into the live cd03:46
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  grub2 is confuigured by the /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/* files03:46
SememmonI've been told that others are also having recent wifi speed issues03:46
johnny1243coz_, I think I would get a blank screen03:46
johnny1243coz_,  but I will try03:46
coz_johnny1243,  ok I may not be the best person to talk with about partitioning03:46
reroreroreroHello. Is there a way to prevent Samba from scanning the LAN?03:46
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  that option i think will resize your windows partitions and then use the free space. (i think)03:46
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: I am very confused. But thank you for trying. ^.^03:46
coz_johnny1243,  I would try that first just to test it  make sure the monitor is unplugged03:46
johnny1243coz_,  the screen stuff was help full03:46
johnny1243coz_,  let me reboot then03:47
coz_johnny1243,  the max texture size is unfortunately a hardware limitiation  that cannot be changed to my knowledge03:47
reroreroreroI don't trust some people on my LAN and I would like to shut off the LAN users or stop trying to ping them or whatever.03:47
reroreroreroIs it possible?03:47
Dr_Willisrerorerorero:  proberly  if you give more details about what you are trying to do exactly and your setup03:48
neil_dA mdadm raid1 doesn't seem to work on this motherboard!!  if I was to plug the drives into a cheap PCI raid card, could I boot of that raid card?03:48
Dr_WillisProtecting your pc from the rest of the LAN? or  protecting the network from idiot users? :)03:48
johnny1243coz_,  how do I change it03:49
tucemiuxanyone knows how I can specify the classpath for java?03:49
coz_johnny1243,  max texture size?? you cant unless you get a higher end video card03:49
ArmandoI wanna go to spanish chanel03:50
Staatsfeinderror while loading shared libraries: libtiff.so.3: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64 what can i do?03:50
johnny1243coz_,  no like lower my monitor to the correct one but I just thought of how display in settings right03:50
Dr_Willis!es | Armando03:50
ubottuArmando: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:50
rerorerorerodr_willis: Rest of the LAN would do, but it's mostly idiot users, the reason.03:51
coz_johnny1243,  right03:51
Armandothank you03:51
johnny1243coz_,  what should I lower it to03:51
Ademanis there any comprehensive list of default compose-key combinations anywhere?03:51
Dr_Willisrerorerorero:  by default theres no services on ubuntu - so i doubt if they are going to get to your machine and do anything.03:51
johnny1243coz_, this is not cool thought this laptop does 1920 by 1200 screen res and it is old really old03:52
Dr_Willisrerorerorero:  if you wanted to be truely paranoid install the variouys firewall tools/setup a firewall and logwatch to watch for access attempts03:52
FlotonocWould it be smarter to run the 32-Bit Ubuntu OS on a 64-Bit processor or just go with the 64-Bit version?03:52
reroreroreroI keep getting netbios and smb traffic to their computers. And although I have nothing shared I fear someone would do like "hey he's there let's try something"03:52
Dr_WillisFlotonoc:  if i can use 64bit - i use 64bit03:52
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help03:52
termitor:p , who what to test with me, a hi res webcam ?03:52
johnny1243coz_, thanks for the help03:52
AdemanFlotonoc: In my opinion 64 bit problems outweigh any advantages03:53
coz_johnny1243,  well the live cd should pick up the correct resolution  even if it is safe graphics mode you use03:53
termitorwho whan03:53
neil_dIf I was to get a cheap PCI RAID card (e.g. http://www.mwave.com.au/newAU/mwaveAU/productdetail.asp?SKU=22080353&utm_source=getprice&utm_medium=cpc) could I boot from it?03:53
FlotonocWhat do you mean?03:53
semitonesFlotonoc: it depends on what you want to use it fore03:53
Dr_WillisI cant even recall any problems ive had with 64bit in the last year+03:53
FlotonocIt outweighs?03:53
FlotonocI see.03:53
johnny1243coz_, pick it with the install or when booting up03:53
semitonesFlotonoc: it doesn't03:53
semitonesFlotonoc: I'm using it right now03:53
cvdAdeman,  only if you use linux03:53
FlotonocI heard that there are no performance changes when you go with 32-Bit over 64-Bit.03:53
Dr_WillisFlotonoc:  for normal home users.. it proberly wont matter much - unless you got 4+gb of ram.03:53
coz_johnny1243,  when booting the live cd   there should be a safe graphics mode03:53
Dr_WillisFlotonoc:  there are some gains in some cases.03:53
albechmy 64bit works flawless03:53
mickster04can i get ssh help here?03:54
johnny1243coz_, ok let me try that03:54
albechmickster04, yes, if you ask the question03:54
FlotonocSo you only see differences with 4 GB or more memory?03:54
semitonesFlotonoc: if you have more than 4GB ram, you'll have performance gains. And there are some smaller gains for 64 bit programs as well03:54
Dr_WillisOnly issue i knotive of with 64 vs 32bit - is that zsnes is 32bit only. :()03:54
One``Does Ubuntu have any kind of problems with ZIP files on a fresh install? I downloaded a torrent with about 4,500 ZIP files using Transmission and half of them are coming up as being corrupt despite no one else having this problem03:54
Siria_CalvI don´t think this is the right channel, but does anyone know of a reliable secure proxy server I can use for my web-enable programs such as my bit-torrent client and my web browser?03:54
coz_johnny1243,   but let me say that I dont use laptops  at all so my experience with video issues on them is severely limited03:54
semitonesFlotonoc: if you03:54
Ademan*but then again 64 bit binaries are twice as big and you get twice as many cache misses*03:55
Dr_WillisOne``:  ive never had any issues with zip files.03:55
Cpudan80One``: ubuntu supports zip files -- with the unzip command03:55
Dr_WillisOne``:  try using winzip or winrar in wine to access them perhaps03:55
Cpudan80One``: or with ark (kde) or file roller (gnome)03:55
One``Good idea, then I can see if they are actually corrupt03:55
mickster04well i am trying to create an ssh keyfile between a linux server (ubuntu) and a windows machine using putty. however i always get "server refused our key" no matter where i create it (puttygen) or ssh-keygen -t rsa any clues?03:55
albechSiria_Calv, squid?03:55
semitonesFlotonoc: if you're intending to install a lot of third party programs not in synaptic, you might want 32 bit for better compatibility, but other than that, might as well make full use of your hardware03:55
Cpudan80One``: the torrent might be corrupt03:55
hiexpogood evening all03:55
* Dr_Willis isent sure that 64bit bianries are 2x as large as 32bit.. is true..03:56
johnny1243coz_, well the help is appreciated03:56
mdghiexpo: hello03:56
hiexpomdg how it goes03:56
One``It's a.. I dunno what you would call it, but the torrent isn't the problem here. Something has gone wrong when it was being downloaded03:56
rwwDr_Willis: it's not03:56
coz_johnny1243,  no problem  I hope you get this resolved03:56
FlotonocI was wondering because computers I find may be less than 64-Bit.03:56
Siria_Calvalbech, can you give me the url to their home page?03:56
mdghiexpo: it goes !  yay!03:56
Dr_Willisrww:  yea. thats what i was thinking >) but i was googling for some benchmarks..03:56
johnny1243coz_, thanks03:57
albechSiria_Calv, try google squid ;)03:57
Dr_WillisFlotonoc:  theres very few issues ive seen in this channel about 64 vs 32bit ubuntu. So use what you want. If you got 4+gb ram DEFINATLy go 64bit03:57
rwwI've used 64-bit for several years now. For normal user tasks, there is no appreciable performance difference between 64-bit and 32-bit.03:57
hiexpoyah i am so tired here i lost my hard drive so been up all night fixing and reinstalling03:57
bankixOK, I'm off then. I solved my problem myself. Greetings..03:57
mdghiexpo: how did it happen?03:57
rww(except for the whole RAM thing)03:57
Dr_WillisIve notived video reencoding/converting seems a little faster for me on 64bit.. but that could also be encoder tweaks/differances also03:57
albechmickster04, and you copied the key generated on your client into ~.ssh/authorized_keys on the server?03:58
albechmickster04, and you have set the right privileges on that directory/file?03:58
cvdso there is 64bits for nothing?03:58
mickster04albech yeah the public one03:58
mythrilwhich graphical cd burners have a verify burned cd feature?03:58
hiexpoi had a lot of programs03:58
rwwDr_Willis: that's possible. Things like BOINC can be a lot faster with the right binaries too. But for email-checking, IM, etc., not so much.03:58
reroreroreroUhmm...not sure about hardware but in coding terms 64bits doesn't only mean bigger-capacity numerical storage?03:58
mdghiexpo: were you dual booting?03:58
haitiankid4lyfhello all03:58
termitorwho whan03:59
One``Downloaded WinRAR and the ZIP files open fine under WINE, but in whatever Ubuntu comes with it is saying it is corrupt.03:59
mythrilwhich graphical cd burners have a verify burned cd feature? (sorry forgot to mention Ubuntu 8.10)03:59
termitor:p , who whan test with me, a hi res webcam ?03:59
mickster04albech i ran ssh-keygen to make sure the priveledges where predone.what should they be just in case?03:59
albechmickster04, chmod 600 the file?03:59
haitiankid4lyfmy wifi suddenly stopped working03:59
reroreroreroIf so I can see how it makes video encoding run faster but barely noticeable in regular stuff.03:59
FlotonocHow would a person convert a 32-Bit OS to 64-Bit? 0.o03:59
FlotonocOr vice versa?03:59
reroreroreroBut I might be stupidly wrong of course.03:59
hiexpoya but wasnt really using it cause my dual was backtrack and i used my dvd most of the time03:59
albechmickster04, the .ssh should be 70003:59
blakkheimFlotonoc: you cant03:59
FlotonocSo when they made 32-Bit Windows Vista...04:00
haitiankid4lyfFlotonoc: if you have a 64bit system you can download some 32bit libs that help with some programs04:00
mdghiexpo: I seem to learn a lot of things the hard way :(04:00
FlotonocThey completely remade a 64-Bit version from scratch?04:00
One``Ohnoes, errors. Unexpected end of archive!04:00
mickster04albech: i dont need to restart ssh to notice the difference right?04:00
hiexpolol yep no more dual boot for me04:00
albechmickster04, it will never hurt04:00
albechmickster04, but i dont believe so04:00
reroreroreroI actually have a 64bit processor but I prefer to save myself the headache of having to use compatibility layers and whining about 64bit binaries like everyone does.04:00
mickster04albech: well that hasnt changed anything it seems04:01
hiexpoi know better to cause all these distros will run off dvd /cd04:01
albechmickster04, what does your log file say?04:01
albechmickster04, thats always a good place to start ;)04:01
Dr_WillisFlotonoc:  ive had more issues with 64 vs 32bit winjdows.. then i have 32 vs 64bit linux :)04:01
hiexpoand if they dont youcan make em to04:01
neil_dIf I was to get a cheap PCI RAID card (e.g. http://www.mwave.com.au/newAU/mwaveAU/productdetail.asp?SKU=22080353&utm_source=getprice&utm_medium=cpc) could I boot from it?04:01
mdghiexpo: actually I meant installing04:01
mickster04albech: which one?04:02
hiexpoinstalling ya i have installed a lot of programs myself04:02
hiexpoi started with dos04:02
albechmickster04, 2 sec let me fire up a ubuntu.. i believe its is /var/log/auth on ubuntu as well04:02
cvdapt-get or aptitude?04:02
mickster04albech: sorry but it isnt:/ at least u have a reason to start up ubuntu:p04:03
mdghiexpo: how long you been with ubuntu/linux?04:03
mickster04cd /var/log04:03
hydrozenHi, I am installing Ubuntu 9.10 server and setting up LVM manually, but I'm not sure I understand how I can do encrypted LVM manually?04:03
albechmickster04, try messages04:04
domi007hey everyone04:04
domi007i googled a lot, but couldn't find anything04:04
domi007ubutntu 9.1004:04
cvddetecting CAPS04:04
domi007unable to load ucode=-2204:04
domi007(dmesg says that)04:05
hiexpoi was with linux about ten years ago and dot lazy than went to windows and just restarted about 6 months ago with bnacktrack and ubuntu04:05
=== dcrews is now known as Crewsr32
hiexpomdg, - i got tired of paying for internet04:05
reroreroreroLinux 10 years ago was horrible.04:05
albechmickster04, i dont use ubuntu on my servers, but the principle is the same04:05
cvdand still04:05
albechrerorerorero, not horrible just harder04:05
reroreroreroalbech: Back then dependency hell was still alive.04:05
mdghiexpo: ...you use just free wifi now?04:05
hiexpomdg, - and wep is so easy04:06
albechrerorerorero, it still is in some cases04:06
cvdwho care about OS is the software04:06
Siria_Calvalbech, the site for squid only provides a program to start a proxy server, it does not actually provide a proxy server. Since albech couldn´t help me, will someone else please do so?04:06
hiexpoya i live in motelso its free04:06
[ka]killeri have a pretty old install of ubuntu (7.04) and i know its not really supported but i have an issue with the shared folders04:06
mdghiexpo: where's motelso?04:06
reroreroreroalbech: It is but it's always fixable, not that hard. Maybe a no-go for a newcomer but definitely manageable with some calm.04:06
[ka]killerwhen i share a folder and try to get to it from my mac it asks for a user name and password and none of the accounts i know are good work04:06
cvdjumper, ?04:07
reroreroreroNote I mention "calm" instead of "skill"04:07
Fudgehow do i tell what version ubuntu im using in termainl, it was built feb 0804:07
albechrerorerorero, think that is a discussion for #ubuntu-chat ;)04:07
hiexpomdg, - it only takes me about 2 minutes to crack wep04:07
rwwubottu: version | Fudge04:07
ubottuFudge: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »04:07
coz_Fudge,   lsb_release -a04:07
semitonesFudge: uname -a, I think04:07
reroreroreroalbech: True, my bad.04:07
Fudgei did that and got teh kernel04:08
mdghiexpo: that's not a very good habit to be in04:08
FudgeLinux nick-desktop 2.6.20-16-generic #2 SMP Tue Feb 12 05:41:34 UTC 2008 i686 goodnight04:08
cvdsemitones, thats for kernel04:08
semitonesFudge, did you try what cvd said?04:08
rwwFudge: lsb_release -a04:08
albechSiria_Calv, so you want a free proxy service that you can use on the internet?? and not an application?04:08
Siria_Calvalbech, correct04:08
cvdsemitones,  yes04:08
[ka]killeranyone know what to do?04:09
albechalbech, in that case you are right, this is not the place to ask that question ;)04:09
hiexpoi know  but i do it mostly to learn i get it free were i live i just do it to test my skills04:09
mickster04albech: nothing about authkey?04:09
Fudgek sec04:09
semitonescvd: learn something new every day :)04:09
zomfgcrazywhere in the /etc/default/grub file would I change the default boot partition? =\04:09
Siria_Calvalbech, more specifically one I can use with programs on my computer.04:09
[ka]killeri have a slight emergency with an external drive failing and this is the only place i can back it up to04:09
haitiankid4lyfhey my wlan has been working problem free, but now it seems to be non existent04:09
cvdia there any program to edit de boot-grub menu?04:09
mickster04albech: err attempting to add filename encryptionkey to user session keyring rc = [1]04:09
semitonescvd: grub2?04:10
Out_Coldhaitiankid4lyf, can you run sudo iwconfig in a terminal04:10
hiexpoand linux is a lot better now than it use to be not as hard now04:10
Fudgelsb_release -a04:10
howdeephow can i share files between two ubuntu machines?04:10
Out_ColdFudge, happens even to the best of us ;)04:10
Siria_Calvhaitiankid4lyf, If you´ve left it on non-stop for a long time you probably only need to reset or restart the wlan modem04:10
zomfgcrazyhowdeep: ubuntuone?04:10
Dr_Willis[ka]killer:  set a samba password for the user with 'sudo smbpasswd -a username'04:10
reroreroreroAnyone here is using KDE4.4 and noticed traffic to "bluemchen.kde.org"? I want to know what it is but the KDE channel is totally dead. Using the latest ppa release in Karmic (Ubuntu, not Kubuntu)04:10
albech!samba | howdeep04:10
ubottuhowdeep: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:10
Fudgecan i jsut dist-upgarde etc?04:10
Dr_Willis[ka]killer:  then try that username/samba password04:10
zomfgcrazycvd: i'm looking fo a answer to that question, too. =x04:10
Out_Coldhowdeep, ssh, ubuntu one, nfs, samba, ftp04:10
=== homer is now known as Guest71190
howdeepOut_Cold, isin't samba for sharing with windows?04:11
semitonescvd: if it's regular grub, you edit /boot/grub/menu.lst, but I think you know that! I don't know about grub 204:11
albechmickster04, 2 sec04:11
haitiankid4lyfOut_Cold: http://pastebin.org/8135104:11
Out_Coldhowdeep, yes but works for ubuntu also04:11
howdeepOut_Cold, both machines are linux04:11
haitiankid4lyfSiria_Calv: i rebooted computer many times04:12
outer_spaceanyone know whats up with name-services? the domain i had with them got domain-parked and their domain is also name-parked whats up with all this??04:12
brophatUNR has that upgrade feature?04:12
Siria_Calvhaitiankid4lyf, not your computer, your modem04:12
hiexpomdg, - i would never do anything wrong to hurt antone either04:12
albechmickster04, did you use ssh-copy-id?04:12
Out_Coldhaitiankid4lyf, how about lspci | grep Network04:12
Out_Coldhaitiankid4lyf, may need sudo04:12
neil_dcan you boot from a PCI raid card if it uses a "fake-raid" driver?04:12
rwwubottu: ot | outer_space04:13
ubottuouter_space: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:13
albechmickster04, i never got that working so i manually copied the public file and appended it to the authorized file04:13
haitiankid4lyfSiria_Calv: other comps connect to modem, the wifi manager seems non existent04:13
haitiankid4lyfOut_Cold: didnt get anything04:13
mdgDoes anyone here use a serial or USB modem?04:13
nvmeanyone know how to control what VT gdm starts on ?04:14
domi007hey again04:14
Siria_Calvhaitiankidlyf, maybe your wifi adapter requires a restricted driver. If so your problem might be it got dissabled. Try reinstalling the driver.04:14
Out_Coldhaitiankid4lyf, how about just lspci and look for your network card please04:14
albechmickster04, and you have 'RSAAuthentication yes' and 'PubkeyAuthentication yes' in your sshd.conf?04:14
void_pointermdg, I use my mobile phone through USB as a modem. I hope that doesn't anger you04:14
cvdany here use empathy?04:14
Out_Coldnvme, by default tty7 is for x display04:14
domi007so i try to use my ipw2200 but i got04:15
domi007an error04:15
domi007in dmesg04:15
Out_Colddunno if you can change it04:15
cvdhow to make empathy log in automatically when ubuntu starts?04:15
domi007like unable to load ucode -2204:15
Siria_Calvcvd, not me. and never will I use it04:15
domi007i looked it up04:15
mdgvoid_pointer: no it doesn't - just wondering how many people still use dial-up...04:15
nvmeOut_Cold, im trying to change it to vt504:15
MrUnixcvd, Add it to startup aps.04:15
mickster04albech just checking now04:15
domi007couldn't find anything04:15
Siria_Calvcvd, I use aMSN04:15
MauritianGuyhello i am back04:15
Dr_Willisit normally uses the next unallocated display.. why do you need to change it nvme ?04:15
domi007i need help04:15
rwwubottu: startup | cvd04:15
ubottucvd: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot04:15
domi007anyone has ipw2200?04:15
MrUnix!hi | MauritianGuy04:15
ubottuMauritianGuy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:15
MauritianGuythanks Billiard  its working Just fint with the 18504:15
MrUnix!ask | domi00704:16
ubottudomi007: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:16
cvdMrUnix,  i know but it open04:16
haitiankid4lyfOut_Cold: doesnt seem to be there http://pastebin.org/8135404:16
nvmeDr_Willis, well i dont really need to change it, I am trying to start an extra gnome xsession, but i want it on vt6 if possible04:16
MauritianGuythe Xserver is displaying all the proper driver details all good Billiard04:16
domi007ipw2200: unable to load ucode: -22 can i solve this somehow?04:16
cvdi want empathy start minimized04:16
haitiankid4lyfthing is it was working flawlessly earlier today and havent upgraded or anything04:16
MrUnixcvd, look in the settings?04:16
void_pointermdg, well it's not dialup in this case. I get 7.2Mbps theoretical, about 6Mbps actual. I hope that doesn't anger you.04:16
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm04:16
cvdMrUnix,  dont have that04:16
Dr_Willisnvme:  stop the consoles from starting on vt6 and X should use it. instead of 7 I thinkl04:16
MrUnixcvd, The settings for empathy?04:17
cvdMrUnix, yes04:17
mickster04albech i have both those to yes04:17
* MrUnix remembers when Ubuntu came standard with Pidgin04:17
domi007ipw2200: unable to load ucode: -22 can i solve this somehow? i used google, still nothing04:17
Dr_Willisnvme:  see /etc/init  - > rename tty6.conf to be tty6.conf_DONTRUN   or similer..04:17
nvmeDr_Willis, already did that but it doesnt, i even added the appropriate settings to /etc/gdm/custom.conf, but it keeps going to vt704:17
semitonesMrUnix: why did the switch to "emotion" or whatever it is now?04:17
Out_Coldhaitiankid4lyf, you are right, it's not there.. how about lshw?04:18
neil_dinitrd isn't seting up my mdadm raid1 properly.. is there anything I can do about it04:18
albechmickster04, its also a good idea to set LogLevel to DEBUG while working with stuff like this, but it requires that you can find the log file ;)04:18
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help04:18
Out_Coldhaitiankid4lyf, may need sudo again04:18
Dr_Willisnvme:  used tobe settings in gdm.conf but  no idea with the gdm in 9.1004:18
void_pointermdg, I'm sorry if I've made you mad. It was not my intention.04:18
MrUnixsemitones, I am not sure, but I am of the understanding that the most popular packages are the ones included.04:18
mickster04albech: but the ssh id copy thing i dont know what that is?04:18
mdgvoid_pointer: ??? not mad  :)04:19
semitonesMrUnix: yeah, they're also cutting thegimp04:19
domi007i am using the latest ubuntu, but ipw2200 doesn't work, it says in dmesg: unable to load ucode: -22...all files are in the right folders04:19
kevin1093i have been trying to install Ubuntu and i sucessfully installed it but now my computer stops at verifying DMI pool data. can anyone help me?04:19
zomfgcrazyhow do i tell what version of grub i'm using?04:19
MrUnixsemitones, Are they?04:19
void_pointermdg,  ok04:19
howdeepJust installed ubuntu on a desktop with onboard audio device. i have no sound at all. where should i start?04:19
mickster04albech idi mv id_rsa.pub authorized_keys04:19
semitonesMrUnix: yeah, it won't be installed by default anymore, to save space on the cd04:19
MrUnixzomfgcrazy, grub04:19
albechmickster04, thats a utility copy the public key from the client to the server and append it to the authorized_keys04:19
mdghowdeep: double click the sound icon and check your settings04:19
nvmeDr_Willis, yeah i thin custom.conf is the same thing, i told it to make first vt5, but it still put gnome on vt704:19
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  did you do a clean install of 09.10?04:19
=== juliancolton is now known as enwiki
albechmickster04, but if you did that manually it is fine04:20
MrUnixsemitones, I know a lot of people don't like GIMP. Oh well, not so hard to apt-get install <foo>04:20
Dr_Willisnvme:  they have changed the layout of gdm.conf so much. I havent even looked in to it much04:20
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: i did! =D04:20
howdeepmdg, the output is set to 'dummy output' what does that mean?04:20
semitonesMrUnix: true. and people who need it will probably know about it04:20
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  then you are uwing grub204:20
jumperHOLA COMO ESTAS04:20
jumperCOMO ESTAN04:20
FloodBot1jumper: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:20
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:20
MrUnix!es | jumper04:20
semitonesMrUnix: I just liked how people new to foss would click on it, and think, hey this is cool04:20
ubottujumper: please see above04:20
cvdjumper,  vete a #ubuntu-es04:20
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: thank you. when i type grub into console it says grub isn't installed.  is there some other official name for it?04:20
nvmeDr_Willis, also im trying to start a second X session at boot, but i want a delayed start on it, so would putting "startx -- :2" in rc.local work ?04:21
mdghowdeep: not sure... but I think you want master volume...04:21
mickster04albech so what is there left to check:(04:21
nwuDoes anyone know why Ubuntu would repeatedly log out for no apparent reason?04:21
cvdjumper,  y quita el jodio caps lock ese04:21
albechmickster04, the log files ;)04:21
domi007i have tried everything i have found with google, but still: unable to load ucode: -22 please, i need help, i use ubuntu 9.1004:21
MrUnixsemitones, Most people who do that end up here.04:21
semitonesMrUnix: with questions about it?04:21
howdeepmdg, its up04:21
kevin1093i have been trying to install Ubuntu and i sucessfully installed it but now my computer stops at verifying DMI pool data. can anyone help me?04:21
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  what are you trying to do exactkty>04:21
MrUnixsemitones, About all sorts04:21
mickster04albech: but they dont tell me anything how do i set the log level to debug?04:21
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: set the grub boot so that it will default to windows xp.04:21
albechcan anyone verify that there is no /var/log/auth.log file on ubuntu?04:22
MrUnix!hi | okokl04:22
ubottuokokl: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:22
semitonesnwu: not sure, unless you're on a laptop that's unplugged, and set to shutdown automatically04:22
okoklhey anyone her have issues with tor running?04:22
haitiankid4lyfout_cold doesnt seem to be there either http://pastebin.org/8135504:22
MrUnixalbech, is there one in yours?04:22
MrUnix!ask | okokl04:22
ubottuokokl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:22
jumperbuenas noches04:22
mdghowdeep: the only other thing I can suggest is make your way to the sound settings via preferences > sound04:22
MrUnix!es | jumper04:22
ubottujumper: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:22
cvdjumper,  que tu quires04:22
albechmickster04, change 'LogLevel INFO' to 'LogLevel DEBUG' in sshd.conf04:22
nwusemitones: no, the screen suddenly blacks out and then shows a black-and-white terminal for a moment before going back to the ubuntu login screen04:23
MrUnixokokl, Don't be sorry - just state your issue bud.04:23
mickster04albech i used 1024 bit encryption but my sshd_config gile say "serverkeybits 768" might that have sumat to do with it?04:23
domi007i need help, i need internet, i got an intel 2915abg card, but ipw2200 doesn't load: unable to load ucode:-22 HELP please!04:23
semitonesnwu: huh. I don't know if I can help you04:23
mickster04albech: oh no04:23
MrUnixdomi007, Wireless?04:23
Out_Coldhaitiankid4lyf, is ip= your lan?04:23
semitoneswhat are you doing when that happens?04:23
domi007yeah wireless04:23
okokli've installed vidali and it doesn't seem to work with privoxy.04:23
mickster04albech thats V104:23
haitiankid4lyfOut_Cold: yes04:23
MrUnixdomi007, lspci and paste me your wireless line04:24
albechmickster04, ?04:24
Out_Coldhaitiankid4lyf, a desktop? perhaps your card is bad?? or unplugged04:24
nwusemitones: ah, all right. :/04:24
nwuif it helps any, this seems to have started happening when I got a new monitor04:24
allyourbasshaving trouble getting usb volumes to mount i keep getting errors here http://pastebin.com/m2b1143a04:24
okoklis there anything special i need to do to it ? i know in windows it runs off the bat with privoxy04:24
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  read the grub2 wiki page/docs and edit the proper grub2 confuigs.. then rerun update-grub04:24
allyourbassive searched all over google and im not getting anywhere04:24
Dr_Willis!grub2 | zomfgcrazy04:24
ubottuzomfgcrazy: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub204:24
howdeepmdg, forgot that i had onboard audio disabled in the bios. my bad :(04:24
mickster04albech lifetime and size of ephemeral version 1 server key04:24
neil_dI need help bad!  I have a mdadm RAID1 setup, using 2 SATA drives.. when I remove a HDD (for testing) /dev/md0 isn't setup correctly... I need to get this working04:24
mdghowdeep: at least thats an easy fix :)04:25
domi007MrUnix: lspci says somehting like intel wireless 2915abg i remember this04:25
haitiankid4lyfOut_Cold: its a laptop plugged in, wlan suddenly stopped working it was working fine a few hours ago04:25
domi007i can't paste it04:25
domi007because i use another computer04:25
alucardromeroHello everybody! :)04:25
semitonesAre there any advantages to using GRUB2 > Grub?04:25
nwusemitones: it just logs out suddenly, often while I'm browsing or chatting04:25
haitiankid4lyfOut_Cold: i also tried previous kernels04:25
domi007but i know my card was in the lspci list04:25
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: Thank you very much. ^.^04:25
blakkheimsemitones: no04:25
okoklno ideas =\04:25
MrUnixdomi007, And you're using ipw2200?04:25
cvdokokl,  que tu quires04:26
Dr_Willissemitones:  grub2 has many newer features. and  is going to be the standard in the near future i imagine04:26
domi007yes i am trin' to use ipw220004:26
alucardromeroAre hard drives supposed to be ordered by size?04:26
semitonesnwu: that's weird! you might want to keep asking here, or post a topic in the forum04:26
Dr_Willissemitones:  its also got many very nice features 'in the works'04:26
cvdalucardromero,  no04:26
Out_Coldhaitiankid4lyf, I have noticed occasionally a wifi card overheating and shutting down, this could be a possibility but not 100% positive. Unless I knew for sure what your card was or where it should be, I can only guess that it overheated or crapped out04:26
okoklcvd: i need to get vidalia working with provoxy04:26
albechmickster04, installing openssh to check04:26
semitonesDr_Willis: ok that makes sense. But how do you configure it? is it as easy as grub1?04:26
Out_Coldsorry bout the language04:26
mdghowdeep: enjoy the new install!  I gotta go - good night O/04:26
Dr_Willis!grub2 | semitones04:26
ubottusemitones: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub204:26
kevin1093i have been trying to install Ubuntu and i sucessfully installed it but now my computer stops at verifying DMI pool data. can anyone help me?04:27
Dr_Willissemitones:  via its config files.. then rerun update-gruvb04:27
haitiankid4lyfOut_Cold: np thanks though ill let it sleep overnight see what happens04:27
* MrUnix yawns and wonders who wants coffee...04:27
mickster04albech: cheers :D04:27
hiexpomdg, - isnt there a small task bar here on ubuntu?04:27
haitiankid4lyfOut_Cold: thanks for your help04:27
Fudgehow can i upgrade from 7.04 to 9.10 with apt-get?04:27
semitonesDr_Willis: alright, that shouldn't be too bad04:27
domi007ok MrUnix i send you virtual coffee :)04:27
nwusemitones: yeah, it's getting to be a really strange problem (happening a few times a day now). I posted it to the ubuntu forums, but no one knows why it's happening. :/04:27
Out_Coldnp, good luck. hopefully it reactivates04:27
alucardromeroFudge, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:27
semitonesFudge: there are a series of steps.., I think04:28
MrUnixFudge, You need to go through each release up to 9.10. Easier just to fresh install.04:28
neil_dFudge: you got to it in steps... one upgrade at a time.04:28
BilliardFudge: i would do a fresh install04:28
Dr_Willissemitones:  one neat trick in grub2 - with the right disrto/iso file - you can set grub2 to boot ISO files  :)04:28
Fudgedist-upgrade didnt work04:28
MrUnixdomi007, You're using ipw2200?04:28
albechmickster04, i have a /var/log/auth.log after installing openssh04:28
MrUnixFudge, why not just fresh install?04:28
domi007MrUnix: yes i do04:28
okoklayúdeme por favor04:28
mickster04albech: im looking into that now04:28
Out_ColdFudge, agreed, back up and fresh install... too much can go wrong and IIRC you need to install 7.10>8.04>8.10>9.04>9.1004:28
kevin1093i have been trying to install Ubuntu and i sucessfully installed it but now my computer stops at verifying DMI pool data. can anyone help me?04:28
semitonesDr_Willis: so, if you have GRUB2 preinstalled, you could try out a live cd on an iso, nice04:28
Fudgefriends web server, was just going to freshen it up04:28
MrUnixdomi007, I think that's depreciated. Is the wireless card on? (Wireless light on/flashing?)04:28
neil_dFudge: I think you got to use the upgrade manager from the menus.04:29
semitonesDr_Willis: is it possible to run GRUB 2 from cd?04:29
MrUnixFudge, one moment and I'll PM the steps.04:29
hiexpoi suggest downloading the dvd and do a fresh install buts thats just my pref04:29
Fudgethank you04:29
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades04:29
domi007MrUnix: lshw doesn't say anything aboiut "radio off" and in BIOS the card is on04:29
rwwsee second link04:29
Dr_Willissemitones:  i made a usb flash drive with 4+ different isos on it - i can boot fro,m :) and i got a special entry in my desktpps menus to boot ubuntu.iso as a 'failsafe' option as well04:29
alucardromerookokl: Ay otro chat para problemas en espanol.04:29
Dr_Willissemitones:  i think grub2 will eventually replace syslinux and isolinux on cd's04:29
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:29
MrUnixdomi007, How about your wireless light on the computer? Do you have one?04:29
wish^i got an wubi ubuntu install on a vista machine and now i wanna get rid of vista..can i do that without using a cd04:29
semitonesDr_Willis: that is pretty neat04:30
nwumaybe I'll ask again later04:30
neil_dI need help bad!  I have a mdadm RAID1 setup, using 2 SATA drives.. when I remove a HDD (for testing) /dev/md0 isn't setup correctly... I need to get this working04:30
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help04:30
domi007MrUnix: i have one, but it doesn't work (i think it never ever has worked)04:30
semitonesnwu: lots of times people on the forums can help with more complicated problems. Good luck!04:30
jm2kevin: retry installing ubuntu ..04:30
MrUnixjoh6nn, DHCP or Static?04:30
nwusemitones: thanks04:30
joh6nnMrUnix: dhcp04:31
mickster04 Failed none for mike from port 1391 ssh204:31
kevin1093well when i put the hard driv into another computer it works fine04:31
MrUnixjoh6nn, Through a router?04:31
mickster04albech:  Failed none for mike from port 1391 ssh204:31
neil_dcan you boot from a PCI raid card that uses a fakeraid driver?04:31
atechzHi guys my xubuntu 9.10 sound is very low, I checked the settings already and no luck, any ideas. useing intel D631GL Essential, built in sound, no sound cards04:31
albechmickster04, just made it work on a ubuntu box here np04:31
nwuon another note, anyone know why pidgin might be crashing?04:31
joh6nnMrUnix: yes.  but other nodes on the lan have normal speeds04:31
wish^i got an wubi ubuntu install on a vista machine and now i wanna get rid of vista..can i do that without using a cd04:31
Out_Coldsemitones, the difference between there and here is that this chat has more immediate results where as the forums, you only have to paste your problem once ;)04:31
MrUnixdomi007, Hmmm (i'm looking)04:31
mickster04albech: with putty?04:31
nwusyslog shows this: Jan 23 15:33:55 neal-desktop pulseaudio[7535]: ratelimit.c: 88 events suppressed04:31
nwuJan 23 15:33:56 neal-desktop kernel: [20930.683431] __ratelimit: 3 callbacks suppressed04:31
nwuJan 23 15:33:56 neal-desktop kernel: [20930.683443] pidgin[7662]: segfault at a ip 00ccf0fc sp bff8b990 error 4 in libc-2.10.1.so[c64000+13e000]04:31
domi007MrUnix: thanks a lot04:31
albechmickster04, which user you logging in as?04:31
MrUnixjoh6nn, Wireless?04:31
joh6nnMrUnix: yes04:31
MrUnixI think you said that...04:31
MrUnix(my bad)04:31
jm2kevin1093: have you tried googling this error?04:32
semitonesOut_Cold: that, and people with the experience might not be on the chat right now :)04:32
MrUnixYou got ports/dmz/etc open?04:32
mickster04albech i am tryin to log on a "mike"04:32
Out_Coldsemitones, hence the repitition of asking04:32
Shazamis songbird in the 9.10 repositories?04:32
albechmickster04, make sure that the authorized_keys is in the ~/.ssh/authorized.keys04:32
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: My /etc/default/grub is read-only.  how do i rectify this? i can't find it in the grub wiki04:32
albechmickster04, and not in root04:32
semitonesOut_Cold: and the frustration of getting ignored :)04:32
Out_Cold!info songbird04:32
okoklthink i got it =p04:32
ubottuPackage songbird does not exist in karmic04:32
joh6nnMrUnix: everything should be open.  i'm typing from the affected box04:32
mickster04/home/mike/.ssh/authorised_keys excists and has stuff in it04:33
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  its a system file.. (logical eh?) so you have to alter it as root. via sudo04:33
okoklI GOT IT04:33
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  back it up BEFOR you alter it.04:33
kevin1093Jm2 i have tried googleing the error and i have follwed everything but to no avail04:33
wish^i got an wubi ubuntu install on a vista machine and now i wanna get rid of vista..can i do that without using a cd04:33
albechmickster04, let me fire up a windows and try putty04:33
Out_Coldsemitones, i like getting ignored... means that no one has had the issues i have... almost like discovering a new land lol04:33
mickster04albech: cheers04:33
MrUnixjoh6nn, Try power cycling them, then checking your driver versions.04:34
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: thank you.04:34
Dr_Williswish^:  dident try out that LVPM tool ?04:34
albechmickster04, did you find the log file?04:34
cvdwish^,  whana install w7?04:34
MrUnixdomi007, Did you try this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15693004:34
Out_Coldor its such an idiotic question that they are ignoring me because of sheer retardation on my part04:34
joh6nnMrUnix: power has been cycled, drivers are the most recent versions available from the backports repo04:34
mickster04albech: yeah04:34
albechmickster04, ok04:34
mickster04albech: it just says  Failed none for mike from port 1391 ssh204:34
zomfgcrazywhat is the 'open in gedit' command?04:34
cvdOut_Cold,  wana be my friend?04:34
mickster04albech: an some other stuff ubv.04:35
wish^I wanna keep ubuntu on04:35
Billiardzomfgcrazy: gedit filename04:35
zomfgcrazyBilliard: thank you.04:35
Dr_Williswish^:  http://lubi.sourceforge.net/lvpm.html04:35
MrUnixjoh6nn, lspci | pastebin and post the link.04:35
Out_Coldcvd, i usually have friends in the real world although I don't mind helping out in here every now and again04:35
lifestreamHmm.... isn't there a command that lets me print the ... say, last 5 lines of a file?  I thought it was 'cat', but I man-ned it, and it doesn't seem like it04:35
domi007MrUnix: ust a sec, i check my driver's version, but it is a fresh and updated 9.10 installation, they should be up to date, shouldn't they?04:35
Shazammusic jukebox preferences? Looking for something that can handle a lot of tracks well, and maybe a predictive reccomendation system04:35
mickster04albech: and Failed publickey for mike from port 1391 ssh204:35
Dr_Williszomfgcrazy:  you need to run the editor as root with gksudo to alter system files.. BACKUP THAT FILE first.. :)04:36
Billiardlifestream: tail04:36
semitoneszomfgcrazy: and if it's protected, gksudo gedit <filename>04:36
blakkheimor sudo vi04:36
lifestreamThanks Billiard ! *smacks forehead :)04:36
MrUnixdomi007, Depends on which versions got in before the freeze.04:36
albechmickster04, there we go04:36
cvdOut_Cold, in the real world?, what world is this?04:36
joh6nnMrUnix: http://paste.ubuntu.com/361731/04:36
MrUnixI went outside once. The graphics were terribad.04:36
domi007MrUnix: I got 1.2.2, latest package for karmic koala04:36
kevin1093 Jm2 i have tried googleing the error and i have follwed everything but to no avail04:36
mickster04albech: well i knew it failed! thats why it isnt working...i wanna know why? when i create fresh ones its the same problem04:37
semitoneslifestream: tail -f to follow, also04:37
Out_Coldcvd, this is the magical land of nix, where dragons fly out of nmap builds and no matter how hard you try, your system never really works 100%04:37
albechmickster04, 2 sec04:37
jm2kevin1093:  a old ubuntu thread suggested to check CMOS battery??04:37
lifestreamsemitones, to follow? You mean, to print as the file changes?04:37
albechmickster04, can you do it from command line?04:37
mickster04albech: can i do what?04:37
kevin1093so try a new battery?04:37
albechmickster04, try ssh -l mike localhost04:37
semitoneslifestream: yeah, like if you're using it on a log file that's being added to04:37
=== april_ is now known as ldbug
albechmickster04, from the server04:38
semitoneslifestream: -f keeps you updated with the latest changes04:38
mickster04albech: ssh: connect to host localhost port 22: Connection refused04:38
lifestreamsemitones, It's actually a conky TODO script, so that's pretty useful! Thanks :)04:38
NNxDhi people04:38
semitoneslifestream: glad to be of use :)04:38
albechmickster04, and you are on the server with sshd running?04:38
okoklhey what do you guys think is better Privoxy or polipo?04:38
NNxDI have a problem with my pc04:38
NNxDI know it's offtopic but...04:39
mickster04albech: i change theport to 2222 hang on04:39
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:39
wish^thanks willis04:39
albechmickster04, try ssh -l mike -p 2222 localhost04:39
domi007okay, MrUNix left, i need help from someone else04:39
zomfgcrazyDr_Willis: Backed up. ^.^04:39
wish^that seems to do the trick04:39
NNxDI was cleaning my PC and now my mobo doesn't start04:39
mickster04albech what do u wana see it worked....04:39
Eltume the company AVADirect http://www.avadirect.com/ sells linux preinstalled but it also mentions there is "no media, no support" for these linux distros. What do they mean by "no media"???04:39
domi007my intel 2915abg wifi card doesn't work, the ipw2200 says in dmesg: unable to load ucode: -2204:39
albechmickster04, and it didnt ask for a password?04:39
Dr_WillisEltume:  they dont include a cd/dvd i imagine04:39
scuniziNNxD: does it beep a lot?04:39
rwwEltume: I imagine it means they don't give you an install disc with the computer04:39
NNxDI know it's the mobo because I tested the other components04:40
NNxDscunizi: it doesn't beep04:40
mickster04albech: it asks if i want to continue connecting:/04:40
BilliardNNxD: this is offtopic, did you unplug any cables, power cables?04:40
NNxDBilliard: nope04:40
mickster04albech: it asks for a password04:40
neil_ddoes anyone know if you could boot from drives attached to this http://www.techbuy.com.au/p/73454/HARD_DISK_CONTROLLERS_SERIAL_ATA_RAID_CONTROLLERS/Adaptec/AAR1220SA-SGL.asp?04:40
scuniziNNxD: when you try to turn it on does it do anything? lights, clicks, etc?04:40
Eltumethat's all? I thought they mean't like the graphic card might not work.04:40
domi007my intel 2915abg wifi card doesn't work, the ipw2200 says in dmesg: unable to load ucode: -2204:40
NNxDit doesn't get to the POST04:41
mickster04albech: i am still allowing passwords so i can still access it:/04:41
albechmickster04, pm04:41
BilliardNNxD: does it show any signs of having power?04:41
jm2kevin1093: http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1382577 check this link might help??04:41
cvdubuntu is in facebook?04:41
rwwEltume: that's how I interpret it. I imagine you should ask them ;)04:41
Eltumeman. why couldn't they just say no linux disc04:41
void_pointerNNxD, how exactly did you "clean" it04:41
NNxDyes, it's powered04:41
Eltumerww, don't worry i did04:41
scuniziNNxD: my first guess is that it isn't your motherboard but your power supply.. that's typically what goes out..04:41
domi007i rellay need help my intel 2915abg wifi card doesn't work, the ipw2200 says in dmesg: unable to load ucode: -2204:42
okoklwhats up crackheadjunky04:42
semitonesNNxD: best thing imo is open it back up and see if anything is not how it should be04:42
og01hey does ubuntu/gdm still use ~/.xsession?04:42
CRACKHEADJUNKYneed a little atheros help. since updating, my ubuntu 9.10 drops my wireless connection once in a while. suggestions?04:42
CRACKHEADJUNKYhey okokl04:42
CRACKHEADJUNKYokokl, hi04:42
wowoto can anyone tell me ,is there any channel just for chat ,chat for fun ,chat for daily live04:42
rwwwowoto: #ubuntu-offtopic, #defocus, probably more04:43
okoklyou know where i can cop a 5 ?04:43
domi007HELP, i need help my intel 2915abg wifi card doesn't work, the ipw2200 says in dmesg: unable to load ucode: -2204:43
wowotorww: thx04:43
NNxDthe hdd, the dvd recorder and all other hw runs04:43
BilliardNNxD: the power supply works with another machine?04:43
scuniziNNxD: have you tried to reset your bios back to "default"?04:43
okoklcome on bro don't hold out on me04:44
okokli know your holding04:44
CRACKHEADJUNKYokokl, a 5?04:44
og01hey for somereason my ~/.xsession isnt geting executed, anything i should know?04:44
NNxDvoid_pointer: with a toothbrush..04:44
domi007has anyone succeded using ipw2200 in 9.10 (karmic koala)?04:44
okoklwell lets make it a 2004:44
CRACKHEADJUNKYokokl, lol04:44
void_pointerOk. You cleaned your mobo with a toothbrush and now it doesn't work04:45
NNxDBilliard: I tested the power supply, memory and cpu. all works04:45
rwwubottu: ot | okokl04:45
ubottuokokl: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:45
joh6nnCRACKHEADJUNKY: what's your wifi card?04:45
okokla 20 piece04:45
NNxDscunizi: yep04:45
Dr_WillisEltume:  thers always a chanve that some ahrdware might not work properly/correctly with Linux. :) it depends on the hardware.04:45
NNxDscunizi: it doesn't work04:45
Dr_WillisEltume:  i imagine they slap linux on it and ship it...04:45
CRACKHEADJUNKY04:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)04:45
scuniziNNxD: time for a new motherboard.. this time leave the toothbrush in the cup in the bathroom :)04:45
okokljoh6nn bro he pawned his wifi along time ago04:45
Billiardog01: im not positive, but maybe it needs to be executable04:45
og01Billiard: yeah tried that already :/04:46
okoklsold it for like 2 dollars04:46
NNxDscunizi: :(04:46
NNxDI wanna repair it04:46
joh6nnCRACKHEADJUNKY: i'm having wifi issues with 9.10 too04:46
CRACKHEADJUNKYokokl, lol04:46
MaT-dgis there a permanent fix for the flash left-click problem already?04:46
CRACKHEADJUNKYjoh6nn, its weird... all of a sudden it drops my connection.04:46
void_pointerNNxD, don't clean your mobo with a toothbrush next time. There are many things you could have done04:46
CRACKHEADJUNKYjoh6nn, it wont reconnect either without rebooting...04:47
void_pointerNNxD, however, it is very amusing. I thank you for that.04:47
Dr_WillisMaT-dg:  ive seen several forum posts and sites with fix's for it.04:47
Dr_WillisMaT-dg:  ive never had the issue.04:47
lucas_que buena cerveza que me mande la puta madre..04:47
joh6nnCRACKHEADJUNKY: it's got my connection speeds through the floor; last night, as i was trying to download some packages, it told me it was going to take at least an hour to download a 50 M package04:47
deenaHi my system is downloading something is there anyway to find out what is getting download?04:47
rww!pt | lucas_04:47
ubottulucas_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.04:47
NNxDlucas_: ubuntu-es04:47
NNxDvoid_pointer: haha np04:48
lucas_ok no se calienten04:48
MaT-dgDr_Willis: only fix I found doesn't work04:48
lifestreamlucas_ needs a bannnnnnn04:48
rwwoh, yeah, Argentina is Spanish *facepalm*04:48
Dr_WillisMaT-dg:  ive seen sites that list at least 5 different fix's04:48
cvddeena,  updates?04:48
NNxDlucas_: sabes reparar mothers?04:48
domi007my intel 2915abg wifi card doesn't work, the ipw2200 says in dmesg: unable to load ucode: -22 :(04:48
Dr_WillisMaT-dg:  rangeing from disabling compiz, or spcific plugins.. to using some flash scripts...04:48
EltumeDr-Willis, lol. I think they should mention have a list of linux certified hardware like hp if they don't really want to support it.04:48
zomfgcrazyI set GRUB_DEFAULT=saved in /etc/default/grub via gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub, rebooted into winxp and upon restart it default booted back into Ubuntu.  Have I overlooked something?04:48
lucas_si que nececitas capo04:48
Billiarddeena: maybe `sudo lsof -i`04:49
NNxDwell, thanks people04:49
LucidGuyAnyone know how to jailbreak or unlock an iphone with a linux machine?04:49
rwwLucidGuy: Providing instructions for jailbreaking is of questionable legality and thus offtopic for Ubuntu channels.04:49
cvdLucidGuy,  is wine04:49
cvduse wine04:49
lucas_nww no me rompas la pc q es la unica q tengo04:49
NNxDthanks Billiard scunizi void_pointer04:50
void_pointerNNxD, haha np. I didn't help much04:50
rwwlucas_: This channel is English-only. For discussion in Spanish, please /join #ubuntu-es04:50
joh6nni'm having some serious slowdown with my wireless connection, compared to the speeds that i had in both Hardy and Jaunty.  I've tried disabling ipv6 and a few other things, but nothing seems to help04:51
domi007my intel 2915abg wifi card doesn't work, the ipw2200 says in dmesg: unable to load ucode: -2204:51
lucas_rww, ok04:51
cvdrww,  whats the problem, you dont understand? the dont talking with you04:51
rwwcvd: Excuse me?04:51
=== Kravlin__ is now known as kravlin
Billiarddomi007: which ubuntu version?04:51
Dr_WillisEltume:  the term 'support' is rather broad and means different things to different companies/people04:52
domi007Billiard: 9.1004:52
lifestreamcvd, lucas_     #ubuntu is to help people.    #ubuntu is not for random chat04:52
Billiarddomi007: does it wokr on the live cd?04:52
domi007Billiard: latest, updated, fresh04:52
Dr_WillisEltume:  im not even sure how you 'certify' hardware for linux04:52
domi007Billiard: i am not sure, i used wubi04:52
ultraparadigmI'm really liking kvirc04:53
EltumeDr.Willis, "certified" hardware for linux is hardware that works out of the box especially 3d graphic cards and wifi cards04:53
=== SkinnyWeeabo is now known as Bwaah
Billiarddomi007: idk, i dont like wubi04:53
Dr_WillisEltume:  tahts your definition of the term..    certified by who exactly? its just sounds like more marketing buzzwords to me.04:53
domi007Billiard: okay, i see your point, but why would a livecd make a difference?04:54
Dr_WillisEltume:  theres people in here constantly with hardware that is supposed to work.. but has issues.. :)04:54
Out_ColdDr_Willis, Eltume, tried and tested is a better statement04:54
Billiarddomi007: i was just wondering if it worked on the live cd to see if somehow your install was the problem, i havent had any problems with intel wireless devices04:54
NotTooSmartis 500 a good permission for a dir contaiting other dir's containing music files I dont ever want deleted ?04:54
Eltumethat's what makes me want to buy open hardware instead04:55
=== carlos is now known as Guest27750
Dr_WillisEltume:  that site only seem to sell  redhat and suse04:55
domi007Billiard: i can't try out a livecd04:55
BilliardNotTooSmart: if you only want the owner to have read permission04:55
Billiarddomi007: ok04:55
Eltumedr.willis, AVADirect also offer Ubuntu in addition to redhat and suse04:56
Out_ColdEltume, not a bad idea if you are using linux only, but just use well supported hardware04:56
NotTooSmartBilliard: I think that would make sense since I connect using the same user in samba, and the same user via MPD04:56
Dr_WillisEltume:  well they dont have ubuntu boxed sets :) like they do redhat/suse.. but that may be because thre is not the same thing :)04:56
Eltumeout_cold, the only downside to open hardware is the limited choice04:56
ultraparadigmWell on this new laptop I decided to dual but Ubuntu and Win7 right off tha bat.  And sofar, as for ease of use, Ubuntu is winning04:56
Eltumeredhat and suse seem to be popular among companies04:57
TMKHi All.  I'm in great need of some new hardware and I'd like to get a little advice for an Ubuntu desktop.  I've been running it on an old Dell Inspiron, but would like to get something decent.04:57
BilliardNotTooSmart: you cant create new dirs/files in that directory then either04:57
semitonesultraparadigm: nice. what do you like about it especially04:57
Out_ColdEltume, agreed, but if thousands of users sent emails to manufacturers then maybe we'd have better choice04:57
ultraparadigmOther than games, that were made for windows, I have had 0 hassle in Ubuntu.  Everything works, even things that didn't work right in windows like my web cam and bluetooth04:57
NotTooSmartBilliard: my user can though yes?04:57
semitonesah, kk :)04:57
ultraparadigmMe = happy04:57
BilliardNotTooSmart: no04:58
NotTooSmartBilliard: what is a good bet between safety/security ?04:58
blakkheimTMK: build it04:58
Dr_WillisThat site charges $11 to install ubuntu. :)04:58
TMKI'd love to build it actually.  Got any recommendations for HW?04:58
NotTooSmartBilliard: 644?04:58
Vladimir_Hello everyone! I'm going to try Ubuntu and wanted to know how it performs as far as BitTorrent in concerned. Is Transmission a good, stable BT client/? Will I have problems with bandwidth/firewall limitations or issues?04:58
blakkheimTMK: avoid ati, that's about it for linux-related recommendations04:58
blakkheimVladimir_: i prefer rtorrent but transmission is ok too04:59
Dr_WillisVladimir_:  transmissions is a rather basic BT client.04:59
BilliardNotTooSmart: you want x on the directories04:59
TMKnvidia's better I take it?04:59
Dr_WillisVladimir_:  it depends on what extra features you need.04:59
blakkheimTMK: yes04:59
ultraparadigmVladimir, I don't use torrents, but give Ubuntu a try anyway.  It's worked out great for me so far04:59
Dr_WillisVladimir_:  ive been using qTorrent lately - it works very well for me04:59
semitonesVladimir_: transmission is pretty fast and works very well04:59
TMKok.  Thanks.04:59
domi007Billiard: any other idea?05:00
ultraparadigmI work for the cable company, and torrents are like cuse words. lol05:00
TanthrixIs there a clever way to view all installed packages listed by catagory in Synaptic?05:00
semitonesVladimir_: Transmission has the best GUI/features/speed combination, imo05:00
Vladimir_Thanks... will see how Transmission works out. I'm currently using uTorrent...05:00
TMKwhere's my DOCSIS 3.0? :)05:00
Billiarddomi007: i have no idea if wubi could cause issues like this, otherwise i have no idea05:00
ultraparadigmMy compay has it05:01
domi007Billiard: i reinsattled the ipw2200 package..no success05:01
ultraparadigmcompany* rather05:01
Vladimir_Will Ubuntu play Blu-ray movies? I have a Blu-ray drive?05:01
TMKi think mine has it...but it would be about 99 a month for the service.05:01
domi007Billiard: however when I frist booted in with the older kernel (i think it is 2.6.30-14) i had the card OK, but it didn't see any networks....could this indicate that i have a hardware problem?05:01
blakkheimVladimir_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD05:02
Billiarddomi007: well it could be, but that could be a driver issue too05:02
Vladimir_thanks for the link, blakkheim05:02
semitonesultraparadigm: why don't cable companies like them? Wouldn't they get ppl to buy more expensive plans? for more bandwidth?05:02
domi007Billiard: ok, i don't know....the laptop i am using is really weird..sometimes it starts ok when i press the power, sometimes it kinda hangs before the BIOS POST screen...i really don't know, and i don't have a screwdriver for it, so i can't even open it :(05:04
cvdwe pay for something that we can use all the bandwidth we pay05:04
ultraparadigmTorrents cause lag for everyone sharing the node of the user who is using them.  Because cable uses shared bandwidth, torrents can slow the whole nighboorhood05:04
Shazamhow do I get a partition to mount upon boot. I *believe* I have a correct fstab entry, but, well its not there when I boot. Is there anything else I would need to do?05:05
abu123hi on my I got "E: Type '“ndeb' is not known on line 60 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list" this errror05:05
ultraparadigmIt's just one of those things, we get a call "my internet is slow."  Sorry sir, it's because your nieghbor is using a zillian torrents. "I don't care, fix it!"  Puts us in an awkward position05:05
BilliardShazam: does the mountpoint exist?05:05
abu123how I repair this error05:05
semitonesultraparadigm: I'll take that, but what's the difference between dling torrents and watching netflix?05:05
BilliardShazam: run "sudo mount -a" check for errors05:05
ShazamBilliard: yes. in fact, when i mount it from terminal it works05:05
TeamColtrasemitones, nothing... although you probably have a smaller filesize from netflix05:06
semitonesultraparadigm: because it doesn't seem that fair to tell the torrent user, hey, ok you paid for this bandwidth, but please, don't use it...05:06
TeamColtraand honestly cable companies can suck it, they have enough bandwidth for everyone... they just say that so they can pump more money out of you05:06
TeamColtraHow can I do a math problem in terminal? I remember doing it before but i forget now05:06
iflemaabu123 gksu gedit in a terminal an look at the begigining of each line till ya find the one that says ndeb and remoive the n then save and do sudo apt-get update05:06
sage1Hi. Is it possible to use the keyboard volume controls to manage 2+ sound channels? I can't find anything about it.05:07
Dr_WillisTeamColtra:  try the 'bc' command05:07
semitonesultraparadigm: imo, people should be charged by how much they dl/up. that would be more fair05:07
blakkheimiflema: why gedit when he's already in a terminal? vi or nano :/05:07
TeamColtraFile 1+1 is unavailable.05:07
* iflema what ever...... novie = geedit05:07
allyourbasshello all, would anyone like to help me tackle a problem with my auto mounting of usb drives?05:07
blakkheimnovice you mean?05:08
* iflema yes05:08
allyourbasspretty please05:08
priyahi all05:08
Quan-Timeanyone know anythintg about installing madwifi drivers ? not in my repository..ideas / links ?05:09
* iflema one handed with mouth full talking looking left05:09
blakkheimQuan-Time: i use madwifi :)05:09
=== Guest27750 is now known as Charly575
Billiardallyourbass: what is the prob?05:09
domi007good bye everyone05:09
allyourbasswell ive got a fresh install of 9.1005:09
Dr_Willisallyourbass:  every so often the automounting 'breaks' for me - untill i logout, or reboot..05:09
Dr_Willisallyourbass:  not sure why it does it05:09
ShazamBilliard: so, in fact your intuition was correct. error says, mount point does exist. should my mountpoint be an empty directory? what permissions do I need05:10
allyourbasswhen i plug my device in05:10
ultraparadigmGood question.  People who really abuse the heck out ot torrents can suck up alot more bandwidth than netflix, and at a constant rate, where as netflix is not going to be constant and over night and all day long.05:10
Quan-Timeblakkheim: how you do it ?05:10
cvdwhy the ubuntu cd dont have a boot repair option?05:10
cvdlike the others OS05:10
blakkheimQuan-Time: dl the source, compile, install, set module to autoload, blacklist ath5k05:10
BilliardShazam: you mean "mount point doesnt exist" ?05:10
FezzlerIn Update Manager, I have a file/package shown but faded out - I can't select it or delete it that I know of?  How do I "clear" it?05:10
semitonescvd: what would it do?05:10
allyourbassi get this http://pastebin.com/m2b1143a05:10
zomfgcrazyhow does one access the menu/window where one modifies 3d box rotation settings etc.?05:10
BilliardShazam: yea an empty directory, permissions shouldnt matter05:10
Quan-Timeblakkheim: ath9k in my setup.. ok.. see what i can do05:10
cvdsemitones, repair the boot?05:11
TeamColtra<ultraparadigm> Good question.  People who really abuse the heck out ot torrents can suck up alot more bandwidth than netflix, and at a constant rate <-- I am pretty sure that its not "abusing" and its actually "using them correctly"05:11
semitonescvd: specifics?05:11
allyourbassi cant get it to automount for the life of me05:11
allyourbassbut i can get it to go manually05:11
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:12
cvdsemitones,  are you kiding?05:12
FezzlerThe package is "glade-gnome05:12
semitonesno, that's a broad problem that could mean a lot of things05:12
Quan-Timeblakkheim: hmm.. wheres the madwifi source ?05:12
sage1Hi. Does anyone know if it's possible to control multiple sound tracks like Master, LFE, and PCM properly in 9.10?05:12
zig_Strange.. aptitude install tor doesn't seem to work.05:12
blakkheimQuan-Time: i can upload the source i use, i forgot where i originally got the snapshot :/05:13
EastDallasTeamColtra: for math in a terminal try: 3+3 | bc05:14
semitonesis there a way to make GNOME more lightweight?05:14
martinovich_I have a mystery to solve05:14
Quan-Timeblakkheim: yer.. ive seen like 4 different guides all showing 4 different things.. and  cant get any source05:15
TeamColtrash: 3+3: not found05:15
Dr_Williscvd:  actually thats been discussed as a feature for the next release05:15
martinovich_my wifi connexion on the net book works but the pages are not loading or very very slow05:15
EastDallasTeamColtra: you are entering the command just like this: 305:15
BilliardTeamColtra: echo 3+3 | bc05:16
Dr_Williscvd:  how about a 'magically fix everuything option' also :)05:16
EastDallasTeamColtra: 3+3 | bc05:16
semitonesDr_Willis: is that real? like a troubleshooter?05:16
TeamColtrash: 3+3: not found05:16
FezzlerDo I clear and uninstallable package in Update Manager via Synaptic?05:16
TeamColtra:D YAY05:16
Dr_Willissemitones:  i recall the 'bullet proof X' thing they tired a few releases back.. notice its not around any more that ive seen05:16
EastDallasTeamColtra: Billiard is right.  I left out the echo 'echo 3+3 | bc'05:16
abu123thank you I flema05:17
semitonesDr_Willis: never heard of it, but I get the idea :P05:17
TeamColtraEastDallas, you have failed me for the last time05:17
* TeamColtra force choaks05:17
* iflema vi = 605:17
Dr_Willissemitones:  yea - it caused more issues whtn it fixed i think05:17
cvdDr_Willis, always late05:17
abu123I flema: Thank you soo much05:17
semitonesDr_Willis: cvd: the whole live-cd is basically an everything-fixer05:18
iflemaabu123 no worries... sorry for the typos and lake of direction....05:18
Dr_Willissemitones:  yep. - i rember when a live-cd was a Fancy new fangled feature. :)05:18
JohninLExhow do you check a HD copy that you have done dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda05:18
semitonesDr_Willis: when you had to decide between an install cd and a live cd :)05:19
Dr_Willissemitones:  i recall when there was NO live cd to even decide btween05:19
sage1Is it possible to control multiple volume channels using the keyboard volume controls? I haven't found anything in the past hour and a half :|05:19
semitonesDr_Willis: lol -- didn't dapper have a live cd?05:19
boumahello im having some feature shock with the transition from 9.04 to 9.10 and was wondering if someone could have me configure it so that the way im used to having things setup will work???05:19
JohninLExhow do you check a HD copy that you have done with dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda05:19
grayhanemy motherboard will take SATA or IDE hard drives, if I install one of each, can I select which one is the master ?05:20
Dr_Willisjonathan3:  you could md5 sum both of them.05:20
bouma1st why is the workspace switcher sooooo short.. ie not tall05:20
Dr_Willisbouma:  you mean why is it wide. :)05:20
boumaif you put it on a panel with more room is stays tiny... like several pixels high05:21
boumano i want to to use up more vertical space05:21
Out_Coldi was looking in the man pages, how would you use apt-get build-dep on source that you have downloaded from packages.ubuntu?05:21
Dr_Willisbouma:  you just want it bigger.. niot showing more desktops..05:21
BilliardOut_Cold: i beleive you do apt-get build-dep packagename05:21
boumaDr_willis: yes, i always just have 3x3 desktops.. but iwont use more vertical space than about 16px the 9.04 version was different it could be square05:22
Out_Coldnot sure why i didn't think of that. thanks Billiard05:22
Out_Coldi would ./configure one by one until now :o/05:23
boumaDr_Willis, and you cant use the mouse wheel to cycle through the desktops05:23
cjoneswhats a good ap to convert strip audio out of a flv convert it in to wav05:24
allyourbassthis automount crab is starting to piss me off05:24
Billiardcjones: ffmpeg05:24
Dr_Willisbouma:  i got 2 wide screen monitors now - I dont use many desktops any more05:24
Out_Coldbouma, you have to click the background with the mouse wheel, then drag left or right05:24
boumaDr_Willis, the new workspace switcher is useless05:24
* Dr_Willis rembers when external media dident 'auto mount' at all. :)05:24
* Dr_Willis is old05:24
=== semitones is now known as ubuntu
* ubuntu is old05:25
git__i get confused using more than 1 desktop05:25
boumaOut_Cold, what does that help me with? to move it on the panel, or to resize it ?05:25
Out_Coldbouma, i also think that ctrl + alt and mouse scroll changes windows05:25
=== ubuntu is now known as semitones
git__my computer is not powerful enough05:25
ultraparadigmI love my 4 desktops.  Sometimes I just relax and watch them spin around!05:25
Dr_WillisHmm. if i make my Panel 45 pixles tall. the workspace switcher grows to fill up all 45 pixles05:25
boumaOut_Cold, no ctr-al + wheel does not05:26
Out_Coldbouma, if you have compiz settings configured, you grab the desktop with the middle mouse and rotate your cube.05:26
cjonesfilliard whats the frontend for that05:26
Out_Coldbouma, you may have to set it to do so in compiz-config05:26
sage1So no one knows anything about controlling the volume in 9.10?05:26
cjonesbilliard whats the frontend for that05:26
Dr_Williscompiz Does do the virutaldesktop  differently then metacity does.05:26
Billiardcjones: idk i dont use one just do something like "ffmpeg -i file.flv -vn out.wav" faster easier than a frontend05:27
JohninLExhow do you check a HD copy that you have done dd  if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda05:27
cvdsage1, like windows 7 do?05:27
semitonessage1: works as expected, I guess05:27
cjonesbilliard thanks so much05:27
Billiardcjones: np05:27
ultraparadigmSage,1, you have a volume question?05:27
boumaOut_cold, Dr_willis, ok ive fixed both issues, by turning "visual effects" to none. but imho i should be able to have visual effects on "some" and still have a non buggy desktop switcher app.. so this is definately a BUG05:27
cvdultraparadigm,  a mixer volume05:28
BilliardJohninLEx: you could use cmp, i beleive the command is called05:28
Dr_Willisbouma:  using NONE =  You are now using metacituy not compiz.05:28
FezzlerI have an update in my Update Manager but I can't do anything with it.  It is "grayed out".  How do I get ride of it?05:28
Out_Coldbouma, ati card?05:28
sage1My laptop has Master, LFE, and PCM tracks. I need a way to control multiple channels.05:28
ultraparadigmMy lappy has a touchresponsive volume slider, I just drag my finger across and it shows on the screen.05:28
ultraparadigmI see05:28
ultraparadigmYes I need to get an ad vanced mixer too05:28
semitonessage1: right click on the icon?05:28
sage1In Arch I could edit a setting in gconf-editor and I could control multiple channels.05:28
boumaDr_willis: ok differetnt window manager, but the taskswitcher is _completely_ differernt under the two settings05:29
JohninLExBilliard: yea that did not work thanks anyone else please05:29
ultraparadigmI downloaded a mixer but haven't tried it yet.  I want something with reverb effects for my Karaoke05:29
BilliardJohninLEx: didnt work? what was the error?05:29
Dr_Willisbouma:  yes.. you even (well ised to) use CCSM to set the # of deskjtops when using compiz.. or the gnome settings to set it with using metacity.05:29
MHz128Is it possible to run MS Office 07 using Wine in a 64bit Ubuntu install?05:29
boumaD_willis, and imho under the "some" setting, the task switcher is unusable, with a tiny hight, that cannot be increased and you cant cycle with the wheel... making it _useless_.05:29
Dr_Willis!appdb | MHz12805:29
ubottuMHz128: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help05:29
semitonessage1: please keep messages in the channel, but it gives me different sliders for PCM and stuff, do you not get that?05:30
JohninLExmissing operand after 'cmp' Billiard05:30
BilliardJohninLEx: what was the command you tried?05:30
Dr_Willisbouma:  it enlarged to fill the panel here for me. and im using compiz.. (i think)05:30
BilliardJohninLEx: you need to specify the partitions05:30
sage1Sorry. All it gives me is one slider. I cannot find anywhere to enable more05:30
JohninLExduh lol Billiard05:30
Dr_Willisbouma:  what is it doing exactly? I got 4x1 row of desktops and they elarge properly05:31
semitonessage1: hmm, that's odd. Maybe a screenshot would help the channel05:31
boumaDr_Willis, ok there is definately a bug tho. this is a virgin install, 1st boot, at first the default is desktop switcher wont grow vertically, then you switch visual to "none" and it grows, and you can switch back and it stays "grown".. but ... BUG05:32
sage1Alright. Let me take a screenshot real quick.05:32
boumaDr_Willis, perhaps i'll search to make sure its marked , it could already be patched05:32
Dr_Willisbouma:  if its a new install.. you may want to update/upgrade.. it may be fixed05:32
JohninLExthanks Billiard  that was the trick have a great night, morning, afternoon.05:32
BilliardJohninLEx: np05:32
iflemaFezzler unmet dependencies / or package conflict.... most likely unmet deps... you must have added external repos and that requires the dependencies05:33
Dr_Willisbouma:  using a 3x3 desktops and the switcher works properly for me as i enlarge the panel05:33
dude_hello everyone05:33
h0rnmanHello everyone, and good morning/afternoon/evening05:33
weitingh0rnman, good afternoon~05:33
Dr_Willisbouma:  at least now the  switcher settings work in compiz and meta city now. :)05:33
semitonesh0rnman: good morning :005:34
Fezzleriflema: SO how do I "clear" it05:35
sage1Well pulseaudio stopped working right :|05:35
sage1Let me relogin and I'll show you a screenshot of it.05:36
boumaDr_willis, in case you wondered, i have had this personal desktop setup which im really used to and love since like.. using lfs before gentoo existed.. where i have a non expanding autohiding panel with only a desktop switcher on the middle right, and the window selector in the upper right, and i get rid of all bars at the bottom.. many many advantages. your eyes track down as you read leaving more realestate and content to the edge. + fl05:37
boumaing the mouse to upper right and wheel to cycle tasks, and middle left +wheel to cycle desktops ... its nirvana for me05:37
iflemaFezzler in a terminal try try to install the greyed out app(s) and itll list whats required then...05:37
bouma^^s/middle right/middle left05:37
boumamy theory is that the cursor stays near the upper left quadrant large%, so it involves alot less effort and its a "zero" click interfacec05:39
Out_Coldanyone have luck locking down the udp/tcp status ports for nfs?? I can't find a good solution for this05:39
boumathe wheel is mans greatest invention05:39
Fezzleriflema: seems to be working05:39
Fezzleriflema: u r genuis, that did it.  was bugging me for like 5 month05:40
iflemaFezzler i did nothing... im here waiting to give next instruction.... anyways :)05:41
allyourbassi need some help with my automount of usb volumes05:42
iflemaFezzler some times time is all thats needed... if ya can wait05:42
allyourbasswho wants to tackle this train wreck05:42
sage1Here is a screenshot of the preferences from right clicking on the volume control icon. http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/9342/soundh.png05:42
sage1I can't find anywhere to enable the controls for the extra channels.05:43
allyourbasssage1, have you tried alsamixer05:43
sage1In alsamixer I can control the channels, but that's definitely not an easy way to chance the volume.05:44
bullgardUsing the "Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition" CD, Ubuntu 9.10 installed a special directory ~/Templates. What is the function of this special directory?05:44
lifestreamWhy does my gnome-panel not show my background-image on the notification-are? I tried dragging it there, restarting gnome-panel....05:44
Fezzleriflema: what's the best beginners tool to build a script.  I record my guitar and midi keyboard a lot with Ardour.  Each time I have to start my audio interface, then Jack, then Ardour.  One click would be nicer05:44
sage1What I've been trying to accomplish is changing the volume on multiple tracks just by using the keyboard volume buttons.05:45
weitinghello, could any one here tell me :how to check the harddisk after an unexpected poweroff ?05:45
Fezzleriflema: been learning Ruby, maybe I'll use that05:45
Dr_Willisbullgard:  put 'templates' for files you make lots of copies of. like a 'blank letter.txt' and so on05:46
iflemaFezzler the www..... i luv guitars...05:47
bullgardDr_Willis: Thank you for your help.05:47
Dr_Willisbullgard:  i always delete the templates dir. :) i never use it05:48
h0rnmanout of curiosity, has anyone here tried the glass windows (aka Aero Effect) effect installation on Jaunty?05:49
bullgardDr_Willis: OK.05:50
dude_i want do update the ubuntu. what can i do?05:50
hdonhi all. in my Sound Preferences "Hardware" tab there is a drop-down list of profiles. where is this generated from? is it a config file somewhere?05:50
blakkheimdude_: sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude dist-upgrade05:51
dude_two command?05:51
blakkheimdude_: you can use that on one line and it will execute the two commands in order05:51
iflemadude_ the is update and theres upgade (new version)05:52
dude_anyone version to 9.10?05:52
allyourbassjust installed 9.10 and its pissing me off05:53
allyourbassanyone else having trouble with usb drives not mounting ??05:54
Blue1allyourbass: did you do the updates?05:54
allyourbassall updates05:54
Blue1allyourbass: that fixed a lot of my issues05:55
sage1I'm on 9.10 and my USB automounts are working. I updated all the way.05:55
* iflema thinks they just keep getting better......05:55
allyourbassother than this problem this is the best install of any linux ive ever had05:55
sage1This one I've had some trouble with. I've installed two older versions before and they never had any problems. Some reason this I've had some issues.05:56
allyourbassdmesg tells me this05:57
allyourbassFAT: IO charset ISO-8859-1 not found05:57
Blue1allyourbass no clue05:57
allyourbassa little more info there05:57
Dr_Willisive had automounting issues all during beta - and it still has quirks for me.05:57
Fezzleriflema: u use Ardour?05:58
Blue1allyourbass: my guess is that (and this is only a guess) maybe the volume label has something odd?05:59
Out_Colddoes anyone with 9.10 have a working /etc/init.d/nfs-common script?05:59
allyourbassi can mount it manually though05:59
iflemaFezzler negative. oh actually not for a long time.... maybe i should check out current version.....05:59
Fezzleriflema: ProTools?  Do you record your playing?05:59
Dr_WillisOut_Cold:  i dont see one here06:00
Dr_Willis!find nfs-common06:00
lao5why do i always got some rubbish message from pidgin? am i hacked?.06:00
ubottuFound: nfs-common06:00
Blue1lao5: like?06:00
Fezzleriflema: I do but need to upgrade gear.. But Ubuntu and Jack and Ardour pretty good06:00
lao5Blue:i forgot06:00
huggybeershow do I make 9.04 see my modem06:00
lao5Blue1: i forgot.06:01
Out_ColdDr_Willis, I think after like 4dozen links of searching i may have found the answer i needed... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=249889&page=3706:01
kostkonlao5, Tools → Privacy in pidgin06:01
iflemaFezzler no and no..... ive 17 years worth of stealing/playing others work06:02
Dr_WillisOut_Cold:  great.. err. what was the question anyway?06:02
lao5kostkon: trying, thanks06:02
Fezzleriflema: thanks for help06:03
Out_ColdDr_Willis, the original, original, original question was "how do I lock down my nfs 'status' port?"06:03
Out_Coldfor iptable rules06:03
Out_Coldin that time i've learned how to do mild iptables rules, how to do nat, how to lock down almost every other dynamic port and also benefits of kerobos and much more... all because I wanted to nfs over the net :o/06:06
NotTooSmartall my memory is in the cached section in free -m 871 out of 1000mb...  986 used 14 free on a server install, what could be causing this?06:06
Blue1Out_Cold: I cheat and use webmin06:06
Blue1NotTooSmart: linux tends to use all the memory it can find...that's normal06:07
NotTooSmartBlue1: um, no I run free -m all the time and it has never done this06:07
NotTooSmartBlue1: usually its @ about 100mb06:07
Out_ColdBlue1, eventually i want a script to run at start-up to associate wifi, then mount for media server06:07
Blue1NotTooSmart: here's what mine looks like:  Mem:   1925932k total,  1795236k used,   130696k free,    62192k buffers06:07
huggybeersI'll try later06:08
NotTooSmartBlue1: ill reboot and look, but i dont think so06:08
Blue1NotTooSmart: dunno that's been my experience06:08
NotTooSmartBlue1: ps aux doesnt show me whats using the mem either06:08
Blue1NotTooSmart: have you tried top?06:09
Blue1this eats a lot of memory:  13855 nwayno    20   0  731m 143m  28m S    1  7.6   7:27.12 firefox06:10
hari_i have this problem06:11
hari_Mostrar forma romanizada06:11
hari_my printer does not print when I try to print cups you see this message "Stopping Because the job scheduler could not execute a filter"06:11
NotTooSmartBlue1: top doesn't show either06:11
hari_anyone can help me06:11
Blue1NotTooSmart: well it shows what's using the memory space - so I dunno works for me06:12
NotTooSmartBlue1: now on reboot.... Mem:          1000        121        879          0         11         6406:12
NotTooSmartsory, now its 879 free06:12
Blue1NotTooSmart: linux is designed to use all the memory it finds...06:13
hari_help! help me06:13
Blue1NotTooSmart: I'm not too worried that out of 2G I have 130k free06:13
iflemaNotTooSmart do you think it will eventually grind to halt... or is it super responsive regardless?06:13
NotTooSmartiflema: good point...06:13
NotTooSmartBlue1: iflema but what im saying is, it doesnt start "caching" all the memory for some time06:14
Blue1NotTooSmart: no it doesn't it takes a while06:14
=== L is now known as Guest41335
NotTooSmartBlue1: ok, thats what I was not understanding06:14
Blue1NotTooSmart: I've been up for 2 days.  Homer         up    2+00:43,     0 users,  load 2.82, 3.10, 3.1206:15
Blue1NotTooSmart: yeah memory useage is normal06:15
jazonknightwhat yall been doing?06:15
NotTooSmartBlue1: i was wondering for awhile if ushare was really using ~750mb of ram06:15
=== b0w is now known as zz_b0w
jazonknightwhat version of ubuntu everyone running?06:16
Dr_WillisUbuntu XP Home Basiuc premoim ultra express06:16
Blue1jazonknight: ubuntu 9.10 (64 bit) and suse 11.X (32 bit) and ubuntu 9.10 netbook remix06:16
jazonknightall in muilti boot formats06:17
Dr_Williswhat no Minix ?06:17
Blue1jazonknight: no suse and ubuntu on seperate machines - but my 64 bit ubuntu dual boots with mmmVista06:17
roopeshvcan someone help me with a problem, whenever i update my kernel, ubuntu kernel panics or skips the grub menu, and goes to grub shell.06:18
jazonknightguys isnt thier a boot option u can run from grub?06:18
Blue1not the grub guru - it just works for me...06:19
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »06:19
Blue1!grub | roopeshv06:20
ubotturoopeshv: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.06:20
roopeshvi currently use ubuntu through wubi, and using kubuntu 9.10, but same problem occured when i used ubuntu 9.1006:20
NotTooSmartBlue1: thanks for the info mate ;-P06:20
Blue1roopeshv: I've never played with wubi --06:20
Blue1NotTooSmart: any time...06:20
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub206:20
roopeshvthe problem is not with the grub, but with the problem happens after updating to a newer kernel, so problem must be with update changing something06:21
NotTooSmartBlue1: I guess I never checked it in the middle, so all I ever so was the beginning with most free, and then the end with most used for what seemed like no reason06:21
iflemaroopeshv.... why not make some room and do a native install... ive a better idea....06:21
Blue1NotTooSmart: yeah its designed to do that...06:21
roopeshvi can, but will lose warranty, so have to wait for warranty to be void, anyway it is not like i am new to ubuntu, using ubuntu since 5.1006:22
Blue1NotTooSmart: but trust me, the memory will be there if you run oo or some other memory gobbling app06:22
jazonknightthiers no restore option yet in ubuntu is thier?06:22
NotTooSmartBlue1: its a server06:22
NotTooSmartBlue1: mpd or ushare is the most mem using prog I run06:22
CVirusjazonknight: what do you need a restore for ?06:22
Blue1NotTooSmart: ahh I have only run server once - to see if I could get it to install on a 1 gig usb flash drive - for run - and yes I did make it!06:23
jazonknighti was curious is thier option like windows that undos chnages to a time if u can problems?06:23
Blue1jazonknight: like the windows system/restore function?06:24
blakkheimjazonknight: no06:24
iflemaroopeshv fair enough.....06:25
NotTooSmartBlue1: that machine is a 2.40ghz celeron w/ 1gb im probably gonna install server on a 450 mhz pIII with 390mb ram I pulled out of the garbage :-P06:25
roopeshviflema: so any idea on solving the problem?06:25
* iflema is thinking GO.... and wipeout winblows while ya @ it.....06:25
iflemaroopeshv no....06:25
Blue1jazonknight: I'm not aware of anything like that -- like they say - the great thing about linux is that you're your own sysadmin - the bad thing about linux is -- you're your own sysadmin -- usually if you can get console, you can unmuck it06:25
roopeshvso any one who can tell me what to do if kernel panics or i am in grub shell, and have no access to grub menu?06:26
Blue1roopeshv: dunno - beyond my knowledge level - sorry06:26
iflemaroopeshv mention wubi.. maybe wubi?!?06:27
roopeshvBlue1: no problem, this is my first time in 4 years of ubuntu, that i came across kernel panic, so i have no clue either06:27
Dr_Willissounds like some hardware issues to me really roopeshv .06:28
=== lewis is now known as Lewix
Dr_Willisroopeshv:  somthing just seems.. odd...06:28
* Dr_Willis has to wonder what 'warrenty' says you cant reinstall...06:28
Blue1roopeshv: can you look at the system log or boot log?  there might be clues there.06:29
roopeshvDr_Willis: but it works, as soon as i install ubuntu, and stops working, as soon as i update my kernel, so i hardly think it is hardware06:29
h0rnmanroopeshv: last time I saw a kernel panic after grub was on a botched upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10...maybe I missed it, but have you done anything that would qualify as "this could really hose things if it went wrong?"06:29
Blue1oh yeah never upgrade - backup /etc/ and /home/ and do a fresh install06:29
h0rnmanyeah...live and learn, I guess  :)06:30
Dr_Willisroopeshv:  id let memtest run a bit to verify..   it would seem very odd that  the last dozen or so kernel updates would all ahve the same issue..06:30
roopeshvh0rnman: i usually do normal web dev and desktop dev on this comp, so nothing to mess with drivers or kernel06:30
Blue1ibm's 2 rules to guarenteed success with computers:  rule 1:  always have a path back to the way it was, before you messed it up.  Rule 2:  always follow rule 106:30
h0rnmanok...then this is going to sound silly, but what was the last thing you were working on before this started?06:31
Lewixwhat's the command to see the list of my partitions06:31
Blue1okay nearly pumpkin time for me - night folks06:31
LewixI tried fdisk -l06:31
Out_Coldfdisk -l06:31
roopeshvhmm, i was doing plone dev, and django development06:31
Lewixit did not work06:31
Out_Coldsudo fdisk -l06:32
jazonknighti was googleing booting kernal from grub06:32
Lewixright- didn't think of sudo06:32
quentinhi all. I need help with a disk mount06:32
h0rnman'hmmm' indeed06:32
quentinI followed instructions online and get an error with mount -a06:33
LewixOut_Cold: how do I see the space occupied by the different partitions. Also, what's sda06:33
h0rnmanare you using the default ubuntu kernel or did you roll your own?06:33
=== SportChick is now known as essy
jazonknightsda usally means its a scsi/sata harddrive06:33
wikkedfinhow do i install libssl-dev on ubuntu server 9.10?06:33
roopeshvh0rnman: i use everything form the repos, nothing compiled by me and installed06:34
Out_ColdLewix, if you want a visual, use gparted. sda is the hard drive, sda1 is equiv to c:/ sda2 = d:/06:34
quentini did the mount before on intrepid and now I'm on karmic and it's not working06:35
iflemaroopeshv id be running a persistent live usb environment until that warranty runs out.... but i may be off-topic ;)06:36
h0rnmanroopeshv: can you get to the drive in a liveCD environment and read your /boot/grub/menu.lst file?06:36
=== essy is now known as SportChick
h0rnmanthat may provide some clues as to what grub is trying to do06:36
roopeshvactually, i reinstalled kubuntu, so i lost all the things, but wanted to be ready if i have to come across the problem again06:37
roopeshvso can't06:37
h0rnmanah...that's unfortunate :)06:37
quentinjust let me know if you can help me with the disk mount on karmic and I can wait for you to help06:37
bullgardquentin: Please put a specific question in this channel. Nobody wants to answer using a long-winded speech.06:38
Lewixhow do i find out how much space ive already used06:38
roopeshvdf -h06:38
Dr_WillisLewix:  df -h, normlluy06:38
roopeshvtry that command leweix06:38
GhostWolfhey can anyone help me? i trying to install gnome-ppp and i get a error message something about c++ and tells me to look in the config.log file if anyone can please help i got the config.log file in pastebin06:38
=== Bwaah is now known as Bwaah|Pee
Dr_WillisGhostWolf:  you mean you are trying to COMPILE gnome-ppp? or what exactluy?06:39
quentinbullgard: how do I get a mount to work and stop presenting this errormount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb,06:39
quentin       missing codepage or helper program, or other error06:39
quentin       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try       dmesg | tail  or so06:39
Dr_Willisquentin:  what are you trying to mount?06:39
quentina sata internal06:40
Out_Coldquentin, and how?06:40
brophatdoes UNR have an auto updater like ubuntu has?06:40
edbianquentin, choose the actual partition and not the entire hard drive (e.g. /dev/sdb1)  ;)06:40
=== Bwaah|Pee is now known as Bwaah
=== Guest71761 is now known as xgenesis
iflemaquentin why mount -a?06:40
Dr_Willisquentin:  i think /dev/sdb is not corerect.. /dev/sdb1 might be qwhat you need06:40
Out_Coldbrophat, yes06:40
GhostWolfif anyone is able to help me with gnome-ppp please let me know so i can paste the pastebin info06:40
LewixOut_Cold: thank you06:40
jazonknightwhat u trying to mount?06:40
brophatOut_Cold so if I install UNR 9.04 I would be able to imediatley upgrade to 9.10 ?06:41
Lewixnow, i would like to enlarge my linux partition. how do I go about it06:41
Out_Coldbrophat, yes but i would just install 9.10 as it would take 2 times longer to do other way06:41
brophatOut_Cold I mean using the auto upgrader06:41
iflemaquentin fstab?06:41
brophatOut_Cold long story, but I gotta put UNR on mem stick using mac06:42
quentinDr_Willis, edbian: that worked! thanks so much06:42
Dr_Willisquentin:  it helps to mount the righht filesystem :)06:42
brophatand with mac only way to do that is with 9.04 which came in img file06:42
quentinyes. silly me06:42
jazonknight9.04 fully support macbook pro?06:43
brophatjazonknight no dun think so. i am using mac to make the bootable usb stick with unr on it06:43
Out_Coldbrophat, i am pretty sure its possible. the update app is there. as long as you enable through synaptics options06:43
Dr_Willisuse a live linux cd on the mac. :) uise the usb-creator tool.06:44
brophatyeaj well i guess i will let you know06:44
brophatwell the usb stick is already made06:45
Dr_Willisactually isent there vitualbox for the mac?06:45
jazonknightbrophat: hmmm i could get it installed just last time i had issues with sound if not the sound the wifi i can never win lol06:45
AlienDKHello. I need to transfer files from my Ubuntu box to a Windows box. They're both on the same wifi network. So... any ideas? :)06:46
GhostWolffor anyone who is able to help me with the problem with gnome-ppp i got some error when i was installing, i had to download the file from another computer cause i don't have internet to connect on my ubuntu 9.10 machine, and this is the pastebin info with the config.log file.. again if anyone is willing to help me it be appreciated.. http://pastebin.com/m1e48853906:47
jazonknightor unless u have ssh client from ssh hehe06:47
jazonknightfor windows06:47
Dr_WillisAlienDK:  several ways to do it. easy for a few files is ssh on linux and winscp to connect/copy over06:47
Dr_WillisAlienDK:  it wont be real fast however.. but it is easy to do06:47
jazonknightDr_Willis: winscp prone to fail on large files06:48
Dr_Willisjazonknight:  cant say taht ive ever had it fail.06:48
Dr_Willisone mans large. is anothers common size. :)06:48
=== h0rnman is now known as h0rnman|recompil
jazonknightDr_Willis: i am talking like vmdk file transfers just saying06:49
AlienDKWinscp looks like a FTP/SFTP client :S06:49
Dr_WillisAlienDK:  so?06:49
AlienDKIt would require some server software on the Ubuntu box06:50
Dr_Willisit can do ftp  :)06:50
Dr_WillisAlienDK:  install ssh on the server.. yes...06:50
jazonknightAlienDK: thiers A client called ssh from a company actually called ssh which rocks06:50
AlienDKsudo apt-get install ssh?06:50
GhostWolfcan anyone please help me?06:50
Out_ColdGhostWolf, have you built before? that seems kinda normal to me06:50
edbianGhostWolf, That depends.  You have to ask a question first! :)06:51
jazonknightAlienDK: unfornatally its the windows one06:51
GhostWolfedbian i already asked my question twice06:51
GhostWolfOut_Cold built what before what are you talking about?06:51
AlienDK<GhostWolf> for anyone who is able to help me with the problem with gnome-ppp i got some error when i was installing, i had to download the file from another computer cause i don't have internet to connect on my ubuntu 9.10 machine, and this is the pastebin info with the config.log file.. again if anyone is willing to help me it be appreciated.. http://pastebin.com/m1e48853906:51
Out_ColdGhostWolf, have you tried make06:51
h0rnman|recompilhere I go...recompiling nautilus....wish me luck :D06:51
priyahi all  im trying to creat a  launcher file it wont run for me when i click on the lauch file i have created the terminal windos shuts down right away06:52
AlienDKDr_Willis: sudo apt-get install ssh?06:52
Dr_Willispackage manager has a search feature AlienDK  :)06:52
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)06:52
edbianpriya, I think I can help.  You're trying to create a launcher?  is that right?06:52
Dr_WillisI think its open-sshd or somthing06:52
Out_ColdGhostWolf, after make completes, then you sudo make install06:53
edbianDr_Willis, openssh-server06:53
jazonknightubottu a bot?06:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:53
GhostWolfOut_Cold if you're talking about the install of gnome-ppp i've followed the instructions to install i've done the first part and get an error and told me to check the config.log file which is why i pasted the pastebin link06:53
edbianpriya, Please being your posts with my name like I'm doing for you06:53
Dr_Willisapt-cache search ssh   :)06:53
edbianpriya, What command are you trying to run with this launcher?06:53
edbianpriya, Is it graphical or terminal based?06:53
Out_ColdGhostWolf, i misread that file, why are you pasting the ./configure file? what is the error you receive exactly?06:54
priyaedbian, im new to linux client.x8606:54
priyaedbian ,the command is client.x8606:55
AlienDKOkay, I have installed OpenSSH server on my ubuntu box06:55
AlienDKWhat now? :S06:55
AlienDKSorry for being noob:(06:55
edbianpriya, :)  What do you want the launcher to do?06:55
GhostWolfi don't know Out_Cold it has something to do with the c++ i did it lastnight and i don't understand anything the config.log file reason i posted the pastebin info is from the config.log file...06:55
jazonknightAlienDK: try to connect from windows?06:55
Dr_Willis client.x86 - what a  descriptive name... :)06:55
AlienDKwith winscp?06:56
Dr_WillisAlienDK:  see if you can connect  'ssh localhost'06:56
edbianpriya, If you ran that in a terminal what would happen?06:56
Dr_WillisAlienDK:  then run winscp and give it the ip of the linux box and user name/pass and see if it sees stuff06:56
darkfuneralanyone know a tool like hidam (hierarchical data editor)?06:56
priyaedbian, i want the launcher to launch this executable in terminal window06:56
iflemaGhostWolf all you need is built in allready... has been for years.... its just not a gui... but it should get u online to install gnome-ppp from the repos.as far as i understand.06:56
AlienDKwhere do I do ssh localhost? terminal?06:57
edbianpriya, Then in the launcher menu choose "launch in terminal"  That should keep the terminal window open.  I'm not familiar with that particular command.06:57
Dr_WillisAlienDK:  err.. whee else could you do it at? ;)06:57
jazonknightcould be magic06:57
Out_ColdGhostWolf, run the command again and try to get the exact error. It may be that you need to install build-essentials. Is this the first time you have tried compiling from source?06:57
darkfunerali didn't know you could ssh localhost, says port 22 close on my end06:57
Dr_WillisAlienDK:  yes.. termianl. :)06:57
AlienDKcmd in windows? sorry, as I said before, Imma noob :(06:57
Dr_Willisdarkfuneral:  thats odd.06:57
edbianpriya, Is that helpful?06:57
priyaedbian,it run fine when i go into termianl and go into my cd were the file is and enter the ./ client.x86    it runs fine than06:57
FloodBot1AlienDK: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:58
GhostWolfiflema its not built in on ubuntu 9.10 i can't install it without an internet connection im on dial up so i had to download the file on a windows computer which im using now06:58
Dr_Willisthe ssh localhost is a ;'test' to be sure it worked. :) if ya can connect.. then winscp should be able to.06:58
edbianpriya, Oooo, ic06:58
priyai have tried that but the terminal window shuts down right away06:58
iflemaGhostWolf gnome-ppp is not built in there are terminal apps/scripts that connect dialup modems06:59
edbianpriya, the launcher starts in your home directory.  You're skipping the steps of navigating the launcher to the cd drive.06:59
GhostWolfOut_Cold its first time installing gnome-ppp as i mentioned i had to download the gnome-ppp file from this windows computer i have i rather use my nix box and only connection i have is dial up06:59
edbianpriya, I suggest putting that executable in /usr/local/bin/  Anything in there can be run no matter where the terminal is using just the name of the file.  Does that make sense?06:59
Out_ColdGhostWolf, what about compiling anything?? you need gcc which is found in build-essentials if you have never built source before07:00
edbianpriya, Then you can run the program without the CD!07:00
GhostWolfiflema well im maibnly trying to get my modem to be enabled i can't do anything until i get gnome-ppp as i found in few documents online07:00
priyaedbian ,oh help out how do i do  copy into thier07:00
iflemaGhostWolf pon and poff or similar... /etc/ppp/peers /etc/ooptions /etc/pap-secrets... its been a while but i can help if that dosent07:00
GhostWolfOut_Cold im not building anything07:00
AlienDK"Network error: Connection refused."07:01
Out_ColdGhostWolf, the file you pasted is a configure file??07:01
jazonknightAlienDK: from ssh localhost or winscp?07:01
Out_ColdGhostWolf, Invocation command line was07:01
Out_Cold  $ ./configure07:01
priyaedbian, this is were this fodler with this file is right now /home/desktop/Desktop/RQC07:02
iflemaGhostWolf external modem?07:02
GhostWolfOut_Cold no its the log file from when i typed ./configure and it gave me the error message that has something to do with c++ which told me to look in the config.log file07:02
jazonknightAlienDK: do u know root user name and password?07:02
GhostWolfiflema no its not an external modem07:02
iflemaGhostWolf ooo07:02
AlienDKYes, but nvm. I am too dumb to do stuff.07:02
nomad111hi all does anyone here use phpMyAdmin07:02
Out_ColdGhostWolf, that configure file is used to build a make file from source code. you need a compiler such as gcc to produce it07:03
jazonknightAlienDK: i waas going to suggest try logging in with root07:03
Dr_Willisactually with ssh its possible that direct logging in as root is disabled.07:03
AlienDKI did07:03
iflemaGhostWolf seriously but... all you need is ready to go... no downloads... but configuring that internal mode is another issue...07:03
AlienDKbut nvm07:03
iflemaGhostWolf modem07:03
AlienDKI'll try to find another way to do this07:04
Dr_WillisAlienDK:  its possible the windows firewall is blocking things..  this is on a local lan?07:04
jazonknightAlienDK: thiers always usb key07:04
AlienDKUSB keys sucks07:04
AlienDKYes this is a local network07:04
* Dr_Willis points out that SSH is worth learning.07:04
jazonknightAlienDK: it is turn it off to test07:04
Dr_WillisAlienDK:  so 'ssh localhost' did work?  should get you back to just a terminal/prompt.07:05
Out_Coldssh is godly XD07:05
priyaedbian , how  do i go about moving it into that folder07:05
GhostWolfiflema im not configuring my modem im getting it to get it enabled i've searched on how to get dial up to work in ubuntu and i found 2 documents well 1 and someone gave me another one saying i need to enable the modem07:05
AlienDKjust a sec07:06
zomfgcrazy*yawns* i am going to bed, now.  goodnight, #ubuntu.07:06
Out_ColdGhostWolf, you probably need a specific driver and the gnome-ppp c++ issues is something you shouldn't worry about07:06
AlienDKThis is what I get when I do 'ssh localhost' in terminal. http://pastebin.com/m17449b1507:06
GhostWolfOut_Cold all i know is when i did the ./configure in the folder it told me something about c++ not gcc just a sec and i can tell you exactly what the outcome is when i did the ./configure07:06
Out_ColdGhostWolf, gcc compiles c++ code.. trust me on that07:07
iflemaGhostWolf m8 good luck... that may be a new approach but sounds wrong to me... whats the modem model/manu?07:07
GhostWolfiflema i don't know i just know the chipset says conexant or however its spelled07:07
iflemaGhostWolf could be worse.... give me a min....07:08
Out_ColdAlienDK, if you type exit, you should logout of ssh07:08
AlienDKConnection to localhost closed.07:08
priyaedbian , u thier07:08
GhostWolfiflema on a site that gives a list of modems it shows conexant is one of them i can use07:08
Out_ColdGhostWolf, can you lshw in linux?07:08
iflemaGhostWolf laptop or tower?07:09
GhostWolfOut_Cold i don't know but im going to copy the outcome from the ./configure if you just give me a moment07:09
GhostWolfdesktop/tower iflema07:09
AlienDKbut nevermind07:10
Out_ColdAlienDK, that was an ssh login ;)07:10
iflemaGhostWolf you get ya hands on an external (no cheap these days by the way) youll be on i 2sec flat07:10
Out_ColdGhostWolf, i think you should go the way of iflema on a driver search. but if you want to learn how to properly build source I would love to give a lesson ;)07:11
h0rnman|recompilcan anyone help me with this error - generated when trying to recompile nautilus from source:07:11
h0rnman|recompiltrying to overwrite `/usr/bin/nautilus-connect-server', which is also in package nautilus07:11
h0rnman|recompildpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)07:11
GhostWolfiflema sorry but i don't have money to do a external modem i bought this modem from a shop for a buck sorry but im not fan of external stuff atm07:11
iflemaOut_Cold sorry m807:11
iflemaGhostWolf its just external dialup modemsdont need drivers07:12
GhostWolfOut_Cold i downloaded and installed scaModem and already showed the drivers are up to date for the modem to be honest i don't think i need  to find one07:12
iflemaGhostWolf https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto/Conexant07:13
GhostWolfiflema i understand that but i don't mind if it needs drivers but i believe it doesn't need the drivers07:13
h4ro_Is this a help room?07:13
Out_ColdGhostWolf, possibly then, but we can't tell with out more info from your ubuntu box. if you would like instructions to complete your ./configure i can give you a list07:13
jazonknighth4ro_:  online support07:13
h4ro_Cool, I have a problem with my graphics card drivers. :[07:13
iflemaGhostWolf if that true... and its ready.... youve been wasting time.07:13
jazonknighth4ro_:  k whats wrong?07:14
sumodunofor my conky how do i remove the frames around the graphs (i.e the CPU chart)?07:14
GhostWolfiflema my main problem is getting my modem to Enable.. i don't have a way to do it and i don't have a network settings or ubuntu 9.10 doesn't have it and i have even been told by someone here lastnight i'd most likely need to have gnome-ppp installed07:15
h4ro_I have kind of an obscure graphics card. It's an ATI Mobility HD 4650.07:15
Slartsumoduno: there's nothing in the manual?07:15
h4ro_jazonknight: I've been googling the correct way to install the drivers, and I've had no luck.07:15
jazonknighth4ro_: have u done updates?07:16
sumoduno<Slart> manual?07:16
GhostWolfOut_Cold as i said if you please can just give me a minute i only have one monitor and able to switch back n forth to my windows computer to my ubuntu computer if you can just hold up one more minute i will give you the pastebin of the outcome when i did the ./configure for gnome-ppp.. sorry but please be patient with me here07:16
Slartsumoduno: http://conky.sourceforge.net and then there's probably a man page or two.. "man conky" might be a good start07:16
Out_ColdGhostWolf, another issue i can think of is that when you go to ./compile that, you will be missing lots of dependency packages that you will also need to install and possibly compile07:16
jazonknighth4ro_:  thiers a update manager which usally contain drivers from ati/nvidia u need to get07:17
h4ro_jazonknight: Just finished, yeah. I believe I'm up to date. I'm not sure to check versions and such though.07:17
Out_ColdGhostWolf, it's ok. i know what the error is and why it is07:17
jazonknighth4ro_:  what options do u get in system tab then administration then hardware drivers?07:17
jazonknighth4ro_:  do u see option to activate ati drivers?07:18
GhostWolfOut_Cold how do you know what the error is? i didn't show you what the outcome is yet, just let me show you first and then you can further help me07:18
Slartsumoduno: you can also try #conky07:18
h4ro_jazonknight: It's searching07:18
h4ro_jazonknight: AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver. When I tried that before, It had an error07:19
jazonknightbefore u updated??07:19
iflemaGhostWolf take a look @ /etc/ppp/peers/provider07:19
h4ro_Jazonknight: Yeah, but it is still erroring. It says /etc/X11/xorg.conf is invalid.07:19
neil_dwhy does a raid1 on sata drives never boot when there is only one drive?07:20
iflemaGhostWolf man pppd07:20
Out_Coldgood find iflema07:21
priyacan some one explain how we  can move a file into  usr/bin07:21
iflemaOut_Cold found long ago and yes many tears :)07:21
Out_Coldpriya, typically "sudo cp /path/to/your/file /usr/bin/07:22
jazonknighth4ro_:  not sure what esle to tell you that as far as i usally get unless thiers more updates07:22
Slartpriya: sudo mv somefile /usr/bin     should work07:22
h4ro_I can doublecheck.07:22
h4ro_I know I'm not on 10.04.07:22
Out_Coldpriya, yes mv deletes old version07:22
jazonknight10.04 is out now?07:22
priyai will try that07:22
Slart!lucid | jazonknight07:22
ubottujazonknight: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:22
h4ro_jazonknight: Oh, I see.07:23
jazonknightnot stable is ur problem h4ro_07:23
jazonknightmy opinion07:23
h4ro_jazonknight: I'm on 9 still.07:23
Out_Coldjazonknight, a hint is that the numbers are coded to the year and month. 10.04 = april 201007:23
jeffmrcan someone help me test some sharing?07:24
jazonknighth4ro_: idk07:24
h4ro_jazonknight: Hmm...07:24
Out_Coldjeffmr, share what and how?07:24
GhostWolfiflema did you get my message? i sent a private message to you07:24
priyai get error  No such file or directory07:25
Out_Coldpriya, bad syntax.. what is the file you are trying to move?07:25
jazonknighth4ro_:  what video card model again?07:25
h4ro_jazonknight: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 465007:26
Out_Coldpriya, can you run locate client.x8607:26
priyaim new to linux what is the command07:26
jazonknighth4ro_:  i was checking ubuntu support site about ati drivers07:27
Out_Coldlocate client.x8607:27
drazakHello there, I'm running 9.10 with linux-server on a 32bit machine and have 4 gig of memory installed, PAE and HIGHMEM64G are definitely on, any idea why I still cannot access the last gig of memory?07:27
h4ro_I'm googling the error.07:27
drazakI see all 4gig of memory in the bios07:28
h4ro_jazonknight: xorg.conf is blank.07:28
jazonknighth4ro_:  it seems like s generic error try this link to support site https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver#Will%20It%20Work%20On%20Your%20Card?07:28
jazonknighth4ro_:  vi it07:28
h4ro_jazonknight: vi?07:29
nomad77drazak: afaik 32bit has a 3gb mem limit,reqs 64bit for > 3gb ram07:29
Dr_Willisdrazak:  some of the memory is resergved for the hardware to use - if i recall corrctly.07:29
Dr_Williseven with PAE and highmem64g enabled. theres still some reserved07:29
jazonknighth4ro_:  in terminal vi the locaton of ur xorg.conf see ifs has text in it07:29
priyawhat is the terminal command to locate file07:29
Out_Coldpriya, it's "locate"07:29
Out_Coldpriya, "locate client.x86"07:30
jazonknightOut_Cold: wow i never knew that lol07:30
drazakDr_Willis: that's rediculous, even with the 128 for video there should be another 894 meg floating around07:30
jazonknightthxs btw07:30
drazakDr_Willis: that's a hell of a lot to go missing07:30
h4ro_jazonknight: It does.07:30
drazakor you know, some odd ammount like that07:31
jazonknighth4ro_:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI check this site about that driver07:31
Dr_Willisdrazak:  ive read up on this topic befor. so im not sure where it all goes.. but SOME is defaintly taken/reserved for hardware07:32
=== Ferris- is now known as Ferris`away
drazakDr_Willis: so have I, and I have a machine in the other room where I have 3.75gb07:32
Out_Coldpriya, do you get more than a few lines??07:32
priyai tried that i get nothing in return i even tried the folder its in it wont even locate the folder07:32
Dr_Willisdrazak:  all ic an say is that it could be due to bios's not being set up to allow for the larger ram07:32
Out_Coldpriya, where is this folder? where is the file you want to move?07:33
drazakDr_Willis: I checked around in there, didn't see anything07:33
jazonknightOut_Cold:  how can i locate within a specfically dir or does it do that automatically?07:33
Dr_Willisdrazak:  ive seen lots of articals on it. but it also depends on the different OS's .  heres one mentining windows that enabled 3gb of 'user mode memory'  but ive no idea on how pae/highmem affects things.07:34
priyafolder is here /home/desktop/Desktop i want to move the file in this folder to usr/bin07:34
Out_Coldjazonknight, i usually pipe through grep ie: locate firefox | grep /bin/07:34
Dr_Willisdrazak:  i did see some benchmakrs on 64bit vs 32bit + PAE and so on.. i think their summary was 'use 64bit' at the end07:34
xiambaxusually your best bet. 6407:35
Dr_WillisUbuntu 32-bit, 32-bit PAE, 64-bit Kernel Benchmarks07:35
Out_Coldpriya, can you please then type this? ls /home/desktop/Desktop07:35
xiambaxdownside is you have less package support for 64 bit07:35
drazakDr_Willis: except I can't use a 64 bit kernel with 32bit hardware, I assume07:35
Dr_WillisI can only think of a few packages ive seen that dont come in 64bit07:35
jazonknight64bit run 32bit apps slower sometimes only down fall i c or they wont work in 64bit07:35
tonyyarussoxiambax: that's hardly true these days07:35
xiambaxWell i mean for small projects07:36
jazonknightcisco vpn.... doesnt07:36
h0rnman|recompildoes anyone have an idea as to why a .deb package generated by checkinstall would have problems overwriting an Icon (.png) file?07:36
xiambaxthat dont have lots of devs and what not07:36
tonyyarussoxiambax: such as?07:36
Out_Coldh0rnman|recompil, permissions issues?07:36
Dr_Willisdrazak:  this 'part of the 4gb reserved; i think is why a few yrs back many windows machines did not bother with 4gb but stopped at 3gb. there was to much just getting lost.07:36
xiambaxtonyyarusso, until recently boxee had no support07:36
xiambaxmt-daap was the most recent one i tried that had no 64bit support07:36
xiambaxmt-daapd i mean07:37
h0rnman|recompilshouldn't be...I've tried running the whole process as root and get the same issues07:37
CVirusHow can I run a python script everytime I login into my gnome session ?07:37
priyaOut_Cold, ok i did that07:37
Out_Coldh0rnman|recompil, not sure then07:37
drazakDr_Willis: so then the question is, can I run a 64bit kernel on 32bit hardware07:37
Dr_Willisdrazak:  proberly not07:37
Myrttih0rnman|recompil: because that's what the software developer of the app you've packaged wanted to? perhaps it has the icon in it...07:38
jazonknightdrazak: it may be 32bit hardware but most likely have 64bit support07:38
Out_Coldpriya, can you paste the output in pvt or pastebin?07:38
eueuHello, is it possible to modify an image in a PDF file, as it is possible to extract it with pdfimages? Is there any tool that can put it back after I modified it without affecting its size?07:38
Dr_Willisdrazak:  whats your exct cpu?07:38
Rahimi use jaunty and was checking sources.lst file and i found this 'deb http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid-backports main restricted universe multiverse07:38
Rahim' as backports repo. SHouldnt it be jaunty-backports?07:38
tonyyarussoxiambax: mt-daapd has a 64-bit package in the repos.07:38
Dr_Williseven my old box's are 64bit thse days07:38
xiambaxI couldnt find any07:38
drazakDr_Willis: Intel Core 2 T560007:38
xiambaxEither way. I got it working07:38
Dr_Willisdrazak: Hmm.. you SURE thats not a 64bit cpu?07:39
Brokenhello all, is anyone familiar with iFuse?07:39
drazakit does support 64bit07:39
liouyshow to install php and sqlite07:39
xiambaxI just used the daap pluggin for rhythmbox07:39
jazonknightdrazak:  make sure 64bit is enabled in bios sometimes can be an issue07:39
priyai have never used Xchat  u want me to paste right in here were i type07:39
tonyyarussoxiambax: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mt-daapd&searchon=names&suite=karmic&section=all07:39
xiambaxwhich finally got patched07:39
drazakjazonknight: I didn't see it in there07:39
Dr_Willisdrazak:  i was about to ask how old that thing is..  even my 4 yr old box is 64bit07:39
Rahimshouldnt backports for jaunty be from karmic and not intrepid?07:39
blakkheimjazonknight: lol.. i don't think that's how it works07:39
drazakjazonknight: is there anyway to do a change over without getting another iso?07:39
xx12racexxhey whats up guys?07:39
MyrttiRahim: no, they should be from jaunty07:39
jazonknightdrazak:  thier are 2 seprate installs for 32bit and 64biy07:39
RahimMyrtti: so in that kink it should be jaunty-backports, right?07:40
drazakjazonknight: I know, is there anyway to switch without completely reinstalling?07:40
Theresahi can someone help me?07:40
Out_Coldpriya, it's not really welcomed in the main to paste lots of lines... you can double click my name i think and paste there07:40
Dr_Willisdrazak:  quote from the artical url i posted --> the Ubuntu 64-bit kernel that often ended up being leaps and bounds better than the 32-bit kernel.07:40
xiambaxTheresa, be more specific07:40
sebsebseb!ask |  Theresa07:40
ubottuTheresa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:40
jazonknightdrazak: non that i know of07:40
Dr_WillisUnless you have technical or business reasons for not migrating to 64-bit Linux with compatible hardware, there is no reason to stick around with a 32-bit kernel and worrying about physical address extension.07:41
Out_Coldpriya, just /msg Out_Cold <your paste>07:41
drazakDr_Willis: I'm going to switch to 64 bit07:41
drazakDr_Willis: I'm just wondering if there's a way to do it without burning another cd07:41
xiambaxWhen the next release rollout for ubuntu?07:41
MyrttiRahim: yes. I guess you've upgraded from intrepid to jaunty? the upgrade process always disables extra repos07:41
xiambaxDidnt karmic just come out a few months back?07:42
jazonknightxiambax: apirl07:42
Dr_Willisxiambax:  the version #'s aee the dates..07:42
Myrttixiambax: april07:42
tonyyarusso!lucid | xiambax07:42
ubottuxiambax: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:42
h0rnman|recompilMyrtti:  I don't think so, but you have given me an idea...07:42
jazonknighti win07:42
sebsebsebxiambax: End of April07:42
Dr_Willis10.04 = April 201007:42
MyrttiDr_Willis: you need a new cd.07:42
RahimMyrtti: thank you07:42
Brokenhello all, is anyone familiar with iFuse?07:42
Dr_WillisMyrtti:  i do? :)07:42
Theresai am trying to install 9.10 and the disk runs but when i try to install it stops on the wallpaper and freezes... i have tried running in various run modes to no avail07:42
RahimmyloX: any offline dictionary for linux?07:42
tonyyarussodrazak: you could use usb instead of a cd too07:42
drazaktonyyarusso: still need to download it07:43
RahimMyrtti: any offline dictionary for linux?07:43
tonyyarussodrazak: correct07:43
MyrttiRahim: i wouldn't know.07:43
sebsebsebTheresa: Ubuntu ISO's can be checked to make sure the download itself is fine,   Then there's also a disk check on the psyical CD that will check if the psyical disk is ok or not.07:43
Rahim!ask artha07:43
tonyyarussoTheresa: also, if it's a graphics problem you could try the !alternate cd as well07:44
Theresai ran those checks as well as a memory test and everything appears to be fine07:44
sebsebsebTheresa: and  if your ISO is ok, you can try burning the contents slower to another CD07:44
Theresai downloaded the iso, so i am unsure what the alternate is07:44
sebsebsebTheresa: still got the ISO?07:44
tonyyarusso!alternate | Theresa07:45
ubottuTheresa: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal07:45
sebsebsebTheresa: if so check it07:45
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:45
Theresayes i have the iso07:45
drazakI'll install 64bit in the morning07:45
g0susup guys07:45
g0suanyone feel like talking a noob through installing linux based games on ubuntu?07:46
sebsebsebg0su: not exactly, but  there is quite a lot in the repo, that you can install easilly07:46
Out_Coldg0su, use the software installer07:46
g0sunot windows games via wine07:46
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:46
sebsebsebg0su: your on 9.10?   if so have a look in software centre,  if on a earlier version  look in add/remove.   and then for even more stuff,  look through Synaptic07:47
Out_Coldg0su, in the default install, use the software centre or use synaptics and enable multiverse/universe repositories from menus07:47
sebsebsebOut_Cold: I think those are enabled already in 9.1007:48
g0suoh, i'll have alook07:48
g0surocking Kubuntu07:48
g0sui'm not talking about the crappy default games though07:49
sebsebsebg0su: oh your on Kubuntu?   hrm  well  the graphical programs mentioend,  you probably don't have those, but will have something similar07:49
Out_Coldg0su, lots of first persons, rpgs, and others07:49
g0suiu want to try some of the high performance ga,es07:49
g0subased on linux kernel etc07:49
sebsebseb!games |  g0su07:49
g0sunot windows games07:49
ubottug0su: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php07:49
Out_Coldg0su, they are all there in the software center07:50
g0suyeah i wanted to check this channel out as well07:50
g0suget to know some peeps07:50
sebsebsebg0su: and if your on Kubuntu you don't have the software centre I think,   by the way #kubuntu exists07:50
DexterLBcan I make windows that match certain rules to be without a close button, etc, without compiz?07:51
jamiehid3, how can I change the applications menu icon?07:51
Theresawhere can i download the alternate cd iso?07:51
sebsebsebg0su: this is a support channel, if you want to try and get to know some people on IRC who use Ubuntu, try #ubuntu-offtopic07:51
DexterLBthe only way I seem to be able to do it is with the compiz rules plugin, but I hate compiz.07:51
g0sui know it's a support channel07:51
sebsebsebTheresa: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.1007:52
Theresathank you07:52
sebsebsebTheresa:  in that list of files is also the md5sum and sha1sum codes, for the ISO checking07:52
sebsebsebTheresa: your ISO needs to have the same code, for it to be a good download07:52
Theresahow do  i check that?07:52
sebsebsebTheresa: already gave you the bot thing for that, but ok here it is again07:53
sebsebseb!md5sum |  Theresa07:53
ubottuTheresa: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:53
Theresasorry =/07:53
Myrttisebsebseb: remember you can use > too for the bot commands ;-)07:54
petsoundsDexterLB, you can use gconf-editor07:54
jamieHow do I change the start button icon? The one next to applications, I don't want a whole new icon set. I want to change it manually.07:54
sebsebsebMyrtti: that's true, and sometimes that's better really07:54
ardchoillejamie: I wrote a tutorial on that.. hold on..07:54
DexterLBpetsounds: and?07:54
jamieOKay ardchoille, thanks.07:54
Dr_Willisjamie:  the tool 'ubuntu-tweak' lets you change it with just a few clicks.07:54
jamieHahha, hello again Dr willis.07:55
ardchoillejamie: http://ardchoille42.blogspot.com/2009/09/how-to-change-menu-icon-in-ubuntu-904.html07:55
petsoundsDexterLB, go to apps>metacity>general>button layout07:55
jamieI tried it, it never did anything.07:55
Dr_Willisjamie:  it worked for me last night,07:55
Dr_Willisjamie:   if you change icon themes.. it will change back i recall07:55
ardchoillejames: Dr_Willis has good advice, ubuntu-tweak is probably better than my tutorial07:55
dude_anyone version to 9.10??07:55
DexterLBpetsounds: but that would change it for all windows, no?07:56
Dr_Willisdude_:  Huh?07:56
jamieI already tried it though, it restarted the panel, and nothing ever happened. it was the same icon.07:56
jamieProbably something on my part, what do you think I could have done wrong?07:56
Myrttiardchoille: and ubuntu-tweak is a 3rd party tool...07:56
Dr_Willisjamie:  i did not have to restart the panel i think.. let me try it07:56
petsoundsDexterLB, all windows07:56
ardchoilleMyrtti: Ah, yes07:56
ardchoillejamie: Give my tutorial a go07:56
DexterLBpetsounds: and what if I want for specific window?07:56
jamiekkszysiu, WIll do.07:56
petsoundsDexterLB, idk, sorry. but keep asking somebody will know the answer07:58
sebsebsebdude_: Do you want to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10?07:58
Dr_Willisjamie:  odd.. i changed the icon on my netbook.. but cant get it to change on the desktop box. :)08:00
ardchoillejamie: The method I used for changing the panel icon is the same method used in ubuntu tweak, and it doesn't work for all icon themes for some reason08:00
Dr_Willisardchoille:  that may be my issue then08:00
Dr_WillisI got so many other themes and stuff installed.. its scary08:01
ardchoilleI'm thinking that not all icon themes check ~/.icons08:01
Dr_Willisardchoille:  so that may be why i saw it 'revert' when i changed themes..08:01
DexterLBpetsounds: http://blogs.gnome.org/metacity/2008/11/02/window-matching/08:01
xjolynnxIs there a way I can broadcast my webcam on a flash website with ubuntu?08:02
xiambaxxjalynnx, www.justin.tv08:02
ardchoilleDr_Willis: The only other method, while quite messy, does work for all icon themes.. change the images in /usr/share/themes/$THEME08:02
xiambaxand stickam.com08:02
xiambaxsorry. live.yahoo.com i mean08:03
Ferrissokay guys. I just tried to upgrade from jaunty to karmic, my install wont start (i closed out of a little box after having left for ten hours, waited five minutes, didnt see a change in the OS so i restarted)08:03
jamieHmm, arch I tried your tutorial, created the folder "jamie" in the .icons place, but its not showing up when I click appearance < theme < customize < icons. It's just not there08:03
ardchoilleDr_Willis: /usr/share/icons/$THEME  even08:03
xjolynnxthat's not what i asked08:03
sebsebsebFerriss: ok and now what happens?08:03
xjolynnxwith linux, broadcasting on flash sites doesn't work for some reason. how can i make it work?08:03
Dr_Willisardchoille:  that seems to be the issue.. i reverted to the gnome default icon themne.  then used ubuntu-tweak and it changed the icon.08:03
sebsebsebwon't start right, but08:03
sebsebsebwhat does it do exactly08:03
Dr_Willisardchoille:  when i changed icon themes it does seem to reset howeer. had to rerun ubuntu-tweak08:04
ardchoilleDr_Willis: yeah, still don't understand why it happens08:04
Ferrissit gives me the error mountall:symbol lookup error: mountall: undefined symbol: udev_monitor_filter_add_match_subsystem_devtype08:04
sebsebsebFerriss: well doesn't matter that much,  your probably going to have to re install really,  plus if you do that,  not that important, but Ext4 by default and Grub 208:04
jamieDid you guys find a fix for it too work through ubuntu-tweak?08:04
sebsebsebFerriss: quite a lot of people had issues after upgrading 9.04  to 9.1008:04
Ferrissugh. Well i have a disc that's lower than 9.04 even, so im kinda screwed eternally arent i08:04
Ferrissand i have a shit time trying to get atheros drivers to work08:05
ardchoilleDr_Willis: If you find a fix for that, lemme know so I can possiblyupdate my tut08:05
sebsebsebFerriss: uhmm  which disc do you have?08:05
Ferrissand i cant very well download anything 'cause ive got 30kbps connection X| gosh.08:05
soreauDexterLB: What is the problem with using compiz?08:05
xjolynnxhow can i make my browser compatible with adobe flash player? i need this in order to broadcast my webcam on linux.08:05
sebsebsebFerriss: 9.04 is fine really for now, even intrepid08:05
sebsebsebFerriss: intrepid is on the verge of running out of support though :(   anyway you can use that CD and access  your partition and get data08:05
DexterLBsoreau: it's slow even on my intel dual core 2.8MHz processor, it crashes, it's problematic with dual-screen setups08:06
Leoneofhi, how to share internet connection from Laptop to PC, like this: http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/3613/ics.png08:06
Ferrissima have a horrible time installing it. haha. does ubuntu keep its installed packages somewhere? so i can install things without having to move the screenless laptop downstairs ;_;08:06
soreauDexterLB: Which version of ubuntu are you using?08:06
Ferrissmy lord.08:06
DexterLBsoreau: karmic08:06
soreauDexterLB: Which model card do you have?08:06
Ferrissi shouldnt have restarted. one more night of computer use wouldnt have been too bad.08:06
Dr_Willisardchoille:  yea. i got about 50 icon themes installed. :)08:07
nomad111hey all, im trying to configure apache2 to use a new site (Document Root), i created the new site in the sites-available folder as many sites instructed. When i browse to the site i get permission denied?08:07
sebsebsebFerriss: I know what you mean08:07
ardchoilleDr_Willis: hehe, that sounds about right for you08:07
nomad111googling this comes up with many reasons08:07
DexterLBsoreau: NVidia GF 950008:07
nomad111im not sure what to do08:07
Dr_Willisardchoille:  definatly depends on the icon theme it seems08:07
Ferrissthanks, sebsebseb. have you a good amount of experience in this? would there be any chance someone else would know what to do with the livecd to save it?08:08
sebsebsebFerriss: ,but even if you hadn't re started it,  the chance of the upgrading going wrong,   is quite high it seems, from  reading about other people's experiences.   normalley upgrades go fine, it's just 9.04 to 9.10 quite a lot of people had problems.08:08
jamieAha, I manually did it myself wooot!08:08
nomad111has anyone got this to work?08:08
soreauDexterLB: If you have any recent version of the nvidia driver it shouldn't be slow. However, nvidia drivers are buggy and problematic08:09
sebsebsebFerriss: it's just stick in the Live CD access the partition get data, and put it some where else,  got an external hard disk or something to put it on?   as for programs  well what have  you installed?  re installing stuff from the repo isn't a big deal08:09
Dr_Willisjamie:  if it work or not seems to depend on what icon theme you are using08:09
DexterLBsoreau: yes, and compiz needs those drivers08:09
DexterLBsoreau: :(08:09
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Ferrisssebsebseb: i have an atheros onboard, it's hell to get the drivers working08:10
jamieDr_willis: I just simply went to home/jamie/.icons then to the current icon theme I was using and went to 24x24, and then places and replaced start-here.png with my own icon.08:10
soreauDexterLB: For nvidia, the only option so far is their proprietary drivers. Nouveau is in the making and reportedly are capable of running compiz. Which version of the drivers are you using?08:10
Ferrisswell sometimes. updating to the latest official stuff seemed to work last time. im not sure what did it, but updating everything and installing madwifi and ndiswrapper all at the same time seems to do it : p08:10
Leoneofhi, how to share internet connection from Laptop to PC, like this: http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/3613/ics.png08:11
sebsebsebFerriss: yeah wireless issues :(  luckily  only once I tried to sort something out myself,  a few years ago  before Ubuntu another distro.   so I am nice and etherneted :)  and have been for a few years now.   So you don't have the 9.04 CD?  Also if you were to put a clean install of 9.10 on it seems you wil probaby have to set up wireless in that one as well.08:11
Ferrissa 'fix the current install' option on the livecd wouldnt be too bad >_>08:11
Theresawhat does it mean to 'run the following in a terminal', the cmd prompt or... what?08:12
laughzillahi :) anyone know why my speakers would just suddenly stop working on my ubuntu 9.04 box?  all they make is a crackling sound when i test them or try to pass any sound thru them.08:12
nixjris there .rar file support in linux?08:12
sebsebsebFerriss: sadly there is no such option, maybe in the future their will be08:12
Ferrissi dont have 9.10 though. i have an intrepid cd. i dont know if that's 9.04.08:12
Dr_Willis!rar | nixjr08:12
ubottunixjr: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free08:12
Dr_Willisnixjr:  yes08:12
sebsebsebFerriss: no intrepid is 8.1008:12
Ferrisshaha. I have 8.10 then. a full digit behind up to date08:13
nixjrthanks dr_willis08:13
sebsebsebFerriss: you put intrepid on from that CD?  upgraded to jaunty/9.04 and then tried to upgrade to karmic/9.10 ?08:13
ardchoilleDr_Willis: PM?08:13
Ferrisswould 8.10 to 9.10 work better? heh.08:14
Ferrissi could do that overnight08:14
ogmious09Hello hello08:14
sebsebsebFerriss: 8.10 can't be directly upgraded to 9.10 have to go through 9.04 first08:14
Ferrissahdang. i cant go through 9.04 either. haha. is there a different path i could use to getting to 9.10?08:15
sebsebsebFerriss: 8.10 is my favourite release over all since 8.04, oh yes it's still good.   thing is it's going to run out of support in April or around then,  but then  10.04 comes out anyway which is the next Long Term Support relase.08:15
sebsebsebFerriss: 9.10 offers little proper advantage from 8.10, same for 9.04.   unless people need it to say fix a hardware issue08:16
Fantom__what is default root pass on fresh installed Ubuntu?08:16
Theresawhat is a terminal?08:16
sebsebseb!terminal | Theresa08:16
ubottuTheresa: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:16
Dr_WillisFantom__:  there is no root password08:16
Dr_WillisFantom__:  use your user and their password is the 'sudo' password to get root access08:16
LMJMy PC (certainly after an upgrade) started to have strange behavior : it won't boot correctly anymore : I need 4/5 mins to get the login screen. I've seen it's stuck 2min at "Checking battery state..." It also doesn't stop by itself. What could the issue? Is it a new acpi bug or so?08:16
Ferrissoh okay. I just figured i'd try to be up to date as much as i could so when i got lazy i wouldnt get ridiculously out of date.08:16
ardchoille!root | Fantom__08:16
ubottuFantom__: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:16
sebsebsebFerriss: I see, well I  know what I would do if I was you08:17
Theresaok, um im still trying to check my iso to the MD5SUMS08:17
nixjris there a command to move all the files from a series of sub-directories, into their parent directory?08:17
Ferrisswhat's that? just stay on intrepid? i think i'll do that ._. in the morning, perhaps08:18
ardchoillenixjr: do they all have the same file extension?08:18
Ferrissor just trash my pos laptop08:18
sebsebsebFerriss: either just buy some CD's and sort out a 9.10 CD and put it on.   or just put 8.10 on stay on 8.10 for now or upgrade to 9.04, and then do a clean install make a new CD of 10.04 when that comes out.  instead of  trying to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 again with it possibily going wrong.08:18
swiftarrownixjr: mv *.* ./../*08:18
swiftarrownixjr, try at own risk08:18
Ferrisshahaha. okay. Thanks for your help, sebsebseb : )08:18
SmartSsanixjr, while in the parent : mv /subdir/* .08:18
Ferrissyou're easily the most helpful person i've ever spoken to in here.08:19
sebsebsebFerriss: you got untill October with 9.04 by the way, when it comes to support08:19
pat|nGcan anyone tell me where i can download a full ubuntu dvd with gnome?08:19
swiftarrowpat|nG ubuntu.com08:19
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:19
nixjrSmartSsa, there are multiple subdir, would this also work? mv /subdir*/* . ?08:20
ogmious09anyone got experience with NX and Ubuntu?08:20
swiftarrowpat|nG, it's only a CD.  If you want more features, I personally suggest you download the SuperOS DVD.  It's the same as Ubuntu, but has more programs pre-loaded.08:20
swiftarrowpat|nG, hacktolive.com/SuperOS08:20
Fantom__Dr_Willis: is there available console, or it is only X ?08:20
swiftarrowpat|nG, or something like that08:20
Fantom__on ubuntu08:20
SmartSsanixjr, as long as you can match the subdir's with a wildcard, yes it should work.08:21
pat|nGi see08:21
sebsebsebFerriss: however eventaully your going to want to put on  Ubuntu 10.04  on (or 10.10 if you stayed on 9.04 untill it ran out of support,  or another distro of course)    CD R's are good to have.  Makes re installing and so on easier.   Well there are ot her ways to install such as USB sticks, but I never done that.08:21
pat|nGcan u give me the link bro?08:21
PacketCollisionDoes anyone have any ideas on how to completely disable graphical terminal in 9.10? The server I'm working on just shows a blank screen when it boots up (ubuntu-server netboot install).08:21
ardchoillenixjr: you could try this from the parent dir:  find . -type f -exec mv /path {}\;   <== but change /path08:21
Dr_WillisFantom__:  what?08:21
PacketCollisionI edited /etc/default/grub and enabled GRUB_TERMINAL=console08:22
swiftarrowpat|nG, http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=SuperOS+Download08:22
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Dr_WillisPacketCollision:  disabel the gdm service.  if it exists..   but you are using the server edition?08:22
nixjrardchoille, swiftarrow SmartSsa, thanks for the suggestions, i think ill make some dummy files to test them on first08:22
Fantom__Dr_Willis: i don't whant gnome/kde i want console?08:22
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swiftarrownixjr, good idea08:23
Dr_WillisFantom__:  then disable GDM to make it boot to the console if you want08:23
PacketCollisionDr_Willis: gdm isn't installed08:23
Dr_WillisPacketCollision:  thats odd then.08:23
SmartSsacontrolled experiments are always good.08:23
Dr_WillisFantom__:  on 9.10 -> $ sudo mv /etc/init/gdm.conf   /etc/init.d/gdm.conf.DISABLED08:24
Fantom__Dr_Willis i know a tool for disabling services...08:24
Fantom__i can't remember the name08:24
ardchoilleFantom__: sysv-rc-conf ?08:25
linux_infernoHello All08:25
Dr_WillisFantom__:  9.10 uses Upstart now. many of those 'tools' dont work08:25
Fantom__aa yes08:25
Dr_WillisFantom__:  that may or mauy not work..08:25
ardchoilleFantom__: may not work on 9.1008:25
maverickattempting to open mplayer gives me this error: mplayer: error while loading shared libraries: libx264.so.67: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory...no solutions from google...any help?08:25
Fantom__ardchoille :)08:25
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/08:25
PacketCollisionDr_Willis: I disabled "quiet" in grub, and it shows the stuff that quiet hides at the start of the boot process, but then the screen goes blank, even with recovery mode08:25
pat|nGi download ubuntu 9.10 and i chose 64bit and it is amd64 is it awkie while i'm running intel chipset on my laptop?08:25
pat|nGi download ubuntu 9.10 and i chose 64bit and it is amd64 is it awkie while i'm running intel chipset on my laptop?08:25
Dr_WillisPacketCollision:  perhaps use verbose, and nosplash, and nofb as options...08:25
Dr_Willispat|nG:  intel has 64bit cpus also08:26
maverickpat|ng: i think its ok as long as ur cpu is 64-bit08:26
Dr_Willispat|nG:  amd64 reelase is for them as well08:26
ardchoillePacketCollision: you have to disable splash and quiet08:26
drazakI just don't understand08:26
PacketCollisionDr_Willis: good idea with nofb08:26
PacketCollisionardchoille: I did that already08:26
Theresawhat do i do if the MD5SUMS are different?08:26
drazakinstalled amd64, and still only have 3gb of memory showing08:26
Dr_WillisPacketCollision:  im not even sure if fb is the default any more08:26
Dr_WillisTheresa:  redownload.08:26
ernesto_jamand der deutsch spricht hir08:26
drazakit shows all 4gb in the bios08:26
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MyrttiTheresa: try torrent download08:27
Dr_Willisdrazak:  bios/hardware/reserved from what i gather.. sadly.   and yes ive seen others in here over the last few months with same issues.08:27
SmartSsaTheresa, redownload from a different mirror. if you used a torrent, the torrent should be able to pickup the 'broken' bits.08:27
Theresaim currently DL alternative is this acceptable?08:28
nomad77!de | ernesto_08:28
ubottuernesto_: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.08:28
maverickattempting to open mplayer gives me this error: mplayer: error while loading shared libraries: libx264.so.67: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory...no solutions from google...any help?08:28
Dr_Willisstart a torrent.. stop the torrent.. move file over.. tell torrent to reverify when you start torrent back up again. :)08:28
Dr_Willisit MIGHT fix it.08:28
jazonknightrunning 8.04 on m1330 and it only sees 3.5 which is ok08:28
PacketCollisionI agree with Dr_Willis on this one08:28
Dr_Willisof course last time i downlaoded the ubuntu iso via torrent.. it took like.. 10 min.08:28
Dr_Willislagged out the rest of the network. :)08:29
SmartSsais there a karma bot in this place? because i'd like to ++ Dr_Willis ;)08:29
Dr_WillisSmartSsa:  not thazt ive seen.. i will take cash...08:29
sebsebsebSmartSsa: no, but you can do !cookie Dr_Willis08:29
SmartSsayeah, you just earned another.08:29
* Dr_Willis just made an apple pie.08:29
linux_infernoPROBLEM:: running headless ubuntu server. Trying to render a frame with maya. I get " error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:29
sebsebseb!cookie |  Dr_Willis08:30
ubottuDr_Willis: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!08:30
linux_inferno!cookie | linux_inferno08:30
ubottulinux_inferno, please see my private message08:30
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darkfuneralare there any xml editors that can  give you the values of hte variables associate with the parents of a leaf, when you call to view the leaf?08:30
Theresaso is 'alternativeCD' a good download?08:30
actionparsnipYo yo yo08:30
SmartSsahaha. cookies are fun.08:30
sebsebsebTheresa: only if desktop CD doesn't work properly08:30
Dr_WillisTheresa:  thats one with a text based installer.08:30
sebsebsebTheresa: then yes alternate  is worth a try08:30
linux_infernoI want a cookie =(08:31
actionparsnipTheresa: it installs faster too as it uses text based installer08:31
sebsebsebTheresa: first you need to ISO check your ISo for desktop, and do that CD check on the CD, if both are fine,  and still problems, you can try the alternate08:31
actionparsnip!cookie | linux_inferno08:31
ubottulinux_inferno: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!08:31
sebsebsebTheresa: most users will use the Desktop CD08:31
PacketCollisionTheresa: I prefer it because it's faster, but it's less friendly because it's text08:31
linux_infernoYAY! actionparsnip <308:31
Theresahow difficult is the text based?08:31
* actionparsnip uses minimal iso08:31
sebsebseb!cookie |  actionparsnip08:31
ubottuactionparsnip: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!08:31
actionparsnipTy sebsebseb08:32
sebsebsebTheresa: not that difficult, but it's useually better to use the Desktop CD really08:32
Theresaand how would i go about running the install process?08:32
* PacketCollision actually netboots the text-installer from a tftp server, but the idea is the same08:32
sebsebseb!cookie |  sebsebseb08:32
ubottusebsebseb, please see my private message08:32
actionparsnipTheresa: there's a desktop icon08:32
linux_infernoCan anyone help me with my st00pid problem?08:32
sebsebsebyeah yeah I know I am, anyway enough of that now08:32
actionparsnipLinux_inferno: wassup?08:33
linux_infernoI Get - ""error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:33
actionparsnipLinux_inferno: are you running a 32bit app on 64bit ubuntu?08:33
actionparsnipLinux_inferno: is the file in /usr/lib ?08:34
sebsebseblinux_inferno: The bot pm's us when we do it to ourself :(08:34
linux_infernoNope. Maya2009 is only 64bit for linux. and I have ubuntu64 server08:34
SmartSsalinux_inferno, if it can't find the library, you should verify that it's installed. if you can't figure out which package that particular file exists in you can search on http://packages.ubuntu.com/ and search for the file specified (libGL.so.1)08:34
sebsebsebTheresa: if the md5sums are not the same08:35
linux_infernoIts not in the folder actionparsnip08:35
actionparsnipLinux_inferno: if /usr/lib/libGl.so exists and libGl.so.1 doesn't, create a symlink to keep it happy08:35
sebsebsebTheresa: you have a bad ISO same thing for if sha1sum codes aren't the same08:35
eghmSmartSsa: thats that a good url to have08:35
PacketCollisionDr_Willis: none of those options worked, but I know that the last thing that shows up is fsck, then a flash of what I think is setting console fonts08:35
sebsebseb!es |  mili08:35
ubottumili: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.08:35
PacketCollisiongonna disable console init08:35
linux_infernoactionparsnip ls libG* returns none08:35
SmartSsaeghm, yup, it's a good one. very handy :)08:36
actionparsnipLinux_inferno: you can use apt-file to see what package contains that file, then install it08:36
Theresashaisum what is that?08:36
actionparsnip!md5sum | theresa08:37
ubottutheresa: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows08:37
eghmSmartSsa: ya... wish i would have know about it earlier, when i tried to install ImageMagick from source08:37
linux_infernoactionparsnip like "apt-file libGL.so.1"?08:37
actionparsnipTheresa: its a way to check the file is good before using it08:37
actionparsnipLinux_inferno: you will need to install it then run: sudo apt-file update08:38
actionparsnipLinux_it will take a long while08:38
SmartSsaeghm, that sucks :(08:38
actionparsnipLinux_inferno: you can then use: sudo apt-file search libGl.so.108:38
ardchoilleactionparsnip: is sudo needed for apt-file?08:39
sebsebsebardchoille: sudo apt-get08:39
kaellI'm having trouble running ut2004... it used to work fine (a few weeks ago).  Now it says:  WARNING: ALC_EXT_capture is subject to change!      Couldn't set video mode: Could not create GL context08:39
eghmya, managed to messup the current version in the process, so reinstalled ubuntu again, got some strange gnome login loop, so hoping thrid time is a chram.08:39
linux_infernoactionparsnip ok Ill get started08:39
actionparsnipArdchoille: I know it is for updating, not sure on the search but I covered my ass08:39
sebsebsebardchoille: sudo apt-get install packagename08:39
actionparsnipLinux_inferno: while it updates you could websearch08:40
jaysernneed some sysadmin advice. when i manually run a python script it works all the way, but if i let cron run it, it only runs it half the way.08:40
jaysernanyone knows why ?08:40
actionparsnipJaysern: does it need admin rights ever?08:41
jayserndon't think so08:41
jaysernit works fine if i manually invoke it08:41
linux_infernoactionparsnip i get08:41
linux_infernocurl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 40408:41
linux_infernoDownload of http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-security/Contents-amd64.diff/Index failed08:41
SmartSsaoops ;)08:41
actionparsnipLinux_inferno: watch your flooding ;)08:42
linux_infernoactionparsnip sorry i didnt know it was going to put it on 3 lines08:42
actionparsnipLinux_inferno: looks like the repo is being maintained or down08:42
SmartSsait's about that time where security gets updated.08:45
PacketCollisionanyone have other ideas on how to get a totally plain text console on 9.10?08:46
Dr_WillisPacketCollision:  what video card is in that thing?08:46
Theresaok im back to bother you guys08:46
SmartSsasebsebseb, sudo is not required for an apt-file search.08:46
hidensofthi every one08:46
ardchoillePacketCollision: you mean in grub?08:46
hidensofti'm new in ubuntu08:46
Theresawhat do i use to see if the alternative is correct?08:47
hidensofti want install eclipse08:47
PacketCollisionardchoille: I already told grub to not load graphics08:47
DNS777http://petition.stopsoftwarepatents.eu/ :)08:47
hidensoftplease help me08:47
Theresai used the MD5 but it said it was different again08:47
SmartSsaPacketCollision, install the 'server' version?08:47
PacketCollisionDr_Willis: Intel Corporation Pineview Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0208:47
ardchoillePacketCollision: I have total text grub, here is my grub file: http://ardchoille42.pastebin.com/m302fea5c08:48
Dr_Willis!info eclipse08:48
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.1+repack~1-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 7 kB, installed size 72 kB08:48
sebsebsebSmartSsa: ok well uhmm  I got mixed up or whatever, thought whatever apt-file was, was just a mistake, and you wanted apt-get08:48
PacketCollisionSmartSsa: I did.  netboot install using text-installer, installed server version08:48
SmartSsasebsebseb, fair enough.08:48
Dr_WillisPacketCollision:  Hmm. other then nofb, nosplash, noquiet, verbose, im out of ideas... and disable gdm of course. but theres no gdm on a server install08:48
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.08:49
PacketCollisionthanks for your ideas Dr_Willis08:49
sebsebsebTheresa: you understand about that yet?08:49
Theresahaha no08:49
SmartSsaPacketCollision, that's strange.  The server version does not install a gui by default.08:49
sebsebsebTheresa: Ok that's what I thought,  get a program if on Windows, check ISO, make sure codes are the same as what Ubuntu provides08:50
sebsebsebTheresa: if you have the same code, your ISO is fine, if not it's a bad download08:50
Theresaok i did that and they are not the same... what now?08:50
sebsebsebTheresa: yes re download08:50
PacketCollisionSmartSsa: It's not that it has a gui, it's that it is setting some monitor modes that make the screen blank08:51
Theresak awesome08:51
sebsebsebTheresa: you sure it's not the same kind, I mean  the one I use for those codes, have for all the CD's in the same text, so you might have looked at for another CD08:51
PacketCollisionI'm assuming it's enabling framebuffer or something08:51
SmartSsaPacketCollision, yeah. sounds like it. Hmm..08:51
DNS777!info blender08:51
ubottublender (source: blender): Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.49a+dfsg-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 10688 kB, installed size 28072 kB08:51
sebsebsebTheresa: kind why did  I put kind above hrm, that wasn't meant to be there08:51
Theresashould i keep the old ISO? im sorry i didnt understand that..08:52
PacketCollisionardchoille: your grub file has the same problem mine did08:52
sebsebsebTheresa: 1. make sure it's a good ISO.  2.  burn contents to CD  3.  do the pysical disk check to make sure it passes.  4.  should be able to  install Ubuntu and that the  CD should be fine then08:52
=== britney is now known as illovae
Imtiazanyone for ubuntu support08:52
PacketCollisionscreen goes blank right after fsck message08:52
wiehanI cannot take this anymore, my ubuntu 9.04 has been freezing > 5 times a day. This is my last syslog for today (where it froze twice in a period of 5 minutes). Please help me diagnose this so that I can fix this, I need to do work today on my PC. http://pastebin.org/8142808:52
sebsebsebTheresa: where it showed you the code, does it show with for other CD's as well?08:53
sebsebsebTheresa: make sure your  using the code for your CD, not for another CD, and then if they don't match, well yes re download08:53
Theresano i tested it seperately08:53
ardchoillePacketCollision: It doesn't have any problems here and it doesn't go blank. I'm thinking something else is causing your prob08:53
PacketCollision!questions Imtiaz08:53
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:53
SmartSsaTheresa, if the ISO is failing the md5 check (which it is) you can a) re-download it fully. or b) download a torrent and hope it fixes the broken bits of the file.08:53
sebsebsebTheresa: have you got a program to  check ISO in that will give you md5sum code?08:54
Dr_WillisPacketCollision:  can you still ssh into the server?08:54
PacketCollisionDr_Willis: yes, ssh works fine08:54
Theresanot the code but it will tell me if they are the same or not08:54
sebsebsebTheresa: whatever your doing might not be good enough, so do it the proper way, where you get a code to compare08:54
Dr_WillisPacketCollision:  check what modules are loading..  (just a guess)08:54
xorllame, easynews mirror is 403 forbidden :(08:55
Dr_WillisPacketCollision:  also try commenting that line you uncomented perhaps?08:55
_waseemHi, I am using Ubuntu 9.04. I want to install a tiling window manager on my machine. What do you suggest which one will be easy to install?08:55
wiehanTheresa, maybe this helps: in terminal md5sum --help08:55
sebsebsebwiehan: no Theresa  is on Windows I think08:55
Dr_Willis_waseem:  easy to install is one thing.. easy to learn/figureout/use.. is the harder part.08:55
wiehansebsebseb: Oh, is she on windows. Cause you can to that on any linux distro.08:56
Theresathe program was DLed from nullriver, a link i found on ubuntu wiki08:56
_waseemDr_Willis: So which one do you suggest?08:56
Dr_Willis_waseem:  no idea. i hate tileing window managers. :)08:56
Dr_Willis_waseem:  its all subjective08:56
wiehanCan somone please look at this: http://pastebin.org/81428 what is my PCs problem.08:56
_waseemDr_Willis: I once tried to install Xmonad. But it was so painful installing that I gave up.08:56
PacketCollisionardchoille: yeah, I don't think grub is the issue, I'm leaning toward fb issues08:56
xorl_waseem: i love xmonad :D08:56
sebsebsebTheresa: your on Windows yes, if so  download a program to check ISO, such as the one mentioned in the Ubuntu md5sum pages sure.  Then that hash link or http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10 md5sums in the list.08:56
xorlUse it on my laptop exclusively08:56
PacketCollisiongoing to try blacklisting the fb modules08:57
Dr_Willis_waseem:  its in the repos.. should be trivial to install08:57
_waseemDr_Willis: ok let me try again.08:57
Dr_WillisI played with xmonad and xmobar and dzen2 once.. when i was very very bored08:57
_waseemDr_Willis: did you get it working?08:58
sebsebsebTheresa: then you have the code your ISO is meant to be,  as well as codes for other CD's, so just make sure your  comparing the code you get to the one your meant to be.   If they aren't the same re download the ISO.  Then do this check again.08:58
Dr_Willis_waseem:  i dont rcall any problems with it..08:58
darkfuneraldoes XML allow you to fetch the properties of the folders that a leaf is in when you call the leaf?08:58
_waseemxorl: Yes that is one good WM.08:58
_waseemOk see you guys later.08:58
maverickumm...how do i install a .diff patch?08:58
sebsebsebTheresa: also if you download  Ubuntu from the torrent, and then verify the torrent  in the torrents program, and it passes, then the ISO should be fine08:58
Dr_Williswow - installing xmonad instgalled a lot of extra things.09:00
Dr_Williswee haskell! :0 heh09:00
xorlcant wait for some of the new evolution builds to reach ubuntu :(09:01
* ultraparadigm wonders if anyone plays C&C Renegade anymore09:02
Dr_Willisultraparadigm:  that C&C FPS :) i played it and recll a lot of mods for it.. years ago.09:02
Dr_Willisultraparadigm:  it was one of my faves.09:02
ultraparadigmYes, that is my favorite game ever09:03
wiehanPLEASE can someone with linux knowledge just look at this and tell me why my PC is freezing: http://pastebin.org/81428 In windows at least I used to know what was the cause.09:03
ultraparadigmI'm so sad that westwood went out of business09:03
Dr_Willisultraparadigm:  yea. ya ahve to wonder HOW they managed that..09:03
TeamColtraI don't care that they went out of business09:03
PacketCollisionblacklisting everything related to the graphics drivers worked09:04
TeamColtraMind you, I don't know who they are :D09:04
PacketCollisionthanks for your help Dr_Willis, SmartSsa and ardchoille09:04
sebsebsebTheresa: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/MD5SUMS09:04
Dr_Williswiehan:  i dont even see any mention of a crash in there.09:04
ultraparadigmI'm reinstalling it now, but I don't have the data disk anymore or the reg-code.  Thank god for astalavista, lol09:04
GhostWolfOut_Cold are you still around?09:05
PacketCollisionwiehan: looking at it now, but like Dr_Willis I don't see a crash09:05
wiehanDr_Willis, It just froze completely...09:05
Out_ColdGhostWolf, yes09:05
GhostWolfcan i pm you Out_Cold?09:05
deostrollhi can u search the manual for a particular command in the shell09:05
wiehanPacketCollision: bad_page+0xd4/0x130 - what is this?09:05
Dr_Williswiehan:  that dosent tell us much .. does it crash if you just let it sit at the GDM login? does it crash with different apps?09:05
Imtiazany one for support?09:05
midhileshi have a doubt for ubuntu canu help me09:05
Dr_Willismidhilesh:  Huh?09:06
Out_Coldplease do GhostWolf09:06
wiehanDr_Willis: PacketCollision: It crashed at Banshee, at OpenOffice, in Firefox..09:06
Dr_Williswiehan:  does it crash if you just let it sit?09:06
PacketCollision!question | Imtiaz09:06
ubottuImtiaz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:06
midhileshhow can i install cannon mf4355 printer in ubuntu09:07
deostrollhow do u search man page entries...for e.g. you are looking for a particular command...09:07
wiehanDr_Willis no, usually in an app.09:07
Dr_Williswiehan:  try a live cd - see if it crashes then also?   Starting with broad tests to try to narrow things down09:07
Dr_Williswiehan:  this a laptop of desktop?09:07
Imtiazliveradio.dodear.com and chat.dodear.com09:07
Imtiazliveradio.dodear.com and chat.dodear.com09:07
Imtiazliveradio.dodear.com and chat.dodear.com09:07
FloodBot1Imtiaz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:07
Myrttideostroll: /searchword09:07
wiehanDr_Willis, desktop. Oh, no, I just need to get some work done today..09:07
SmartSsai thought that guy's pastebin was spammy.09:08
Dr_Williswiehan:  could be overheating, could be bad ram, could be flakey hd.. if its on a LAN see if you can ssh in - nexct time it crashes.09:08
midhileshcan u help me wiehan ,please i can install that printer for an office09:08
meganerdwiehan: at the very beginning is a bad page error, you may wish to check your RAM09:08
Imtiazi want support09:08
Imtiazi want support09:08
meganerdwiehan: memtest is what you want09:08
deostrollmyrtti: whts tht...?09:08
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:08
Dr_Williswiehan:  if it is just X crashing that would point ot a driver/video issue09:08
Dr_Williswiehan:  memtest from teh boot menu is a must try out test also09:09
BlouBlouImtiaz: stop please09:09
MyrttiImtiaz: behave09:09
midhileshhello .....09:09
midhileshenybody help me09:09
Imtiazmyritti can u help me plz09:09
PacketCollision!question | midhilesh09:09
ubottumidhilesh: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:09
wiehanDr_Willis, Ok I will, dang, did that a couple of weeks ago when it started with this rubbish, and it was clean then09:09
Dr_Williswiehan:  also check the case/fans/wires for dust/junk. overheating can be an annouyance09:10
* PacketCollision should make a shortcut for that09:10
midhileshplease help me09:10
ultraparadigmwiehan, I believe all that "page" information is refering to memory swapping.  In windows there is a "page file" for it, but linux uses a "swap" partition.  Did you create a swap partition, and how big is it?  Your swap partition should be 2X the amount of your physical ram.09:10
=== HoodedRat is now known as Linux
Dr_Willismidhilesh:  give a clear concice quiestion. for printers normally I check cups.org to see how well a given printer is supported.09:10
midhileshany body expert in ubuntu09:10
midhileshplz answer my qustion09:10
meganerdultraparadigm: he has 4 GiB of RAM, 2 GiB of swap is probably not required09:10
Dr_Willismidhilesh:  asking for experts and so forth - is pointless.09:10
wiehanultraparadigm: I think my swap space is 3gb and my Ram is 4gb. Has laso roughly been like that ratio and never had a problem09:11
Myrtti!pm > Imtiaz09:11
ubottuImtiaz, please see my private message09:11
paolodoes anyone know why OSS is not supported in ubuntu?09:11
Out_Coldwhat is wrong with this script?? #!/bin/bash   sh /path/to/script09:12
midhileshany expert is ther09:12
meganerdpaolo: what do you mean OSS is not supported?09:12
Dr_Willismidhilesh:    dont pm me.. and stat the question to the channel in clear/concise terms.09:12
Imtiazwhere can i get packages for ubuntu 9. sumthing09:12
uwiyes yes bego09:12
Myrtti!pm | midhilesh09:12
ubottumidhilesh: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.09:12
Dr_Willismidhilesh:  all ive seen isyou asking  for help and no real info on the actual problem09:12
Slartpaolo: probably because of the effort required to make sure both sound architectures work for all apps09:12
uwicupu lo bego tlol09:12
paolomeganerd: there is no official package of oss in the ubuntu repository09:12
Dr_WillisImtiaz:  and your problem is?09:12
deostrollhi when u hit apropos in the shell followed by ur search term...wht r those things inside the brackets...09:12
Imtiazi work in an isp and i want packages for pptp dialers which work for ubuntu 9.0.109:12
midhileshmy qustion is how can install canon mf4355 printer in ubuntu8.1009:13
FrameFeverI want to install grub gfx, is there a nice tutorial?09:13
paoloSlart: it would be nice to have a choice09:13
meganerdpaolo: ALSA has OSS emulation so there is no point in duplicating it09:13
Dr_Willismidhilesh:  for starters go to cups.org and see IF the thing has any support at all.09:13
SmartSsaOut_Cold, dunno, what's the error?09:13
Dr_Willismidhilesh:  many canon printers have very little support.09:13
Imtiazmy question is i work in an isp and i want packages for pptp dialers which work for ubuntu 9.0.109:13
Imtiazmy question is i work in an isp and i want packages for pptp dialers which work for ubuntu 9.0.109:13
Imtiazmy question is i work in an isp and i want packages for pptp dialers which work for ubuntu 9.0.109:13
FloodBot1Imtiaz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:13
Slartmeganerd: I think he means support for newer OSS versions09:13
paolomeganerd: alsa has a lot of problems on my pc so I had to switch to oss09:13
Out_Cold 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected09:13
Myrtti!repeat | Imtiaz09:13
ubottuImtiaz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.09:13
meganerdSlart: he did not say that09:14
Dr_WillisI dont use pptp - dont even know what it is...09:14
Out_ColdSmartSsa,  1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected09:14
midhileshif any support link to cannon cups09:14
SlartImtiaz: wow.. you work with networks for a living and still you spam like this in a support channel? please let us know who you work for se we can avoid them09:14
meganerdDr_Willis: it is a VPN protocol09:14
Dr_Willismidhilesh:  cups.org09:14
SmartSsaOut_Cold, check the second script that's being run.09:14
paolomeganerd: i am talking about oss4, but anyway that is not the point.. i would like to be able to choose within oss and alsa  so that I can see which one works better09:14
Imtiazi acctualy dont work for them09:14
midhileshi can search ther,but not geting solution09:14
Imtiazi just want packages for pptp dialer09:15
Out_ColdSmartSsa, it runs well by it's self but we can't seem to /usr/bin it or create a script to run it.09:15
ranjanhello every body09:15
Imtiazif someone can help me i will be very thankful09:15
meganerdImtiaz: it is in the repository, just search in the Ubuntu Software Center09:15
ranjani am having an issue with sharing09:15
meganerdmidhilesh: http://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups/openprinting/database/databaseintro09:15
ranjancan any body on this network can help me09:15
Imtiazthanx for this type of help09:16
midhileshwht is that link09:16
ultraparadigmwhat is pp2p?  I'm not familiar with that protocal.  Is that point to point protocol, or a peer 2 peer thinggy?09:16
meganerdultraparadigm: VPN09:16
SmartSsaultraparadigm, point to point tunneling. VPN.09:16
ultraparadigmAh thanks09:16
meganerdultraparadigm: it is an old protocol supported in Linux, it is also supported by Windows out of the box09:16
Dr_Willishttp://gutenprint.sourceforge.net/p_Supported_Printers.php   has a list of some canon printers09:17
midhileshis their any other compactable driver for cannon mf4355 printer for ubuntu 8.1009:17
Noianoguys I see the package "firefox-3.6" is present in repositories but it has no installation candidate...will it be fixed in your opinion? (ubuntu 9.10)09:17
SmartSsaOut_Cold, that's strange. If you can run it directly, it should work from another script  without issue.09:17
Out_ColdSmartSsa, now you see the issue :o/09:18
meganerdpaolo: did you even google oss4 and ubuntu?09:18
meganerdpaolo: ever I mean09:18
MyrttiNoiano: you've got something broken. ff 3.6 will not officially be in 9.10.09:18
NoianoMyrtti, what a pity09:19
PacketCollisionDr_Willis, SmartSsa ardchoille: adding "blacklist i915" to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf is enough to fix the blank screen problem09:19
Dr_WillisPacketCollision:  so my 'module' suggestion helped? :)09:19
SmartSsaOut_Cold, yes yes I do. And when something like that happens it's usually something ridiculously simple and when you find out what it is you'll face-palm yourself. ;)09:19
ardchoillePacketCollision: Nice to know, I'll have to make note of that :)09:19
Dr_Willispoor intel.. really needs  some love..09:19
SmartSsaPacketCollision, good to know. Thanks.09:19
ardchoilleDr_Willis: "love" is not what comes to my mind09:20
Out_ColdSmartSsa, only problem is it's priya's script and her comp :o/09:20
Dr_WillisIntel, Nvidia, ATI - its like haveing 3 mother inlaws - that you cant get rid of..09:20
paolomeganerd: why?09:20
PaschuHey guys, im not able to mount the other partition on my netbook. it says "Unable to mount the volume". how to fix it?09:21
meganerdDr_Willis: at least Intel's drivers are upstream... and the latest ATI as well09:21
priyaher is he  priya is my daughters name09:21
meganerdpaolo: googling ubuntu and oss4 returns some promising links09:21
midhileshany body there for solve my problem09:21
PacketCollisionnow to integrate that into my preseed file, and I'm good to go!09:21
PacketCollisionYay for completely automated installs09:22
meganerdpaolo: I was wondering what you have tried09:22
paolowell like this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenSound which says that it is not possible... but it is hard to believe09:22
PaschuHey guys, im not able to mount the other partition on my netbook. it says "Unable to mount the volume". how to fix it?09:22
hak5fanPaschu: Which file system does it use?09:23
om26erPaschu, trying to mount from nautilus? or cli09:23
Out_ColdSmartSsa, we made a script file in a local directory named rqc. the script runs the other script located in the same directory... and all is softlinked to /usr/bin/rqc09:23
Paschuhak5fan: its my windows partition09:23
Paschuom26er: With the normal file browser09:23
midhileshhow can open wd passport hdd by using live cd09:23
meganerdpaolo: that link tells you *how* to do it09:23
ranjanPaschu: is it fat or ntfs09:23
hak5fanPaschu: So it's ntfs then... are you trying to mount it with nautilus or the cli?09:23
om26erPaschu, in terminal type sudo fdisk -l and pastbin the result09:23
Paschuranjan: ntfs09:24
om26er!pastebin | Paschu09:24
ubottuPaschu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic09:24
paolomeganerd: you haven't understood my question09:24
meganerdI have not bothered with with OSS4 since they do not support two of my machines with RME HDSP cards09:24
ranjanPaschu: have you tried after installing  ntfs 3g09:24
meganerdpaolo: I can believe that09:24
Paschuom26er: It cant find the command09:25
meganerdpaolo: what exactly is your question?09:25
paolomeganerd: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=138919609:25
om26erPaschu, sudo fdisk -l09:25
om26ertry again09:25
Paschuom26er: sudo: fdisk: command not found09:26
meganerdpaolo: AFAIK ALSA and OSS do not co-exist09:27
midhilesh4wd mypassport open with live cd09:27
meganerdmidhilesh4: plug it in09:27
meganerdmidhilesh4: I have one of those drives and it worked out of the box for me09:28
om26erPaschu, how many partitions your hardrive have?09:28
midhilesh4pls give me09:28
Paschuom26er: 2 i guess09:28
Dr_Willismidhilesh4:  if its ntfs/vfat install/run ntfs-config (as root) and enable the allowing of users to access the devices perhaps.09:28
om26erPaschu, sudo mkdir /media/test;sudo mount /dev/sda2 /media/test09:28
meganerdPaschu: Dr_Willis: use ntfs-3g, it should be installed by default on both 9.04 and 9.1009:29
Dr_Willismeganerd:  it is.. and ntfs-config tweaks it to allow users to mount ntfs/vfat on removeable media.09:29
Paschuom26er: Uhm, something strange happened09:29
om26erPaschu, what?09:30
meganerdDr_Willis: on 9.10 that works out of the box for me, no need to tweak09:30
Dr_Willis!info ntfs-config09:30
ubottuntfs-config (source: ntfs-config): Enable/disable write support for any NTFS devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.5-0ubuntu5 (karmic), package size 40 kB, installed size 432 kB09:30
Dr_Willismeganerd:  ive had it work for some.. and not for others.. Not sure why09:30
Dr_Willismeganerd:  had some be read only09:30
Paschuom26er: A folder opened which contains Lost&found and all the other ones09:30
meganerdDr_Willis: I usually install ntfsprogs so that I can run ntfsfix on volumes that were not cleanly unmounted09:30
Dr_Willismeganerd:  ive heard thats not totally safe.. but  whatever works. :)09:31
darkfunerali just want my leafs to inherit properties of the categories they are in, what XML front-end or hierarchical editor is there?09:31
midhilesh4how can install wd passport driver09:31
Paschuom26er: and boot and root and so on09:31
meganerdWindows 7 betas did not cleanly unmount ntfs removeable drives09:31
Dr_Willismidhilesh4:  plug it in.. try to mounbt it manually with  the ntfs-3g or mount command.. try the ntfs-config tool..09:31
meganerdDr_Willis: I have been using it for a couple of years without issue09:31
Dr_Willismidhilesh4:  if its ntfs that is..09:31
Nz17How do use wodim to make a rewritable (floppy-like) DVD?09:31
Dr_WillisNz17:  im not sure it can.09:32
om26erPaschu, can you please open disk-utility and send its screen shot09:32
midhilesh4its ntfs ,which command use for mount09:32
meganerdDr_Willis: I usually just format the drives ext3 now, ext2 for flash devices09:32
Dr_Willismidhilesh4:  mount or ntfs-3g command.09:32
om26erPaschu, system>administration>disk utility09:32
Nz17DR_Willis: Ah, so wodim maybe only does write-clear, write-clear, not write-add-add?09:32
midhilesh4willis just type that cmd ntfs-3g09:33
Dr_WillisNz17:  the whole 'use a cd as a big floppy' i think uses some special features of UDF filesystems.. ive only tried it under windows.. and it worked poorly there. Im dont ever recall seeing the feature on any linux disrto.09:33
Dr_Willis!ntfs-3g | midhilesh409:33
ubottumidhilesh4: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions09:33
Dr_Willismidhilesh4:  if a ntfs filesystem is not properly closed by windows.. then linux WONT auto mount it..09:34
Dr_Willismidhilesh4:  as a 'safty' feature09:34
Nz17Dr_Willis: Thanks for the info.  I guess I'll just use high capacity USB Flash drives instead. :-)09:34
Dr_WillisNz17:  yea. tghe whole - cd as a floppy - is somting ive seen doazens of people in windows try.. and lose data,,,09:35
ranjani am wondering with one issue ... and i am not able to find any proper answer is there any way to add more drive space in home directory ....  afterwards ...09:35
Nz17LOL@Dr_Willis :D09:35
Dr_Willisranjan:  you can take/use a new filesystem on some other drive and move /home to it.. or move some users /home/username to it.09:35
midhilesh4dr willis can tell ur maile id09:35
Dr_Willisranjan:  a directory dosent have 'drive space' - filesystems do. :)09:35
meganerdranjan: it depends, is there any more space on the disk?  You could always move /home (or any other directory) to a second disk if you like09:35
ectospasmranjan: you could always mount /hom on an LVM volume09:36
Nz17In everyone's opinion, is now the time to move from ReiserFS to Ext4?09:36
Dr_WillisNz17:  ive never seen much need to use resiserfs09:36
ectospasmTHen you can add or remove space, almost on the fly.  I dunno, can ext4 be resized while it's mounted?  reiserfs3 could...09:37
Dr_WillisNz17:  may as well  move.09:37
meganerdNz17: I have not used reiser in quite some time09:37
tonyyarussoNz17: probably a reasonable idea.09:37
meganerdNz17: now is the time to switch to ext309:37
Nz17I've been using ReiserFS for /home for a few years now, but I think I'll go to Ext4 in the future.09:37
Dr_Willisext1 !09:37
iflemaNz17 women basher... ext4 all good here... been using for months no dramas... that ive noticed anyway09:37
Nz17OK thanks you all, have a nice time.09:38
meganerdNz17: I use ext3 in production, ext4 on my laptop and personal machines, xfs on large volumes or ones that I share with samba09:38
ffffffhey guys, how do i disable a card im not using in alsa?09:38
midhilesh4hello willis after install ntfs driver wht i do09:39
meganerdNz17: xfs is what I put on LVMs09:39
Dr_Willismidhilesh4:  use the ntfs-3g command to mount the filesystem in question09:39
Dr_WillisExample: ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows09:40
Dr_WillisExample: sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/windows09:40
sabgentonwhat is a good way to boot an install iso over the nettwork09:41
* Dr_Willis is done pasteing from the 'ntfs-3g --help' docs. :)09:41
Dr_Willissabgenton:  not sure thats even doable..09:41
Dr_Willissabgenton:  grub2 can boot a iso file locally.. but iover the network. Hmm09:41
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:41
midhilesh4ok if cant open using that cmd .if here any othr option09:42
Dr_Willismidhilesh4:  if ntfs-3g cant moint it.. it should give an error09:43
sabgentonDr_Willis:hmm grub2  and isos09:43
=== HoodedRat is now known as Linux
Dr_Willissabgenton:  its a handy feature09:44
midhilesh4wich error09:44
Dr_Willismidhilesh4:  err.. try the command ... and see09:44
midhilesh4sir help me to open09:45
bannickhi some help with bazaar welcome09:45
Dr_Willishave you even tried the example commands?09:45
bannickhow can i push updates to peers (bazaar) without a central server?09:45
=== napster is now known as Guest2270
sabgentonDr_Willis, amazed haven't seen this googling09:46
=== napster_ is now known as napster
ravenwhat is the ssh command to start a graphical app on the server?09:46
Dr_Willissabgenton:  you havent looked very hard then. :) i got a dozen links on the topic at http://delicious.com/dr_willis under my grub2 tags09:46
=== Last_Exile is now known as Guard1an
elviosraven: you have to have the -X extension on, i think09:47
ravenright that*s it09:47
sabgentonDr_Willis:asking the wrong questiosn though09:47
hoth_join #django-dev09:48
Myrttibannick: #bzr might know09:50
ranjanthat is great09:50
=== crunchbang is now known as Guest81050
Guest81050YEAH GO GO IRC09:53
* iflema he killed her.. admitted it...09:56
* Dr_Willis waits for a lagged !ot09:56
ectospasmOK, just upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10, time to reboot!09:57
meganerdsabgenton: pxe09:58
giampieroHello I've got a problem making copies of dvds with Ubuntu software can anybody please help?10:01
sabgentonmeganerd: grub2's ablitly to boot iso's looks potentialy easyer10:01
sabgentonand cool10:01
ectospasmthat was a lot less painless than I expected.  At least, thus far...  I'm impressed!10:02
homebrewciderHi guys, my auto login doesn't work and I have to try at least 5 times logging in manually for it to work, how can I find out the cause of the problem?10:03
giampieroHello I've got a problem making copies of dvds with Ubuntu software can anybody please help?10:04
theodorehello there10:04
theodoreI need assistance concerning komport...10:04
theodoreI do ./configure and I get  configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.0.3) (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!10:05
Seveas!compiling | theodore10:07
ubottutheodore: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)10:07
theodoreubottu:yes is called komport...I'll give a look to that10:07
Seveas!bot | theodore10:08
ubottutheodore: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots10:08
Sagacican i sign the Ubuntu code of conduct on a windows machine10:10
Dr_WillisSagaci:  i dont se why not. :)10:10
SeveasSagaci, yes yu can, if you install pgp. It's easier on Ubuntu though as it comes with gpg preinstalled :)10:11
=== someone is now known as Guest13980
BlouBlouhow can I change resolution of tty?10:12
ugliefrogwill there be a wubi install forwindows7...unfortunaletley i have to keep a windoes box10:12
midnighthackeris there someone knows how to install pyqt410:13
Dr_Willisugliefrog:  you could use it in virtualbox..10:13
skunkie_blowhi all10:14
Dr_Willisugliefrog:  or resize the windows partitions and do a normal install10:14
midnighthackeri face a problem to install pyqt410:14
Padhuare you tried 'apt-get'?10:16
ardchoillemidnighthacker: apt-cache search python-qt410:17
jellow!et | jellow10:18
ubottujellow, please see my private message10:18
BlouBlouwhere is menu.lst in grub2?10:18
sebsebsebBlouBlou: there isn't one10:18
sebsebsebBlouBlou: instead there's some other file that is similar10:18
sebsebseb!grub2  | BlouBlou10:19
ubottuBlouBlou: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub210:19
ardchoille!grub2 | BlouBlou there isn't one10:19
ubottuBlouBlou there isn't one: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub210:19
BlouBlouplay. thanks10:19
BlouBlouokay thanks10:19
midnighthackeri download pygtk410:19
midnighthackerthen i install sip10:19
ardchoillemidnighthacker: pygtk4? Where did you find that?10:19
blue-pearlany one got ubuntu one client on 9.04??10:20
Dr_Willisblue-pearl:  im not sure there is one.  the #ubuntuone channel would know i imagine10:20
sebsebsebDr_Willis: blue-pearl  pretty sure there is one, but  doesn't really matter to me, since I don't want to use Ubuntu One10:20
ardchoilleDr_Willis: ubuntuone is being ported to Windows, btw10:21
sebsebsebardchoille: is it?  oh  good idea10:21
hidensofti trying to install subversion10:22
hidensoftsudo apt-get install subversion10:22
hidensofti got this10:22
sebsebsebardchoille: I have thought about this before, how really maybe it should have a Windows and Mac OS X version as well.10:22
midnighthackerthis is the error Make sure you have a working Qt v4 qmake on your PATH or use the -q4 argument to explicitly specify a working Qt v4 qmake10:22
hidensoftE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.10:22
Gabriel001hello all10:22
hidensoftwhat is problem ?10:22
erUSULhidensoft: the error clearly states --> you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem10:23
Seveashidensoft, the problem is that dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.10:23
=== sleeping`dragon is now known as error404notfound
ardchoillehidensoft: it tells you what the problem was10:23
ardchoillesebsebseb: I agree10:23
hidensoftplease tell me how i can install subversion10:23
sebsebsebardchoille: and not just so Ubuntu users can access their files on there, but so  Windows and Mac OS X users can also use the service10:24
Seveashidensoft, sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get install subversion10:24
sebsebsebardchoille: whilst not having to use Ubuntu,  plus it should be ported to some other distros,  anwyay off topic now10:24
ravenis possible to select several files for the same change in UNISON???10:24
=== steve_ is now known as |ns|nR8
Gabriel001hello all, I'm an IT manager who wants to start living better with linux.10:25
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:26
* iflema !et should cover wine10:27
Gabriel001what is the equivalent  to IPCONFIG in linux?10:27
erUSULGabriel001: ifconfig or ip10:28
cretsiahifconfig -a will give u the full lot10:28
Gabriel001thanks erUSUL10:28
first-keeperhay guys i want to use my ipod touch on unbuntu can any one help10:28
erUSUL!ipod > first-keeper10:28
ubottufirst-keeper, please see my private message10:28
ravenhow to skip thousands of files from process in UNISON?10:28
midnighthackerand to see who are connecting with you us this "netstat -telnap"10:29
Seveasmidnighthacker, using -l and -a together is just wrong :)10:30
CharlesDaymidnighthacker, using -l and -a together is just wrong :)10:30
SeveasI see we have a copycat10:30
erUSULin stereo where aviable10:30
Seveashello CharlesDay, please try and be original :)10:30
CharlesDayI see we have a copycat10:30
ardchoilleSeveas: looks like a copy bot10:30
CharlesDayhow many copycats do you see around here/10:30
SeveasCharlesDay, you're the only one so far :)10:31
midnighthackerwell whats wrong with it10:31
CharlesDayso then i am original10:31
CharlesDaywell whats wrong with it10:31
ravenhow to skip thousands of files with change in "props" from process in UNISON?10:31
CharlesDayhow to skip thousands of files with change in "props" from process in UNISON?10:31
Seveasmidnighthacker, -a means all, -l means only listening. -l is ignored of you use -a as well :)10:31
CharlesDaymidnighthacker, -a means all, -l means only listening. -l is ignored of you use -a as well :)10:31
Seveas!ops | CharlesDay10:31
ubottuCharlesDay: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!10:31
ardchoille!ops | CharlesDay possibly a copy bot10:31
ubottuCharlesDay possibly a copy bot: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!10:31
iceroot!ops | CharlesDay10:32
CharlesDay! no10:32
Seveaswoah :)10:32
ubottuHvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!10:32
SeveasCharlesDay, you're being annoying. Leave.10:32
erUSULraven: your better of trying yo find an unison related channel. /msg alis list *unison*10:32
midnighthackeri always use it to get the IP of my contacts10:32
Myrtticalm down, people10:32
* erUSUL is ice cold 10:33
MyrttiCharlesDay: hm?10:33
SeveaserUSUL, try a blanket :-)10:33
midnighthackeris there someone can help me to install pyqt 410:34
ardchoillemidnighthacker: sudo apt-get install python-qt410:34
Seveasmidnighthacker, sudo apt-get install python-qt410:34
midnighthackerok thanks10:34
Seveasardchoille, darn you to heck! :)10:34
xinshouhi everyone!10:34
ardchoilleSeveas: :)10:34
Seveashi xinshou10:34
ravenerUSUL, nothing10:35
ravenwho knows about UNISON?10:35
CharlesDayhi i have aids10:35
xinshouhow to setup l2tp+ipsec VPN under linux ? i need to connect to one, but it's a windows server10:35
erUSULraven: :/ i doubt many people here uses unison.10:35
Seveasraven, judging by the lack of replies to your questions: nobody who is currently active.10:35
erUSULxinshou: tried with NM ? it has a few plugins to connect to vpn...10:35
SeveaserUSUL, that doesn't do ipsec or l2tp10:36
xinshounm has openvpn, pptp... but i didn't found anything related to l2tp10:36
Seveasxinshou, ipsec (ah/ike) can be set up with racoon-tool10:36
erUSULSeveas: ok; ty for the info10:36
xinshoul2tp+ipsec is the configuration i used under winxp10:37
xinshouSeveas: but how do i get the "certificate file"? the vpn i'm using only provide a windows setup.exe10:37
Seveasxinshou, xl2tpd and l2tpns seem related to l2tp10:38
Seveasxinshou, the .exe probably installs the certificate somewhere on the windows system. Alternatively, ask your network administrator10:38
xinshouSeveas: thx 4 ur advice10:40
thomas82Hi, is there any way to install ubuntu on fake raid? Installation looks fine, but i'm unable to boot after :/10:40
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto10:41
Dr_Williscan /boot/ be on a raid? or fake raid? that used to be a limition wasent it?10:42
kasperSomebody got xwinwrap working on 9.10 ?10:43
thomas82thanks erUSUL,10:43
erUSULthomas82: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto#Finish the Install <<< see how to install grub... but frnkly that page looks scary enough10:43
* Dr_Willis wonders what xwinwrap is10:44
erUSULthomas82: are you really forced to use fakeraid ?10:44
Seveas!info xwinwrap10:44
ubottuPackage xwinwrap does not exist in karmic10:44
kasperDr_Willis: xwinwrap lets you wrap windows as your desktop background. Its used to have screensavers as background.10:44
thomas82erUSUL: unfortunatelly yes :( I must have a Win on second partition..10:45
BelseruskHi. Do you say 'Linux' or do you say 'GNU/Linux'? Please reply with GNU/Linux or Linux10:46
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:46
MyrttiBelserusk: this isn't a place for polls or non-support discussions10:46
papulplease help. http://papul.pastebin.com/m5c847fb510:47
howlymowlyhey you...  native english speakers:  i got a short question do you rather say.  "I have a preference IN doing something" or "FOR doing something"?10:47
howlymowlythx for the answers!10:47
Dr_Willis'I perfer to do somthing'10:48
Gabriel001can anyone please explain to me where exactly is my IP address when I type "ifconfig"10:48
Gabriel001eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:0a:e4:db:83:8610:48
Gabriel001          UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:110:48
Gabriel001          RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:010:48
Gabriel001          TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:010:48
Gabriel001          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100010:48
FloodBot1Gabriel001: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:48
oCean_howlymowly: have you even read the topic of this channel?10:49
zirodaypapul: what are you trying to compile?10:49
Dr_Williseth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:1b:b9:8a:b6:d010:49
erUSULGabriel001: currently none10:49
Dr_Willis          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
Dr_Willisright where it says inet addr:10:49
papulziroday: midori10:50
howlymowlythx dr willis  thats what I was looking for...   ahhww sorry oCean i did not pay attention to what channel I was logged in10:50
Gabriel001thanks Dr_Willis10:50
zirodaypapul: you are aware that midori is in the repositories right?10:50
papulziroday: yes10:50
zirodaypapul: any reason you aren't using that version?10:50
papulziroday: ????10:51
papulziroday: i want to compile10:51
zirodaypapul: okay, but why?10:51
papulziroday: my wish. :P will you help?10:51
papulwhats my problem?10:51
kcj1993Is there any way to undo the last set of updates applied? I added the xorg-edgers ppa and then updated and it messed up my system.  :(10:51
papuli cant install the dependencies10:52
eremitepapul, you dont need to compile it yourself, you can just download it from the repos10:52
papuleremite: i know10:52
zirodaypapul: sure, okay well you haven't installed the dependencies for that package. You can install the dependencies by doing sudo apt-get build-dep midori as midori is already in the repository10:52
papuli just want to compile10:52
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)10:52
zirodaypapul: do you understand?10:52
Dr_Willisinstall build-essential install the deps for that package ti compile it. since its in the repos that makes it eeasier.10:53
maveasI'm having some problems with my wireless card. It wont connect to my AP. Haven't got any problems before. I'm running 9.10 (2.6.31-18)10:53
Dr_Willissudo apt-get build-dep packagename  (i think) will pull them all in10:53
TanthrixAnyone know what I do with a .deb file to activate some 3rd party repository?10:53
papulziroday: thanks10:53
zirodayDr_Willis: I've just explained that to papul :)10:53
maveasPassword etc. IS correct.10:53
zirodayTanthrix: which third party repository?10:54
papulziroday: didnt knew the command apt-get build-dep existed10:54
Dr_WillisTanthrix:  the one ive seen add the proper entry to /etc/apt/surces.list.d  i recall10:54
Tanthrixziroday: http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds10:54
mataksi just update to the newest kernel, now how to remove the old kernels on my boot list?10:54
deltamaveas: MAC-filter?10:54
papulit will solve many of my compiling problems. thanks ziroday10:54
maveasdelta: Absolutely not..10:54
zirodayTanthrix: FYI there is a #mythbuntu :)10:54
delanhi, i'm new to #ubuntu and i'd just like to ask a quick question; i use network-manager-applet to configure my wlan connection, but how do i get a wlan connection when not running x?10:54
Dr_Willismataks:  unless you have a lot of kernels taking up space... id just leave them there.. juzt in case.10:54
maveasWPA w/ AES10:54
zirodayTanthrix: AFAICT just download and install the .deb (double click on it)10:55
maveasKey is correct etc. as I wrote :)10:55
Tanthrixziroday: I'll give it a go, thanks.10:55
zirodayTanthrix: have fun!10:55
mataksDr_Willis,  i want to remove the old kernels, im won't use them anymore. do you know what's the commadn to fully remove old kernels?10:55
maveasThe other laptops (Running XP and Vista) in the house is connection fine10:55
zirodaymataks: you can find the old kernels as linux-image-kernel-version-number10:56
erUSULmaveas: it is easier to it from synaptic. just search linux-image and mark them to be removed. aply at the end10:56
maveasWrong nick ;)10:56
delani use network-manager-applet to configure my wlan connection, but how do i get a wlan connection when not running x?10:57
kcj1993Can someone please help me?10:57
zirodaymaveas: my instinct say's a restart or reloading of the wireless module might fix the issue, but that is just pure guesswork10:58
maveasziroday: I've tried10:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:58
zirodaymaveas: ah, but this connection has worked before?10:58
kcj1993I'm not asking to ask10:59
maveasziroday: It sure has10:59
maveasziroday: Like always :)10:59
zirodaymaveas: how odd10:59
zirodaymaveas: what wireless card?10:59
qbmaniachey guys, I have a bit of a problem, I have only 1 partition but /home/ is full (10:59
sakthivelhow to install lamp in ubuntu 9.1 .. any single command for terminal or any easy method?10:59
maveasziroday: Uhm.. The chipset is RA6110:59
qbmaniacive emptied trash)10:59
qbmaniacany ideas?10:59
kcj1993looks like I have to repeat myself10:59
maveassakthivel: sudo tasksel10:59
kcj1993Is there any way to undo the last set of updates applied? I added the xorg-edgers ppa and then updated and it messed up my system.  :(11:00
ziroday!lamp > sakthivel11:00
ubottusakthivel, please see my private message11:00
Dr_Willisqbmaniac:  and how big is your / partition ? (df -h)11:00
eremiteqbmaniac, delete files or get a new HD?11:00
maveassakthivel: from there you can choose the LAMP11:00
qbmaniacmy partition is not full11:00
qbmaniacbut home directory is11:00
qbmaniacI was installing win7 on virtualbox and the size of my home directory ran out11:00
Dr_Willisqbmaniac:     home is under / - so somtjhing is not making sence11:00
zirodaymaveas: does it appear in ifconfig -a?11:00
qbmaniacabsolutely it is not making sense, hard drive has 50gb free11:00
Dr_Willisqbmaniac:  check 'mount' command perhaps.11:00
hidensoftdebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process11:01
qbmaniacbut when i go to properties in /home/ it says 50kb free11:01
hidensofthow i can unlock this11:01
maveasziroday: it does11:01
=== linucks is now known as linucks[afk]
zirodaymaveas: can you pastebin the output of lspci, and see if dmesg outputs anything interesting when you attempt to connect to the network11:01
oCean_!afk > linucks[afk]11:01
ubottulinucks[afk], please see my private message11:01
qbmaniacoh damn, Dr_Willis11:02
qbmaniacit appears I've got : /dev/sda5 on /home type ext4 (rw)11:02
qbmaniacI guess I established /home as another partition11:02
maveasziroday: I'll try11:02
qbmaniacis there any easy way to expand sda5 and contract sda4 without restarting?11:02
qbmaniacI was at the middle of a win7 install in virtualbox11:02
zirodaymaveas: sure, feel free to ask if you're not sure about anything11:02
Dr_Willisqbmaniac:  make a /sparehome   and chown/mode it to be owned by the user.. and move stuff to it :)11:02
zirodayqbmaniac: no, you can't resize the partition whilst you are running on it11:02
ectospasmqbmaniac: that depends, are they on LVM logical volumes?11:03
zirodayqbmaniac: but I would try emptying your trash11:03
Dr_Willisqbmaniac:  but err.. normally virtualbox drives go in /var/SOMTING not in the users home.11:03
qbmaniacsda4 and sda5 are both on one hard drive11:03
qbmaniacDr_Willis, the .hda (hard drive) file goes in /home11:03
ectospasmqbmaniac: you can't normally resize partitions on the fly11:03
qbmaniacby default11:03
qbmaniacziroday, I had emptied trash already ;D11:04
Dr_WillisHmm.. i dont recall seeing those here. but i only  use little ones anyway for live cd testing11:04
qbmaniacDr_Willis, I was unaware of /sparehome,11:04
qbmaniacI mean11:04
qbmaniacthe idea11:04
FloodBot1qbmaniac: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:04
eremiteI've got a spare partition and I want to dual boot another linux distro.  Does anyopne have a suggestion for a distro that contrasts Ubuntu? Something very different yet usable?11:04
Dr_Willisqbmaniac:   just a directrouy owned by a user they can use.. not a fancy idea at all. :)11:04
oCean_Dr_Willis: think default is ~/.Virtualbox/HardDisks (mine do after fresh vbox install)11:04
maveasziroday: the lspci says "RaLink RT2561/RT61 802.11g11:04
zirodaymaveas: okay11:04
ectospasmeremite: Slackware11:04
ectospasmeremite: or Gentoo11:04
maveasziroday: can I do some grep on dmesg?11:04
blue-pearlhello no one is in #ubuntuone can some one here help me with ubuntuone client?11:05
eremiteblue-pearl, ask11:05
oCean_blue-pearl: just ask, and see if someone here can help11:05
maveasziroday: It's weird. If I try to use the "Connect to a hidden network.." the network itself is there but I'm not able to hit "Connect"11:05
zirodaymaveas: err I would just look at the last 10 or so lines for anything related to networking or wireless when you try to connect to your network11:05
the_real_daveHi, I want to upgrade to the latest ntfs-3g instead of using the one from the repos. I removed the old version, installed the new one, and once I changed the option of ntfs to ntfs-3g in my fstab it worked fine. However, mounting a USB drive via the Places menu mounts it as a read only file system, the same as if I leave the option for my internal drive as just ntfs. My question is, how can I change the Gnome Place11:05
blue-pearli installed ubuntu one client on 9.04.....but its not in the menu.11:06
Dr_Willisguess mine are in   /home/11:06
Dr_Willisall 3gb of them :)11:06
Dr_Willisblue-pearl:  run it from command line then?11:06
Dr_Willisthe_real_dave:  install/run the ntfs-config tool perhaps?11:06
sakthivelhow do  i get all ubuntu terminal commads>?11:06
blue-pearlDr_Willis: what command should i type?11:06
zirodaymaveas: honestly I'm not really sure, its all just guesswork from here hoping something googleble turns up :)11:07
Dr_Willisblue-pearl:  just a guess.. but 'ubuntuone' or 'ubuntuone<tab>'11:07
maveasziroday: well.. thank you for your time then :)11:07
zirodaymaveas: yeah, sorry :)11:07
Dr_Willisblue-pearl:  #ubuntuone may know exactly11:07
maveasziroday: it's okay - dont worry :)11:07
Dr_Williswillis@cow:~$ ubun11:08
erUSULsakthivel: press tab twice :)11:08
Dr_Willisubun-student                  ubuntu-bug                    ubuntuone-client-applet       ubuntuone-client-preferences  ubuntu-tweak11:08
blue-pearlDr_Willis: no one in #ubuntuone11:08
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.11:08
the_real_daveDr_Willis: thanks for the reply but that doesn't help, wont't allow me to change the options, and reverts back to the old one. The weird thing is, I removed every ntfs thing I could find, rebooted, plugged in my USB and it mounted read only :S So is there a way of me removing ntfs in the kernel?11:08
sakthivelwhere which window ?11:08
Dr_Willisthe_real_dave:  no idea. ive never seen anything in the 'latest' ntfs-3g' that ijust Had to have....11:09
Dr_Willis!terminal | sakthivel11:09
ubottusakthivel: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal11:09
blue-pearlDr_Willis: this commands r not working..."command not found"11:09
jackhornerIs there any way to reduce my disk speed from 7200rpm to, dont know, 4000rpm?11:09
Dr_Willisblue-pearl:   try 'ubu<tab>' ? what command did you try exactly?11:09
Dr_Willisjackhorner:  im not sure thats possible.11:10
erUSULjackhorner: no11:10
the_real_daveDr_Willis: well, using the one from the repos takes 4 hours to copy 15Gb to my USB drive, the speed is terrible :(11:10
sakthivelok thanks11:10
Guard1anthe_real_dave, that's about right11:10
Dr_Willisthe_real_dave:  it could bne you arehaving some issues with USB druives that ive seen mentioned in here befor.. and not ntfs-3g issues.11:10
erUSULjackhorner: you can force it to slower dma modes or even pio. but why would you want to do that?11:10
blue-pearlDr_Willis,  tried the commands which u gave11:10
sakthivelbut i wnat to know commands and its usage?11:10
Dr_Willisblue-pearl:  what command EXACTLY did you use?11:10
erUSUL!cli | sakthivel11:11
ubottusakthivel: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal11:11
sakthivelterminal shows only commands?11:11
Guard1anusb devices have varying speeds anyway11:11
oCean_!lamp | sakthivel11:11
ubottusakthivel: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)11:11
blue-pearlDr_Willis, tried all the commands which u gave11:11
the_real_daveDr_Willis: No, when I manually mount it with ntfs-3g it flies, and gets the proper speed for my drive ~12MB/s as opposed to <1Mb/s11:11
jackhornererUSUL, im moving some storage from my PC to a nas, i dont care about speed but heat and noise are very important, so i need to make my 7200rpm disk quieter and with less energy cosumption11:11
Dr_Willisthe_real_dave:  thats even weirder...  or you found some gvfs bug.11:12
the_real_daveDr_Willis: ya. If I could just tell Gnome to use ntfs-3g instead of ntfs :( Anyway, Ill be back in a sec, gonna reboot and try something11:13
the_real_daveDr_Willis: thanks for your help :)11:13
jack5463I'm using ubuntu live cd. How do i run adobe flash player or swfdec SWF player?11:13
erUSULjackhorner: really not possible afaik11:13