blue-pearlany one using ubuntu one client on 9.04?10:23
blue-pearlinstalled it but is not showing in menu10:23
blue-pearlany one using ubuntu one client on 9.04?11:01
blue-pearlany one here??11:10
magatzhi all, is it possible to remove all my files uploaded to ubuntuone web ?11:20
blue-pearlmagatz, i think yes11:42
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shriniverterok: hai. are you there?20:10
shriniverterok: conducted a session on ubuntu one in ubunty user days20:11
shriniverterok: thanks a lot for your help yesterday20:12
shriniverterok: without your help, i wont be made this session20:12
mhall119it was a good session too, I'm up and running with U1 now20:16
mhall119only I can't get my evolution contacts to copy to my Ubuntu One address book20:17
shrinimhall119: what is happening to contacts?20:17
mhall119nothing, I say Copy all contacts to...20:18
mhall119select the ubuntu one book, and hit okay, then nothing happens20:18
shrinimhall119: oh. do you have contacts in evolution?20:18
shrinimhall119: :-)20:20
shrinimhall119: look at the log file. ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log20:21
shrinimhall119: please ask questions here.20:23
shrinimhall119: i am out of day.20:24
shrinimhall119: going to bed20:24
shrinimhall119: sorry dude20:24
shrinimhall119: discuss your issue here20:24
shrinimhall119: catch you later20:25
shrinimhall119: bye for now20:25
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issyl0Is there a limit to how big a file can be in Ubuntu One?22:03
dobeyissyl0: it has to be <= your available space on the server. i think the practical limit is 4gb maybe. not sure though22:36
duanedesignmhall119: did you get your contacts synced?23:03
kgsCan I use my Ubuntu One space to host photos?23:20
kgsFor example, post a message on a forum and point to a photo that's stored in my account?23:22
duanedesignhello kgs23:26
kgsSo, any idea about what I asked? It seems to work...23:27
kgsBut I'm not sure if it only works for me because my browser is logged into Ubuntu One.23:27
kgsMaybe you can click on the link for me and see if it works?23:28
duanedesignkgs: ok23:30
duanedesignkgs: yeah i can not see that23:31

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