ethana2How many gnome-globalmenu users here?11:34
detrateWhere can I find the people responsible for the art and interaction design with ubuntu studio?15:14
holsteinmorning detrate15:55
holsteini would suggest posing that question to the mailing list15:55
detrateI found the development channel and received some advice, thank you for your input though holstein16:18
holsteindetrate: development channel?16:22
holsteinno shit16:23
detrateindeed :)16:23
holsteinmaybe i'll refer to that one as the 'active channel' :)16:24
holsteinwe'll see16:24
nr83895564i have a question concerning the package ubuntustudio-default-settings18:36
nr83895564i've read that this package edits the /etc/security/limits.conf appropriately. is it doing anything else which would be relevant in my case (i don't need the artwork, desktop theme, etc...)18:36
nr83895564does anybody know?18:36
nr83895564(i just have a standard ubuntu installation and would like to do audio stuff)18:40
jussi01nr83895564: you doing audio work? or?19:04
nr83895564just audio19:04
jussi01then youll probably want the audio packages as well as the rt kernel19:09
nr83895564yes, i'm currently installing those.19:13
nr83895564but do i need to install ubuntustudio-default-settings or is it sufficient to edit limits.conf manually?19:13
funkyHatAnyone know if the karmic -rt kernel has PAE?20:57
marsilainenfunkyHat: not sure; if you are running it then I think it should tell you in /proc/cpuinfo21:07
marsilainencat /proc/cpuinfo | grep pae21:07
funkyHatI'm running 64 bit ⡈)21:07
funkyHatI found a bug confirming that it is not a PAE kernel though21:10
funkyHat(I'm helping someone in #ubuntu)21:10
marsilainenthe -rt kernel doesn't support SMP either :/21:10
marsilainenit only uses one cpu/core21:16
funkyHatThis is on 32bit, right?21:19
marsilainenon anything...21:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 290498 in linux-rt "linux-rt restricted to one CPU" [High,Fix released]21:23
marsilainenahhhh ok21:23
marsilainenI take it back then!21:24
funkyHatAlso looks pretty fixed here, Phenom II X4, I can see activity on all 4 cores in my conky thingy21:24
marsilainenI understood that it was still the case, so I hadn't switched to the rt kernel21:24
marsilainenbut I shall do now that I know that :)21:24
funkyHatThis guy I was helping in #ubuntu was complaining that "pulsaudio is making all of my applications crash"21:25
funkyHatHe was just trying to start jack in realtime mode with no -rt21:25
marsilainenheh ok21:25
marsilainenpulseaudio and jack don't go well together21:26
funkyHatAnd amsynth is apparently completely broken21:26
marsilainennote that in karmic when you run qjackctl it suspends pulseaudio21:26
funkyHatI've not had any problems in karmic, when jack starts pulseaudio just gets muted21:26
marsilainenbit of a hack though21:26
marsilainenyou're using qjackctl?21:27
marsilainenqjackctl is now a script, which suspends pulseaudio and then calls qjackctl.bin21:27
funkyHatI recall reading somewhere that the plan is to have pulseaudio switch to using jack as an output when jack starts21:27
funkyHathaha, yuck21:27
marsilainenso anyone who starts jack in some other way may need to suspend pulseaudio themselves21:28
tucemiuxi am attempting to grant a user access to a partition using sshfs using public key, the user can log in to the server using ssh fine but the user gets this error when attempting to mount the drive using sshfs: read: Connection reset by peer23:27

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