allyourbassfresh 9.10 install, auto mounting usb volumes fails00:48
allyourbassmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb100:50
TheSheepsounds like your sdb1 doesn't contain a valid filesystem00:50
allyourbassit does, its fine works on the other machine00:50
allyourbassive tried 3 different memory cards all work00:51
allyourbassjust not on this machine00:51
allyourbasssame error every time00:51
allyourbassis there a paste limit in here?00:52
TheSheepwhat filesystem is supposed to be there?00:52
TheSheepuse a pastebin00:52
TheSheepand only paste the relevant bits00:52
allyourbassits my blackberry00:53
allyourbassnot sure on the fs type00:53
allyourbassis there something i need to add/edit in my fstab?00:54
TheSheeplooks like you are not first00:55
allyourbassis this a bug? ive never had this trouble with previous version00:56
TheSheeplooks like there were some changes with the kernel00:57
TheSheepyou did all upgrades?00:57
allyourbassno i dont think ive run updates yet00:57
TheSheepI can see some people solved it by running 'locale-gen;00:57
TheSheepanother workaround is to put export EXO_MOUNT_IOCHARSET="" in your profile00:59
TheSheephttp://old.nabble.com/FAT:-IO-charset-ISO-8859-1-not-found--td26263050.html <-- found it here00:59
allyourbassill run any updates then give the locale-gen a shot00:59
TheSheepthat should get you started, use google...00:59
allyourbass10-4 thanks for the help01:00
rlameirohi there01:01
rlameirohas someone here tried to install xubuntu on a iMac 233Mhz ? the first (or second one)01:01
rlameiroI cant run X01:01
rlameiroI tried to change the settings at the xorg.conf as some people said in the forum01:02
rlameirobut nothing01:02
TheSheepis that a ppc?01:04
TheSheepyou may try asking at #ubuntu-ppc01:05
TheSheepthey are more experienced01:05
allyourbasstrran all the updates and tried locale-gen02:21
allyourbassstill doesnt work :(02:21
allyourbassim not finding much on google either02:42
allyourbassim finding lots, just nothing that seems to work02:42
defenceministerWhat is the service called that provides the login screen on xubuntu? And how do I disable it?02:55
defenceministerI thought it might be gdm02:55
defenceministerbut when running sysv-rc-conf to disable it isn't enabled.02:56
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allyourbasshaving trouble getting usb volumes to mount04:29
TGMI'm having some resolution issues with an old laptop, the screen is made for a 1024x768 res and the max shown is 600x800. There was no xorg.conf file (I had it configure one, it's in my home folder. Should it be there?) All changes I've made to various display properties have either been ignored or reset upon restarting. Anyone have any ideas?05:27
TGMEr *800x60005:28
TGMI've read that it could be a color issue, or a sync issue05:30
TGMI'm unsure of how to change or determine the correct settings for either of those if they happen to be the culprit05:30
homebrewciderHi guys, my auto login doesn't work and I have to try at least 5 times logging in manually for it to work, how can I find out the cause of the problem?08:20
maverickhow can i install a .diff patch to view mounted hds in thunar... as in this link : http://nomius.blogspot.com/2009/07/thunar-and-hard-drive-partitions.html09:02
maverickhow do i change the default file manager to nautilus?09:30
TheSheepthere is no such thing as default file manager, just use nautilus instead of thunar09:34
shadeslayerhi anyone around?09:44
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:44
shadeslayerwell i wanted to know how xubuntu would run on my P3 500 Mhz 256 MB ram PC?09:45
shadeslayerits a very old pc and XP just crashed yesterday and refuses to get back up,and ive worked with kubuntu and thought xubuntu would be the best alternative :)09:46
Sysii think it should run ok09:46
TheSheepdepends on what you want to do on it, of course, forget about rendering 3d movies in realtime ;)09:47
shadeslayerhmm.. will it be fast enough for web browsing and word stuff09:47
shadeslayerthats all that my family does on that PC :P09:48
Sysicrunchbang or lubuntu would be faster09:48
shadeslayeroh and sviewing youtube videos too09:48
TheSheepmay be too slow for youtube09:48
shadeslayerSysi: is lubuntu official?09:48
Sysiiirc yes09:49
shadeslayerbtw love your home page : www.xubuntu.org :)09:49
TheSheephttp://xubuntu.org/sites/default/files/karmic_shot_front_0.png <-- forbidden09:51
shadeslayerhmm lubuntu looks like the thing...09:53
shadeslayerthanks guys :)09:54
Sysiminimal xfce is also nice, but it's mostly if you want xfce to something old09:54
maverick140991ok i managed to replace thunar with nautlis, but now i get an error  Unable to contact the Xfce Trash service on startup...i tried a thunar --daemon startup entry, but i get Unknown option --daemon10:10
TheSheepjust remove the trash applet from your panel10:13
maverick140991tried, no avail10:15
TheSheephmm... maybe it's the places plugin :/10:17
maverick140991TheSheep: do i also have to remove the trash icon from the desktop?10:17
TheSheepmaverick140991: no, the desktop is now drawn by nautilus10:17
maverick140991TheSheep: i use nautilus --no-desktop, and xfce is the only DE i have10:19
TheSheepI don't know then10:22
maverick140991thanks anyways10:23
subspiderhi guys12:27
subspiderwhen try to extract files from a tar file it gives me these error gzip: stdin: not in gzip format12:28
knomeif it's .tar, why try to uncompress it with gzip?12:30
subspiderbut the comand was these  tar -zxvf AU.tar12:32
knometar option -z means it tries to ungzip12:32
subspiderthanks knome12:35
subspider tar -xvf AU.tar works12:35
lcbhi. could you please point to me an article on how to use (activate/assign) function keys (Fn) to an usb external keyboard. (laptop pc=asus - not Eee)16:15
TheSheeplcb: just select your keyboard layout in the keyboard settings16:16
lcbTheSheep, i think i've tried that already and didn't work. let me try again :)16:16
lcbTheSheep, should i use 'xfkc' or 'xfce4-keyboard-settings'?16:21
TheSheeplcb:use settings->keyboard16:22
lcbTheSheep, on my installation that's 'xfce4-keyboard-settings' command for that. On the 'layout' pan i have [_] Use system defaults || Kb model =generic 105-key (intl) pc || kb layout [o] pt, and from here i get :o . what to do (sorry...16:26
TheSheepselect your keyboard from the list on kb model16:27
lcb[_] meaning is not assign/checked16:27
TheSheepor select any model that has the keys you want to use16:27
lcbTheSheep, ahh ok, so i need to search any compatible with the one i'm using because it's not listed.16:28
lcbthe only way i believe to do so is test each of the layouts16:28
TheSheepnah, any 'multimedia' one should work16:29
lcbgood. that's a styart :)16:29
lcbstart, i mean16:29
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lcbTheSheep, sorry. for some reason the system rebooted and now i can't get to xfce4. it get's stuck on the login screen. i came here trough the console :(16:48
lcbin other words.. it asks the login session and pass then goes back to it after a couple seconds16:49
TheSheepmaybe see .xsessionerrors16:52
lcbi did the system check on reboot already16:53
lcbi put the matter on #xfce. let's see what thay say :o16:53
Balsaqi would like to purchase a laptop that is on sale for 279.00. i once tried to run a desktop wireless with buntu and couldn't get it done. if i list the specs is it possible to learn-up front-if i can run xubuntu wireless on this laptop, before i buy it?16:53
TheSheepBalsaq: I don't think so, you may see the compatibility page on the wiki16:54
TheSheepBalsaq: but I would just take the livecd to the shop16:54
TheSheepBalsaq: and ask to try it16:54
Balsaqwell the problem is, i am going to wipe out windows 7...and install xubuntu and i don't want best buy to know it or they may void the warranty16:55
Balsaqi dont run live cd i always install one distro right on the hd16:55
TheSheepBalsaq: try the livecd without installing16:55
TheSheepBalsaq: before buying16:55
Balsaqhmmm....well that would give a false positive becasue the live cd includes ndswrapper16:56
TheSheepso does installed system16:56
Setarcoshow can i change my sudo pass?16:56
TheSheepit's your regular user passowrd16:57
Setarcosfrom a gui how can i change this pass?16:57
TheSheepsystem->users and groups16:57
Balsaqi would have to think that an intel celeron 900 2.2 with 802.11 should be able to run xubuntu wireless...its so cheap at 270 its worth the gamble. i suppose worst case scenario i could reinstall windblows17:00
TheSheepwhat's "xubuntu wireless"?17:01
Balsaqi meant...use xubuntu on the laptop as a wireless computer17:01
TheSheepit should run just fine, unless it has some strange hardware onboard17:01
TheSheeptake a look at the graphics card17:02
Balsaqintel graphics accelerator 4500m17:02
TheSheepthat 4,5km? that's large for a netbook17:02
Balsaqit has up to 1695mb  of intel dynamic memory whatever that means17:03
Balsaqbut it is onboard not dedicated17:03
Balsaqso too me that means it runs the video off the ram17:03
Balsaqand it has 3g ram17:03
Balsaqso it will borrow half the ram when it needs it i guess17:04
TheSheephow much video ram do you need on a netwbook?17:04
Balsaqi have no idea17:04
TheSheepare you planning to play games on it?17:05
Balsaqi watch hulu onlice vids and youtube17:05
Balsaqsurf the net and this chat17:05
TheSheepshould be ok17:05
Balsaqi would thinks so...i just have never successfully did  the ndswrapper yet17:06
Balsaqi think i kept searching for drivers and never actually knew about the ndswrapper when i tried it17:06
Balsaqit seems to all about ndswrapper17:07
Balsaqoh its not a netbook its a 15.4 inch laptop17:23
KOlosmanhey i just installed and updated xubuntu17:43
KOlosmanwhat are the essential packages that i need to get now?17:43
KOlosmanbesides that anything else?17:44
KOlosmanfor media, etc17:45
Sysivlc maybe17:45
Sysiand if you have some favourite music player17:46
KOlosmanSysi, so when i try to run something is the default program17:52
KOlosmanby the way do i need to do anything else in xubuntu to able to do most things?17:53
KOlosmanany other must programs that i have to get?17:54
kolasishi i installed my nvidia driver from hardware drivers18:40
kolasisbut it failed, i got an error on boot18:40
kolasisnow i cant login18:40
kolasisto my user18:40
kolasisdo i have to remove the driver or what?18:40
kolasisHelp please18:43
ochosikolasis, first: what error do you get?18:44
kolasis I install my recommended video drivers from hardware drivers gui, and i got an error on boot regarding the nvidia driver. Now when i get to my login screen i cant login (i return to the same screen when i try). What to do18:44
ochosiyes, i understood that part, i just wanted to know what error message you get at boot to figure out what's wrong18:45
kolasisochosi, i dont remember18:45
kolasisit said i may have to update my configuration settings or smomething18:45
kolasisits an old pc18:45
kolasisnvidia 5200 fx geforce its gpu18:45
ochosihm, without knowing that i can only tell you how to get your login back18:46
kolasisversion 173 i installed18:46
kolasisochosi, how?18:46
ochosiwhen the boot fails, go to a terminal with ctrl + alt + f2 and log in18:46
kolasisi did that18:46
kolasisctrl alt f118:46
kolasisi am at the prompt now18:47
ochosi(actually the numbers f1-f6 can be used for that)18:47
ochosi(it doesn't matter which one you actually use)18:47
ochosithen edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf, e.g. with "sudo /etc/X11/xorg.conf"18:47
kolasisshouldnt i remove the nvidia driver in order to use the nouveau?18:47
ochosiin Section "Device" there's "driver"18:48
ochosithere you replace "nvidia" with "vesa"18:48
ochosioh, btw, i forgot an editor in the command, so use something like "sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf"18:48
ochosithen save the file and "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart" should take you back to your login18:49
kolasiswhat if i just remove18:49
kolasismy nvidia driver package?18:49
kolasisand unistall it18:49
ochosiyou still might have to edit xorg.conf, but you can additionally do that if you want18:50
ochosi(ubuntu is relying on xorg.conf less and less with each version so maybe you wouldn't have to change the driver value in xorg.conf after uninstalling)18:50
kolasisok how can i uninstall it then?18:51
kolasisand then try your solution of editing18:51
ochosisudo apt-get remove nvidia-glx-17318:51
kolasisbtw in the hardware gui18:52
kolasisthere was driver 96 also available18:52
kolasisbut it wasnt recommended, should i try it?18:52
kolasiswhich is the appropriate one for nvidia geforce 5200fx18:53
ochosii don't know tbh18:53
kolasisis the recommended one18:54
kolasisalways the correct?18:54
ochosikolasis, your question is too generic and as long as you don't even know (or can't tell) what went wrong with 173 i don't see a point here18:56
kolasisochosi, i removed that driver18:59
kolasisand rebooting18:59
kolasisif it fails i will edit xorg18:59
kolasisto use vesa18:59
kolasisochosi, it says an error19:06
kolasisand its running on low graphics mode19:06
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kolasissudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-17319:13
kolasishow can i install nouveau driver?19:26
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Sysihave you tried if google knows19:31
kolasisfailed to load nvidia module, no drivers exist19:40
kolasisi get this19:40
kolasison boot19:40
AquinaHy! Short question. After I searched half the web I still don't know wheter it's sufficient to run GParted from a LiveCD and resize an existing extended partition and a logival volume inside it.19:48
ubottuNouveau is an experimental open-source nVidia driver, aiming for full 3d support.  Homepage at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/ - EXPERIMENTAL packages at https://launchpad.net/~raof/+archive19:49
AquinaWill I have to make any changes within the system then?19:49
charlie-tcakolasis: default driver installed is nv19:49
charlie-tcaAquina: I have done that, and as long as I did not delete or move the partition, it worked here19:50
charlie-tcaI had to manually add the new logical volume, of course19:50
Aquinathanks. But wil I change something within /etc/ or rerun tune2fs or something thelike?19:50
kolasischarlie-tca, can i update to 9.10 and use nouveau?19:51
charlie-tcaI don't really know. I run nvidia cards, but I don't change the default driver yet. Last time I tried, it failed.19:52
charlie-tcaYou can run the nvidia drivers in lucid by installing them manually, though19:52
charlie-tcaAquina: for the existing partitions?19:53
charlie-tcaI did not have to do anything after resizing19:53
Aquinano lvm installed, yes it's an existing partition I only wanna extend my /dev/sda6 (/home)20:11
charlie-tcaThat should work then. I did that, making my /home twice as big, with no problems20:13
Aquinaok, thanks alot! :-)20:14
charlie-tcagood luck20:15
landiscrHello I need some help with my xubuntu desktop20:36
landiscrHi I need some help with my xubuntu desktop20:38
knome!ask | landiscr20:39
ubottulandiscr: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:39
landiscrok I am using xubuntu and have lost the taskbar at the top of my screen. how do I get it back?20:40
knome!panels | landiscr20:40
ubottulandiscr: Did your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/20:40
knomecharlie-tca, hey, i could remember the bot for this :P20:41
landiscrthat worked. thank you thank you20:42
charlie-tcaknome: nice :)20:53
AquinaHmmm... (<ubottu> landiscr: Did your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel) I'd recommend to ad an ampersand (&) at the end to decuple it from the current shell.22:12
Aquinaor didn't you mean a shell? What is alt+f2 in default installation for?22:13
charlie-tcaAlt+2 runs a separate command window; I think it bypasses the shell22:13
Aquinahm ok22:14
Aquinaso the started xfce4-panel process is probably dependant on the undelying xfce4-dektop proccess or something...22:15
charlie-tcaI would guess xfwm, but I don't really know.22:19
Aquinacharlie-tca: What do you think about using SSD drives with hardy? Is it true they become slower? Will I need a LKM?22:31
charlie-tcaI don't know. I haven't tried them with any version.22:34
charlie-tcaMy equipment seems to think they are nice to have, but are sort of an after thought.22:34
challmanhey, can anyone help me with a new install and video problems? I've got an older system with an ATI Radeon 9000 & DVI attached LCD. when it boots after install, I do see things on the screen right up to before the logon screen but the LCD shows out of range23:57
challmani just installed xubuntu 9.10 and all the updates23:57

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