* HedgeMage waves good night02:28
sbalneavEvening all03:19
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* alkisg notes that in ltsp 5.1.98, ldm-server.postinst hangs and a `service openbsd-inetd restart` is needed from another terminal to unhang it11:55
ograprobably because openbsd-inetd isnt upstartified yet ?11:56
alkisgOh. /me passes on everything upstart related :D11:57
alkisgIt's a very nice thing I'm sure but I don't know anything about it yet11:58
ogracheck what the postinst uses12:01
sbalneavMorning all15:27
HedgeMagehi, sbalneav15:30
sbalneavMorning HedgeMage15:31
HedgeMageGood morning :)15:31
HedgeMageHow are you today?15:31
sbalneavI'm doing ok.15:32
sbalneavYesterday it was about 1C, very unseasonably warm for Manitoba at this time of year.15:32
sbalneavToday it's -15C, with a blizzard :(15:33
sbalneavLots of shovelling to do when I get home today.15:33
Tm_Tbeen -25 °C for a week or more, and still continuing that way <315:34
HedgeMageWe had a warm day yesterday, too, but now it's snowing again.15:35
highvoltageHedgeMage: hey!16:19
highvoltagesbalneav: next year this time you should come down and visit and escape the cold :)16:20
sbalneavhighvoltage: Where, to Sherbrooke? :)16:21
highvoltagesbalneav: no in cape town!16:21
sbalneavBut you'll be in Sherbrooke!16:21
highvoltagesbalneav: I'll probably do like old people from now on and chase summer :)16:21
HedgeMagehighvoltage: hi there :)16:34
sbalneavFor everyone's info, Ahmuck's talking to me in #frogandowl, says he's got some graphics artists potentialli interested in doing some art for us for backgrounds.16:50
sbalneavWhat kind of license should this artwork be licensed under?16:50
HedgeMagesbalneav: Ideal would be CC-BY-SA16:51
sbalneavDoes that allow commercial redistribution?16:55
alkisgRedistribution by whom? The artists themselves? They're not restricted by the license they choose...16:55
sbalneavNo, I'm thinking a commercial entity that may want to issue an edubuntu remix.16:56
highvoltagesbalneav: cool16:56
sbalneavBTW, for everyone's info, Ahmuck indicates: "ya, i've left the project of sorts"16:57
highvoltagesbalneav: CC-BY-SA is cool, it's the -NC one that we can't use16:58
sbalneavok, I'll indicate that to him16:58
joerg__german internet is like in a development country :)17:21
joerg__probably even worse17:21
HedgeMagejoerg__: Some parts of the US are like that, too.17:34
highvoltageseems like people everywhere has internet problems the last few days17:50
highvoltageI wonder if there's some specific kind of big bug or compromise in some kinds of routers that we're all affected by17:50
sbalneavI'm blaming solar flare.  Either that or a Mass Neutrino Event17:53
highvoltagewhat's dhillion-v10's name again?18:12
highvoltageah got it18:15
highvoltagesbalneav: hmm, interesting18:15
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