nixternalhrmm, I just updated gmm++ to 4.0.0, and I got an email saying it is (New) and I have to wait...is this normal if you go from something like a 3.1 release to a 4.0 release? or did I fork something up?01:15
nixternalScottK: gmm++ 4.0.0, can you throw that one out for me?01:17
nixternalI forked up of course01:17
ScottKnixternal: Usually the library package name changes with a soname bump01:17
nixternalgrabbed gmm++ instead of getfem++01:17
ScottKI doubt it.01:17
nixternalsilly me01:17
nixternaland I updated getfem++ over a week ago :p01:17
ScottKnixternal: libgmm++-dev |    4.0.0-3 | lucid/universe | all01:21
ScottKSo should I reject your upload?01:21
nixternalyes please01:22
nixternalshouldn't be -301:22
nixternalthank you sir01:23
ScottKIt looks like the source package name changed in LUcid01:23
* nixternal gets started with the MIRs now that everything is updated01:23
ScottKgetfem++ is where libgmm++-dev comes from now.01:27
nixternalw00t, MIRs done for today01:57
nixternalneed to 2 MIRs to be processed before I can file 2 more MIRs for KOffice deps01:57
nixternalso, hopefully everything will go through and we can have a good KOffice package01:58
Riddellnixternal: just file them all01:58
nixternalRiddell: yeah, I could do that, but rules are, don't file them if their other deps aren't in main yet02:00
Riddellwhat rules?02:00
nixternalthough in the MIR, I could just put "this depends on bug so-and-so first"02:00
Riddellif you have MIRs for the other deps that's fine02:00
nixternalMIR procedures and check list02:01
nixternalI will go ahead and do them now, since I have the text already done02:01
ScottKnixternal: The format just asks the question are all the deps/build-deps in Main, it doesn't say the answer needs to be yes.02:02
nixternalthe new checklist does02:07
nixternalok, filed02:07
nixternalok, maybe there isn't a rule...I swore I just read it...I am sure I didn't make it up02:08
dhillon-v10nixternal: you are pretty good at validation stuff :)03:54
nixternaldhillon-v10: seen it all :)04:00
nixternalbeen doing docs for 15+ years now04:01
dhillon-v10nixternal: wow, didn't know that, been doing docs for about 7 months :)04:05
nixternalyeah, I started with the Linux Documentation Project in 1993, Debian around 1995, KDE around 1997, and a bunch of other crappy projects that have since died :)04:06
ScottKnixternal: It's kind of like when I was riding with the eldest daughter last year and getting somewhat frustrated with her driving and realized that I had a full year of driving experience for every hour she'd driven.04:06
nixternalthat's what happens when you fart dust you old man :p04:06
nixternalw00t, inbox zarro04:07
* ScottK had inbox zero the other day, but then I realized I'd screwed up my kmail rules.04:07
dhillon-v10ScottK: when did you start with linux04:07
nixternalctrl+r in mutt ftw!04:07
dhillon-v10nixternal: so you have been around for a *while* now :)04:07
ScottKdhillon-v10: Relatively recently.  I started using it part time in 2003 and full time since 2005.04:08
nixternaloff and on, I got fed up with Linux around 2000 and ditched it totally for about a year04:08
nixternalin that year I got addicted to Quake 3 and spent time traveling the USA trying to play professionally, but I wasn't that good :)04:08
dhillon-v10ScottK: nice, so that means I am the new one around here :)04:08
dhillon-v10nixternal: Quake 3 is awesome :)04:09
ScottKOf course I also remember buying my Apple ][ and having the salesman tell me not to bother with buying the extra 32K RAM because 16K was enough.04:09
nixternalI still have my Apple ][04:09
nixternaland my vic20 and comm6404:09
ScottKI think mine is in my dad's basement.04:09
nixternaland i found out my atari 2600 is at my brother's house04:10
ScottKI never owned those the Commodore's but did have a job where I sold them.04:10
nixternali went over there last week and his kids were playing pole position :)04:10
dhillon-v10nixternal: I got my laptop from a university as part of a research program so that was good :)04:10
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
Tm_Tgood morning all09:16
=== amik is now known as amichair
amichairmornin Tm_T09:19
freeflyingconnection via mobile broadband keep crash nm-kde09:26
freeflyinganyone has similar experience?09:26
jussi01freeflying: you are actually able to connect? o.O09:29
Tm_TI'm old fashioned and use Kppp09:29
freeflyingjussi01: for wireless/wired, its fine09:30
jussi01freeflying: yeah, I have no issues with that either, I use network-manager-gnome if i need the broadband/mobile stuff09:30
jussi01it has the very awesome mobilr broadband provider stuff for easy setup09:31
Tm_Tjussi01: I find Kppp easy too, just, well, put the number and you're done09:34
jussi01Tm_T: but who knows the number? /me doesnt...09:34
Tm_Tjussi01: it's ~same everywhere, *99***1#09:35
Tm_Tbut yeah, provider database is great, makes it easier09:35
* Sput uses knetworkmanager09:43
Mamarokthe kde-devel meta-package doesn't exist anymore in Debian testing/Kubuntu, has it been replaced?10:41
RiddellMamarok: kde-devel is still there10:52
Mamarokhm, somebody told me Debian testing didn't have it anymore10:57
apacheloggershadeslayer: weeh, congrats11:07
apacheloggershadeslayer: already got a sponsor for it?11:07
apacheloggernixternal: ping11:07
apacheloggerRiddell: is help.kubuntu.org going to mirror help.ubuntu.com or will it be independent?11:12
MamarokRiddell: about the USB problem, it could be a SLOID bug, dfaure just made a patch for: https://bugs.kde.org/16891411:13
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: so is someone going to port kfi?11:14
Riddellapachelogger: can't say I've heard of it11:15
apacheloggerRiddell: yeah, there seems to be lack of documentation from the documentation team ;)11:15
apacheloggerthere is a spec from jaunty suggesting help.kubuntu.org to mirror the ubuntu thingy, and on the lucid todo there is an entry that rich is in the process of wirting documentation for help.kubuntu.org11:16
RiddellI suspect nixternal knows all about it then11:19
apacheloggershtylman: any progress on a kubuntu-installer-theme package?11:24
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah whee :D11:38
shadeslayerapachelogger: no sponsor but i wanted to ask if the naming etc stuff was ok?11:38
apacheloggershadeslayer: what naming?11:38
shadeslayerstill have to talk to motu for sponsors :)11:38
shadeslayerapachelogger: the package names which have ~karmic~ppa0 etc11:39
shadeslayerapachelogger: for eg : https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/kde-extra/+sourcepub/941646/+listing-archive-extra11:39
persiaShouldn't it be in lucid first?11:39
shadeslayerapachelogger: anyhow everything is fine right?11:40
shadeslayerpersia: i also did a lucid build11:40
shadeslayerpersia: https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/kde-extra/+packages11:40
apacheloggeryes, first we need to get it to lucid anyway ;)11:40
apacheloggershadeslayer: ~karmic1~ppa011:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: yes?11:40
apacheloggerthe karmic needs a number attached ;)11:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: i should change it to that? ok11:41
apacheloggershadeslayer: yes11:41
shadeslayerah ok :)11:41
* apachelogger looks at lucid11:41
shadeslayerill do it asap :)11:41
shadeslayeranything else?11:41
apacheloggerlooking at lucid right now11:42
apacheloggershadeslayer: quilt should be removed from the build-depends in debian/control11:44
shadeslayerapachelogger: kopete-facebook?11:44
apacheloggeralways watch the output of debuild11:45
apacheloggerW: kopete-facebook source: quilt-build-dep-but-no-series-file11:45
apacheloggerW: kopete-facebook source: patch-system-but-no-source-readme11:45
apacheloggerW: kopete-facebook source: patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff .directory11:45
apacheloggerthe first 2 warnings are because of the quilt build-dependency and the last one because you accidently got one of dolphin's configs added11:46
apacheloggershadeslayer: also your debian/changelog entry is broken11:46
apacheloggerwhich is why you should only use dch to do anything ;)11:47
shadeslayerah ok11:47
apacheloggerparsechangelog/debian: warning:     debian/changelog(l3): unrecognised line11:48
apacheloggerLINE:  * New Upstream release11:48
apacheloggerparsechangelog/debian: warning:     debian/changelog(l10): badly formatted trailer line11:48
apacheloggerLINE:  -- Rohan Garg <rohan16garg@gmail.com> Mon, 25 Jan 2010 01:39:31 +053011:48
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/362547/11:48
apacheloggerdo apparently something is wrong with your first change line and the bottom line format is somehow messed up11:48
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah i saw that error,but i couldnt figure out what was wrong in that line11:49
apacheloggerfirst things first11:49
apacheloggershadeslayer: please edit the lucid package and then re-backport that package to karmic11:49
apacheloggerotherwise you will almost certainly get lost in what you changed where11:50
shadeslayerok sure :)11:50
apacheloggerso, first open debian/control11:50
shadeslayerill do the lucid build first11:50
apacheloggerthere remove "quilt, " from the build-depends11:50
apacheloggerthen remove the .directory file in the main source directory11:51
shadeslayerapachelogger: already done11:51
apacheloggerthen open debian/changelog and take a look at what makes your first entry line different from the one from Scott's previous changelog entry11:51
apacheloggersame with the bottom line11:51
apachelogger(tip: in both cases you have a whitespace issue)11:52
shadeslayerhad a extra whitespace after every line apart from the first line11:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: um are even the amount of whitespaces set?11:53
apacheloggerthe format is very very strict11:54
shadeslayeryeah i can see that :P11:54
apacheloggerthat is why ScottK mentioned that you should use dch to create the first entry and then only change the content, but not the stuff around it ;)11:55
shadeslayerapachelogger: ok after editing the changelog,i rebuild it right?11:56
shadeslayerdebuild -S -sa11:56
shadeslayeryeah still have a badly formatted trailer line ><11:57
shadeslayerhold one11:57
apacheloggeroh, btw, after you did one upload you can build with debuild -S -sd11:58
apacheloggerthat way you do not need to upload the tarball again, but just the changes, dsc and diff files11:58
apacheloggerwhich is of course a lot faster most of the time ;)11:58
shadeslayeroh thats good :)11:59
Trouble_shadeslayer: Hey dude, I sorted the logging in via kdm problem. Was some dodgy files in /tmp. I wish I'd moved them rather than deleting them, so I could have investigated more. Plasma-netbook still doesn't start automatically though - so that's next on my list ;-)12:02
Trouble_/var/log/kdm.log didn't tell me anything in the end :-s12:03
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://pastebin.com/f37ca247812:04
shadeslayerTrouble_: hmm well you could always put a pre kde script and forget about it :P12:05
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: dunno. I started college last week so I have way less time now12:05
apacheloggershadeslayer: looks good12:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: no changes to version>12:05
shadeslayerlike -0ubuntu0 ?12:05
Tm_Tyay, 1404.37 < CIA-63> sebas * r1080019 /trunk/www/sites/www/ (5 files in 4 dirs): Release KDE 4.4 RC212:06
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: groovy :)12:06
shadeslayerTm_T: :)12:06
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: the being a college student, not the having less time ;)12:06
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: i start mine in 3 days :P12:06
apacheloggershadeslayer: well, the thing is12:06
apacheloggershadeslayer: technically you should not upload -NubuntuN versions12:07
apacheloggershadeslayer: but always suffix them with ~ppaN or ~VERSIONN~ppaN ;)12:07
shadeslayeroh ok12:07
apacheloggerthe version in the changelog is wrong anyway12:07
shadeslayerso i add this to my version right12:07
apacheloggershadeslayer: should be 0.1.512:07
shadeslayerapachelogger: its 0.1.512:08
apacheloggera ubuntu version number always looks like this: UPSTREAM-DEBIANubuntuUBUNTU12:08
apachelogger0.1.5-0ubuntu1 in this case12:08
apacheloggerif the package was based of the first revision of a debian package of kopete-facebook 0.1.5 it would be 0.1.5-1ubuntu112:08
shadeslayeryeah thats what i was asking about... and should i add ~lucid1~ppa1 :12:08
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: oh, I did give k-n-h a distribution upgrade feature in case kpackagekit's turns out to be inadequate12:08
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: kpk should work out fine12:09
JontheEchidnadoes kpk have support for the upgrade quirks that upgrade-manager uses?12:09
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: but for karmic we need to deploy patches to pk and kpk12:09
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: it is all handled via pk internals, kpk just tells the user that there is a upgrade to lucid12:09
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: then it just invokes do-upgrade12:10
apacheloggerwhich is where the problem lies right now, because it will try to launch the GTK interface12:10
apacheloggerand that needs to be patched12:10
JontheEchidnaah, we could have it launch upgrade-manager-kde12:10
apacheloggerthough I have not heared back form glatzor on my patch for pk on that12:10
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: that is what that do-upgrade thingy does12:10
JontheEchidnaso we'd be using the same architecture, just launched by kpk12:11
shadeslayeranyone want noodles ? :P12:11
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: technically not even kpk, kpk just launches a script that launches the update infrastracture ;)12:11
JontheEchidnanice @ noodles and @ kpk ;-)12:11
JontheEchidnathough I've never had noodles for breakfast :x12:11
* apachelogger still aint had no breakfast12:12
shadeslayerits 6 pm here :P12:12
JontheEchidna7 am here12:12
* Riddell throws some porridge at apachelogger 12:12
apacheloggerand I need to be at campus in 45 minutes -.-12:12
apacheloggerweeeh \o/ porridge :D12:12
shadeslayerapachelogger: ok so the version is 0.1.5-0ubuntu0~karmic1~ppa112:13
JontheEchidnaI have to leave in 15 minutes, which is when my ride to campus leaves12:13
JontheEchidnaI think the campus blocks most ports except for port 80 on their wifi, because neither smtp nor irc work there :(12:13
shadeslayerum ~lucid1~ppa112:13
JontheEchidnawill have to talk to the IT dept. to see what's up12:13
apacheloggershadeslayer: that will not work12:13
apacheloggershadeslayer: foo1 > foo1~bar112:14
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: my uni had even blocked launchpad.net12:14
apacheloggershadeslayer: foo1 < foo1+bar112:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: oh..12:14
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: luckily there's no web filter beyond blind port blockage12:14
apacheloggershadeslayer: so you need 0.1.5-0ubuntu1+lucid1~ppa1 now12:14
apacheloggershadeslayer: otherwise launchpad will reject the upload12:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: one sec i need to log this :P12:15
apacheloggershadeslayer: though just to make that clear... the upload to ubuntu will still have -0ubuntu1 and just that ... the suffix is just for PPA uploads ;)12:15
shadeslayerapachelogger: whats the difference b/w ~ and +12:16
shadeslayeryeah can you gys hear me? go disconnected there :)12:18
apacheloggershadeslayer: ~ makes the version smaller + makes it larger12:19
apacheloggersay you have 0.112:19
apacheloggerthen 0.1~foo1 would be lower than 0.112:19
apacheloggerfor example if you make a git snapshot before upstream does any release, then you want to use a version lower than 0.1 for sure12:20
apacheloggerso you could use 0.1~git2010012412:20
apacheloggerno matter what is following, the ~ makes it smaller than the part before the ~12:20
* persia usually uses for pre-releases, just to be extra safe12:20
shadeslayerhmm thats good foo :)12:21
apachelogger+ does the same thing, just that it makes the version larger12:21
apacheloggerso 0.1+git20100124 > 0.1 > 0.1~git2010012412:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: how do i remove all the .directory files?12:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: ok :)12:21
apacheloggershadeslayer: just remove it and debuild ;)12:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: by going into each dir?12:22
apacheloggeryou only have it in one dir12:22
shadeslayerhmmm ok12:22
apacheloggerunless you added more now ;)12:23
apacheloggerin the version I downloaded you only have it in the main source dir ;)12:23
apacheloggershadeslayer: otherwise you could do find ./ -name ".directory" | xargs rm12:24
apacheloggerpersia: 0.0~ ;)12:24
apacheloggerthough I have been told some tool(s) insist that 0.0 is no valid version12:25
persiaapachelogger: Breaks the sync script in Soyuz, or yes, 0~ would be preferred.12:25
* persia discovered this for a package that uses 0~ in Debian12:25
apacheloggerI see12:26
persia0.0.0.1~ seems the least bad compromise, because most projects only have three sections in versions.12:27
apacheloggerSput: that is a rather short version :P12:27
Sputapachelogger: I can't remember the details :) but I found that amusing12:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/362565/12:28
shadeslayerhmm i guess i need to rename the .orig.tar.gz too12:29
shadeslayerand the folder too12:29
apacheloggerSput: 4:4.1.1+really4.1.1-0ubuntu412:29
apacheloggerSput: though I have seen better than that too :D12:29
Sputapachelogger: yeah, something like that :)12:30
shadeslayerapachelogger: also i just noticed that i have : .gitignore12:31
shadeslayeri should remove that too right?12:31
apacheloggerthat is from upstream12:31
apacheloggerSput: also on offer: 3:3.3.8really3.3.7-0ubuntu11.112:32
Sputyou need to do that because you can't force downgrades, right?12:32
apacheloggerif that was to be in a PPA it would be 3:3.3.8really3.3.7-0ubuntu11.1~ppa1, and backported something like 3:3.3.8really3.3.7-0ubuntu11.1~jaunty1~ppa1 ;)12:32
apacheloggerSput: right12:32
Sputnow add to that a package with screwed upstream versioning... mplayer-1.0_rc4_p20091026 comes to mind, though there's worse12:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: ok i think everything went without errors : http://paste.ubuntu.com/362569/12:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: should i dput?12:35
apacheloggershadeslayer: W: kopete-facebook source: diff-contains-svn-control-dir icons/.svn12:36
apacheloggerW: kopete-facebook source: native-package-with-dash-version12:36
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah but as you said thats upstream right?12:36
apacheloggeroh right, didnt see it earlier12:36
apacheloggerbut the second is a major issue12:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: ok what does the error mean?12:37
apacheloggerdid debuild not warn you about anything?12:37
apacheloggercheck your .orig.tar.gz12:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: thats the complete output of debuild -S -sa12:37
apacheloggerapparenlty debuild was unable to find it12:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: kopete-facebook-0.1.5.orig.tar.gz12:38
apacheloggerwrong name, see what I told you yesterday about the tarball name12:38
shadeslayerwith a _ ?12:38
apacheloggerthat is important, anything but NAME_VERSION.orig.tar.gz will be ignored12:38
apacheloggerdpkg-source: info: building kopete-facebook in kopete-facebook_0.1.5-0ubuntu1+lucid1~ppa1.tar.gz12:39
apacheloggerthat is why debuild built its own tarball12:39
apacheloggerwhich then made the package a native package (i.e. a package where Debian/Ubuntu is upstream themself, so there is no individual upstream tarball)12:39
apacheloggerwhich is of course only legitimite for real native packages ;)12:39
shadeslayerfor absolutely new packages12:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: E: kopete-facebook_0.1.5-0ubuntu1+lucid1~ppa1_source.changes: bad-ubuntu-distribution-in-changes-file lucid12:40
shadeslayerignore it?12:41
Riddellyes, ignore that12:41
shadeslayersince it doesnt recognise lucid :P12:42
shadeslayerready to upload.. should i delete the other lucid package?12:42
apacheloggershadeslayer: in the ppa?12:42
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah12:42
apacheloggerno, it will be replaced by the new version automagically12:43
shadeslayerso now the upload..12:43
shadeslayerSuccessfully uploaded packages.12:44
shadeslayeri love it when launchpad sends you the mail :P12:46
shadeslayerok i think i need to change all the package names :P12:48
shadeslayerapachelogger: btw do i have to remove the patch folder everytime or is there some procedure for that?12:49
\shapachelogger: done -> jabber12:49
apachelogger\sh: thx :)12:49
\shapachelogger: welcome :)12:50
apacheloggershadeslayer: no, you just need to get the right package12:50
apacheloggershadeslayer: to get your most recent PPA version: go to the PPA page => look for the .dsc file => copy the url => dget URL => dpkg-source -x DSCFILE12:51
apacheloggerdget https://edge.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/kde-extra/+files/kopete-facebook_0.1.5-0ubuntu1+lucid1~ppa1.dsc && dpkg-source -x kopete-facebook_0.1.5-0ubuntu1+lucid1~ppa1.dsc12:51
apacheloggerfor example12:52
shadeslayerapachelogger: i meant that i have to change rekonq and choqok package names to fit the naming policy12:52
apacheloggerthe versioning policy!12:52
apacheloggernot naming :P12:52
apacheloggerand now, you do not need to12:53
shadeslayeryeah the same :)12:53
apacheloggerdoesnt have much use now anyway12:53
apacheloggergotta run12:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: one sec12:53
shadeslayerwhere do i upload it to get sponsors?12:53
shadeslayermeh hes gone :)12:54
RiddellScottK: 4.3.5 is all built and has had a couple of testers, think I can upload to karmic-backports?13:32
ScottKRiddell: If you think it's ready, I'm OK.  I'm slightly concerned that I read comments on the KDE lists that it had zero testing before release, but I'm good if you're good.14:00
ScottKRiddell: Since backports build at a low priority, it might be best to do it on Friday?14:00
Riddellbah, waiting14:02
ScottKUploading when the buildds aren't busy gives us fewer complaints due to archive skew.14:04
* Riddell gets excited at kdebindings getting to 71% compiled and going14:29
jussi01Riddell: awesome14:40
shadeslayerRiddell: :o14:50
Riddellfailed at 98% !14:50
Riddelllife is cruel14:50
shadeslayerRiddell: error?14:51
ulyssesHello, the link to the KDE SC 4.4 RC2 announcement is wrong here: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.4-rc-214:54
ulyssesIt's point to the KDE SC 4.4 RC1 announcement14:54
shadeslayerulysses: um no14:54
shadeslayerRiddell: free after 30 mins or so?14:55
Riddellulysses: fixed, thanks14:56
Riddellshadeslayer: pardon?14:56
shadeslayerRiddell: need to talk to you after 30-45 mins14:57
RiddellI'm here all day14:57
Riddellnixternal: amazing where he shows up http://mail.gnome.org/archives/marketing-list/2010-January/msg00120.html14:59
Lex79Riddell: I uploaded this night kde-l10n for 4.3.5 in staging15:04
RiddellLex79: yeah saw that, we can probably copy those directly to backports15:06
Lex79Riddell: just curiosity, what happens since changelog version says karmic instead karmic-backports? it will change automatically to karmic-backports after the copy?15:08
Riddellno, that'll stay15:08
RiddellLex79: did sandsmark get the phonon patch done?  I saw he said he was testing it15:19
Lex79Riddell: no he didn't for now15:21
Riddellho hum15:22
Riddelllet me know if you think I should try and poke him15:22
Lex79Riddell: I poke him every day :( :)15:22
Lex79I think we are friends at this point LoL15:23
neversfeldeRiddell: where was the grouping in categories for kickoff disabled last time? I cannot find it.15:51
Riddellneversfelde: it's in /etc/xdg/menus/kde4-applications.menu15:51
neversfeldeok, thanks15:51
Riddellwhich is in kde4libs15:52
Riddellwithout the prefix15:52
apacheloggeroh oh oh15:58
apacheloggerhold on15:58
apacheloggerdid jontheechnida not deactivate it upstream>15:58
Riddellapachelogger: deactivate the patch?15:58
apacheloggerwell the grouping in internet?15:59
Riddellah, dunno15:59
Riddellneversfelde: best check kde svn first15:59
apacheloggerI booted it from 4.3 because of its incosistency with the rest of the menu15:59
apacheloggerthere was no progress for 4.4 so I asked jonny to boot it again in SVN15:59
ScottKIIRC it was booted and then came back.16:01
apacheloggerScottK: I deliberately only booted it from the 4.3 branch but not trunk16:02
apacheloggergiving the author a chance to work things out16:02
apacheloggerwhich did not happen16:02
apacheloggerneversfelde: not yet removed from 4.416:02
apacheloggerdoing that now16:02
ScottKOK.  Time to do it again then.16:02
apacheloggerand trunk too this time16:02
ulyssesUhm, it was reported, that bug 503070 wasn't fixed in kde-l10n-sk16:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 503070 in kde-l10n-sk "kde-l10n-** 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu1 fails to install (tries to overwrite kimagemapeditor.mo from kde-i18n-**)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50307016:06
apacheloggerkde rev 108009216:07
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=1080092&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 108009216:07
ulyssesI thought I fixed all kde-i18-*/kde-l10n-* conflict in karmic-backports16:07
Riddellthat package does include "Replaces: kde-i18n-sk" ulysses16:07
Riddellulysses: probably the problem is that I haven't removed the kde-i18n-sk package yet16:08
ulyssesRiddell: Shouldn't kde-l10n-sk replace kde-i18n-sk, if it's installed? I've tested it, kde-l10n-hu replaced kde-i18n-hu, I don't understand what is the problem with kde-i18n-sk16:10
Riddellulysses: you seem to be looking at karmic, I've not looked into karmic16:12
ulyssesRiddell: yes, I looked it on Karmic16:12
apacheloggerkde rev 108009716:15
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=1080097&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 108009716:15
apacheloggerneversfelde, ScottK, Riddell: removed internet subcategories from 4.4 and trunk upstream16:15
Riddellapachelogger: I'm tempted to say the same should be done to Development16:18
apacheloggerI only have one group there?16:18
RiddellI have Translation (1 app) and Web Development (1 apps)16:19
apacheloggerRiddell: also bug 379820 is non-solvable IMHO ... the problem is that we get desktop file translations from mo files which are cached inside the app (e.g. plasma/kickoff)16:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379820 in ubuntu-translations "KDE language pack updates should call kbuildsycoca4 --noincrement" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37982016:20
apacheloggeranother reason to dislike that approach of localization16:20
Riddellapachelogger: why wouldn't a watch for the .mo files be a solution?16:22
apacheloggerbecause each app would have to watch each mo file (or at least those that are used by it)16:23
apacheloggerthat will eat all sorts of resources big time16:23
apacheloggerwhich is exactly the reason that mo files are not watched to begin with but translations will only apply upon new login16:23
apacheloggerIMHO we should slove this by triggering a reboot notification after lang-pack updates16:24
Riddellhmm, that would work but seems a bit microsofty16:24
apacheloggerI would be interested in particular examples of this issue16:26
apacheloggeras I see it the only way to notice this is when you had an entry that was untranslated, that should be translated after the update16:26
apacheloggerthat of course implies that you *know* that the entry shoudl be translated after the update16:27
apacheloggermaking it a bit of a pointless bug altogether16:27
nixternalapachelogger: help.kubuntu.org will be independent, not a mirror16:34
apacheloggernixternal: okies, do you expect to get it setup before lucid? cause then we should look into adding it to kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts :)16:34
neversfeldeapachelogger: ok, so no need to patch kdelibs again?16:38
apacheloggerneversfelde: aight16:38
apacheloggeralso, we never patched kdelibs to get rid of those cats :P16:39
neversfeldemhh, kubuntu_70_revert_submenus.diff16:39
apacheloggeroh :D16:39
apacheloggerso we did it seems :D16:39
neversfeldeyou did ;)16:40
apacheloggerwhere do we get artwork for 10.04 from?16:40
Lex79apachelogger: strange question....do you know if soyouz has tarball for downloading?16:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: what does this error mean : W: kopete-facebook source: unknown-field-in-dsc original-maintainer16:40
apacheloggerLex79: you mean of the soyouz source?16:40
Lex79apachelogger: yeah16:40
nixternalapachelogger: yes, with the new website16:40
apacheloggershadeslayer: please paste your control file16:40
apacheloggerLex79: no, you'd need to branch the launchpad source I suppose16:41
shadeslayerapachelogger: im doing it for kopete karmic16:41
apacheloggerI do not think they release tarballs of launchpad16:41
shadeslayerok sure16:41
apacheloggernixternal: ok16:41
nixternalapachelogger: it will be the same documentation that is already on the system, so I wonder, could you you have the shortcuts point to a help:/ url?16:41
shadeslayerapachelogger: i still need to edit the homepage though :) : http://pastebin.com/f46bcde5f16:41
Lex79apachelogger: and why soyouz has GNU Affero GPL v3 license if there are no sources? :)16:42
apacheloggernixternal: if you manage to implement search into help:/16:42
apacheloggernixternal: otherwise it would not make much sense16:42
apacheloggershadeslayer: I thought you did that in the lucid version already?16:43
nixternalapachelogger: good point16:43
shadeslayernixternal: docs? where? i want to help!16:43
shadeslayeri did the docs for a browser rekonq so have a bit of experience..16:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: eh?16:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: oh im building this from sractch16:43
apacheloggershadeslayer: you changed the homepage in the lucid package already?16:43
nixternalshadeslayer: where were you last month? :)16:44
apacheloggershadeslayer: that is bad practise16:44
shadeslayernixternal: givin my exams :(16:44
nixternalafter this push of docs is complete, I will probably have more work available, so if you are interested, let me know16:44
apacheloggershadeslayer: take the lucid package and apply as little change as possible16:44
shadeslayerapachelogger: hmm..16:44
apacheloggerultimately you would take the lucid package, add a changelog entry for karmic and be done with it16:44
Riddellapachelogger: artwork for 10.04 comes from upstream?16:44
apacheloggershadeslayer: anyhow, the warning is probably becuase it doesnt like XSBC-Original-Maintainer, so just ignore that warning16:45
apacheloggerRiddell: I mean kubuntu branded one :P16:45
shadeslayerapachelogger: but if i take the lucid changelog wont that contain lucid at the top?16:45
RiddellLex79: soyuz sources are available16:45
apacheloggerRiddell: to prevent people from giving us bad reviews because we did not change upstream's artwork16:45
Lex79Riddell: where?16:45
RiddellLex79: wherever launchpad's sources are, bzr co lp:launchpad might work16:45
apacheloggershadeslayer: dch -v 0.1.5-0ubuntu1~karmic1~ppa1 -D karmic16:46
apacheloggershadeslayer: then you have a karmic entry at the very top and the lucid entry underneath it16:46
Riddellapachelogger: I'm happy with just preventing people from giving us bad reviews because we did16:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: ah..16:46
apacheloggershadeslayer: just take a look at the changelog of some package in the kubuntu beta ppa, most of them are backports16:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: wont that be +karmic1 ?16:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: ok16:46
Riddellapachelogger: and if they're complaining about artwork being boring that means they have nothing important to complain about16:46
apacheloggerRiddell: hehe :)16:46
Lex79Riddell: thanks16:47
apacheloggerLex79: I did not say there was no soyuz source, I said there were no tarballs16:48
apacheloggertarballs are not the only way to distribute source code, you know :P16:48
apacheloggerLex79: on a more important note, just because something is licensed as FLOSS does not mean that its source code is available to the public16:49
Lex79apachelogger: I see, thx16:51
shadeslayerapachelogger: like i said : http://paste.ubuntu.com/362710/16:54
apacheloggeroh right, you are in a versioning mess16:56
apacheloggershadeslayer: 0.1.5-0ubuntu1+lucid1~ppa1~karmic1~ppa116:57
apacheloggeroh the glory of versioning mess :D16:57
nixternalcan't you just use the -b since it is going into karmic?16:57
shadeslayeryeah thats what im thinking too :P16:57
apacheloggershadeslayer: is the lucid package finished?16:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: building? nope16:58
apacheloggershadeslayer: no, sourcewise16:58
shadeslayeri uploaded it,waiting for the 32 bit build16:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah i finished at the same moment and uploaded it16:59
apacheloggerwell, 64bit finished, so it at least builds :D16:59
shadeslayerhehe :)16:59
shadeslayerapachelogger: why does launchpad have a unequal no. of builds for 32 and 64 bit?17:00
apacheloggerbecause it is a cloud17:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: your changelog decreased in quality17:00
apacheloggeralso you did not document that you removed quilt as a build-dep17:01
shadeslayerhmm and the changed link too...17:01
apacheloggerthat is why I said it decreased in quality17:03
apacheloggeror rather in verbosity17:03
apacheloggerthe old entry format was broken, but more verbose17:03
apacheloggerthe new entry is not broken but also not verbose :P17:03
nixternalRiddell: just gave Paul Cutler a heads up on our little workaholic, who seemingly doesn't know how to review patches well or understand how something should work17:03
shadeslayerok ill redo the entry again :)17:03
shadeslayerapachelogger: thanks for pointing that out17:03
shadeslayerapachelogger: also ive learnt that its *best* to work with dch -a :)17:04
nixternalwho knows, this guy just might turn out to be the next super start, maybe even the next linux :D17:04
apacheloggershadeslayer: well, you could also just follow the format and make [whitespace-whitespace-bulletpoint] before your lines ;)17:04
Riddellnixternal: who's he?17:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: i thought it might break something :)17:05
apacheloggerI am linux!17:05
nixternalhe is one of the doc/web/news/* leaders in gnome, a good friend of mine17:05
nixternaleverytime we hang out he tries to show me something cool in gnome to make me switch17:06
nixternalthen I show him KDE 4 and then smash his laptop17:06
apacheloggershadeslayer: well, with dch -a you are almost completely save, but quite frankly I find it easier to just keep an editor open with the changelog and add bullet points manually17:06
shadeslayerapart from E: kopete-facebook_0.1.5-0ubuntu1+lucid1~ppa1_source.changes: bad-ubuntu-distribution-in-changes-file lucid17:08
shadeslayereverything else looks fine when i run debuild -S -sa17:08
shadeslayerapachelogger: i hope youre not getting pissed off :)17:09
shadeslayerapachelogger: ok ive uploaded the correct version of everything now i think,hope it works..17:10
apacheloggershadeslayer: are you on 32 or 64bit?17:13
shadeslayerapachelogger: 64 bits17:14
apacheloggershadeslayer: install http://dk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/d/devscripts/devscripts_2.10.61ubuntu2_amd64.deb17:14
apacheloggerthat will silence all the tools that do not know about lucid17:15
apacheloggerScottK: could we get that backported?17:15
shadeslayerhehe :)17:15
apacheloggersome idle minion around?17:16
shadeslayerapparently gdebi doesnt like the package :)17:17
shadeslayerok lets build again...17:18
* ulysses is on Ubuntu Developer Week17:18
shadeslayerapachelogger: should i update the package no. to ppa1 now?17:18
shadeslayersince it failed twice on upload17:19
shadeslayerum ppa2 i mean...17:19
shadeslayerapachelogger: lol : E: kopete-facebook_0.1.5-0ubuntu1+lucid1~ppa2_source.changes: bad-ubuntu-distribution-in-changes-file lucid17:20
Quintasansup? we have only one session in Dev Week? :S17:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: did you install the new devscripts?17:20
apacheloggerwell, dunno then17:21
shadeslayeri have : 2.10.61ubuntu217:21
ulyssesQuintasan: Yes, only one, but I'm waiting that:)17:22
shadeslayerok done..17:23
shadeslayerapachelogger: when i did : apt-get source ktorrent it gave me a message that ktorrent was available on git.debian.or17:23
* apachelogger throws amarok out the window and uses vlc17:24
apacheloggerah, wrong chan17:26
shadeslayerapachelogger: https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/kde-extra/+packages17:26
* shadeslayer picks up amarok,makes a version upgrade to 2.2.3 and gives it back to apachelogger 17:26
apacheloggerlike that will help -.-17:27
shadeslayernow to wait for 3 hours :P17:28
apacheloggershadeslayer: you know testbuilding in a ppa is bad practise too :P17:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: now you tell me :P17:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: why though? MOTU said i could do test builds in my PPA17:28
apacheloggeryeah, if you had upload permissions you could also do test builds in the ubuntu archive17:29
apacheloggerthat does not mean it makes much sense :P17:30
shadeslayerapachelogger: i think if i had permissions for ubuntu archives i would rather mess up my PPA than the archives :)17:31
apacheloggerjust saying17:31
apacheloggerI finished testbuilding in 5 minutes here :P17:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: :o17:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: how?17:31
* shadeslayer guesses pbuilder17:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: can you teach me that too?17:32
ubottupbuilder is a system to easily build packages in a clean chroot environment. To get started with PBuilder, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto17:32
shadeslayerhehe got it first with google17:32
apacheloggerup we go17:33
shadeslayerCreate a base tarball that will contain your chroot environment to build packages with.17:33
shadeslayerwhat does that mean?17:33
apacheloggersudo pbuilder create17:33
apachelogger :P17:34
shadeslayer>< i mean whats a base tarball17:34
apacheloggerask wikipedia for what a chroot is17:34
apacheloggerthat chroot gets compressed in a base.tar.gz to save disk space17:34
apacheloggerwhen doing a build it then gets decompressed to a temporary location17:34
shadeslayergtg bbl17:36
Lex79Riddell: <sandsmark> nothing new yet, still fails to build17:39
Lex79no progress for now17:39
RiddellLex79: fooey17:40
apacheloggeroh my17:46
apacheloggerthe fact that plasmoids can crash plasma is so ugly it causes nightmares for me17:46
Tm_Tapachelogger: glad they don't do that here17:47
Tm_Twell, I haven't got that issue for a long time17:47
apacheloggerthe fact alone troubles me17:47
apacheloggerand that I cant add half the plasmoids without plasma going down17:48
apacheloggerthough I never was able to touch plasma without crashing it17:48
jussi01apachelogger: +1!17:48
apacheloggermaybe I am too weird a user that plasma cant deal with it17:48
jussi01apachelogger: anything that isnt totally mainstram just kills things... like stasks for instance...17:49
* apachelogger cant even browse widgets right now :D17:49
persiaapachelogger: Can you put an exception handler around the plugin interface, and trap (and drop) crashes?17:50
apacheloggerpersia: yes, for plasmoids implemented in scripting languages17:51
apacheloggernot for binary ones17:51
apacheloggersince they run inside plasma itself17:51
apacheloggerhorrible design if you ask me17:51
persiaUm, why not?17:52
apacheloggerI dunno17:52
persiaI don't know anything about this specific interface, but in the general case where one loads some .so and calls some function to initialise and activate it, one can trap.17:52
apacheloggeryeah, but I dont know the internals either17:53
persiaFor example, the old OpenAL used to send segfault when it couldn't open an audio interface, so client apps needed to put an exeption handler around the initialisation routine and if the exception handler caught a segfault, turn off audio, and proceed.17:53
persiaIn most implementation of plugin interfaces, one can do the same thing.  Just find the init() and run() calls (or whatever names), and add exception handlers that trap a crash, clean up the allocation for the plugin, and go about their business.17:54
persiaMind you, most developers don't add this as a first pass, because plugins never crash :)17:54
apacheloggerpersia: well, if there was an easy approach to it, the plasma devs would probably have implemented an exception handler by now, because 90% of the time plasma crashes because of some faulty plasmoid17:57
persiaBut C++ exception handling is messy and poorly documented.17:57
persiaPlus, usually it's better to fix the actual crash, rather than write code that assumes it will be interfacing with crashing code.17:58
persiaAnyway, worth a check of the implementation if it annoys you enough.17:58
apacheloggerit does not feel like the plasmoids do get any less crashy :S17:58
apacheloggerpersia: next semester, for the time being I will continue playing with C ;)17:59
Quintasanapachelogger: more work for you then ;P18:00
persiaapachelogger: Heh.18:00
apacheloggerQuintasan: well, I suppose implementing exception handling yourself is way faster than using undocumented fancyness :P18:01
* apachelogger leaves for supper18:03
* Tm_T throws spoon for apachelogger18:04
Quintasanapacheloggers last supper18:06
ScottKapachelogger: Someone file the backports bug, say it builds, installs, runs, and let me know.18:24
blueyedWhats the reason for "Install Debug Symbols" being grayed out in the KDE Crash Handler (lucid)?18:30
apacheloggerthat someone better not be me :P18:46
neversfeldeapachelogger: do you have time for another review of minitube? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/minitube18:58
neversfeldemhh wait, seems that revu cannot interact with source format 3.0?18:59
apacheloggerstupid revu19:15
apacheloggerneversfelde: why do you need to override dh_auto_install?19:18
neversfeldeapachelogger: build fails, because the directory does not exist19:19
neversfeldeor it cannot use it19:19
neversfeldemhh, can't remember at the moment19:19
apacheloggerdebian/dirs then19:20
apacheloggerneversfelde: copyright still does not list the nokia copyrights completely19:20
apacheloggerdepends exceeds 80 chars/line19:20
neversfeldeapachelogger: I'll have another look, but what shall I do with debian/dirs?19:21
apacheloggerwith debian/dirs you can create directories19:21
neversfeldeapachelogger: I can only find Nokia files that are licensed under GPL and alternatively under LGPL19:22
apacheloggerthey are not19:24
apacheloggerneversfelde: they are either commercial or lgpl, or commercial or gpl19:24
apacheloggerso you must list those that are commercial + lgpl and those that are commercial + gpl19:24
apacheloggerindependently from each other19:24
* txwikinger thought everything in qt is LGPL now19:25
neversfeldeapachelogger: I can find Nokia files which are GPL and files which are commercial + LGPL + GPL, but no file that is commercial + GPL19:42
apacheloggerneversfelde: in that case the copyright just needs to mention that commercial+lgpl+gpl19:47
neversfeldechaos :)19:48
apacheloggerand even then thelist is incomplete19:48
apacheloggersrc/qtsingleapplication/* for example is all (c) nokia19:48
ScottKIs it on purpose that apport suddenly cares about plasma crashing?19:56
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
txwikingerdidn't apport do that already before?20:15
ScottKI was getting Dr. Konqi before.20:16
ScottKI thought we dropped the apport patch20:16
ScottKapachelogger: Didn't you kill that?20:16
neversfeldeapachelogger: I do not need override dh_auto_install because of a missing dir, I need it because the permission is denied. So I cannot use debian/dirs, can I?20:18
apacheloggerScottK: not me personally20:21
apacheloggerneversfelde: why would permission be denied?20:22
neversfeldeapachelogger: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/362845/20:23
neversfeldeI had a look at keepassx, that package seems to have the same problem and thay solved it there with override dh_auto_install, too20:24
apacheloggerneversfelde: ok, then20:25
apacheloggerseems that qmake makes crappy make files :P20:25
neversfeldeapachelogger: reuploaded, hope I got all files now in copyright20:34
neversfeldeLex79: you colibri packages fails to build for me21:27
Lex79neversfelde: it wasn't when I uploaded to revu :( Can you paste the build log?21:29
neversfeldeLex79: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/362883/21:30
neversfeldetell me, if you need the whole log21:30
Lex79neversfelde: is it the same your issue? I mean for minitube21:35
neversfeldeLex79: I do not think so, but can test, if you want?21:35
Lex79yes please21:36
neversfeldeLex79: it really fixes it21:42
neversfeldedon't know what is wrong there21:42
Lex79neversfelde: is it fixed with  override_dh ?21:44
neversfeldeLex79: yes21:44
neversfelde        $(MAKE) INSTALL_ROOT="$(CURDIR)/debian/colibri" install21:44
Lex79neversfelde: we need to investigate, something is wrong with debhelper or something like21:44
neversfeldeyes, seems so21:45
Lex79yes, if we need that change for every package...something is wrong in the lower level :)21:45
neversfeldeRiddell: do you have an idea what is wrong there?21:47
neversfeldealso something is wrong with adding plasma programms like the powermanager to the tray21:51
neversfeldeit does not work21:51
ScottKLex79: Did you see sandsmark's comment about updated Qt patch on #kde-devel21:57
Lex79ScottK: yes he sent me a private message21:58
ScottKOK, great.21:58
ScottKJust making sure.21:58
Lex79sure, no problem, thanks21:59
neversfeldeJontheEchidna: as apachelogger is gone, do you have time to do another review of minitube?22:51
* JontheEchidna looks22:51
neversfeldeI promised upstream that we'll do our best to get it in22:51
neversfeldeI corrected depneds line and copyright in the last upload22:52
JontheEchidnaneversfelde: I would suggest depending on the "phonon" metapackage rather than the backends separately. This way if new backends crop up in the future only the phonon metapackage will have to be updated, and not every package that uses phonon22:57
neversfeldeJontheEchidna: so22:58
neversfeldeDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, phonon ?22:58
JontheEchidnayeah, phonon will handle all the magic for depending on a backend22:58
JontheEchidnaotherwise it looks great22:59
neversfeldeJontheEchidna: reuploaded23:05
JontheEchidnaneversfelde: I'll ack once it's up23:06
* Lex79 is working on Qt 4.6.123:07
JontheEchidnahow's that going with phonon?23:09
Lex79JontheEchidna: sandsmark made a new patch23:10
Lex79I'm building to see what happens23:10
neversfeldeJontheEchidna: I got a mail, as I wrote that I reuploaded, so it should be there23:11
crimsunwhy phonon instead of phonon-backend? Does it specifically require features only in the phonon package?23:11
crimsuni.e., since phonon is a metapackage, it seems odd to depend on it23:12
crimsunany new backend would Provides: phonon-backend, regardless23:12
JontheEchidnathe phonon package depends on libphonon4 (>= 4:4.6.0-1ubuntu6), phonon-backend-xine | phonon-backend23:12
JontheEchidnato ensure that -xine is favored, I suppose23:13
JontheEchidnaneversfelde: ack'd23:14
neversfeldeJontheEchidna: thx23:14
neversfeldeLex79: you are no MOTU, aren't you?23:15
crimsunJontheEchidna: that's kinda ugly. The -backend-foos already depend on libphonon4.23:19
crimsunI would Depends: ..., phonon-backend-xine | phonon-backend, ...23:19
* JontheEchidna hides behind "that's what debian does"23:20
crimsunfor which source package?23:20
* crimsun preps his BTS cannon23:20
Lex79neversfelde: I'm not23:20
neversfeldeLex79: why? :)23:21
JontheEchidnacrimsun: qt4-x11, might be worth it just to talk with fabo though23:21
Lex79ehhhhh :)23:21
JontheEchidnaLex79: you have my full support should you decide to apply for MOTU or Kubuntu-dev (or both)23:22
Lex79JontheEchidna: I read something about Motu membership in mailing list23:23
neversfeldewell, thats good, but helps me not, now ;)23:23
neversfeldeI'll guess I have to ping some americans at this time23:23
neversfeldenixternal: you're around?23:24
nixternalneversfelde: yes23:27
neversfeldenixternal: can you have a look at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/minitube23:28
nixternallooking now23:28
neversfeldethank you23:28
Lex79JontheEchidna: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/motu-council/2010-January/002367.html23:28
* Lex79 thinks should become core-dev directly at this point23:29
JontheEchidnahmm, interesting23:29
neversfeldemhh, I would like to be a MOTU23:29
Lex79JontheEchidna: how to disable lzma compression in .pbuilderrc ?23:30
neversfeldeand tahts really confusing23:30
JontheEchidnaLex79: I don't know of any way to do it from pbuilderrc. There's a flag that you can set in debian/rules temporarily though, just a second23:31
JontheEchidnasetting that to 0 is the only way I know how to disable it for pbuilder23:32
JontheEchidnaer, setting that to 123:33
Lex79yes because there is "NO" :)23:33
Lex79Qt 4.6.1 builds fine \o/23:35
nixternalneversfelde: ack and uploaded, thanks!23:39
neversfeldenixternal: thanks23:39
neversfeldeminitube was hard work23:40
neversfeldeand I am proud that it is uploaded, I must say :)23:41
apacheloggerLex79, JontheEchidna: just export that in pbuilderrc23:41
Lex79thanks apachelogger23:41
Lex79apachelogger: export DEB_NO_LZMA = 123:42
apacheloggerLex79: no whitespaces I think23:45
apacheloggerexport DEB_NO_LZMA=123:45
Lex79JontheEchidna: what package I have to rebuild against new qt+phonon to see if I still have sound? kdebase-runtime is enough?23:54
JontheEchidnaLex79: phonon-backends23:54
Lex79ah ok :)23:54
JontheEchidnaLex79: in addition to kdebase-runtime, to be clear23:55
Lex79eheh now is really ok, thanks :)23:56
neversfeldeI miss my choqok 0.94 sync bug23:58

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