shadeslayerdaskreech: meh... thatll take a day or two :(00:01
daskreechshadeslayer: https://launchpad.net/~neversfelde/+archive/experimental00:01
shadeslayerdaskreech: yeah i know about that :)00:01
shadeslayerbut i didnt want to package git...00:01
daskreechYou have 64 bit choqok?00:06
shadeslayerdaskreech: i compiled it00:07
daskreechGinoMan__: can You jump into #kwin ?00:10
GinoMan__/join #kwin ?00:10
daskreechGinoMan__: Yes00:10
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GinoMan__may be dumb to say, but I'm here... now what?00:19
shadeslayerGinoMan__: which client?00:21
daskreechGinoMan__: maybe KDE 4.4 ?00:22
shadeslayerdaskreech: whats going on?00:22
daskreechhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/362248/ <--- shadeslayer00:22
GinoMan__oh... KDE is 4.3.200:23
daskreechI know I was asking maybe you wanted to upgrade to a newer KDE ?00:24
daskreechKDE 4.3.4 or KDE 4.400:24
GinoMan__that may help00:26
daskreechGinoMan__: ^^^00:27
* GinoMan__ loves sudo !!00:28
GinoMan__I feel like I'm telling the computer "SUDO STUPID!!!!"00:28
* GinoMan__ is full-upgrade-ing00:30
* GinoMan__ waits 13 minutes for it to finish00:31
* GinoMan__ downloads00:31
GinoMan__hey, is there any cool feature additions between 4.3.2 and 4.3.400:38
daskreechGinoMan__: and usual logout then press alt+E on the login screen and relogin00:38
GinoMan__alt E?00:38
daskreechno features for a minor bump00:38
daskreechit's a bugfix release00:38
daskreechalt+E restarts X00:39
GinoMan__I thought it was control alt bksp00:39
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GinoMan__almost done00:44
GinoMan__hey... can kopete do irc yet?00:46
GinoManstill crashing00:50
daskreechGinoMan: same error00:51
GinoMani don't know if I said this but it started after I did all the updates after installing from the CD00:55
daskreechThe error doesn't come up anywhere on the net either :(00:55
GinoManthe crash handler says there's a problem with the libGL00:56
daskreechGinoMan: so you are surviving without kwin or you have another window manager?00:56
GinoManwhich was ugly until I installed gnome and xfce00:56
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GinoManwhat about the graphics driver not wanting to install properly01:02
daskreechGinoMan: whatls it doing?01:05
GinoManit's the ati driver01:05
GinoManthere's no option for making karmic packages01:06
GinoManso I had to make jaunty packages01:06
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:07
GinoManI've been to that page01:08
GinoManthe problem is that I create the driver using "aptitude install fglrx-kernel-source" and it says that everything works fine and that everything installs01:09
GinoManbut when I run "lsmod | grep fglrx" I get nothing01:09
GinoManif I "modprobe fglrx" I get an error01:10
daskreechGinoMan: sudo depmod01:11
GinoManFATAL: Error inserting fglrx (/lib/modules/2.6.31-14-generic/updates/dkms/fglrx.ko): Cannot allocate memory01:11
GinoManif I modprobe01:11
GinoManthere was no output to depmod01:12
daskreechdo you have ati or some such loade?01:12
GinoManati_agp                 6760  001:13
GinoManagpgart                34988  1 ati_agp01:13
GinoManlsmod | grep ati01:13
daskreechnot sure if that's the driver01:15
GinoManI removed the01:16
GinoMangraphics did not change at all01:16
daskreechmodprobe fglrx01:17
GinoManFATAL: Error inserting fglrx (/lib/modules/2.6.31-14-generic/updates/dkms/fglrx.ko): Cannot allocate memory01:22
daskreechuname -r01:23
GinoManhold on01:24
GinoManI'm gonna restart in
xerocan someone tell me why operation is not permitable .. sudo chown xero:xero /media/storage01:25
crimsunxero: you probably want uid=, gid=, and/or umask= instead.01:26
xeroits fat3201:26
crimsunright, see above.01:27
GinoMan_how do I set kdm as the default display manager?01:28
xerotryed that01:28
GinoMan_oh... kwin crashed on bootup again01:29
xerothey dont work and what shoulid i put after the = and do i type -o aswell?01:29
xerolike sudo chown xero:xero /media/Storage -o uid= ????????????????01:29
xeroi someone culd help me with this it would be verry apreciated its a fat 32 drive so im not sure01:29
xerowhat command will make me read wright to it01:30
xeroits a /dev/sda601:30
xeroanyone know of a partition maniger for linux? kinda like partition magic?01:31
xeromaby ill just make it a ext 4 filesystem instead01:31
scunizixero: it's called "partitionmanager"  ..01:31
xerosudo apt-get install partitionmanger?01:31
scunizixero: will you be sharing this drive with a windows machine?01:31
xerothats why i made it fat 3201:32
scunizithen don't make it ext4.. make it ext301:32
xerocouldent pick nfts from the linux menu01:32
scunizithere are drivers for windows and ext301:32
xeroext 3 shows up in windows?01:32
xeroaww ic ic01:32
GinoMan_why don't people make ext4, xfs, jfs, etc drivers for windows?01:34
GinoMan_I mean, if you have the source code for the linux driver, shouldn't it be a simple task of porting the driver to windows?01:34
crimsunxero: those are mount(8) options, not chown(1) options01:34
scuniziext3 has been around for quite some time and the driver works but occationally has quirks.01:35
xeroyeah i know01:35
xeroi just want to be able to read wright to my fat 3201:35
xerobut it keeps saying i dont have permission01:35
xerowhen i try chown it01:35
xeroso i wana format it with partition manager but partition manager wont let me do anything how i run it in administrator mode01:35
xerolinux is confuseing sometimes :(01:36
xeroi shoulodent have to change ownership when im on my admin account01:36
crimsunxero: you're approaching it from the wrong angle fundamentally. It isn't a chown(1) issue; it's a mount(8) issue.01:37
xerobut its mounted01:37
xeroand i used the mounting manager and took read only off01:37
xeroand remounted it01:37
xerowhat could i be missing?01:37
crimsunwhat mount options were used?01:37
daskreechGinoMan_: They do01:38
xeroi dunno lol just the ones that prevent me from reading and wrighting01:38
xerowant me to pastebin a screenshot?01:38
xeroof my editor?01:38
crimsunxero: grep ntfs /proc/mounts01:38
xeronothing happen01:38
crimsunxero: sorry, grep vfat /proc/mounts01:39
xero/dev/sda6 /media/Storage vfat rw,relatime,fmask=0022,dmask=0022,codepage=cp437,iocharset=iso8859-1,errors=remount-ro 0 001:39
crimsunxero: is that from fstab(5)?01:40
xerothats what came up01:40
xerowhen i typed grep vfat01:40
gabinoobiequelq'un parle français ds le coin ?01:40
crimsunxero: yes, those are the /active/ options, but the options are given somewhere. I'm asking whether they're specified in /etc/fstab.01:40
omaralguien habla español01:40
xerowhat do u want me to do sire01:41
crimsunxero: so look in /etc/fstab.01:41
omaralguien habla español??01:41
crimsunomar: #ubuntu-es, por favor01:41
crimsunomar: lo siento, #kubuntu-es01:41
ilumiwhen i set $JAVA_HOME what is the last folder that should be included, the bin or the main java folder?01:42
xero# /etc/fstab: static file system information.01:42
xero# Use 'blkid -o value -s UUID' to print the universally unique identifier01:42
xero# for a device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name01:42
xero# devices that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).01:42
FloodBotK2xero: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:42
mkquist__xero: cant you just edit your fstab to allow user access?01:43
mkquist__xero: like use these options  - vfat    user,rw,noauto      0   001:44
xerocould u pm me the proticol for changing fstab plz? private msg i would apreciate it01:45
xeroi gota go l8tr guys thanks for trying01:45
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:46
* GinoMan_ almost put rm * as root01:47
GinoMan_instead of ./*01:47
daskreechGinoMan_: Fear you for you are root and forgetfull01:47
daskreechgranted * and ./* are the same thing01:48
GinoMan_I didn't know01:48
K350Is there no progressbar when transfering files in Dolphin?01:49
daskreechK350: I get one01:49
K350daskreech: Where is it?01:50
daskreechK350: If you have plasma running then it's by the i in the system tray01:51
daskreechwhich will probably be a number now01:51
K350daskreech: it disapears01:52
K350daskreech: I mean..it opops up and disapears01:52
K350daskreech: Any idea how to make it permanent visible while transfering files?01:53
daskreechK350: I think you can pin it01:53
* GinoMan_ wonders how they make a self installer that's a shell script01:53
daskreechIf you click it it stays up but I have KDE 4.401:53
daskreechGinoMan_: loads of ways. How who does it ?01:53
GinoMan_the ati driver01:54
K350daskreech: Aha, well I've KDE4...if it's not updated......01:55
GinoMan_it's a huge 81 mb file and it registers as a text file and then the text file is a shell script01:55
daskreechK350: Well yes :) that's why you have plasma. Do you have KDE 4.3 or 4.4 ?01:55
daskreechGinoMan_: It's a Binary file with a shell script headed01:56
K350daskreech: Good question. what's the command teh check version?01:56
GinoMan_so what... a shell script with a tar.gz concatenated to it?01:56
dungawhat equipment do i need so that guests connecting to my wireless network can only browse the net and not browse other network resources?01:57
daskreechK350: In any KDE app help -> About KDE01:57
GinoMan_replace your router with a portanet01:57
K350daskreech: Ah, I see...01:57
dungahi GinoMan01:58
tcarter i have a phillips webcam and installed setpwc from synaptic Pkg mngr...can anyone tell me where i can find it or how to run it?01:58
dungawhat is a portanet?01:58
daskreechwhat is setpwc ?01:59
K350daskreech: I've KDE 4.3.2  Is 4.4 stable or beta?02:00
tcarterdaskreech: it is a module that is supposed to help config the phillips webcam to work in linux02:00
GinoMan_dunga: 2600 vol 26, issue 4, winter 2009-2010: Page 9-1202:00
daskreechK350: Ahmm it's RC202:01
daskreechI don't know if you consider that stable or not02:01
GinoMan_basically you get a laptop with a wireless card, equip it with a second card, then set up software on it that makes it a wireless server02:01
daskreechtcarter: setpwc from the command line doesnt start it?02:01
GinoMan_you can do the same with a desktop with two wireless cards02:01
dungaGinoMan - you have confused me more.02:02
GinoMan_hold on dunga02:02
dungaany special software if I went desktop solution02:02
tcarterdaskreech: no unless i was in the wrong directory but i tried several. and i cant find it anywhere under the applications menu02:02
K350daskreech: Well, thanks for helpling me finding the progressbar :-)02:02
GinoMan_Dunga: if you go to borders or barnes and noble, buy the hacker quarterly (2600) it's the latest one02:04
GinoMan_has an old old telephone operator photograph on the front with a elderly woman as the operator wearing headphones02:04
GinoMan_looks like that02:04
daskreechtcarter: Hold on02:05
GinoMan_inside on the pages i cited, there's instructions on how to set up a portanet02:05
GinoMan_it's a wireless router/webserver02:05
tcarterdaskreech: ok thanks02:05
GinoMan_you can make it so that it's wirlessly connected to your router, you're router is encrypted02:05
GinoMan_and the portanet is unencrypted02:05
GinoMan_the unencrypted portanet then serves up whatever you want02:06
GinoMan_a limited internet02:06
dungaI Googled it up. Looks plasticky - if only to judge a book by its cover02:06
GinoMan_or just certian services02:06
GinoMan_that it provides through the encrypted router02:06
GinoMan_or care of02:06
GinoMan_the encrypted router02:06
GinoMan_your guests connect to it instead of directly to your router02:06
daskreechtcarter: type man setpwc02:08
tcarterdaskreech: ok02:09
tcarterdaskreech: thank you02:11
GinoMan_it'd be nice if the ati package maker was more verbose02:11
GinoMan_that would explain it02:12
daskreechWhat did you find out02:12
GinoMan_I was using ati driver 9-302:12
GinoMan_the newest one out was 9-1202:12
GinoMan_wow.... epic fail02:12
private2Hi, I am stumped and the forums were not of help. I am running KDE3 on Kubuntu 9.04 (long story). When I went to update kdebase-runtime, adapt-updater had install errors and now I cannot get Firefox to start. "sudo apt-get -f install" and "sudo apt-get install kdebase-runtime" did not help. Do you have any suggestions for what I should do next?02:14
daskreechprivate2: Where did you get KDE3 From?02:14
private2daskreech,  I found the link on the Kubuntu wiki. The site is pearsoncomputing.net02:16
daskreechprivate2: ok right :)02:17
private2daskreech: I have been using it for months and this is my first problem...02:17
daskreechI'm sure they would be happy to hear about that :)02:18
daskreechWhat were the errors?02:19
GinoMan_FATAL: Error inserting fglrx (/lib/modules/2.6.31-17-generic/updates/dkms/fglrx.ko): No such device02:20
GinoMan_I hate my life02:20
private2daskreech: adapt-updater says "there was an error committing changes possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages".02:21
daskreechprivate2: unravel the errors manually02:22
GinoMan_01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]02:23
private2daskreech: "sudo apt-get install kdebase-runtime" last line says "e: sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)".02:23
daskreechWith no reason?02:23
private2daskreech: "errors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-runtime_4%3a4.2.2-0ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb"02:25
daskreechprivate2: rm that file and sudo apt-get update and install again02:26
private2daskreech: It still failed. "trying to overwrite /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/kdesu which is also in package kdesudo"02:30
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daskreechprivate2: ack that error. You can --force-overwrite02:31
private2daskreech: "sudo apt-get --force-overwrite install kdebase-runtime"?02:33
private2daskreech: I have never had to do that before.02:33
daskreechYeah it's a kdesu kdesudo conflict02:33
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private2daskreech: "sudo apt-get --force-yes install kdebase-runtime" had same error as before and "--force-overwrite" did not exist.02:38
crimsunthose are only options for dpkg, not apt-get.02:39
daskreechyeah that ^^02:40
daskreech it's dpkg -i --force-overwrite02:41
private2daskreech: "dpkg -i --force-overwrite kdebase-runtime" errors with "cannot access archive no such file or directory"02:44
crimsunyou need the full path to the deb file02:44
private2Yup and got errors of "dependency problems prevent configuration of kdebase-runtime" and "package kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4 is not configured yet".02:48
crimsunso now use apt-get -f install02:54
private2I think that did it. Thank You VERY much :)02:56
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Martijn81are there any realistic car games yet for linux?04:13
Martijn81no body knows04:19
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moonrock713linux rules04:45
shadeslayermoonrock713: moonrock713 we know04:46
shadeslayeri think the kde release team is so in love with rc2 it refuses to officially release it :P04:48
moonrock713no i mean linux really rules....cause i can really program cool things in python04:49
daskreechMartijn81: Yes05:03
Martijn81which one daskreech?05:04
daskreechI think it changed it's name recently05:06
Martijn81daskreech: i cannot enjoy this game so much to be honest :o05:09
daskreechMartijn81: What game are you looking for?05:10
Martijn81a car game which looks like trackmania original05:10
Martijn81hard to match that right>05:11
daskreechTrackmania is very realistic ?05:12
Martijn81well, yeah they do it well i guess05:13
Martijn81hmmm, the saling game of this software builder does not work under kubuntu with wine though05:28
Martijn81let's see what trackmania does here05:28
daskreechThe what?05:29
Martijn81hehe, lol, they a sailing game too there05:32
Martijn81which should be for what i was looking for05:32
Martijn81but it does not load, unfornately05:33
daskreechStill not following but I hope you fix it :)05:55
tony__ anyone know where exactly in firefox it calls to the OS (linux specifically) to use a certain widget? reason being my widgets are messed up in kde 4.4 using firefox portable06:08
daskreechtony__: Looked ok in KDE 4,3 ?06:11
tony__idk, new to kde and linux06:12
tony__it looks ok in the installed firefox, just not portable06:12
daskreechAh probably qtcurve06:15
tony__yeah, have it installed06:16
daskreechportable probably just doesn't know it's there06:16
tony__reason being is it's easier atm than encrypting home partition06:16
tony__so portable on encrypted file works better atm06:17
tony__i know, just wondering where in ff's code would it be to call the widget image06:17
tony__i know the least bit about programming but may be of use to someone else also06:18
tony__idk why apps like to install all over the place in linux and windows06:18
tony__i'm afraid my passwords and stuff will be not be secure since they're stored in unencrypted files or folders, right?06:19
daskreechtony__: Well if you can get on irc.mozilla.org then #firefox there would be quite helpful with the portable issue06:21
tony__yeah, tried though. need to register. don't know how06:21
daskreechtony__: I don't know of apps that install all over the place06:21
tony__firefox does. it's got files in home, /usr/share /usr/lib, etc06:22
tony__is it generally safe to use firefox to store passwords?06:23
ilumiwhat do you mean safe?06:26
owen1Anyone with Dell mini 10 or Inspiron 11Z - please confirm the touchpad bug I just sumbitted - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/51219206:27
ilumii confirm06:27
ilumii had problems with it on my laptop06:28
daskreechtony__: it keeps it's files in ~ by default. For a portable config you can keep them on the encrypted Stick06:28
ilumihowever it wasnt e sensitivity issue06:29
ilumiother problems06:29
alokitowhere can I set the shortcut for window opacity? I forgot :(06:30
daskreechGlobal Shortcuts?06:30
alokitodaskreech, where in globar shortcuts?06:31
tony__btw, i'm amazed at how far kde's come. i'm watching movies on boxee, kdelirc setup so easy, and my desktop looks awesome06:34
tony__thanks to any kubuntu and kde devs, if you're in here06:34
tony__looks better than windows 7 i was using and i'm very picky about aesthetics06:35
* alokito *still* can't find the opacity settings anywhere06:36
* alokito is upset06:36
tony__opacity for what?06:36
alokitoouch I've forgotten google :|06:36
tony__system settings, appearance06:36
alokitotony__, windows06:36
tony__or right-click desktop06:36
Duskaoanyone else running an Ati gpu? perhaps a 4850? What driver do you find is the most stable?06:37
tony__alokito, system settings, desktop06:37
tony__then advanced06:37
alokitook, checking :)06:38
tony__then translucency. is that what you're looking for?06:38
alokitogoogle can find that anyway, wonder how I forgot google :P06:38
alokitoumm there's no translucency in there @ tony__06:39
tony__it is in mine using kde 4.4rc206:40
alokitoI'm in Lucid A1 KDE SC 4.4 RC1... btw :)06:40
tony__in 4.3 i think it was in right-clicking the desktop06:40
alokitoin lucid a2?06:40
alokitosorry it's a2, not a106:40
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alokitono I'm 4.406:41
tony__maybe your card can't perform translucency, idk06:41
alokitono I can use all effects06:41
alokitowell, I'm looking for manual opacity control06:41
alokitowindow* opacity06:42
alokitoand I did have this feature in karmic but forgot where it was06:42
tony__i don't see it, only seen an option for "translucency"06:42
daskreechAlt+F3 ?06:42
tony__then again, i'm not much help. i haven't used kde in ages06:43
alokitodaskreech, yup, thanks... but where can I set a keyboard shortcut?06:43
tony__since when did kde catch up with win7? i'm surprised the progress06:43
alokitoi.e. I want to control transparency with Alt+MouseScroll06:44
alokitotony__, kwin+compiz had those effects long before win-dows06:44
daskreechtony__: I think you should be surprised the Windows 7 caught up with KDE06:44
* alokito agrees with daskreech 06:45
* alokito boos MS06:45
daskreechNo need for that :)06:46
tony__yeah but windows 7 was stable with those effects06:46
tony__kde 4 seems very stable and very usable unlike the last time i tried with 4.106:46
alokitowindows, stable?06:47
alokitothey can't even make a virus free kernel or fragment free FS!06:47
tony__yeah, generally moreso than linux, imo06:47
daskreechI'm sure they could but then why would you buy the next one?06:47
tony__linux fragments and can get viruses, just wait until 50% userbase, if it ever happens06:47
daskreechtony__: 4.1 was a intital release. Sort of like Windows Vista06:48
ubottuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2106:48
tony__vista was better, very stable. just a system hog06:48
daskreechHmm I crashed it the first day I got it06:48
alokitotony__, virus attack is impossible *without* the user's own will in the sudo/root system06:48
daskreechIt blamed Firefox06:48
tony__i started jdownloader lastnight for the first time and it crashed my whole system, a java app. not very good06:49
daskreechin any case all of this is offtopic06:49
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!06:49
tony__alokito, impossible in the loosest sense of the word06:49
tony__ok, back on topic06:49
alokitohmm yes06:49
alokitowe should talk about this in offtopic channel06:50
tony__but i'm using rc software. seems surprisingly stable06:50
tony__i have no need to flame other os's, just got off topic06:50
tony__all are very good in some ways06:50
tony__hearts's with linux06:51
daskreechGranted there is only about three at this point in time06:51
daskreechWindows, Unix Flavours and Symbian06:51
tony__OSX. it's far removed from unix06:52
alokitotony__, to point out the faults of an OS isn't flaming06:52
daskreechIt's very UNIX06:52
daskreechit just doesn't use X06:52
daskreechWhich is perfectly valid in a UNIX mindset06:53
tony__come to think about it, i've had them all on my pc. even symbian through a java emulator06:53
alokitoand yes it truly is impossible to get a automated virus attack if you know what sudo/root account is for06:53
alokitoI've used symbian in Vbox06:54
daskreechalokito: it's not impoossible since alot of stuff is left automated06:54
alokitooh it's google android, not symbian06:54
daskreechHowever it's suprememly unlikely to have a virus "problem"06:54
alokitodaskreech, like?06:54
daskreechEither widespread or in a particular instance06:55
daskreechalokito: like someone having a cron job running things from his ~/bin dir06:55
alokitono I mean where's the leak for an automated attack?06:55
daskreechor from the cron-daily dir06:55
daskreechThere are a few vectors but they are all reliant on both a silly user and blind chance06:56
alokitohmm I've never faced any in 3 years of Linuxing06:56
daskreechThey may infect 15 or so people worldwide which for most cases isn't worth the effort06:57
daskreechand certiainly won't be a "problem" except for those people who will wise up pretty quick06:57
alokitoIt's never recommended to install softs aside from a trusted repo... thus if you get affected, it's your own fault06:58
daskreechUnless you are in a highly automated heterogenous work environment you will likely hear someone caught a virus and wander over to take a look, laugh then go on working since you probably won't get affected06:58
tony__anyone have back mouse button working in dolphin? should it work by default?06:58
tony__would be nice to have06:58
alokitokde now supports touchpad B-)06:59
daskreechWindows problem is if anyone catches it then you probably will to. Linux and UNIX setups are the opposite it's quite unlikely your machine is like anyone elses06:59
daskreechHooray Qt and Nokia06:59
alokito(though I don't have any idea how to use those on a desktop)06:59
alokitodaskreech, the (kubuntu)OT channel is all silent, the official(this) channel is not much active either... so please don't mind if we are not always using it for support related discussions :P07:04
=== PreShower is now known as Presnus
daskreechi know it just has to be said :)07:05
alokitohehe okay :)07:06
tony__just to let anyone know, i found an easy way to use mouse gestures in dolphin and about all browsers at kdeapps07:12
daskreechNice blog it07:13
tony__i have no blog. have nothing important to really say, lol07:14
daskreechAhwell that would have a further reach than the few people here listening :)07:15
alokitoall my blogs are in my native lang.(bangla)07:17
alokitodon't have any in English :(07:17
tony__bangla? bangladesh?07:18
alokitotony__, where are you from?07:20
alokitoyou should try the mouse themes in kde-look.org07:23
alokitoI don't like the default theme so I installed some07:23
tony__yeah, hope it's warmer where you're at. getting sick of winter07:23
alokitothey look cool B-)07:24
tony__it's not bad. most are kind of tacky07:24
alokitoyah, winter is fading away07:24
alokitorain is my favorite season07:24
tony__rain is a season there? here's it's just an instance07:25
tony__i used to like rain but doing construction work, i hate working out in the mud07:25
alokitoyup it's our speciality!07:25
alokitopeople here love to play soccer on Mud :D07:26
tony__you mean football? i though us americans were the only ones who say soccer07:27
alokitoyup, footbal07:27
alokitothere are 2 variations of football I think07:27
alokito1 is like rugby(american football) and the other is genuine football07:27
alokitoso, soccer is more specific...07:29
tony__seems soccer is a least fav sport here. i always liked it though07:30
alokitocricket and football are my fav sports07:30
alokitoand chess and carrom in board games07:31
tony__don't play any sports here or board games. mostly just video games. lazy, i know07:34
tony__i get enough physical labor at work anyhow07:34
alokitoyup I also play PC Games07:35
tony__then again, i'm approaching 30. getting too old to be banging my body around07:35
alokitoI'm 1907:35
alokitobrb I gotta take a shower07:36
tony__i play pc games some, though since i'm on kde, i guess steam and other games aren't much good07:36
alokitotony__, there are lots of good games in http://playdeb.net07:37
alokitoyou should try some :)07:37
=== alokito is now known as alokito|away
tony__yeah, i'm familiar with linux games. played plenty though i don't want my windows games to be wasted07:37
Smudo1983warsow is a very nice game07:38
Smudo1983you can install the 2 os with dual boot man07:39
=== alokito|away is now known as alokito
tony__yeah, dual booting now07:56
tony__got a 360 for games so not too worried07:56
tony__i just installed kde 4.4rc2. is it usually a problem playing two sounds at once?08:00
shadeslayertony__: nope08:11
tony__ok, i can play two avi's at once. just not youtube and an avi or amarok08:15
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shadeslayerGuest34402: ?09:03
shadeslayerum sorry09:03
kameronis qtparted in kubuntu repos?09:07
alokitolucid's kubuntu 4.4 is now RC2?09:07
shadeslayeralokito: probably09:07
shadeslayeralokito: (if they repaired mesa)09:07
alokitoshadeslayer, how can I check the version?09:07
shadeslayeralokito: we also i have kde 4.4.RC2 ( in karmic )09:08
alokitoI have installed all latest updates09:08
shadeslayeralokito: open any app and check > Help > About KDE09:08
alokitoso mine is also RC2?09:08
alokitoyah, RC209:08
alokitocool :D09:08
shadeslayeralokito: :)09:08
alokitokde4 rocks09:09
alokitoI wasn't a kde fan at all before kde409:09
rethusanyone using ktimetracker in kontact? seems to be very buggy09:12
alokitohmm there should be scrollbar in amarok lyrics plugin09:12
alokitoI have to maximize the screen to read the whole lyrics :(09:13
rethusdont save any values09:13
rethuscan i upgrade to newer kde version than kde 4.3.209:14
rethusshould be stable09:14
rethussandhya: is this a question or an answer?09:15
alokitokde 4.4 rc2 is pretty stable for me, but I won't recommend it to newbies :-)09:15
sandhyathat is the newer KDE version which is stable09:15
=== anthony is now known as Antman15
rethus4.3.4 is stable?09:16
rethuswhich repos i had to add?09:17
Tm_Trethus: 4.3.4 is in Karmic backports09:17
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging09:17
rethusalokito: thanks, i'm not a newbie, but i dind't ive on the edge.09:17
rethusso backports is not experimantal, its realy stable?!09:18
sandhyamy console beeps have stopped being audible post the upgrade to karmic09:18
sandhyaany idea why? or how to debug?09:18
=== amik is now known as amichair
Tm_Trethus: yes09:19
alokitorethus, hmm okay... I'm using the Lucid alpha 2 for everything I do in my pc and having no trouble at all09:19
rethusTm_T: so i'm new to kubuntu but many years on suse... what repos should i add for ubuntu too? whats about security and update repos... which one is after clean installation added, which one shoul i add after installation?09:20
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories09:21
Tm_Trethus: I think security and updates are on by default09:21
Tm_T!worksforme | alokito09:21
ubottualokito: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/09:21
alokitorethus, this might help: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/01/19/how-to-install-kde-4-4-rc-in-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala/09:21
amichairis anyone seeing plasma-dekstop taking up a whole lot of memory (RES) ?09:22
Tm_Tthat helps if he likes to install non-stable release, yes09:22
rethusso i use this for adding backports:?09:22
Tm_Tamichair: not me09:22
rethusdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu karmic-backports main universe multiverse restricted09:22
Tm_Trethus: yes09:22
alokitoTm_T, I already said that, Guess You didn't read my messages!09:22
Tm_Talokito: I did (:09:22
alokitoTm_T, <alokito> kde 4.4 rc2 is pretty stable for me, but I won't recommend it to newbies :-)09:23
rethusdeb command not found09:23
alokitorethus, you gotta add the right repo in your sources.list09:23
sandhyarethus: read up on the help links09:24
sandhyaanybody have any ideas on my sound issue?09:24
amichairmy plasma-desktop (KDE 4.3.4) is up to 937M and rising. I opened a kde bug, but they can't recreate. looking for someone else who sees this, so we can maybe pinpoint the cause.09:24
alokito!ask | sandhya09:25
ubottusandhya: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:25
sandhyaalokito: scroll up09:25
alokitosandhya, System Settings->Notifications->System Bell09:27
alokitoif thats what you are looking for... :-/09:27
sandhyaalokito: That's useful. Thanks. The issue is that I can't hear the console beep / system bell.09:29
sandhyaI used to be able to09:29
Black^Oprahhttp://phuzion.mirror.waffleimages.com/files/cf/cfec6f73a10e39d1c343cac345e4c226b04475ac.jpg happy Aus Day to all aussies for tomorrow!09:29
sandhyafor e.g., the beep command from the cli is now inaudible09:29
alokitoI don't like console beeps09:29
sandhyaI used to hear it fine09:30
rethushow is the apt-row for deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu karmic-backports main universe multiverse restricted09:30
alokitothey remind me of old pcs :-S09:30
sandhyathey're more reliable than sound files :)09:30
sandhyaand controllable separately09:30
alokitorethus, there should be a kde 4.4 repo for karmic, but it might not be stable09:30
rethusso i didn't need it... ui cant take me over to use beta ;) don't try it anyway09:31
alokitook :)09:32
alokitothen you should be happy with the KDE 4.3 in your karmic repo09:32
alokitoif you need something better you have to join the bleeding edge :P09:33
rethus4.3 is ok. but i try now 4.3.4 thats should have some new features infront of 4.3.209:33
rethusno thanks09:34
alokitohmm that's cutting edge :)09:34
rethus114 new packages :D09:35
alokitoin backport?09:35
rethusnow i have 4.3.2 and in backport are 114 new package for me09:38
rethusso thats "living on the edge"-enough for me ;)09:38
jussi01rethus: its just the update to a new release - it usually updates most packages - ie. 4.3.2 -> 4.3.409:39
alokitorethus, good for you :)09:40
jussi01Currently, the "bleeding edge" is 4.4 RC2 ;)09:40
alokitojussi01, yup and I'm in that right now ;)09:40
alokitohere's my current desktop: http://i45.tinypic.com/ir1awj.jpg09:43
alokitooh I've also created a panel with app shortcuts on the right... but it's set to autohide so showing in the screenshot09:46
alokitonot* showing09:55
* alokito yawns09:55
Paddy_NIHello not sure if I am in the correct place but I am trying to use network-manager-gnome in kde 4 would anyone know of a guide for doing this?10:23
Sungod123hello, i need help regarding intsallation10:23
Sungod123i burned the kubuntu 64 bnit image on a cd,i boot from cd everything works fine, i see kubuntu flash screen when i click "install kubuntu" but after that i only see a black menu and theres a text marker which keeps splashing10:24
Sungod123and it wont go any further10:24
Sungod123i'ms new to linux, if anyone could help?10:24
Paddy_NISungod123, sounds to me like the x server is crashing10:25
Sungod123no idea what that is Paddy_NI, and how do i fix it10:25
Paddy_NISungod123, have you tried just selecting install when you boot the cd10:25
Sungod123many times10:25
Paddy_NISungod123, X is responsible for the graphical display10:25
Sungod123i tried install without changes to computer, or check cd for effects10:25
Sungod123same thing happens on all10:25
Paddy_NIhmm.. could be your hardware10:25
Sungod123i'm using a dell laptop10:26
Paddy_NIwhat gfx card are you using?10:26
Sungod123i also have a 32 bit ubuntu cd10:26
Sungod123which works fine10:26
Sungod123let me check10:26
Sungod123one sec10:26
Paddy_NISungod123, also if ubuntu 32 bit installs correctly then you theoretically should be able to install 32 bit kubuntu10:27
Sungod123ATI mobility HD 457010:27
Paddy_NIOkay just a moment10:27
Sungod123i assumed Paddy_NI, first i thought i'm burning the image wrong, burnt again 2 times, same problem :(10:27
Sungod123and yes i have 32 bit cd, shipped from ubuntu, but i wanted KDE desktop and 64 bit to utilise my RAM completely10:28
Sungod123so i downloaded the 64 bit kubuntu10:29
Paddy_NISungod123, Is your laptop a Dell Studio 15?10:29
Sungod123yes sir10:29
Paddy_NIHave you read this http://www.linlap.com/wiki/dell+studio+1510:29
Sungod123nope, i will now Paddy_NI, can you hold on10:29
Paddy_NIYeah sure I am of to make some tea10:30
=== Guest34402 is now known as orion76
Sungod123Paddy_NI: it tells me everything should be working fine :/10:31
Sungod123i dont see any compatibility issues listed there10:31
Paddy_NISungod123, oh it seems he was not using 64 bit10:31
Sungod123ah, does that make difference?10:32
=== sergio_ is now known as DESLIGA
Sungod123and now where do go from here? is there any possible solution to this for a newbie like me10:32
Paddy_NII am reading10:34
Sungod123thanks a lot for trying10:34
Sungod123in meantime, ill sit tight10:34
Paddy_NISungod123, are you sure its an ati card?10:35
Paddy_NIseems to be intel10:35
Sungod123yes Paddy_NI, i'm on windblows7, and used dxdiag10:35
Sungod123is there possiblity of me burning the image wrong10:36
Sungod123any way to check that? or if that was the case it wouldnt start at all10:36
Paddy_NIIt appears the laptop's built in display is incompatible with Intel graphics driver. According to the last couple of posts on that site10:36
Paddy_NIhmm.. sec10:36
Sungod123because from my past experience normal ubuntu has been alright, although it got corrupted after some time fo no reason, so i thought ill try kubuntu 64 bit now10:37
Paddy_NISungod123, just found this http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-laptop-and-netbook-25/ati-mobility-radeon-hd-4570-on-kubuntu-9.10-64-bit-765615/10:38
Sungod123i'm also seeing a console like thing Paddy_NI10:40
Sungod123after the basic kubuntu logo and splash screen10:41
Paddy_NIyes I know10:41
Sungod123but i dont see his problem resolved10:41
Paddy_NIlast post10:41
Sungod123what's wrong, and how to fix10:41
Sungod123well i only have 1 graphic card i think10:41
Sungod123and its dedicated10:41
Sungod123Paddy_NI: his desktop effects were'nt working, for me it wont even start or do anything at all :/10:45
=== xiella is now known as Xiella
pat|nGi accidentally closed my panel...how can i set it back to the original themes and everything?10:53
Koliapat|nG: right click on desktop --> add panel?10:54
=== fredensborg is now known as meco
pat|nGi've been doin that10:54
pat|nGbut i can't get it right to its original form10:54
pat|nGi just wanna need it to the original settings10:54
Sungod123can anyone else help me please?10:54
simion314Sungod123: what is your problem?11:01
Sungod123<Sungod123> i burned the kubuntu 64 bnit image on a cd,i boot from cd everything works fine, i see kubuntu flash screen when i click "install kubuntu" but after that i only see a black menu and theres a text marker which keeps splashing11:02
Sungod123<Sungod123> and it wont go any further11:02
Sungod123i tried using Wubi just to test, it gave error regarding something with installation files11:02
Sungod123i torrented the image and burnt using roxio, i dont know what i'm doing wrong11:03
Sungod123ive burnt it on 2 cds so far, same problem11:03
Sungod123can you help simion31411:04
simion314Sungod123: it can e that the image you downloaded was corupted, try to check the MD5 sum,also can be a bug , you can install using the alternate CD11:05
Sungod123i dont have 64 bit alternate CD11:05
Sungod123and how do i check MD5, i'm new to linux sorry11:06
Sungod123my alternate CD is 32 bit ubuntu, i wanted it 64 bit with KDE so i dled that11:06
simion314Sungod123: there are instructions on the download page11:06
Sungod123could you please redirect me11:06
Sungod123with a link11:06
Sungod123md5 sums?11:07
simion314Sungod123: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM11:07
simion314Sungod123: this how to is better http://ubuntulinuxhelp.com/how-to-check-md5sum-of-downloads-reader-questions/11:08
Sungod123simion314, may i pm you11:08
simion314Sungod123: yes11:10
psteynHi guys.  What linux software can I use to view my Nokia E75's messages and so on?  Anything that works for E71/72 should also work11:16
Basstard`psteyn: I saw a program last week.. can't remember what it was called..11:22
Basstard`psteyn: Wammu..11:24
Basstard`psteyn: or Gammu..11:24
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DaughainOk....WHat flag do I use to get badblocks to mark sectors so they dont get used on a reformat?11:53
DaughainOr, how do I get this to work...??11:53
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=== TeLLu is now known as TeLLuS
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AhoxHi, laut kubuntu.org ist kde rc2 draussen. Die werden bei mir jedoch noch nicht angezeigt. Stimmt das oder mache ich etwas falsch?13:39
Pici!de | Ahox13:40
ubottuAhox: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.13:40
AhoxArgh, sorry, I am still kind of sleeping. I want to install the kde rc2 which according to kubuntu.org is already out.  However my aptitude does not show me any updates. (the beta ppa are enabled).13:41
shadeslayerAhox: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:42
Ahoxshadeslayer,  tried that to no avail13:43
shadeslayerAhox: also check if you have already upgraded to  RC 2 already13:43
Ahoxshadeslayer,  ouch, thnx13:43
shadeslayerAhox: packages were uploaded a few days ago but not officially announced :)13:43
Ahoxshadeslayer,  ok, this would explain it13:44
Ahoxthnx a lot13:44
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richb1908new to IRC bear with me please14:39
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:39
richb1908Just installed Karmic on a very old laptop. Enjoying the experience14:41
guest2any one can help me how to install Apache hadoop14:41
Tm_Thi villemv14:45
villemver Tm_T, you were expecting me? ;-)14:46
=== dione is now known as Dione-Munir
Tm_Tvillemv: not really, just said hi to new .fi face around here (to me atleast)14:54
marc-andrei don't have sound in java applications (at least in the Cisco WebEx client), what do i need to adjust ?14:54
villemvTm_T: alright. I thought you were someone I knew that I didn't recognize from the nick :-)14:54
BluesKajmarc-andre, make sure you have all your reposities enabled , then install flashplugin-nonfree or kubuntu-restricted-extras14:56
BluesKajerr repositories14:57
marc-andreBluesKaj: ahhh, my bad, i installed the ubuntu-restricted-extras x(14:58
BluesKajmarc-andre, hmm that should still work , but install flashplugin-nonfree as well14:59
jaisonanybody home15:14
FloodBotK2jaison: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:14
jaisonim new to ubuntu15:16
jaisonim not able to connect to the internet15:16
jaisoni have problems15:16
jaisoncan anybody help me??15:16
jussi01jaison: patience mate, not everyone is here at all times, just ask and wait :)15:17
rmrfslashyou have the wireless application running and visible in the system tray?15:17
rmrfslashrather, the network manager15:18
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:18
jaisonit shows the signal15:18
rmrfslashif you run ifconfig -a do you ahve an IP on wlan015:18
jaisonhey now its working15:19
rmrfslashhost google.com15:19
jaisondonno why15:20
rmrfslashok... well15:20
rmrfslashhave fun15:20
jaisoni hvae one more doubt15:20
jaisoni dont like ubuntu 9.015:20
rmrfslashwe all have our doubts15:20
jaisoni was using15:20
rmrfslashi just upgraded, it's a bit better than 9.0415:20
jaisonubuntu 815:20
jaisonit was good15:20
jaisonexcept for the video chat15:20
jaisonso i once installed15:20
jaisonubuntu 915:20
rmrfslashyou're on the "K"ubuntu channel, you know that right?15:20
FloodBotK2jaison: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:21
rmrfslashso I assume when you say ubuntu you mean kubuntu15:21
rmrfslashin essence ubuntu is Debian + GTK while Kubuntu is Debian + KDE15:21
rmrfslashwhat video chat?15:22
jaisonin pidgin15:22
rmrfslashpidgin has video?15:22
jaisonin ubuntu 9 it has video15:22
rmrfslashI see15:22
jaisonso i changed to ubuntu 9 once15:22
rmrfslashThis was a huge missing feature in old pidgin15:22
jaisonyes i know15:23
rmrfslashanyways... so you're using Pidgin w/ video15:23
rmrfslashin Kubuntu 8.1015:23
jaisoncan i??15:23
rmrfslashand when you upgraded to 9.10...........15:23
jaisoni dont think so15:23
rmrfslashI dunno, did you try?15:23
rmrfslashapt-get install pidgin?15:23
jaisoni have pidgin15:23
jaisonvideo doesnt work15:24
rmrfslashI don't use pidgin, I can't help you15:24
rmrfslashI use (if I'm to use a standalone IM client) Empathy15:24
rmrfslashit's considered by several to be the Pidgin killer15:24
rmrfslashdon't know how true that is15:24
rmrfslashbut it seems to work15:25
=== Malin_ is now known as Malin_away
abnerppl, Im looking for the kde 4.3.3 pkgs that was in launchpad. where are them? moved to another place?15:28
rmrfslashin empathy when I try to start a new video chat I get empathy-Message: Element error: Failed to connect: Connection refused -- pulsesrc.c(597): gst_pulsesrc_open (): /GstPipeline:pipeline0/EmpathyGstAudioSrc:empathygstaudiosrc0/GstGConfAudioSrc:gconfaudiosrc0/GstBin:bin3/GstPulseSrc:pulsesrc015:29
rmrfslashwhat a piece of junk15:29
EagleScreenabner: they are in karmic-backports15:30
abnerEagleScreen, do you have the deb repo address, please?15:31
EagleScreendeb http://es.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu karmic-backports main restricted universe multiverse15:31
rmrfslashjaison: if I've learned anything, never just *expect* something to work when it comes to linux15:32
rmrfslashand what fixes one app will likely break another15:32
abnerEagleScreen, let me test it here, thanks in advance!15:32
rmrfslashcuz no one can agree on a multimedia API15:32
EagleScreenabner: you can enable this repo in your kpackagekit settings15:32
rmrfslashor a network manager15:32
rmrfslashor anything15:32
cjohnstonInterested in learning about how to do development work in Ubuntu/Kubuntu? Join in on the Ubuntu Developer Week to learn! Ubuntu Developer Week is starting in approx. 30 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat   - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek for more info15:39
Sungod123When I boot from Kubuntu 9.10 CD then the initial menu (with e.g. the keymap and language menu) is displayed but the actual full Ubuntu is not successful booted later.15:46
Sungod123After some minutes only the cursor is visible on a black screen.15:46
Sungod123and it keeps blinking, and nothing happens15:47
=== fmagno is now known as bombel
ubuntuhi, i want to try out mdadm for my raid system, am i able to configure this under the desktop cd of 9.10?15:52
somekoolanyone upgraded to 4.4 rc2 ? how stable is it ?15:52
ubuntusomekool: not yet, but rc1 was not stable here seeing that it made apt-get to fail big time15:54
ubuntusomekool: ì would advice to wait for the normal backport release of it15:57
=== maximo is now known as Maximo
ubuntuthose are more stable IIRC15:57
ubuntuany knows?15:58
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IzinucsI've got a couple kmail questions.... how do I get "Reply's" to start my reply on Top of the previous message instead of the bottom?  Also, how do I get forwards to "Quote" the text instead of "Attaching" the previous email?16:48
=== wftl_ is now known as wftl
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sa1981_hey everyone16:52
sa1981_anybody know how I backup kopete message history?16:52
wftlJust back up $HOME/.kde/share/apps/kopete/logs sa1981_16:53
wftltar it, zip it, or whatever. Burn it to a disk and store it.16:54
eitreachIs there a way to automount my external drive in KDE 4.3, like there is in KDE 4.4?16:55
eitreachI'm not skilled enough to mess around with fstab, so..16:55
sa1981_wftl: ok, cool thnx alot16:55
sa1981_wftl: I am actually using kopete under ubuntu16:56
=== xrandr is now known as Guest67479
sa1981_wftl: can it be kopete_history?17:06
wftlsa1981_: How old is your Ubuntu release.17:06
sa1981_old...8.10 i think17:06
wftlIt's possible that this is being stored in .kde4 instead of .kde17:06
wftlSame folder, but .kde4 instead17:06
sa1981_yes, there is where i found this folder17:07
=== Luukje|Food is now known as Luukje
sa1981_wftl:  ...kde4/apps/kopete_history17:07
=== melissa_ is now known as melissawm
sa1981_wftl: must be it right?17:09
r00t_each tiem i try to unrar a rar or other archive i get an error about "CRC failed"17:14
sa1981_wftl: cannot find the logs folder17:18
ilumisa1981_: logd for what17:18
Krezkeywhats a good chat client other than Kopete17:19
ilumiKrezkey: pigin?17:20
ilumior pidgin, something like that17:20
sa1981_ilumi: logs for kopete chat history17:21
sa1981_ilumi: am trying to find the history file for kopete chat history17:21
sa1981_ilumi: under ubuntu 8.10 though17:21
Krezkeyhaving problems with Kopete...keep getting unwanted people added to friends lists.17:21
IzinucsSuddenly my audio has stopped working.. It's been fine for the last 5 years on gnome and on 9.10 kubuntu up until today.. any suggestions on how to diagnose this?17:22
ilumisa1981_: check if there is a hidden directory in your home folder17:22
ilumisa1981_: for kopete17:22
sa1981_ilumi: hm17:23
sa1981_ilumi: no17:25
FOADMy new keyboard does not have previous/next mmkeys, but I'd like to assign that function to some of the other (worthless) mmkeys it does have.  How do I do this, please?17:25
ilumisa1981_: do a search for it17:26
sa1981_ilumi: i did before, the only thing I found was kopete_history17:27
sa1981_ilumi: but that does not seem to be it17:27
lavinhelp ubuntu drivin me crazy17:28
BluesKajKrezkey, if you want an irc dedicated client , then try konversation17:28
Izinucsor Quassel17:29
BluesKaj<---not a quassel fan m but to each his own :)17:29
Krezkeywell O want to chat on yahoo. I use Quassel here17:29
KrezkeyI want to chat on yahoo.17:30
IzinucsBluesKaj: It's "ok".. I'm typically in irssi :)17:30
BluesKajyahoo ? who cares about yahoo anymore17:30
Krezkeyall my friends areon there. thats all17:30
BluesKajhehe, nm I'm just an old graump who thinks those silly google chat and yahootalk clients merely AIM wanna be's17:31
Krezkeythats ok...to each their own.17:32
ilumisa1981_: is the loging turned on?17:32
Izinucseven aplay doesn't work anymore on k9.10 .. suddenly and without notice.. any advice on diagnostics?17:32
sa1981_ilumi: yes it is17:32
sa1981_ilumi: i have logs from 2007 and onwards that i need to backup17:33
ilumisa try .kde/share/apps/kopete/logs17:33
sa1981_ilumi: could it be one of the following: kcm_kopete_history.so or kopete_history.so17:34
ilumisa1981_: dont know, backup them all17:35
sa1981_ilumi: ah, screw it17:37
FOADPlease, anyone?  How can I remap multimedia keys?17:37
sa1981_ilumi: thanx a lot for your help17:37
iconmefistoFOAD: systemsettings, keyboard & mouse, standard keyboard shortcuts17:41
FOADiconmefisto: sadly there is no "Next" or "Previous" there. (For songs.)17:42
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iconmefistoFOAD: is that something that should work in all music players? or just one particular player?17:49
FOADiconmefisto: the former.17:49
iconmefistoFOAD: you might want to look into xmodmap to remap keys17:50
[GuS]Hi guys, since i've updated to kde4.4rc2 i have problems related to qscintilla: RuntimeError: the sip module implements API v7.0 but the PyQt4.Qsci module requires API v6.017:50
FOADBasically, I want to remap two mm buttons to XF86Prev and XF86Next.17:50
FOADI guess I will have to descend to that level.17:50
FOADI hoped Kubuntu would provide something more.. userfriendly.17:50
FOADBut thanks for the sugguestion, iconmefisto. :)17:51
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genii[GuS]: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=550720 posts a solution which may work for you18:05
r00t_My desktop is no longer vieable,what happned? (my desktop file area not my background)18:05
[GuS]genii: i was about to compile latest qsci :)18:07
[GuS]which i guess will fix that18:07
Sakuiis automount where it automagically mounts CD drives and other things?18:07
geniir00t_: Add widget called "Folder View" to your desktop18:07
r00t_when using fileroller or other prograsm to open a rar file i get this error:rld-nwn2.iso         - CRC failed18:11
r00t_ Anyway to fix this?18:11
Sakuiis automount where it automagically mounts CD drives and other things?18:15
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iconmefistor00t_: corrupted download?18:16
r00t_iconmefisto: its done this with many .rar files also woudlent ktorrent have runa .md5 after teh download was copmlete?18:17
user_i have problems with gpg and pinentry18:20
user_I can't read encrpyted mails or sign them18:22
user_pinentry rushes though and don't ask me for my pw18:22
user_then error is wrong pw18:22
user_what can i do?18:22
iconmefistor00t_: do you have unrar or unrar-nonfree installed?18:25
geniiuser_: Did you install Kubuntu from inside Ubuntu, or was it installed from a Kubuntu cd? It can be you don't have pinentry-qt4 but pinentry-gtk2 instead18:26
r00t_icon: E: Package unrar-nonfree has no installation candidate18:27
r00t_iconmefisto: ^18:27
=== Guest56030 is now known as xrandr
r00t_unrar is installed18:27
genii!info unrar-nonfree18:27
ubottuPackage unrar-nonfree does not exist in karmic18:27
genii!info unrar-free18:28
ubottuunrar-free (source: unrar-free): Unarchiver for .rar files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.0.1+cvs20071127-1 (karmic), package size 21 kB, installed size 108 kB18:28
iconmefistothat's the one I meant. unrar-free. sorry for the confusion18:28
user_genii: from a kubuntu live cd18:30
user_then upgraded twice18:30
user_but i have some ubuntu things as well. using have kmail and thunderbird - in case this is of importance18:31
geniiuser_: Does command: apt-cache policy pinentry-qt4           show that it is installed?18:32
irene__Hi, all. The hard drive of my laptop is dying, so i'm trying to mount its encrypted data on another ubuntu laptop. But user ids are different. Okay, i'm not very clear, but here's my question: can I create 2 entries in /etc/passwd having different usernames but the same uid/gid ?18:33
user_oh it says none installed18:33
user_genii: installing pinenetry-qt4 now18:34
somekoolirene__: no but you can change ownership of all files18:34
user_maybe that was not used back in intrepid where I originally installed kubuntu18:35
user_thank you18:35
geniiuser_: Keep us posted18:35
irene__Thanks somekool18:35
nasrullahcould anyone tell me how to install realplayer codecs in amarok????18:36
user_genii: I restarted kmail now, but still same prob18:36
user_genii: I found out that when I do 'pkill gpg-agent' then I can enter my pw in the gpg editor, else this one also says 'wrong pw' without actually asking me. the screens just rush through18:37
nasrullahrealplayer codecs for amarok please.....................18:38
user_genii: I did not have pinentry-gtk but pinentry-qt  (without the '4') should I rather uninstall this one now in order to avoid clonflicts?18:39
BluesKaj!real | nasrullah18:41
ubottunasrullah: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats18:41
nasrullahthank you <ubottu>18:42
user_hmm, genii, I now have pinentry-qt4 installed, -qt uninstalled, closed kmail, pkill pgp-agent, pkill gpg-agent, reopen kmail18:44
user_now the dialogs don't rush thru anymore, but still it asks no pw and says 'wrong pw'18:44
geniiuser_: Apologies on lag, my work is quite busy right now.18:45
nasrullahi want to buy a netbook....which one is good with kubuntu???18:46
user_genii: no problem. work is priority. thank you anyway18:46
user_anyone else?18:49
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geniiuser_: Does: grep use-agent ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf            show it as commented out?19:03
user_genii: andy@Rechner:~$ grep use-agent ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf19:10
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blueyedCan somebody provide (i.e. confirm or not confirm) bug 447929?19:12
user_blueyed: I just tried19:16
user_could not enter as I have no account, but so far it worked as should19:16
blueyeduser_: thanks. So when clicking Ok, you got an error page and the dialog closed? Are you using Karmic?19:17
blueyeduser_: then it's an odd bug.. happened with karmic for me, too. Have you setup kwalletmanager? (i.e. passwords in the KDE Wallet)19:18
user_the original dialgo closes it says authentication failed and asks if I want to try again or cancel19:18
user_cancle brings error page19:18
user_yes I have19:18
blueyedok. Can you leave a comment on the bug please, if you have a LP.net account?19:18
user_no account sorry19:18
user_maybe I get one later19:18
blueyedOdd. But thanks! Now I know that it's something obscure at least.19:19
blueyedI can provide your info there, no prob.19:19
blueyedBut a LP.net account does not hurt.. ;)19:19
blueyedThanks again and enjoy your (better working) Kubuntu.. ;)19:19
user_maybe just reinstall kwallet19:19
user_mine is bugging me as it lets me not read my mails19:19
blueyedin what regard?19:20
user_it tells me I gave wrong decryption pw though it didn't even ask me for a pw19:20
user_gpg with pinentry-qt4 for example in kmail19:20
blueyedso then pinentry window does not pop up? This has nothing to do with kwallet AFAIK (at least I get the pinentry dialog, but nothing about my kdewallet)19:21
user_i never said it had to do with kwallet.19:21
user_no no window even popping up19:21
illunatichey guys i used putty on windows the shell into a remote freebsd machine and run irssi. what should i use for this on kubuntu?19:27
illunatici have putty now, but it's not as good.19:27
blueyeduser_: so the window is pinentry window is popping up actually?19:28
blueyedillunatic: just use "ssh" in "konsole".19:28
illunaticalright thanks19:28
blueyedputty is a workaround for windows, but not required on Linux really.19:29
avi_hi, would Kubuntu run better on a 1.5Ghz 1.5GB Ram 2005 PowerBook G4 than Ubuntu?19:29
foormeai'm using kubuntu on an eeepc 1201n that has ION chipset. i have no sound when playing a movie with vlc or mplayer, but i have sound when using dragon player. apparently it's related to pulseaudio, as i get this error message with mplayer: AO: [pulse] Init failed: Connection refused19:29
avi_Or should there not be a different?19:29
foormeain system settings/multimedia, i see the following 'devices': hda nvidia (alc269 analog) ; hda nvidia, nvidia hdmi (hdmi audio output) ; pulseaudio19:29
foormeawhen trying the sound on pulseaudio, i get a message that says that pulseaudio doesn't work19:29
illunaticsuccess >_<19:30
foormeaand "mplayer -ao alsa <whatever file>" doesn't play any sound19:30
illunaticthanks again haha19:30
illunatici had the wrong ip addy before lol19:30
avi_Is there any real danger in disabling a thermal module, or should the lower-level systems manage on their own?19:30
eitreachI need some assistance with adding my external drive to fstab.19:35
user_blueyed: no, nothing popping up, just telling me wrong pw19:35
xrandrok, i am using kubuntu 9.10 -- what software packages do I need to install to get my logitech webcam to work?19:35
blueyeduser_: I see. Also very odd. You might file a bug about this. Might be even easier to debug than my problem.. ;)19:38
user_sure it's just some fucked up settings19:38
user_as not all users have this 'bug'19:38
blueyedlike with mine.. but you can probably manually trigger pinentry somehow and see what it does.. try "pinentry-qt" in a shell. There's a debug flag, but I don't know what to tell him ("orders").19:39
foormeahey, aren't i supposed to have pulseaudio installed by default in karmic?!19:40
blueyednot with Kubuntu AFAIK19:41
blueyedBut I have installed both Ubuntu and Kubuntu.19:41
blueyedMost KDE apps do not use pulseaudio though (in Karmic), which is a heaven sent in some cases.19:41
foormeainstalling pulseaudio should just fix my vlc/mplayer issue?19:42
foormeathat's weird though, i didn't have this problem with my laptop19:42
foormeavlc and mplayer 'just work' on my laptop on a fresh karmic19:42
foormeabut i'm having this issue on my netbook19:42
blueyedvlc works fine for me, but maybe needs some configuration (backend) only.19:42
blueyedfoormea: then it's prolly something different/buggy.19:43
foormeai'll be right back19:44
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BULLMANI have a problem, whenever I try to close a tab on firefox or opera I cannot use the ctrl F4 keystroke19:50
BULLMANIt says that combination is assigned to something else in KDE19:50
BULLMANkde 4.3 here19:50
BULLMANany ideas on what can i do?19:50
blueyedBULLMAN: for me, ctrl-f4 switches to desktop 4. Try Ctrl-W instead.19:53
BULLMANcontrol w closes the whole firefox19:53
BULLMANnot the tab19:53
blueyedBULLMAN: not for me. Are you confusing ctrl-w with alt-f4?19:53
BULLMANalt F4 closes the window19:54
BULLMANjust as ctrl w does19:54
macisp2000So does the new firefox 3.6 show up on the system updates?  Or what do you have to do?19:54
BULLMANI tried to look for the keyboard shortcuts on system preferences but I just cannot find any ctrl f419:55
blueyedmacisp2000: no in Karmic, and even not in Lucid until now/yesterday. Try http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ubuntuzilla/ instead.19:55
blueyedBULLMAN: pressing ctrl-f4 does nothing for you? or does it switch to desktop 4, too?19:56
BULLMANctrl f4 does nothing at all19:56
blueyedbut who says it's registered? when you want to assign a new shortcut?19:57
BULLMANi dont know what happened, at first it used to work fine19:58
BULLMANctrl f4 to close tabs19:58
macisp2000I downloaded it from firefox website.  Extracted it in my downloads folder.  I can run it from my downloads folder, but I have no idea were to put it normally?20:00
blueyedmacisp2000: use the project, I've mentioned: they provide the original builds via a repo for easy installation/upgrade.20:01
blueyedmacisp2000: otherwise, you could create a local .desktop file for launching or just a script in ~/bin maybe. But I suggest you take the ubuntuzilla route. Makes upgrades easier, too.20:02
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user_genii: any other ideas??20:09
geniimacisp2000: You might want to try https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa20:10
geniiuser_: Did you do anything recently other than updates, which might have affected gpg (made a new key, revoked a key, etc) ?20:11
BULLMANFound the soluton for my ctrl F420:17
BULLMANit was assigned to KWin20:17
BULLMANto change to desktop 420:17
BULLMANbut since I had only 2 desktops20:17
BULLMANi didnt realize it had this action assigned20:17
BULLMANI deleted this shortcut on kwin20:18
BULLMANand now it works20:18
BULLMANthanks, bye bye20:18
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Sakui`_how do you disable hardware?20:23
user_genii: no. and they problem is already there for some time now. i think, all I did was upgrade to karmic20:35
geniiuser_: Perhaps to try: sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnupg-agent20:46
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bdizzlehi, I was hoping someone could help me to get my SD card to be recognized by the internal card reader21:04
DarkSmokewhy is kde bluetooth loosing its adapter settings?21:11
DarkSmokefor example i set the adapter as discoverable, i press ok, and it turns to hidden again21:11
Tm_TDarkSmoke: rightaway or after some time?21:12
DarkSmokeright away21:12
Tm_Tok, that's not right then21:12
user_genii: did that21:13
user_did not help21:13
user_or maybe I need a restart for it to take effect?21:13
DarkSmokeis there any solution Tm_Tr21:14
DarkSmokeis there any solution Tm_T ?21:14
Tm_TDarkSmoke: no idea, sorry21:14
bdizzleI have a Texas Instruments 5-in-1 Multimedia card reader and would love for it to be able to recognize and mount SD cards21:14
bdizzlecan anyone help with that, by chance?21:14
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NeteHello, I am trying to divide my main 224 GB partition. Unfortunately it is mounted and I can't umount it.21:46
NeteWhat can I do?21:46
geniiNete: Boot to livecd and repartition it from there21:48
BluesKajNete, you can't partition a mounted partition from with the OS, you can do so with a live cd or a part editor like gparted21:48
NeteOk, Thank you... but does the livecd come with partition manager?21:49
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BluesKajlivecd and gparted is also alive cd ,but only for aprtitioning21:51
BluesKajoops lemme rephrase that , gparted is alive cd partitioner21:53
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jirikHi, I do not have the option "Move windows to group" in window menu. I use Kubuntu 9.10 KDE SC 4.4 RC2 - what could be wrong?22:18
tony32does kubuntu encrypt the home directory like ubuntu?22:19
Tm_Ttony32: if you choose so, I think22:20
tony32i don't recall it giving me an option. is it too late once installed?22:20
Tm_TI guess no (:22:20
fuego2where can download Kubuntu 9.10 KDE SC 4.4 RC2?22:25
Mamarokfuego2: see http://kubuntu.org22:26
DaughainHow do I get badblocks to mark the bad sectors so they are not used on reformat?22:27
werfacttony32: dont encrypt, it might f up and youll be screwed22:28
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tony32ok, guess i will22:29
fuego2kubuntu 9.10 with kwin effects, is a very slow system...22:30
fuego2and... for me, is a winvista/7 "free"22:30
fuego2is the same thing...22:32
fuego2bleh! long life to gnome! && debian! :) all the best!22:34
illunatichm this appears to be inaccurate http://www.kubuntu.org/docs/kquickguide/C/ch03s07.html22:39
illunaticanyone know where to find panel settings?22:39
illunaticheh apps aren't showing in taskbar :X22:39
illunaticaccidentally closed the panel22:39
illunaticfound some settings right-clicking22:40
illunaticbut aaah don't know how to get it back22:40
james_lif you have a terminal open or type alt-f2 and 'plasma-desktop'22:40
james_lif you have the terminal open type that as well.22:41
illunatico there i got it22:41
illunatichad to add taskbar widget22:41
illunatictask manager* widget that is22:42
illunatickubuntu: so easy, even i can do it22:42
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damanmageecan this channel be used to get support for programs running on kubuntu23:04
happyof course :-)23:05
damanmageethanks. cant get sound to work on gyachi messenger, i have selected pulse audio plug in but no luck, im running kubuntu 9.1023:06
damanmageebtw As a new user to linux after buying windows 7 i must say what a trully professional operating system, been using it now for about 3 weeks and cant seem to stop23:10
wizkoderuse windows 7! you bought it!23:12
BluesKajdamanmagee, does your soundcard test ok as the primary sound server ?23:12
BluesKajpulseaudio isn,23:13
BluesKajerr necessary23:13
damanmageeI was previously a user of amiga 1200 and loved it but that died off so i become a windows user after buying windows 7 was bored of the same old stuff so i tried ubuntu and loved it than used the kde interface as kubuntu and i love it23:14
BluesKajdamanmagee, look in system settings/multimedia for your audio card23:15
damanmageemy sound card is intel but i have to use the pulse audio in the system settings of kubuntu cos the default intel doesnt work23:15
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto23:15
damanmageeyes intel hda23:16
damanmageethanks for that info ubottu23:19
BluesKajubottu, is an info bot23:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:21
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BluesKajhehe, not really ..we were all new once23:21
damanmageedoes anyone use google chrome browser on kubuntu23:22
happydamanmagee: I do23:25
damanmageeused to use opera found it fast but buggy on certain websites, chrome is very fast and so far stable23:26
BluesKaj<--uses google-chrome aswell23:27
damanmageeI have been pleasently surprised at the software support for linux by some of the big software companies, its beyond me why linux isnt more mass market that what it is23:30
marcosRzhow do I sort the kde menu by app name?23:35
damanmageei downloaded thunderbird 3 and created a desktop link to the program, however when i try to change the icon that is allocated i get a error could not save properties you dont have  sufficiant access to write23:36
damanmageeany ideas please23:36
BluesKajdamanmagee, open the konsole and type update-rc.d  , it might work23:38
marcosRzhow do I SORT the kde menu by app name?23:39
tony32could anyone tell me how to download via subversion?23:41
tony32or build with it?23:41
damanmageeusage: update-rc.d [-n] [-f] <basename> remove23:41
damanmagee       update-rc.d [-n] <basename> defaults [NN | SS KK]23:41
damanmagee       update-rc.d [-n] <basename> start|stop NN runlvl [runlvl] [...] .23:41
damanmagee       update-rc.d [-n] <basename> disable|enable [S|2|3|4|5]23:41
damanmagee                -n: not really23:41
FloodBotK2damanmagee: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:41
damanmagee                -f: force23:41
damanmageethat gave error23:42
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axiomWhy can't I have sound from KDE app *and* flash apps in the same session.  Why does it have to be one or the other?23:44
marcosRzAm I the only one who thinks KPackageKit sucks? I mean Synaptic is way better23:45
BluesKajaxiom, install flashplugin-nonfree23:45
BluesKajmarcosRz, nope, youaren't theonly one :)23:45
marcosRzI mean23:46
axiomBluesKaj: Yes, I have that installed23:46
marcosRzI try to keep *loyal* to kde23:46
marcosRzbut theres like major stuff that sucks on kde23:47
marcosRzfor example23:47
marcosRzwhy can't kde have a decent browser?23:47
marcosRzI feel sick to use firefox/chromium under KDE :(23:47
marcosRzYes I've tried arora/rekonq/konqueror23:47
axiomBluesKaj: Flash work with sound, sometime if I "sudo alsa force-reload" enough times, but something is not right23:47
crimsunaxiom: 64-bit or 32-bit?23:48
axiomI am on 64-bit23:48
crimsunaxiom: don't use flashplugin23:48
crimsunaxiom: don't use flashplugin-installer; use the native 64-bit alpha from labs.adobe23:48
damanmageeis there any need to install the java runtime on kubuntu, what programs use it?23:49
axiomWell, yes, I know, there is a 64-bit plugin, and it works great and doesn't crash, but I could never get sound out of it23:49
crimsunaxiom: and you are /not/ using PulseAudio, correct?23:49
axiomHmmm.. I think pulseaudio is the only way to run surround sound, no?23:50
crimsunaxiom: no23:50
axiomIs there a page somewhere that expains how audio should work in KDE, because I have read a lot of differnent things and am kinda confused23:50
BluesKajinteresting crimsun , I'm using 64 bit nad flashplugin-nonfree works just fine23:51
crimsunBluesKaj: it works for some people23:51
axiomso should I be using esound?23:51
crimsunaxiom: no23:51
axiomalsa then?23:51
crimsunaxiom: you always have ALSA unless you explicitly compile and install OSS v423:52
crimsunaxiom: so, do you have PA active?23:52
axiomI just uninstalled it23:53
crimsunaxiom: uninstall or purge?23:53
crimsunaxiom: if you're going to get rid of PA, you need to purge it23:53
crimsunaxiom: after you've purged pulseaudio, you need to killall pulseaudio23:55
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crimsunaxiom: then, you need to (re)configure KDE System Settings > Multimedia and put PulseAudio at the bottom/lowest priority23:56
marcosRzI'm using synaptic right know23:56
marcosRzI feel so sick23:56
FloodBotK2marcosRz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:56
axiompulseadio is gone, and amrok still works23:57
axiomI need to get rid of the 32-buit flash theb23:57
axiombut when I try to "sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree" it tries to also uninstall kde...23:58
crimsunaxiom: huh? perhaps kubuntu-restricted-extras?23:59

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