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vvesleyKarma seria oque ?01:47
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IowanAfter creating a team for Ubuntu, I'm told it doesn't follow (current) naming convention - how can I change it's name... and contact information for the owner (the ubuntu.com email address isn't working03:43
IowanFound it - easier than expected - right on the Change Details link.03:55
rippslol, those chromium/firefox builds are really killing the ppa builder04:29
timClicksis it possible to merge two branches within launchpad?04:29
beunotimClicks, no, you need to merge them locally and push04:35
Some_PersonIs my build *seriously* not going to start for 2 flippin' days?04:58
Some_PersonBy then, I'll have uploaded a new version04:59
persiaSome_Person: The queue was mostly empty 24 hours ago, then everyone got excited.05:00
wgrantLots of the PPA builders have been temporarily stolen.05:01
wgrantThey will return.05:01
wgrantTo perform other duties.05:01
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Hobbseewgrant: seeing as it's more appropriate for here, do you know if the entire right panel for a bug is supposed to be at the bottom, starting below the "What next?" section?05:45
persiaHobbsee: Just make your browser wider.05:47
persiaErr, narrower05:47
Hobbseepersia: it's already maxed on a 16:9 widescreen?05:47
persiaFor me, the right side pops up at about 600 horizontal pixels05:47
wgrantHobbsee: That's fixed on edge.05:47
* persia forgets the bug number05:47
* persia tests edge05:48
Hobbseeoh, there we go05:48
Hobbseeah yes, it's fixed on edge.  cool05:48
persiaOOh!  It is fixed.05:48
persiaStrange that I didn't see bugmail about it.05:48
persiaRight.  Bug #493518 appears to be Fix Committed05:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 493518 in launchpad-foundations "Side portlet moved again below the main content on wide-screen displays (1920x1200)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49351805:49
wgrantIt was fixed very early on.05:50
persiaAbout two weeks after it started.  I'm just surprised not to see a branch linked or a status change.05:50
persiaI'm usually fairly impressed with the detailed bug mail from LP devs.05:50
seb128launchpad edge is not able to display a package buglist without timeouting09:55
seb128known issue?09:55
jpdsseb128: Yep.09:56
RAOFIt's been happening for at least 24 hours.  I believe it was known yesterday.09:56
persiaThere's been reports of lots of timeouts on edge.  Try production.09:56
seb128I know about production thanks09:56
seb128I was asking if the issue is known before doing that in my corne :-=09:56
jpdsbug #51154609:57
seb128corner ;-)09:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 511546 in malone "bug listings timing out" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51154609:57
seb128jpds, thanks09:57
seb128bryyce, ^09:57
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ahasenackguys, I can't change a bug's project from landscape to smart, smart is not found12:35
ahasenackbut bugs.launchpad.net/smart exists and is happy12:35
ahasenackweirdly, the first hit when I type "smart" in the overlay search box is, among 13 pages, a project called "Alternator"12:36
ahasenackif I use the full name, it's still not the first hit, but it is listed12:36
ahasenackjust a FYI12:36
persiaahasenack: There's a couple bugs on the search interface (I forget the numbers), but I believe the goal is to do better when the user types the name correctly.12:38
ahasenackpersia: you mean the long name12:38
ahasenackpersia: "smart" is the correct name12:38
persiaNo, I mean the short name.12:38
persiaOr maybe the long name too.12:39
ahasenackpersia: I was just able to find it when using the long name12:39
* persia isn't quite sure what thoughts lurk in the minds of LP devs.12:39
persiaRight.  I've had that issue too.  I believe the plan is to do better when the user types a short name correctly, and maybe a long name too, so that the properly entered one comes up first.12:39
persiaBut this isn't what you initially asked :)  You need to migrate a bug between projects, and it isn't working.12:40
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rdbHm, my package in soyuz doesn't build because of a download error to developer.download.nvidia.com.14:25
rdbis there no internet connection while building the package?14:25
bigjoolsrdb: no, that is not allowed14:25
noodles775rdb,.. what he said.14:25
rdbBut its a Build-Depends.14:25
rdbBuild-Depends nvidia-cg-toolkit.14:25
bigjoolsthere's a bug about that14:25
bigjoolsthat dependency, I mean14:25
rdbDoes this mean that someday, when the bug is fixed, my package will build?14:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 284750 in nvidia-cg-toolkit "License change, time to package it up" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:28
bigjoolswell, read the bug :)14:28
rdbGiven that the bug has already been 'fixed', how long will it take for this fix to propagate to the repo's?14:29
rdbI mean, I expected to be releasing a new version of my 3D game engine today14:29
rdbbut apparently I'll have to do it without ubuntu support14:29
bigjoolsI think you're better off asking in an ubuntu channel, I don't know the answer to your questions14:30
rdbk, thanks.14:30
bigjoolsit looks like someone already made a PPA package of that, FWIW14:31
rdbUh, if i mark that ppa as dependency for now, will that fix it for the short term?14:31
bigjoolsyou could try, yep14:32
bigjoolsor copy his package to your PPA, if you don't want to pull all his other packages as potential dependencies14:32
jcastrothat ppa looks old14:32
bigjoolshey jorge.  yeah, the package is from October14:33
jcastrordb: it's in the development release of ubuntu already, so someone just needs to backport it, info about that here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports14:36
rdbhm, its a bit ugly to have the competitor 3d engine as ppa dependency :p14:41
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smoserhello, i'm looking for a way to take a shorthand launchpad ppa reference (ppa:user/ppa) and from that, get : source and binary lines for sources.list, and the signing key15:01
noodles775smoser: are you aware that software sources does exactly that for you (in Karmic)?15:02
smoserno. i was not. /me goes to read15:03
bigjoolsthere's a command line to add the repo as well15:03
bigjoolsit knows about ppa:user15:04
smoserbigjools, noodles775 i dont see where add-apt-repository obtains a key15:19
smoserit seems like it has to already exist in %s/%s.key15:20
smosererre.. /usr/share/app-install/channels/15:20
bigjoolswhen I've used it before, it goes to a keyserver and downloads it15:20
smoserhm... maybe i'm missing it. i was just walking source15:21
smosergah. it does. thanks for insisting15:21
smoserhm... well, walking further, it seems that I could fairly easily implement the same logic, the key was getting: 'https://launchpad.net/api/beta/~smoser/+archive/ppa'15:26
smoserthe problem is that the code says:15:26
smoser# FIXME: this needs to go - elmo says the keyserver will not handle15:26
smoser#        the load15:26
smoserthe other thing yucky is that the url includes 'beta'. so i'm wondering if there is a better/cleaner/more supported way to do this ?15:27
smoserright now i think i go the 'apt-add-repository' route, but i'd prefer to remove the dependency.15:27
bigjoolssmoser: the "beta" is there because the API is still in beta15:28
smoseri'm looking to build this into something that would go into lucid15:28
smoserand woudl prefer to not depend on something that is not finalized, without an indication that it is expected to be solid.15:28
bigjoolsyou mean the api?15:30
smoserwell, yeah. if nothing else, i'm assuming that that url is not permenant15:31
smoserwith 'beta' in it. and if i hard code it, i'll later have to service that.15:32
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bigjoolsthat URL should be hidden from you if you're using launchpadlib15:39
bigjoolssmoser: ^15:40
smoseri'd lke to avoid that dependency too if possible,... for now i think i the best idea is just to 'add-apt-repository <input>'15:41
smoserthanks for your help. (note, add-apt-repository does not use liblaunchpad)15:41
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menesisPPA i386 builders are clogged again, > 1 day in queue16:48
bigjoolsmenesis: what's your definition of clogged?16:52
bigjoolsnote that there's fewer than normal PPA builders right now16:52
maxbI think > 1 day in queue is the definition of clogged being used here16:53
menesisthey have more work to do than they can handle in acceptable time16:54
maxbLet's clarify it as "User experience is degraded compared to usual"16:54
bigjoolswhen the missing builders come back that figure will drop16:54
maxbAre they likely to reappear in 1 day or in 7?16:55
bigjoolsthey'd coming back any moment16:58
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MTecknologyI'm trying to build a package with pbuilder before uploading to my PPA; I'm getting this error - any ideas what's wrong?  http://dpaste.com/150292/17:23
maxbxsltproc: Command not found17:25
MTecknologymaxb: So I just missed a dependency?17:26
MTecknologymaxb: I'm hoping I don't hit too many of these errors during build; thanks for the help :)17:35
MTecknologymaxb: any ideas about this one? http://dpaste.com/150297/17:38
maxbHow about doing what it tells you to do on line 20?17:38
MTecknologymaxb: I guess ./configure .... --with-fop in debian/rules is wrong..17:44
persiaIf you haven't already looked, the existing packaging of the bitlbee source may be a good guideline.17:47
MTecknologypersia: ya.. that could help.. They're very different but I suppose it could help me figure everything out - thanks17:50
persiaJust figured, as you appeared to be packaging bitlbee 1.2.4, which is in karmic and lucid :)17:51
persiaEven if you change the format, the answers to all the puzzlers can probably be figured out from there.17:51
MTecknologypersia: there's a separate bzr branch they have that lets you use libpurple and through that you can connect to facebook chat17:52
maxbThis should not impact the docs buildsystem much, surely17:53
persiaGenerally my experience is that patches can be applied without changing the build system.17:56
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drubinIs there a list of fields that launchpad's openid implementation supports?18:29
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jcastroderyck: I purposely put my plenary on +patches on thursday just in case. :)18:53
deryckjcastro, cool :-)18:56
deryckjcastro, sorry we missed this release.18:56
deryckor will miss rather18:56
jcastroderyck: no worries18:57
jcastrosomething to demo during the sprint will be good enough!18:57
deryckjcastro, not this week, but next, right?18:57
deryckjcastro, cool.  we may even have more landed by then too18:58
drubinIs it possible to get email passed back as part of the openid?19:18
qenseIs Loggerhead having Internal Server problems?19:35
qensehttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mbudde/lernid/modular-lernid keeps complaining about it19:35
cody-somervilleI have a launchpadlib script that runs every five minutes. 1-5 times a day, I get ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded. Any ideas what might be causing this?19:42
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abentleydrubin: It's definitely possible.  I believe some of our internal sites do that.20:03
MTecknologyHow can I figure out what package profides xft?20:04
drubinabentley: because I can't work out why passing email as a required field brings back "not under trust_root "20:05
drubinmaybe my domain needs to be registered some where? not that I know where/what that is :/20:06
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drubinabentley: "internal" which ones would that be maybe I can look up or look around those projects20:07
abentleyMTecknology: You can use http://packages.ubuntu.com/.  If it's already installed, you can use "dpkg-query -S" to find out why.20:07
abentleydrubin: I'm not an openID expert.  AFAICT, a "trust_root" failure would be due to a mismatch between the "return_to" field and the20:13
abentley"trust_root" field supplied by the relying party.20:13
abentleycody-somerville: In the general sense, I would expect it's an internal server error that's not being recognized as one.  Possibly it's returning the empty string.  I don't know why there are so many internal server errors.20:21
drubinabentley: Ah ye that was it, but it doesn't have any thing todo with the not getting email back :)20:26
abentleydrubin: At least that's a bit clearer.  Your relying party will have to specifically request the email.  Are you doing that?20:27
drubinabentley: yes, I found this http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2847751&group_id=66150&atid=513503 it says that you need to  which seems to say I need to request something20:29
ubottuError: Sourceforge bug 2847751 not found20:30
abentleyqense: I've asked someone to have a look at that.20:30
qenseabentley: thanks20:30
thumperabentley: morning20:36
thumperabentley: chr this week?20:36
abentleythumper: Morning.  Yes, I am.20:36
abentleyqense: So far, it looks like only that branch is affected.20:36
qenseabentley: weird, I'm wondering what mbudde did to it to make it behave that badly20:37
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abentleyqense: It's not a branch.  It's just a shared repository.20:42
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abentleydrubin: For third parties, we support only SREG by default, but you can ask Gary Poster to have our server configured to permit email addresses to be sent to your RP.20:59
blueyedMe and others have cpu/bandwidth to share for sure and I'd like to spend some of my boinc shares to Launchpad. Please make this easy for others to hel you building packages.21:01
blueyedIt's fucking bad to have to wait for 2 hours for a tiny package (munin) to get built.21:01
maxbblueyed: How would you manage trust in a distributed buildd network?21:01
blueyedPlease either throw more hardware at LP.net and its services or make it easier for people to donate cpu/bandwidth.21:02
drubinabentley: Thanks for that, I will contact Gary Poster. I am busy developing something for our loco but currently it is still sitting on localhost :)21:02
blueyedmaxb: I don't know, and I don't care. There must be something.21:02
blueyedmaxb: when it's not possible, then please install more hardware in the local environment.21:03
drubinabentley: Been trying to google for RP but googleing for 2 letter words isn't very helpful what does RP stand for/21:03
abentleydrubin: Relying Party21:03
maxbblueyed: Well, I agree the long build times suck sometimes, but personally I'm greatful that Canonical provide the service at all21:04
blueyedIt's really embarrasing.. so much wait and downtime. Ridiculous..21:04
maxbFor free....?21:05
maxbIf you don't like it, you could always build your packages yourself and serve them from your own servers21:05
mneptokblueyed: please watch the language, despite your frustration.21:05
blueyedmaxb: often it would be better they would not provide it at all: then people would just build it locally: faster for them, and others woud have to add an external repo instead. (which involves adding another apt key etc)21:06
blueyedmneptok: ok.21:06
mneptokblueyed: thanks21:06
blueyedmneptok: what's your plan?21:06
drubinabentley: thanks again21:06
maxbblueyed: I don't understand your logic (and just ftr, I'm not affiliated with Canonical)21:06
blueyedmaxb: my logic is: instead of adding backports of packages to my ppa, I'll keep them local (build instantly).21:07
blueyedmaxb: others will not benefit from this, until I provide a public repo.21:07
blueyed(which takes less time than waiting for a build to complete).21:08
maxbI think you're hugely overreacting to pronounce the entire service useless just because occasionally Canonical borrow all the builders for other uses21:08
blueyedPPA is meant for the public, but it's shortness of resources makes this ridiculous.21:09
blueyedmaxb: it's not just this.. also LP.net itself could be faster with more hardware. that's the point.21:09
blueyedeither increase performance by profiling/software or add more cpu/ram. easy.21:10
blueyedI've been frustrated for so long with Ubuntu/LP.net feedback/performance/... - have given up almost.. now coming back some more, and it's still the same mess..21:12
maxbblueyed: It seems to me you are saying "Canonical, you are evil for not spending more money providing free services to me."  I21:12
maxbI don't see how any useful conversation can proceed from that21:13
exarkunI'm looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/pyopenssl/+bug/45473721:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 454737 in pyopenssl "DTLS (UDP) support" [Wishlist,Confirmed]21:14
exarkunThere used to be a file attached to it21:14
exarkunIf I follow the "See full activity log" link, then I can see that someone removed that attachment (annoying)21:14
exarkunThat person also attached a new file, though21:14
exarkunHowever, I've looked at the bug page pretty hard, and I can't see any indication of that attachment21:15
exarkunWhat gives?21:15
blueyedmaxb: I'm offering resources (CPU+mem+bandwidth). And there should just be a concept to add trust into this.21:15
blueyedmaxb: apart from this, yes. why not double the resources?!21:15
blueyedit's not that much expensive, even myself, although financially quite broke, could provide this.21:16
blueyedask people to donate, if necessary.21:16
blueyedthat's the point.21:16
beunoblueyed, it's not a matter of throwing more hardware at it21:17
exarkunOh, no, no new file was attached after all.  Blech.21:17
exarkunHow do I stop people from deleting attachments from bugs?21:17
beunoand, trust me, servers with 128gb of ram don't dome cheap21:17
blueyedbeuno: why not? and why do you need 128gb of ram?!21:17
beunoblueyed, because of a million reasons, it's not an application that can scale easily horizontally21:18
blueyedbeuno: my idea is to build a cluster of several 2gb machines.. After all, Google is doing well with clusters of far less capable machines.21:18
blueyedbeuno: too bad.21:18
beunogoogle solves a different problem21:18
beunoif you want to help tackle performance21:19
beunojump into the code21:19
beunohelp optimize it21:19
beunohardware isn't the problem here21:19
maxbIs build dispatch really so bad that it's the limiting factor on builder numbers?!21:19
blueyedI've tried once dive into it to provide a simple "select all" box for the advanced search statuses, but have given up upon it.21:19
blueyedbeuno: it should be.21:20
beunomaxb, I don't know about builders. Those may be easier to scale.21:20
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wgrantmaxb: It is close to being a limiting factor yes.21:39
wgrantBut throwing more builders at the problem would still fix things.21:39
maxbthat is somewhat scary21:39
wgrantSome stuff is still synchronous for various evil reasons, but it's not that bad yet.21:40
abentleyqense: I've filed this issue as bug #51251721:40
wgrant(and there is work in progress to fix the couple of things that can still block it)21:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 512517 in loggerhead "Handle non-branch repositories better" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51251721:40
qenseabentley: thanks! I'll follow that bug.21:40
maxbI didn't even know it was possible to get a shared repository on codehosting21:41
abentleymaxb: Not a useful one, generally.  But for reasons I've yet to investigate, many of our branches are co-located with shared repositories.  So an aborted push attempt could leave a shared repository.21:43
qenseyou could ask mbudde how he pushed the branch21:44
abentleymaxb: e.g. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-pqm/bzr/bzr.dev is both a branch and a shared repository.21:44
maxbDoes the sharedness of it matter at all, given it can't have child branches anyway?21:45
abentleymaxb: It's not that it can't have child branches, it's that it *shouldn't*.  You can have a child branch named "backup.bzr" or ".bzr.backup", or ".bzr/*".  This is not recommended, and probably won't be mirrored properly.21:46
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abentleymaxb: Realistically, it doesn't matter, which is why I haven't investigated.21:47
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timClickshi there, can someone direct me to how to tell launchpad to import bugs from an external bug tracker?22:54
timClickshttps://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/MultiProjectBugs#Bugs in external trackers22:54
timClicksseems to tell me its possible, but not how to do it precisely22:54
thumpertimClicks: to actually import the bugs, or just to track them in an external tracker?23:10
timClicksthumper: import them, ideally23:11
thumpertimClicks: from where?23:11
timClicksthumper: http://trac.sahanapy.org23:11
thumpertimClicks: is the project looking to move the bug tracking to Launchpad, or just a mirror of the bugs?23:11
timClicksthumper: mirror them, at this stage23:12
thumpertimClicks: ok, which TZ are you in?23:12
timClicksthere's still a heated discussion about which system to use23:12
timClicksNZL (+12 UTC_23:12
thumpertimClicks: because most of the bugs team work europe time23:12
timClicksah, sure23:12
thumperwhere in nz?23:12
timClickswtgn, was just in LCA201023:12
thumperah, me too23:12
thumperas in I was also at LCA23:13
timClicksheh, right23:13
thumperbut I'm in dunners23:13
timClicksi'll add a Q in the launchpad answers tracker23:13
thumpertimClicks: that might be best23:13
timClicksi much prefer the lp bug tracker, because we can forward upstream23:13
timClicks& it's ajaxy23:13
thumperwell, getting there23:13
Kamping_KaisertimClicks: ah, there it is.23:35
Kamping_KaisertimClicks: i spent an hour trying to find sahanapy.org after your talk, and failed :/23:35
timClicksKamping_Kaiser: ha23:35
timClicksI should have made that much more obvious23:35
Kamping_Kaisermanaged to find the php stuff easy, python, no so much23:36
* timClicks nods23:37
timClicksthat was the politics23:37
timClicksthere was a lot of contention about even being allowed to call the python work sahanapy23:37
timClickseven though I personally feel it's a much stronger product technically23:37
timClickswhich is probably why it's being run live at http://haiti.sahanafoundation.org/23:38
Kamping_Kaiserhow to branch isn't imediately obvious to e from sahanapy.org either.23:39
timClicksI want more emphasis on Launchpad23:39
timClicksbut at the moment, we're hosting our own pootle server etc23:39
timClicksafter seeing some of the advanced lp features at one of the miniconfs23:40
timClicksi'm quite sold23:40
timClicksi've made a request to create a sahana super-project23:40
bdrungthumper: audacity has already an vcs import: https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/audacity/trunk23:40
timClicksthat way, https://launchpad.net/sahana will at least make sense23:41
bdrungthumper: should i really request a new one? what will happen to the old one? aren't the vcs import branches owned by VCS imports?23:41
thumperbdrung: you can have another pointing to the new location23:42
thumperbdrung: I can stop the old one23:42
thumperbdrung: and mark it abandoned23:42
Kamping_KaisertimClicks: a link to there somewhere on sanahapy would be handy, if thats a canonical location for source23:42
thumperbdrung: new import branches are no longer owned by vcsimports by default23:42
thumpertimClicks: what is sahana?23:42
thumperbdrung: I can also change the main branch link23:43
crimsunwe use it for crisiscamps23:43
timClicksthumper: it's a "disaster management system" - we collect, aggregate & disseminate lots of info23:43
timClickshttp://haiti.sahanafoundation.org is live23:43
timClickswe're using about 1/3 of the system's functionality at the moment23:43
bdrungthumper: https://code.launchpad.net/~bdrung/audacity/trunk23:44
timClickslive situation maps, 650+ agency list & contacts, field locations, hosptial locations & status, SMS messaging imports where agencies can make pledges23:44
timClickswe export everything in a very RESTful manner csv, xml, xls, json, gpx, georss, rss23:45
timClicksplus some domain specific formats23:45
thumperbdrung: import approved23:45
thumperbdrung: I'll delete the old one as it never worked23:46
timClickslike edxl-have (hospital info) & pfif (person finder)23:46
bdrungthumper: thanks and thanks for all the answers23:46
timClicksoh - and kml for google maps imports23:46
timClicksKamping_Kaiser: launchpad code hosting is canonical for sahanapy23:47
Kamping_KaisertimClicks: cheers23:47
timClicksKamping_Kaiser: sahana php is still using CVS from sourceforge23:47
timClicksKamping_Kaiser: mobile apps use lp, I think23:47
bdrungthumper: can you can the default series?23:48
Kamping_KaisertimClicks: i found the cvs... i shuddered ;)23:48
thumperbdrung: I can make that the primary branch, yes23:48
thumperbdrung: I'll wait until the import has succeeded23:48
bdrungthumper: thanks23:48
timClicksKamping_Kaiser: ya, I know23:49
thumpertimClicks: so the code at lp:sahana is what? a python binding?  the main code?23:49
thumpertimClicks: a project can't be converted to a project group, but we can create one23:50
timClickswell, tbh it's a vcs import of the php23:50
timClicksit's a bit messed up, really23:50
bdrungthumper: can you have a look at bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/508932 if you have time to?23:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 508932 in launchpad-code "gnome-colors vcs-import failed with "No such file or directory"" [Undecided,New]23:50
timClicksis it possible to create a project group 'sahana'23:50
thumpertimClicks: not with a project called sahana23:51
thumpertimClicks: projects and project groups share a namespace23:51
thumpertimClicks: have you asked a question about a project group?23:51
timClicksthumper: yes23:51
timClicksideally, I would like project-group 'sahana' and projects 'sahana-py' 'sahana-php' 'sahana-j2me'23:51
timClickscan we rename sahana > sahana-py23:52
timClicksand break the link w/ the vcs import?23:52
thumpertimClicks: projects can be renamed, but only by admins, best done early in a projects life23:53
thumpertimClicks: it might be worthwhile putting that in the LP question23:53
thumperbdrung: I think the gnome-colors problem is the code committed a symlink to a file that doesn't exist23:55
thumperbdrung: I know that jelmer was looking at that in bzr-svn23:55
thumperbdrung: and has some solution23:55
timClicksthumper: I have admin rights via a team to the sahana project23:56
thumpertimClicks: ah, but not LP admin rights :)23:56
thumperspm: you around?23:56
timClicksahh gotcha23:56

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