WeatherGodyeah, there is definitely room for improvements, but right now, I am happy with the KISS approach00:00
RAOFThe use case would be something like: I like to know when my friends come online, except when I'm busy.  I still need to know when my boss comes online, even when I'm busy.00:01
WeatherGodeasier said then done00:02
arandWeatherGod: against specific packages? netbook-launcher ubuntu-netbook-remix ,etc00:03
RAOFI'm not sure that *I'd* find this a compelling option to add, but it's getting closer to something that might be actually useful :)00:03
WeatherGodarand, it is a problem with "Show Desktop", but I have found it only happening for UNR00:03
arandWeatherGod: hmm, might fall under nautilus, with a mention of UNR-only... I guess #ubuntu-bugs or whatever the unr # is would know best.00:05
WeatherGodok, will do00:05
alex_mayorgaI think there should be at least some form of notify me even when I'm full screen00:06
alex_mayorgawith the advent of 16:9 I run everything I can full screen, but that doesn't mean I don't want to be "disturbed"00:07
alex_mayorgaWhy empathy's IRC window grows as I type?00:08
WeatherGodalex_mayorga, again, that is yet another possible use case... I know I certainly don't want notifications from Pidgin when I am doing a presentation or if I am showing something to my co-workers00:11
BUGabundoWeatherGod: set to Busy00:17
BUGabundoor offline00:17
BUGabundoaway still shows you notifications, *if* directed at you00:18
WeatherGodBUGabundo, good to know, thanks00:19
alex_mayorgaIn my book presentation is the corner case, no the other way around00:24
alex_mayorgaI haven't done a presentation since I graduated00:25
alex_mayorgaI guess I don't have a glamorous job as most people :)00:26
alex_mayorgabut I'm pretty sure statistics would back me up on that one00:26
alex_mayorgapresentation is not as widespread as devs seem to believe00:27
BUGabundoWeatherGod: plus , if anything is FULL SCREEN the notifications are turned off00:27
alex_mayorgawhich on smallish notebooks a.k.a "netbooks" would be all the time00:28
DanaG16:9... bleh.00:48
DanaGdamn lcd manufacturers.00:49
DanaGLet's go make their houses have 6-foot tall ceilings.  Hey look, no wasted space!00:49
DanaGheh, I put ubuntu on a netbook my dad is also using, and I told him that he can choose to boot Windows at the boot menu that'll come up.  He booted into ubuntu, and then wondered why it did that.... he said, "oh, this text thing came up, so I didn't read it."00:51
DanaG(probably also due to him not having his glasses on.)00:51
bjsnidersomething to read came on the screen, so naturally he didn't read it...00:57
bjsniderpc users are used to things being done for them00:57
DanaGhe's also stubborn... I put Win7 on it, and he said, "I don't want Windows 7."  -- yet, he's never even TRIED win7.00:58
Some_PersonIs it possible to install lucid onto an SD card?00:59
Some_PersonDanaG: Heh, I know about stubborn dads. My dad was against Firefox for a couple of years. Despite never using it, he called it "Fireshit"01:00
Some_PersonI had to hide ubuntu for a while too (using a floppy to boot it)01:00
DanaGhe also got my mom a mac.... and hates using it every time he has to help her... yet insists on sticking with it.01:01
DanaGWell, at least my mom doesn't mind it so much -- though it took a year, and some new peripherals, to get there.01:01
Some_PersonI happen to be a huge Mac fan -- my old middle school was full of them and kinda got me hooked, but sadly I haven't used one since01:02
Some_PersonToo expensive for us01:02
* DanaG hates the Apple window manager, and their mouse acceleration "curve" (curve? hah! It's more like a sharp bend.)01:04
Some_PersonHaven't noticed any "curve"01:05
bjsniderif you use a mapple you become a slave to steve mobs01:06
Some_PersonSo everyone who ever went to my middle school became a slave?01:09
Some_Person(and why did you put an "m" on "apple")?01:10
bjsniderSome_Person, you haven't been watching your simpsons...01:10
Some_PersonI do watch the simpsons01:11
WeatherGodeven I caught that one, and I have been out of the loop for a while01:13
alex_mayorgahe used the m to avoid lawsuits and such ;)01:13
Some_Personoh, i just looked it up. i must have missed that episode :-(01:13
WeatherGodno, I tried to convince my mother to try Ubuntu for her new computer, telling her that it is more like WinXP and Win7 (she hates changes)01:13
WeatherGodshe refused, and kept bungling the pronounciation01:14
Some_Personlol, that's the worst i've heard01:14
WeatherGodshe also calls Firefox "FoxFire"01:15
WeatherGodat least I was able to switch her to that by redirecting her Comcast shortcut01:16
WeatherGodand importing her favorites, she never knew the difference01:16
WeatherGodanyway, she decided to go with Win7 because her job was going to have training sessions for Win7 and was switching to it01:17
WeatherGodI don't know how she has taken to the new Office, though01:17
WeatherGodbut she was willing to try OpenOffice01:18
alex_mayorgaWeatherGod: how old is she?01:18
alex_mayorgaI haven't been able to convert my mom-in-law as there's no Cubis for ubuntu01:18
WeatherGodthis is the person who kept our whole family on AOL during that whole "America Offline" deal a long time ago because she couldn't use anything else01:19
alex_mayorgahaven't found an open clone yet01:20
WeatherGod300 levels of that?01:20
WeatherGodthen again, I did get a little addicted to frozenbubble01:21
WeatherGodalex_mayorga, I take it doesn't work in Wine?01:22
alex_mayorgahaven't tried lately, but it didn't on karmic01:22
WeatherGodprobably use more recent DirectX stuff, just for kicks01:23
WeatherGodactually, no, looks like the requirement is DX701:23
WeatherGodgo figure01:23
Some_Personanyway, do you think I could install lucid to an SD card?01:37
crimsunsure, but whether that's crackful is debatable.01:37
WeatherGodwouldn't that depend on the BIOS?01:39
DanaGI can install to SDHC card, but the initramfs is missing the sdhc controller drivers!01:45
crimsunDanaG: so add them to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules01:45
DanaGyeah, but I mean, it'd be nice to have it there out-of-the-box.01:45
DanaGMy sd card reader also didn't claim DMA support; I had to force-enable it.01:46
crimsunso file bugs against linux.01:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 422986 in initramfs-tools "mmc_core sdhci_pci sdhci and mmc_block not available in initramfs_tools" [Undecided,New]01:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 268863 in grub-installer "Ubuntu doesn't install on bootable SD-card" [Wishlist,Confirmed]01:49
crimsun422986 triaged.01:52
DanaGI might as well copy my comment from the latter into the former.01:53
DanaGcool, thanks.  Tweaked my wording a bit, as well.01:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 496994 in gnome-power-manager "i can't change brightness of LCD screen on my notebook. only in 9.10." [Low,Incomplete]05:24
DanaGBrightness doesn't change.05:25
DanaGjust tried gnome-shell on the netbook.05:55
DanaGWindow manager warning: Log level 16: Could not load library [/usr/lib/mutter/plugins/libgnome-shell.so (libmozjs.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)]05:55
RAOFDanaG: With the Lucid packages?  That's awkward; it works for me, and I spent some time fixing gjs so that shell would work.06:04
DanaGMaybe because I have ubuntu-mozilla-daily?06:04
RAOFYes, that's the problem.  But I thought I'd fixed it so that gnome-shell simply wouldn't install if you didn't have the right version of mozilla.06:05
DanaGAnd it's a badly-worded error message too, then. =þ06:05
RAOFWhat does “apt-cache policy xulrunner-1.9.1” return?06:05
DanaGAnyway... I can't give up ubuntu-mozilla-daily until I can get firefox-3.6 from non-ppa.06:06
DanaG *** 006:06
RAOFOh.  ARSE!06:06
DanaGokay, so I can downgrade xulrunner, at least.06:06
RAOFAnd I guess that you've got libgjs0 version 0.4-4ubuntu3 installed?06:06
RAOFDanaG: Not without breaking firefox, I think.06:07
RAOFPoot. <
DanaG3.6 is 1.9.2, isn't it?06:07
DanaGyay, downgrading 1.9.1 worked.06:07
DanaGokay, that not-needing-to-click-on-the-menu thing is weird.06:07
DanaGAnd there's this mysterious thing that shows what I'm currently running... but makes me think it should be a launcher or a task-switcher like the netbook thingy.06:08
RAOFMaybe.  I know that we're planning to move away from xulrunner as a separate package for Firefox, so if FF 3.6 works while you've got xulrunner-1.9.1 installed, that's obviously happened.06:08
DanaGx-nautilus-desktop.  nice.06:08
lolnic_Hi, how do i change the program gdm uses to hibernate?06:08
lolnic_if i can06:09
DanaGalso weird: activating the activities thing brings up a window I thought was gone.06:09
DanaGhmm, alt+tab-tab... the switcher goes away.06:09
DanaGAlso weird.06:09
DanaGhmm, I hit alt-f2, enter Pictures/  -- it tries to execute the directory.06:13
RAOFThat's a gentle reminder that you should be using GNOME Do.06:13
DanaGhmm, how to I tell gnome-shell to go away and give me the old panel back?06:16
RAOFcompiz --replace06:19
DanaGDidn't give me back my panel.  :(06:19
RAOFgnome-panel, then :)06:19
RAOFIf you're not running Do, you may need to switch to a VT to run that, I guess.06:19
DanaGor ssh.06:20
RAOFAlso possible.06:20
DanaGheh, by adding an avahi service, I was able to make my laptop appear as "Mac Server" instead of "PC Server" on my mom's imac.06:21
DanaGastebinit /etc/avahi/services/samba.service06:22
DanaG"usplash main process terminated with status 2"06:34
DanaGlolwut?  usplash?  why?06:35
RAOFYou can still have usplash installed if you try.06:41
DanaGI didn't try, though.06:41
DanaGAnd the system keeps failing to reboot.06:41
DanaGSits there with plymouth doing nothing -- and I have even tweaked it to use spinfinity.06:42
DanaGSpinfinity, minus "infinity" symbol, would be nice.06:42
DanaGEven has a progress bar.06:42
voidmagei'm having this weird thing where when i hit play/pause, previous track, next track, or stop, the mouse cursor jumps to the top of the screen07:02
voidmagei couldn't find if this is happening to other people or whether it's a keyboard-specific or some X related thing07:02
alkisgIn https://launchpad.net/~freenx-team/+archive/ppa I'm not seeing freenx server yet, will there be a version for Lucid or only neatx will be available?08:01
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=== alkisg1 is now known as alkisg
cwilluBUGabundo_remote, morning09:24
BUGabundo_remoteolá cwillu09:30
cwilluI got three straws with my mcdonalds09:30
cwilluwhat package to I file that against?09:31
EmperiuMhello, good mornig ppl09:50
BUGabundo_remotewelcome Em09:53
BUGabundo_remotewelcome EmperiuM09:53
=== EmperiuM is now known as emperium
emperiumestás em todas09:54
BUGabundo_remoteemperium: ehe yeah I try to. that's the _problem_ in being an Ubuntu Member :p10:04
BUGabundo_remoteemperium: running lucid? I though you were in karmic10:04
emperiumlast night I was a karmic user, after the system update it became like this :(10:05
emperiumI think it's not Lucid that is runnig, I think that it's a beta version of something10:07
emperiumgrub or 9.1x10:07
cwilluemperium, are you accepting strange source.list files from strangers?10:08
emperiumjust have ubuntu and the Wine10:09
emperiumin the list of trust sources10:09
BUGabundo_remoteemperium: $ pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list10:09
emperiumjust type that? the Karmic wont boot, just have command line10:10
BUGabundo_remoteyou are in the recovery console then10:10
cwilluemperium, grub command line or a console?10:11
emperiumi think so10:11
BUGabundo_remotebad kernel upgrade / KMS I guess10:11
cwilludid you get any boot messages, or it just the grub prompt?10:11
emperiumjust grub prompt10:11
BUGabundo_remoteyou should try #ubuntu since +1 is aimed at lucid user10:11
emperiumi will take a pic10:11
cwilluif it's the grub prompt, you can still boot, although I'm not clear on the details10:11
BUGabundo_remoteI guess a update-grub from a live cd, chrooted would fix it10:12
cwilluemperium, tab completion should work:  "initrd init<tab>" <- choose a particular one that you know boots10:12
emperiumwent I type boot it says "no loadede kernel"10:12
cwilluand then "linux vmlinuz<tab>" same one10:12
cwilluemperium, do what I say, not what you think I'm going to say :p10:12
cwilluyou need to load the initrd image, and then the kernel image, before you can boot :)10:12
cwilluif tab completion doesn't work, try "initrd /<tab>" or "initrd /boot/<tab>"10:13
emperiumyes, it list something10:14
cwilluchoose one, probably the latest or second latest10:14
cwilluyou can still you tab to complete once you've typed the next bit10:14
emperiumit says "yyou need to load tge kernel first"10:18
emperiumI typed initr /boot/System.map-2.6.31--generic410:18
emperiumI typed initr /boot/System.map-2.6.31-generic410:18
emperiumI typed initr /boot/System.map-2.6.31-generic10:19
emperium[I forgot to tell that I'm a n0ob in linux ]10:19
cwillumight need to do "linux ..." first, although I thought I had it right10:24
Lord-ReadmanHello, I am finding ext4 performance on Ubuntu 10.04 alpha2 really really slow10:35
Lord-Readmandoes anyone know how I can fix it?10:35
cwillufirst impression is that you may be jumping to conclusions;  can you give the specific symptoms you're seeing, as well as any relevant details (if it was an ext3 -> ext4 conversion, fs options, etc)10:36
cwilluhaven't noticed anything myself10:36
Lord-Readmanwell I really doubt Ubuntu 10.04 will hit 10 second boot on the dell mini with the 2.6.32 kernal10:37
Lord-ReadmanI have searched all over google, and ex4 performance took a huge hit to make less chance of dataloss10:37
cwilluLord-Readman, talk symptoms you're seeing, not stuff repeated from blogs and mailing lists;  yes, write barriers are there, no, they're not going to be responsible for ubuntu becoming really really slow, unless you're definition of really really slow consists of a 10% throughput loss on benchmarks :p10:39
Lord-ReadmanI am seeing really slow postgre database performance as I was testing out OpenERP10:39
Lord-Readmanfurther searches pointed me to ext4 in the 2.6.32 kernal10:40
cwillunow we're getting somewhere :)10:40
BUGabundo_remoteFYI (10:35:34 AM) asac_: i think today we will announce multisearch II ;)10:40
BUGabundo_remoteso get your Firefox's ready10:40
cwilluLord-Readman, can you be more specific still?10:40
Lord-Readmanwhen updating product stock for 2000 items, it used to be more or less instant10:41
Lord-Readmannow there is a good 7-10second lag10:41
Lord-ReadmanEven recompiled from source to make sure everything went okay.10:41
cwilluwhat sort of queries does that involve?  just a straight table with no indexes or procedures?10:41
cwilluand is this a fresh install/fresh file system, or a conversion/upgrade?10:42
Lord-Readmannot sure exactly, just know its setup the same as on 9.10 but mega slow on 10.04a210:42
Lord-Readmanfresh install10:42
Lord-Readmanbacked up and imported data10:42
Lord-Readmansame as the move from 8.04 to 9.1010:43
cwilluis this your own database, or a benchmark/example code?10:43
Lord-Readmanown company database10:43
cwilluthat's the sort of thing I'd expect to see if each item was committed separately10:43
Lord-Readmanwell i'll just wait on, the only thing i can do is let people know10:46
Lord-Readmanhttp://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ext4_then_now&num=1 is what I was reading, looks scary and hope things get better towards release time i suppose10:46
cwilluLord-Readman, the scary thing is that the old behaviour was incorrect, meaning that an fsync didn't necessarily get to the disk before completion (which is a Bad Thing for a database)10:47
cwillumost of the hits on google describe how to set it to the ext3 setting via disabling barriers10:47
cwilluLord-Readman, it's not an ubuntu thing though.  You'll probably get better advice asking in postgres' channel10:48
Lord-Readmanrunning the default benchmark for postgre in 9.10 gives 1400 transactions per second, in the alpha it gives me 9010:49
Lord-Readmanil go see what they say10:49
cwilluI just asked in #postgres10:49
Lord-Readmanwhat they say?10:49
cwillunothing yet :p10:49
Lord-Readmanok, many thanks10:50
Lord-Readmanil wait for an answer10:50
emperiumI cant make it boot, so I'll do a clean installation10:52
cwillu"""On the other, anyone who believed the fictitious numbers before is going to be in a rude surprise and think there's a massive regression here. There's some potential for this to show PostgreSQL in a bad light, when people discover they really only can get ~100 commits/second out of cheap hard drives and assume the database is to blame. Interesting times. """10:55
cwillufrom the postgres mailing list10:55
BUGabundo_remoteemperium: clean install is the last resort11:01
BUGabundo_remotea simple live session, chrooting to your install will fix that11:02
emperiumI know, but as you now i noob, and I use the wubi to istall this :=)11:02
cwilluthere is a time and a place for wubi.  Someday I'll discover where and when that is :p11:04
=== repete is now known as repete-afk
BUGabundo_remoteahhhh wubi11:10
BUGabundo_remotethat explains it11:10
BUGabundo_remotecwillu: wubi was great in 8.04/.1011:11
BUGabundo_remotebut in 9.10 is very much broken, when running kernel upgrades11:11
cwilluwubi was never great, don't lie :p11:11
BUGabundo_remoteemperium: checkout launchpad. there's a bug and a workaround for _your_ problem11:11
BUGabundo_remotecwillu: LIES LIES ... it was great!11:11
BUGabundo_remotehelped A LOT users, easing the install without having to make partitions11:12
* cwillu greps for the earliest reference to BUGabundo in his xchat11:12
BUGabundo_remote2007 ?11:12
cwilluwe've had an autopartitioner since 5.0411:12
cwilluyou don't have to think about partitions if you don't want to :p11:12
BUGabundo_remotecwillu: data loss, does it mean anything to you?11:12
cwilluBUGabundo_remote, yes, yes it does.  That's why I don't use wubi :p11:13
BUGabundo_remotecwillu: grep LP instead for emperium bug11:13
* cwillu huggles BUGabundo_remote11:13
* BUGabundo_remote picks up cwillu poking stick11:13
BUGabundo_remoterunning pidgin in gdb11:15
BUGabundo_remotewhen it breaks, I type 'c', and it carries on11:16
=== repete-afk is now known as repete
indusis the fglrx working yet on lucid?11:57
indusis the fglrx working yet on lucid?12:13
=== sal is now known as Guest15503
indusis the fglrx working yet on lucid?13:02
indusati proprietary i mean13:02
indusany testing ppa 's?13:02
cwilluindus, if you fill my scrollback with that question, will you stop asking? :p13:03
cwilluindus, the lack of response means nobody here knows; stay in the channel and the next person to see the question who knows will answer13:04
cwilluthat said, fglrx depends entirely on a working version being released, and they're somewhat notorious for not keeping up with xorg13:05
induscwillu, hi13:06
induscwillu, wait i tryto comprehend what you said :)13:06
cwilluindus, you keep asking "are we there yet?"13:07
induscwillu, yea13:07
induscwillu, in alpha 2 it isnt i read, but new catalyst is due this week13:07
indusso iam hopeful13:07
induscwillu, also, dont want to get into the ati/nvidia debate13:08
cwilluso watch the catalyst newsfeed, it'll show up there first :p13:08
cwilluindus, so use the open driver13:08
induscwillu, how is lucid otherwise13:08
induscwillu, i have radeaon 4850 so no luck13:08
indusnot sure if radeon HD driver is ready yet, i check wiki but it says no, maybe the xorg edgers ppa is ready?13:09
induscwillu, happy new year also :D13:09
indusiam so itching to try the latest, but maybe should wait till next month13:09
induscwillu, one question , is it ati's work to make driver work with xorg or is it ubuntu's job13:10
cwilluthe proprietary driver ("fglrx") is completely and utterly ati's job.  We can'13:10
cwilluWe can't do anything except copy it into our repository and forward debugging information, and we really hate to do that when we could instead be working on the open driver13:11
indusi have catalyst 9.1213:11
cwilluutterly irrelevant :p13:11
indusits good but has some flickering13:11
indusbut this argument is same as, go ask your motherboard maker for drivers, we cant help13:12
cwillumost motherboards are very well supported though13:12
indusbut its all reverse engineered now isnt it, so ubuntu works on almost all hardware13:12
cwilluthe only exception is via video chipsets13:12
indusso why the attitude with graphics cards13:13
cwilluindus, because everything else gets proper support from the vendors13:13
induscwillu, really? where. try webcams13:13
cwilluwhereas the video card vendors try to hide stuff in their drivers13:13
induscwillu, is mobo specs open?13:13
cwilluindus, webcams are completely unrelated to mobo's13:13
indushmm never mind webcams13:14
cwilluusb devices have the same general problems, but on the other hand, far more usb devices work out of the box with no additional drivers needed than on windows13:14
indusjust wondering why all mobos work fine with network ,sound etc13:14
indusonly realtek drivers and specs are open as far as i know13:14
cwilluindus, because they are all supported by the chipset vendors13:14
indusbut nvidia chipsets work fine too13:14
indusnvidia is not open the nforce ones13:15
industhe forcedeth drivers are reverse engineered for networking to work13:15
cwillulkml is a good place to read about this13:15
indusok link please13:15
cwillutype it into firefox and hit enter13:15
indusanyways, last question13:15
indusis the desktop looking same or a little different13:16
indusi only upgrade for looks , honest13:16
indusever since dapper , i see the same installation screens13:16
indusanyways, i think i ll download install on a separate partition today13:17
cwilluethernet drivers aren't any more complicated really than basic video support on a video card;  the acceleration used on a video card is way harder to reverse engineer13:17
induscwillu, argumentative :)13:17
cwilluin general, most hardware _is_ supported to some extent by the chipset manufacturers13:17
induscwillu, but nvm13:17
cwilluindus, I'm trying :p13:17
indusok thanks though, that mobo question plagues me no end13:17
indusi will read more about it13:17
cwilluI can't remember the last time I had somethign on a mobo not work properly out of the box13:18
* indus goes for a smoke13:18
cwilluyou haven't yet specified an actual problem :p13:18
induscwillu, just the ati one, cant plunge because need 3d13:18
indusand free drivers dont yet support the 4000 series13:18
cwilluindus, you should probably wait for the official ubuntu release, or at least a beta13:19
induscwillu, no sorry no patience for that :D13:19
indusill wait till alpha 313:19
cwilluindus, funny you should say that :p13:19
indusor until it looks different13:19
indusok gtg13:19
cwillumy argumentative pose is reflective of my impatience with you :p13:20
* cwillu upgrades to indus alpha 0.9413:20
cwillubah, segfault13:20
bitsfritzHello alltogether, I'm not familiar using IRC so please be patient with faults I might do ;o))13:33
yofel!hi | bitsfritz13:34
ubottubitsfritz: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:34
bitsfritzI get troubles with xmodmap since Ubuntu 8.04 or 8.10 which I found several related bugs, but no enlighting answers or fixing. This is still present in lucid lynx alpha - Is this the right place to ask?13:35
Lord-Readmanask and someone might be able to help out13:36
cwillubitsfritz, checking and filing bugs on launchpad is probably the most useful thing;  there's often good workarounds available, and that's the best place for information to be documented13:36
cwilluI can't speak for all of us, but most of my replies consist of checking launchpad for relevant bugs, and linking the asker to them;  if you can do that yourself, then that's even better :)13:37
cwilluIn that context, discussion here is useful to find people to duplicate/test/confirm/whatever13:37
BUGabundo_remotecwillu: LP and upstream13:37
cwillubitsfritz, LP and upstream :p13:37
* BUGabundo_remote returns to hiding with a smile in its face13:38
* cwillu is lazy, and strongly encourages all projects everywhere to use launchpad :p13:38
bitsfritzI visited Launchpad and all related issues told me something like: "good point - you'r great!". I dont't wo13:44
bitsfritzwant to add one more of those13:44
cwillubitsfritz, reading all the comments is also good :)13:55
cwillubut yes, if it's already been reported, and you're sure its the same issue, then feel free to click the "This bug affects me too" and "subscribe me" without adding a "me too" comment :)13:56
bitsfritzI've put the list of bugs I found here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/362608/13:57
bitsfritzmaybe this helps. But looking at me writing this, I think one more whicht collects them all might be a good Idea ;o))13:57
cwillunot necessarily, if they're not actually duplicates, then that just _really_ confuses things for the developers13:57
cwillubitsfritz, in your own words, what's the behaviour you're seeing?13:58
bitsfritzIn my words: xmodmap doesn't map the keybord in an usable way.13:59
cwillumore specific13:59
cwilluwhat makes it unusable?14:00
BUGabundo_remotehey BluesKaj14:02
BluesKajhi BUGabundo_remote14:02
bitsfritzI've made an xmodmapfile for my germa laptop keybord which enhances some missing keys. That works on every linux I've tried except ubuntu since al least 8.1014:02
cwillubitsfritz, have you tried a recent'ish debian?14:03
cwillu(alternatively, what recent distros work fine?)14:03
bitsfritzThe last I tried was a knoppix 6.x and a recent grml both work fine14:04
cwilluno idea what their x looks like14:04
cwillucare to try a fedora livecd?  my first reflex is that this is an xorg auto-detection/related thingie, but I"m not really up to speed on the evdev/input-framework stuff14:05
cwilluit'd be interesting to find another distro with the same problem14:05
bitsfritzcwillu, as I told it might be a good Idea to setup a new bug, for the mentioned ones show symptoms of what I see, but don't tell the whole story - so it won't be a duplikate14:09
cwillufair enough, although the results of any experiments are prime details to include on such a bug report :)14:09
bitsfritzYes this is what I think of. Give me some time to collect the information and provide them in a usable way.14:18
bitsfritzWill You lurk around here a later time so that I can anounce you the bug number?14:18
cwilluI'm always in channel, although I'm going to be afk for about a day or so.  There should be lots of other people active though, especially given a nice monday morning :)14:19
cwillu#ubuntu-bugs may also be apropos, given that this is an issue you've seen on previous releases (although myself I'd put the focus on fixing thing for the next release;  I'm just an interested by-stander though, so don't take that as official :p)14:19
_stink_hey folks.  just installed lucid 64 bit and upgraded stuff as normal.  now as i go to install the package ldm-server (among other things), it seems to be working fine until apt gets to the line "Setting up ldm-server... (2:2.0.53-0ubuntu1)", then it sits essentially forever.  the latest line in /var/log/dpkg.log is "... status half-configured ldm-server 2:2.0.53-0ubuntu1", and no more activity.  i know others may not have tr14:22
bitsfritzI'd like to see fixed that for the next release which is LTS.14:23
alkisg_stink_: if you restart openbsd-inetd from another terminal, it continues14:26
_stink_alkisg: :D good seeing you here!14:26
_stink_alkisg: i see.  this was known?14:26
alkisg_stink_: I'm not sure. I experienced it today, but I don't think there's a bug report filed for it14:27
alkisgIt may have to do with upstart-ifying openbsd-inetd14:27
_stink_alkisg: ok.  i also tried ctrl-c'ing it, and apt seems to have smartly noticed and recovered at the end.14:28
coz_things seems to be working well so far :)   just did update after a week of the system being down :)14:45
BluesKajI have dirs dying when i try to open them in dolphin or konq ...it's getting tiresome :P14:48
cjohnstonInterested in learning about how to do development work in Ubuntu? Join in on the Ubuntu Developer Week to learn! Ubuntu Developer Week is starting in approx. 30 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat   - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek for more info15:34
dirtyanyone help me with hotsync with palm pre15:48
gnomefreakanyone know what folder/file that holds deams that are loaded by default15:58
gnomefreaksorry deamons15:58
cwillugnome daemons, or system?15:58
cwillu/etc/init is where /etc/init.d/ lives as upstart jobs now15:58
gnomefreakbetter yet system15:58
cwillu/etc/init/tty1 is a good example of the bare minimum15:59
cwillumost of the converted jobs aren't exactly as simple as they could be :p15:59
gnomefreakcwillu: /etc/init/tty1 is empty16:00
cwillutty1.conf, sorry16:00
cwillu(tty1 doesn't exist)16:00
gnomefreakthere used to be a file for daemons (a single file)16:01
cwillunope, although you were probably thinking of inittab16:01
gnomefreaki dont recall the file its been a while16:01
cwilluor you mean network daemons?16:01
cwilluname a couple daemons, to make sure we're talking about the same thing16:02
gnomefreakudev dbus cron wicd16:03
cwilluthose were always /etc/init.d/ scripts, with symlinks into /etc/rc123.d/16:04
cwilludon't recall that they were ever defined in a single file16:04
gnomefreakthat is empty as well :)16:04
cwilluwell, what _do_ you have in /etc/init?16:05
gnomefreakway too many things loading at start up16:05
gnomefreakcwillu: would renaming files stop them from loading or will it just spawn another file16:07
cwillugnomefreak, only .conf files will be executed16:07
cwillubut renaming it while keeping the .conf won't change anything, it'll still run16:07
gnomefreakcwillu: there doesnt seem like there is a way in the file to stop it from loading on startup without clearing the file16:08
gnomefreakexample sudo gedit avahi-daemon.conf is a simple script however there doesnt seem to ba anything to stop it16:09
cwillucommenting out the "start" line should do it, assuming that it's not explicitly started by another job, which it shouldn't16:09
gnomefreakstart on (filesystem and started dbus)16:09
gnomefreakstop on stopping dbus16:09
cwilluon the other hand, I can assure you that avahi-daemon isn't what's holding up your boot :p16:09
gnomefreakcwillu: correct however i dont need it16:10
cwilluavahi-daemon itself will pay attention to /etc/defaults/avahi*16:10
cwillubut in general, renaming the file to something that doesn't end in .conf, or commenting out the start line, or removing the package, all of these are viable options :p16:11
cwilluif you don't need it, you should probably just remove it16:11
gnomefreakcwillu: thnaks trying to remove them now16:13
cwillu(meant to remove the packages)16:13
cwillunot quite sure how the "config files on package upgrade" thing is generally handled with upstart jobs16:14
gnomefreakcwillu: i am removing packages it just i wish some would remove only themselves example: bluetooth IIRC removes alot of gnome packages16:15
gnomefreakbluetooth wants to remove ubuntu-standard16:16
duffydackfglrx still broken16:19
komputesGnome Nautilus - Can't see full path of files, because there is no longer a "Pencil Icon"17:24
komputesAnyone else using Lucid having issues telling what path they are in because of this?17:24
coz_mm let me check17:28
coz_komputes,  same here apparenlty17:30
komputescoz_: I'm thinking of reporting this, let me check if someone has17:30
BUGabundo_remotekomputes: press ctrl+l17:33
alkisgOn a newly installed system I have LANG=el_US.utf8 instead of el_US.UTF-8, and that breaks a lot of programs. Is this some transitional phase? Which of the two is the correct one?17:33
coz_there you go17:33
komputesBUGabundo_remote: that does nothing for me, still in icon view, still no path bar17:34
BUGabundo_remoteI can after that see/edit the path17:34
BUGabundo_remoteits 'l' as in lol17:34
komputesthat's odd17:34
BUGabundo_remoteno CAPS i' from I'am17:35
komputesBUGabundo_remote: bizarre they would put that in the Go menu, I was expecting it under View17:36
komputeswell I feel less bad since the feature is still there :D thanks BUGabundo_remote17:36
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nperryFinally fixed my netbook so can abuse works wifi when the boss isn't in19:46
bjsniderwell, that's good. that's certainly what ubuntu is all about20:05
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prefrontalin lucid after boot I have to run ifup eth0 and also start kdm, otherwise I don't get network or a display manager21:05
yofelprefrontal: is your system up to date? We did have issues with kdm, but that was fixed21:08
prefrontalyes i just did a do-release-upgrade21:10
prefrontaldo you think the kdm issue could be a runlevel issue?21:10
yofelwell, not runlevel, upstart is different21:11
prefrontalwell once i run them everything works fine, so it seems to point at a common cause21:11
prefrontalstartup related21:11
yofelprefrontal: open /etc/init/kdm.conf in an editor and look at the 'start on' expression that states the requirements for kdm to run on boot21:12
prefrontalfilesystem, hal, tty-device-added, graphics-device-added21:13
yofelok, your system is NOT up-to-date21:13
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yofelthe hal depens was removed a while ago, (that was the issue that was fixed)21:13
prefrontalhmm, but the only out of date packages i have right now are kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts libplot2c2 libpng12-0 libpng12-dev libpstoedit0c2a pstoedit python-launchpadlib rsync21:13
yofelprefrontal: here's mine: http://yofel.pastebin.com/f73cde52521:14
prefrontalit must be a bug in the kdm package. perhaps it is not overwriting kdm.conf on upgrade21:16
prefrontali just downloaded the latest kdm package and it contains the kdm.conf that you have21:17
prefrontalohh... hmm. dist-upgrade suggests i need a new kdm21:18
prefrontalok, brb:)21:18
prefrontalyofel, that fixed my kdm, thanks21:25
prefrontali still have a network issue. i get an ip address, nfs mounts work, nis login works, i can ssh to this box, but i can't get online. i have to run ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0, then it works21:25
yofeldoes 'ping google.com' work in a terminal?21:26
yofelcould be a DNS issue21:26
prefrontalhost unreachable21:26
prefrontalyes i think it is some kind of dns issue, since the ip for google works21:27
prefrontalbut then, why does it work after i bring the network interace down and then back up again?21:27
yofelprefrontal: you should check the contents of /etc/resolv.conf , NM should add the DNS ips there21:28
prefrontalnameserver in resolv.conf is the same as dns-nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces21:29
yofelprefrontal: you should also check /var/log/syslog for any NM errors21:29
yofelyou use interfaces...21:29
yofellets see21:29
yofelhm, but if resolv.conf has the DNS entry then it should work fine...21:30
prefrontalbrb, need to reboot to see what shows up in syslog21:31
yofelcan anyone else comment on this too? I'm no expert on debugging networks...21:31
kklimondayay, kernel panic - first one on 10.0421:36
prefrontalyofel, i may have found it in syslog. looks crazy. "avahi-daemon[1176]: Failed to open /etc/resolv.conf: Invalid argument"  more: http://pastebin.ca/raw/176571821:38
prefrontali wonder if this is an out of order device loading issue. could the filesystem not be there yet? seems nuts.21:39
yofelno idea, I've never seen such a message21:40
yofelgoogle might be of more help21:40
prefrontalyep, am looking21:40
rmunnprefrontal: What happens when you run "dig www.google.com"?21:51
prefrontalrmunn, is it worth a reboot? ;-)21:54
prefrontali know that its a dns issue21:55
prefrontali plugged in google's ip and it worked21:55
rmunnprefontal: Probably not -- but running dig might tell you which DNS server (if any) it's trying to use21:56
BUGabundobRoas o/21:56
rmunnprefrontal: I had a problem once where I had two DNS servers running on my network, and one of them wasn't properly configured. Lots of head-scratching until I used dig.21:56
prefrontalrmunn, ok, the next time i reboot i will examine with dig, thanks21:57
DanaGweird... after plymouth, my screen still does a mode-switch.22:07
myrradindoes anyone else thinkg that iwlwifi doesn't work very well in karmic or lucid ?23:01
crimsunmyrradin: sorry, but you're going to need to give a lot more hw and dmesg detail than that23:07
crimsuni.e., trivially /someone/ "thinks that iwlwifi doesn't work very well in karmic or lucid"23:08
myrradincrimsun: this happens to me a lot: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/429035/comments/5523:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 429035 in linux "[Karmic] Intel Pro/Wireless 3945BG (driver: iwl3945) disconnects frequently at random" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:08
myrradinit worked for me in jaunty, my memory is not that great but I THINK back then it used the ipw2200 driver, and the daemon, the firmware23:09
crimsunmyrradin: have you tried using compat-wireless-2.6.33-rc5.tar.bz2 ?23:09
myrradincrimsun: no.  what is that?  i just looked in apt-cache and synaptic, i don't see it23:10
myrradincrimsun: is that available for lucid?23:12
Sarvattdoes it happen in another OS? there are problems with some broadcom drivers used on routers that have problems connecting to intel clients for instance (not sure if you are using a linux based router)23:15
myrradinSarvatt: my wireless nic works in windows xp.  it worked in jaunty.  i have had troubles connecting to my own router-running-linux (tomato), apple airport, and random access point at various coffee shops23:16
Sarvattyeah tomato specifically is one that has problems with intel clients if you use the ND firmware23:16
myrradinhow do i fix, besides stop using ubuntu?23:17
Sarvattnvram set wl_reg_mode=off23:17
Sarvattnvram commit23:17
Sarvatton the router23:17
myrradinwhat is ND firmware?23:17
Sarvattor switch away from a ND release23:17
myrradinthat's firmware on my wireless router?23:18
Sarvattthere are 2 versions of tomato, ND and normal, ND has newer broadcom drivers on it but has problems with intel clients, you can use those commands i pasted in a shell on it or switch to the non ND one. I'm not sure if your router requires a ND  firmware though but both are offered on the download page23:19
myrradinin my workplace i have two wifi routers.  i can't connect to the one running tomato (i'll try your suggestion) , the other one is a cisco business router smoething something.  if i run karmic or lucid, i can't even see the access point, it's not available to try to connect to, really weird23:19
BluesKajI wonder why my fstab disappeared after an kernel upgrade..did a cat /etc/fstab and copied it to /etc/fstab and edited it fit my previous file , but it fails to boot23:20
Sarvattmyrradin: it could very well be a kernel problem but intel clients dropping connections like that is a _really_ common problem with tomato firmware (and anything else using the newer broadcom drivers). might be worth looking into that is all23:25
myrradinSarvatt: i wish it was possible to compile the old intel ipw2200 stuff in current kernels, but it doesn't appear to be possible anymore23:26
myrradinso what's a good USB wireless nic that uses a chip that ubuntu has a driver for that works 99.99 percent of the time ?23:30
BluesKajmyrradin, well I can tell what not to ...belkin, been struggling with a usb wifi for a week, no luck23:32
kklimondagreat, new anjuta crashes on code completion - time to go back to vim I guess23:32
myrradini went out and bought a usb wireless nic... it appears to use intel 3945, oops23:33
BluesKajmyrradin, but what brand usb?23:35
crimsunhint: for usb wifi, go with an atheros chipset.23:35
BUGabundothanks crimsun23:37
crimsunthe two reliable usb wifi devices I have are driven by rtl8187 and ar9170usb, respectively23:41
myrradinmyrradin: I wonder what chip this is? http://www.amazon.com/BlueProton-High-Gain-Wireless-802-11g-Adapter/dp/B001GQLLSW/ref=pd_cp_e_123:41
myrradintalking to myself23:41
crimsuncompletely Free, which is a bit deal with debugging kernel problems23:41
BluesKajcrimsun, my belkin keeps trying to use my neighbour's real slow unsecured network..iwlist scan seems to give the neighbour's network priority overmy 2wire , and I've done the etc/network/interfaces tutorials til blue in the face but it refuses to connect ...itwas working very well on jaunty with wicd .23:44
myrradinthe internet says that is a realtek chip.  will that work ?23:44
myrradinive wasted many hours of my life in getting wireless and ubuntu to work, it is sad23:45
crimsunmyrradin: wireless.kernel.org has a semi-maintained list of usb ids for wifi adapters23:45
crimsunBluesKaj: having never used wicd, I don't know if you can lock a BSSID to an ESSID23:47
myrradinMake no mistake, you get what you pay for with this. I bought it to use with my G3 running Ubuntu 9.04. Just as they claim, it worked right away, and the drivers for it are fine. Note that this thing gets extremely hot. Mind-blowingly hot. I can't believe it doesn't have a straight up heating element in it hot.23:47
crimsunBluesKaj: it should be possible using wpa_supplicant directly, however.23:47
BluesKajyeah, that was one of the techniques i tried without success23:49
crimsunvia wpa_cli, too?23:50
BluesKajcrimsun, wpa_supplicant and /etc/network/interfaces and cli dhclient commands for starting the network23:54
myrradini just bought an atheros chipset wireless nic, i look forward to not having to complain all of the time about this23:54
BluesKajmyrradin, try wicd , itworks well with atheros23:55
BluesKajnetwork manager is flaky23:55
myrradinjust bought... is being mailed to me now.  for now,i cry about iwlwifi  and intel23:56
BluesKajmyrradin, no need to vry, you'll be ok with the intel i'm sure23:57
myrradinno, it makes me cry, it sucks, it doesn't work.  it worked with jaunty and the binary driver23:58

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