DifferentkindofI have a question about programs07:08
DifferentkindofIf I download the source to pd extended will it build on u-arm?07:08
* persia checks07:09
DifferentkindofSorry I'm seriously daft07:09
DifferentkindofI just hear all this jazz about stuff not porting well to arm and I was wondering if I was missing something, the program in question only uses c, c++ and tcl supposedly07:10
persiaWell, puredata seems to be built.  I'm not sure why pd-extended wouldn't.07:10
persiaBut since I'm not finding pd-extended available, I'm guessing it's not already done.07:10
DifferentkindofSo no issues on arm arch07:10
persia(but I also don't see it in the build failure report, so I presume it's out-of-archive)07:10
DifferentkindofThere's source and it builds on ubuntu on my desktop07:11
persiaWhich Ubuntu source package?07:11
DifferentkindofBut I'm wondering if it'll build on an sbc Im getting07:11
Differentkindof9.10 I think07:11
DifferentkindofOh the package sorry I'm real slow tonite07:12
persiaWell, http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/karmic.html is the fail-to-build-from-source report for 9.1007:13
persiaSo, if puredata needs a package there, it ought fail, but it appears puredata succeeded, so I suspect it would work.07:13
DifferentkindofOk cool07:14
DifferentkindofSo the whole portability q I keep seein on this hardware forum is about other stuff07:14
DifferentkindofI guess I was wondering what issues I might run into just using make etc on the source on an arm setup07:15
persiaI thought I remembered a pd-extended source package, but I'm not finding it now.07:15
persiaMost of the issues seem to either be related to upstream being insufficiently portable (for instance, wine doesn't compile), issues with ARM vs. Thumb2, or issues with the toolchain.07:16
persiaI believe the karmic toolchain to be mostly clean.07:16
DifferentkindofReally I just need pd and the gem library07:17
DifferentkindofSounds solid now07:17
persiapd and gem should be available with apt-get07:17
persiaDepending on your kernel, you may end up with issues at lower levels, but at the high levels, all is good.07:18
persiaMaking an effects box?07:18
DifferentkindofActually just trying to get a smaller computer for generative music and video stuff07:18
DifferentkindofAlso I preordered a pandora07:19
DifferentkindofI figure in the end I'll rock pandora but maybe angstrom if it wows me07:19
persiaWell, best of luck with that.  I think you may want a USB audio interface though, if you're looking at input/output.  I don't know of many SBCs that have high-def audio systems.07:21
DifferentkindofPandora has enough for what I'm gunna rock07:21
DifferentkindofUsually our sound guys push the faders up too much anyway07:22
persiaheh.  Then it doesn't matter if you have perfect DA converters :)07:22
DifferentkindofYeah... This has only made me more excited for my open pandora07:22
DifferentkindofThanks a bunch for helping07:26
DifferentkindofI was pretty sure it would just build but I won't be certain till my hardware is here07:26
ograhmm, so all plymouth error messages are gone with my new babbage install11:07
ograreinstall from A2 and dist-upgrade seems to have worked fine11:07
ograi even have suspend/resume working properly11:07
persiaAnd is plymouth actually running?11:08
ograi dont think so, let me check11:08
ograthe console fonts change during boot so it might be11:08
ograi.e. i see some bold parts in the fsck output11:08
persiaCould be something else, depending.  I don't know how karmic works, but I do know it's fancy (and different to both jaunty and lucid)11:09
ograhmm, should i see a logfile or something ?11:09
ograi know there is a plymouth-log process usually11:10
persiaNo idea, sorry.11:10
ograwell, i'll reboot11:10
ograi dont see any splash ... but11:19
ograi can run plymouthd manually and run plymouth --show-splash and see a moving bar at the bottom of the screen on tty811:19
ograits odd that X is on tty1 now :(11:19
ogramakes my finger memory unhappy :)11:20
persiaIt makes for no VT switch, which is apparently both faster and more appealing.11:22
persiaBut I'm glad to hear it works.11:22
ograwell, seems plymouthd defaults to tty811:23
ograso if it doesnt do a vt switch and stays on vt1 there is indeed no way for me to see it11:23
* ogra wonders why motd tells him he can update 285 packages12:07
ograi just did a dist-upgrade12:07
ograasac, so plymouth dies because of the console comdline option we use12:08
persiaThe console command line?  The kernel command line?12:09
persiaAnd if we use a different one, it works?12:10
ograthe "moutall: could not connect to plymouth" goes away if i remove "console=ttymcx0,115200 console=tty0" from the cmdline12:10
persiaAnd where does console end up?12:11
ograalso the plymouth-log error12:11
ograas its supposed to12:11
ograthe A2 install i had didnt set console, now that i switched to uboot i have a console entry12:11
persiaWell then, that sounds like a reasonable thing to fix.12:11
ograif i remove it and make it look like the redboot line we install it works12:12
persiaThat's fancy demo stuff, there.12:12
ograas soon as i enforce a tty by using console= it breaks12:12
ograhmm, let me try tty8 ... probably plmouth runs already but i dont see it12:15
ogra285 packages can be updated.12:15
ogra0 updates are security updates.12:15
ograliar !!!12:15
persiaRun update-motd to make it go away.12:16
ograogra@babbage2:~$ sudo update-motd12:16
ograsudo: update-motd: command not found12:16
persiaHrm.  Dunno.  Worked in jaunty.  I haven't played with update-motd in karmic, but I don't see a binary.  Ask mvo or kirkland.12:18
persiaLast time I found a bug it got fixed within two days.12:19
ogranot so pressing now12:20
* ogra is more intrested in seeing plymoutho12:20
ograso tt8 quitens down even more but doesnt make plymouth work12:21
* ogra looks at /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-top/plymouth12:22
ograprintf '\033[?25l' > /dev/tty712:22
ogra/sbin/plymouthd --mode=boot --pid-file=/dev/.initramfs/plymouth.pid12:22
ogra/bin/plymouth --show-splash12:22
ograwhats that printf ? a clear command ?12:23
dmartshow (or hide) cursor12:23
* ogra tries console=tty712:23
ogradoesnt work either12:25
ograand i see a cursor :)12:25
ograGAH !12:29
ogramy X crashed12:29
persiaYou didn't really need that, did you?12:31
loolprintf '\033[?25l' > /dev/tty works in a xterm here  :-)12:32
* ogra slaps persia with a wet towel12:32
ogralool, well, i guess it works on my tty7 too during boot, prob is that i'm on tty0 by default (so i cant see it) and that plymouth doesnt seem to like if i set console=12:33
persiaDoes Alt+Fn7 not switch for you?12:34
persiaOr can you change the config?12:34
ograsure it does, but way to late :)12:34
persiaYou clearly need to find some way to slow down the boot :)12:35
ograogra@babbage2:~$ man plymouthd12:35
ograNo manual entry for plymouthd12:35
ograBOOO !12:35
ograogra@babbage2:~$ man plymouth12:35
ograNo manual entry for plymouth12:35
persiaSee, this is why I think we ought to insist on agressive peer review for all new packages.  Even the best of us skip stuff.12:36
persia(and this annoys users, like you)12:36
NCommanderdmart, you around?12:44
asac_had to join first ;)12:45
dmartNCommander, hi12:45
NCommanderdmart, I need to poke your brain, I've had some thoughts on the vldr issue we have on ARM, and I was wondering if you can give your input on this12:45
NCommanderdmart, I've been looking at the Marvell kernel fixup for vldr, and I think the issue with it is that the vldr fixup doesn't fire until after the processor sends an alignment fault to the kernle12:46
NCommanderdmart, (I might be mistaken on this part, I'm not very familiar with kernel code handling alignment)12:48
dmartI think that's normal?  User: vldr *boom* -> kernel: fault kandler -> emulate unaligned vldr -> return to userspace following the faulted instruction12:50
NCommanderdmart, right, based on how the kernel handles alignment faults, that was my understanding as well12:50
NCommanderdmart, the problem then is impossible to fix in kernelspace because the kernel doesn't vet each individual instruction12:51
NCommander(or at leas tin this portion of kernel space)12:51
NCommanderdmart, there are two ways we can work around the faulty vldr instruction, 32 vmov's, or force the processor into ARM mode for the execution, then return to Thumb2 (if the context is appropriate for the switch)12:52
NCommandernot sure which one is faster12:52
NCommander(I'm guessing returning to ARM mode is going to be faster, but I wanted to run that by you)12:52
asac_dmart: you can also reply to me ;)12:57
asac_ah there he is again12:57
NCommanderugh, sorry12:58
NCommanderrouter decided a lovely time to HCF12:58
NCommanderWhat was the last thing that you saw from me?12:58
persiaTime can7t reach him, but timeouts can :)12:58
persia[21:53] <NCommander> (I'm guessing returning to ARM mode is going to be faster, but I wanted to run that by you)12:58
NCommanderpersia, that sounds like it was from a song.12:59
NCommanderwas there a response :-)12:59
ograok, the mount error on imx51 boot seems to definately be bootchart12:59
* ogra removes it 13:00
* NCommander is looking at his GCC theory13:00
ogramount -t proc none $JAIL/proc13:00
ograhmm, can that be none ?13:00
NCommanderogra, yes13:00
* NCommander uses that all the time13:01
* ogra always thought it *has* to be proc13:01
persiaCan be any string.  It's not read.13:01
* persia usually uses "proc"13:01
ograme too13:01
* NCommander usually uses none or its purpose13:01
NCommanderproc-hardy on /home/chroots/hardy-i386-android/proc type proc (rw)13:01
persiaThat's why I use "proc", as the context is obvious by $PS113:02
ograhrm, and it wasnt the error anyway13:02
ograogra@babbage2:~$ grep mount /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-top/*13:03
ogra/usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-top/bootchart:mount -t proc none $JAIL/proc13:03
ograbut thats the only mount call in init-top13:03
* ogra checks the init script itself13:03
ogramount -t tmpfs -o mode=0755 none /dev13:05
persiaDid you want $JAIL/dev ?13:07
ograthats what bootchart wanted13:07
ograwhich i removed already13:08
ograthat line is from init13:08
ograif ! mount -t devtmpfs -o mode=0755 none /dev; then13:08
ogra        mount -t tmpfs -o mode=0755 none /dev13:08
ogra        mknod -m 0600 /dev/console c 5 113:08
ogra        mknod /dev/null c 1 313:08
ograto be precise13:08
ograhmm, is devtmpfs a .32 feature we miss in .31 ?13:11
persiaI thought it was very new: http://blog.steve.org.uk/we_have_to_be_ready_to_do_anything__do_you_hear_me_.html13:13
ograwell, it was there for a while afaik but experimental13:14
persiaSeems first introduced April 2009.13:14
persiaSo how isn't this devfs, which everyone decided was bad?13:15
* persia is confused13:15
ograno idea13:15
ograi just want the error to go away :P13:15
persiaWell, get the kernel built with devtmpfs then.13:15
ograogra@babbage2:~$ grep DEVTMPFS /boot/config-2.6.31-602-imx5113:16
ograseems we dont even have the option13:16
persiaDoes N appear with that?13:16
ograN ?13:16
persiaHrm.  Then let's drop it from userspace.13:16
ograits in init13:16
persiaStuff neither selected nor modules, especially stuff that only shows up in submenus.13:16
ograand udev uses it massively13:16
ograand beyond that it slows down booting to not have it with new udev13:17
persiaThen lets add it to the backport list :)13:17
ogravery high up13:17
ograwhere is cooloney when one needs him :P13:17
persiaslows down booting?  So putting initial device management in userspace does slow down boot?  Makes me laugh at very old kernel mail threads (back when I actually tried to follow that ML)13:18
ograif you use devtmpfs the initial device tree gets directly populated by the kernel13:19
ograelse it will be done by udev scripts13:19
ograwhich are slower indeed13:19
* persia used to use devfs extensively13:19
ogralooking at some benchmarks google finds for me it seems it removes about 2sec13:20
persiaI was convinced that the entire approach didn't scale and was ultimately slower, but at that point I was mostly messing with ACPI anyway, and didn't care that much.13:20
dmartNCommander, sorry, I was away for a bit.  What exactly do you mean by "32 vmovs"?13:21
NCommanderdmart, 32 vmov instructions to emulate vldr13:22
dmartyes, but why 32?  (I may just be missing the point)13:22
ericm_NCommander, not 32, it could be 2 vmov for vldr or 113:22
ericm_2 vmov for vldr of double word, 1 vmov for vldr of single word13:23
ericm_32 vmov listed there are for quick expansion13:23
dmartYes, I'd expect ldr+ldr+vmov (double) or ldr+vmov (single)13:24
ericm_dmart, you aware of the dove issue right?13:25
dmartWhat is the actual problem on Dove?  Is it that the alignment fault on a vldr in Thumb-2 can't be handled properly at all for some reason?13:25
NCommanderericm_, oops, misread the code :-)13:25
* NCommander has not played much with handwritten VFP ASM13:26
ericm_NCommander, I was upset the first time as well13:26
NCommanderdmart, the fault never comes, and the board hangs.13:26
dmartAh... I see.  So we need the userspace code not to do that?13:26
ericm_NCommander, with a latest apt-get upgrade, it looks the system freeze issue has gone, so far no freeze13:26
ericm_dmart, the issue happens only when VLDR is executed in Thumb2 mode, an incorrect alignment fault is generated13:27
NCommanderdmart, pretty much, but we have vldr's all over the place, my first theory just crashed and burned13:27
ericm_NCommander, that's what I want to say13:28
NCommanderericm_, I'm going to also see if I can isolate what's causing our counters to run backwards on Dove13:28
NCommandersince it still happens with X0.13:28
dmartThat would be very useful to find out.13:29
ericm_NCommander, and asac told me the python bug invokes the system freeze so not clear if it's caused by this VLDR bug though13:29
dmartDo you know where the problem vldrs are coming from in userspace, or are they just everywhere?13:29
ericm_but yes, the apt-get showing negative could be related to this13:29
asac_atm our dove images work13:30
asac_so its not really everywhere13:30
asac_for me (without knowning) it just feels like dove doesnt like if something "irregular" happens13:30
asac_like a crash etc.13:30
ericm_dmart, Marvell has a patch to workaround that bug13:30
asac_if all is fine things seem to work13:30
ericm_dmart, but we are doubting that fixes all the odds13:30
asac_ericm_: where is that patch?13:31
asac_already in our kernel?13:31
ericm_asac_, yes13:31
ericm_asac_, wait13:31
dmartTo me, the apt-get counter weirdness doesn't sound like it would be caused directly by the vldr issue... unless the fault handling in the patch actually does something wrong and mis-emulates the vldr13:31
asac_ericm_: is that in the archive yet?13:31
ericm_asac_, already since several weeks ago13:32
NCommanderdmart, we've had the issue since before the vldr patch went in :-/13:32
asac_right. so we dont doubut ... we _know_ that there are still issues left13:32
ericm_dmart, I agree13:32
dmartOK, sounds like it's worth digging into the apt-get issue, since something's definitely going wrong reliably in there13:33
ericm_NCommander, but those are different issues - without vldr patch - we know those unalignment faults won't be handled13:33
ericm_not sure though if this ever happens on imx5113:33
ericm_the negative counter issue13:33
NCommanderericm_, doesn't happen on imx5113:34
dmartHas anyone looked at the compiler output for the dove alignment.c patch?  There are no output constraints on the vmov_single asm (and it's not volatile) so the compiler might no-op it.13:34
* ogra files bug 51232113:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 512321 in linux-fsl-imx51 "please backport devtmpfs to the lucid linux-imx51 kernel tree" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51232113:35
ericm_dmart, let me check13:35
dmartIf you have a .o file handy, it'd be interesting to see it.13:35
NCommanderdmart, I'm fairly sure its not no-op'ed since the vldr patch fixed Xorg13:36
dmartAgreed; it's probably working, though it depends on the compiler behaviour.13:37
ericm_dmart, they are indeed expanded13:37
ericm_a long list of vmov + b, ugly but should work13:37
persiaDo we have a known, small, sequence of assembly that generates the fault?13:39
ericm_persia, just write a simple test.c with double - I'm pretty sure a VLDR instruction will be generated13:40
* persia doesn't have HW, so wouldn't know if it caused the issue13:40
ericm_printf("%d", (int)((double)a / (double)b))13:40
dmartericm_ does vldr _always_ fault in Thumb-2?  Or is it on occasional anomaly?13:40
ericm_dmart, always13:40
persiaBut I'd think working from a known, small, test case would be easier than working from the entirety of userspace.13:41
ericm_dmart, and Dove X0 fixes this issue13:41
NCommanderericm_, it does?13:41
ericm_NCommander, no alignment fault ever been seen13:41
ericm_NCommander, actually "echo 3 > /proc/cpu/alignment" can reveal all alignment faults on your console13:41
ericm_NCommander, never seen a single on X013:42
asac_ericm_: does import uno hang on X0 ?13:42
* persia wonders more if it's worth fixing in SW if it only appears for some prerelease dev boards13:42
ericm_asac_, no X0 at hands13:42
NCommander^- persia13:42
ericm_asac_, will have to come to Marvell office for that13:42
asac_ericm_: weren't there marvell folks in this channel at some point ;)?13:43
asac_can we get them back?13:43
ericm_asac_, I think so - but probably not this time :)13:43
ograNCommander, did you ever finish your fix for likewise-open ?13:44
NCommanderogra, its unfortunately non-trivial. It gets through 95% of the modules before it blows its brains on the last one13:45
asac_persia: its definitly worth fixing in SW imo ... what i see is that this bug consumes huge amount of resources. so if we dont fix it, this will probably happen again and again13:45
asac_or we get all new hardware13:45
NCommanderogra, I know how to fix the last one, but the proper technique is alluding me13:45
asac_thats ok too i guess13:45
persiaasac_: Consider my statement a suggestion for option (b) :)13:45
asac_i will discuss this with david today for sure13:46
ograNCommander, well, you should probably open a bug with your fixes so far and a description of the ramining issue and your idea for a fix so the server team can do the rest13:46
asac_please do13:46
NCommanderogra, I take it we got a ping from the server team to look at this?13:47
ograNCommander, nope13:47
ograNCommander, it shows up on the FTBFS list13:47
ericm_asac_, NCommander, are we still going to support Z0 BTW?13:47
asac_i doubt it13:47
NCommanderericm_, we made the call in lucid to drop it13:47
asac_for now i want Y1 to work13:47
ericm_NCommander, ok13:47
NCommanderericm_, the kernel and the bootloader are fubar'ed for it13:47
ograNCommander, its their package, so its fine if they do the rest, but you put work into they should know about13:48
dmartericm_, the dove patch does this: addr &= ~3; __get_user(val, (u32 *)addr);13:53
dmartThis won't correctly emulate a misaligned load?13:54
dmartOr is the problem that we fault on an aligned vldr?13:54
ericm_dmart, the issue they mentioned is only about VLDR in Thumb2 mode13:54
ericm_dmart, I guess the problem is even if it's aligned VLDR, the fault happens anyway13:55
ericm_for an unaligned VLDR, the fault is expected to happen right?13:55
dmartOK.  It looks like if userspace really does a misaligned vldr, it will silently load the wrong value instead of getting a SIGILL as it should.13:56
ericm_Mmm.... actually doubt this can correctly handle those unaligned VLDR13:56
dmartThat's what I meant.  But there is no handling of unaligned vldr for imx51, and we get no problem there; so I'm not sure whether that situation is happening.13:57
ericm_dmart, indeed - esp. since the compiler is smart enough to get rid of this13:57
dmartNot necessarily... the common problem is that a library contains a function f(double *a) { do something with a }.  a is aligned, right?  The ABI says it is.  But some caller code built later is munging some freeform data structture: char *p = <some misaligned random location>; f((double *)p).  Strictly speaking that's wrong, but some bits of code may do it.  I'd still expect also to see...13:59
dmart...problems on imx51 if we hit that case though.14:00
ericm_dmart, yet I expect the support for such faults should be there in the kernel, lemme check14:00
dmartI think the correct think in the patch would if if(addr & 3) goto fault;14:01
* NCommander hrms14:01
NCommanderI just copied in an apt-get from karmic into a lucid chroot, and I still get backwards running counters :-/14:02
ericm_dmart, I agree - currently the vldr workaround is placed before other unalignment fault handling code14:02
ericm_dmart, so your proposal will lead to the VLDR workaround to fix only those aligned faults14:03
dmart...which I think matches the imx51 behaviour14:04
ericm_dmart, a good catch - will let Marvell guys know this14:04
dmartIt's only a problem for wrong userspace code, so it's more an anomaly than a full on bug14:04
ericm_NCommander, so that doesn't seems to be related to the VLDR issue14:04
dmartNCommander, maybe it's in libc or somewhere?14:05
NCommanderdmart, or one of APT's support libraries14:05
dmartHmmm, libutil1, libstdc++6, eglibc (libc6, libm6, libdl2)14:06
NCommanderdmart, theres a libapt-pkg* I didn't replace14:06
NCommanderlet me just fully install the karmic version14:06
* ericm_ needs some sleep14:06
asac_'night ericm_ ... thx14:07
dmartOops, yes, libapt-pkg-libc6<blah>14:07
dmartThanks.  I think the fixup in do_alignment_thumb_vldr is otherwise correct.14:08
NCommanderdmart, yeah, that fixed it14:08
dmartHmmm, so we know which lib it's in14:08
dmart-er- well, it's the same set (deps of libapt-pkg-libc6<blah>)14:09
NCommanderdmart, actually, its the HTTP handler of APT14:09
NCommanderdmart, if I use FTP, the problem goes poof14:09
dmartOh right. Is that dlopen'd ? I noticed libdl is linked in there.14:10
NCommander-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 43K Dec 23 16:28 /usr/lib/apt/methods/http14:10
NCommanderFetched -656298B in 3s (-191066B/s) - this is just getting annoying :-/14:11
dmartunless you can make the clock go backwards too :P14:11
dmartIt is possible to backtract from those printfs and see where the negative answers start to appear...?14:12
NCommanderdmart, looking14:13
NCommanderdmart, ugh, its a twisty set of includes, and I'm not sure specifically where's going bust14:21
dmartZ BG14:26
dmartargh, wrong window again14:26
dmartAre there any other methods that we could try easily?14:28
NCommanderdmart, well, I found the code formatter14:29
NCommanderdmart, and I'm testing to see if the number going into that is value or not14:29
NCommanderat least gives me an idea of where to look14:29
dmartYeah, I guess that's the best thing to do... it it's correct, then we'll need to walk back and see where the number comes from...14:30
NCommandercontrib/mmap.cc:246: internal compiler error: Illegal instruction14:53
* NCommander thunks his head on the desk14:53
plarsnice, as suspected dove live image now boots up fine :)15:02
plarsand plymouth appears to be working nicely as well15:02
plarsdoh, gnome-panel just died though15:02
dmartplars, "as suspected": what was the fix?15:17
dmartNCommander, were you building on Dove there?15:18
plarsdmart: there was a new build of python on Friday, I'm not sure what all is different off the top of my head15:19
dmartok, thanks15:19
plarsdmart: but asac suspected it would help, so I tried with it on Friday and could no longer get pybootchartgui to crash15:19
plarsdmart: importing uno.py still hangs though15:19
plarsdmart: but that's just some random thing I discovered while trying to find a simpler testcase... not something that is going to typically be seen during average use15:20
dmartIs there any relationship to the OOo bug there?  I remember uno and exceptions being involved, but can't remember all the background now.15:20
plarsdmart: asac seemed to be indicating he thought there was some connection15:24
dmartThere might or might not be, the description of the issue just has some similar words ;)15:25
dmart(don't understand the details, myself)15:25
NCommanderdmart, yeah15:31
dmartWas that another alignment fault, or something else?15:32
apwogra, about?15:35
ograapw, indeed15:35
apwbug #45853715:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 458537 in linux-fsl-imx51 "[armel imx51] hibernate does not work" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45853715:35
apwthe current states of the tasks make little sense to me.  if the kernel is correctly reporting that hibernate is not supported then if devkit-power says it is available then its broken15:36
apwso it seems to me its tasks should be open for that but, or perhaps anohter bug filed (i guess)15:36
apwand the kernel is doing the right thing, its reporting it not available as its not going to be there as its not supported by the platform15:37
ograapw, its all solved ... devkit doesnt expose hibernate to the gui anymore15:37
apwso i would normally close the kernel tasks invalid, but you've said you want themj open15:37
apwso ... how do we resolve that15:38
ograand suspend/resume works too as of today, so all these bugs cvan be closed. the suspend/resume bug is missing one final test with the uboot bootloader though15:38
ograwell, i'D like to still have a reminder to talk to FSL if they cant implement it somehow ... hibernate is a pure kernel thing, there is no HW changes or whatnot required15:39
NCommanderdmart, not sure, but its another one of those stability is lacking bugs :-/15:39
ograapw, so it would be nice if they added code to support it15:39
apwogra, launchpad doesn't allow us to do what i would like to do, which is close karmic and lucid and leave M open as a reminder ... hrm15:40
ograapw, and it would be nice to have a bug to pĆ¼oint them to ... but if you need it closed, close it :)15:40
apwthe release team wants it closed as its not a problem per-see15:41
ograwhy does the release team care for iuntargeted bugs ?15:41
apwit is targetted15:41
ograits a general problem of that kernel15:41
ograbut its not up to us to fix it15:41
ograi thought i closed all targets15:41
apwthe kernel is still targetted to lucid15:42
ograi removed the milestones :)15:42
ogracant we un-target and leave it as a bug in the package15:42
apwif you can untarget it yes, no idea how to do that15:42
ograhmm, doesnt seem like15:42
ograyeah, nothing in the UI15:43
ograjust close it then15:43
apwand its current state is confused, the linux is targetted and devicekit-power not15:43
ograwell, devkit works fine15:43
apwand that has three entries, karmic/lucid/ and what would be lucid15:43
ograthe comments arent up to date15:43
apwand linux only has two ...15:43
apwwhich doesn't seem possible to my mind :)15:43
ograyeah, its weird15:44
ograjust close the tasks and dont worry15:44
ograi'm happy tracking the issue on my TODO list on my whiteboard in the office instead :)15:44
apwogra, thanks ... i dispare with launchpad sometimes15:45
ograapw, btw, bug 512321 is untriaged yet (if you are doing bugwork)15:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 512321 in linux-fsl-imx51 "please backport devtmpfs to the lucid linux-imx51 kernel tree" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51232115:46
ograapw, i wonder how hard it is to backport devtmpfs here15:46
* apw wonders why we need it15:47
ograthe patch didnt look to big15:47
ograbootspeed ?15:47
ograas i understand booting gets slowed down if udev scripts run instead of having a devtmpfs pre-populated15:47
ograand i'm not sure if any userspace apps wont have a requirement for it too before lucid goes final15:48
apwogra, thanks for the heads up15:50
ograwohoo, asac is back16:12
ograplymouth works !!16:46
asacogra: i am back ;)17:04
asacnot sure for how long though17:04
asacsomething is fishy with my server17:04
asaceven irssi doesnt autojoin all the channels anymore ;)17:04
asacogra: nice ... what was the prob with plymouth17:05
ograasac, it defaults to the text plugin17:18
ograi dont know why yet, but running plymouth-set-default-theme ubuntu-logo and re-rolling the initramfs fixes it17:19
ograits definately a bug that it isnt set by default17:19
asac_what is that text plugin? wasnt plymouth done to not have text anymore?17:19
ograbut technically plymouth works as it should17:19
ograthe text plugin looks like normal console ... just without a cursor17:20
ograi noticed i get the fsck output in bold17:20
asac_ah. ok17:20
ograso it seems to highlight a bunch of text17:20
ograi have to find out why /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth doesnt point to the right theme though ... but i guess i'll have to wait for Keybuk for that17:21
ograno clue what sets it17:21
ograasac_, did david talk to you about uboot ?17:21
armin76bye asac :)17:34
asac_armin76: bye?17:35
persiaasac_: You're dead.  Does that mean you'll be coming back soon?17:35
asac_let me check17:36
plarsogra: looks like flashkernel is failing again on ubiquity.  Last time, that seemed to be related to an oversized initrd, but I don't think that's the problem here.  Any ideas?17:39
persiaplars: output log?17:41
asac_persia: dead due to what?17:41
persia[02:28] * asac has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))17:41
plarspersia: I have the .crash file from ubiquity, but it's a known issue that it fails silently when flashkernel fails17:42
persiaplars: Have you tried adding set -x to flash-kernel, and then calling it manually?17:42
persia(this should give you some output)17:42
plarspersia: I'll try that17:42
plarsaha, I think I might see the problem17:45
persiaCool.  What's the problem?17:45
plarspersia: the actual initrd and vmlinuz are missing from the squashfs17:48
plarspersia: the symlinks are there, but no file that they link to17:48
persiaBecause we don't stuff them into the image because we're using the silly filesystemless kernel method.17:49
persiaWhich means that we need to modify debian-cd to actually place the artifacts in place correctly.17:49
persiaAnd then, as long as we continue not to mount the filesystem, we end up wtih duplicates in the images.17:49
persiaBut that's not *too* much extra space.17:50
ograhmm ?17:56
ograsure we put them into the image17:56
persiaThen why isn't plars seeing them?17:57
plarsogra: mount the squashfs from today's image17:57
ograogra@osiris:~$ ls /media/4B4D-D0D4/casper/17:57
ografilesystem.manifest  filesystem.manifest-desktop  filesystem.size  filesystem.squashfs  initrd.lz  vmlinuz17:57
ograthey arent in the squashfs17:57
plarsogra: shouldn't they be?17:57
ograand are not supposed to be ever17:57
ograon no image we build17:58
plarsogra: the result is that in /boot on the booted image, it doesn't find them17:58
ogra(including non arm)17:58
ogrado you have the exact output ?17:58
plarsand flash-kernel is complaining that it can't find them in / or /boot17:58
plarsogra: of what, flash-kernel?17:58
ograubiquity is supposed to copy vmlinuz to /boot before flash-kernel runs17:59
persiaSo the issue isn't in debian-cd, it's in base-installer17:59
ograno, its in ubiquity17:59
persiaBecause we're using flash-kernel, we're probably not copying the files to /boot17:59
ogranot sure if base-installer uses that too17:59
persiaNo, ubiquity doesn't do that.17:59
persiaubiquity just controls base-installer, which does that.17:59
* persia discovered this when making lpia work17:59
ograits somewhere in install.py17:59
persiaIt moved?18:00
ograits a while that i looked last18:00
ograbut laszt time it was in there18:00
persiaMore recently than I :)18:00
* persia last looked in intrepid18:00
ograwell, around karmic18:00
ograi havent thouched ubiquity in lucid yet18:00
ograbut in any case there should be nothing in /boot18:00
ograto save space18:00
ograelse you would duplicate the kernel18:01
persiaThen it needs to copy from /cdrom18:01
ograthere is code that copies from /cdrom/casper to /boot18:01
persiaPersonally, I think we ought have the bootloader mount boot, and not bother with flash-kernel.  Does this really still not work?18:01
ogranot with redboot18:01
ograand definately not with our image design18:02
persiaWorks with my redboot.  Would me asking for source help you?18:02
ogra(would require a separate /boot partition)18:02
ogranot really18:02
persiaThat's what I thought.18:02
ograits one of the reasone we will probably not switch to uboot for18:02
ogra(the requirement of /boot)18:02
persiaWell, you don't really need /boot for the installer.18:03
persiaJust load the kernel off /18:03
persiaAnd then put it in a /boot partition during install.18:03
asac_ogra: what i would like to see is a short list of issues and features we lack so we can forward that18:03
asac_then we are off the hook18:03
asac_i guess18:03
ograpersia, well, the /boot partzition has to live on the SD18:03
persiaNo it doesn't.18:04
persiaOr rather.  Why?18:04
ograasac_, yes, i assembled that on the weekend as i said, just need to formulate it a bit better18:04
ograpersia, the babbage can only boot off the first SD18:04
asac_ogra: you can just send it to me and i can fix the wording if you want ;)18:04
ograpersia, no matter which bootloader you use18:04
asac_just thinking you would be happy to get that off your plate ;)18:04
persiaIt can't boot of SATA?18:05
asac_"it cant do nothing"18:05
ograpersia, it can do exactly as much as redboot can18:05
persiaMy.  That's limiting.18:05
persiaWell, for some redboots.18:05
ograplus it can read fat and ext2 partitons18:05
ogracomparing to the babbge redboot indeed18:06
persiaLike I said, I have a redboot that boots from two alternate locations, and mounts a partition for one of those boots.18:06
asac_(from some devices)18:06
ograyeah, from some SDs18:06
asac_if you are lucky ;)18:06
persiaYeah.  That's limiting.18:06
ogragah, there he goes again18:10
* ogra just , mailed him the list 18:10
persiaThat's both of him gone.  He may be reattaching.18:10
ograpersia, i think we'll go with what we have on imx51 and not make the move to uboot18:11
persiaogra: Given the limitations of the bootloader and hardware, I think that's the right choice.18:11
ograi'm not really eager to have a three partition live image18:11
persiaI don't think it's how it ought be done, but that's an entirely different matter.18:11
ograpersia, its the only choice we have18:11
persiaNo.  A three partition image would be very unfortunate.18:11
persiaYes, it seems that way.  I'm not happy about it, but like I said, it comes down to hardware and firmware.18:12
ogranon-fs (for uboot), /boot (so we can reformat that later and put the installed initramfs and kernel in place, livefs partition (which needs to stay mounted during install)18:12
persiaRight.  That would be bad.18:12
ogra+thats the only possible design atm18:13
ograonly way around that would be if we got USB support into uboot18:13
ograthen it could work like the dove18:13
persiaBut that's because of the specific board, and the current features available in the current bootloaders.18:13
ograasac, you got mail :)18:13
persia(but he has no tail)18:14
* ogra closes Bug 45665918:14
ubot4Launchpad bug 456659 in linux-fsl-imx51 "suspend/resume failure on imx51" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45665918:14
asacogra: one point as of why its inferior to dove uboot might be good18:15
ografeel free to add points as you like18:15
ograasac, USB support is the actual only drawback, all other points are just results of working around the missing USB support (apart from the slower boot which is a uboot vs redboot design issue)18:16
ograplars, so for your prob i'd first check the installer logs, its very likely that the flash-kernel issue is just fallout of a former error18:19
plarsogra: will look through them18:19
ograhow did you get to a point where ubiquity actually does something ?18:20
ograi couls fill the forms with yesterdays image but it would never start the second step18:20
asacok on the road again for a bit18:23
plarsogra: that was on imx51?18:23
plarsseemed to be working alright today, didn't try it yesterday18:24
ograi had trashed my A2 install and wanted to reinstall from a fresh image18:24
plarswell.. seemed to be working alright up to the end when it tried to flash-kernel18:24
ograin the end i rsynced back to A2 and used that18:24
ograor better i zsynced ... seems cdimage isnt offering rsync anymore18:25
plarsogra: ok, odd errors18:25
ograpaste ?18:25
plarssimilar to this:18:26
plarsJan 25 16:21:53 ubuntu ubiquity: /usr/bin/dirname: line 909: c002bfac: command not found18:26
plarsbut several different binaries18:26
plarsdpkg-divert, fis, etc18:26
plarsall with similar errors18:26
ograsounds like either a filesystem or a coreutils (owner of dirname) issue18:27
plarsogra: but it's not just dirname returning that18:27
plarsJan 25 16:22:27 ubuntu in-target: /usr/bin/fis: 163: c05bf666: not found18:28
ograok, then i'd say filesystem18:28
ogracould also be thumb vy non thumb18:28
ografis was definately not rebuilt yet18:29
plarswell I was trying to install to USB, but recent updates to that bug are seeming to indicate that there is no problem with it18:29
ogracoreutils was rebuilt18:30
ogralast upload dec. 12th18:30
ograso not thumb then18:30
ograwhat is confusing is that your first pasted line is not using in-target while your second one is18:31
plarsogra: I'm wondering if it's filesystem and related to bug 49988118:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 499881 in linux-fsl-imx51 "usb storage with ext4 does not work in lucid" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49988118:31
ograif it would all be in-target stuff that would point to USB ... but the dirname error above is clearly from the livefs and not running on the target disk18:31
ograplars, not for dirname18:32
ograthats run from the livefs18:32
plarsogra: I have a similar error from dpkg-divert, also run from livefs18:32
ograin-target is the wrapper that calls commands on the target disk18:32
ograif the lines are not prefixed with in-target thats points to stuff running from the livefs18:33
ograso probably kernel18:33
ograsince it happens on SD as well as on USB18:34
ograplars, for now, bug it and attach all installer logs dmesg and friends ...18:38
* ogra has to leave now 18:38
plarsogra: seeing a lot of this: usb 1-1.1: reset high speed USB device using fsl-ehci and address 318:38
plarsso I think it almost has to be related to that bug I pasted earlier18:39
ograis that your only USB device attached ?18:39
plarsogra: also have keyboard and mouse18:39
plarsogra: but otherwise, yes18:39
ograi.e. i have a USB WIFI card that has a fat partition for the driver that shows exactly the same issue18:39
ograsilly hybrid HW for windows18:39
plarsogra: mouse/kbd go through a hub, usb stick is directly attached to the board18:39
ograright, high speed also indicates its the disk18:40
ograthough note that redboot is pretty outdated ... it might not initalize all HW omn the b3 properly, could be its fault18:40
ograi'll upload a new reboot tomorrow since we're unlikly to go for uboot18:41
ogra(we're also still using the karmic binary)18:41
ograanyway, off ...18:41
ograelse my GF kills me18:41

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