tjaalton10:55 < airlied> jcristau: btw what did Debian move AGP from y->m10:56
tjaalton10:55 < airlied> it really really wants to be y10:56
tjaalton10:56 < jcristau> i don't know10:56
tjaalton10:57 < airlied> EDAC and AGP can fight also which usually ends up badly for AGP10:56
tjaaltonprobably something to fix for lucid too10:56
apwi thoght we already hit that interaction12:33
tjaaltonapw: AGP? seems like it's builtin on amd64, only checked i386 first13:01
apwyeah, i thought we blacklisted edac or something to resolve13:03
apwsmb, do you remember something in jaunty or karmic about edac and agp ordering breaking drm .. and us sorting it?13:06
* apw bounces to switch kernels13:42
smbapw, Hm, not with edac. I think to remember conflicts between agp and drm. Something with i915 being loaded causing problems13:53
apwhmmm, it definatly rings a bell14:00
gnomefreakis it the kernel that loads pdflush process found in ps aux?15:15
Kanohi, is somebody working on
apwthats on my plate as usual16:08
Kanogood, when will you push it16:09
apwnot likely to get to it today, tommorrow is more likel16:11
=== dandel_ is now known as dandel
jcastrodoes our kernel support these new broadcom crystal hd cards that are shipping with some of the new pine trail netbooks?16:25
Kanomore interesting would be mantis16:26
apwjcastro, hrm no idea does anyone have one?16:31
jcastroapw: I was determining if I should based on the answer, heh16:35
jcastroWhen the card goes on sale by itself I will get one16:35
jcastroapw: I saw they released some source and some gstreamer bits16:35
jcastrobut I wasn't sure about firmware16:35
jcastroapw: I don't know if they've approached upstream or distros about it either16:37
jcastroapw: I did read that they plan on having a pci-e version for people to plop into their existing media centers, which sounds pretty nice16:37
apwjcastro, its not crossed my awareness no, but that doens't mean its not coming16:38

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