Pendulumhiya cjohnston01:59
nigel_nbhey Pendulum :)01:59
cjohnstonhey Pendulum nigel_nb02:00
* nigel_nb gives award of merit to cjohnston , Pendulum , and _marx_ 02:00
nigel_nbfor all the hard work!02:01
Pendulumand pleia2 !02:01
nigel_nbdoh! missed pleia2 ! her too!!02:02
DiegoTchi guys :D02:02
nigel_nbhey DiegoTc :)02:02
DiegoTchi nigel_nb02:03
DiegoTccjohnston, pleia2 USA Team lost yesterday02:03
nigel_nbusa lost wat?02:03
nigel_nbI only watch cricket02:03
DiegoTcnigel_nb, soccer is cool02:05
nigel_nbyeah, but india never makes it to the world cup ;)02:06
DiegoTcnigel_nb, you are from india?02:06
DiegoTcnigel_nb, well Honduras Team also until this year(28 years without going to a world cup)02:07
DiegoTcnigel_nb, from what part of india are you?02:09
nigel_nbDiegoTc, bangalore02:18
* cjohnston thinks he us bugging pleia2 again.. lol02:21
nigel_nbI think so too!02:25
nigel_nbbut I'm thinking I'm bugging everyone with my enthusiasm02:25
cjohnstonim working on my todo list that she gave me02:26
nigel_nbanything on the todo that has "remind nigel to .."?02:26
cjohnstoni dunno02:29
nigel_nbah, remember it now02:30
nigel_nbclassroom logo02:30
shrinimhall119: are you there?04:55
shrinimhall119: solved evolution issue with u1?04:55
* cjohnston cant sleep05:07
shrinicjohnston: :-)05:16
cjohnstonhey shrini05:17
shrinicjohnston: hello :-)05:17
shrinicjohnston: still working?05:18
cjohnstondefine working05:18
shrinicjohnston: hahahaha05:19
cjohnstonat work.. no05:19
cjohnstoncant sleep.. so im going to take care of stuff on my todo list05:20
shrinicjohnston: fine :-)05:20
shrinicjohnston: great.05:20
=== doctormo_ is now known as doctormo
nigel_nbmorning/evening everyone13:13
* nigel_nb yawns13:13
nigel_nbdid u see my PM yesterday?13:14
pleia2yep, is that idea different from the one I posted to the list?13:14
nigel_nbwhen? where?13:15
pleia2yesterday, replying to your post13:15
pleia224 hours would be great, we just need to recruit volunteers from other tzs13:15
nigel_nbah, yeah, but then, I was thinking of it across 3 days13:16
nigel_nbnow, I'm thinking of an all in one day effort13:16
pleia2ah, gotcha13:16
nigel_nbwe can divide it across the membership regions13:16
* pleia2 nods13:16
nigel_nbso 3 groups work for 8 hours and we'll be dne13:17
nigel_nbprobably groups of 3 each or somethin13:17
pleia2were you thinking the same sessions at each one?13:17
nigel_nbwe could have one session repeating thrice13:17
nigel_nb"Whats new in Lucid"13:17
nigel_nbeverything else has to change I think13:18
nigel_nbthe idea is everyone gets to participate, the drawback is everyone misses some part of it13:18
pleia2it has to change?13:18
pleia2I don't see a huge problem with repeating some sessions, as what we have volunteers for dictates13:19
nigel_nbwe "could" repeat, I dont mind.13:20
nigel_nblike each team change, we repeat all courses, but new instructors13:20
nigel_nbanother drawback is EU has a lot of languages, we mite need to get a french and german at least13:21
nigel_nbif only for their TZ times13:21
pleia2a lot of europeans speak english13:21
pleia2I think we delegate decisions like that to the regional team running it though :)13:21
nigel_nbeven AlanBell 's suggestion has a lot of merit13:22
nigel_nba different sort of branding as a 24-hour round the globe teaching conference with keynotes and all the works13:23
nigel_nbi'm all +1 for that one13:23
nigel_nboh and pleia2, you'd forgotten to unmute the classroom ;)13:24
pleia2that was my job?13:25
* AlanBell would prefer the classroom to be muted as much as possible still13:25
pleia2cjohnston was the one removing all the modes :)13:25
pleia2AlanBell: people do impromtu sessions and ask about the project there13:25
nigel_nbi dont have op if u remember13:25
nigel_nband well, jono was testing lernid13:26
nigel_nba lot of problems we faced have been solved now13:26
pleia2great :)13:26
nigel_nbespecially the : problem13:26
pleia2thank goodness13:26
AlanBellpleia2: yes, I understand that, just there are quite a few lernid clients idling13:26
AlanBellthe : bug that has been fixed is the cosmetic one causing spurious errors13:27
nigel_nband I think the web interface is gone!13:28
nigel_nbbut one may need to branch the code and run it with quickly, I'm not if there is a new package for karmic yet13:28
AlanBellah, in that case it might be safe13:28
DiegoTcGood Morning cjohnston13:58
cjohnstonI specifically remember unmuting the classroom14:00
cjohnstonprior to unopping everone14:00
cjohnstonmornin pendulum_14:23
pendulum_Hiya cjohnston14:25
cjohnstonHow are you this am?14:26
pendulum_Wet. Pouring and windy in NYC this morning14:30
cjohnstonits wet here too.. but im not goin out side, so i dont much care.. lol14:30
pleia2here too, and crazy warm, 61F out!14:31
cjohnstonhey jamalta14:33
cjohnstonbye jamalta14:33
pendulum_Around 55 here14:35
* cjohnston misses the cold that we had14:36
cjohnstonwhos participating in udw this week?14:36
pendulum_I've got to work, although am going to pay attention as much as possible14:43
cjohnstonpendulum_: someone has to work. :-( I'm working Tueday Friday this week and luckly those two days there wasn't much I really wanted to be a part of...14:45
pendulum_Yeah, I'd be less grumpy if I didn't need a day off14:46
nigel_nbokay, my power company decided to cut 2 hours now, 1 hour in the morning and 1 in the evening :(14:47
cjohnstonthat sucks nigel_nb14:49
nigel_nbbig time yeah :(14:49
cjohnstontell them to cut yours in the middle of the night when your at work.. lol14:49
nigel_nbha, I wish14:49
cjohnstonI'm glad we havent gotten to that yet14:52
nigel_nbcjohnston, dont we need a new meeting to discuss post- user day?14:52
cjohnstonnigel_nb: get off your high14:53
cjohnstonwe are going to..14:53
nigel_nbI doubt if I ever can14:53
nigel_nbI'm already on the hunt for volunteers to help host, especially in differnt TZ's14:54
nigel_nbfor example, I miss-managed14:55
nigel_nbif I had slept early, you folks, would have gotten some rest towords the end when I could have taken over14:55
* nigel_nb is getting new lernid version now ;)14:57
cjohnstonnigel_nb: it works nicely.. i played with the bug fixes @ 23014:58
nigel_nbonly thing is, is there a package for karmic?14:58
nigel_nbI only see one for lucid14:58
cjohnstonim tryin to find the ppa for you15:00
cjohnstonnigel_nb: http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/01/25/ubuntu-developer-week-begins-and-new-lernid-release-to-enjoy-it-with/15:01
cjohnstonseems like every time jono blogs it shows up in my reader 4 times15:02
mhall119|workcjohnston: because he's that awesome15:03
pendulum_Do you have feeds for multiple planets or something going into your reader?15:03
cjohnstonI am subscribed to his blog, planet, and canonical15:03
nigel_nbno wonder15:03
cjohnstoni should prolly remove his15:03
cjohnstonposted to the UBT mailing list:15:05
cjohnstonAs a non-team member and a beginning ubuntu user, I can say that I was15:05
cjohnstontotally blown away by the recent User Days, the success of which, from15:05
cjohnstonmy observation, belongs to the BT.  Whatever lack of activity that may15:05
cjohnstonhave been sensed over the last few weeks, User Days more than15:05
cjohnstoncompensates for that.  You guys rock.  Thanks for an awesome User Day.15:05
nigel_nbwhen did this come in?15:07
nigel_nbhe mentioned that to me yday too :)15:07
nigel_nbcjohnston, LOL NOTE: We have heard of a bug when clicking Edit->Preferences causing Lernid to crash. Right now the workaround is * don’t click on preferences.* :P15:14
cjohnstonwe discovered that bug last night15:15
nigel_nbI missed that part :( I was around when he started testing but got cut off later on15:15
nigel_nbbtw, all the bugs logged had branches within the time we finished user days15:15
nigel_nbthe community rocks, never seen such quick fixes popping up O_O15:16
cjohnstonHas anyone replied to Hellow?15:17
cjohnstonIf not I will.15:17
pleia2you can15:17
nigel_nbI was writing15:17
* pleia2 busy at work today15:17
cjohnstonpleia2: !15:17
cjohnstonoh fun15:17
cjohnstonI'll try not to bug you too much then15:17
* pleia2 ran out of creamer for her coffee, it's not a good day ;)15:18
nigel_nbpleia2, black coffee then ;)15:18
nigel_nbcjohnston, anything specific you want to add  - I'm just saying "its okay, in future let us know"15:19
cjohnstonYou going to respond?15:19
nigel_nbI was responding when you were asking15:19
cjohnstonnah.. nothing else..15:19
nigel_nb"We're sorry that you weren't able to participate either.  In future, do let us know  if possible.15:20
cjohnstonI dont know that id even put in the future let us know...15:20
nigel_nbok, so only first sentence ;)15:20
cjohnstonsince he already admitted that he should have..15:20
nigel_nbi'll change to "We're sorry that you weren't able to participate either."15:21
cjohnstonJust say thanks for your willingness to help out, and hopefully things will work out better next time.. and acknowledge that starcraft.man did an excellend job taking care of the course on 4 minutes notice15:21
cjohnstonbasically just acknowledge the fact that he sent us an apology and that starcraft fixed it for us15:22
cjohnstongood thing starcraft isnt in here.. his head would be swelling15:22
nigel_nbit should be ;) , he did a great job15:25
nigel_nblernid is a beauty now ;)15:25
nigel_nbwish I were here to participate :(15:25
mhall119|workI wish telepathy-idle would use my socks proxy so I could use lernid15:26
nigel_nbmhall119|work, add feature request bug15:27
nigel_nbsomeone will submit a branch for it15:27
cjohnstonmhall119|work: i dont believe that outside of the first session anything from lernid will be specifically used...15:27
mhall119|worknigel_nb: yeah, but telepathy-idle gets to little love I doubt anything would be done15:27
cjohnstonbut it was requested that the first session (by jono) dh would do slides to show it off15:27
nigel_nbmhall119|work, well, by the time we were done with user days,the : but was fixed in branches15:28
nigel_nbso, I think someone would do something15:28
nigel_nbeven quense was telling telepathy-idle has issues15:28
cjohnstonanyone on twitter/identi.ca/?? post a quick thing about UDW getting ready to start... ;-)15:28
mhall119|worknigel_nb: this isn't a lernid issue though15:28
Pendulumcjohnston: you post and I'll RT you again :P15:29
cjohnstonI already poste15:29
mhall119|workcjohnston: what's your twitter/identi.ca name?  I don't think I'm following you15:30
cjohnstonchris_johnston/chrisjohnston respectivly15:30
nigel_nbcjohnston, you posted to the ubuntu group?15:30
* cjohnston doesnt know much about identi.ca15:31
nigel_nbthere are groups on identi.ca and if u post on it, a lot more people will see it15:31
cjohnstonHow do I do that15:31
nigel_nbwell, first you have to subscribe here http://identi.ca/group/ubuntu15:32
nigel_nbthen when you post, you put !ubuntu and it will post to ubuntu group15:32
mhall119|workI'm re-tweeting dholbach's instead15:32
cjohnstonwell fine then15:32
cjohnstonsee if i care15:32
mhall119|worksorry, his was handy15:32
mhall119|workit also had the correct time, UDW starts in 30 minutes, not 1.5 hours15:33
nigel_nbI told dholbach about the interest in a german user day15:35
nigel_nbI'll have to mail a few people and get things started15:35
cjohnstonpleia2: wants to feel special with a voice in -classroom :-P15:38
pleia2bah, silly thing15:39
nigel_nbcjohnston, btw, i think you forgot to -m classroom yday15:40
pleia2no, he did -m, I checked the logs15:40
cjohnstonI could have sworn i did it15:40
nigel_nbI accused pleia2, but she said she was innocent lol15:40
pleia2chanserv +m-ed later for some reason15:40
cjohnstonim innocent too!15:40
cjohnstoni love it tho.. guilty until proven innocent15:40
nigel_nbyeah, french system15:40
cjohnstontoo many windows!15:40
cjohnstonthats the american system15:40
nigel_nbhey, american is other way around or are you kidding?15:41
cjohnstonuh huh15:41
pleia2cjohnston: uh, you probably shouldn't spam channels like that15:42
pleia2you're going to get yourself banned15:42
cjohnstonpleia2: other than #x/k I was told to15:42
Pendulumnigel_nb: it's *supposed* to be innocent until proven guilty in the US, doesn't generally work that way, however15:42
pleia2cjohnston: want to stick with doing it only on channels where you have explicit permission :)15:43
nigel_nbI did plan to learn law at one point ;) my memory is still good15:43
pleia2joining help channels you've never been in to advertise events like #x makes you look like a spammer15:44
pleia2this is not a standard practice for *any* event15:44
pleia2didn't mean to come off as harsh, I just don't want to see you getting in trouble :)15:49
* cjohnston is crying in the corner15:50
* Pendulum hugs cjohnston 15:50
cjohnstonhope hates the fact that i can cry on demand15:50
cjohnstonpleia2: you have no creamer and i have cold coffee :-(15:50
* pleia2 blames monday15:51
cjohnstonWhenever you get time (I know you said your busy today) can you take a look at the recrutment page and see if its missing anything.. and also at the todo email to see if anything else needs to get done with that?15:52
pleia2yeah, I will be free after 4EST so I'll have a look then :)15:52
Pendulumcjohnston: she really does control your TODO list, doesn't she?15:52
cjohnstonuh huh15:53
cjohnstonsounds good15:53
pleia2woo I have minions!15:53
Pendulumbtw, I suggest for the next UUD we have a blueprint15:53
cjohnstonpleia2: you have someone with too much time on their hands15:53
pleia2I also want to get the usteams structure for the approved teams interviews done so I can hand it off to cjohnston^Wsomeone15:54
cjohnstonhuh what15:54
cjohnstonim not sure that was english15:54
nigel_nbok folks, I'm off to work15:55
cjohnstonbye nigel_nb !15:55
nigel_nbcatch y'all 2morrow15:55
nigel_nbits republic day 2morrow and I wont be online, I'll be out playing football with a few friends15:55
Pendulumcjohnston: I don't do anything with the US locos and I understood it ;)15:56
pleia2cjohnston: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us/2010-January/000556.html this idea needs to be documented, fleshed out, and implemented (probably for february)15:56
cjohnstonhmmms... okie16:02
pleia2hrm, gnome-keyring?16:03
pleia2I never configured the gnome-keyring, I use xubuntu16:03
* pleia2 frowns at it16:04
cjohnstonwhat about gnome-keyring?16:04
pleia2lernid was asking for access to it16:04
_marx_jsut your passwd should make peace with it16:05
pleia2_marx_: if only that had worked16:05
_marx_ah :(16:05
pleia2ended up just deleting whatever default keyring that was lurking in my .gnome2 directory16:05
pleia2and neat, it doesn't use webchat anymore :)16:07
cjohnstondo be do be do16:37
Pendulumcjohnston: bored already?16:41
cjohnstonbut not any moreso than normal16:41
cjohnstondholbach is keeping me busy(ish)16:42
Pendulumwas going to say that it looked like there were plenty of questions in -classroom-chat16:42
cjohnstoni guess i should open a session that doesnt have everything blocked to look for spam16:43
* cjohnston is working on the clean off desk part of todo list.. that one wasnt assigned by pleia2 17:08
Pendulumthat might actually be more fun than what I'm doing17:08
cjohnstoni dunno about that17:09
PendulumI'm counting characters in a printed book to come up with an approximate character count for the entire book that can then be used to come up with an approximate page count if the book were to be done with different width of type, font, number of lines per page, etc.17:10
cjohnstonill pass17:11
_marx_oh my Pendulum you have my sympathies17:11
PendulumI did this for about 6 hours yesterday too17:11
cjohnstongood book atleast? :-P17:12
Pendulumwell I'm not reading it as I work, but I do think I will borrow this one for a week to read ;)17:12
PendulumI work for a company that's kinda odd in that other people contract out to us17:14
Pendulum(not normal in publishing, usually production is in-house)17:14
Pendulummy main client, though, is Tor17:14
Pendulum(specifically their mass market stuff)17:14
Pendulumwhich means free Tor books for me ;)17:14
cjohnstonhmm.. whats a tor book?17:19
Pendulumthey do "genre" fiction17:21
PendulumRobert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, Orson Scott Card are their big authors17:21
Pendulumthey also do mysteries and some military-type novels17:21
* cjohnston doesnt like reading non-tech books17:22
cjohnstoni cant stand how the library doesnt have the books that i want.. i dont want to buy them17:30
IdleOneasked them to get the books17:32
IdleOnechances are if you want to read them, others will also17:32
IdleOnethe library wins17:32
cjohnstonmy library sucks17:33
cjohnstoni can try tho17:33
pleia2I am lucky, my local library is part of a county-wide library system, if mine doesn't have it they can order it from another library in the system and get it delivered to their branch free so I can pick up :)17:34
pleia2not that I make time for reading fiction anymore :\17:35
IdleOnecjohnston: libraries are like FOSS projects, without the users it sucks. :)17:35
* IdleOne doesn't even have a library card :/17:36
cjohnstonmine is county wide.. i can order books online and they deliver to me.. but alot of stuff doesnt seem to be gotten17:36
IdleOneI suxxorz hard17:36
* cjohnston wants a new desk17:39
cjohnstonand a new lappy17:39
PeaceMakerHi all.17:42
PeaceMakerDoes Ubuntu Community Learning Project offer courses or documentation pages?17:45
PeaceMakerI am a sysadmin who switched a few servers from Fedora core to Ubuntu, and wrote a bunch of tech notes that might be worth sharing.17:46
PeaceMakerI am thinking to either put up a website or just join Ubuntu documentation team.17:47
cjohnstonpopey: ping18:06
popeyhi cjohnston18:06
popeysorry for dropping out on the weekend18:06
cjohnstonfeeling better I hope?18:06
cjohnstonnot a problem18:06
popeyalthough being back at work doesnt help ;)18:06
cjohnstonnever does18:07
cjohnstonPendulum: can you take about 10 minutes?18:07
popeycjohnston: you pung btw?18:08
Pendulumcan someone +v me?18:08
cjohnstonwanted to know if you were feeling better18:09
IdleOnebtw if you need me to help with pasting questions I am here :). just ping me18:09
cjohnstonPendulum: he wants the questions as they come18:09
cjohnstonty IdleOne18:09
popeyoh, thanks :)18:09
Pendulumcjohnston: I know :)18:09
cjohnstonjust makin sure.. hehe18:09
cjohnstonty Pendulum... i can take it back18:17
Pendulumunless I'm not here (which I'll let you know) feel free to poke me at any other point you want a break18:18
cjohnstonthanks! your the best18:18
Pendulumjust wait for me to confirm I"m around in case I'm in the boss's office or something and don't see it ;)18:19
cjohnstonya.. absolutely18:20
cjohnstonDiegoTc: how was the feedback from your ud?18:30
DiegoTcI am going to see right now18:30
DiegoTcyesterday only 37 answers :(18:30
cjohnston32 for us18:30
DiegoTccjohnston: do i give you the results??18:31
cjohnstonyou dont have to...18:32
DiegoTcwell only 39 answers18:32
DiegoTccjohnston: I think an answer i should share is the las18:36
DiegoTclast one18:36
DiegoTcwhen should the next USD should be18:37
DiegoTceveryone said that 2 times the year]18:37
pleia2it actually tends to be difficult to get people to fill out event surveys, I think over 30 is fantastic18:40
cjohnstonthats what i was thinking18:41
cjohnstoni think 30 gives a good view too...18:41
cjohnstoni dont think 200 would show much difference18:41
pleia2you're probably right18:41
Pendulumand the fact that most of the feedback was quite positive is a sign probably that everyone else was generally satisfied18:43
Pendulumbecause people are more likely to fill out surveys/feedback forms if they're unhappy with something18:44
Pendulumcjohnston: I need to go run an errand will be bak in a bit18:58
cjohnstonsounds good18:58
OwaisLoneneed some help19:22
OwaisLoneanyone knows how to change my distro name19:22
OwaisLoneI'm on Linux Mint 819:22
OwaisLonedistro name is Helena19:22
cjohnstonOwaisLone: you may want to try a Linux Mint channel, or try #ubuntu19:22
IdleOne#ubuntu does not support mint19:24
cjohnstonIdleOne: they will sometimes try to help out..19:25
OwaisLoneguys..it's quite simple19:26
OwaisLonei just want to know what environment variable should i export19:26
OwaisLonelike export DISTRONAME="Karmic"19:26
OwaisLonei just want a couple of my command line progs to treat my distro as karmic19:27
cjohnstonOwaisLone: this isn't a support channel. This is a channel for developing classes and learning material.19:27
OwaisLoneAight Guys...19:28
OwaisLoneI'll see some general Linux Channel19:28
OwaisLoneThanks anyway19:28
cjohnstonGood luck19:28
cjohnstonvery quiet in here today19:43
Pendulumeveryone's still recovering ;)19:44
Pendulum(I'm back, btw)19:44
cjohnstonmhall119|work: just gave me 5 minutes..so ill prolly be good the rest of the day19:45
IdleOneI really enjoy these classroom session. so much to learn and it is nice to see the "experts" talking about these things in normal speak instead of geek speak :)19:45
mhall119|workwoops, sorry, wrong windows19:46
Pendulumthe UDW days feel so short19:48
cjohnstonbut its 5 days19:48
Pendulumstill feels short now19:48
cjohnstonI know19:49
Pendulumsince we did 3 UDW days in 1 ;)19:49
Pendulumplus UDS and UOW run longer hours19:49
cjohnstonuds was fun19:49
cjohnstonI'm curious to see where the next one will be19:50
Pendulumso'm I19:50
Pendulumsomewhere in Europe19:50
cjohnstonthis is someone elses job tomorrow btw :-P20:38
cjohnston1600 hours!21:00
cjohnstonfor reference.. -classroom is currently -m21:03
mhall119|workcjohnston: this was no where near as long at Saturday, should have been a breeze for you21:20
cjohnstonuh huh21:20
Pendulummost things feel like a breeze after Saturday21:21
mhall119|workI bet21:23
nigel_nbhey everyone :)21:30
IdleOneevening nigel_nb21:30
nigel_nbevening IdleOne21:31
nigel_nbhow was dev week?21:31
IdleOnefirst day was very informative21:31
nigel_nbhm, I have to read the logs soon21:31
IdleOnelooking forward to tomorrow21:31
IdleOneI think cjohnston is a little tired.21:32
mhall119|workIdleOne: he's used to long days21:32
mhall119|workcourse, that doesn't mean he's not tired21:33
nigel_nbpaultag: ping22:02
nigel_nbpleia2: question.22:04
nigel_nbdo i have to be a member in a mailing list to send to it?22:05
pleia2nigel_nb: depends on the list, some reject non-member postings22:07
nigel_nbpleia2: remember the question about user days in german?22:07
nigel_nbpleia2: I spoke to paultag and dholbach, daniel wants me to send a mail to the german mailing list about it22:08
nigel_nbno point in joining a list in which I understand nothing at all22:09
cjohnston_pleia2: Logitech killed my keyboard!22:09
pleia2you can join and configure it not send you email, just ask that replies are Cc:ed to you so you can see them22:09
pleia2cjohnston_: aw!22:09
nigel_nbpleia2: whats the point, I wont understand anyway22:09
cjohnston_What list?22:09
nigel_nbcjohnston_: ubuntu-de22:10
pleia2nigel_nb: or you can write it and send it to dholbach and ask him to send it for you?22:10
nigel_nbthats what Im doing now ;)22:10
cjohnston_pleia2: Id been having intermittent issues with kb not working. Call them up and one of their troubleshooting things killed it22:11
pleia2cjohnston_: hah, oops :)22:11
cjohnston_I have to send mine back and then in 7-10 days they will send me a new one22:12
nigel_nbcjohnston_: lol22:12
cjohnston_I'm pissedd22:12
nigel_nbso how are you typing now?22:12
cjohnston_Sitting at an intersection22:12
cjohnston_Did y'all see the Jono thing for comm mgr appreciation?22:13
nigel_nbwhat jono thing?22:14
cjohnston_pleia2: Did u see it?22:14
pleia2but I've been pretty busy today22:15
nigel_nbhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/JonoBacon/CommunityManagerAppreciation ?22:15
nigel_nbpleia2: http://pastebin.ca/1765771 thoughts?22:17
cjohnston_nigel_nb: Ignore my email22:17
pleia2nigel_nb: might want to explain who "Paul" is22:17
nigel_nbpleia2: he's cc'd22:18
pleia2ah ok22:18
nigel_nbcjohnston_: you sent something now?22:18
pleia2s/take this forward with the loco/bring this up with the loco22:18
nigel_nbpleia2: anything to else add?22:19
nigel_nbI'm copying the team on the mail too, in case he wants anything and I;m not around22:19
pleia2seems fine22:19
nigel_nbdats done ;)22:21
nigel_nbwho copied the logs for dev week?22:21
nigel_nbugh! have to make major corrections22:22
nigel_nbnone of links work...22:22
nigel_nbfrom the schedule to the logs22:23
nigel_nbif you click on a session, it goes to page not found22:23
nigel_nbugh! can't do it frm work, I guess I'll have to do it from home or one of you could do it22:24
nigel_nblater folks, back to work time22:24
pleia2what page..?22:24
nigel_nbhold on22:24
nigel_nbclick on any of the first sessions22:25
pleia2oh, did the motu team task us with this?22:25
pleia2they usually handle it :)22:25
nigel_nbthe guys who created the logs added an extra "devweek1001/"22:25
nigel_nbso now the pages with the actual logs have link as devweek1001/devweek1001/22:25
pleia2you should let them know, but traditionally the motu training (and dev week) is handled by them22:26
nigel_nbit takes 10 minutes to correct it22:26
pleia2the -classroom team just makes sure there aren't scheduling conflicts22:26
nigel_nbId rather correct and then let them know22:26
nigel_nbis there a contact?22:26
pleia2I usually work with nhandler22:27
nigel_nbwill notify him den22:27
nigel_nbok, this time gone for real22:27
paultagpleia2, I'm paul23:09
pleia2paultag: I know :)23:09
paultagpleia2, :)23:09
pleia2but I didn't know if all the recipients would23:10
paultagSure sure23:11
paultagpleia2, See, I can read German very well, just not speak it23:11
paultagpleia2, I can speak OK, but not well. I would like dholbach or another native to take lead23:11
pleia2sometimes people send me ubuntu related emails in german :\23:11
paultagI'll help23:11
pleia2darn name of mine23:11
paultagpleia2, hahaha :)23:11

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