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vishKatieKitty: hi... could you turn off the nick changes ? as you can see from above , the channel is mostly flooded with yours ;)10:29
vishnpp.. :)10:29
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keesI'll start?18:04
mdeslaursure :)18:05
keestoday I'll be giving an ubuntu developer week presentation on how to run the devel release (that's at 1900UTC)18:05
keesthere are sekrit updates I'll be working on for release today18:05
keesand then I'll probably be working on nautilus for the do-not-execute .desktop files stuff18:06
keespersia also found a tiny glitch with the hardening behavior when using "ld" alone, which I think I can fix.18:06
keesyeah, the idea I'm going to go with is timestamps18:06
keesctime, specifically18:06
persiakees: You're fixing that?  I won't bother to work around it then.18:07
keespersia: I'm not sure I _can_ fix it; I'd prefer it just switch to using gcc.18:07
* jjohansen waves18:07
keespersia: but it is a regression from something that should normally build without a problem.18:07
mdeslaurhi jjohansen!18:07
keespersia: I just think I have an idea about it.  haven't gotten much further18:08
keesheya jjohansen18:08
persiaRight.  Back to the meeting :)18:08
keesand speaking of jjohansen, I'd like to get the new upstream parser improvements into lucid too.18:08
jjohansenright, can we hold off a couple days18:08
jjohansenI have some more patches coming there18:09
keesokay, cool18:09
robbiewsorry I'm late18:09
keesuhm, that's it from me.  robbiew: no problem.  that's why there's scrollback :)18:09
keesjdstrand: your turn!18:10
mdeslaurI'll go next18:10
mdeslauroups :P18:10
keessorry, was trying to hand off.  :)18:10
mdeslaurjdstrand ---18:10
jdstrandwho is going now?18:10
mdeslaurjdong: you18:11
mdeslaurjdstrand: you18:11
mdeslaurdarn completion18:11
keesnow all three of you can fighting it out!18:11
jdong*gets scared* :)18:11
mdeslaursorry bout that jdong18:11
jdongwhat did I do!! ;-)18:11
jdstrandso I am in the happy place this week18:11
jdonghahaha no worries :)18:11
jdstrandI hope to finish some embedded expat updates and actually do the clamav from hardy-backports to -security18:12
jdstrandbeyond that, there are some ufw logging bugs that I've known about for a while that people are starting to bug me about, so I will look at SRUs for them18:12
jdstrandand I should get the libvert merge done too18:13
jdstrandoh, and look at (potentiallly) more firefox 3.6 (static build destined for lucid) apparmor packaging issues18:13
jdstrandfirefox is getting renamed, so the packaging for the profile and the profile itself needed some updating. there might be a little more to do there18:14
jdstrand(that's all from me)18:14
mdeslaurI'm on triage this week18:14
mdeslaurand am working on a sekrit update also18:15
* jdstrand feels left out18:15
mdeslaurand I have mysql updates pending the new thing that came out today18:15
mdeslaurI'll wait until we get a fix for that, or else, I'll publish mysql when we come back from sprint18:15
mdeslaurand that's about it for me18:16
keesjdstrand: s/static/monolithic/ yes?18:16
keesi.e. it's still a dynamic executable, right?18:17
jdstrandkees: yeah-- monolithic. sorry, they've been abusing that term. the new firefox will use embedded code copies for most of the build (libc6 and a couple others being an exception)18:17
keesokay, cool18:18
jdstrandkees: so we'll get all the compiler hardening, etc18:18
keeswell, technically we still would, but yes, dynamic for _really_ low level stuff.18:18
keeswhich reminds me, I need to upgrade and try it now that its done building18:18
jdstrandaiui, the compiler flags will still be there18:19
jdstrandit's just it won't use Ubuntu's libpng, for example18:19
keesoh, it's in the NEW queue18:20
keesjdstrand: yeah :(18:20
jdstrandwell, yeah, we have to trust them, but they are doing that stuff anyway (ie updating libpng)18:21
jdstrandand we don't have a choice18:21
* kees nods18:21
jdstrandanyhoo, old news18:21
mdeslaurso, that's it?18:22
mdeslaurdoes anyone have any questions/issues for the security team?18:22
keesoh, we need to try to knock out a few more workitems: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-security.html18:23
keesbut, we know that already, so again, old news.  :)18:23
keesanything else?18:23
jdstrandkees: several things I mentioned I'm working on are work items18:24
jdstrandI don't have anything18:25
keesjdstrand: yup, cool.  same for me (nautilus) but I just wanted to paste the burndown anyway.  :)18:25
keesok, thanks everyone!18:25
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SmexLaters folks.21:01

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