rbelemasac, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/plasma-mobile00:03
rbelemasac, i just uploaded00:03
asacrbelem: check the big warnings ;)00:04
asacWarnings / Notices00:04
asacthose should definitly be fixed00:04
asacfor maintainer, maybe run update-maintainer00:05
asacwith some luck it does the right thing00:05
asace.g. adds current maintainer as XSBC-Original-Maintainer00:06
rbelemasac, ok00:06
asacand uses ubuntu-devel-discuss or something in Maintainer00:06
asacalso fix changelog bug number ;)00:06
asacopen a bug if you havent00:06
rbelemasac, cool!00:06
rbelemthanks asac 00:06
asacnot sure, but is the copyright format really dep-5?00:08
asac+Files: ./shell/mobcorona.cpp: LGPL  (v2 or later)00:08
asac+       ./shell/mobcorona.h: LGPL (v2 or later)00:08
asac+       ./shell/plasmaapp.cpp: LGPL (v2 or later)00:08
asaci think that should be more:00:08
asacFiles: ./shell/mobcorona.cpp, ./shell/mobcorona.h, ./shell/plasmaapp.cpp,00:09
asacLicense:  LGPL  (v2 or later)00:09
asacCopyright: ...00:09
asacalso it the entries are comma separated00:09
asacso dont do 2007, Copyright ...00:09
rbelemasac, can i use "Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>" in maintainer field?00:09
asacrather (C) 2007 - Company X, (C) 2008 - Person B etc.00:09
asacrbelem: we dont use that anymore00:10
asacjust Ubuntu Developers00:10
rbelemasac, cool!00:10
asac(as the MOTU/MAIN split will go away eventually)00:10
rbelemi will copyright too00:11
rbelempersia warned me about that, but i did'n t pay attention :-(00:12
asacdumped those comments to revu00:13
asacrbelem: any reason you have debhelper (>= 7.3.16~) and quilt (>= 0.46-7~) ?00:15
asace.g. those specific versions00:15
asacif not, just drop that00:15
rbelemasac, ok00:15
asace.g. (>= 7) ... and just quilt00:15
asacrbelem: or why did you choose those?00:16
asaci mean ... could be they are required for something like --with-kde00:16
asacjust wonder00:16
rbelemasac, just added00:16
asacif thats intentional00:16
rbelemah ok00:16
asacok ... if you didnt do that intentional then its probably like i said00:16
persiaUm, we need those minimum versions of debhelper and quilt.00:22
persiaEarlier versions of quilt don't have --with quilt, and earlier versions of debhelper have a bug with --with kde and the version of pkg-kde-tools we're using.00:23
asacpersia: thas why i made that comment conditional00:23
asac01:16 < asac> ok ... if you didnt do that intentional then its probably like i said00:24
asac-> intentional includes: persia told to use those versions ;)00:24
persiaRight.  Just wanted to provide data :)00:24
asacreminder: help linux by using older stuff ;)00:24
persiaExcept the new stuff is extra cool :)00:25
asacdebhelper is not even fulfillable by karmic ;)00:25
persiaPlus, #kubuntu-devel told us to use --with kde which blocks karmic backports anyway.00:25
asacyeah. i should out more there ;)00:26
asacbut probably the misery starts in #kde-devel00:27
asace.g. the upstream code most likely requires all the latest anyway ;)00:27
asacs/out/hang out/00:27
persiaWell, it depends, but yeah, there's usually requirements of some sort.00:28
asacpersia: did this lib-test ppa thing work out for you ? or do you need something there still?00:33
asacprobably -arm ;)00:33
persiaheh. :)00:33
persiaBut doesn't matter.  I'm set, just behind.00:33
persiaShould be there before the meeting.00:33
asacthat would be great00:34
rbelemasac, persia, i'm getting a launchpad error when submitting the bug :-(00:53
persiarbelem: What sort of error?00:54
asactry again00:54
asaclaunchpad is sometimes instable00:54
asacno comment00:54
rbelemoops! Sorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad. Error ID: OOPS-1486F5700:55
persiaAnd we now end yet another episode of "asac plays it safe" as our hero has yet again escaped the temptations of fate :)00:55
persiarbelem: Yeah, that's not very informative :)  Maybe a timeout (those have been happening a lot).  Sometimes you can get detailed explanations from #launchpad, but often it's not worth it unless you can't do it after several tries.00:56
asaclaunchpad isnt that bad ... assume we would work with bugzilla, cvs and forums ;)00:56
asacor sourceforge ;)00:56
persiaWell, forums are active, and we used to use bugzilla ...00:56
persiaBut I think, even in the beginning, we would have at least used svn, if any VCS.00:57
rbelemdo you know if launchpad will support git?00:58
persiaNot for at least some time, and it may not be activated at launchpad.net, even if implemented.00:58
persia(this is a common question on #launchpad)00:58
* rbelem kicks launchpad01:06
rbelemi will try again in some hours01:08
persiaasac: (C) doesn't mean anything: one needs to use © or spell out "Copyright"01:17
asacbut its ok ;)01:23
asaci think often its used both01:24
rbelempersia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/362296/01:38
rbelempersia, can you check if debian/copyright is ok?01:39
asacthe copyright still has comma to separte year from holder01:41
asacbut comma is used to split copyright blocks01:41
rbelemah ok :-)01:43
asachmm. seems you were right01:45
rbelemasac, but in this link http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/ 01:45
asacstrange format01:45
asacso copyright requires new lines for separating blocks it seems01:46
* rbelem kicks launchpad again01:46
rbelemasac, do i need to bump version before upload to revu?01:54
asacnot sure.02:00
asaci dont think so, but persia will know02:00
asaci would probably just try same version02:03
asacand see how that goes02:03
rbelemasac, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/plasma-mobile02:16
rbelemasac, what can i do with the last warning?02:16
asacrbelem: the licenes blocks need to have a reference to the full license02:19
asacif they are in /usr/share/common-license you can say something like this:02:19
asac"on an ubuntu/debian system, the GPL-2 license can be found in /usr/share/common/...."02:20
asace.g. appe nd that to each of the current license blocks02:20
asacand the LP bug is probably in the changelog02:20
asacso replace that number with a proper bug id in lp02:21
asacor drop it02:21
persiaFor debian/copyright, it's often considered good it identify the current upstream (with Maintainer: in the first paragraph), in case anyone wants to contact them.02:22
persia(otherwise people spam all the copyright holders)02:23
rbelempersia, it still complaining about the copyright02:32
rbelemasac, ^02:32
* persia checks02:32
persiaI'm just running a build now to also check the binary.02:32
persiarbelem: What's complaining about copyright?02:34
rbelempersia, The GNU General Public License is mentioned in debian/copyright but there seems to be no copy of it included in the source tarball, which is a requirement for it. (Note: The file may be there but have an uncommon name; please double-check before trusting this warning).02:35
persiaOh, right.  Given that upstream doesn't ship a tarball, just copy it in from /usr/share/common-licenses in get-orig-source02:36
persiaBut tell upstream to stick a copy in the VCS for when they do make a tarball.02:36
persiaYou'll need copies of both the GPL and LGPL (as will upstream).02:36
rbelempersia, cool! :-)02:37
rbelempersia, they should be in separated files?02:37
persiaMind you, it's really supposed to come from upstream, but I think the intent is clear, and there isn't an upstream tarball anyway.02:37
persiaYes.  I'd probably stick them in files called GPL and LGPL, but practices vary.02:37
rbelemsomething like LICENSE.GPL02:39
persiaIf you like.  Doesn't really matter, as long as it's obvious to someone who gets the tarball.02:39
persiaRemember that it's perfectly possible to download a tarball from the archive without running (or using) Ubuntu, so there's a chance the user doesn't have a copy of the licenses.02:39
rbelempersia, i'm going to bed now02:41
persiaOK.  I'll update get-orig-source for the licenses, and fix anything I find from the binary and upload to REVU again.02:42
persiaSleep well.02:42
rbelempersia, launchpad bug submit is not working, so i did not fill a bug02:42
rbelemthanks persia 02:43
persiaI'll try to file one later then.02:43
rbelems/fill/file :-D02:44
rbelemthank persia asac 02:44
* rbelem leaves02:45
asac_hmm. seems i cant log into my irc gateway :/10:10
asac_anything important happened here?10:10
persiaMostly joins/parts since you last posted10:22
rbelempersia, ping13:24
rbelempersia, did you filed the bug?13:25
persiaI didn't.  I've been trying to sort out how plasma-mobile actually works (as opposed to just how it's packaged), and got distracted by a couple things over the course of the day.13:25
* persia files a quick bug now13:25
persiaSome of the messages that I'm seeing from lintian on the binary package aren't making much sense to me.13:26
persiaAnd I'm not sure about others (like whether we need symbols for stuff in /usr/lib/kde4)13:26
rbelempersia, i think the same13:27
persiaSome of the stuff, like binary-without-manpage and copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-gpl are easy.13:27
persiaBut I don't have the feeling this is a library.13:27
persiaAnd I'm not quite sure what we need to do to make sure the package understands that.13:28
rbelempersia, what do you think is better to me pick to do?13:29
rbelempersia, those changes to kdebase?13:30
persiarbelem: Yeah, keep chasing kdm-mobile.13:31
rbelempersia, cool!13:31
persiaI'll focus more on plasma-mobile, and see if I can come to a decision about a sane way to work around this.13:31
persiabug #51231913:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 512319 in ubuntu "Please package plasma-mobile" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51231913:31
rbelemcool! :-)13:31
persiarbelem: What's your LP ID?13:32
rbelempersia, rbelem13:32
persiaBug triaged :)13:32
rbelemthanks persia :-)13:33
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