superm1ripperda, only three options that come to mind: mtd --help; use the source luke; ps aux | grep mtd00:16
ripperdasuperm1, thanks ;)01:08
ripperdasuperm1, playing around with handbrake, since it will encode to mp4 w/ x264 & aac support01:08
superm1Yeah it's a nice tool.  i've used it in the past too01:14
workHello, im having a question about the subtitle font/ font size of the internal player. is it possible to change it, because its hard to read for me. its damn small and i couldn't find anything on the web (searched for ffmpeg + subtitles)13:20
Zinnwork: Please watch your language.13:20
LonEaglefont size is configurable in mythfrontend13:27
LonEaglesomehere in setup, mine isn't working atm so i can't direct you there13:28
workah thanks. i found a thread saying that mplayer must be used for that, so thats not a "must". i'll search and try it. thanks13:29
LonEaglemplayer must be used for what? oh wait, you don't mean the caption font13:30
worki mean the subtitles, i have a foreign language film and a subtitle .sub file. and the displayed subtitles are very small and hard to read13:31
workis that also the caption font?13:32
workso i have to change the size in Settings -> TV -> Playback OSD (or something similar)?13:32
workim currently at work... so i dont have access to the box and cannot look it up - sorry13:33
worki have another question to the autobuild system. i installed the .dep package from the mythbuntu website, configured it to update to 0.22 (didnt check the testing ppa), and now the updatemanager (mythbuntu 9.10) wants to make a partial update, most packages with mythtv in the name are not enabled. do i not meed the requirements? how can i solve this problem? or look more deeply into it? should i enable the testing ppa?13:38
LonEagleyeah, i'm not sure about mythvideo.13:40
LonEaglewhat do you mean it wants to do a partial update?13:41
LonEaglewhen you install the deb it will want to do some updates, to bring you up to the weeklys13:41
LonEagleor the bugfixes, i don't remember which.13:45
workyeah, but most of the updates the update manager lists are not enabled by default. is that behaviour intended? can i safely enable them without breaking something?13:57
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workfound a thread that says that i can do "apt-get -s dist-upgrade" to simulate the update. i'll try that.13:59
LonEaglewhat do you mean?14:12
LonEaglea dist-upgrade is between mythbuntu versions, e.g. 9.04 to 9.1014:12
LonEaglehttp://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds <-- that's where you got the .deb you installed?14:16
Zinn[www.mythbuntu.org] Automatic Daily builds | Mythbuntu14:16
LonEagleokay, so that package itself doesn't update mythbuntu, it just sets you up to be able to update mythtv to the autobuilds.14:23
workthat is what i mean. i then started the update manager, and it shows a list with updatebale packages. most of the mythtv related and most of them disabled (but not greyed out - i could enable them). but this behaviour is new to me. so my question is, why are these disabled, can i enable them without breaking something14:24
LonEaglethe update manager or synaptic?14:25
workthe update manager14:25
workmaybe there is a package needed in a higher version, not provided by the ubuntu repositories yet, or something similar?14:25
LonEaglehold on my mythbuntu box is....  it's thinking.14:25
workits a clean install of mythbuntu (just added some movies to mythvideo and installed a remote)14:26
LonEagleyeah, i just made a clean install myself.14:26
worki mean, configured14:26
workah. ok :)14:27
LonEagleand you did install 9.10, right?14:27
LonEagleany idea what the packages disabled are?14:28
LonEaglefor instance, mythtv-status, mythexport, mythgame14:28
LonEaglelet me try applying the deb14:29
workyes, all you mentioned (as i recall). sorry i'm currently not at my box, so i could list those14:30
LonEagledid it offer to do a partial upgrade?14:33
LonEagleand if so, what did you pick?14:35
worki didnt do the update. i wanted to ask before my wife jells at my that i broke something (again)14:36
LonEagleah, i see what you mean.14:37
LonEagleenabling the testing ppa won't help, i just tested that.14:37
worki found this thread: describing the same problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8657824&postcount=214:39
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org] Ubuntu Forums - View Single Post - [SOLVED] Mythbuntu Auto-Updates Questions14:39
workthe next entry suggests that it has something to do with the nvidia-drivers, but i couldn't test it yet14:41
LonEagleah, i too have nvidia drivers14:41
worki'm having the ION platform...14:42
LonEagleso i just went into synaptic instead14:43
LonEagleand it's not offering anything like a partial upgrade.14:43
workit just lets you update the whole mythtv package?14:44
LonEagleyes. it might be doing the whole same thing.14:45
LonEagleit is uninstalling a couple packages (an old nvidia one and a mythtv perl one)14:46
LonEagleupgrading a bunch of packages14:46
LonEagleand installing a few new ones.14:46
LonEaglenothing seemed out of order. it was all mythtv, mythtv support, or nvidia driver files.14:46
workah. ok. ill also try that.14:46
workthanks for the help (an checking through that update process before me) :)14:47
LonEaglehowever, since it's pulling an nvidia driver update, ymmv. i take no responsibility for the wrath of your wife.14:47
LonEaglei'll let you know how updating through synaptic goes in another 10 minutes.14:47
_Speedy2kI have a little question here, i have just downloaded and burned the mythbuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso and i'm trying to install it on my brand new FitPC2, the cd is loading from my usb cdrom drive and when i got to the menu where i select my installation type, i select install mythbuntu on HDD and it just hand there, nothing happen, does someone have already got this problem and is there any way to make it install ??14:57
LonEaglework: woo, went off without a hitch for me. but i have a totally different nvidia15:01
LonEagle_Speedy2k: nothing at all happens?15:01
work:) nice. i'll just try to update everything without the nvidia drivers. and if i feel lucky, ill just update them too15:02
_Speedy2kNo i have to hit ctrl-alt-del to reboot the pc, i can't change selection anymore15:02
LonEagle_Speedy2k: any possibility to try just putting the image on a usb key drive? some people find those to be more reliable.15:03
LonEagleof course it needs to be made bootable by the appropriate utility. (it's on any ubuntu pc, but there's other ways too if you don't have one available.)15:03
_Speedy2kYes but i will be able to install from the usb thumb drive or it will only be a live cd ?15:06
_Speedy2kbecause right now Ubuntu 8.04 is installed and running on it15:06
workif downloaded the image and copied it onto and usb driver with "unetbootin"15:06
worki have ...15:06
workcant you then do an apt-get dist upgrade?15:07
Zinn[ubuntuguide.org] Ubuntu:Karmic -15:08
LonEagle_Speedy2k: yeah you can install from usb key drive same as a cd15:08
LonEagle_Speedy2k: usually faster too.15:08
workthough not all usb drives support a MBR (i found out the hardway)15:09
_Speedy2kOk is there any good how-to do this ??15:10
_Speedy2ki'm gona try it right away15:11
Zinn[help.ubuntu.com] Installation/FromUSBStick - Community Ubuntu Documentation15:11
LonEaglesub the mythbuntu iso wherever you see the ubuntu iso mentioned.15:11
_Speedy2ki'm trying it to see if it is booting15:14
redparchelI'm trying to put mythweb on it's own vhost myth.mydomain.com, i'm running mythbuntu 9.10, can i just wrap the /etc/apache2/sites-available/mythweb.conf with <VirtualHost *:80> current stuff </VirtualHost>?15:22
Zinn[myth.mydomain.com] MyDomain | Domain Names, Web Hosting, and Free Domain Services15:22
workhey, LonEagle, i have just decided not to update the mythtv through the auto-builds. where the mythtvbuild provided by mythbuntu 9.10 (more or less) directly links against the nvidia-vdpau driver, the new mythtv build uses the libvdpau1 library, which only provides a wrapper for vdpau-drivers. i have searched a little bit around and found the "nvidia vdpau team" ppa which provides a vdpau driver for nvidia cards linked against the libvdpau1 librar18:46
workit seems, as long, as ubuntu does not provide the nvidia-vdpau-driver through the multiverse, there is only vdpau support by installing the nvidia drivers from the nvidia ppa (sorry for the long post). long answer short: ill update as soon as ubuntu provides the vdpau driver through its repositories (whenever it will happen), or when im loosing patience :D18:46
darthanubis what is your adversion to the ppa?19:12
darthanubiswork, ?19:12
darthanubisif your waiting for it to be added to the official repos, then you'll be waiting til april19:13
workno adversion, just having a running system and changing too much...19:13
darthanubisadding a ppa is not a change worth mentioning19:13
darthanubisbut to each his own19:13
workyeah, but i get in trouble with my wife if i break something19:14
darthanubisI just don't understand the fear of the ppa. I'm trying to absolve you of this dissolution19:15
darthanubisI use the nvida ppa, drivers all day everyday19:16
tgm4883aren't the nvidia drivers in the mythbuntu ppa?19:17
work:) its not the ppa its the update of the drivers that i'm afraid of.19:17
tgm4883I'd have to look to verify19:17
darthanubiswork, fear is the mind killer:)19:18
workthey are, but in an older version 185 and without the vdpau drivers linked against the libvdpau-wrapper19:18
* tgm4883 looks19:19
tgm4883I'm pretty sure I have the 190 drivers installed with vdpau19:19
workthe update the mythbuntu gives me is 185 without vdpau19:20
workmaybe it compiles the vdpau-driver for the libvdpau1 wrapper lib19:20
workit = nvidia installer19:20
darthanubiswork, I understand your position. Just know that the nvidia ppa works. And I have yet to add/use a PPA for Ubuntu that has not worked.19:21
darthanubisI love PPAs19:21
tgm4883those are both for karmic19:21
worktgm4883: i came across the libvdpau1 library and it is just a wrapper, for vdpau support you need the nvidia-vdpau-driver package19:22
tgm4883my vdpau must not be working then?19:22
tgm4883foxbuntu, ^^19:23
worki dont know19:23
workyou should try19:23
workmaybe ill add the nvidia ppa and update later this evening :D you convinced me darthanubis (dam.n)19:25
darthanubisyou'll be just fine19:26
worki upgraded the nvidia package to the 190.xx series. yay. but no vdpau-driver. hmm. maybe my guessing is all wrong? not sure how to get the nvidia-vdpau-driver package recommended by the libvdpau1 package19:59
darthanubisdid you refresh after the addition of the ppa and do an upgrade20:05
darthanubiswork, ?20:07
workdarthanubis: sorry, was occupied. yes ran an upgrade, everything went fine. it installed (or updated - i dont know for sure) the nvidia 185 vdpau driver20:47
darthanubiswork, which driver does the nvidia-settings gui say it is using?20:50
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workcan't look at the moment, wife is watching. i'll post this later darthanubis21:12
workdarthanubis: nvidia-settings says 190.5322:37
Ratokhello guys i got a simple problem, how can i activate the system administration menu in mythbuntu?23:19
Ratokim new to it and want to test a modification for my intel card to reduce flicker at high resolutions23:20
Ratokbut the administration seems to be disabled23:22
tgm4883Ratok, why does it seem disabled?23:30
Ratoksry i am used to the system button next to applications23:31
Ratokbut there is none23:31
tgm4883click on applications, it should be in that list23:31
Zinn[ubuntuguide.org] Ubuntu:Karmic -23:33
Ratokyeah but i cannot access the advanced part23:34
tgm4883Ratok, thats probably not on the XFCE menu. I'd have to look to see what it is trying to accomplish23:34
Ratokah thx23:35
Ratoki just got the described behaviour flickering after 5-10 sec23:35
Ratoksry i gotta go23:56

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