ubottum4v called the ops in #ubuntu (jimmy_birer1)00:27
jribhow com #ubuntu+1 is +r?01:55
gordpretty much everything has been +r at one point or another the past week or so01:58
jribtrue.  Asking because I sent a user there but he was confused when he couldn't join02:00
FlannelCan probably remove it until the next wave of attacks02:00
jribk, just wanted to make sure there wasn't another reason since I don't usually idle there02:02
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()02:58
jonohi all03:48
jonocould someone let me speak in #ubuntu-classroom ?03:48
jonoI am testing Lernid and I can's speak there03:48
ubottuFlare-Laptop called the ops in #ubuntu (skeelol)03:57
Flannel1 hour03:58
tsimpsonFlannel: it appears to be a script/bot, in response to !lol03:58
FlannelAh.  Does it?03:58
Flannelsorry, I'm in a LoCo meeting right now03:59
FlannelPing the guy about it, it might just be a script03:59
Flannelif its a bot, handle accordingly :)03:59
Flannelor, I'll take care of it after my emeting03:59
tsimpsonI'll set a forward to here03:59
tsimpsonbut I'm going to sleep soon (4am)04:00
dholbachgood morning06:49
Myrttias good as I can make it with painkillers and coffee07:10
Pici/msg nickserv info $user   will tell if they've completed registration verification08:02
Myrttiikonia: btw, hows that autobleh update of yours doing?08:03
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !english ~= s/The #ubuntu, #kubuntu, and #xubuntu channels are/$chan is/08:39
Myrtti$chan --> the core channels are08:41
jussi01Myrtti: depends on how you define core chans - core support chans, yes.08:44
jussi01(ie. #kubuntu-devel allows german for instance)08:44
Myrttijussi01: I define core chans as *you* define them: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/Scope ;-)08:46
* jussi01 pours a bucket of cold water on Myrtti...08:47
Myrttia tad unnecessary and a bit uncomfortable...08:47
* Myrtti sniffles08:48
* jussi01 hands Myrtti a towel and apologises08:56
* Tm_T hands Ubuntu mugs of coffee to everyone with hug09:15
Tm_Tjussi01: allows yes, but is still primarily english (:09:16
* Pici watches the conversation in -offtopic13:37
Myrttiragequits </314:19
PiciHis question was answered, /me shrugs14:21
Tm_Tmaybe that was the problem?14:36
* genii reheats one of the Ubuntu mugs of coffee14:42
Myrtti!guidelines > pawan14:47
MyrttiI'm shooting blanks right now14:48
PiciI know the feeling14:48
Myrtti"oh yes, we've got that !language factoid too!"14:49
Myrtticlip is empty, no brain left14:50
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
Myrttigetting tired of watching pawan...14:57
Tm_TI'll watch after him for a second14:58
PiciHe should know better.15:00
MyrttiI've got mute loaded15:04
Tm_TMyrtti: go ahead15:04
Tm_The is still in the same topic15:05
MyrttiI'm not convinced15:05
Tm_Tmmm, he haven't asked any other questions?15:05
PiciHes been in and out of the channel a few times in the past year or two, usually not a problem like this though.15:06
Myrttithank god he's gone15:11
Myrtti!away > Kinetic|work17:16
* highvoltage waves18:29
ubottuh00k called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Tijuanense)18:47
IdleOnesuggestion: update all the !language triggers to include " type /join #ubuntu-es to join the channel " in the respective languages of course.21:05
ikoniaI thought they already did ?21:06
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.21:06
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr21:06
IdleOneikonia: most just give the channel names21:06
IdleOnebut don't include the command21:06
ikoniaok, I'll have a chat with the others21:06
ikoniasee what they think21:06
ikoniaI don't see a problem  with adding it21:06
Tm_TIdleOne: thanks (:21:06
IdleOnewould be most helpful to new users to irc21:06
Tm_Tikonia: me neither, and what IdleOne said21:07
ikoniaI'll update a couple then21:07
IdleOnethank you.21:07
IdleOneoh I forgot21:08
IdleOnemaybe also include " right click on #channel " not sure pidgin/empathy supports the /join command21:09
ikonianah, too client specific for me21:10
IdleOnewell whatever is best so long as we can stop having to tell people /how/ to join a channel21:10
ikoniayup, I kno w your pain21:11
ubottuIn ubottu, rww said: !ff36 is <reply> To get Firefox 3.6, add the PPA at https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable/ , then tell your package manager to look for updates.22:00
rwwI grabbed that repository from #ubuntu-mozillateam, is the most official one I can find :(22:01
Tm_Tshouldn't that be !fx36 ?22:03
rwwYes, but for 3.5 there was !ff35 :(22:05
Tm_Ttwo wrongs doesn't make right (;22:05
Tm_Tanyway, I hope someone who understands after firefox would take a look at it (:22:06
ikoniaI'm not happy about pushing out PPA's22:12
Tm_Tikonia: depends on what is support policy, I guess22:13
rwwikonia: perhaps !fx36 is <reply> Ubuntu does not upgrade to new major versions of packages after release. An *unsupported* version of Firefox 3.6 is available by adding the https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable/ PPA.22:16
Tm_Trww: "ppa from https://..."22:17
rwwI'm not a huge PPA fan either, but I think it'd be better for people to be using that than some of the various other silly methods out there.22:17
Tm_TPPA in22:17
Tm_Tbah, anyway22:17
Tm_Trww: true22:17
ikoniarww: I concur the lesser of evils, just seems a sad way to push out software22:19
Tm_Tikonia: yu, like what Kubuntu has to do with KDE releases22:20
ikoniaTm_T: I don't find that comfortalbe either22:41
ubottuIn #ubuntu-classroom, rzanebr10 said: ubottu: it is ok if it is talking in english22:48
Seeker`nalioth: any ideas about Mootbot?23:12

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