TakyojiOoo nice03:33
TakyojiDidn't know there was a "Mobile Broadband" section in the Network Connections panel03:33
Takyojiwith a convenient wizard03:33
TakyojiNow only if there was something convenient for tethering as well03:35
TakyojiInteresting; Fennec is available in the standard repositories04:08
_diablofor ubuntu?04:08
Takyojiin the Ubuntu Software Centre04:09
TakyojiIs there a graphical method in Ubuntu to start and use an SSH connection for SOCKS tunnelling in GNOME?04:10
_diablouhhh, I don't know much about it, sorry04:11
TakyojiWhile acting under the GNOME connection settings, so that all other applications would utilize it as well04:11
Takyojiotherwise when I was referring to the idea of there being a vendor that sells Linux-supported hardware; I meant more like something similar to Newegg; not something for buying premade desktops/laptops04:12
_diabloah, I see.04:13
_diabloyou could just cross-reference newegg and linuxhardware04:13
_diabloor google it :)04:13
Takyojiand that can be considerably a bit of work04:26
Takyojithus if there was a vendor that could be a fusion of the two; then that would be wonderful04:27
TakyojiPerhaps I should run off right now and try to start such a firm. :P04:27
Takyojiat age 1804:27
_diablodo it!04:27
_diabloit wouldn't cost much for the domain name either...04:27
TakyojiI believe it was also Mr. Gates that started MS at age 18. :P04:28
_diabloso you're basically already a billionaire :)04:28
Takyojiotherwise I meant it more in a retailer aspect04:47
Takyojionly thing is that I don't have sufficient funds for start-up costs, otherwise I'm not sure if common manufacturers do direct-to-customer shipping04:48
TakyojiIn the pond construction industry, retailers/distributors are completely needed, there's no manufacturers that also work as a distributor of their own products (except one perhaps)04:49
TakyojiAnyone know of a decent media server solution?05:00
Takyoji(that could run in background on a standard Ubuntu desktop installation)05:00
tonyyarussoyou mean like mt-daapd?05:02
TakyojiSo would that provide music files on-demand, or would it work on like a streaming playlist concept?05:03
tonyyarussoon-demand I think05:04
TakyojiI believe that would be what I'm looking for05:05
Takyojiadditionally I wonder if there's anything for video as well05:05
tonyyarussothat I don't know05:06
Takyojiwithout the need of encoding05:06
Takyojifor use on an intranet05:06
Takyojiotherwise I could just do SAMBA or HTTP for something like that05:06
tonyyarussoYou could just do a fi-le share if nothing else.05:07
TakyojiThat's pretty much how I remotely access my content over my LAN; but over SSH05:07

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