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nomnexhelp: OpenID authentication failed: Nonce already used or out of range00:51
nomnexCannot sign in Ubuntu One00:51
nomnexGo to Web function from the panel applet00:53
duanedesignnomnex: happened to me earlier. I tried it a few times and it eventually let me in.01:25
nomnexduanedesign, thanks.01:25
nomnexCan someone explains me Ubuntu One, I don't get it right01:25
duanedesignnomnex: probablly something to keep an eye on. If it continues to act up tommorrow maybe an issue01:26
nomnexkeeps deleting my files on either sides01:26
nomnexduanedesign, sure01:26
duanedesignnomnex: are these files or notes?01:26
nomnexmaybe you can help? there is only one pc registred, but my too machine update their files, does that sound right?01:27
nomnexmy two...01:28
duanedesignnomnex: you only have one PC registered with your Ubuntu ONE ACCOUNT01:28
duanedesignsorry cap fail :)01:29
nomnexre-phrase: correct only one Computer on my account01:29
nomnexsame log-in name and pass on both machines. could that be the cookie? I have just deleted the second machine, but not cleared the cookies01:30
duanedesignand your using two machines with Ubuntu One how?01:30
duanedesignthe web interface01:30
nomnexthe applet01:30
nomnexand folder01:30
nomnexubuntu one mirror the files on both machines01:31
duanedesignnomnex: /301:32
duanedesignoops sorry01:32
nomnexcould is new to me. How does that work. when 2 machines are connected in the same time, how do I manage the backup direction and file versions to update?01:33
nomnexduanedesign, no prob. and my sentence starts with CLOUD01:33
nomnexno idea01:35
duanedesignnomnex: you add files to the folder and the database gets updated i think every ten minutes01:35
duanedesignnomnex: so if you aonly have one computer on the account. Then you add files using the 'other' computer. When the database syncs it is going to remove those files.01:37
duanedesignnomnex: you need to add the second computer to authorize it to sync01:37
nomnexduanedesign, so it's a bad idea to have 2 computers running in the same time. That might create conflict. e.g. I backup my bookmarks.json every 1 hour to the folder Ubuntu One, if both computers update at the same time, that might create a conflict?01:37
nomnexduanedesign, 'other' computer. When the database syncs it is going to remove those files - exact! but how is this possible?01:38
duanedesignnot to get off the subject, but what do you use to back up your bookmarks. Do you do it manually?01:38
nomnexduanedesign, no, an FF addon, sync places01:39
duanedesignnomnex: it is syncing to the computer on the account. it is the one that is managing the database.01:39
duanedesignnomnex: i will have to check that addon out01:40
nomnexhttp://www.andyhalford.com/syncplaces/ here, pretty neat!01:40
nomnexduanedesign, you get me lost. if one registered computer, the dir should be computer-server Ubuntu One. How come another un-registred computer can update and delete its files?01:41
nomnexdetection of new computer occurs manually or auto?01:42
duanedesigncomputers hooked up to the same Ubuntu One account should sync files with the Ubuntu One cloud as well as to each other.01:45
duanedesignnomnex: you can go to the website to add a new computer01:46
nomnexduanedesign, doing it01:46
nomnexhow? I can only remove selected computer but not add one01:47
nomnexand the other one is not recognized01:47
duanedesignnomnex: https://one.ubuntu.com/support/installation/01:48
duanedesignsee step 401:48
duanedesignnomnex: if you are seeing the icon in your panel then you already added that computer?01:50
nomnexcorrect, I am using Karmic. The computer was on the list. I have removed it, but it still sync01:51
nomnexany idea?01:51
duanedesigni am getting on the same page with ya :)01:51
duanedesignnomnex: if you wish to remove the computer. Perhaps you need to uninstall the Ubuntu One client. Then access the files strictly through the Web Interfave01:55
nomnexduanedesign, that's not what I want. I want to mirror both computer since I usually do not use them in the same time. However, why is my second computer not recognized anymore as a new machine? How do I troubleshoot and is the fact I use the same user name/pass on both machines the reason?01:57
duanedesignnomnex: if you wish to readd the computer to the account and it is not doing so you might need to purge the client and reinstall it01:59
duanedesignnomnex: also there is a file ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log01:59
duanedesignthat can provide some info02:00
nomnexI try to remove the cache first thanks. I get back to you in a min.02:00
duanedesignnomnex: sure thing :)02:01
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nomnexwell these are just log, no configuration file. I guess, I have to re-install the client then02:02
nomnexduanedesign, is ubuntu one in the repo? do I need to remove the apt line too? advice.02:03
nomnexduanedesign, u there?02:07
nomnexduanedesign, good news, clearing the cookies, log-off/on, did the trick, the computer is recognized, so back on track02:08
nomnexduanedesign, from now on a new document on c1 will be mirror in c2 correct?02:09
duanedesignok great02:10
duanedesignyes sir02:10
duanedesignnomnex: late last year when i had two computers connected it was alittle slow to sync02:11
duanedesignnomnex: i think they have fixed that02:11
nomnexthe My Files folder is the "mirror" folder to share docs among several machines and the Shared With Me is a "read only" folder?02:11
duanedesignnomnex: however if you notice that The best way to force the sync between the two computers is to disconnect the Ubuntu One client and then connect.02:11
duanedesignnomnex: shared with me is for sharing folders between friends02:12
duanedesignnomnex: like if me and you were working on a project we could share a folder02:12
nomnexduanedesign, if I share my docs with you on a project, then the files won't be mirrored?02:13
duanedesignnomnex: yes they would share the files between us02:14
nomnexI guess, I am starting to get the pictures, in this case we would share files but not computers right. mmm I mean, your computer and mine would still be on separate accounts02:15
duanedesign"My Files" is where you should put your files. "Shared With Me" is where folders that other users have shared with you show up.02:15
duanedesignnomnex: that is correct02:15
duanedesignnomnex: it is a little confusing. They are working on getting the documentation put together to better explain this.02:16
nomnexokay, thanks for you time, I will now try my options. do you have the 50 gb plans?02:16
nomnexI use rsync to backup mirror my pc. it's a bit of a change, but that's nice.02:16
duanedesignnomnex: not at the moment. I will have it again soon though :) I love the service and it is a great way to support Canonical02:16
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nomnexduanedesign, agreed.02:17
duanedesignnomnex: glad you got it sorted02:17
nomnexduanedesign, do you try the notes, evolution contacts, etc?02:17
duanedesignnomnex: yes i have my notes synced. I used to use a WebDAV i had set up on my server02:17
duanedesigni like the Ubuntu One option because i can access the notes from the web interface and edit them02:18
duanedesignThe evoloution Contacts is nice too02:18
nomnexI mean, the new Tomboy note sync on Ubuntu one, and the Evo contact sync - have you tried this functions already?02:18
nomnexcross post02:18
duanedesignnomnex: yes02:18
nomnexdo you have a sec to talk about it?02:19
duanedesignnomnex: sure02:19
nomnexTomboy, last when I tried, the formatting was inconsistent. do you use formatting on you notes?02:19
duanedesignhmm. What type of formatting?02:20
nomnexBold, Font sizes02:20
duanedesignthere are not a ton of text formatting options in tomboy. You can make text a little bigger a little smaller. Bold, underline02:21
duanedesignnomnex: you do not get precise font size control. I think you get Normal, Big, and Bigger02:21
duanedesignbut the wiki style linking between notes is really nice02:22
nomnexduanedesign, note sync from c1 to c2 trough Ubuntu One note (new function) did not or destroyed some of the note formatting. have you experienced such thing?02:22
duanedesignnomnex: good question02:22
duanedesigni just synced a note today that had a lot of formatting and it came through just fine02:23
nomnexwill give it a new try. regarding the contacts, when you enable the d.base sync option, are they both local and on the cloud or only on the cloud? ( a. addressbook.db + Ubuntu One, or b. Ubuntu One only)? I am worry about loosing data.02:24
nomnexd.base for the cloud is couch.db I guess?02:25
duanedesignyes it is couchdb02:26
nomnexI give it a try too. do you use it for you contacts?02:27
duanedesignI do. i just switched back to Evoloution recently. The U1 sync was one of the reasons i switched back02:28
duanedesigni am anxious for a Google Android app to sync with the contacts :)02:28
nomnexduanedesign, Android is the phone?02:28
duanedesignthe api, though i havent found a lot of information, is pretty easy to use. So i imagine application developers will be creating more apps that use ubuntu One in the near future02:29
duanedesignnomnex: yes it is02:29
duanedesignnomnex: The Google phone OS02:29
nomnexI want one but that's not available in Japan yet. Do you like it? I don't like i-phone for the battery no removable and I just don't like Apple02:30
duanedesignnomnex: i liked my iphone once i 'jailbroke' it. This allows the installation of non Apple Store Apps02:31
duanedesignbut that is frowned on by apple, voids your warranty, and they are increasingly making it harder to do02:31
nomnexyes, always the same story. How about Android. satisfied?02:32
duanedesignThe Google Android is nice. Since most the other Open Source phone projects have not done well i am hoping Android does well02:32
nomnexlooking forward to see it.02:33
duanedesignnomnex: you are in Japan?02:33
nomnexand you must be in the US, or it is very late for you02:33
duanedesigni hear cell phone technology is far ahead of what it is hear.02:33
duanedesignnomnex: its getting a little late :)02:34
nomnexIC. well japs are dumb asses just able to use a terminal for most. They enjoy life in a 3 inches display. Go wonder...02:35
duanedesignwe are just starting to realize the potential for cell phones here in the US. For instance QR code and UPC code readers02:35
nomnexyes, those functions like scanning bar codes, etc work well here. but looking a the price of communication, that's just crazy02:36
duanedesignnomnex: you speek English very well. Are you from Japan originally02:36
nomnexthere is no more proprietary market than the Japanese electronic market02:36
nomnexthank you, my wife is Japanese.02:36
duanedesignnomnex: true i have a lot of friends around the world in the ubuntu community and i am suprised that a lot of people dont have unlimited bandwith with there monthly service02:37
nomnexso am I.02:38
nomnexduanedesign, what is your server?02:38
duanedesignnomnex: i download all kinds of stuff without thinking twice about it :)02:38
duanedesignmy ISP service or my server(computer)02:39
nomnexduanedesign, still the good part about Japan is no censor whatsoever. and not ~forgot the word from ISP when you use torrents02:39
nomnexyou said you have a server02:39
nomnexubuntu server?02:39
duanedesignyes i have a VPS. it is a nice way to have access to all the convenience of a server and not have to worry a whole lot about it02:40
nomnexgot it, connection throttle??02:40
duanedesignthough servers are getting cheap.02:40
nomnexVPS? what's that? do yo have a link.02:41
duanedesignit is Virtual Private Server. You pay to use someone elses server02:41
duanedesignmy server is 1000mi. away :)02:41
nomnexoh I see. I understand02:42
nomnexI am eager to try Ubuntu server 10.04 and the desktop. BTW, the other good part of Japan is a single malt whiskey bottle (Laphroiag by example) costs only 30 USD02:43
nomnexand that's a very reasonable way to start with your breakfast.02:43
duanedesignlol, nice02:43
nomnexthe same bottle is 60-70 USD in the US02:43
duanedesignyeah and the importing of different brands is not very good02:44
nomnexokay, I going to try my U1 options. thanks for the chit-chat and the help02:44
nomnexduanedesign, last sentence? different brands? which ones?02:44
duanedesignnomnex: anytime, good luck02:44
duanedesignnomnex: i dont drink anymore but when i did there were many beers that you could not get here.02:45
nomnexthat's like U1 always improving. You get anything now. When were you there and where?02:46
nomnexthe golden age? 20 y. ago?02:46
duanedesigni am not quite that old. Maybe 15 years age :)02:47
duanedesignnomnex: if you ever have any support questions come by #ubuntu-beginners me and a bunch of others give help in there02:48
nomnexduanedesign, thanks I will do that. I take for granted that you visited Japan 15 y. ago and not that you are 15 ;-) see you02:48
duanedesignha ha. have a good day02:49
nomnexthanks bye02:49
wahbenHi all! I've always had problems using Ubuntu One. some files wouldn't synch. But anyways, today I thought maybe a few updates had been done and it might be more stable. But now I cannot login to the web interface, I get the error message: OpenID failed     OpenID authentication failed: Nonce already used or out of range03:46
kgsThat error has been occurring frequently.03:55
wahbenhmm today only03:57
wahbennever had it before03:58
wahbenbut i haven't used ubuntu one in weeks03:58
wahben..or months maybe03:58
wahbenoh i see03:58
wahbenits a statement... not question03:58
wahbenok well thanks, at least i know that im not alone ! :-)03:58
princess_A quick question: I am assiming I am stuck with an 'Ubuntu One' entry in my home folder - either sym link or folder - am I likely to be able to select another location in the near future?12:06
duanedesignprincess_: you are looking to sync a folder other than the default?12:19
princess_Not really, I am looking for a way to have the default folder somewhere else12:20
princess_Say ~/Cloud/Ubuntu One, or ~/Shared/Ubuntu One12:23
duanedesignahh isee12:23
duanedesignprincess_: i am not sure. I have come across this guide when looking to share other folders.12:26
duanedesignprincess_: it does appear that the link option works.12:28
duanedesignI moved the folder and created a link to it and it shows up when i select 'Open Folder' in the applet12:28
duanedesignprincess_: now to see if it syncs :)12:28
princess_I can get it to synch another folder all right, but I need the link in my home folder for that. I was hoping to get rid of that, but it appears that there's no easy way. The shared folder seems like an odd thing to hardcode though12:35
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CardinalFang(AFAIK, we're still meeting.)  Desktop+ MEETING BEGINS.  Say 'me' to claim a slice of the stand-up meeting, then take your turn by saying DONE/TODO/BLOCKED.15:02
urbanapeI mean, "me"15:03
CardinalFangThe keys are so close together.15:03
urbanapeyou can't spell "doomed" without "me"15:04
* CardinalFang grumbles at LP timeout errors.15:05
urbanapeyou also can't spell "timeout" without "me"15:05
teknicoapres moi, le deluge?15:06
teknicohi, deluge! ;-)15:06
dobeyo/~ doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom o/~15:06
teknicodestiny tribal dance15:07
urbanapeDONE: Submitted big, massive Bindwood branch for merge. Apologies all around. More work on subsequent client sync branch. (Q: How much Bindwood is too much Bindwood? A: THERE'S NEVER ENOUGH BINDWOOD!)15:08
urbanapeTODO: Uh, I'm gonna go with "Bindwood", Pat.15:08
urbanapeBLOCK: None.15:08
urbanapeaquarius, I pass the torch on to you.15:08
aquarius⚀ DONE: visual design review for music store; discussion with music provider15:08
aquarius⚁ TODO: have music library page send message to downloader daemon and row to database; write Ubuntu Developer Day talk; make tomboy first-sync experience nicer15:08
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED:15:08
aquariusCardinalFang, go for it15:08
CardinalFangDONE: Face Duty.  Scanned logs and filed Bug#496046.  Patched desktopcouch and committed.  Patched server code to be more Py3 and avoid it altogether.  Nearly not-sick any more.15:09
CardinalFangTODO: Figure out how to add test for it.15:09
CardinalFangBLOCKED: No.15:09
CardinalFangteknico, allons-y!15:09
teknicoDONE: more phone sync planning with chipaca; helping vds get up to speed upon his return; some more debugging on the error from the dev openid server at first login (#510116);15:09
teknicoTODO: testing funambol cared and funambol exchange deployment; fix a user's problems accessing the contacts web IU (#506584)15:09
teknicoBLOCK: still cannot access the web interface due to an error from the dev openid server at first login (#510116, and also #510866)15:09
tekniconext: dobey15:09
dobey☺ DONE: Reviews, Worked on #510351 (enable bipedal oauth in server)15:09
dobey☹ TODO: Fix some bugs I filed (#510351, #510353, #510348, #510355)15:09
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:09
vdssorry late15:13
vdsDONE: vacation, keeping up with mail and similar...15:13
vdsTODO: propose last branch for sms configuration, take care of the deployment of funambol and funambol exchange.15:13
vdsBLOCKED: nope15:13
CardinalFangMy bug is #511341, not #496046, fwiw.  "notes API HTTP-500, RecordDict has no attr has_key"15:14
CardinalFangteknico, can any of us help with your block?15:17
teknicoCardinalFang, thanks, we're working on it with jdo and others15:18
CardinalFangMeeting ends.  Thanks, all.15:18
CardinalFangaquarius, thisfred, easy fix: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cmiller/desktopcouch/recorddict_more_dictly/+merge/1800415:27
thisfredCardinalFang: easy approve too ;)15:29
mandelaquarius, ping15:36
aquariusmandel, pong15:36
mandelaquarius, since there is no other possible way, can I propose a merge to provide bulk delete? :P15:37
mandelaquarius, im talking about the bulk update15:38
aquariusmandel, yeah15:40
aquariusI don't like the way it is, but I am too stupid to think of anything else, and I don't want to hold you up.15:40
mandelaquarius, well, it is actually a hard thing to solve... nevertheless, if some has a better idea, it can be changed :D15:42
aquariusmandel, yeah. Python basically doesn't have a good concept of "some of this succeeded and the rest didn't", hence the stuff in twisted to do exactly that.15:43
mandelaquarius, I dont mind having a little dirty part in exchange of just using one request, that is why I also want to provide the bulk delete, it makes things nicer15:46
mandelregarding delete, I understand why a flag is kept, but should the attachments be kept too?15:46
CardinalFangOoo, good question.15:47
CardinalFangHrm, I think it shouldn't, mandel.15:47
mandelCardinalFang, I have that feeling too, seems like a waste of space and makes replication worse, right?15:49
joshuahooverChipaca: ping16:07
* rtgz is late,late,late o_o16:08
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