damo22anyone here?03:36
damo22i have a midi controller with built in patch selector, what program can i use to load different sounds using my controller?03:37
tucemiuxmixxx might work03:39
damo22basically i want to create a laptop dedicated to playing live03:39
tucemiuxdamo22, sounds like you want to use mixxx03:39
damo22like can i use my selector to load different sf2s?03:39
tucemiuxdamo22, if you go to mixxx right now i'm talking to a developer, if they dont currently support your controller you can actually request for support to be added03:40
damo22 i dont think mixxx is what im looking for, im not a dj looking to beatmatch... i am searching for a program that will let me use extra features of my midi controller to load synths03:52
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