challmanis anyone alive in here?00:01
Aquinahmm... If I were you I'd press ALT+F1 or F200:03
Aquinathen log in with user and pass at the console.00:03
challmanI have logged it00:04
challmanI need to know how to fix00:04
challmanhey, can anyone help me with a new install and video problems? I've got an older system with an ATI Radeon 9000 & DVI attached LCD. when it boots after install, I do see things on the screen right up to before the logon screen but the LCD shows out of range00:04
Aquinaafterwards check enter "sudo nano -w /etc/X11/xorg.conf" and see the resolutions for the monitor00:04
Aquinadid you read what I wrote you?00:04
challmanthere isn't an xorg.conf.... 9.10 doesn't use that be default anymore00:04
Aquinaoh it' hal, huh?00:04
challmanum, not sure what you mean00:05
Aquinawait a minute...00:05
Aquinaok some stupid questions: 1] is your OS up to date (apt-get upgrade)? 2] You CAN create an xorg.onf!00:07
AquinaSection "Screen"00:07
Aquina Identifier "Screen0"00:07
Aquina Device "Card0"00:07
Aquina Monitor "Monitor0"00:07
Aquina DefaultDepth 1600:07
Aquinatry that00:07
challmanup to date, yes.... will try that00:07
AquinaI'l post a better config wait...00:08
Aquinathe first section is optional the second one mandatory since it includes resolutions. Modify everything as you like.00:10
AquinaIf you want the first section watch the HZ and KHZ values!!!00:10
AquinaCheck your documentation or you may damage your screen.00:11
challmanok. will you be on for a few? i need to type this in. not sure if I can FTP it00:11
AquinaAgain: You can copy it 1:1 except the 30-80 and 55-75 since thats for my screen. ;-)00:13
challmanok, typed it in and rebooting00:16
challmandid copy, but can't copy/paste :P00:16
challmanbtw, how do you get the grub boot menu now? grub2 doesn't show it be default unless you have more than one OS00:16
challmanok, i did get a gui prompt. it told me i was running in a low graphics mode. it asked me if I wanted to adjust it.00:18
challmankeep getting out of range00:23
challmanwoohoo, i found a link that fixed my problem:::::  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=46780400:31
challmanhey, aquina00:53
Aquinaso your logon screen works?01:16
Aquinagrub2 config in "/boot/grub/mnu.lst" BEFORE the automagic stuff enter "timeout10" for 10 seconds menue. ;-)01:17
Aquinaoh and comment out hiddenmenu with # --> "#hiddenmenu"01:18
Aquinaaem if it asks you if you wanna change it it *already* displayed something. Did you clck ok or abort before the "out of range" message?01:19
Aquina(try to ignore/cancel the message and log in as usual)01:20
AquinaThen enter the XFCE control center and set up everything for your screen there (be cautious).01:21
challmanyes, I found another site with a file almost extacly as i needed01:21
Aquinaso it works now?01:21
challmannow, i'm trying to get acx wireless to work. go figure. i get one problem fixed and find another one01:21
challmanseems Ubuntu pulled the acx drivers from karmic01:21
challmanyes, i've been working on the wireless for the past 30 min. i think i found something01:22
challmani really love xubuntu01:22
AquinaHold on a sec. 1] display works now? 2] grub modified sucessfully? 3] installed wifi stuff with apt-get?01:22
AquinaYes, it's a great system. :-)01:23
challman1) video working flawless..... 2) didn't see your grub comments. grub2 doesn't use menu.lst anymore. it has /boot/grub/grub.cfg..... 3) TI acx wireless no longer available. having to do manually01:23
challmanthis wireless worked great on Mepis 8 (kde 3.5)... hated that version of KDE01:24
AquinaKDE is bloated...02:22
likemindeadSo's your mom.02:22
likemindeadJ/K LOL02:22
_blink_Hey does anyone know how I can move the system tray stuff to the bottom panel?02:38
likemindeadJust right click on it and move it.02:54
_blink_It wont let me02:54
_blink_for like the wi fi radar and stuff02:55
likemindeadGo just to the left of the icons. When you right click, it'll be for the "Notification Area" & you can move it.02:59
oorahi have a broken link i can't remove from the desktop, what do i do?03:03
_blink_thanks @ like minded03:05
_blink_I though it was called system tray03:05
likemindeadWhat do you mean by "broken link" oorah?03:12
oorahlikemindead, i copied a video link to the desktop and not i can't delete it03:15
oorahlikemindead, and when i put the arrow over it it says broken link03:15
likemindeadRight click and delete or just select it and use the delete key?03:16
oorahlikemindead, i can't, thats why i'm here03:18
likemindeadStrange. Never run into that before. :-\03:18
_blink_How come there aren't forums that are just for xubuntu?03:18
likemindeadRed-headed step-child.03:19
likemindeadThere are generally 50 or 60 folks in here and 1200+ in #ubuntu...03:21
_blink_Meh but there are still 60 people03:22
_blink_I fucking love xubuntu and it's only my second day on it03:23
oorahstill haven't figured out how to delete it03:25
likemindeadYep. Xfce is great. I'm a big Openbox & Fluxbox fan too.03:25
oorahxKill didn't work either03:25
oorahwell, guess a fresh install is an easy fix03:26
ooraheverything can be re-installed within a few minutes anyway03:26
_blink_oorah, that sucks03:30
_blink_yeah xfce is great espically combined in ubuntu03:31
robert__what is a good dock app for xfce?04:09
robert__i just had to reinstall ubuntu i guess oh well04:27
owen1Anyone with Dell mini 10 or Inspiron 11Z - please confirm the touchpad bug I just sumbitted - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/51219206:26
_blink_Sorry for being a dumbass but how do I execute python files in xubuntu?06:42
Balsaqnow there is 2 Sysi ?07:04
Sysiirssi and quassel07:05
Sysiquassel is on home network, havent got it to shell yet07:07
Balsaqkas noin se hätäkeino sence jotta we07:10
Sysigtranslate? :D07:11
Balsaqi-kirjain jälkisäädös koetus se07:11
Balsaqdo it make any sence?07:12
Sysino :D07:13
Balsaqhmmm try this one07:13
Sysibut i can read that with gtranslate x)07:13
Balsaqminun maine on fred flintstone07:14
Balsaqok what did i say?07:14
Sysinow it makes sence to me, i will try it07:15
Balsaqam i speaking finnish?07:15
Sysiit works backwards also, you see07:15
Balsaqare you from finland Sysi?07:15
Balsaqhmmm so that means i am not structuring my grammar correctly07:16
Sysiwell.. that's not understandable07:16
Balsaqshould i say the sentences backwards?07:16
Sysihard to type in dark07:17
Balsaqok maybe the google is better07:18
Sysiteacher left us to watch video07:18
BalsaqIhmettelen, jos puhun nyt Suomen07:19
Balsaqdid it work?07:19
Sysithat's bad, but understandable07:20
Balsaqi can live with bad as long as it can be fully understood07:20
Sysithere's alsp the thing that you say things differently in english07:21
Balsaqi know07:21
Balsaqthats why it is difficult07:21
_blink_Yo anyone know how to run .py scripts in xubuntu07:22
Sysiyou need to install some kind of python to do that, and use it07:22
_blink_Yeah i installed python07:23
_blink_but when i click on the file it opens with a text editor07:23
_blink_that method doesnt work with xubuntu :(07:25
Sysidid you try adding that line?07:29
Sysi" found out that I need to add "#!/usr/bin/python" to the script."07:29
_blink_yeah there is no property box on right click in xubuntu07:29
Sysiwhen it opens on text editor, add that one line on top of it07:30
Sysians save file07:30
Blank__is there an easy way to get nautilus working properly (and effectively replace thunar)?07:39
Blank__it seems to start up every boot, and when my desktop shows, it switches to my old gnome desktop for a second, then back to my xfce one... i'm wondering if that's related to my attempts to run nautilus previously07:40
gypsymauroI tried xubuntu but it's very slow on my hw, I tried puppylinux and is much more faster and I discovered on forums that fluxubuntu is faster too, but it seems a dead project, any hint?11:33
knomeabout what?11:34
gypsymauroif there is a ubuntu based distro lighter than xubuntu or a way to speed up xubuntu :)11:35
TheSheeptry lubuntu11:36
Myrttigypsymauro: install using mini.iso and install DE + apps as you wish11:36
Myrttino need to stick into pre-chosen compilations of software11:37
dirktuxbuen dia comunidad:11:37
dirktuxconsulta: como hacer que xubuntu consuma menos memoria ram11:38
TheSheep!es | dirktux11:39
ubottudirktux: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.11:39
dirktuxok tanks11:39
knomehey Myrtti :) haven't seen you in a bit11:40
Myrttiknome: life intruded11:40
knomeMyrtti, yeah, i can imagine :)11:41
eXpl0i7how to get my headphones to work in xubuntu 9.04?13:08
eXpl0i7some solution?13:09
eXpl0i7i tryed some stuf from ubuntu forums but don't work13:10
TheSheepeXpl0i7: click on the speaker icon in your panel and slide the headphones slider from 013:23
eXpl0i7i tryed this13:24
eXpl0i7in mixer phone is set to max volume and not muted13:24
TheSheepnot phone13:25
TheSheepphone is for phone13:25
eXpl0i7i not have headphones13:25
TheSheepthat explains it13:26
eXpl0i7phone  = headphones13:26
knomeeXpl0i7, no. phone is not headphones.13:26
TheSheepimaginary headphones won't work13:26
TheSheepbuy some headphones first and then try13:26
knomeTheSheep, ^_~13:26
TheSheepsorry, I will go now and come back when I calm down13:27
eXpl0i7seee this13:29
eXpl0i7i checked all in select controls13:29
TheSheepeXpl0i7: are yor headphones special in any way?13:43
TheSheepeXpl0i7: wireless? usb?13:43
TheSheepis this a laptop?13:44
TheSheepyou connected them to the socket at the back? (the front one could be unconnected)13:45
* TheSheep is running out of ideas13:45
eXpl0i7my headphones work on windows13:46
eXpl0i7i ahve speakers and headphones connected13:46
eXpl0i7i have*13:46
cjohnstonInterested in learning about how to do development work in Ubuntu/Xubuntu? Join in on the Ubuntu Developer Week to learn! Ubuntu Developer Week is starting in approx. 30 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat   - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek for more info15:41
hapikHow to put NetworkManager (nm-applet) at pannel?15:43
Sysi-it comes to notification area when you start it15:44
cody-somervilleIt'll automatically show up in...15:44
cody-somervilleWhat Sysi- says :)15:44
Myrttihapik: in most cases it runs by default in notification area15:44
hapikMyrtti: yes, it is. But I don't need notification area with all applications/icons - all I need is NetworkManager on pannel15:47
Sysi-you don't get it there without notificaton area15:48
Myrttiand applications/icons shouldn't really be there anyway15:49
Sysi-if you're not willing to create launcher for that what i strongly doubt15:49
hapikwell, that's a pity, lancher is not an option; notification area shows Gnome-power-manager, Orange, Gnomve-volume-control, web browser etc.15:51
Myrttiweb-browser? o_015:52
hapikOpera in my case15:52
Myrttiso opera does it wrong15:53
knomemaybe opera has an option not to show up in the notification area15:53
knomeyou can also disable orage from notification area from the preferences15:53
knomeprobably also drop gnome-volume-control15:53
knomeand the power-manager15:53
hapikhmm, I was not thinking about disabling this was, have to check it, anyway it is a little bit strange that I cannot put this applet on pannel when in gnome it is a default options15:55
maverick_pidgin-libnotify just uses the libnotify package and not the notification-daemon right?15:57
Myrttihapik: I don't think it's an applet even in Gnome16:02
hapikI think it was, e.g. a picture on http://projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager/16:04
hapikbut it doesn't matter, I removed orage; now, how to edit menu entry options in xfce?16:05
subspiderhey guys how do i extract files from rar file16:05
subspideri'm using unrar x "file"16:06
subspiderbut just creates de folders16:06
Myrttisubspider: use e16:07
subspideri allready used it16:08
subspidersame output16:08
subspiderthere is onother program16:08
TheSheeprar x "file"16:10
tavastiin karmic there is no 'grip' package, suggestions for cd-ripping software16:14
Myrttiexaile can do it, IIRC16:14
subspiderMyrtti, yes it extracted the files but now in doesn't create folders16:17
tavastibetter suggestions?16:18
knometavasti, sound-juicer16:19
tavastiok, I'll give it a try16:20
knometavasti, it's not as configurable as grip, but i started using it as well after grip16:21
tavastihmm, I would prefer something more configurable, but have to with this for now16:25
maverick_i have 2 questions: 1. How can i stop the notications from notification-daemon stop overlapping the panel, 2. How can i make xubuntu not load apps of the previous session on restart16:28
subspideri need help to extract files from rar file please someone help me16:29
ochosiad 2: close all programmes, untick the "save session" tickbox and logout16:29
ochosimaverick_ ->16:29
maverick_ochosi: o16:30
ochosisubspider, sudo apt-get install unrar16:30
ochosisubspider, then "unrar e archive.rar"16:30
subspiderochosi, i know i have the problem is extracting the files it give me error16:30
ochosisubspider, what error?16:31
subspiderthe same file on wirar it opens perfectly16:31
subspiderok wait16:31
ochosiyeah, actually unrar is not perfect in linux. i experienced problems with some archives too. mostly it should work though16:31
ochosisubspider, btw, are you using unrar or unrar-nonfree?16:32
ochosisubspider, sry, meant unrar or unrar-free16:32
ochosisubspider, depending on which you use you could give the other one a try16:32
subspideri unistall and intall and now its working just fine16:33
subspidersame comand16:33
subspiderunrar x "file.rar"16:33
subspidertheres onother thing16:34
subspidermy menu bar16:34
subspidereverything is at left side i can't move to right side do you guys know why??16:34
ochosiyou might be able to change that in the gtkrc of the theme you're using. tbh i've never seen a right-aligned menubar16:35
charlie-tcamissing the spacer16:36
subspideri didn't do that i just resatrated a few months and it stayed like that16:36
charlie-tcasubspider: right-click the panel, add, separator16:37
charlie-tcaThen you can move items to the right16:37
subspideryea it worked16:39
subspiderit's satrnge16:39
subspiderthanks guys16:39
ochosioh, no i see what you meant with "menubar" :)16:40
ochosino -> now16:40
maverick_anyway i can change the sad notification-daemon that comes along with xubuntu, which is not transparent and overlaps the bloody panel?16:40
ochosimaverick_, if you're using xubuntu karmic (9.10) then you're using notify-osd which is quite unconfigurable16:41
ochosi(unless you recompile of course)16:41
maverick_yes, i am in karmic, but i dont have any idea, how to configure it, i tried removing notification-daemon to replace it with xfce4-notifyd which was a bit better16:42
maverick_i just installed notify-osd now16:42
ochosias i said: notify-osd isn't really configurable. it's a design decision.16:42
subspiderbut it's not th way i like charlie-tca16:42
subspideri put many space bars but i can make it go to the end of the bar16:43
subspidernow i do sorry16:43
maverick_ochosi: i liked xfce4-notifyd, but it isnt compatible with pidgin-libnotify16:43
TheSheepyou only need one and make it expand16:43
charlie-tcasubspider: you can normally only use one spacebar, then right click the icon want to move, leftclick and hold down the button, move to the other end of the bar and release16:47
charlie-tcaYou only have two places to put them in Xubuntu, left side or right side16:47
subspideryes sorry charlie-tca16:48
subspidernow it's the way i had thank you very much16:49
charlie-tcano problem16:55
petsoundscharlie-tca, hi.. i have question what is the easiest way to reset panel in xubuntu? thanks17:20
charlie-tca!panels | petsounds17:23
ubottupetsounds: Did your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/17:23
petsoundscharlie-tca,  oops i think there's no trigger for this. Merci :)17:24
charlie-tcaWhat do mean? they won't come back?17:25
petsoundscharlie-tca, no no. what i'm trying to say is when i pull the trigger for !resetpanels the command line is for gnome17:26
charlie-tcathat's because it is a gnome desktop specific item. Use !panels here to see xubuntu panels help17:28
petsoundsroger that. thanks..17:28
hapikI still have a problem with removing "gnome-volume-control-panel" from notification area. Does anyone know a solution?17:29
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/17:29
charlie-tcahapik: what version of Xubuntu are you using?17:29
charlie-tcatry applications -> settings -> session and startup, application autostart tab, uncheck it. It won't start next time you start xubuntu then.17:32
hapikcharlie-tca: thanks, I will try it, rebooting now17:36
Eltornadousing xubuntu 9.10 i got a loop login screen since i enabled then disbled the option "display session chooser on login"17:51
Eltornadoi use gdm17:52
Eltornadonow after enabling that option using xdm i cass access my desktop using gdm again but i have to choose the last session to log in17:53
hapiksomething went wrong, after unchecking autorun of volume_setup, X window is down. startx works from root account. Where is a user file of autorun application to edit it manually?17:54
charlie-tcahapik: /etc/xdg/17:55
hapikcharlie-tca: no files in /etc/xdg/autostart were changed today17:57
charlie-tcayou should have a file /etc/xdg/autostart/XFCE-volume daemon in there17:57
hapikyes, it is: 2009-09-05 22:28 xfce4-volumed.desktop17:58
charlie-tcashould not matter, though, the only thing it does is multimedia keys.17:58
charlie-tcaWhat about volume control?17:58
charlie-tcaIs there a file called volume control?17:59
hapikoh, sorry, it is, but it's old file again17:59
charlie-tcaThat is the right one to remove then. It should not affect the startup at all, since all it does is control volume from the panel17:59
hapik2009-10-07 19:04 gnome-volume-control-applet.desktop17:59
charlie-tcaThat is the one you wanted gone.18:00
charlie-tcaWhat did you uncheck?18:01
hapikvolume regulation18:01
charlie-tcastartx did not get you to a desktop?18:06
hapikok, I unchecked "volume_settings" (or something similar - don't know the proper name in english) in application autostart of session manager18:07
hapikstartx doesn't get me to a desktop18:08
charlie-tcathat should not have caused the system not to start. did you get a gdm login screen?18:08
hapikgot white mouse on black background and information about posibility of running in low resolution18:09
hapikit didn't work although18:09
hapiki think i will log out and i will check it again18:10
hapik"ubuntu is running low-graphics mode" ... "your screen, graphics card, and imput device sttings could not be detected correctly" ... run ubuntu in low-graphics mode ... Fatal error: Server is already active for display 018:21
hapikalthough root account works o.k.18:22
charlie-tcago into the desktop in low graphics mode, it will still let you login, I think. Then you can go to the settings and check that back in.18:23
hapikit doesn't log in low graphics mode18:24
hapikcharlie-tca: I will go with dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and reinstalling nvidia drivers - is it sensible?18:35
charlie-tcaworth a try18:36
hapikproblem: startx doesn't run from user account, although it runs from root account; removing .config didn't help; coping .config from root to user didn't help; dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg didn't work - I have no other ideas18:57
hapikhas anyone any suggestions?18:58
=== dunix_ is now known as dunix
subspiderhey charlie-tca are you there22:58
subspidernothing sorry23:03
subspiderthanks charlie-tca23:03
charlie-tcayou are welcome23:03
subspiderit was how to run in command a windows app with wine23:03
* charlie-tca thinking that was almost too easy23:03
charlie-tcaI don't know anything about windows or wine except to not drink and drive23:04
subspidernice one23:04

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