maxbThe ideal thing to do here would be for Brian Aker to uncommit the last two merges, and redo them not merging the backout00:02
SpamapSmaxb: your solution may have, if nothing else, produced the correct diff. ;)00:13
maxbActually the other option which might have been quite neat is:00:30
maxbBranch the tokyo branch just before the merge + backout00:30
maxbMerge time-order into that00:31
maxbMerge the result into trunk00:31
SpamapSmaxb: wouldn't that still result in those changes not going into trunk?00:34
maxbI think the key thing is that you would have recommited the delta in the new merge revision, which wouldn't be in the current trunk00:35
maxbIt doesn't do what I thought it would00:39
SpamapSFlat out.. the message here is.. do not commit from a revert w/o --forget-merges ... :-P00:40
KilrooSo incidentally00:41
SpamapSDid it based on this ...00:41
maxb--forget-merges would not have helped you00:41
SpamapSno? so the moral of the story is, use uncommit00:41
maxbuncommit would have been more appropriate in this use case, yes00:43
SpamapSi think in reading it..00:43
SpamapSI didn't want to believe that it would be that easy. ;)00:43
SpamapSso used to perforce.. :-P00:43
Kilrooif I do something like 'branch --bind http://subversion/repository svnbranch' in a --no-trees shared repository, and then 'checkout --lightweight svnbranch lwco', what should happen to the subversion repository when I commit in lwco?00:43
KilrooI think I generalized my paths a little more than I meant to, but...eh. Does the question even make sense?00:44
maxbI would suggest that committing to a bound branch ought to commit the changes to the upstream svn repo00:45
KilrooI hope you're right.00:46
KilrooOf course, unfortunately, the repos for which it would be the most helpful if that works the way I want it to, it doesn't matter because there's a revision bzr can't look at without running out of memory.00:47
NfNitLoopactually I think I saw someone in here say that that will give you an error.01:00
NfNitLoopyou can't commit to a branch that's bound to a bound branch.01:00
KilrooBut it's a lightweight checkout.01:00
NfNitLoopand?  It's still a checkout (bound branch)01:01
NfNitLoopHrmm.  Yeah, I think it still applies.01:01
NfNitLoopI dunno, I'm only guessing.01:01
NfNitLooptry it! :p01:01
KilrooYeah, that's pretty much what I'm gonna have to do01:02
Kilroopossibly tomorrow01:02
Kilroo...assuming that I actually have commit access to any of the subversion repos that don't have revisions that choke bzr01:03
NfNitLoopSpamapS: Uncommit would have worked if you only had local history.01:06
NfNitLoopbut once it's out in the wild, you can't uncommit it from other people's repositories.01:06
NfNitLoopso you just have to create a new revision with the same content.01:06
SpamapSYeah we were working pretty fast.. ;)01:06
NfNitLoopSpamapS: so did you get it resolved?01:13
mtaylor$ bzr branch bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~drizzle-developers/pkg-drizzle/trunk /home/hudson/hudson/workspace/drizzle-build-debian-packaging01:16
mtaylorBranched 29 revision(s).01:16
mtayloron a different machine:01:16
mtaylor$ bzr pull bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~drizzle-developers/pkg-drizzle/trunk01:16
mtaylorNow on revision 37.01:16
mtaylorwhy the crap am I seeing different versions of the branch over ssh ?01:16
NfNitLoopdoes that machine have 8 local revisions?01:17
mtaylorNfNitLoop: the top one is doing a clean branch ... and is also getting an older version of the branch01:17
NfNitLoopoh.  Yeah, that's not good.01:18
mtaylorwow. if I do it on the top machine _from a different account_ I get the right number of revs01:19
NfNitLoopsounds like there's some load-balancing going on and maybe one of them got a stale version of the branch.01:19
mtaylorit would be so great if there were a location I could pull from on my build servers after I've pushed to launchpad that would get the version I just pushed...01:20
NfNitLoophost your own? :p01:22
maxbmtaylor: https://code.launchpad.net/~drizzle-developers/pkg-drizzle/trunk <-- there's an error there01:31
Pengmtaylor: Is one of your LP accounts in ~drizzle-developers?01:31
Pengmtaylor: Oh, the stacked-on branch is owned by you?01:32
Pengmtaylor: Launchpad keeps two copies of branches, one for people who can write to it, and one for people who can't. Maybe only one of them is busted.01:32
PengOr...maybe it's something completely different! :D01:33
mtaylormaxb, Peng: yeah  ... also, thumper is looking in #launchpad01:33
PengAh. :D01:33
igchi all03:03
* igc dentist - bbl05:18
GaryvdMHi igc.07:34
igchi Garyvdm07:35
GaryvdMDo you want to review changes for be, or should I just push?07:36
GaryvdMigc: ^ fix for bug 51313807:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 513138 in bzr-explorer "Versioned filter still shows non-versioned files" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51313807:37
igcgaryvdm: just push is fine07:37
igcyou know the qbrowse widget better than I :-)07:38
GaryvdMOk - cool.07:38
GaryvdMigc: done. I think you are going to have a smack your forehead moment when you see the fix :-)07:40
igcthanks garyvdm: consider forehead suitably smacked :-)07:43
igcon the first bit at least ...07:43
igcon the second bit, what's the reason for it?07:43
igcgaryvdm: ^07:43
igcswitching pages perhaps?07:44
GaryvdMigc: The default in qbrowse is to show versioned and non versioned, but not ignored.07:45
GaryvdMigc: So in be, we need to set it to whatever the combo defaults to07:46
GaryvdMbecause it is different to the qbrowse default.07:46
igcah - ok07:47
GaryvdMok - bye07:47
* igc dinner08:23
jam1morning igc08:24
=== jam1 is now known as jam
igchi jam08:26
igc  File "./check-hottest.py", line 143, in main08:28
igc    output_stream = ui.ui_factory.make_output_stream(encoding_type='exact')08:28
igcAttributeError: 'TextUIFactory' object has no attribute 'make_output_stream'08:28
igcjam: ^^^08:29
igcany ideas?08:29
PengI think that's been fixed.08:31
Pengbzrlib.ui.text.TextUIFactory.make_output_stream certainly exists for me.08:32
* Peng shrugs08:33
PengLooks like a new feature, lp:bzr r4880 (2009-12-09)/.08:34
lifelessigc: run with 2.108:46
jamigc: right, make_output_stream is a 2.1-ism, probably your system bzrlib is 2.008:57
igcjam: it is. I have 2.2 on my path but that doesn't seem enough ...09:18
jamigc: in PYTHONPATH ?09:19
igcno, just PATH09:19
jamigc: right, it has to be in PYTHONPATH or we won't use that bzrlib09:20
lifelessigc: PATH doesn't a ffect loading of python modul,es09:20
jamexport PYTHONPATH=/home/igc/dev/bzr/bzr.dev09:20
igcjam, lifeless: better now thanks09:22
napsterHello everyone. I'm new to bazaar. Can anyone help me to learn the basics of bzr...09:57
* jam looks around to see who the current LOSA is10:18
jamhey mthaddon, I had to bump a tag, and need to get that value propagated through pqm10:28
jamit requires running some "bzr pull --overwrite" on a couple of branches10:28
jamon the pqm machine, going to the 2.1 branch and running: bzr pull --overwrite http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/2.1.0rc1-dev10:32
jamand then pulling that into the branch on launchpad itself10:33
jamwhich may just be "bzr push --overwrite lp:bzr" from that same directory10:33
lifelessigc: yo?10:50
igclifeless: hi10:50
lifelesswant to skype up?10:50
lifelessor happy as you are ? :)10:51
igclifeless: absolutely10:51
lifelessigc: vila will be a few minutes10:51
igclifeless: ready on my end10:51
lifelessvila: my flighttomorrow is at  07:40 CET11:36
lifelessvila: how long will a cab to the airport take ?11:36
igclifeless: bug #51322511:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 513225 in launchpad-registry "upstreamreport missing branch icon for vlc" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51322511:44
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napsterI've created a project in launchpad and have bzr installed on my system. The project folder with source code is in my /home/Public folder. What is the next step to initiate the trunk?13:30
maxbnapster: The quick answer?  bzr init; bzr add; bzr commit -m "Initial revision."   At some point you should plan on reading the docs to learn how a shared repository can make branching easier13:36
napstermaxb, I don't get :(  I'm really new to bazaar. Can you explain a bit?13:37
maxbWhat in particular would you like more detail on?13:38
napstermaxb, I've just created a project in launchpad. I think there should be some url in the init commands, Am I right?13:38
Pengnapster: You need to create your branch locally. Then you can push it to Launchpad, bzr lp-login (if necessary) and "bzr push lp:~whatever"13:39
napsterok, now it seems ok...13:40
rubbsnapster: when you created a project on LP you made a place for your local repo to go, you need to create your project localy first and then do a bzr push lp:~directory/to/project13:40
rubbsthis will "push" your repo up do LP, that will start the repo right on LP13:41
napsterrubbs, Then I'll get a remote repo right?13:41
rubbsno, DCVS's have remote and local repos, you do all your work on your local repo, and when you "push" you more or less overwrite the remote repo (although that's not a good word, maybe update is better)13:42
rubbsthe idea is to never be directly connected to a remote repo unless you are updating.13:42
rubbsthat way you can do work away from a network and at the same time as someone else.13:43
rubbsnapster: http://betterexplained.com/articles/intro-to-distributed-version-control-illustrated/13:43
rubbsit talks about mercurial, but the concepts are very similar to bzr13:43
rubbsthat's the article that helped me understand how bzr, git, and mercurial works.13:44
napsterrubbs, tnx mate :)13:44
napsterPath(s) are not versioned: I see this error when I've added some files and dir to my already inited,added project directory14:18
napsterHow to fix this?14:18
rubbsdo you just want everything in your repo to be added?14:19
rubbsif so you can just run bzr add in the root of your repo, it will add everything in for you14:20
rubbsnapster: this is another decent tutorial to help more specifically with bzr: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.0/en/tutorials/tutorial.html14:21
rubbshttp://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/en/ <- this can usually help you out too.14:21
rubbsand as always, if you have questions, we are more than willing to help here too :D14:21
napsterrubbs, Actually how to add a directory to my project dir?14:23
rubbsso you have a directory already there and you want it tracked? or you want to add a directory that isn't there yet?14:25
napsterrubbs, second one...14:26
rubbsah, that's a little easier. while you are in the project dir, do this "bzr mkdir ./dirname"14:27
napsterrubbs, But i've created one using "mkdir /nc/img" and then moved some files to it...!14:28
PengI love 2a over nosmart+http. Of course you need to make a dozen 64k requests to figure out you have nothing to pull!14:29
rubbsnapster: oh. so you have the new dir img and you want bzr to add it to the project14:30
napsterrubbs, yes14:31
rubbsis there any files/directories in your project you *don't* want added?14:31
napsterrubbs, the file inside /img too14:31
napsterrubbs, Nothin "not to be added"14:31
rubbsok, easiest is to just be in your project and do "bzr add" that will automatically recurse and add every file that isn't already added.14:32
rubbsalso, you can say "bzr help add" to see what kinds of things add can do14:32
napsterrubbs, done, but error exists...14:33
rubbshmm. that's strange. you get the "Path(s) not versioned?" what version of bzr are you running (first line of output from "bzr version")14:34
napsterrubbs, Bazaar (bzr) 2.0.214:35
rubbsnapster. have you commited since you ran bzr init?14:37
napsterrubbs, that means run bzr commint?14:38
napsterrubbs, that means run bzr commit?14:38
napsterthe error shown up when i try to commit14:39
napsterbzr commit "Added some icons"14:39
napsterCommitting to: /home/napster/Public/netchat/14:39
napsteraborting commit write group: PathsNotVersionedError(Path(s) are not versioned: "Added some icons")14:39
napsterbzr: ERROR: Path(s) are not versioned: "Added some icons"14:39
napster^^ pls take a look14:39
rubbsoh... bzr needs the -m flag when commiting. Try this "bzr commit -m 'Added some icons'"14:40
napsterrubbs, ohhh... I'm really sorry...14:40
rubbsno problem. it's all about learning14:40
napsterrubbs, :)14:41
rubbsbest way to learn is to make mistakes14:41
PengUnless your mistake is so bad that you die. Then other people learn, but it's not so good for you.14:41
napsterrubbs, ;)14:42
rubbsPeng: ha... I suppose, I'll add that caveat next time I say that.14:42
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rubbsnapster: did that help?14:50
=== khmarbaise_ is now known as khmarbaise
jmlhey sprinters15:19
jmlany of you know where bzr-builder gets the sourcepackage name from?15:19
napsterrubbs, Absolutly15:20
rubbsnapster: great!15:21
napsterrubbs, I didn't say thanks because I need your help again.... :)15:21
rubbshaha, no problem, what's up?15:21
lifelessjml: the changelog15:26
jmllifeless, thanks.15:26
lifelessde nada15:27
napsterrubbs, I'm really new to all such things. I need a software which should be maintained as a opensource project.15:32
napsterrubbs, :)15:32
rubbsare you atempting to make your own from scratch, or are you trying to contribute to an open source project that has already been started?15:35
napsterrubbs, Pls add my nick when you talk :) ... I'm trying to create on from scratch. I searched in launchpad, but can see similar projects in java15:47
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rubbsnapster: sorry forgot to add your name earlier. Have you read the launchpad help docs? They are pretty helpful on how to launch and maintain a project.15:53
napsterrubbs, I'm on the help/tutorial pages for a while :)...15:54
napsterrubbs, Is it harder to post a project on lp, if I've already a bzr branch on my local system?15:55
PengWait, what are we talking about?15:56
napsterPeng, About hosting a new project15:57
rubbsnapster: the way to post your project is to set up the project and then do "bzr push lp:~/username/projectname/branchname"15:58
rubbser... should be ~username not ~/username15:58
rubbsthanks lifeless15:58
napsterrubbs, and the branchname?15:59
napsterrubbs, may be main?15:59
PengWell, you could name it lp:~username/projectname/rubbs_is_awesome if you wanted to, but something like "main" or "trunk" is common.16:00
napsterPeng, Thats nice :)16:00
rubbsPeng napster naming something rubbs_is_awesome is most definately not recommended ;), mostly because it wouldn't be true.16:02
napsterrubbs, lol16:02
PengSince when have software products had accurate names? :D16:02
rubbsPeng: good point16:04
napsterI've tried to push my local branch to lp, but seems happened nothing...! What to do??16:42
Pengnapster: What makes you think nothing happened?16:43
Pengnapster: Pastebin the command you ran and its output.16:43
napsterPeng, http://pastebin.com/m76cdcacd16:45
napsterPeng, I can't see a branch named main in the launchpad site :(16:45
Pengnapster: It exists: https://code.launchpad.net/~subinsebastien-gmail/netchat/main16:46
napsterPeng, Why its not trunk?16:47
Pengnapster: What do you mean?16:47
napsterIts not the trunk branch right?16:47
Pengnapster: If you want it to be set as the development focus branch or something, that's a separate step on LP's website.16:47
napsterPeng, yes, how?16:48
PengNo idea! Should be pretty obvious.16:48
chrisboomok. using windows bazaar16:49
chrisboomim a idiot, btw16:49
chrisboomim getting this message you have a valid .bzr control directory, but not a branch or repository. This is an unsupported configuration. Please move the target directory out of the way and try again16:49
chrisboomwhat do i do?16:49
napsterPeng, I've set it. If we have only one branch, a search would return it and suggest to set as development focus branch16:51
lifelessmtaylor: pandora .98 in testing16:53
napsterWhy there should be a number of branches? What is the purposes?16:54
MattCampbellWhat's the status of nested tree support in bzr?  I mean something similar to svn's externals.17:11
MattCampbellI'd even be happy with something analogous to the Chromium project's depot tools (which support svn and git).17:13
napsterrubbs, Peng lifeless Thanks a lot for you help. I think I'm covering the first learning curve and will continue... tnx once agin... :) see you later....17:21
rubbsnapster: goog luck. glad to have helped17:22
napsterrubbs, see you..17:22
rubbschrisboom: are you using bzr via the windows commandline?17:23
VSpikeHi.  I have project tree, and I want to split a chunk of it out into a new, related project ...17:23
chrisboomim using bazaar explorer17:23
chrisboomthink we need a good tutorial out there for using explorer to simply log in to a launchpad id, set up ssh and start going17:24
VSpikeLogically it's a sub-tree, in that the first project will depend it, but it can't reside in a directory below the first project because of restrictions of the dev env.17:24
VSpikeMy questions are, what is the status of Nested Trees, and is there a way to move the files into a new project but keep their history from the first project?17:25
rubbschrisboom: did you do anything to the .bzr folder or name anything .bzr?17:25
chrisboomhow do i set up ssh on windows?17:26
rubbsVSpike: I'm not entirely sure of the status of Nested trees, but you could look here: http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/NestedTreesDesign that might help17:27
rubbschrisboom: do you have putty installed?17:27
VSpikeI already have main/lib and main/web, for example.. with main/lib being a component sub-project of main/web .. but I just handle the relationship manually17:27
rubbschrisboom: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html click on the installer17:27
chrisboomok, downloading that17:27
chrisboomnow what?17:28
rubbschrisboom: it should install putty, and pagent.17:28
rubbschrisboom: you need to run puttygen17:28
rubbsputtygen will create an ssh key for you17:28
chrisboomwhich i enter into launchpad?17:29
rubbschrisboom: yes17:29
rubbschrisboom: https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair17:29
chrisboomok, added the public key17:30
rubbschrisboom: ok, then open your key with pagent17:30
rubbspagent will have a small icon in the systray17:30
MattCampbellI'm just starting to use bzr (and version control in general) for a project which has many dependencies on open-source packages, some of which I've modified for this project and many of which I haven't.  It seems that importing the source trees for these packages into the project's main repository is a suboptimal solution, even though some other projects (e.g. Mozilla) do that.17:30
MattCampbellIf I were using svn, I'd use externals, at least for the third-party packages that have svn repositories.17:30
rubbschrisboom: when pagent has the ssh key loaded, you can use bzr with ssh.17:30
chrisboomit worked!17:32
rubbsMattCampbell: there are lots of requests for externals, but IIRC there is no support for externals in bzr.17:32
rubbschrisboom: awesome17:32
rubbsMattCampbell: I could be wrong.17:32
MattCampbellAny suggestions in the meantime?17:33
VSpikeMattCampbell: see the NestedTrees link above - it's supposed to be bzr's answer to externals, I believe17:35
rubbsMattCampbell: I'm not sure, but i think that the nested trees is supposed to help (I know they are getting closer to full support).17:35
VSpikeJust trying to ascertain the status, because AFAICT that is a design document, and doesn't explain status17:35
rubbsMattCampbell: VSpike  IIRC bzr explorer (the beta version) has some rudimentary way of doing it.17:36
rubbsI'm not sure though17:36
MattCampbellSo that's only in the GUI tool right now?17:36
rubbsI've gtg to lunch, but keep asking questions, someone here is bound to help you ;)17:37
rubbsMattCampbell: I think so, but I'm unsure. This is really not my area of expertise17:37
MattCampbellOK, I see two tools that implement something like nested trees, config-manager and bzr-scmproj.  It seems that bzr-scmproj is more actively developed.  So does anyone here know of any advantages of config-manager?17:47
pynonoirHi. I'm still trying to convert my svn repository to bzr branches. However the svn repository layout is not a classical one and I think it can't be done with either svn2bzr.py or fast-export-from-svn17:54
mzzpynonoir: I'd expect bzr-svn (the foreign branch support) to be your best choice at this time17:55
pynonoirSo first I would like to be sure that it can't be done17:55
mzzpynonoir: but I haven't looked into this recently, so an even better choice may be available17:56
mzzoh wait, *not* a classical one17:56
* mzz cannot read17:56
pynonoirno pb17:56
mzzhmm, at some point the repository layout was pluggable17:56
mzzI don't know if that went anywhere though.17:56
mzzI'd stick around in here and wait for someone to show up who knows about that17:56
pynonoirThe last time I tried bzr-svn was not able to import the repo17:57
pynonoirThen I had other ideas. One of them would be to use mercurial as an intermediate17:58
pynonoirBut I'm not sure it would work better, at least the hg-->bzr part17:59
pynonoirI'm also looking for some informations about bzr internals, at least to know if there is in theroy a working solution for me18:01
pynonoirfor example, how does bzr knows that two bzr branches share a common history before doing a merge18:02
mzzbzr revisions all have an internal (globally unique) id. They also know the id (or ids) of their parent.18:03
mzzbzr-svn works by constructing fixed bzr revision ids for a given svn repository url and revision number, basically.18:04
mzzso if you convert the same svn repo more than once using bzr-svn you get the same revision ids, so bzr knows they're actually the same branch18:04
mzzwhen I looked into bzr-svn in the past you could modify the repository layout it assumed, but I don't know if it still supports that18:04
pynonoirthen would it be possible to convert each branch of a svn repo, one after another ?18:05
mzz(doing that would affect the revision ids it generates)18:05
mzzyou don't normally want that, because you'd lose the relation between the revisions (those parent ids I mentioned)18:05
mzzerr, relation between the *branches*18:05
pynonoirthat's what I was afraid of18:05
mzzI suspect bzr-svn can be hacked up to do this, but I don't know how hard that would be, or if there is an easier solution.18:06
pynonoirok, I note bzr-svn in my todo list :)18:07
pynonoirmzz: so you think that the relations between branches must be analyzed at once, while creating a new bzr shared repository for all imported branches ?18:09
mzzpynonoir: bzr-svn can handle this (for multiple repository layouts, last time I checked, although possibly not for yours)18:10
pynonoirOk, I'm going to check right now. Thanks :)18:10
mzzit can do branches separately, but if the layout assumptions it makes change you want the generated ids to change too, or you get insane conflicting branches18:11
gerard_anything new for bug #113809?18:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 113809 in bzr "update performs two merges" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11380918:29
gerard_I'm beginning to think the whole update command is in need of a redesign/rewrite18:29
gerard_it sometimes changes the repo I'm updating from18:30
gerard_also, the fact that "bzr update; bzr revert" loses all local changes is REALLY counterintuitive18:30
gerard_it should go back to the situation before the update in my opinion18:30
gerard_also, "bzr pull" on a bound branch should not pull from the saved location but from the location of the bound branch18:31
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NfNitLoopgerard_: yikes!  How would it change the repo you're updating from?18:48
NfNitLoopgerard_: "bzr revert" is defined as reverting your working tree... I don't find it very counterintuitive.  It's the same as in SVN and other SCMs.18:49
gerard_so what command should I use if I mess up fixing a conflict after update?18:50
gerard_it's really scary to have no backup18:50
NfNitLoop*nod*   That's one of the weak points of that workflow.18:50
NfNitLoopIf you do development in a standalone branch, you can commit first.  Then merge.18:51
NfNitLoopand if your merge goes poorly, you can revert to your last commit.18:51
NfNitLoopThe latter workflow is how distributed development goes.  The prior is just allowing the same workflow that people are used to in SVN.18:51
NfNitLoop(You have the same problem in SVN.)18:52
gerard_you say I can "revert to your last commit"18:52
gerard_don't think so18:52
gerard_the revert will make my branch a copy of the one I updated from18:52
gerard_I'm using the centralized with local commits18:53
gerard_though I'm beginning to wonder if anyone else does18:53
NfNitLoopI do.18:53
gerard_because some things are buggy as hell18:53
gerard_if you have some local commits and local changes update will mess up severely18:53
NfNitLoopOh, hrmm.18:54
NfNitLoopYeah, I try to avoid that case.   What does it do?18:54
NfNitLoopI would assume it tells you that you've diverged from the parent branch?18:54
gerard_no, you get conflicts with your own work18:55
gerard_it's really confusing18:55
gerard_that's the bug #113809 I mentioned18:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 113809 in bzr "update performs two merges" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11380918:55
gerard_it will do two merges, and if the first one is a conflict it will then finds conflicts in the conflicts18:55
gerard_you end up with files like file.moved.moved18:56
gerard_trying to fix that case now18:56
gerard_it's going ok but one of the testcases doesn't want to cooperate18:56
gerard_the first merge it is supposed to do doesnt work in that case or something18:56
gerard_I'm beginning to expect a bug in the merge code18:56
NfNitLoopby "it will do two merges" do you mean "it will do a merge for each locally-committed revision"?19:01
NfNitLoopBecause that's what I would expect.19:01
gerard_NfNitLoop: it will merge your local changes into the master and merge that into your local commits19:01
gerard_if your local changes conflict with the master, the conflicts will conflict with your local commits19:02
gerard_I'm trying to swap the order of merges around19:02
gerard_so it should first merge your local changes with your local commits (the simplest merge possible) and then merge that into the master19:03
gerard_the reason for the first merge is that instead of "local commits" you should be able to read "the commits on the branch this lightweight is bound to"19:03
hersonlsHi, i need export a revision with python lib bzrlib19:05
hersonlsbut i need have a repo Tree19:05
hersonlsi import from bzrlib import tree19:06
hersonlsbut i dont know how create a Tree object19:06
gerard_hersonls: is that the ultimate problem you want to solve?19:07
hersonlssomeone know?19:07
gerard_maybe you can tell us what you want to achieve in the end?19:07
hersonlsi want export a revision like "bzr export . /tmp/project" with python19:08
hersonlstanks, i found!19:13
hersonlsfrom bzrlib.workingtree import WorkingTree; w = WorkingTree.open('.');19:13
gerard_ah, good job :)19:14
gerard_you could try looking in the tests/blackbox dir of bzr19:15
gerard_for lots of small tests/examples19:15
hersonlsits work! :)19:21
hersonlsfrom bzrlib.export import export; export(w, '/tmp/test');19:21
gerard_yeah, I like bzrlib, really easy to use19:22
MattCampbellI've read about vendor branches in cvs and svn, a way to version-control an upstream package that has no public version control, and more importantly, one's modifications to that package.  Is there a similar best practice for bzr?19:29
MattCampbellThere are even scripts to help maintain such branches for other VCSes, e.g. John Goerzen's vcs-load-dirs scripts, which support hg and git but not bzr.19:30
gerard_MattCampbell: have a "clean" branch with the upstream code and a private one?19:31
gerard_and them merge from the clean one into the private?19:31
MattCampbellRight.  Now when a new upstream version comes out, how do I update the clean branch from the upstream archive?19:32
gerard_just untar the new version over the old one and then commit19:33
gerard_sometimes merge.merge_inner doesn't merge anything?19:43
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gerard_graph.is_ancestor doesn't work?20:06
pynonoirHi again. I'm playing with bzr svn-import (from bzr-svn, right ?). I still have some problems importing the svn repository with my not-so-standard layout20:32
pynonoirI've edited ~/.bazaar/subversion.conf, and added a layout for the repository20:34
mzzoh hey, I thought that'd be harder than editing a config file20:36
mzzshows how out of date I am20:36
pynonoirmzz, it seems so be harder, because I get nothing interesting with that20:37
pynonoirso either my config file is wrong, or it works but I don't get what I expect20:38
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pynonoirI have set-up a small svn repository with the same layout20:40
pynonoirto do some tests on 9 revisions only20:41
pynonoirI can provide the url if someone has the courage to try...20:42
pynonoirthe repo should be located here:    svn://ion.wizzi.net/sandbox20:44
pynonoirmaybe I need to send my question to bzr-svn guys...20:54
hersonlssomeone know how i can get the revision number of working tree with bzrlib?20:54
gerard_hersonls: maybe self.get_parent_ids()[0] ?20:56
gerard_ahh, I think I fixed the update performs two merges bug20:56
gerard_it now performs the merges in a logical order, and also stops if the first merge has a conflict20:57
gerard_running all selftests now20:57
hersonlsgerard_, return the 20100114122424-xzieq8r43ttzo8lg20:58
hersonlsgerard_, i want some like  "revno: 4"20:58
gerard_hersonls: Branch.get_revision_id_to_revno_map ?20:59
hersonlsgerard_, but, i have the WorkingTree object, not a Branch21:01
gerard_workingtree.branch ?21:01
hersonlsgerard_, tanks man21:01
hersonlsgerard_, but return a dicionary, what the way to get only current revn?21:02
gerard_there may be a shorter way, but you could try workingtree.branch.get_revision_id_to_revno_map[workingtree.get_parent_ids()[0]]21:03
gerard_it really looks like there should be a better way21:03
gerard_I'll check the source again21:03
hersonlsi think in this21:04
hersonlsand think if have another way, but tanks21:04
gerard_workingtree.get_root_id ?21:04
gerard_what's "bzr update -r" supposed to do?21:17
IslandUsurperis that a new option for update?21:31
IslandUsurperit's not in 2.0.221:32
rubbsI don't see any help on the command with an -r option21:33
gerard_someone added it, and I'm rewriting the update command21:33
gerard_I think it still works, at least the tests do21:33
gerard_I'll just hope the tests are good enough then21:34
gerard_what would update -r do with local changes?22:04
IslandUsurperI would expect it to try to merge, like regular update. Which version you're updating to shouldn't matter22:08
IslandUsurperthat's assuming, of course, that update -r tells it to get changes up to the specified revision22:09
gerard_regular update is a monster22:09
gerard_it's not just an inverted merge22:09
IslandUsurperhmm, are these local changes committed or not?22:10
gerard_not committed22:11
IslandUsurpernever mind, they shouldn't be22:11
IslandUsurperfrom a user's perspective, I would still expect update to deal with local changes the same way, with or without -r set22:13
gerard_it is a little weird though22:13
gerard_imagine a master with an additional commit, a bound branch with an additional local commit, and a lightweight checkout of that branch22:14
gerard_what would update -r2 do?22:14
gerard_(from the lightweight)22:14
IslandUsurper(Disclaimer: I've not looked very hard into bzr's code.)22:15
gerard_(Disclaimer: Me neither)22:15
IslandUsurperfair enough22:15
gerard_what is most important is what you would expect22:15
IslandUsurperupdate still looks like a pull or a merge to me22:16
gerard_the description of update is "prepares your working tree for a commit to the master"22:16
gerard_or something very close22:16
gerard_so the final goal is to have something that has both your latest changes and those from master22:17
IslandUsurperfor local commits, though, they are temporarily uncommitted until you're back in sync with the master22:17
gerard_are they?22:17
IslandUsurperremember, I haven't really looked at the code22:17
IslandUsurperbut the end result is that your local commits end up in a pending merge into the latest changes from master22:18
gerard_I'd expect any uncommitted changes to turn into some invisible local commit, and then a merge would happen between that commit and the master22:18
gerard_IslandUsurper: right22:18
IslandUsurperand no matter how messy the merge gets, the working tree is passed to the lightweight checkout22:18
gerard_and what happens to any "new" commits on the bound branch?22:20
IslandUsurperthey look like a pending merge too, with the uncommitted changes being the tip of that merge22:21
gerard_like I have it working now is that first the new changes from the branch are merged with your local changes (stop here if there are any conflicts) and then the changes from master are merged into that22:21
pynonoirmzz, the import from the svn repo seems to work now !22:22
mzzpynonoir: ah, good. What fixed it?22:22
pynonoirmzz: with bzr-svn. You (almost) saved my life22:22
IslandUsurpergerard_, there ought not be any conflict between local commits and the changed working tree22:22
gerard_IslandUsurper: that's right22:23
pynonoirmzz: not sure what fixed it. I think I may have typed too many white spaces in the subversion.conf layout22:23
gerard_anyway, it seems we conceptually agree what bzr update should do22:23
gerard_I'll have something to eat, and clean up my patch that should prevent uncommitted local changes from conflicting with your local commits22:24
IslandUsurperyeah. ok22:24
pynonoirmzz: I still need to check some thinks on the real svn repo, but looks good.   svn merge are not taken into account, but I can live with that22:25
pynonoirmzz: one last question. svn2bzr allowed to define a mapping between svn commiter logins and a bzr-style author names with e-mails. I can't find this option with svn-import22:35
mzzpynonoir: sorry, I'd have to dig through the documentation, and I'm already doing something else22:36
pynonoirmzz: ok, I'll try harder to find it :)22:36
pynonoirmzz: thanks again22:36
magciusI accidentally tried to do "bzr up" to pull23:18
magciusAnd I got a confusing message.23:19
mzzI'd expect "Working tree is up to date", but I might be confused.23:19
magcius"Tree is up to date at revision 11848."23:19
mzzor yes, that.23:19
mzzapparently I've been brainwashed enough that I don't find it confusing.23:19
magciusCould you make it say, if nothing changed, "If you meant to pull new revisions, do bzr pull"23:20
magciusBecause I thought it meant there was no new revisions./23:20
mzzand/or mention what branch it's up to date relative to?23:21
magciusSorry, I don't use bazaar, I just deal with it.23:22
mzzif it had mentioned what branch it was checking you would've noticed that wasn't the branch you meant to pull from23:24
magciusOh. Does "branch" mean the same thing as "repository"?23:24
magciusI'm very confused by what "branch" means in bzr.23:24
mzz"repositories" aren't interesting in bzr land other than as an (important!) optimization.23:24
magciusSo a "branch" in bzr is a "repository" in git?23:25
mzzwell, I'm very confused by what pretty much anything means in git :)23:25
mzzbut that wouldn't surprise me.23:25
magciusrepository is a holder for objects.23:25
mzzyou can stick (even unrelated) branches in a repository and they'll share storage23:25
magciusThen what are 'stacked branches'?23:25
magciusWhat do you call those as shorthand?23:25
mzzif you don't use a shared repository operations like "bzr branch path/to/some/local/branch" have to copy all history23:26
magciusbzr's overloading of the word "branch" confuses me.23:26
mzzI haven't actually used stacked branches other than very indirectly through launchpad23:26
mzzso I don't call them anything, sorry.23:26
mzzthere's documentation on what's what, but if you're like me you might find it useful to look at "bzr info" for some things and peek in the .bzr directory.23:28
mzza branch really isn't much, just a revision id (identifying the head revision), tags, and a few settings23:29
magciusAnd the branch I would be up'ing from would be . and the thing I'm trying to pull from is the remote?23:29
mzzI'm assuming you got the branch you're working on through "bzr branch http://blah", and you didn't explicitly set up a repository?23:29
mzz(I can't answer your question until you either answer mine or run "bzr info" for me :)23:31
mzz"bzr up" updates the working tree from its branch, but if you got the branch from "bzr branch" the working tree and branch are both sitting right in ".", and you have to do something weird to get the branch ahead of the working tree.23:32
mzzso yeah, "bzr up" doesn't do anything interesting, and your suggestion to make that message better sounds good to me.23:32
magciusmzz, alright23:32
mtaylorbzr up is only really useful if you're doing lightweight checkouts23:33
mzzthere are some weird situations where it's useful, like if you managed to push to this branch through a protocol that didn't update the working tree.23:33
mzzbut that's not all that common.23:33
NfNitLoopisn't it?  push over ssh or sftp doesn't update the WC.23:37
NfNitLoopand that's how I always push.23:37
maxbUsually in such circumstances, you push to a branch without a WT at all23:38
mzzI forgot if it even lets you push if there is a wt, but I'm pretty sure it warns about leaving the wt stale if it does23:44
NfNitLoopthat may be new.23:46
NfNitLoopI don't think it used to.23:46

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