joerghighvolt1ge, well, it will be a new ear of education :o)00:00
joergin the best case00:00
joergin the worst case it will be a bzr repository floating around on launchpad that nobody ever downloads :)00:00
crimsunstgraber: at what level is the esd nightmare?00:01
stgrabercrimsun: well, the NX client acts as an esd and NX sends the ESD packets in the SSH tunnel. So currently you don't get much sound as ESD isn't that much used anymore.00:02
stgraberonly way to get all sounds working is to use pulse's esd sink00:02
stgraberbut then it adds a 2s or so latency ;)00:02
stgraberI tried sending pulse's native protocol in the tunnel instead and replace the esd binary by some script starting pulse, sounds then magically works but it requires a lot of bandwidth00:04
stgraberas it's not a compressed protocol (AFAIK) and so is very sensitive to latency and won't work over the internet at all00:04
joergso guys....if I write my specs: is it wise to write more or less blueprints?00:07
joergI mean, describe a lot of functionality in one blueprint?00:07
joergI'd probably post one blueprint for the core functionality and one for each module that I plan to develop or integrate00:07
joergand does launchpad host wikis somewhere?00:13
joergI cant find anything....00:13
highvolt1gejoerg: you certainly don't want too many blueprints00:13
joergbut one for each module is ok, isn't it?00:13
joergmodules like "webmail", "user management", "homedir access" I mean.00:14
crimsunstgraber: yeah, the plugins changes are in the pipeline00:14
crimsunwon't land for 10.04 or 10.1000:14
BalsaqHow have you been?06:10
joergvery quiet here today :)15:46
joergsbalneav, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/myserv/+spec/myserv-core15:58
joergsbalneav, can you have a brief look at it? thx ;)15:58
sbalneavjoerg: ok, will do15:59
joergsbalneav, you don't need to read it actually.....just tell me if that fits from the structure etc.16:05
joergsbalneav, oh and btw. - if you are interesting to see what we are trying to replace/make better: I have a demo account for the proprietary IServ thing for you. Just give me a shout then.16:09
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joerghighvoltage, hey....are working for canonical? :)16:35
ograno, he works for rvolutionlinux16:37
highvoltagejoerg: revolutionlinux mostly and then do some other work part-time as well16:38
joerghe he....16:38
joergI just saw the .za domain on the mailinglist and got curious16:38
highvoltagejoerg: not the best assumption, no one in .za works for canonical :)16:39
joerghe he....they only have 200 employees or sth like that, right?16:39
ogramost of us are german, uk, or us ... and then we spread over about 60 other countries with single people16:39
joergah, okay....16:39
ogradistro is only like 50-60 people though16:40
joergogra, thats quite small...microsoft probably has half a million for their "distro" :D16:41
ograheh, yeah16:41
highvoltagejoerg: well if you're counting like that you should probably count the whole of debian and a lof ot upstream as well ;)16:42
highvoltagejoerg: you'd be suprised how much of windows is developed outside of Microsoft or has been outsourced16:42
ograyeah, definately16:42
ogra80% of ubuntu comes unmodified from debian16:42
stgraberogra: last few UDSes there seemed to be a lot of french people at Canonical (I'd say more than German who used to be the majority a few years ago ;))16:43
joerghighvoltage, mhhm....that might be true.....if MS would do everything on their own the software would probably be even worse ^^16:44
stgraberor it's just because these french guys talk more than the others :)16:44
joergI love it when frenchies speak english :)16:44
ograstgraber, yeah, france is taking over16:51
ograsurely a secret plan :P16:51
ograhighvoltage, stgraber, great work on the new website, congrats16:51
highvoltagethanks ogra!16:52
mhall119|workthere's a new website?17:08
joergmhall119|work, ltsp-cluster.org I guess :)17:08
mhall119|workoh, nice17:09
vmlintujoerg_: I haven't got the time to finish the scripts yet..17:26
vmlintujoerg_: I try to finish the articles first and I'll be travelling a bit, so it'll be probably take some time before I get a chance to actually finish them..17:27
joerg_vmlintu, mhhm....I will probably just copy and paste all these commands to a big shell script then ;) that I can at least install one or two test servers without going through it by hand17:28
vmlintujoerg_: there were some typos in the first version that should be now fixed17:29
joerg_vmlintu, I just wonder....would a script like that do more than asking for the dn and the admin pw? :)17:29
vmlintujoerg_: not much, but I'm trying to make it first check what the status of the ldap directory is before it overwrites everything..17:29
joerg_vmlintu, oh and btw. the slapdtest utility can convert slapd.conf to a dir and vice versa....just to let you know that....some ldap guy told me that yesterday ;)17:30
vmlintujoerg_: yes, I'm writing about that too..17:30
vmlintujoerg_: just takes time to proof-read the stuff as wrong instructions are totally useless..17:31
joerg_vmlintu, oh....and just to let you know: I wrote a more detailed spec about the portal project now (which is called MyServ now)17:33
joerg_because the old proprietary thing is called IServ :D17:33
vmlintuwhat was the url?17:33
joerg_vmlintu, myserv-project.org :)17:33
joerg_the spec is linked at launchpad as well17:33
vmlintuI've been just chatting with penguins.. ;) http://twitpic.com/10afh817:34
vmlintujoerg_: what's your timeframe for the project?17:40
joerg_vmlintu, don't have one.18:28
joerg_vmlintu, they decided to not pay a single cent for that proprietary stuff anymore yesterday.....so basically the servers just keeping running without any (functional) updates until there's something new.18:29
stgraberogra: thanks18:37
vmlintujoerg_: who was "they"?18:42
joerg_vmlintu, the regional computer center here :)19:02
joerg_vmlintu, the guys who sometimes pay me for projects :)19:02
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Traveler0hi i have edubuntu 7.04 on eeepc 9000 why i cant connect to wifi19:17
Traveler0i put the pass all the time but it just doesnt want to connect19:18
sbalneavTraveler0: probably a driver issue, but 7,04's EOL, so it's unsupported now.19:22
Traveler0sbalneav well i can see the wifi i put the pass but its just doesnt want to connect and i know its iys EOL but its from work and i cant change it19:24
Traveler0wait is edubuntu gnome cuz it doens look anything like gnome more like xfce19:24
sbalneavEdubuntu's gnome.19:25
Traveler0what is that19:27
sbalneavWe use gnome as the desktop.19:27
sbalneavCan you post a screen shot of what you've got on the box?19:28
Traveler0no i cant connect to internet19:34
Traveler0i need fresh install19:34
sbalneavBut, you're on the internet now :)19:35
sbalneavcan't you take a screen shot, save it to a memory stick, and post it somewhere from a different machine?19:35
Traveler0not on eeepc19:35
highvoltageusb flash disk19:36
Traveler0i cant i am on 64/64 kbps internet19:36
Traveler0i over used my internet :P19:37
sbalneavWell, you can still post an image over 64/6419:37
sbalneavWithout seeing your screen, I can't say for sure what you've got on there.19:37
sbalneavBut regardless, if you're at 7.04, you're out of luck anyway.  There's no support for that anymore.19:38
Traveler0i know what is gnome i have gnome but this is strange19:38
sbalneavOn an eeepc I'd load 10.04 UNR19:38
sbalneavsorry 9.10 UNR19:39
Traveler0is it edubuntu lighter than ubuntu19:39
sbalneavNo, the opposite.  Edubuntu's got MORE stuff than ubuntu.19:39
sbalneavUNR's what you want.  Ubuntu Netbook Remix19:39
Traveler0now that is smt i will never put in my net book :P19:40
sbalneavSorry? I don't understand.19:40
Traveler0i dont like it19:42
sbalneavDon't like what?19:42
Traveler0it makes my netbook look like phone not a pc19:43
sbalneavWell, then just install regular ubuntu then.19:43
sbalneavNo one's forcing you to use UNR :)19:43
Traveler0and its for my mom19:44
Traveler0ubuntu it is19:44
Traveler0will it be able to watch youtube ???19:44
sbalneavAll my computers run some form of Ubuntu, and I can watch Youtube on all of them.19:45
sbalneavjust install flashplugin-nonfree.19:45
Traveler0yes but i mean 1.6 atom19:45
sbalneavI have an Acer Aspire One at home, running UNR.  Youtube's fine on that.19:46
Traveler0cuz i have intel 1.73 l2 2mb and i stilll have problems with youtube19:46
sbalneavI don't have an eeepc, so I don't know, video driver wise how they are.19:47
Traveler0we will se a format cant hirt anybody :P19:48
sbalneavbut I've got a 1.6 in the aspire one, and I can watch youtube videos.19:48
Traveler0got to go its friday19:49
Traveler0sudo apt-get install friday-night-nonfree19:49
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dgroosAny one have some idea why I can't update my iTALC globalconfig.xml file?22:09
dgroosI added all my clients to iTALC last week and made those setting persistant as per Ubuntu wiki instructions.  Yesterday I tried to add another class (booting from the same server) and was not able to find the config file that had all of the new clients I'd just added!  Finally, I had to quit iTALC and upon restarting italc of course the new class was gone.  Any ideas?22:15
alkisgWhat wiki instructions?22:16
dgroosfirst these: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/iTalc which worked the first time.22:19
dgroosthen these http://italc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?title=Customizing_paths_to_keys_and_config-files which said I needed to quit italc before moving the file.22:20
* alkisg hasn't used "global" configuration files, only "per-teacher" configuration files...22:22
dgroosthat dude is one step ahead of the crowd :)22:22
alkisgI really don't like that page :)22:22
dgroosthat would be personalconfig.xml?22:23
dgroosOh come on!  think of all the business here on irc it has given you ;)22:23
alkisgE.g. the scp line is bound to make people unhappy... no chown no chmod, nothing...22:23
alkisgHeh, sure22:23
dgroosSo, when I added a class to italc, where should that info have been? ~/.italc/?22:24
dgroos(before quitting italc, that is)22:24
alkisgI don't know about global configuration files, so I can't help on that22:24
alkisgFor per-teacher configuration files, sure, they're on ~/.italc22:25
dgroosDon't you have persistent user lists?  How do you do it?22:25
alkisgNothing special, it's automatic22:25
dgrooshow do you make them persistent?  Just the auto list ay?22:25
alkisgWhatever changes you do are saved22:25
alkisgThe "autodetected computers" class is the only one that is regenerated everytime22:26
alkisgSo if you rename it once, it'll stay..22:26
dgroosI'm confused.  I thought it made a fresh copy of the class each time.  How do you 'save a class'?  I see...22:26
dgroosAnd I rename it by going into personalconfig.xml and chance the class name?22:27
alkisgNo, from the gui22:27
alkisgYou don't have to deal with files...22:27
dgroosalas, I learn vi and now I don't need it ;)22:28
dgroosI can't find the way to change it in the gui, though, just looked.22:28
alkisgRight click on the autodetected computers and select "rename"22:31
dgroosOK, cool, and then it won't auto detect anymore?22:32
alkisgIt will have 2 classes, one with autodetected computers and the other one that you just renamed22:33
alkisgBut if you start it with "italc" instead of "italc-launcher", it will only have the one you renamed22:33
dgroos?  I start from the menu, not via terminal...22:33
alkisgYeah you'd need to change the menu (=the italc.desktop file) for that22:34
alkisgOr if you use the italc devel ppa, I think you can also use a configuration file and say USE_AUTODETECTION=No22:34
alkisgin /etc/italc/italc.conf22:35
dgroosThanks, where would I ...22:36
dgroosright :)22:36
dgroosGot to catch a plane!  But I'll save this stuff and make it work on monday!  Thanks again alkisg :)22:36
alkisgHave a nice trip22:36

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