noodles775Morning people07:30
wgrantMorning noodles775.07:30
jmlgood morning launchpadders08:28
mrevellHowdy fellow travellers09:17
jmlmrevell, hi10:01
mrevellhowdy jml, let me check I have minutes10:01
jmlmrevell, ok. I can call you also10:01
mrevelljml, that would be superb. I have no minutes allowance remaining.10:02
* jml going offline for a while. call my mobile if needed.10:49
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deryckMorning, all11:04
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noodles775jml: will you have time for a call this afternoon?14:41
jmlnoodles775, sure.14:41
jmlnoodles775, whenever suits you14:41
jmlexcept not 1800 UTC14:41
noodles775jml: in 10mins?14:43
jmlnoodles775, great.14:43
intellectronicamatsubara: hi, i'm back, what did you want to ask?14:45
matsubaraintellectronica, hi14:45
matsubaraintellectronica, I wanted to ask about https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/401724 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/401923 they're both targeted to .11. should we drop the milestone for those? retarget to another milestone?14:46
intellectronicamatsubara: i will untarget and unassign from myself. those are no longer scheduled14:47
matsubaraintellectronica, ok. thanks14:47
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jmlnoodles775, in case you missed it on #bzr, bzr-builder gets it from the changelog.15:34
jmlnoodles775, maybe another mistake in our data model. :\15:35
noodles775yeah, I saw. Thanks.15:38
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allenapabentley: Are you free to talk about TwistedJobRunner at 1700 UTC?16:33
abentleyallenap: Sure.16:33
allenapabentley: Thanks.16:34
noodles775Night all.16:53
abentleyallenap: How did you want to chat?17:00
allenapabentley: Skype okay?17:00
abentleyallenap: Sure.17:00
abentleyI can hear you.17:01
intellectronicagary_poster: so andrea-bs has #the problem only manifests in the testsuite. trying to load many pages result in "Could not adapt" errors17:05
intellectronicathe same pages load just fine in the browser17:06
intellectronicalooks, b.t.w like both myself and andrea-bs will have to go soon, so this is not urgent, but the branch in question is lp:~andrea-bs/launchpad/blueprint-comments-part317:06
sinzuibac: ping17:07
gary_posterintellectronica: ok.  do you know what test command I can run to quickly get the failure?17:07
intellectronicagary_poster: bin/test -vvt stories/blueprints17:08
intellectronica(it's a sequential test suite, unfortunately)17:08
gary_poster:-P :-)17:08
andrea-bsthank you intellectronica, gary_poster for your help: I have to leave now. Of course, feel free to contact me by mail if you need17:09
jmlgary_poster, intellectronica: you both know about the '-1' option, right?17:09
gary_posterintellectronica, andrea-bs: my other review has a schema change, so I can't get to it ATM.  I'll try to look at it today and get back to you17:09
jmlit shows only the first failure.17:10
intellectronicagary_poster: thanks a bunch17:10
jmlgary_poster, is PQM really actually open?17:10
gary_posterjml: -1 yeah, thank you17:10
gary_posterjml: yes17:10
jmlgary_poster, wuu.17:10
sinzuibac the presentation is suggested for upstream quality for a source package does not need to change. I realise now that that the project page must be different from the source package page because the package cares more about the series info. Since a project can have many source packages, a simple graphic treatment is not possible.17:10
jmltime to convert some inventory into VALUE!17:11
jml(that probably means spurious conflicts and make-work from changed APIs & intermittently failing tests, but hey)17:15
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deryckSo this is what a working internet connection feels like.18:37
jmlderyck, smooth and slightly oily!18:40
deryckand a bit the smell of coffee18:40
* deryck had to find shelter in a coffee shop18:40
jmlahh yes, coffee18:40
jmlg'night all19:04
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jmlgary_poster, while you're around... would it be possible for me to change the subunit dependency to lp:subunit? it's in a format incompatible with the one currently being used19:59
gary_posterjml: that's more of a policy question for mthaddon, if I understand you.  (I don't understand context of "it's in a format incompatible with the one currently being used")20:01
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jmlgary_poster, the one we've got is packs, lp:subunit is 2a20:02
jmlgary_poster, if I change sourcedeps.conf and run the update script I get errors, I think.20:02
jmlgary_poster, alternatively, tell me how to make an egg out of subunit :)20:02
gary_posterjml, per option 2: we don't have to make it an egg, but something that plays with distutils alone.  We prefer source distributions, actually.  If we had a bit of time next week I'd be happy to look at it.20:04
gary_posterjml, per option 1:  "if I change sourcedeps.conf and run the update script I get errors, I think."  Even if you delete the old branch?  I'd be surprised20:04
jmlgary_poster, sure, not if I delete the old branch :)20:05
jmlgary_poster, but I guess if I have to do that then it's a special rollout thing20:05
jmlgary_poster, which means "ask tom"20:06
gary_posterjml: well, actually it's messier than that ATM20:06
jml:( :(20:06
gary_posterjml: right now we have sourcecode.conf and config manager duplicating each other20:06
gary_postersourcecode.conf is supposed to become canonical for the losas, hopefully this cycle (I *think* it is just their work from here on out, but Tom and I need to confer(20:07
gary_posterjml: the big question right now (for tom and maybe flacoste) is whether we want a non PQM-managed branch.  In an abstract sense, I don't see why it would make a big difference for us, but sometimes people see things differently than I  for some strange reason. :-) And I'd prefer to see a Python distribution of subunit myself, anyway, so that would be my preferred solution, which would make all of this other discussion irrele20:08
jmlgary_poster, well, subunit isn't strictly-speaking a Python project20:09
gary_posterah right20:09
jmlgary_poster, it's built with autotools.20:09
gary_posterI forgot20:09
gary_posterIf we are ok with a non-PQM managed branch and we don't want to/can't make a standard Python distro then we could make the sourcecode.conf script a bit more careful20:10
jmlgary_poster, given that changing the revision of the branch that we use requires passing the test suite, I don't see why there'd be a problem20:10
gary_posterjml: right, that's my take20:10
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jmlgary_poster, also, lifeless is the project maintainer. when it's broken it won't be because of a failing test :)20:11
gary_posterscript more careful: if the branch already exists locally, and the parent is different than what is supposed to be branched, then blow the local one away20:12
gary_posterjml: ^^ That would be easy enough to do if necessary20:12
* gary_poster said, waving his hands20:12
jmlgary_poster, yeah, I've thought of making that change myself20:12
jmlgary_poster, but there's not much point if I can't do my thing on production :)20:13
gary_posterjml: yup, that's why I said it after I said, talk to flacoste and mthaddon :-)20:13
gary_posterI don't think getting it on prod will be a big deal mechanically20:13
jmlgary_poster, thanks for the help.20:14
gary_posternp, jml20:14
gary_postersinzui: do you know the bug for the fact that the "close bugs when creating a release" feature implementation had performance problems?  (I know the feature itself is bug 341687)20:22
sinzuigary_poster: do you mean the bug that I closed on the 10.01 milestone today?20:23
gary_postersinzui: Maybe.  I mean the bug for the branch that I approved for a reroll or CP, and that Tom instated as a CP today, which backed out your feature.20:25
sinzui‏‎gary_poster: bug 51332120:25
abentleywgrant: Have you landed your buildd-generalization branch, or were you expecting me to land those changes as part of my branch?20:26
gary_postersinzui: thank you, yes20:26
jamaltais there a list of launchpad dev's and what teams they are in?21:30
jamaltabac's article mentions reviewing with someone from a specific team, but there's too many of you to keep track! :)21:30
wgrantabentley: I think you should just go ahead and land yours.21:31
jamaltai'm only kidding of course, i just don't know who is on what team for the most part21:31
wgrantThere's little point in landingmine separately.21:31
abentleywgrant: Okay.  I got 4 test failures, but 3 looked spurious, so hopefully, it'll just work.21:31
wgrantabentley: What were the failures?21:32
abentleywgrant: They're hard to retrieve because they were run under VNC.21:33
wgrantOh, I see your email now.21:36
wgrantI didn't know that stuff was actually tested.21:36
Edwin-lunchmars: ping21:43
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marshi EdwinGrubbs21:44
EdwinGrubbsmars: I got smartsprites working and generating all the sprite files, but I am wondering why we don't just use PIL. I was able to take a super simple script someone wrote for sprites and recreate most of smartsprites in 100 lines.21:46
marsEdwinGrubbs, ok, why not?  If it is just a simple script, and the configuration is obvious, then I don't see a problem.21:47
EdwinGrubbsmars: if you have some time, I'd like to bounce off some of the design/workflow decisions with integrating this fully.21:48
marsEdwinGrubbs, I think it is a bit close to my EoD here.  Could we talk on Monday perhaps?  Before the AJAX call maybe?21:50
EdwinGrubbsmars: sure21:50

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