bignoseintellectronica: Loggerhead is displaying files in branches again. what was the resolution?00:06
intellectronicabignose: i have no idea, i didn't follow up after asking for it to be looked at :-/00:07
bignoseintellectronica: hmm, I take that back; displaying lists of files works, but displaying individual files now fails00:08
bignose→ “Internal server error”00:08
intellectronicabignose: ouch00:08
spmbignose: well the good news is we have a beautiful backtrace of the smash. the bad news is no idea why. so far.00:19
bignosespm: thanks for the response. good hunting.00:29
tansellhey, I'm out of disk space again - https://launchpad.net/~mithro/+archive/ppa/+packages01:03
tansellstupid debug packages taking 300mb each :/01:04
tansellany chance I could get some more?01:04
spmtansell: sure. let me just dleete all your existing packages... :-P01:12
spmtansell: there ya go. an extra 20%; see how that goes?01:13
mtaylorhey guys - I've got a branch that's totally out of sync depending on who I'm pulling it as01:24
mtaylornevermind - I figured it out - apparently being in the team changes what I see01:25
wgrantmtaylor: There are two copies of Launchpad hosted branches. One that you see if you can write to the branch, and one that you see if you can't. Changes in the former should be pulled into the latter within a couple of minutes, though.01:26
thumpermtaylor: if it stays out of sync, please let us know01:28
mtaylorthumper: well.... it seems to have been out of sync for at least 15 minutes if not longer01:28
thumperthat's bad01:29
thumperwhich branch01:29
thumperKnitPackRepository('lp-hosted:///~mordred/pkg-drizzle/trunk/.bzr/repository') is not compatible with CHKInventoryRepository('lp-hosted:///~drizzle-developers/pkg-drizzle/trunk/.bzr/repository') different rich-root support01:29
thumpermtaylor: if you look at the branch, this is what you see01:29
thumpermtaylor: which IMO you should never get01:30
thumperWTF is going on01:30
thumpernow I got01:31
thumpermtaylor: the trunk branch has been upgraded to 2a01:31
thumperbut your stacked one is hurling01:31
thumperI'm trying to figure out what is going on01:31
thumperhave you upgraded recently?01:31
mtaylorthumper: hrm... yeah01:32
thumpermtaylor: when and how?01:32
mtaylorthumper: but lp:~drizzle-developers/pkg-drizzle/trunk is the only one I think I care about?01:32
mtaylorthumper: I did bzr upgrade lp:pkg-drizzle01:32
thumpermtaylor: unfortunately lp:pkg-drizzle is stacked on lp:~mordred/pkg-drizzle/trunk01:33
thumpermtaylor: try upgrading that too01:33
mtaylorthumper: ahhh. I seem to remember that from a while ago ... is there any way to say "um, hi! I'd like to make lp:~mordred/pkg-drizzle/trunk go away and have lp:~drizzle-developers/pkg-drizzle/trunk be the whole thing" ?01:33
mtaylorthumper: will try upgrading lp:~mordred/pkg-drizzle/trunk01:34
thumpermtaylor: yes01:34
thumperI think you can say something like:01:34
thumperbzr reconfigure --unstacked lp:pkg-drizzle01:34
thumpermtaylor: and for something this small, should be very quick01:34
maxbWill Launchpad notice and update its own stacked-on metadata?01:35
thumpermaxb: yes01:35
thumpermaxb: if we hadn't fucked up with the scanner01:36
thumperbut we are currently making a patch to fix our fubar01:36
thumperwe changed how the scanner worked01:36
tansellspm, thanks!01:36
thumpermaxb: it'll certainly notice next time a revision is added01:37
thumpermtaylor: how did the reconfigure --unstacked work for you?01:42
mtaylorthumper: haven't tried it yet01:43
thumpermtaylor: what are you doing right now?01:43
thumpermtaylor: want me to do it?01:43
mtaylorthumper: I'm wrangling with a bzr-builder recipe01:43
mtaylorthumper: sure01:43
mtaylorthumper: it would be great if builder would do a full debuild rather than just making a source package..01:44
thumperI think build-deb does that01:44
mtaylorit does - but it doesn't do the other thing I need01:44
mtaylorI think I have a recipe and a wrapper shell script now01:45
thumpermtaylor: the reconfigure broke the branch even more01:49
mtaylorthumper: yay!01:49
thumpermtaylor: you have a copy of the branch?01:49
mtaylorthumper: yup01:49
thumpermtaylor: let me blow it away properly and I'll get you to repush01:49
mtaylorthumper: awesome01:49
thumpermtaylor: I'll just blow away the guts of it01:49
thumpermtaylor: try a 'bzr push --use-existing-dir lp:pkg-drizzle01:53
mtaylorthumper: bzr: ERROR: The branch 'bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~drizzle-developers/pkg-drizzle/trunk/' cannot be stacked on '/~drizzle-developers/pkg-drizzle/trunk'.01:54
thumperI thought we fixed that01:54
thumpercan you file a bug?01:54
mtayloruh  - sure01:54
thumpermtaylor: we need to unmark it dev focus01:54
thumpermtaylor: then push to it01:54
thumpermtaylor: then make it dev focus again01:54
thumperbut it works01:54
wgrantCan't you just init the remote, then push over it, thus eliminating stacking?01:55
mtaylordo I need to do that through ui?01:55
thumperwgrant: yes01:57
thumpermtaylor: no01:57
thumperbzr init lp:pkg-drizzle01:58
thumpermaybe with a use-existing-dir01:58
thumpernot sure01:58
thumperI've not done that before01:58
mtaylorhitchhiker to the rescue...01:59
mtaylorbzrlib.errors.PermissionDenied: Permission denied: "/~drizzle-developers/pkg-drizzle/trunk/.bzr"02:00
thumpermtaylor: what are you doing now?02:01
thumpermtaylor: it is denied because I blew away the .bzr directory02:01
mtaylorI was trying to blow away the .bzr dir :)02:02
mtaylormordred@camelot:~/src/hitchhiker$ ./hitchhiker lp:pkg-drizzle02:02
mtaylorOpened bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~drizzle-developers/pkg-drizzle/trunk/02:02
mtaylor(Cmd) ls02:02
thumpermtaylor: is it good now?02:12
thumpermtaylor: looks empty on LP02:12
thumpermtaylor: but in 2a and not stacked02:12
mtaylorthumper: I have now pushed02:14
* thumper waits for the scanner to catch up02:15
thumpermtaylor: looks good now02:16
bignosespm: Loggerhead is displaying file contents from branches again. what was the resolution?02:38
spmbignose: there isn't one atm; need an appropriate dev to look into it02:39
thumperbignose: bug filed but I don't think we did anything02:42
akgranerHi all I need someone to lift my limit to contact LP users directly? who do I need to talk to and explain this too?03:46
MTecknologyakgraner: You probably need answers.launchpad.net/launchpad03:53
wgrantIt's not that easy.03:55
MTecknologynevermind - I don't know what I'm talking about :P03:55
wgrantThe limit is not customisable per-user.03:55
wgrantakgraner: What are you trying to do?03:55
akgranerwgrant, the Ubuntu Women Project uses LP as the list of "official members"03:56
akgranerwgrant, I'm typing one sec I'll explain :-)03:57
akgranerwe are holding a condorcet vote and some email address are hidden.03:57
akgranerI am trying to let them know they need to send me their email address so I can add them to the poll03:58
akgranerand I can't send but 3 a day03:58
akgranerby the time I get to all the hidden address the poll will be closed03:58
wgrantAh. If only Launchpad's condorcet mode had been finished...03:58
wgrantspm: Any ideas how to solve this?03:58
spmbeen reading along...03:58
wgrantThere was an easy workaround until two days ago.03:59
wgrantBut it's gone now.03:59
akgranerAnyway to lift that for the admins of the team (/me is listed as an admin)03:59
spmakgraner: is there no other way of contacting these persons? ie, no mail list etc? ie2. how were/do they know about the poll in the first place?04:00
akgranerI have sent it to the mailing list04:00
akgranerbut our mailing list is mailman04:00
akgranernot Launchpad04:00
wgrantYou could contact the entire team.04:00
akgranerif I had an LP mailing list04:00
* wgrant taps fingers, waiting for LP to finally come back.04:01
wgrantAh, you have a contact address set.04:01
wgrantThat's unfortunate.04:01
akgranerSo I posted in our IRC channel and the forums and the mailing list asking for those with hidden email address to email me...04:02
wgrant(if you didn't have one set, the 'Contact this team' link would send a separate email to every member)04:02
spmakgraner: heh, and needless to say, they haven't. right? :-)04:02
spmhow many people are we talking? roughly?04:03
akgranerwe have UWP team listed on LP but they aren't signed up for the mailman list04:03
akgranerout of 19404:03
spmpart of the problem here; I can't just give you their email addresses - I can see them - as that's private info and they've indictaed (via hiding it) they want it protected. :-/04:04
akgranerspm, I know04:04
akgranerI just need to be able to contact them via LP04:04
akgranerbut I can't b/c I am limited04:04
spmeveryone is limited; I think even us admins are.04:05
wgrantRather flawed, but that's the way it is.04:05
akgranerhow does that help the teams then?04:05
akgranerwe tell them official roster is LP04:06
akgranersign up there04:06
akgranerthen I can't get them the info they need via LP04:06
akgranerhelp? :-(04:06
spmthe "normal" method would be to have a list and everyone is subscribed to that; but in your case, you already have a list and that's elsewhere. urg. messy.04:07
akgranerand UW is not the only team like that04:07
akgranermost LoCo teams use mailman for mailing list not LP04:07
wgrantYes, but most LoCos are terribly disorganised and don't have votes :P04:08
akgranerspm, ok I am open for suggestions I am trying to use the IRC nicks to workaround but04:08
akgranerthat's not neat either04:08
akgraner1) after this how do I set up the email entire team04:09
akgraner2) can we get the limited lifted for admins or team owners04:09
spmakgraner: I guess... two part it. 1 keep emailing the official list - that's the actual contact you have right now. 2. create an answer reqeust; possibly bug asking for an exception; I unf doubt anything could be fixed soon enough to help this case; but perhaps the next one.04:09
spmaskhl_: yeah, your #2 is along the lines I'm thinking04:09
spmaskhl_: sorry - wrong person04:10
spmakgraner: ^^04:10
akgranerspm yep ;-)04:10
akgraner:-) opps didn't mean to wink at ya  :-/04:10
spmpossibly something like a limited group that we can put folks in/out to be able to do mailouts of this nature; for strictly limited periods04:11
spmthe internal discussion around this feature was convoluted04:11
akgranerspm, can you email the hidden address if I send you what I am trying to send them04:11
spmwent for the blanket No as the first step; revisions from there; I don't believe there have been any since; so congrats; you're revision #1 :-)04:11
akgranersince you can see the addresses04:11
wgrantI suppose you could unset the contact address, quickly send an email to the team, then set the address again. But I'm not sure if readding it would have any unfortunate consequences.04:13
spmheh. I could; I'd for a variety of reasons - including some selfish ones tbh :-) - rather not. The main one, it'd be an abuse of privledge. borderline argument perhaps, but I have to play caution there.04:13
akgranerspm, I had to ask :-)04:13
spmwgrant: no; that'd be the same level of privacy expose.04:13
spmakgraner: hey for sure :-)04:13
wgrantspm: It's something that any team admin can do.04:13
spmwgrant: ? unhide a users email address?04:14
spmOh. the contact addres. right.04:14
wgrantIf a team admin clicks the 'Contact this team' link on one of their teams that does not have a contact address sent out, it will be sent to every member individually.04:14
akgranerI'm an admin and I can't send out anymore for 23 more hours04:15
wgrants/sent out/set/04:15
spmwould there be any difference to using the team that way to the maillist? ie are the two sets (mailman list vs LP team) not fully 100% equal?04:15
akgranerI tried the contact this teams email address04:17
akgranerand got: You have reach your quota for direct contact of other Launchpad users. You can try again in 23 hours04:17
akgranerso 135 users will get contact a 3rd time if I do a blanket email in 23 hours..  :-)04:18
spmyeah it kinda sucks there. I suspect what you're somewhat dealing with is folks who simply aren't reading anyway. usual inertia.04:19
spmit occours ... you're on a 24 hour timer. that'd be stored somewhere. we could zot that.04:20
wgrantYou'd have to remove or re-date at least one of the email records.04:22
akgranerso every 3 emails one of you all will have to reset something?04:22
spmakgraner: one of you == me :-)04:23
akgranerb/c the send limit will still be the same right?04:23
akgranerspm, I'm sorry04:23
spmI didn't for a sec suggest it was a great solution; just do-able; ;-)04:23
akgranerspm, will you be online tomorrow04:23
wgrantAn email to a team should count as just one email, even if it actually goes to a million people because the team has no contact address set.04:23
spmakgraner: Saturday? I hope not! :-D04:23
akgranerspm, where are you located?04:24
spmcan berrrra04:24
akgranerok cause tomorrow for me is Friday :-)  no I hope you aren't either :-)04:24
akgranerspm, I tell ya what - let me see how many I can find via IRC nicks04:25
spmus future folk pity the rest of the planet04:25
MTecknologywgrant: I sent an email to ~ubuntu-members once - they all got it individually (no contact addy)04:25
wgrantMTecknology: Yes. We all noticed.04:26
MTecknologywgrant: :P04:26
wgrantThat was why one of the last changes to the policy was made.04:26
MTecknologywgrant: what chage was that?04:26
akgranerand If I am still stuck  in 23 hours I will send one to the whole list and just apologize for sending the request to everyone04:26
wgrantOh, that change was never made :( There was discussion that only team admins should be able to contact a team.04:27
akgranerI just didn't want to spam the people who already gave me their address b/c the only way they can vote on the poll is for me to enter their address to condorcet04:27
MTecknologywgrant: back then I did wish there was an actual mailing list to post to04:27
spmakgraner: yeah. unf that's probably best at this stage; my thinking is to put a simple while [1] do; psql zot your timer ; sleep 60; done type of thing; but ....04:28
akgranerspm, just as a heads up, sometime around may we will have another condorcet poll going out04:28
spmfair enough; in that case definitely pls to add a bug report about this.04:29
akgranerso can we (and I will help test or whatever you need from me) figure out something a little easier..04:29
akgranerI don't want to ask you all to do something I am not willing to help with04:30
spmwhy not? everyone else does! ;-)04:30
akgranerb/c that's not me.. I don't like asking people to do something I would not be willing to do myself or that I haven't done.. I might not be able to write code, but I'll help where I can :-)04:31
akgranerspm, thank you for all your help tonight... I'll see what I can do, and just let me know if you need someone to test these new features and stuff :-)04:32
spmhrm. I suspect the zotting idea won't work anyway...04:32
spmno worries04:32
wgrantspm: Why not?04:32
spmsorry we couldnt get a better solution04:32
akgranerspm, no worries at least this gives you a reason why stuff like that is needed04:33
MTecknologyHow come you can't just disable the contact addy, wait until the time limitis up, send to team(everyone)04:33
MTecknologyI missed something04:33
spmwgrant: looks like we store the emails sent in the usertouseremail table; in perpetuity. so my hunch (no code reading) is that the limit is based off a query of "give me the last 3" type of thing04:33
spmyeah. there's all the ones I've sent. wheee.04:34
akgranerMTecknology, I grabbed all the emails listed and added them to the poll04:34
wgrantspm: That's right. You'd have to re-date them, or reassign them to somebody else.04:34
akgranerthat was 135 people04:34
spmgah. of course. re-dtaing would work. lala me.04:34
spmhack; but workable.04:35
akgranerMTecknology, I will send to the list in 23 hours if I haven't gotten all the hidden email address contacted04:35
wgrantspm: Probably actually easier to recover later by reassigning them to somebody else.04:35
akgranerbut that means people who have already been contacted will hear about this for the 3rd time04:35
spmakgraner: heh. evil me suggests the negative feedback you may get should add weight to getting this issue fixed. >:)04:38
akgranerspm, yeah but it really needs a fix :-)04:39
akgranerand it's not just for me04:39
akgranereven it it is just 2 people per team (admins) who can be granted this04:39
akgranerspm, I'll use the email team feature next time, but this time I was sending a "you are receiving this email via LP b/c you email address was hidden.."04:41
spmfair nuff04:42
akgranerwell let me get back to getting this poll to all the members..:-)04:43
spmheh; good luck with eh!04:43
akgranerspm, please let me know what I should do if anything to get this feature added04:43
spmoh yes; just report a bug against launchpad in general.04:43
akgranerfeature privilege whatever you call it04:43
spmoh dear. that came out loud. sorry.04:44
akgranerspm, ok will do THANK YOU!!!  (I was going to say PITA)04:44
spmakgraner: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug04:44
spms/spm/Mr Potty Mouth/04:44
akgranerspm, :-) no worries.. you're grand have a great weekend04:44
spmsurely intend to; you enjoy friday ;-)04:45
akgranerI will thanks04:45
alkisgWhat's the easiest way to allow 2 individuals full read/access to my bzr branch? (https://code.launchpad.net/sch-scripts)07:43
alkisgDo I need to create a team, and make them part of that team?07:48
wgrantYou need a team if you want multiple people to have commit access.07:48
noodles775You already seem to have a team owning the trunk branch?07:48
alkisgThe existing team is not the "coding" team, so I'll need to think a little about organization :)  Thank you!07:53
alkisgThe existing team is in charge of the whole project, and has upload rights to some PPAs that I don't want the "coders" to be able to upload stuff.07:58
alkisgSo I'm thinking of creating a new team, "sch-scripts committers", and only give them commit access to the branch07:59
alkisgThen, if I also wanted the existing team to have commit access to the branch, what would I have to do?08:00
noodles775Make it a member of the owning team?08:00
alkisgGot it. Thanks, trying...08:00
alkisgAh, do all commiters have complete rights over the branch? I.e. is there some way to prevent novice developers from accidentally wiping everything?08:03
napsterDo any one here can spare some moment for me to understand how launchpad works?08:33
napsterHello... Anyone can help me with this ^^08:38
noodles775napster: have you had a look through the tour? https://launchpad.net/+tour or were you looking for help on a specific topic?08:49
napsternoodles775, tnx a lot08:49
napsternoodles775, Launchpad uses bazaar. What are requirements on my system?09:53
napsternoodles775, To use bazaar...09:53
noodles775napster: details about installing bazaar and a minitutorial here: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/en/mini-tutorial/09:55
napsterHello... Anybody out there?09:56
napsternoodles775, OK, one more doubt09:56
napsternoodles775, What is trunk?09:56
napsternoodles775, Hello...?09:59
noodles775napster: (I'm doing a few things at once here) trunk is just the name used often for your main line of development branch.10:01
napsternoodles775, ok.. tnx for your time :)10:01
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Kamping_Kaiserwhat the heck - heat?10:54
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bencerhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/hardy/nginx/hardy-backports/changes when i try to get one of the diffs here i get internal server error, is anything wrong there ?11:35
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noodles775bencer: yeah I see the same "Internal Server Error" when trying to browse Launchpad code - and can't see anything in the topic about the problem...12:25
noodles775losa: is it something we're aware of? (eg. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/files)12:25
mthaddonnoodles775: our nagios alert isn't flagging a problem :(12:27
noodles775hm, that's no good.12:27
mthaddonwe check /~vcs-imports/busybox/main/changes12:28
mthaddonand that's giving a 200 OK12:28
noodles775I've no knowledge of the codehosting server setup, but could it be a bad nfs link (so it only affects certain user branches)?12:32
noodles775(or similar)12:32
spmnoodles775: yeah - was noticed this morn: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/51409012:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 514090 in launchpad-code "lp-loggerhead smashing on viewing files" [Undecided,New]12:32
noodles775ah, thanks spm.12:32
spmnp, /me goes back to not being here and enjoying the w/e ;-)12:33
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napsterI've created a project in launchpad and have bzr installed on my system. The project folder with source code is in my /home/Public folder. What is the next step to initiate the trunk?13:30
noodles775Hi again napster, your best bet would be to follow the code quick-start guide at: https://help.launchpad.net/Code/QuickStart13:32
noodles775and let us know if there's anything missing :)13:32
napsternoodles775, You are there always. tnx mate :)13:32
napsternoodles775, What will bzr remove do?14:00
napsternoodles775, I've done bzr add and all the files added...14:00
napsternoodles775, will bzr remove will remove all the files?14:00
noodles775napster: I don't think I could explain it any better than what you'll read if you type: bzr help remove14:00
napsternoodles775, tnx again :014:01
napsternoodles775, Path(s) are not versioned: I see this error when I've added some files and dir to my already inited,added project directory14:17
napsternoodles775, How to fix this?14:17
noodles775napster: if your issue is different to this: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+question/1976814:20
noodles775then it might be worth asking the friendly people on #bzr14:20
=== abentley changed the topic of #LaunchPad to: http://launchpad.net | Read https://help.launchpad.net for help | Browsing some branches currently gives error (bug 514090) | Help contact: abentley | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | This channel is logged: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Launchpad is open source: see channel #launchpad-dev
noodles775abentley: have you seen, or are you aware of bug 514090? It just seems to affect some hosted branches (hence it didn't trigger the nagios alert).14:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514090 in launchpad-code "lp-loggerhead smashing on viewing files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51409014:25
noodles775For example: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/files14:25
noodles775and good morning too :), sorry!14:26
abentleynoodles775: No, I hadn't.14:26
slytherinCan anyone please clarify the doubts I have regarding translations feature?14:33
noodles775slytherin: I'm sure dpm would be keen to clarify :)14:34
slytherinWhen I download a .po file for my project it has copyright assigned to 'Rosetta Contributors and Canonical Ltd'. But the license still says 'This file is distributed under the same license as the <program> package'. Shouldn't license be ideally BSD (3-Clause)?14:35
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henningeslytherin: "copyright" and "license" are independent of each other.14:44
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slytherinhenninge: I know. But LP use terms say that all translations originating at LP are BSD licensed15:28
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geserwhat could cause a script (requestsync) using the LP API fail with "HTTP Error 412: Precondition Failed"? this script got used to file many sync requests so I hope I didn't do something wrong15:56
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abentleygeser: One cause of Precondition Failed is if you try to make a change based on data that has since been modified.16:07
geserabentley: the script creates a new bug, sets importance and status on this bug's task and then calls task.lp_save() (that's where the 412 error occured).16:11
geseris it likely that someone else modified the bug in this short time frame?16:13
geserand how to deal with this? refetch the bug and try again?16:13
abentleygeser: No, I think it's more likely that you violated a database constraint, but I'll have to investigate.16:13
abentleygeser: It looks like there's a bug related to this: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/lazr.restful/+bug/36929316:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 369293 in lazr.restfulclient "API named operations that modify an object should return the modified object" [Undecided,New]16:23
abentleygeser: The js code that modifies bugs removes their etag first.16:23
abentleygeser: You may find that refetching the bug immediately after creating it works.16:25
geserthanks, will try this and hope it will catch those problems in future (as they don't appear every time)16:31
chrisboomtrying to upload to launchpad16:50
chrisboomvery stuck16:50
abentleychrisboom: What's happening?16:51
chrisboomgetting this message16:51
chrisboom you have a valid .bzr control directory, but not a branch or repository. This is an unsupported configuration. Please move the target directory out of the way and try again16:51
chrisboomim using windows bazaar16:51
abentleychrisboom: What location are you pushing to?16:51
chrisboomsorry, the latter16:52
chrisboomthe former tells me  bzr: ERROR: Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()16:52
abentleychrisboom: You can't push to http locations.  You should push to bzr+ssh:bazaar.launchpad.net/~bigonroad/mygiftlist/trunk16:54
abentleySorry, bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bigonroad/mygiftlist/trunk16:54
chrisboombzr: ERROR: Parent directory of bzr+ssh:bazaar.launchpad.net/~bigonroad/mygiftlist/trunk does not exist.16:54
chrisboomYou may supply --create-prefix to create all leading parent directories.16:54
abentleychrisboom: Try again with the //16:55
chrisboomsaid bzr: ERROR: Connection error: Unable to authenticate to SSH host as  Chris@bazaar.launchpad.netsupported auth types: ['publickey']16:55
chrisboomneed to go change some settings somewhere methinks16:55
abentleychrisboom: Have you run lp-login yet?16:55
chrisboomdunno how16:55
chrisboomthe windows one seems to come with a gui16:56
tsimpsonbzr login16:56
chrisboomso how do i do bzr login?16:56
chrisboomcant type it in16:56
abentleychrisboom: That GUI is called Bazaar Explorer.  It helps to know that's what you're using.16:56
chrisboomstill trying to work out how to set up my ssh16:57
chrisboomdone it in launchpad16:57
tsimpsonis there not a command-line tool?16:57
tsimpsonif not, look through the settings for something like "Launchpad username"16:58
abentleychrisboom: You don't *have* to use bzr explorer.  It should come with the commandline version also.16:58
abentleyThe "advanced" icon on the toolbar should let you run arbitrary commands.16:58
tsimpsonthe command should be "bzr launchpad-login your-LP-ID"16:59
chrisboomi chose, cos im not great at command line16:59
chrisboomok, im sorry17:07
chrisboomfailing here17:07
chrisboomid quite like to use the gui17:07
chrisboombut right now, anything is cool17:07
chrisboomcan you start me at the beginning17:07
abentleychrisboom: Hit "advanced".17:13
abentleychrisboom: select launchpad-login from the list of commands.17:13
abentleychrisboom: specify bigonroad as the sole parameter.17:14
abentleyHit okay.17:14
chrisboomas in tools advanced controls?17:14
abentleychrisboom: Yes, but I see it on a toolbar also.17:15
chrisboomnope, not got that17:15
abentleyOkay, so the tools-> advanced controls option is equivalent.17:15
chrisboombut then i dont get a list, but cool, ill type launchpad-login17:16
abentleychrisboom: I've got Bazaar Explorer version 0.10.0dev.  Perhaps you have an earlier one.17:17
chrisboomjust downloaded this one17:17
chrisboomso its the latest stable i assume17:18
chrisboomone sec17:18
chrisboomyeh im 0.8.317:18
chrisboomill get latest17:18
chrisboomits 11.217:18
abentleychrisboom: Just stick with the one you have for now.17:19
abentleySo in advanced commands, specify "launchpad-login" and "bigonroad"17:20
abentleyAnd then hit okay.17:20
abentleyNow try pushing to the last location.17:21
napsternoodles775, Are you there/17:21
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chrisboomabentley: bzr: ERROR: Connection error: Unable to authenticate to SSH host as17:23
chrisboom  bigonroad@bazaar.launchpad.net17:23
chrisboomsupported auth types: ['publickey']17:23
abentleychrisboom: Have you set up your computer to use your ssh key?17:24
chrisboomand that would be a no.17:24
chrisboomill go look it up17:24
abentleyYou'll need to do that.  I haven't really done that in Windows.  The folks in #bzr may be able to help.17:25
timhi, i am trying to build a deb of gcc-4.4.3 for karmic. the folder created by apt-get source does't contain the source directly, but a tarball ... when trying to build the package, dpkg-source complains, that the binary file content changed ... any idea, what i am doing wrong?17:26
napsternoodles775, Happy to get a friend like you on a learning procedure. I think I'll pull-edit-commit-push perfectly in a few days... Thnaks a lot for your help... see you later...17:27
chrisboomthanks for heelping man17:27
chrisboomsorry for being an idiot!17:27
abentleychrisboom: No problem.17:27
abentleytim: Did you edit or regenerate the tarball?17:28
timabentley, i imported it ... the debian package of gcc is built from the tarball17:28
timabentley, the root folder contains the debian/ folder and the gcc tarball17:28
chrisboomit worked!17:32
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abentleytim: Sorry, I don't know a lot about packaging.  Maybe someone in #ubuntu-motus could help?17:38
abentleySorry, #ubuntu-motu17:38
timabentley, thanks, i'll ask there17:39
chrisboomhow do i delete projects im not interested in, in bazaar explorer?17:45
chrisboomi wanna download a new one, and lose this one17:45
doctormoUsing launchpadlib, how can I know if my user can writer to a selected branch object?18:22
geseris it a known bug that I can't revoke my own oauth-tokens (on edge)? I get "Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page." when I click on a "Revoke authorization" button.18:35
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abentleydoctormo: I don't think there's a direct way of determining that, but they can write if they're a member of the Person that owns the branch.18:47
doctormoabentley: There are no recursions required? groups apart of groups?18:48
matsubarageser, yes, bug 51156718:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 511567 in launchpad-foundations "Can't remove authorised oauth tokens" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51156718:49
abentleydoctormo: There's a method we use, "inTeam", to recursively determine whether a person is a member of a team, but it's currently not exported due to privacy concerns.18:50
doctormoabentley: I think then I will only expose a feature of downloading a strait branch, if it's owned by the user and no group.18:53
doctormoabentley: Until such functionality as 'canWrite' is available.18:53
abentleydoctormo: What are you wanting to do that you need canWrite fore?18:53
geserabentley: how is that different from person.super_teams which is in the LP API?18:53
doctormoabentley: Did you see the ground control video?18:54
abentleygeser: Actually, that probably would work.  I've never used that.18:54
abentleydoctormo: No.18:55
abentleydoctormo: And the url you pasted wants an account.18:55
doctormosorry, why do I keep posting the dashboard link18:55
abentleydoctormo: Anyhow, I'm less interested in the application than the specific feature you're wanting to provide.18:56
doctormoabentley: I want to let users download branches, without having to specify a new push location.18:56
abentleydoctormo: So you can specify the location on their behalf, then.  I don't see why you'd want to restrict people to retrieving only the branches they can write to.  It's common to want to download a branch you can't write to and push your own version.18:58
gesersponsoring works exactly that way18:59
geseryou push your branch to LP and request a merge into the branch you branched from18:59
doctormoabentley: For branches they can't write to, they specify a name which becomes their new push location.19:01
doctormoabentley: Users have asked for the ability to not have to specify the push location name but instead just allow a download, I'd rather not do that unless they can write to it.19:01
abentleydoctormo: I must be misunderstanding what you mean by " I think then I will only expose a feature of downloading a strait branch, if it's owned by the user and no group."19:01
doctormoabentley: Basically I will only offer the ability to download the branch without setting a new push location to branches that people own.19:04
abentleydoctormo: I'm surprised that downloading one's own branches is very common.  In any case, it sounds like super_teams will be a good analogue of canWrite.19:16
abentleydoctormo: If you're not doing this already, you should also consider whether they've got a push location preconfigured in locations.conf.19:18
doctormoabentley: I consider that if they have a push location set in locations.conf, then they're not really going to be using ground control. Although that's just me being lazy as I don't want to have to check it.19:19
macothank you whomever added the patch icon on the bug search results page19:27
deryckmaco, I think it was intellectronica and bdmurray.19:39
bcurtiswxi search on launchpad for telepathy-mission-control and nothing comes up.  I know there's a telepathy-mission-control package.. what am I doing wrong?19:42
abentleyWhen I search for that, I get 415 hits.  Where are you searching?19:44
abentleybcurtiswx: telepathy-mission-control is a package, but doesn't appear to be a project.  Searching for projects won't find it.19:46
bcurtiswxok, so I have a bug dealing with mission control.. where to file?19:46
abentleybcurtiswx: If you search from https://launchpad.net/, you'll find it.19:46
abentleybcurtiswx: If you search packages https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu, you'll also find it.19:47
bcurtiswxabentley: ty19:48
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glenhi, if you remember me, that i was with problem of how to merge translations back to main trunk that each time there's collisions of merge20:53
glenproject name is eventum, after merge i get these collisions: http://pld.pastebin.com/faa3914b20:54
glenusually the po headers get errors, this time es.po content too20:54
glensetup is that bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~eventum-developers/eventum/trunk/ translations are exporeted to bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~glen666/eventum/po/20:55
glenand i did bzr merge on trunk from the po branch20:55
abentleyglen: So it looks like the translations don't conflict, just the metadata?20:55
glenso far i've commited only .pot in trunk, as they told thats the way conflict won't occour20:55
glenyes, metadata always conflicts20:56
glenand es.po seems too20:56
abentleyglen: And never the actual translations?20:56
glenand fr.po20:56
glenwell, as no translations are made on trunk, then only translations are in po branch20:56
glenis this collisions normal, or i do something wrong?20:57
abentleyglen: It looks wrong to me.20:58
abentleyglen: But I need to get my head around it.20:58
abentleyglen: I don't understand this: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~eventum-developers/eventum/trunk/ translations are exporeted to bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~glen666/eventum/po/"21:00
glenit's setup to export launcpad translations to po branch21:00
abentleyglen: Okay, and then you merge those into trunk?21:01
glenhttps://translations.launchpad.net/eventum/trunk - Translations are imported with every update from branch lp:eventum, and exported daily to branch lp:~glen666/eventum/po.21:01
glenyes that is so, something like: cd po; bzr pull;cd ../trunk; bzr pull; bzr merge ../po21:02
abentleyglen: So are people (other than you) adding translations directly to trunk?21:03
gleni.e i commit the merge result of trunk+po to trunk21:03
glenno, nobody commits .po in trunk, other than me doing merge from po branch time to time21:03
abentleyglen: And do you merge or pull trunk into ~glen666/eventum/po frequently?21:04
glenbi-weekly or so21:05
glendefinately not often than a day21:05
gleni.e the automatic commit on po branch has definately gone it's round21:06
glenerr, wait, i do not update ~glen666/eventum/po at all, launchpad does that automatically21:06
abentleyglen: It doesn't merge trunk into ~glen666/eventum/po.21:07
glenit just commits to ~glen666 afaik21:07
glenyou're suggesting i should do two ways merge? hmm21:07
glenbut it keeps up after each commit of trunk, ie updates launchpad translations from the trunk commit21:08
abentleyglen: I think your problems might go away if you merged trunk into glen666 immediately after merging glen666 into trunk.21:08
glenso it "kind of" does merge21:08
glenok, that could do, i'll try it this time21:08
abentleyglen: The key thing is whether bazaar shows merge revisions, because that is used to determine which changes were done sequentially, and which were done in parallel.21:09
abentleyglen: parallel changes to the same section cause conflicts.21:10
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pmatulisis there a launchpad admin around?21:39
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doctormoIs there a way to use launchpadlib to get a specific merge proposal, given either the merge id or merging branch object?21:46
geserif you know the author, the project name, the branch name and the id then yes22:11
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hendrikHi, is there any way to report ubuntu specifc crashes in java without using launchpad?22:53
hendrikDuring the last 8 weeks I tried three times to use launchpad to report that bug. But everytime I try, it just ooops.22:54
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MTecknologyOn https://edge.launchpad.net/~mtecknology/+archive/ppa - I have nginx   13 minutes ago   Successfully built ; to the right there's a little flashing gear icon - what's that mean? Shouldn't it be a chack mark?23:20
bigjoolshover over it and see the tool tip23:20
MTecknologybigjools: I'm not seeing any tooltip23:21
bigjoolsit means that it's built but not published yet, but it's been published now23:22

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