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darthanubisso, other than whites lines on either side of my screen as though the desktop is framed everything looks good00:40
darthanubismy desktop shutdown instantly once while trying to install ntp from the system menu for time update but that it about it00:41
darthanubisuptime 20mins00:41
darthanubisupgrading all my packages atm00:41
darthanubisthe lines only came up after i changed the theme00:42
darthanubisnvidia card current driver00:42
danbhfivedarthanubis: is this a fresh alpha2?00:42
danbhfiveI used to have those white lines, but they are gone now00:42
darthanubisupgrades done00:45
* macman_ really speaks english01:47
IngForiguaHello everyone01:48
IngForiguasomeone know, When  the translations will be open for lucid?01:51
danbhfiveIngForigua: maybe March 25, the DocumentationStringFreeze01:53
IngForiguaMarch 25 ok thanks01:53
IngForiguaexcuse me, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule it says >>>> February 4th Translations are open in LP01:57
danbhfiveIngForigua: oops, sorry01:58
IngForiguaok thanks, i like help to translate yo spanish :D01:59
IngForiguawith mi local team01:59
darthanubisis the 64bit flashinstaller real 64bit this time ;)02:04
darthanubisI've already added sevenmachines ppa and have it but jsut wondering if the default one was after the fact02:05
darthanubisrunning great03:33
darthanubisbut changing the theme will place a white frame around the workspace03:33
darthanubisuntil you log out and back in03:33
un214how to enable java applets again?03:38
bjsniderdarthanubis, no. if you want to change that, go find asac and convince him.03:41
darthanubisand why would I ever think samba would work properly I'll never know03:41
darthanubisI can't hold down the direction keys in gnome-terminal to move instead of having to keep pressing the key03:42
darthanubisthat will get old fast03:42
bjsnidersamba is worse in karmic than in jaunty03:42
darthanubisI know03:43
darthanubisand it looks like it has gotten worse yet again03:43
darthanubisit is amazing03:43
darthanubisit won't accept my auth to browse my own network03:43
bjsniderthere's a really annoying bug where shares don't show up unless you refresh after 5+ seconds03:43
darthanubisit keeps asking for my login info03:44
darthanubisthre is no damn login info03:44
un214ok that's bad03:57
un214I managed to fix things so hibernate doesn't work03:57
switchgirlhi youtube videos wont play, nore redtube, nor iplayer whats wrong with java for firefox?04:17
* switchgirl pokes the channel04:18
switchgirlDanaG, hi04:21
DanaGhmm, anyone know how to trigger gdm-guest-session?04:22
switchgirlDanaG, youtube videos wont play, nore redtube, nor iplayer whats wrong with flash for firefox?04:23
DanaGwhy're you asking me, by name specifically?04:23
switchgirlcus your the only person in here alive04:23
switchgirlthe others are dead/busy or busy/dead04:24
sebsebsebswitchgirl: Why are you on Lucid?04:33
sebsebsebare you using it as an actsual install?04:33
sebsebsebinstead of Karmic?04:33
switchgirlyea duel booting04:34
sebsebsebswitchgirl: with Windows? which version, altough not that relivant04:35
switchgirlsebsebseb, i want to help, duel booting karmic and lucid04:35
switchgirl10gb lucid 140gb karmic04:35
sebsebsebswitchgirl: I have done it myself before about uhmm three times,  or something like that,  used development version of Ubuntu, as an actsual install for my useual computer useage, before the beta,  but this shoudn't really be done, since bugs etc04:36
sebsebsebwhy do you want to dual boot both?04:36
switchgirlsebsebseb, i duel boot em... have done since day 104:37
sebsebsebswitchgirl: ok, but you just put you wanted help dual booting them04:37
switchgirlflash wont work04:37
switchgirli have the plugin from the repos04:38
sebsebsebswitchgirl: Flash is a common issue with Firefox in Ubuntu04:38
switchgirlfirefox cant play youtube, and i have never had this issue before04:38
sebsebsebone way to solve it useually is to try another browser that uses Flash from the repo, such as Epiphany (sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser)  or Galeon04:38
DanaGFlash is a common issue with EVERYTHING.04:39
DanaGFlash... bleh.04:39
sebsebsebswitchgirl: by the way regarding your partitions uhmm  140GB for Karmic seems like  well way more than is needed, what's your actsaul partition set up?04:39
DanaGIn other woreds... I hate Flash.04:40
DanaGI keep my media on my windows partition.04:40
sebsebsebDanaG: right and HTML 5 <video> could start to kill  Flash being used for videos on websites, problem is  it seems Youtube want to do it, but supporting Apple's propritary thing04:41
DanaGdamn software patents.04:41
DanaGEven on the DEcoder.04:41
switchgirlok and no alsa now04:41
sebsebsebDanaG: you know about this then?04:41
DanaG/dev/sda6              22G   15G  5.6G  73% /                        /dev/sda1             148G  141G  7.4G  96% /media/Vista                           /dev/sda7              53G   40G   11G  80% /home04:41
DanaGthat's my df -h04:41
sebsebsebswitchgirl: Why are you doing Lucid in the first place?04:41
switchgirlsebsebseb, to file the bug reports and help04:42
sebsebsebDanaG: I wanted her  partitions, but uhmm ok at yours04:42
sebsebsebswitchgirl: right ok04:42
sebsebsebwell  sound uhmm  not really my thing to be helping with, but Flash well I just suggested something for that04:42
switchgirlit worked sebsebseb ty04:43
sebsebsebswitchgirl:  yeah it tends to just work no problem, in those two other browsers04:43
sebsebsebswitchgirl: which one you installed, you did both?04:44
sebsebsebor you did both?04:44
switchgirli have epihany streaming video but no sound04:45
sebsebsebswitchgirl: so what's your partition set up in more detail?  it seemed a little hrm to me by what you said04:45
sebsebseboh, what about Galeon?04:45
switchgirlthere is no sound / volume applet up on the top bar04:46
sebsebsebDanaG: pulseaudio is worse than Flash really04:46
sebsebsebswitchgirl: probably some sort of pulseaudio issue, since that's what Ubuntu uses now04:46
sebsebsebswitchgirl: development versions tend to be good to clean install every now and again as well04:47
sebsebsebI mean from experience with starting with early alpha and then trying to keep it all up to date without problems, no it does not go liket hat04:48
sebsebsebsomething happens eventualley04:48
sebsebsebswitchgirl: you can test Lucid in a virtual machine rather than a psyical install if you want, or you could do both04:48
sebsebsebwell as long as your computer has enough RAM and such of course04:48
DanaGPulseaudio is fine for me.04:53
DanaGAside from my buggy USB sound card that doesn't report proper number of channels.04:54
DanaGrandom: http://users.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/koala.gif05:29
Viper1432Just checking, but after system updates to my alpha2 laptop, it appears the volume control has vanished.  Just me, or ???05:52
DanaGoops, messing around with /msg to myself.07:31
DanaGand a whole long line of '............'07:31
DanaGOddly enough, it doesn't wrap anywhere.07:31
* Killeroid is away: I can see Russia from my bottle!07:40
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BUGabundo_remotemorning \o/ #vacation in 10h :D08:40
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mzzhmm, I wonder why my keyboard stopped repeating10:53
* BUGabundo_remote mumbles about broken debian11:06
junkY_Sanhey, how can i edit the "adress" in the file browser?11:30
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om26erjunkY_San, ctrl+l11:51
junkY_Santhx om26er11:57
ubuntujenkinsis anyone having problems with awn since this mornings updates launching from the command line i get the error http://paste.ubuntu.com/365142/11:57
ubuntujenkinsi am using the awn testing ppa11:58
Milos_SDanyone else having issue with firefox 3.7 nightly build and flash? Firefox freezes everytime it needs to load flash on a page12:13
gnomefreakMilos_SD: nope, please try asking in #ubuntu-mozillateam :)12:55
* gnomefreak working on something else atm but someone should still be there12:55
Volkodavis thunderbird 3,0 added to the repos yet ?13:32
BluesKajhey folks14:01
gnomefreakno it has not been uploaded to servers yet. please use policy it will show you if it is or not14:10
gnomefreaki know hes gone14:10
gnomefreakhi BluesKaj14:10
BluesKajhi gnomefreak14:12
BUGabundo_remotehey Kaj14:18
BluesKajhey BUGabundo14:24
petsoundshi.. if kubuntu lucid alpha 2 can't read my second hard disk what's exactly the problem? thanks14:31
charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo_remote14:32
yofelpetsounds: is the hdd not recognized or can't the os read the filesystem? (sudo fdisk -l should show if the hdd is recognized)14:35
petsoundsyofel, http://imagebin.org/82398 and http://pastebin.org/8392814:39
BUGabundo_remotehey charlie14:42
BUGabundo_remotepetsounds: alpha2 is a bit old14:42
petsoundsBUGabundo_remote,  ok i will update and see if the problem is fixed.14:47
yofelpetsounds: no idea, the hdd get's recognized by the os, and I don't know how KDE get's the list14:47
yofelbut updating *is* a good idea ;)14:48
petsoundsyofel, ok i let you know if the problem is fixed with updating. thanks anyway14:54
BUGabundo_remote[reed]: http://benjamin.smedbergs.us/blog/2010-01-27/multi-process-plugins-on-by-default/ !Firefox OOPP was turned on. dom.ipc.plugins.enabled separated process15:01
DanaGnow I can get Flash to stop crashing the whole browser!15:05
bjsniderflash doesn't crash the whole browser15:10
bjsniderflash doesn't crash at all15:10
BUGabundo_remoteDanaG: known15:12
DanaGwell, it DOES crash on my mom's imac... right now she uses Safari because of that.  Bleh.15:14
DanaGI must say, the printing settings stuff in Linux is far, far better than in OS X.15:14
BUGabundo_remoteDanaG: get chromium15:20
BUGabundo_remoteand use html515:21
DanaGI use Firefox on Linux for my own system... the one with the big issue with Flash crashing is my mom's imac.15:30
petsoundsyofel, the update process was finished but dolphin still can't read my second hard disk. so i guess it's Dolphin issue because with nautilus i have no problem.15:35
yofelpetsounds: I'm really no expert on this, you could ask in #kubuntu-devel, they should know more (don't forget to mention you're running lucid)15:36
petsoundsyofel, http://imagebin.org/82407 ok will do that.15:38
dholbachfinal day of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek starting in 22 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net (first up: "Writing Beautiful Code")15:38
BluesKajpetsounds, dolphin and konqueror aren't able to populate the dirs when called up , they "die unexpectedly" so not seeing another HDD is probly part of the same problem15:40
BluesKaj I've been using nautilus instead as well15:41
petsoundsBluesKaj, so you have the same problem like me?15:41
BluesKajpetsounds, not exactly , but i can't call up any dirs in dolphin or konq15:43
BluesKajexcept/ home/user15:43
petsoundsBluesKaj, ok.. let me know if you found a solution for this issue :-)15:44
BluesKajpetsounds, use nautilus until it's fixed15:46
BUGabundo_remotetwo questions for my fellow friendly testers15:49
BUGabundo_remoteis kmail background services of pgp/mail sig work ???15:49
BUGabundo_remote*2: anyone is able to remount ext4 as ro, and fsck it in recovery??15:50
VolkodavI have gnome sound applet gone after upgrade today15:54
Volkodavwhat's it called anyway ? gnome sound something ?15:54
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onetinsoldierhello all16:45
onetinsoldieri have a problem ever since yesterdays updates. if i'm on the command line and i press and hold down the up-arrow key, it no longer 'scrolls' through my previous list  of commands. i have to continually press the up-arrow and it will only take make up one command at a time16:47
onetinsoldierif i try to edit a command that i have type out, by pressing the back-arrow key, it no longers take be back characters quickly if i hold it down, i have to press the back-arrow key over and over to go one character at a time16:49
BUGabundo_remote"On Linux, compiz effects and Flash don’t work together on some systems, mozilla bug 535612"16:58
ubottuMozilla bug 535612 in Plug-ins "[OOPP][Linux] Some Flash objects (e.g. Homestar Runner, Youtube) don't receive clicks, with Compiz effects & 'dom.ipc.plugins.enabled' turned on" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=53561216:58
BUGabundo_remoteDanaG: ^^^^^16:58
vishonetinsoldier: there was a problem with the recent update... just reset the keyboad prefs16:59
BUGabundo_remote"On Linux with GTK+-2.18 or later, GDK assertions and a fatal XError,mozilla bug 540197"16:59
ubottuMozilla bug 540197 in Plug-ins "OOPP: "gdk_x11_colormap_foreign_new: assertion `GDK_IS_VISUAL (visual)' failed" and BadPixmap fatal XError in browser resizing plugin with GTK+-2.18" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54019716:59
onetinsoldierBUGabundo_remote: hey. sorry, i had to suddenly step away for a bit there. i'll give your solution a go right now. thanks :-)17:05
BUGabundo_remoteonetinsoldier: mine?17:05
onetinsoldieryes.. you're suggestion/solution.... however17:05
* BUGabundo_remote is confused17:06
onetinsoldierBUGabundo_remote: i just pulled up System --> Preferences _ Keyboard17:06
onetinsoldierBUGabundo_remote: and i don't see a 'Defaults' button17:06
onetinsoldierBUGabundo_remote: arrrgh. my bad17:07
Volkodavthere is no xorg.conf anymore ?17:07
onetinsoldierit's vish i should be talking at!17:07
darthanubisfor at least wo releases no Volkodav17:07
VolkodavI have second monitor recognized ok in gnome - but not in xfce for some reason17:08
vishonetinsoldier: there is no defaults button.. but you need to set them again17:08
VolkodavI figured will copy the file - but there is nothing to copy lol17:08
onetinsoldiervish: actually, i do see a defaults button. but it's greyed out17:09
darthanubisVolkodav, what video driver you using?17:09
onetinsoldiervish: ok, what do i have to do to set them again?17:09
Volkodavintel I believe17:09
Volkodavlemme check17:09
vishonetinsoldier: not that one... from the general tab ,  activate the Repeat keys , and increase the speed and decrease the delay17:09
onetinsoldiervish: i tried that yesterday. maybe i set it wrong.. however, it didn't seem to be the same thing as i described in my problem17:10
VolkodavInitialized i915 1.6.0 20080730 for 0000:00:02.0 on minor 017:11
vishonetinsoldier: the repeat not working will work when you adjust those settings[atleast it did for several others as well]  or yours might be something new17:11
onetinsoldiervish: what are you're set at on there? the sliders? what are your sliders set to?17:11
VolkodavVideo Device [GFX0] (multi-head: yes  rom: no  post: no)17:11
vishonetinsoldier: just increase them at random :)17:11
charlie-tcaVolkodav: you are right17:11
onetinsoldiervish: hmmm, ok17:11
Volkodavsame driver why xfce will not see it ?17:11
charlie-tcaI don't know if xfce can do that yet in 4.6.117:12
charlie-tcait took a lot of work to get dual monitors to work in 9.10 with xfce17:12
onetinsoldiervish: that did the trick. thanks!17:12
Volkodavwith xorg it would be easy17:13
Volkodavnow i am lost17:13
vishonetinsoldier: ha.. ;)17:13
Volkodavthere must be some type of config file somewhere17:13
onetinsoldiervish: thanks again. cheers :-)17:13
Volkodavit's nice and easy with nvidia though17:14
Volkodavthis intel shit never works right17:14
PiciVolkodav: Please mind your language here.17:14
jussi01guntbert: got a min for a PM?17:14
darthanubisVolkodav, dpkg-reconfigure xorg or something like that17:14
darthanubisgoogle will fix the spelling and syntax17:15
VolkodavI'll try17:15
darthanubisvish, fixed me up as well17:16
darthanubisI would not have thought to look in the obvious place17:16
darthanubisnever had to touch keyboard settings ever17:16
vishdarthanubis: yeah , i just lucked out with that one :D17:16
darthanubisnow if I could just browse samba from my own freaking computer all would be normal17:16
vishrather got lucky*17:17
darthanubisI can browse the share from my pc and the whole network from all but my pc17:17
onetinsoldiervish: yesterday when i tried that, i think i set the delay to to short. when i tried to type 'hello' it would come out like 'hheelloo', lol17:17
darthanubisI can browse the share from my other pcs and the whole network from all but my pc17:17
darthanubismy own pc is asking me for a login which is a valid login but won't ever accept it17:18
darthanubisjust over and over with the asking of the passwd17:18
darthanubisI used smbpasswd -a to add a valid user17:18
darthanubisthat still did nothing17:18
darthanubisI logged out and back in17:18
darthanubisI restarted the server17:18
darthanubisI looked at the .smb folder17:19
vishPici: hmm... do you have highlights set for when members dont mind their language? [i often find you quick to catch it ;)]17:19
Picivish: yes :)17:19
vishlol ;)17:19
Volkodavhmm dpkg-reconfigure xorg does not do anything17:22
guntbertjussi01: any time17:23
om26erwhen I press and hold backspace to remove text it does not work continuously17:37
om26erthis happened after today's updates17:37
CosmiChaosworks for me17:38
Volkodavhmm I guess I am stuck in gnome for now17:38
Volkodavwhat if I create xorg.conf ?17:38
CosmiChaosgnome doesnt stuck17:38
Volkodavyeah - second monitor is not recognized by xfce17:38
BluesKajdarthanubis, open your /etc/hosts.allow file and make sure the IPs on your network are listed  for examaple :All 192.168.x.x17:39
CosmiChaosany flaws on 2.6.32-12 known yet?17:42
onetinsoldiernone here that i know of yet17:42
CosmiChaosok thanks17:43
onetinsoldierom26er: hello17:43
onetinsoldierom26er: i had the same problem. vish helped me. i can tell you how he had me fix it17:44
om26eronetinsoldier, yes please tell me the fix17:44
onetinsoldiergo to System --> Preferences --> Keyboard17:44
onetinsoldieryou need to make sure that you check the 'Key presses repeat...' checkbox17:45
onetinsoldierom26er: then, you need to figure out where you want the sliders set17:46
onetinsoldierom26er: what happened is some update unchecked that checkbox and all the sliders are over to the far right17:46
onetinsoldierom26er: so you have to set the sliders yourself17:47
om26eronetinsoldier, thanx alot man17:48
onetinsoldierom26er: same thing i said to vish :-) i hear you, you're welcome :)17:48
CosmiChaoswell now i have the backspace bug too17:49
onetinsoldierthat was driving me nuts. i was going to go back to karmic only ;-)17:49
onetinsoldierbut, these are the kinds of things that are to be expected when using a beta version of ubuntu17:49
onetinsoldierCosmiChaos: hello. you fix it?18:10
CosmiChaosit is not backspace, its just keyboard-press repeating at all18:19
CosmiChaosyeah samba 2.4.518:19
darthanubisBluesKaj, that has nothign to do with the issue18:26
darthanubisI don't need an allow rule18:26
darthanubisCosmiChaos, goto keyboard settings in the system menu18:29
kaddiHi, how far along is lucid? Can you use it as a desktop system yet or is it still rather unstable?18:33
kaddi(it's not a productive system and I don't store important data on it.. but I'm not really interested in only fixing bugs on it either ;)18:33
charlie-tcaxubuntu lucid only breaks bad once a week or so right now18:34
crimsunfar too infrequently for my comfort18:34
kaddiit breaks to infrequently for your comfort?18:35
darthanubiskaddi, you ask @alpha2 level this question?18:35
onetinsoldierworks fine for me so far. i've only had it installed for about 10 days though. i installed it right when the Alpha2 was released18:35
kaddiwatch me ;)18:35
kaddi@ darthanubis18:35
darthanubisyour going to ask every two weeks this question aren't you?;)18:36
kaddibut to be totally honest, I asked first and checked then which release lucid currently is18:36
kaddinaa... I'll come by more often ;)18:36
darthanubisI know:-P18:36
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onetinsoldierkaddi: you're thinking you want to install lucid but aren't sure?18:36
darthanubiskaddi, get back to #kubuntu18:36
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onetinsoldierkaddi: you use kubuntu?18:37
kaddionetinsoldier: yeah, i switched to karmic when it was alpha3 and that went REALLY smooth, I believe it only realy broke once to the final release18:37
* charlie-tca thinks it seems like something is wrong if the changes don't break it enough18:38
onetinsoldierkaddi: roger. how long have you been a linux/ubuntu user? do you consider yourself to be a power user?18:38
kaddionetinsoldier: yes I'm on kubuntu18:38
onetinsoldierkaddi: roger. i like kde :-)18:38
kaddionetinsoldier: it's kubuntu only for 5 years now, although the whole intel issue really is testing me :p18:39
kaddionetinsoldier: i18:40
darthanubiswho can play this video, and what plugins for your browser are installed if you can?18:40
onetinsoldierkaddi: when lucid becomes final i will install ubuntu, and i will install kubuntu on the partition i'm currently using18:40
onetinsoldierkaddi: what's the 'intel issue'?18:40
darthanubiskaddi, what do you do in KDE for antialiased fonts in gtk apps for 5yrs18:41
darthanubiswhat do you do for quicktime video ie apple trailers18:41
kaddionetinsoldier: the regression for intel support in jaunty. I've had kernel freezes (and x freezes) when I tried to switch windows or watch a movie or anything really. I switched to a newer kernel and experimental drivers for jaunty and upgraded to karmic as soon as possible.18:43
onetinsoldierkaddi: oh, hmmm.18:43
kaddidarthanubis: well.. yesterday afternoon I watched that movie with the mplayer-mozilla plugin. Today I'm watching it with the the gnome-stuff you suggested to test yesterday.18:44
kaddithat movie was playing fine, it really only were the trailers that wouldn't run (and I wans't even aware of that until you asked about it, since I simply don't visit that site. :p )18:44
darthanubisi c18:45
darthanubisand the fonts?18:45
kaddinot really sure what you mean, I use kde fonts in gtk applications and the qt-curve theme to make them look like they're kde applications :p18:47
kaddii used this gtk-qt-engine for some time, but that prevented my FF from closing correctly, so that I always had to kill it off. I don't think it actually exists anymore18:48
BluesKajwell darthanubis , if you think it's not relavent then good luck18:55
zniavregood evening21:12
onetinsoldierhello there21:12
zniavredoes nvidia 173xxxx is running well on lucid please ?21:12
onetinsoldieri have no idea. i use ATI here... but, i think there is someting i can say21:13
onetinsoldierin Lucid.. the Xorg version is 7.5.. it is still considered quite new i believe21:14
onetinsoldieri do not think that either ATI or Nvidia 'proprietary' Linux 3D drivers work for either of them yet21:14
onetinsoldieri think you have to use the builtin open source drivers that come with Lucid for now21:15
onetinsoldierthey're what i'm using. and i tried a couple of times to get the ATI FGLRX driver working. one time, i got them installed, but they don't work21:16
zniavreok thank you21:17
zniavreim trying it only with virtualbox atm21:17
BUGabundocrimsun: very strange. I had audio muted, all day, came home, umuted, but sound didn't work until I increase the sound (one touch) and it was already at MAX, and sound began working21:27
onetinsoldierBUGabundo: strange21:28
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DanaGhmm, what's the best app for screen-recording under Compiz>21:40
onetinsoldierno idea21:41
arandrecordmydesktop is ok. also see !best ;)21:42
DanaGwell, that app is also slow.21:46
DanaGI need something that can capture at low quality, but at 60 fps.21:46
DanaGI'm trying to record how my touchpad spazzes out sometimes, on resume from suspend.21:48
arandDanaG: I think it has a bunch cli options, otherwise I know there's "istanbul"21:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 308191 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "Multi fingers touch doesn't be correctly recognized" [Medium,Triaged]21:57
DanaGcheck my out-1.ogv video.21:57
arandDanaG: True, that snippet doesn't say much, video chop >> mouse chop22:00
DanaGOooh, a better way to document it: annotate,22:01
crimsunBUGabundo: do you have a log from that symptom?22:03
BUGabundocrimsun: only user usage. is this logged only with PA in debug mode?22:05
BUGabundoI could try to reproduce it22:05
DanaGoh yeah, my cm106 card I got for 70 bucks.... now there's a generic one available for like 25 bucks.22:06
BUGabundoFYI I add two Sessions from same user, enabled, which might complicate this stuff22:06
crimsunBUGabundo: well, yes, two sessions from the same user aren't well-supported currently22:07
crimsunBUGabundo: namely, console-kit lists both sessions as active, so any change to the mixer is validated and acted upon22:07
BUGabundocrimsun: IIMM I muted and unmuted on TTY 722:10
DanaGokay, new video.22:11
arandDanaG: That is indeed very.. Illustrative :)22:14
DanaGIt's at once highly amusing, and highly frustrating. þ22:14
arandHehe, bugs will be bugs.. Just had a complete filesystem fail myself, less amusing, more frustrating :/22:17
howlinglucyd lurk uses 2.6.33?22:45
arandLucid Lynx, last time it was on 2.6.32-11, think it's still22:46
mzz2.6.32-12 now, but yes, I'm pretty sure it's not going to jump to .3322:50
crimsunit will not.22:51
neurreis it better to upgrade 9.10 to 10.4 or reinstall 10.4?22:52
crimsunthe latter almost certainly22:53
neurreis there mini install iso for 10.4?22:53
DanaGDepends how much you've tweaked it.22:53
neurrei just installed 9.10 to vmware :D22:53
crimsunyou mean 10.04, really ;)22:53
neurreso.. what would be the smallest image to setup?22:54
BUGabundoneurre: minimal image 12MBs22:54
neurrewhere is it?22:55
arandBut there are no minimal dailies right?22:56
neurrei looked at alpha 2 at http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha2 but i didnt see mini image there either22:56
neurrei guess i could use upgrade path22:57
crimsunwhich arch?22:57
neurreim running this on vmware on windows xp :-P22:58
arandNope doesn't seem to be a mini there.. hm, wonder if they only do it for releases then...22:58
neurreis that for lucid?22:59
neurresilly me22:59
neurrecant even read the url :D22:59
crimsunnah, it's for Windows 722:59
arandI'm not sure if "sudo do-release-upgrade" yet...23:00
prefrontalever since I upgraded to lucid I have to run 'ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0' to get dns name resolution23:08
prefrontalhow do I fix this?23:08
crimsunextraordinarily lacking in detail ;)23:09
crimsunfirst, are you using network-manager/wicd?23:09
prefrontali don't think so. i can say that i have an ip address, i am connected to the internet, nfs and nis continue to work23:09
prefrontalearly in the boot process i get a dns error from nfs saying it can't find the name of our nfs server, but i presume it uses the ip since it ends up working23:09
prefrontali can get to google using the ip address before ifdown/ifup23:10
jpdsprefrontal: Are you using NM or manually setting your DNS?23:10
prefrontalmy resolv.conf contains  nameserver search Colorado.EDU if that answers your question23:10
prefrontalwe have a dozen identically configured jaunty/karmic workstations that all work23:11
crimsunis that all?23:11
crimsunthen it doesn't appear to be generated by network-manager23:11
crimsunif it were managed by n-m, the first line in the file is always "# Generated by NetworkManager"23:12
cebalraisooo I just saw that the sun-java6 packages have been removed from the repositories. Is Lucid exclusively switching to openJdk?23:12
prefrontalright, i think there is such a file in /etc/network/interfaces23:12
crimsunprefrontal: now look in interfaces(5)23:12
jpdscebalrai: I hope so.23:12
prefrontalcrimsun, http://pastebin.ca/raw/177137223:13
prefrontalit would be much less confusing if it just plain didn't work. but instead it fails early in boot, and then works after boot23:14
cebalraiwhy hope? Because suns jdk is redundant?23:15
crimsunprefrontal: are you sure resolvconf isn't to blame?23:18
neurrreis 10.4 known to work with vmware?23:19
neurrrei installed from mini and it doesnt seem to even boot :-P23:19
prefrontalcrimsun, do you know how i might go about debugging/testing resolvconf23:20
prefrontali've tried running dhclient when the dns is down but that doesn't work23:20
prefrontalbased on the man page my config files are good. i wonder if it's an out of order problem during the boot process. perhaps resolvconf doesn't find the config files?23:22
crimsunprefrontal: purge it and modify interfaces(5) as appropriate23:22
prefrontalok. thanks for the advice23:23
crimsunafter that, you can debug resolvconf's place in the upstart world23:24
IncubussAnyone else not able to log into a guest session with Lucid (just left with a blank screen)?23:26
Incubuss More importantly, anyone else find that if they switch to a virtual terminal to kill X that everything you typed also went into wherever you last had focus? Such as pidign in my case...23:27
BUGabundoI may be going crazy23:31
BUGabundobut I can't do multi keys press anymore23:31
BUGabundoie, keeping a key pressed only enters ONE key23:31
BUGabundonot repeat23:31
BUGabundoanyone can confirm deny ?23:31
IdleOneI confirm you are crazy23:32
mzzBUGabundo: I lost repeat here too23:34
mzzBUGabundo: I also lost my multimedia keys (browser key, etc)23:34
BUGabundoIdleOne: SU :P23:34
mzzBUGabundo: I haven't checked where those went23:34
BUGabundoany idea of responsible package?23:34
mzzgood question!23:34
* BUGabundo checks update logs23:35
mzzit'd be convenient if there was an xf86-input-evdev upgrade at around the same time23:35
BUGabundo[UPGRADE] gnome-settings-daemon 2.29.6-0ubuntu1 -> 2.29.6-0ubuntu223:35
BUGabundodon't have that mzz23:36
mzzoh, you're quite right23:36
mzzI have relevant messages in .xsession-errors from gnome-settings-daemon23:36
mzzlibkeybindings.so isn't loading23:37
mzzthat covers my media keys, I bet23:37
BUGabundoX updates wher on Tue, Jan 26 2010 08:39:57 +000023:37
mzzoh well, I'll dig later23:38
BUGabundoI don't have those :\23:38
BUGabundomzz: if/when you file a bug, sub me to it23:38
mzzBUGabundo: actually I'm not sure anymore the media keys thing and the lack of autorepeat are the same bug23:39
BUGabundoill open one for me23:40
mzzsince (a) I'm not at all sure they started happening at the same time, and (b) those gnome-settings-daemon plugin load failures I have in .xsession-errors almost certainly explain the media keys, but not the autorepeat23:40
BUGabundoill file one in GSD23:40
BUGabundolet it be triage latter23:41
crimsunfresh login?23:41
crimsunI can confirm the behavior of non-repeat, but I haven't rebooted23:43
BUGabundocrimsun: I've rebooted this morning23:44
BUGabundoupdated 3 times today23:44
Viper1432got the same issue here for "repeat" keys.23:44
Viper1432and I have rebooted.  alpha2 latest updates on lappie.23:44
BUGabundocrimsun: mzz https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/51456223:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 514562 in gnome-settings-daemon "keyboard no longer repeats" [Undecided,New]23:45
mzzassuming that's actually in g-s-d, of course.23:45
crimsunI highly recommend using which-pkg-broke(1) in the future23:46
crimsun(in the debian-goodies binary package)23:46
BUGabundocrimsun: ?23:46
BUGabundoI need an example23:47
onetinsoldierBUGabundo: hello. are you wanting an example for that 'which-pkg-broke' command?23:54
BUGabundoYES :p23:54
onetinsoldierwhich-pkg-broke gnome-settings-daemon23:54
onetinsoldierthen it looks like it show when it's various dependency packages were installed23:55
BUGabundoThe program 'which-pkg-broke' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:23:55
onetinsoldiersudo aptitude install debian-goodies23:55
BUGabundo /usr/bin/which-pkg-broke:7: DeprecationWarning: The popen2 module is deprecated.  Use the subprocess module.23:56
onetinsoldieryeah.. i get that too23:56
mzzthat's completely ignorable, just means it's a little crufty.23:56
BUGabundothat's an HUGE LIST23:57

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