baldersHello, is there any readily available cross compile toolchains for arm?04:43
baldersi.e. I would like to be able to type something like... apt-get install arm-linux-gcc on my host system and get a recent (4.2 or newer) toolchain04:44
cooloneybalders: oh, there is no such deb package for apt-get install,04:47
cooloneybalders: but you can download it from Code Sourcery website04:47
cooloneybalders: we use their cross toolchains to build kernel just for testing04:47
baldersok, is the emdebain sources up to date or are they old?04:47
baldersdeb http://www.emdebian.org/debian/ lenny main04:48
cooloneybalders: did not tried emdebian toolchain before.04:48
cooloneybalders: for fsl-imx51 and mvl-dove, we are using 4.4 gcc now04:48
baldersok, what is fsl-imx51?04:49
cooloneybalders: freescale imx51 soc, fsl-imx51 is a branch of our lucid kernel tree04:49
baldersahh ok04:49
cooloneybalders: mvl-dove is marvell dove, which is also a branch of our lucid kernel tree04:49
cooloneybalders: ok, good luck, has to leave for lunch04:50
baldersthanks for the tip04:50
baldersI will check out the code sourcery toolchain04:50
ogracooloney, https://launchpad.net/~lool/+archive/ppa/+packages .... there is a cross compiler09:38
Spyzerhello, I am trying to load up precompiled gpe jffs image and the zimage kernel for arm versatile with the following command <qemu-system-arm -M versatilepb -kernel zImage -hda gpe-image-micro2440.jffs2 -append initrd="noinitrd"> and I get the error <VFS: Cannot open root device "<NULL>" or unkown-block(2,0)> I have no idea as to how am I supposed to boot the jffs image. Let me mention the fact that this gpe image has been compiled for ARM9 Micro2440 and 09:51
Spyzerany help would be greatly appreciated09:52
Spyzeranyone please09:58
Spyzeranyone please10:08
asacogra: bug 51421510:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 514215 in mono "mono ftbfs with thumb2 on armel" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51421510:34
ograah, good10:34
asaclets hope i can install all b-d10:36
asacon jocote10:36
ograwhy shouldnt you10:36
asacyou cannot remove packages ;)10:36
asacso if there is a package that conflicts10:36
ograIS can10:36
asacthen #is is needed10:36
asacapt-get build-dep doesnt work either ;)10:37
ograoh ?10:37
ograi thought it did10:37
asacno you have to manually do apt-get install ;)10:37
ograsudo apt-get install ... will now work inside the dchroots on the porter10:38
ograboxes, providing that nothing would be removed.10:38
ografrom lamonts mail10:38
ograthats not build-dep indeed10:38
asacjust inconvenient ... but not blocking ;)10:38
asacok lets see if that builds ;)10:55
asacslow slow slow the boat10:58
asacwonder if i really should have run debuild -S ... doesnt finish11:08
asachmm seems i am fighting with doko there ;)11:10
asacok aborted lintian ... thats just tooooo slow ;)11:19
ografighting with doko is never good11:22
asache is building gcc ;)11:22
asaci just want mono11:22
asacmost likely he is even using -j10011:23
ograunlikely, its an arm machine :)11:23
ogrado a local build11:23
ograor is your babbage already packed11:23
asacfighting with the rootfs from scratch11:23
ograwhats wrong ?11:24
asacsomehow the kernel .deb didnt get installed :(11:24
asacand initrd etc.11:24
ograno, thats deliberate11:24
asaci used --kernel-image11:24
ograit gerenates a "rootfs" not a complete image (yet)11:24
ograi should mark that as beagleboard only11:24
ograits from the beagle guys11:24
asacso you cannot create a usable image ;)11:25
ografor their kernel that doesnt use initramfs nor postinst11:25
ograit creates a rootfs11:25
ogranothing more11:25
asacright. so one cannot create a working image ;)11:25
ograkernel and initrd is usually completely board specific11:25
asacright. thats why i want to specify the .deb i want to run11:25
ograthe tool was written for boards we dont suppport :)11:25
asacyes, but installing an image is annoying. i want ubuntu-minimal11:26
asaci dont have any big storage11:26
ograinitially it wasnt inteded for boards for which we have images11:26
asacso all space counts11:26
ograalternate ;)11:26
asacalso i want everything on the same sd11:26
asacrootfs + bootfloppy11:26
ograso use redboot-install for the bootfloppy part11:26
ograthen cfdisk to create the second partition11:27
asacwell ;)11:27
asaci have the partition and stuff11:27
ograthen dump the rootfs onto the second partition11:27
asacwhat i really neded was a kernel11:27
ograright, buut you need to do the kernel stuff first11:27
asaccan i chroot into the mounted rootfs?11:27
ograthen create the rootfs partition11:27
ogranote its outdated11:28
ogra(i.e. kernel and initranfs need to come from elsewhere)11:28
ograand the config changes work better with redboot-cmdline now11:29
asacdo you have an up to date initram fs?11:29
asacetc. at ~ogra?11:30
ogrause your qemu chroot ;)11:30
asacwhy cant i chroot in to the rootfs?11:30
asacwith qemu?11:30
asacand then install the normal image?11:30
ograoh, indeed you should be able to even boot it from SD with qemu11:30
asacogra: how do i use that qemu chroot? i cannot chroot into it11:30
asaci mean ... the rootfs11:30
ograhuh ?11:30
asaci cannot chroot into it11:31
asacwhat command?11:31
ogramount your SD11:31
ograthe just chroot into it11:31
asacthat doesnt work ;)11:31
asaclet me try again11:31
ograit should11:31
ograat least if you have qemu-arm-static installed11:31
ograbinfmt should just switch the arch11:31
asacok me starts a new rootstock11:31
asaclost my other rootfs11:32
asacduring reboot (/tmp)11:32
ograqemu-arm-static makes no difference on SD or on local disk, it should always work to chroot into an arm root11:33
ograbtw, you could test my new redboot build while you're at it :)11:34
asacsure ;)11:35
asacanyway. i have the feeling that all the docs should be consolidated ;)11:36
asacits all spread apart ;)11:36
ograyes, they need updating11:36
asacand nothing on its own is as useful as it could be11:36
ograno, its all in the /ARM namespace11:36
asaci didnt find the babbageimagefromscratch one11:36
asacbut some other babbage thing ... which explained how to flash11:36
asacright. i will clean it up after going through it while i still see the problems with the docs11:37
asacogra: hwat is new?11:37
ograsecond hit if i search for babbage11:37
asacyes, but not if you search for rootfs ;)11:37
ograheh, indeed11:37
* ogra wonders where RootfsOnSDForBabbage comes from11:38
asachmm there is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootfsOnSDForBabbage11:38
asacthat wasnt there yesterday ;) ... at least for me11:38
ogralast change 2009-07-2011:39
ogracreated by dyfet11:39
ograBuildingBabbageRedBoot eek11:39
ograthat should vanish11:39
asacso it doesnt say anything about the kernel again11:39
ograpeople should use the packaged binaries11:39
asace.g. again one part missing ;)11:39
ograi'll update BabbageImageFromScratch soon11:40
ograand drop all the old jaunty cruft11:40
asacmaybe ...11:40
ograits linked everywhere i post babbage instructions11:40
asaci think what should really be done is that rootstock can produce images ... or we write a roothouse wrapper  that does that11:40
ograbut was written for jaunty and updated for karmic11:41
ograright, but rootstock creating full images is rathera L+1 task11:41
ografor now i'm happy if i switch to a plugin system and get the basics from the spec done11:41
ograbefore lucid releases :)11:42
asaci can write the UI if you dont have time ... that should be quick11:42
ograonce thats there its easy to write a kernel plugin specific to the board you build for11:42
ograyeah, lets sit down at the sprint for the UI11:42
asacright. pure C ;)11:42
ograthe changes i planned below UI are more elementar11:43
ograso these need to be in place first11:43
ograwe have a wonderful plugin system developed for ltsp-build-client which essentially does the same as rootstock11:43
ograi want to port rootstock to this11:43
asacsome build systems just dont get it11:44
ograthe plugin system in ltsp enabled it to be distro agnostic11:44
asacmono always reconfigures on debuild -nc11:44
asacafter a build failure11:44
ogramono is evil11:44
ograi maintained back in breezy and hoary11:44
asacthats a packaging bug11:44
ograand was really happy to get rid of it11:44
asacconfig.status should be honoured11:44
ograafter that the packaging was completely taken over by debian11:45
ograand they completely redidi everything11:45
ograi would have expected it to improve11:45
ograbut somehow that didnt happen11:45
asacas long as we can sync ;)11:45
ograas long as it doesnt ftbfs :)11:45
asachaha .. yeah. but this is thumb2 ;)11:46
ograhmm, for creating an initramfs inside a chroot for babbage we need to hack flash-kernel11:47
ograor divert it to /bin/true11:47
* ogra tries11:48
asacso after reboot qemu is broken again11:49
asacchroot: cannot run command `debootstrap/debootstrap': Exec format error11:49
ograrun the binfmt initscript11:49
ograand try again11:50
asacseems all this doesnt like different kernels11:50
ograi never had probs11:50
ograand in karmic i even switched between -generic and -pae all the time11:50
asacumount: /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc: not mounted11:50
asacupdate-binfmts: warning: Couldn't unmount the binfmt_misc filesystem from11:50
asaci think i didnt even switch kernel11:50
asacso guess its not related11:50
ograsmells buggy11:51
asacnow binfmt is mounted at least11:51
* asac runs again11:51
ograwe need to talk to cjwatson at the sprint about that11:51
ograand take a deep look at your system11:51
asacif it works everywhere but here, i wont bother too much. probably has something to do with the upstream/init stuff11:52
ograwell, do you run a different upstart than i ?11:52
asacnot that i know ;)11:52
asaci try to keep my fingers off from that11:52
ograwell, then it should cause this11:55
ograi could imagine a mountall bug or something11:55
ograthat still seems shaky11:55
asachmm. yeah11:55
asacbut i don really mount much11:55
ograbut umount: /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc: not mounted somehow indictaes that something went wrong with mounting the binfmt handler fs11:56
ograupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.31-603-imx5111:58
ogra/bin/grep: /proc/cpuinfo: No such file or directory11:58
ograasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/365144/12:02
ograsurely not complete but the initrd creation works12:04
ograand indeed you cant just use the chroot right away, there are a good bunch of config files missing and no user is created etc ... all the stuff rootstock does12:05
asacwell. i want to use the rootstock fs12:06
asacnot a manual chroot12:06
asaclets see ;)12:06
ograbut thate above could easily become a rootstock plugin later :)12:06
ograthe prob is that redboot-install needs to repartition the SD12:07
asacok unpacking the rootfs on sd12:07
ograbut to run it you need the initrd in advance12:07
ograso keep the tgz :)12:07
asaclets see what happens ;)12:07
ograrun the above in the chrooted SD12:07
ograor better tar the chrooted Sd up after running the above steps12:08
ograthen run redboot-install, create a new rootfs partition and untar it again12:08
asacso redboot-install will wipe all partitions?12:08
ograit needs to create a new MBR12:08
asaceven if its mounted?12:09
ograand a raw partiton12:09
ograno idea, i guess parted will complain anyway12:09
asacwill see12:09
ograits a bunch of parted and dd calls12:09
ograand fis12:09
asacso i rather should unpack the tgz on a host filesytem12:09
ograi should probably add a check that if the first parted call fails it exitst if it doesnt do that already12:10
asacnevermind ;)12:10
ograi havent looked at redboot-tools for quite a while12:10
ograbut i'll do that during the sprint12:10
asacok mono build continued long enough12:10
asaccreating diff12:10
asacand checking if there are any logical bugs ;)12:10
ograi plan to mostly do redboot, rootstock and powermanagement12:11
ograand at least one build of the uboot git tree to check it12:11
asacnah. lets do uboot after a312:11
ograwell, if its good enough i'D like to upgrade the poackage in the archive to the latest at least12:11
asacyou can do that after a3 ;)12:11
asacplenty of time12:12
ograto have a proper base in case we will need/use it later12:12
ograyes, indeed12:12
asaclets try to make release team happy by getting the still important specs done as good as possible12:12
ograuboot doesnt need to be sprint stuff ... but i'd like to check it before release12:12
asacand then do more after a3 without a blueprint ;)12:12
asacsure ... do that after a3 .. or even after beta1 .. depending how up-to-date we are12:12
asacthe mono package sucks12:13
asacdpkg-source: error:   old version is plain file12:13
asacdpkg-source: error: cannot represent change to mono-2.4.3+dfsg/libgc/config.guess:12:13
asacdpkg-source: error:   new version is symlink to /usr/share/automake-1.11/config.guess12:13
asacdpkg-source: error:   old version is plain file12:13
asacdpkg-source: error: cannot represent change to mono-2.4.3+dfsg/libgc/config.sub:12:13
asacdpkg-source: error:   new version is symlink to /usr/share/automake-1.11/config.sub12:13
asacdpkg-source: error:   old version is plain file12:13
asacdpkg-source: error: cannot represent change to mono-2.4.3+dfsg/libgc/install-sh:12:13
asactrying to produce sources of a half build tree12:13
asacso i can get the diff out of the debdiff12:13
asaccani tell debuild -S to ignore that?12:13
ograi dont think so12:14
asacif it was quilt i would have everything done by now :(12:14
ogradepends on the packaging system i guess ... there is that cdbs-autotools crap that re-copies these files from the system ... i think that also adds such a check12:14
asacthey dont use -c for autotools12:15
asacso it creates symlinks ;)12:15
ograbut it seems to use dh and autoconf, automake directly12:15
asacobviously ;)12:15
ograshould be possible to edit rules12:15
asacwell ... non of my business ;)12:16
asacjust want to get the diff :-P12:16
ograunless there is a debhelper module12:16
asacyou need to ask the dh7 fanatics ;)12:16
ograwell, dont make a debdiff, just make a diff :)12:16
loologra: I didn't break qemu-arm-static; it worked for me yesterday evening12:16
ograand then ping directhex12:16
ogralool, i was kidding :)12:16
loolI didn't do any repackaging recently; only FTBFS fixes12:16
ograi know you didnt break it12:17
ograwe all do :)12:17
ogralool, asac's machine soemhow doesnt properly set up binfmt on boot ... no issue with qemu-arm-static at all here12:17
asacyeah. we moved that in the "mountall" busted corner for now12:18
asachell. i feel like filing a serious bug against mono ;)12:18
asacmore and more autotools symlinks left over after clean12:18
asacdebian bug 52809012:20
ubot4Debian bug 528090 in mono-gac "mono-gac/mono-runtime: mini circular dependency hell" [Important,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/52809012:20
asacbug 53980712:21
asacdebian bug 53980712:21
ubot4Debian bug 539807 in mono "needlessly executable stack" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/53980712:21
asacand we have that in main?12:21
asaco reported by kees ;)12:22
ograeven on the CD12:23
asacogra: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-lucid-alpha-3.html ... seems the status shows up there12:26
asac"blocked on uboot bugs."12:26
asacmaybe i should maintain the status for the specs properly12:27
ograand we're below trend12:27
asacogra: hmm. i dont think that foreign can be discarded12:28
ograbut i still have three todo's on the list12:28
ografor that spec12:28
ograthe two bugs and the MIR12:28
asacalso ... we are posponing all the time ;)12:28
asaci am not sure what to do for the bugs12:28
asaclet me check12:28
ograwe need to somehow postpone these three too12:28
ograi think its because they are duplicated under "Work items lucid-alpha-3"12:29
ogradelete that section and we should be fine12:29
ograah, no, the bugs need to be unmilestoned12:30
ograand the INPROGRESS item needs to become POSTPONED12:30
ograthen they should be gone12:30
asacok another batch of symlinks removed from mono :(12:33
asacguess it would have been faster to copy the .h files i changed12:33
asacogra: i set to wont fix and milestone later for the main task now12:33
asaclets see12:33
ograif that works12:34
* ogra tries to find his ESTA number for his travel notes12:34
ograasac, i'll be at the vet. from 16:15 on, i might be to late for the release meeting (though trying to make it and indeed we're usually up at 17:30 anyway)12:37
asacJamieBennett: maybe here12:38
asacogra: thx for heads up. i will survive without you i guess ;)12:38
ograyeah, i guess i'm there anyway, but you never know12:38
asacogra: btw, NCommander said that dove X0 doesnt fix things :(12:38
ograhmm, ericm_ said something different12:38
ograwhen he tested at marvell directly12:39
ograhe was over there working with a marvell engineer12:39
asacright. but the news from yesterday came through NCommander but he said that that was new findings from ericm_12:39
asacanyway. dont panic ;)12:39
JamieBennettI'm here12:42
ograi never panic12:44
ograpeople just accuse me to12:44
loolasac, ogra: I think you guys asked for devtmpfs to be backported; could you tell me who told you that was the only way?  I'm interested in the rationale because I hit this too and I've filed a bug about this, but couldn't find yours13:29
loolAlso which kernel is this and why isn't it .32?13:29
asaclool: for fsl we go for .3113:33
asacthats where the backporting effort stems from13:33
asacpersia: did a website with the items13:34
asacguess we didnt open bugs13:34
loolasac: What was the rationale for the backport?13:56
loolThat it didn't boot with mountall/upstart13:57
asaclool: ogra requested it iirc14:09
asaclet me see if i can find the wiki14:10
ogralool, it did boot, it just boots 2 sec slower if the udev scripts are used instead of devtmpfs and initramfs's init spits out an error on boot14:20
ogralool, Bug 51232114:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 512321 in linux-mvl-dove "please backport devtmpfs to the lucid linux-imx51 kernel tree" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51232114:20
loolOh you're using an initramfs too14:21
loolThat's why it booted14:22
loolAh!  mknod /dev/console and /dev/null; exactly the problem I was hitting14:22
loolI'm pretty sure not having the devtmpfs slows down by much more than 2 seconds14:23
loolMAKEDEV on so many devices takes two seconds on my x86-64 laptop!!14:23
ograwell, 2sec was what i could measure on the babbage using a stopwatch14:23
loolIn qemu, it's more in the 20 seconds14:23
ograwas that your issue with the in-archive versatile kernel ?14:24
ograi.e. does it fix it ?14:24
ograwe should just enable it in versatile by default14:24
ograsince thats .32 there shouldnt be an issue14:24
loolI don't know what prevents the in-archive versatile kernel from booting; the biggest issue I have is that it lacks video output14:24
loolThe config for that is pl110 IIRC14:24
ograwell, i still havent tried it and i doubt i'll get to it today, but i'm planning a lot of rootstock work during the sprint so we'll get it sorted there14:25
* asac wonders if its worth adding a configure test for gcc intrinsics to mono ... or just use ith if __thumb__14:41
asac#ifdef __thumb__14:42
asacwhat arm/thumb asm reference is good?14:45
asacbug 51119715:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 511197 in busybox "fails to build on arm lucid (thumb2)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51119715:23
dmartasac: Take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Thumb2PortingHowto - I'm still writing it, so any comments on whether this is any use / what else we need are welcome.15:27
asacdmart: too bad you havent written the swp instructions yet ;)15:29
asaccould have checked if i did it right15:29
asacdmart: do you thin its worth hacking configure to check for gcc atomic builtins?15:30
asacor just __thumb__ ?15:30
dmartYou might be able to pull the atomic builtin check out of glib2.015:30
asachmm. yeah15:30
asacpatching configure is always annoying ;)15:31
asacpackaing wise ... but ok15:31
asacbug 45665915:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 456659 in linux-fsl-imx51 "suspend/resume failure on imx51" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45665915:36
ograwhy is that confirmed ... hrm15:38
ograoh, the bot reads the karmic info15:38
dmartasac: the main issue is people using tools which may not have the atomic builtins support (Debian possibly, and other 3rd parties).  I think pretty much everyone is on a new enough kernel these days (2.6.16?)15:41
asacplars: do you have the nautilus crasher at hand?15:43
asacthe bug id ;)15:43
asacchromiums awesome bar is not that great i have to say15:43
ogra Bug 51295915:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 512959 in gvfs "nautilus assert failure: *** stack smashing detected ***: nautilus terminated" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51295915:43
ograasac, did your imx SD experiment work ?15:43
asacdid i say yeah15:46
asacnot to that15:46
asaci didnt finish that yet :)15:46
ograi noticed the yeah came to fast to refer to that :)15:46
plarsasac: do you want me to go through and target all of those "port to thumb2" bugs?16:02
plarsasac: milestone them rather?16:02
ograhrm, my löaptop doesnt see its LCD panel anymore16:05
asacplars: good question16:05
ograonly the external monitor16:05
* ogra wonders if he should travel with his 24" screen now16:06
asacplars: i think so ...16:06
asacplars: i think we can mark the mono bug as a dupe16:06
plarsasac: are you talking about bug 514215 and bug 513736 ?16:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 514215 in mono "mono ftbfs with thumb2 on armel" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51421516:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 513736 in mono "[arm] needs porting to thumb2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51373616:08
asacplars: yeah16:10
asaci documented 514215 in the upload i was preparing16:10
asacbut i can use the other16:11
asacthough the other is now on release page16:11
plarsasac: ok, I'll milestone them all for A3 for now, we can push later if we need to but these might be a good thing to assign out to people and try to hammer them out next week16:11
plarsasac: np, I'll make 514215 the master and dup the other one to it16:12
=== dmart is now known as Guest81242
=== Guest81242 is now known as dmart
plarsasac: bug 51425216:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 514252 in qemu-kvm "[arm] (might) need porting to thumb2" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51425216:26
plarsasac: qemu-kvm? why are we even trying to build that on armel?16:26
ograplars, lool would like to sse it working and at some point when armel HW is powerful enough it might help with apps that cant be ported16:28
ograi.e. wine16:28
plarsogra: interesting, so we expect to maybe have kvm support on arm someday? that would be cool16:29
asachmm. not sure16:29
asacjust made the bugs from the review list16:29
asacfeel free to move that to medium or something16:29
ograi would have taken it off armel long ago but technically there is no actual reason to do so, lool is right here16:29
asacif its currently not runnig at all16:29
asacor even low16:29
ograplars, there are roumors about kvm being ported to armel but i have never actually seen any work on it16:29
ografor a start it would have to build even without kvm16:30
ograasac, plars, low feel appropriate16:30
* ogra tries to get used to his laptop kbd again16:31
ograhavent used that for a while16:31
dmartplars: Hi - SHouldn't we be cautious about marking the new Thumb-2 porting bugs as duplicates of existing bugs?  The new porting bugs are more general; I'm wondering if there's a risk if addressing only the more specific issues in the pre-existing bug and forgetting about the rest.16:49
dmartThe new porting bugs are not just about ftbfs; there are also some "may build but might not work properly" and some future proofing issues.16:49
plarsdmart: I copied over the information from the old bug to make sure that not only the ftbfs was addressed, but also the more general porting issues.16:50
plarsdmart: asac mentioned to me that he thought it was good to combine the two, perhaps it warrants further discussion though16:51
dmartOh, OK - that's fine.  I hadn't read everything yet, just saw the mails coming in.16:51
plarsdmart: yeah, sorry for the spamfest :)16:51
dmartYes, I think combining them is sensible16:51
dmartNo problem about the spam, I started this off anyway :)16:51
ograin cases where ftbfs can only be fixed to full porting work i guess it ok to merg such bugs16:53
dmartAnyone interested, please take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Thumb2PortingHowto and see whether it looks likely to be useful and understandable, whether it looks like there's anything missing (bearing in mind I'm still writing...)16:56
dmartWe can link this from the porting bugs (though I don't mind doing that later)16:56
asac_ogra: http://paste.ubuntu.com/365282/ :/17:24
=== asac_ is now known as asac
loolasac, ogra: Note that qemu-kvm is not only about kvm but also about qemu, and qemu builds on all arches in Debian17:51
asaclool: yes. what we found was arm code that wouldnt be thumb safe ... thats all. if you know thats used/not used, fix/invalidate the bug etc.17:57
asacalso unassign etc. ... whatever you think is ok ;)17:57
loolasac: Well I think it's a real bug that our Ubuntu qemu doesn't build on an official arch (armel) when it does in Debian; it didn't build in karmic either though18:03
asaclool: anything we can do there?18:04
asacremember that there was kind of a tie18:04
asacwith server team wanting something that breaks us18:04
loolI don't remember that18:05
loolI know we're not using the exact same upstream as Debian (qemu-kvm !- qemu)18:05
asacand that was done by server team, right?18:05
asacso thats what i remember ;)18:05
asacwhy didnt they add a second source package?18:06
loolWell my point stands: this program should build on armel, even if it's a slightly different branch18:06
asachmm. they did it seems18:06
loolqemu-kvm pulls fomr qemu regularly18:06
asacso we have it on ftbfs list?18:06
* asac checks18:06
asacok its not armel only18:07
asacthats probably why noone started on that18:07
loolI'm just explaining why it deserves to be tracked: it's a real bug and regression over Debian caused by the Ubuntu changes18:07
loolThe issues are wildly different depending on the arch18:07
asacok the build failure we have atm is atomics18:07
asacso covered by the thumb2 bug18:07
loolI looked at all Ubuntu arches in karmic and fixed the first issue of each arch, but there was at least one more issue on each arch after each fix18:08
* asac checks what broke karmic18:08
loolAnd each fix I applied was different18:08
loolThe current failure is earlier than the karmic one, so it's *another* regression on top of the karmic one, introduced by T218:08
asac/build/buildd/qemu-kvm-0.11.0/linux-user/elfload.c:289: error: conflicting types for 'elf_greg_t'18:08
asac/usr/include/sys/procfs.h:39: note: previous declaration of 'elf_greg_t' was here18:08
asac/build/buildd/qemu-kvm-0.11.0/linux-user/elfload.c:295: error: conflicting types for 'elf_gregset_t'18:08
asac/usr/include/sys/procfs.h:46: note: previous declaration of 'elf_gregset_t' was here18:08
asac/build/buildd/qemu-kvm-0.11.0/linux-user/elfload.c:1782: error: redefinition of 'struct elf_siginfo'18:08
asac/build/buildd/qemu-kvm-0.11.0/linux-user/elfload.c:1788: error: redefinition of 'struct elf_prstatus'18:09
asac/build/buildd/qemu-kvm-0.11.0/linux-user/elfload.c:1807: error: redefinition of 'struct elf_prpsinfo'18:09
asacis linux-user a copy of some other package/source ?18:09
loollinux-user is the qemu mode used in qemu-arm-static18:12
loolIt's the syscall emulation mode18:12
loolIt's copied during the build for all targets18:13
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