micahgfor the hugday,are we opening upstream tasks for the bugs?03:56
micahgjoshuahoover: ^^03:57
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arandI have an interesting "bug" where a fsck, on a messy unbootable / ext4, moved _everything_ to lost+found, how would I best go about reporting this?15:30
dholbachfinal day of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek starting in 22 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net (first up: "Writing Beautiful Code")15:38
LimCoreIm founding still this OpenPGP bugs in kmail.15:47
* kyubutsu notes: ubuntudeveloperweek. 20 minutes: start topic 'writing beautiful code'15:48
BUGabundo_remoteLimCore: bugs as in: IT DOESN'T FREAKING work ?15:49
LimCorebug as in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/51433815:49
ubot4LimCore: Error: This bug is private15:49
LimCorepublic now15:49
jpdsLimCore: Report it to kmail upstream at bugs.kde.org15:50
kyubutsukmail doesnt want to read gpg key here..  at least its listed in kgpg but i still had to use terminal to import my key15:53
LimCorekyubutsu: hmm. perhaps comment my bug the please15:53
kyubutsuit might be a different bug though, havent debugged it really15:54
LimCorealso gnome panel is buggy15:57
LimCoreit attempts to statart programs like firefoxfox15:57
LimCorewhich is really annoyingng15:57
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duanedesigncould someone set a bug to wishlist please. bug 50563217:07
ubot4Launchpad bug 505632 in couchdb-glib "Add support for views" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50563217:07
vishduanedesign: that is not an Ubuntu bug... :) its couch-glib upstream bug17:13
vishonly the maintainers can set the importance for that17:15
kklimondagood evening :)17:21
BUGabundo_remotehey buddy17:22
om26erIf a bug was reported against old netbook launcher( about its interface) and now that bug don't apply. so should it be marked invalid or won't fix?17:23
charlie-tcainvalid, if it doesn't apply to anything now17:24
om26ercharlie-tca, thank you17:24
charlie-tcawith comments about why17:24
om26ercharlie-tca, if it was marked medium should I also change it to undecided?17:25
charlie-tcanot needed to change importance17:26
charlie-tcaYou can just change status.17:26
vishcharlie-tca: wouldnt that be needed for the older release? [but if om26er had quoted the bug it would have been better to judge ;) ]17:27
charlie-tcaWouldn't what be needed?17:28
vishcharlie-tca: if the bug was reported about the old netbook launcher.. wouldnt it be valid for the older release17:28
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charlie-tcaDepends on what release, and whether or not the launcher is still usable. , thus the "if it doesn't apply to anything now"17:29
vishyeah , depends.. om26er usually  asks without mentioning bug.. [mysterious fella ;)]17:30
om26ervish, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netbook-launcher/+bug/26744817:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 267448 in netbook-launcher "Home folder in the right sidebar should sit just above Places folders (Documents, Music etc.)" [Medium,Invalid]17:31
vishmeh.. that is a very old bug :s17:33
om26ervish, so its fine ?17:35
vishom26er: i guess so , it was an old suggestion17:36
duanedesignvish: ahh, thank you for pointing that out. Me thinks i need another cup of coffee. :)17:46
bcurtiswxom26er: if i haven't done so already.  Thanks for all the triage you do with empathy :D i just took 215 bug-mails down to 150 with your help18:06
om26erbcurtiswx, I am happy to help18:07
bcurtiswxthats supposed to say 275.. not 215.. lol18:07
hggdhit was still a nice number18:08
mrandvery nice.  great job om26er!18:12
om26ermrand, thanks :)18:13
bcurtiswxom26er: is there a PPA for empathy to test in karmic?18:17
arand_I have an interesting "bug" where a fsck, on a messy unbootable / ext4, moved _everything_ to lost+found, how would I best go about reporting this?18:17
om26erbcurtiswx, yes.18:17
bcurtiswxom26er: and that is?18:18
om26erbcurtiswx, it has empathy 2.29.518:18
om26erbcurtiswx, i think I gave it to someone as I thought It had empathy 2.29.618:19
hggdharand_: probably to the kernel, linux18:20
bcurtiswxom26er: yeah I imagine they would update it to 2.29.6 if it was just released18:20
om26erthey updated the ppa to 2.29.6 for lucid only18:21
arand_hggdh: Yea, is there any info I would be able to extract from the kaputt filesystem or is it just kernel/ubuntu version, harddisk make, and that's it?18:22
hggdhbetter to run ubuntu-bug linux -- it will get all basic data for the kernel. Then make sure the fsck errors are in the uploaded data18:23
hggdharand_: ^18:23
arand_hggdh: the filesystem where all those data would be is gone, it is one big 5GB lost+found dir, nothing more. To run ubuntu-bug on correct kernel version I would have to fresh-install.18:25
hggdharand_: you reinstalled ubuntu after the error?18:26
arand_hggdh: no18:27
hggdhin other words -- what you lost was root, and everything was under root?18:27
arand_I had one ext4 partition that was "/" after errors and a fsck it is now a 5GB lost+found directory.18:30
hggdhOK. So you lost all logs, correct?18:31
arand_hggdh: yes (along with everything),  unless there is some way to find them in lost+found,18:32
hggdhdo you at least remeber what linux version you were running (full version string, down to the end)?18:33
arand_Yes, was the latest for jaunty, -1718:33
hggdhOK. Open a bug on Linux, state what happened, and the Linux version. Make sure you state you still have the lost+found with 5G of recovered files18:34
hggdharand_: I am sure there are some forensic tools available to parse the lost+found mess. Worst scenario is you can grep for some string you know will be in a certain type of file, and recover them this way18:35
hggdhNow I have to get to the airport, sorry18:35
arand_hggdh: Ok, will do, wanted to see if there was anything I could do to make the report more helpful.18:35
hggdhnot really, except combing the l+f for logs18:36
bcurtiswxom26er: instead of saying "do you face this", it's probably better to say "We are wondering if you have faced this issue anymore?"18:42
om26erbcurtiswx, ok sure18:43
kamusinCan anyone help me to reproduce this bug 494400 please19:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 494400 in gksu "Opening folder with nautilus-gksu change desktop wallpaper to root one" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49440019:27
bcurtiswxwhat package in launchpad is mission-control a part of19:37
bcurtiswxi can't find it19:37
vishcharlie-tca: hmm , ..  papercuts is only for apps in the default install , just a task to track usability fixes/problems... there isnt anyone who is actually fixing the bugs[someone from community has to fix them eventually]19:57
charlie-tcawhich one is that?20:19
vishcharlie-tca: i thought it was you, who added the papercuts task Bug 39850920:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 398509 in subcommander "html guide referenced in man page is not there" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39850920:21
charlie-tcaThat is usability (but I suppose, not in main)20:22
charlie-tcaI did do that. I just can't remember those things anymore, even for 5-10 minutes20:22
vishlol ... but yeah , if not in main install it is not included20:23
charlie-tcaWell.... I guess you should disapprove the papercut20:23
charlie-tcaor you want me to?20:23
vishjust wanted to mention it to you , you can do it too :)20:23
charlie-tcaIt just seems like such a simple thing, move docs from suggested to recommends20:24
vishcharlie-tca: we are lacking papercuts from xubuntu :(  .. you can nominate some bugs in the default which are design flaws20:25
charlie-tcaThank you for catching it20:25
charlie-tcaummm, all of xubuntu is universe20:25
vishwell , if its in the default install and a design flaw it doesnt matter20:26
charlie-tcaI will see if I can come up with any. Most of what we have is in the "hard to fix" category20:27
mr_pouit(and patches should be reported upstream)20:28
vishmr_pouit: they are ... :)20:29
mr_pouitthen that's fine20:29
arand_Just reported Bug #514498 , any pointers on improving the report (or logfiles to look for)?21:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 514498 in linux "whole filesystem lost to corruption " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51449821:35
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greg-gso, should I unsubscribe from bugcontrol? :)22:43
IncubussAnyone else not able to log into a guest session with Lucid (just left with a blank screen)?23:03
IncubussMore importantly, anyone else find that if they switch to a virtual terminal to kill X that everything you typed also went into wherever you last had focus? Such as pidign in my case...23:03
yofelIncubuss: you should ask that in #ubuntu+123:24
Incubussah, thanks23:25
Incubussnot really too sure how to go about reporting it correctly, slight shocked since my login details (inc password) were sent to the person I was talking to previously...23:26
BUGabundoneed package for keyboard repeat function in gnome23:40
BUGabundoits broken in lucid23:40
BUGabundoFYI https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/51456223:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 514562 in gnome-settings-daemon "keyboard no longer repeats" [Undecided,New]23:45

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