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ccheneyanyone know of any major issues with lucid? i am considering upgrading to it before going to the sprint next week02:50
ccheneyit looks suprisingly stable for an alpha release when i booted up off a usb stick02:51
* ccheney will upgrade and hope it works :)02:59
slangasekI know of several major issues with lucid, all of which are documented ;)03:03
ccheneyslangasek: major enough i should stick with karmic for main dev machine still?03:05
* ccheney looks through alpha 3 bugs03:05
ccheneyhmm there is an intel wifi bug but those are fairly common in general, heh03:07
ccheneyah nm i was looking at the wrong bug list03:07
slangasekccheney: nothing major enough that I'm stressing about it right now :)03:08
slangasekOTOH, I'm on Intel, so plymouth works for me03:08
ccheneyslangasek: ok yea me too03:16
ccheneyslangasek: it looks fine to me so far running off usb03:16
jcastroccheney: I am having wifi issues (I think we have the same laptop) but I am also suspecting by AP (ymmv etc.)03:59
ccheneyjcastro: ok04:02
ccheneyjcastro: is it just occasional or constant?04:02
ccheneyjcastro: it worked ok for the brief time i was running before i rebooted to back stuff up04:02
jcastroit's just real flaky, I only noticed it when I was prepping it for the sprint.04:02
jcastrodropped signal, long timeouts, etc.04:03
ccheneyoh hmm :-\04:05
jcastrobut again, I am suspecting my AP, I'll let you know on monday. :D04:06
ccheneywell i'll reinstall to lucid and see how it goes, heh04:06
ccheneywe may end up in the kernel room getting them to hound intel :)04:06
RAOFCan someone give ndesk-dbus a rebuild prod?  The sync initially failed to build (probably because one of its b-ds hadn't made it through NEW at that point); it builds fine now.05:57
pittiGood morning06:07
RAOFGood morning.06:09
pittiasac: should I remove the firefox-3.5 source package now?06:17
baaliI am getting this error on ubuntu 9.10 "chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': Exec format error", any hints?06:19
baalii have looked links on linuxqustion.org and ubuntu forum and not able to fix this06:20
RAOFCould be any number of things, and is probably not really on-topic for #ubuntu-devel - #ubuntu is the channel for support.06:23
RAOFOne obvious thing that springs to mind is whether you've built an amd64 chroot and are trying to run it from a 32bit kernel.06:24
HobbseeRAOF: prodded06:25
RAOFTa muchly.06:28
RAOFNow, let's boot this new kerenl & see if cowboylaputopu will actually enter a low-power state when I tell it to suspend.06:28
* mneptok falls asleep06:28
RAOFWith bonus check for xorg nouveau-autodetection patch correctness!06:30
didrocksgood morning07:56
dholbachgood morning08:02
dholbachpitti: do the special keys (xf86mail, xf86audioraisevolume, etc.) work for you in current lucid?08:14
pittidholbach: yes, they do08:22
pittidholbach: since I maintain the keymap tables, they better do :-P08:22
dholbachweird, for me they don't with current lucid08:24
dholbachXf86HomePage brings up nautilus08:24
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pittidholbach: and they did work in karmic? very strange08:25
dholbachyes, they still worked yesterday08:25
pittinow, udev didn't change at all08:25
pittiwe got a new kernel, though08:25
* dholbach has a look at apt log to find out what changed08:26
pittidholbach: I didn't test the hotkeys on my laptop today ete (it's docked); but on the mini they do work08:26
dholbachlet me reboot with the old kernel08:27
didrocksdholbach: same for me, it works08:27
pittis/ete/yet/, bah08:27
dholbachit's funny when the reboot/shutdown/logout indicator sometimes doesn't show anything :)08:28
dholbachok, same with the old kernel08:28
dholbachweird, I have no idea what could have changed that behaviour08:30
pittidholbach: you still have /lib/udev/rules.d/95-keymap.rules ?08:30
dholbachwhich gconf keys would override that somehow?08:32
dholbachthere was a gconf update, maybe something went funny there08:32
pittidholbach: you should first check that the generated keycodes are correct/wrong; /usr/share/doc/udev/README.keymap.txt08:33
dholbachpitti: so when I open the shortcut preferences and try to change them the Xf86Mail still shows up, when I press it08:33
pittii. e. find your keyboard device (findkeyboards) and then keymap -i08:33
pittidholbach: or use xev08:33
dholbachI guess the keycodes are fine, but yeah, let me check08:33
pittidholbach: is mail correct or wrong?08:34
pittidholbach: start with xev then08:34
dholbachit's what was in there before08:34
dholbachbut it doesn't start thunderbird for me08:34
dholbachsame goes for raise volume08:34
pittiah, then I blame seb12808:34
dholbachit just doesn't do anything08:34
pittidholbach: try in a guest session?08:35
dholbachpitti: you are a clever man08:35
dholbachI'll do that08:35
dholbachpitti: nope, they don't work at all there08:36
dholbachoh, the guest session is completely busticated08:36
dholbachI can't click anything in there08:36
dholbachthe mouse pointer moves, but that's it08:36
pittihm; FTR it doesn't work for me either; I just get a VT with a mouse cursor, and then I have to reboot08:38
pittisome weird plymouth/KMS/xorg problem08:38
dholbach** (gnome-settings-daemon:2833): WARNING **: /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon-2.0/libmedia-keys.so: undefined symbol: notify_notification_show08:38
dholbach** (gnome-settings-daemon:2833): WARNING **: Cannot load plugin 'Medientasten' since file '/usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon-2.0/libmedia-keys.so'08:38
dholbach cannot be read.08:38
dholbach** (gnome-settings-daemon:2833): WARNING **: Error activating plugin 'Medientasten'08:38
dholbach(gnome-settings-daemon:2833): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_propagate_error: assertion `src != NULL' failed08:39
dholbach(gnome-settings-daemon:2833): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_propagate_error: assertion `src != NULL' failed08:39
dholbach(polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1:2843): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: cannot register existing type `_PolkitError'08:39
dholbach(polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1:2843): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_once_init_leave: assertion `initialization_value != 0' failed08:39
dholbachthat's /tmp/guest-home.feqBK3/.xsession-errors08:39
pittioh, libmedia-keys.so? that seems relevant08:39
dholbachundefined symbol08:39
pittidholbach: ah, confirmed here08:39
* dholbach hears alarm bells ringing08:39
pittidholbach: just finished a dist-upgrade on the mini08:39
pittiitz gnome bug08:40
dholbachitz ugly08:40
dholbachdidrocks: ^ fix it!08:40
* dholbach hugs didrocks08:40
didrocksrohhhh ^^08:40
* didrocks hugs dholbach08:40
* dholbach gets another cup of coffee while didrocks fixes it08:41
didrocksdholbach: I'm sure you can live without it :p08:42
* didrocks just notices he didn't touch g-s-d contrary to other desktopers ;)08:42
pittiah, so that's why the key repetition is broken08:44
dholbachpitti: "I'm sure you can live without it :p"08:44
pittiI just reenabled them in the keyboard settings this morning08:48
asacpitti: sure. thanks!08:54
asac(ffox 3.5 removal)08:54
gesercould an archive admin please promote van.pydeb (python-van.pydeb) once again to main? it fell once again of it (see also bug #494104 for the last occurance)09:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 494104 in van.pydeb "[MIR] Promote "van.pydeb" back to main" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49410409:01
pittiasac: removed then09:02
pittigeser: sure, doing09:05
ograhrm, so the karmic->lucid upgrade stole my nodeadkeys setting09:41
ograhrm, even though according to the keyboard settings it is set to nodeadkeys09:42
ograaha, deleting the US layout (that wasnt there in karmic and i didnt select it) seems to fix my german setting09:43
ogravery weird and unintuitive09:43
vishogra: kernel 32-12 ?09:43
ograi dont think its anyhow related to the kernel but rather to gnome-settings-daemon or whatever handles the kbd settings atm09:44
vishk.. , i just noticed something weird with 32-12 update too , it turned off the keypress repeat settings :s09:44
vishah , maybe the gsd update did it09:45
ograworks here with -11 ... i'm just running an upgrade09:45
ogralets see if i still have it after thats done :)09:45
ogrammyy  kkbbdd  ddoouubblleess  eevveerryy  lleetttteerr  ii  ttyyppee  nnooww10:16
ograsseeeemmss  ttoo  bbee  rreessttrriicctteedd  ttoo  XX10:17
ograah, better10:18
ograso the key repetition sliders in the kbd settings both were completely moved to the left10:19
ograseb128, do you have a bug for that ? its scary !10:19
Tm_Togra: I was about to ask if you did wear thick gloves (:10:19
seb128ogra, dholbach reported an issue with the keybinding code not loading yes10:19
seb128ogra, but it just disable the gnome settings10:20
ograno, its the repetitionm10:20
seb128it doesn't double anything10:20
seb128you get what xorg do by default10:20
ogratake your kbd settings and move both sliders to the very left :)10:20
ograthats what i just had10:20
seb128well this code fails to load10:20
ograits g-s-d or whatever manages the kdb settings loosing its defaults10:21
seb128so the setting should not be revelant10:21
ograit surely didnt for me right now10:21
seb128well the gnome code crashes10:21
seb128so it's not setting anything10:21
ogramoving the sliders fixed it10:21
ograso it sets it at least *at some point*10:21
ogratry it10:21
seb128anyway I'm off to test the fix for that10:21
ograi can reproduce it by moving both sliders back10:22
seb128that will be quicker than discussing how the breakage break it for you10:22
seb128as said the code is crashing and I've a fix ready to test10:22
seb128I don't think discussing what side effect the crash has it useful10:22
seb128let's just fix it10:22
ograno, go ahead, i'll test the fix if its up+10:22
ograweird, i now have a "jack control" tool in my media menu ... and it has no close button on the wiondow10:33
EtienneGpitti, I suffer from bug #454487, and gnome-settings-daemon 2.28.1-0ubuntu3 has been uploaded to karmic-proposed to fix it.  Except, it's not there and I can't find it!  Have it been pulled?10:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 454487 in gnome-desktop "The program 'gnome-settings-daemon' received an X Window System error. During on a FreeNX server suring a session. The crash does not happen when xrandr plugin is disabled." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45448710:39
EtienneGseb128, maybe you would know about the above ... ?10:45
seb128EtienneG, let me look10:45
EtienneGseb128, I can see it at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-desktop/1:2.28.1-0ubuntu3, but it is neither in karmic-updates nor -proposed10:46
seb128EtienneG, it is in karmic-updates10:47
seb128EtienneG, apt-cache policy libgnome-desktop2-11?10:47
seb128EtienneG, apt-cache policy libgnome-desktop-2-11 rather10:48
EtienneGseb128, ok, I must have been confused, lemme check10:48
EtienneGseb128, ah, ok, got it, however, gnome-settings-daemon is still at 2.28.1-0ubuntu210:50
seb128that's a different source10:50
EtienneGand g-s-d is what I actually need :(10:50
seb128no reason for it to change version10:50
EtienneGah, ok10:50
seb128the bug was in gnome-desktop there10:50
seb128g-s-d uses the gnome-desktop library10:50
EtienneGI see10:50
EtienneGseb128, sorry for the confusion, and thanks a bunch for the help.  i think I am all set.10:51
seb128you're welcome10:51
seb128EtienneG, let me know if the update works for you or not10:51
seb128ie if it fixes your issue10:51
EtienneGseb128, yes, i will, although I will not be able to test for a while10:51
EtienneGseb128, the affected system is in a walled network, complicating update10:52
EtienneGseb128, I am waiting for the mirror and update infrastructure to get setup10:52
seb128in any case let us know if that's still an issue with the update when you get it10:53
EtienneGI was actually checking the status of all the bug i had to handle, and investigating that one.  Seems like the solution is just an update, which is good!10:53
EtienneGseb128, I sure will10:53
EtienneGseb128, and thanks again for the prompt response, much appreciated10:54
EtienneGespecially considering you guys must be insanely busy these days10:54
EtienneGwith travelling and stuff10:54
seb128travelling is tomorrow ;-)10:55
EtienneGI know, but packing and catch-up has to be today!10:55
EtienneGI am actually in Europe this week10:55
dupondjewhen get packages accepted that are in the lucid queue ? :)11:34
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doko_ccheney: updated the OOo patch in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.4/+bug/506358 again, please apply before the next try to build. Is the gsi export supposed to work? Afaicr we wanted to make this work for lucid12:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 506358 in gcc-4.4 "[armel] unable to find a register to spill in class 'GENERAL_REGS'" [High,Confirmed]12:39
doko_asac: ^^^ one chunk missed, hope that the only one12:39
asacdoko_: btw, the dove hang on pybootchartgui import in python wasnt fixed by updating python ... but by recreating the .pycs afterwards ... any clue why that could be?12:42
asacthought the .pycs dont have native information12:42
doko_no clue12:43
pittidoko_: should I just remove sun-java6 now? or file a bug about it?12:48
doko_pitti: from my point of view, yes.12:49
seb128dholbach, ogra: bug #514281 btw13:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514281 in gconf "lost gconf schema defaults" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51428113:24
seb128dholbach, ogra: that's your keyboard issue13:24
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pittifix uploaded now13:43
zulpitti: the fix for pastedeploy has been uploaded as well13:51
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ograseb128, bah, pitti broke the really funny description :P ... yeah looks identical14:22
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pittizul: ah, sweet14:34
pittiogra: it wasn't quite -- searchable14:34
zulpitti: ill go seed it if thats ok14:35
pittizul: sure14:35
ograpitti, but funny !14:35
pittizul: promoted14:36
zulpitti: thanks14:36
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loolHmm firefox doesn't start anymore for me14:43
loolis this a message that I should try chromium?14:44
loolStarts in safe mode though14:45
asaclool: greasemonkey package?14:46
asacremove that and install the .xpi from amo in profile14:47
sebnerdholbach: you sure the ice won't break in the near future? :P15:02
dholbachsebner: we'll see15:04
sebnerdholbach: heh, in elementary school we had a small pond and it was fun to slide over it .. until one broke in and was wet up until the hip :D15:05
dholbachyeah, I can imagine :)15:06
loolasac: Yup, I had greasemonkey installed; thanks15:09
dholbachpitti, seb128: thanks for working on those fixes!15:15
pittidholbach: does it work for you now?15:15
dholbachall good and happy again15:15
seb128dholbach, credit goes to pitti there15:16
seb128I just pointed him to the bug15:16
pittiwell, the blame goes to me as well, so that's only fair :)15:16
* seb128 hugs pitti15:16
pittiI just didn't want mvo to poke me all the way to Seattle tomorrow; it's hard to escape in a plane :)15:16
* mvo tries his best evil grin15:17
dholbachfinal day of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek starting in 22 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net (first up: "Writing Beautiful Code")15:39
geserdholbach: do you know if the source for http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/index.html is available somewhere?15:39
dholbachgeser: ^15:40
geserthanks, I want to try to add merge proposals to this list15:41
dholbachgeser: not sure that's going to work15:44
dholbachgeser: there's an open bug, let me find it15:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 411357 in launchpad-code "Please expose a method to get all merge proposals that a person has been asked to review in the API" [Medium,Triaged]15:45
dholbachgeser: that was the reason why I ported it from lpbugs to lplib in the first place :)15:45
dholbachbut if you know something I don't and can fix it, that'd be cool :-D15:45
* dholbach hugs geser15:45
geserdholbach: https://edge.launchpad.net/+apidoc/#team lists a getMergeProposals() method15:45
dholbachgeser: I think that's merge proposals made by the team or somtehing else which doesn'T make sense15:46
geserah, the other way around :(15:46
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ograapw, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/osiris-lucid-20100128-2.png desktop is up when IO stops (not at the falsely set red line)16:20
cjwatsonslangasek: BTW, re bug 506717 and your comment there about vga= - vga= is implemented by the 16-bit boot protocol in Linux, and since 9.10 grub2 bypasses that and uses the 32-bit boot protocol by default, so this stuff only works with gfxpayload instead16:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506717 in plymouth "[Lucid] plymouth does not display when using nvidia drivers" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50671716:21
cjwatsonslangasek: however gfxpayload requires something in the kernel to actually deal with displaying text when video starts up (from its POV) in a non-VGA mode ...16:21
slangasekoh, hmm16:22
cjwatsonyou *can* force grub2 to use the 16-bit bp by editing /etc/grub.d/10_linux to use linux16/initrd16 commands instead of linux/initrd16:23
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robbiewpitti: can we use "DROPPED" as a work item status yet?  /me hasn't been keeping up...apologies.16:56
pittirobbiew: I apologize likewise; sorry, no time to work on that yet16:56
robbiewno worries16:56
robbiewI understand ;)16:56
pittirobbiew: well, I can add the alias really quickly16:56
robbiewit's no real rush16:57
pittirobbiew: but the "postponed to lucid-3" magic will need more time16:57
robbiewpitti: ack16:58
pittirobbiew: done16:58
pittirobbiew: i. e. you can use "dropped" now, with same behaviour as "postponed"16:58
pittibut it might look nicer in the charts16:58
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ScottKasac: Bug #51440417:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514404 in python-qt4 "python-qt4 FTBFS on armel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51440417:09
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ccheneydoko_: yea, it seems to have broken between 3.1.1 and 3.2.017:42
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crimsunhmm, we can't pass uids to su, correct?  (e.g., sudo -u #foo)18:38
crimsunthe man page at least implies that, but I could have sworn su allowed that.  I guess it's my cruddy memory.18:39
alkisgcrimsun: `su -c whoami username`  ?18:44
crimsunwhoami returns the username, though18:45
slangasekthat's what you want18:45
slangasekyou want something that /takes/ the uid and /returns/ the username, that you can pass to su :)18:46
slangasek(which whoami doesn't do, since it also only takes names as argumenst)18:46
alkisgsu -c 'cd ~; pwd' angelos18:46
alkisgJust an example...18:46
tlyugrep :$targetuid: /etc/passwd18:46
slangasekalkisg: no18:46
* alkisg didn't see all the convo...18:47
slangasekcrimsun: you want su $(getent passwd $uid | cut -f1 -d:)18:47
slangasektlyu: also no; fails badly for other NSS backends18:47
crimsunslangasek: excellent, thanks. (BTW, this is to fix #498980)18:48
slangasekcrimsun: I'm aware ;)18:49
jpdsI wonder why 'sudo -u 1000 whoami' doesn't work.18:50
crimsunjpds: you need to use -u #100018:51
slangasekjpds: because a) using sudo for this is wrong, b) the entire point of the question is that you have a uid and you want to convert it to an argument you can pass to su18:51
slangasekso doing sudo to get the argument to pass to su would be doubly wrong ;)18:52
jpdscrimsun: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/365332/18:53
jpdsslangasek: Just reading what the manpage says. :)18:53
tlyujpds: try quoting the "#"?18:53
ari-tczewwrrrrrr, any sponsor will work on merges for main before FFe?19:18
asacdirecthex: mono expert? any idea about: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/38535766/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-armel.mono_2.4.3%2Bdfsg-1ubuntu1~asac1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?19:24
directhexasac, fails on arm only?19:26
asacdirecthex: yes. i fixed the real build failure ... now i am getting this kind of crack ;)19:27
asaccan i run make VERBOSE=1 or something to give a more verbose command line for the MSC?19:28
directhexasac, erm... odd. 2.4.3+dfsg-1 built okay on arm on sid.19:28
directhexasac, well, it's claiming a bunch of source files are missing. that's about as verbose as it gets really19:29
ogradirecthex, arm on sid is in no way optimized for anything :)19:29
asacyes. the build failure we got in archive is really because we are building for armv7 ... but that fixed (and i doubt that this is causing this)19:29
asacwhere are those .cs things supposed to come from?19:29
asacSerializationCallbacks.cs etc.?19:29
asacdirecthex: ?19:29
ogradirecthex, we build ARMv7 with Thumb2 and NEON (where possible) thats far advanced beyond what debian does ... but narrows the supported HW19:29
asacthats more info than he needs ;)19:30
ogradirecthex, sadly it exposes code problems where things are hardcoded that shouldnt be, like the issue asac initially fixed19:30
ograasac, i just get tired to hear "but it built on sid" form people ... so i like to explain there is a big difference :)19:31
asacso i have19:31
asacogra: yeah. ok19:31
directhexasac, the list of files to build is in /mcs/class/corlib/corlib.dll.sources19:31
asacthats in the source19:31
asacthats in there19:32
directhexasac, is there a porter box running the same hardware platform i can tinker with?19:32
ogradirecthex, yes19:32
asacdirecthex: i can run commands for you19:32
directhexor an easy way to build a qemu environment19:32
ogradirecthex, sadly mono is the one thing that doesnt work in qemu :(19:33
* ogra would love to solve that but doesnt knoe how19:33
asacdirecthex: can i enable verbose biulding somehow? i would really like to see what the MCS line is19:33
directhexasac, i'll ask19:33
asacmake VERBOSE=1 or something19:34
ogracould it be that there is just missing a path entry ?19:34
asacright. i assume there is something missing/wrong on the MCS command line19:34
asacbut we dont see that ;)19:34
directhexogra, i don't see what would differ on ARM on ubuntu compared to the rest, as far as that's concerned19:35
ogradirecthex, you mean wrt qemu ?19:35
ograor wrt our build flags19:35
directhexogra, i mean causing the MCS error asac is seeing19:35
directhexCS2001 is a very odd thing to see19:36
ograwell, he changed the code to not use some embedded assmebler and use gcc atomics instead19:36
asacdirecthex: this is a second build run ... what is that about?19:36
ograthat could indeed change behavior and need further changes19:36
asachaving VERBOSE would be nice ;)19:37
directhexasac, the second run is to run the full test suite. we brought that change in to, um, spot errors on arm19:37
directhex<rolf|bbl> directhex: make V=119:37
directhex<rolf|bbl> I think ;-)19:37
asacogra: i doub tit ... either i did it wrong or right19:37
asacDreamThief: thx19:37
asacdirecthex: ^19:37
* asac runsit19:37
* directhex steals some dreams19:37
directhexbuild/rules.make:Q_MCS=$(if $(V),,@echo "MCS     [$(PROFILE)] $(notdir $(@))";)19:38
directhexyes, i think V is it19:38
directhex(ARGH AUTOMAKE)19:39
directhexasac, can i see your arm fix btw? might upstream be interested?19:39
asacdirecthex: yes. upstream might want that... but first it needs to work ;)19:39
asacdirecthex: its in my armel1 ppa19:40
asacbut i can give you the patch cat debian/patches/mono-arm-thumb2-ftbfs.dpatch | pastebinit19:40
asaccat debian/patches/mono-arm-thumb2-ftbfs.dpatch | pastebinit19:40
asacits not a perfect fix... would require configure.in patching and check19:40
asacfor gcc atomics19:40
asacdirecthex: do you see that the comment  properly specifies the search path somewhere?19:42
asachttp://paste.ubuntu.com/365373/ <- here19:42
ograasac, did you check corlib.dll.sources proably there is a path variable in front of the files thats not set ?19:42
asacall relative it seems19:43
directhexall relative19:43
asacquestinon is to what ;)19:43
directhex@filename is used instead of a big list of crap on the command line19:43
asacto MONO_PATH?19:43
directhexwhat's interesting here is there are 433 "missing" files but it's passed a list of 145319:46
asacmaybe it just stops after X files complaining?19:46
asacor are there leaps?19:46
directhexit's stopping after 1020 lines19:47
directhexanything after System.Runtime.Serialization/SerializationBinder.cs19:47
directhexi find that interesting19:48
asacwhat does that mean?19:50
directhexi think it's for bootstrapping a new version of a lib with an old version of itself19:51
asacso specifying one of those files manually doesnt complain about it missing19:52
directhexin general though, i think people in gimpnet #monodev are likely to be far more knowledgeable than me19:52
asacdont think will get to it today ... should go to bed for a strong travel date tomorrow19:53
directhex<vargaz> the problem with armv7 is that I can't even test it, cause qemu doesn't support it.20:02
ogradirecthex, our qemu does20:04
ogradirecthex, at least in usermode20:04
directhexogra, but not for mono?20:04
ogradirecthex, right20:05
ogradirecthex, it angs hard when isntalling the assmeblies20:05
directhexogra, well, that could be a bug too?20:05
directhexogra, is armv7 support patched into ubuntu?20:06
ogramore likely in qemu though20:06
directhexor is it in upstream qemu>?20:06
ogramono works fine on real HW20:06
ogradirecthex, apt-get install qemu-arm-static; sudo build-arm-chroot ...20:06
ograogra@osiris:/var/build$ LANG=C sudo chroot lucid-test/20:06
ograroot@osiris:/# uname -m20:06
ogradirecthex, feel free to play with it20:07
ograbuild-arm-chroot takes exactly all argument debootstrap takes and creates you an arm chroot you can just use (thanks to binfmt)20:07
asacmono might take a bit to build there though20:08
asac(at least as long as native)20:08
ogralonger i guess20:08
asacfor chromium it was smilar slow ... both took forever20:08
ograok, if the criteria is "forever" then it might be faster even :P20:08
directhexasac still exists? i thoguht you went to bed20:08
* ogra bets he will meet a very tired asac on the plane tomorrow ... because he cant manage to sleep before he fixed that 20:09
directhexasac, basically, vargaz is eager to help, and he's the high overfiend of the runtime... so it's down to getting a testable encironment20:09
directhexogra, is qemu-arm-static from lucid needed?20:10
asacdirecthex: most likely. but maybe it works in a lucid chroot (ogra knows)20:10
ogratry the karmic one, but i think thats only v620:10
asacogra: haha. you are wrong. i cant sleep because i have to get up when i usually get to bed ;)20:10
ograi still havent packed ... i should probably start at some point :)20:11
ograthough my train only goes at 6:1520:11
asaclucky you20:11
asacin wonder if i relaly need to be at airport earlier than 2h ahead ... i really doubt that20:11
ograsurely not for the inner german flight20:12
asacits the same security in hamburg20:12
ograyou will have to be in FFM 2h early20:12
asacand usually even 1.5h ahead was far too early20:12
asacon sat morning ;)20:13
ogragod that freenode stuff makes me mad20:18
asacdoes that mean anything else?20:18
asacthe +r ?20:18
directhexasac, is there any way to get access to an ubuntuish arm box with the same odd cpu for someone at novell to look at? afaik he's using a sheevaplug usually to test linux/arm20:18
* ogra has to manually log in to each and every channel ... and to log out from half of them to even change nick 20:19
asacdirecthex: someone from the team might be able to provide access20:19
directhexogra,  AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! is a fun game20:19
asacnot on the porter boxes20:19
asacthe qemu thing mentioned by ogra is good20:19
ograyeah, if only mono would work :(20:19
directhexasac, the qemu thing emulates the same type of cpu?20:20
asac[pid 13649] open("System.Collections.Generic/Comparer.cs", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 EMFILE (Too many open files)20:20
asac[pid 13649] getcwd("/home/asac/mono/mono-2.4.3+dfsg/mcs/class/corlib", 261) = 4920:20
asac[pid 13649] write(2, "error CS2001: Source file `Syste"..., 85error CS2001: Source file `System.Collections.Generic/Comparer.cs' could not be found) = 8520:20
directhexasac, i wondered20:20
asac[pid 13649] write(2, "\n", 120:20
asac)           = 120:21
asactoo many open files ;)20:21
asacthat explains it20:21
directhexi knew 1020 was a significant number20:21
directhexoh for fecks sake... ulimit?20:21
directhexjeebus, man! fix0r that!20:21
* asac is on it20:22
asacogra: ^^20:22
asacsee #is20:23
ograyes, i see it20:23
ogracant, i'm not in #is atm20:23
ograi thought the open files value would be raised automatically by the kernel20:23
asacon pegatron?20:23
asacits some kernel we dont know anything about ... so even if your theory is right, i wouldnt be shocked if it didnt work there20:24
asacwhere are my root powers :(20:25
asacdirecthex: anyway to do that in two chunks?20:25
asaclike catting all files together ;)20:26
ograisnt lamont around to raise the ulimit ?20:26
asacogra: lagger ;)20:29
asacno answer yet20:29
asactoo bad that it failed in my native ppa too20:30
asacotherwise there would have been hope :)20:30
ograhe might be in travel prepartion too20:31
ograor even in the air20:31
asaci doubt it20:32
asacogra: you are right . arrival= today20:32
ograhe is supposed to arrive toda20:32
ograindeed, i looked before speaking ;)20:32
asacis there any backup for him?20:32
ograno idea20:33
ograping the channel20:33
ograand hope for a reply ;)20:33
wind-ridercan i ask a question about how packages depend on each other here?20:33
ograwind-rider, #ubuntu-motu would probably be better for that20:33
wind-riderogra: ok20:34
directhexasac, the build system is already freaky enough... raising ulimit is the sensible thing to do20:36
ograasac, tesbuil on your babbage ?20:36
asacdirecthex: was that done in a different way before?20:44
asacwonder why it built in karmic20:44
asacogra: packed up ... and sd card isnt ready ;) ...20:44
asaci am quite sure its only this20:45
ograwell, mine is packed up as well ...20:45
directhexasac, there are very very few differences from karmic. mono in lucid is a bugfix release in the same branch20:45
ogramy HW is the only stuff i have readily packed ....20:45
ograwho needs undrewear20:45
asacdirecthex: right. but that compile line? maybe it was broken in multiple files?20:46
directhexasac, doubtful. change in the buildd's limits.conf ?20:46
directhexwait, 1024 is what i have here? @_@20:47
asacor mcs now keeps files open longer for speed up etc?20:47
directhex1453 mono-
directhexyeah, maybe resource leakage20:48
ograas i said, usually the limit is automatically raised by the kernel20:49
ograbut that kernel on the arm buildds is odd20:49
directhexoh... kernel weirdness then?20:49
ogranot sure20:50
ograi guess we need to verify on a proper lucid system20:50
ograwhich we currently all have teared down20:50
ografor traveling20:50
asacwell. we know that it happens on jocote and on one native arm builder20:56
ograoh, did you upload already ?20:59
ograah, p3a20:59
asacyes. maybe i will upload and drop a line to lamont asking to give it back when he is done21:03
=== arand_ is now known as arand
ScottKslangasek: Would you have a moment to look at the proposed fix in bug 508073 .  It's an important fix for Kubuntu, but I'm totally unfamiliar with the package.21:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 508073 in acpid "pressing power button in kde shuts down computer immediately" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50807321:50
slangasekScottK: oh, yes; have looked at the fix, it's correct, apologies for the broken upload22:14
ScottKslangasek: Cool.  Will you please sponsor.  I'm just running out the door.22:14
slangasekyes, will do22:14
=== nxvl_ is now known as nxvl
mr_pouitmathiaz: mmh, you mean, completely delete server & server-ship?22:36
mathiazmr_pouit: yes22:36
mr_pouitI only dropped 'nis' from both22:36
mr_pouitah ok22:36
mr_pouitI'll do this then22:36
mathiazmr_pouit: IIUC these files are there because xubuntu seeds were branched from the ubuntu.seeds22:36
mathiazmr_pouit: and thus server and server-ship have been around since then22:37
mathiazmr_pouit: I don't think that there is a xubuntu server version?22:37
mr_pouitbut Im' not sure. Isn't ship used for the alternate iso?22:38
mathiazmr_pouit: well - is there an alternate xubuntu image?22:38
mathiazmr_pouit: I'm refering to *server* and *server-ship*22:39
mr_pouitah, ok. There's no 'server' file, that's why I was confused ^^22:39
mr_pouitokay, only server-ship22:39
mr_pouitI'll drop it22:39
mathiazmr_pouit: great thanks22:40
mr_pouitI guess all the *-server can go as well?22:40
crimsunmathiaz: do you plan to push your alsa-driver changes to bzr?22:41
mathiazcrimsun: hm - I thought I did22:41
mathiazcrimsun: arghh - different rich root support22:42
mathiazcrimsun: that's why I can push back to lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/alsa-driver/ubuntu.new/22:43
mathiazcrimsun: *cannot*22:43
crimsunmathiaz: hmm, okay22:44
mathiazcrimsun: let me fix that22:44
mr_pouitbzr is so inefficient with its 2343874638746 formats :}22:44
mathiazcrimsun: there - done22:48
crimsunmathiaz: thanks!22:49
Incubussanyone willing to test a bug for me? I'm running Alpha 2 and tried to log into a guest session but it didn't work and left me with a blank screen (thats not the bug though)22:57
Incubussso I hit atrl + alt + F1 and logged in and restarted X22:57
Incubusswhen I came back found that everything I had typed had been sent over pidgin to the last person I was talking to...22:58
ccheneyfsck it appears win7 ate my system23:59
ccheneyit messed with the partition table and now i can't boot the system properly23:59
ccheneyer into lucid at all really it appears to just hang23:59

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