MyrttiI guess I don't have to mention anything this time09:55
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m4vstrange that there are no links this time..15:08
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uBOTu-frAnnouncement from my owner (niko): shutdown in 3h21:37
m4verUSUL: are you opposed to Guadalinex using #ubuntu-es as default? seems fine imo, their channel is always empty.22:23
erUSULm4v: no problem22:25
erUSULm4v: i suspect we will have to forward all of them to offtopic but that's life ;)22:25
m4vI'll have to create a factoid with their forum for direct users for things we can't help (the soft they coded and that citizen stuff)22:27
m4verUSUL: forward them to offtopic?22:28
m4vyou mean if they are 10 years old kids? :P22:28
erUSULgiven the past behavior of people coming from guadalinex i'm afraid they try irc no to get help but to "try out" or knw people ;)22:29
Myrttiyou don't need to say it's ok for them to come there, y'know22:30
Myrtti"no, use your own channel"22:30
Myrttiof course it's up to you22:32
m4vI sort of hope they aren't all like erUSUL suspects, maybe we can get some helpers, also, the distro isn't too different that Ubuntu other than being one release behind22:33
Myrttihope springs eternal ;-)22:34
erUSULit's ok i guess not that they are such a problem after all. the activity of the past days seems to have calm down the shiny toy is not that shiny anymore or they found they can use msn instad of that irc thing22:34
m4vI thought the activity calmed down because they were all banned..22:38
Myrttiyeah, couple ips are indeed banned *blush*22:38
Myrttiand the realname22:38
erUSUL0 - #ubuntu: ban *guadalinex* [by Pici!n=Pici@ubuntu/member/pdpc.professional.pici, 106405 secs ago]22:38
erUSULok that explains a few things22:39
m4vmaybe we can ask to use both #ubuntu-es and #guadalinex22:45
m4vbut I don't think that channel will win any critical mass22:46

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