slytherinTheMuso: apw: Is there any particular reason why bug 506546 is still not fixed?08:51
ubot3Malone bug 506546 in linux-ports-meta "Bump version for karmic-security" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50654608:51
smbslytherin, The reason is that security is currently in progress08:51
smbIt will be fixed when all other images get updated08:52
slytherinsmb: What all other images?08:52
slytherinCan you please point me to the latest upload for karmic-security?08:53
smbthe non-ports08:53
smbslytherin, Not yet as it is not ou yet08:53
smbWe are talking about the security upload to come08:53
slytherinOk. But the last security release has been out for quite a while. So shouldn't this version bump be processed anyway? Otherwise those using ports are using less-secure kernels.08:54
apwslytherin, yes that should have been yes.  we have tightened up proceedures to make it occur from the next one on08:54
apwi think in part in response to your prodding08:55
smbCorrect, as there was a security release immediate it sounded like the quicker thing08:56
slytherinOk. If the security release is just a few days away then that is fine.08:56
smbIts going through some final test now and should be there soon08:56
slytherinoh, that's ok then.08:57
slytherinthanks for all the info08:57
smbslytherin, np, thanks for bringing that up. it has been a gap in the process08:59
* apw does the admin dance on the bug10:14
aboganismb: Are you around?13:38
smbabogani, yeah, at least physically13:39
aboganismb: :-)13:39
aboganismb: About karmic: 31.12 is already included into 18.55?13:40
smbabogani, No, that is still waiting for security. -18.55 is up to 31.913:40
aboganismb: Ok. How can understand when 31.12 will be shipped with Karmic? $(head Makefile | grep EXTRAVERSION) is still valid?13:42
smbabogani, Yes, that still gets updated when we pull in the upstream stable releases.13:42
aboganismb: Thanks Stefan.13:43
smbabogani, You're welcome :)13:43
bigcx2hey all, i'm not sure if this is the right outlet for my question...15:32
bigcx2i'm trying to install karmic on a intel atom (ich7) chipset15:32
bigcx2but i can't get my ethernet driver (e100) working properly15:32
bigcx2it says in dmesg that it's correctly up and given an irq15:33
bigcx2but that irq is never listed in /proc/interrupts?15:33
bigcx2so dhclient says "resource temporarily unavailable"15:33
bigcx2i've tried enabling PnP in my bios to no avail15:34
bigcx2i haven't found anyone else out there that has a problem with this chipset15:34
bigcx2does anybody have any suggestions? this almost seems like a bug, but i guess i figured someone else would have run into it by now15:35
Kanohi, did you see
bigcx2Kano: are you asking me?15:49
Kanoanybody who updates lucid15:50
bigcx2Kano: sorry, thought you were referring to my question15:52
Kanono idea what your question was15:53
bigcx2nm you just joined!15:53
zulogasawara: ping 19:41
Solariondoes Karmic have ATA TRIM support?20:54
crimsunSolarion: no22:21
crimsunSolarion: you need to track 2.6.33 if you want features of that ilk (noting also that Linus tagged 2.6.33-rc6 recently)22:23
DanaGhmm, are the mainline builds supposed to have "staging" dir entirely disabled?22:55
crimsunDanaG: the best course of action is to file a bug and ask on kernel-team@22:55
mirsalogasawara, ping23:11

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