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doctormopleia2: what's that website you use to choose dates and time for meetings?01:10
doctormopleia2: I can't figure out how to use the website01:12
pleia2hang on, on a call01:13
cprofittdoctormo: you there?02:13
* pleia2 on marathon conference call02:17
cprofittpleia2: -- when off just hollar02:19
pleia2will do :)02:22
doctormocprofitt: yes02:28
cprofitthey doctormo I am looking for a suggestion02:28
cprofittwhich course, of yours, would transfer well to Moodle?02:28
doctormocprofitt: The command line basics or the computer hardware would go well.02:29
cprofittdo you have links so I can check them out?02:29
doctormoUbuntu Wiki02:33
doctormo    * Logged in as doctormo02:33
doctormo    * Log Out02:33
doctormo    * Ubuntu02:33
doctormo    * Community02:33
doctormo    * Support02:33
doctormo    * Partners02:33
doctormo    * Wiki02:33
doctormo    * Planet02:34
doctormo    * Ubuntu Team Wiki02:34
doctormo    * Lernid/Session Leaders02:34
doctormo    * humphreybc02:34
doctormo    * Marketing02:34
doctormo    * SystemAdminTopics02:34
doctormo    * User Preferences02:34
doctormo    * Find Page02:34
doctormo    * Edit02:34
doctormo    * Comments02:34
doctormo    * Info02:34
doctormo    * Subscribe02:34
doctormo    * Add Link02:34
doctormo    * Attachments02:34
doctormo    *02:34
doctormo    * Learning/SystemAdminTopics02:34
doctormodamn sorry02:34
doctormoI tried to paste a link and instead it pasted the entire header of the page02:34
cprofittis that one?02:35
doctormoans the "local computer" one02:35
pleia2I am putting the local computer one into bzr02:36
pleia2then I think moodle02:36
cprofittok... I will take a look at the command line then02:36
doctormopleia2: great02:36
pleia2ran the script to create the structure in bzr last night, started filling in the easy bits to my branch02:37
doctormopleia2: That's fantastic, let me know how you get on.02:58
pleia2ok, finally off the phone!03:12
pleia2I'm writing a CourseAssignment page to describe how people select courses for assignment03:39
pleia2now hopefully I won't need to explain it again :)03:55
doctormopleia2: Your a command line goddess right? I need to somehow check if a PROJECTS= exists in /etc/xdg/user-dirs.defaults and then add a line to it if it doesn't.13:31
pleia2I'd just use grep13:32
pleia2then perl13:32
doctormopleia2: Doesn't it require the use of a bash if statement?13:32
cprofittdoc -- what development environment do you use?13:32
doctormoI'll be honest, I'm not very good with bash if statements13:33
doctormocprofitt: gnome-terminal + vim13:33
pleia2doctormo: I'm on the phone with a client, give me 10min and I'll have something for you :)13:33
cprofittso how do you make your GUI elements?13:33
cprofittdoctormo: how do you make your GUI elements?13:43
pleia2if ! grep -q '^PROJECTS=' /etc/xdg/user-dirs.defaults; then echo 'PROJECTS=blahblah' >> /etc/xdg/user-dirs.defaults13:43
pleia2I'd do a line break between "then" and "echo"13:44
pleia2silly irssi paste13:44
pleia2so - if a line starting with "PROJECTS=" doesn't exist, it appends a "PROJECTS=blahblah" line to the end of the file13:44
doctormoWow it's laundry mountin time today.13:49
doctormoThanks pleia2!13:49
pleia2sure thing13:49
doctormocprofitt: Oh I use glade-3 with gtkBuilder13:49
cprofittthanks... I finally trying to get started with programming13:50
cprofittbut figuring out which tools I want to use has been frustrating13:50
cprofittit is not as 'easy' as using Visual Studio ... though I suspect when I finally get everything set I will be more rewarded (personal)13:51
doctormocprofitt: I've used Vidual Studio, so I can give you a comparison, I've also used Eclipse.13:52
cprofitta comparison would be great.13:52
cprofittEclipse seemed FUBAR in Ubuntu13:52
cprofittunless I wanted to do Java13:52
doctormoEclipse has no maintainer in Ubuntu, so yes, fairly craptastic, it's also slow, buggy and not designed for python, perl or C13:54
doctormoAlthough I did manage to get the python and bzr plugins working13:54
doctormoVisual Studio is a fairly good all contained system, but it seemed to block or naturally make invisible external functionality.13:54
doctormoIt also sets a fairly strict path that leads to windows only results, so people develing in VS end up with windows only applications.13:55
doctormoEven if they program in C or iron python.13:55
doctormoWhat you might be interested in, is Quickly, it's about getting all the tools together to start a project the right way and then lets you develop it how ever you want.13:56
doctormoBest practices, but not forcing you into things.13:56
cprofittYeah... that would help14:06
cprofittI am planning to learn Python, Lisp (J) and C14:06
cprofittso getting up to speed on how to create a GUI and then connect code to it would be a big help14:06
cprofittMS Visual Studio obsfucates that process14:06
mhall119|workQuickly is definitely something to look into then14:08
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paultagpleia2, poke :)17:02
paultagpleia2, did you hear about nigel ?17:02
pleia2paultag: morning17:02
doctormopaultag: poky17:03
paultag's idea*17:03
paultagpleia2, Morning!17:03
paultagHey there doctormo17:03
pleia2paultag: classroom stuff?17:03
doctormopaultag: I didn't, tell me17:03
paultagpleia2, aye, Python + -dev17:03
paultagdoctormo, nigel wanted to start a python series from the dev team17:03
pleia2paultag: yeah it's great, feel free to pick any time, as I told nigel this morning the only thing we have on the schdeule at the moment is the motu things on thursdays https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training17:03
paultagand he asked me to talk with you pleia2 about scheduling it17:03
paultagpleia2, Cool. I'll get some members to prepare, then we can work a few in17:04
pleia2great :)17:04
IdleOneis ubuntu-desktop still recommended to be installed when upgrading to newer version of Ubuntu? I remember it used to cause issues if not installed17:04
paultagdoctormo, I watched your video demo, I mentioned it the other day. Looks rad17:04
doctormopaultag: It's good all the positive responses it's gotten, I'm glad people can see it being useful outside of this project.17:08
paultagdoctormo, aye17:09
pleia2paultag: also, you're welcome to join us over in #ubuntu-classroom-backstage where we're doing all the -classroom planning17:13
pleia2since, you know, you're not in enough channels already17:14
paultagI've been maxing out lately17:17
cprofittwoot, RMS will be coming to Rochester17:18
doctormocprofitt: What for?17:19
paultagcprofitt, my buddy is there17:21
paultagdoctormo, RIT17:21
paultaghe is talking to the school17:21
paultagI'm jealous17:21
cprofittYes... he will be at RIT17:21
cprofittthe only real issue is that it will be during the day17:22
cprofittso... parking will be an issue and I have to take the day off17:23
cprofittI got asked about speaking at FOSSVT too...17:23
cprofittI need to get the details, but I may do that.17:23
jcastrocan someone op maco in #classroom? She's taking over seele's class18:05
paultagjcastro, what do you need?18:17
paultagjcastro, the flags for ubuntu/member/* are +o, you should be able to op18:17
paultagjcastro, :)18:17
paultagjcastro, well done :)18:17
jcastroI did it!18:18
paultagjcastro, w00t! :) 'grats :)18:18
cprofitthe jcastro18:37
jcastrohowdy cprofitt18:40
cprofittjcastro: has anyone from #fosscon contacted you yet?18:45
jcastroyeah I have the mail sitting in my inbox18:45
* jcastro will reply today18:45
cprofittI got invited to speak at FOSSVT...18:45
jcastroI am on the cusp of inbox zero!18:45
cprofittI have to look in to the specifics... but I am going to try to make it18:46
cprofittwoah... inbox 018:46
cprofittI have not seen that myself since day 0 of email18:46
cprofittjcastro: are you familiar with FOSSVT?18:46
jcastroI've been to vermont to talk about oss before with matt oquist and another guy18:48
jcastrothey run an .edu style oss conference up there18:48
doctormojcastro: Interesting, I go up there quite often18:48
jcastrooh dude, FOSSED18:48
cprofittits part of NCOSE18:48
jcastroI've been to that one18:48
cprofittyeh... FOSSED is another one18:48
cprofittI am going to try to go to that one18:48
cprofittFOSSVT is another one of theirs.18:49
cprofittFOSSED is in Main - so it is a bit futher away18:49
doctormocprofitt: Is it worth going to FOSSVT?18:49
cprofittdoctormo: not sure... not seen much on it...18:49
cprofittthe Excutive director of NCOSE asked if I was interested in presenting18:50
cprofittBryant Patten18:50
cprofittHe spoke at OSSCON this past year18:50
cprofittand Open Edge18:51
cprofittOpen Edge is in Australia18:51
cprofittI am trying to decide if I want to keep my domain name charlesprofitt.com or go to a new one18:52
cprofittjcastro: how many events do you attend a year?18:53
jcastrocprofitt: usually ohio linuxfest, ontario linuxfest and penguicon18:53
cprofittpenguincon -- where is that?18:54
cprofittare you close to use jcastro ?18:54
jcastroI am in detroit18:54
cprofittI mentored a guy who dropped out of HS and ended up being a sports writer covering the Lions18:55
cprofittI forget what his name is....18:55
cprofittthat is bad... forgetting his name.18:56
cprofittdoctormo: would you be interested in going to either FOSSVT or FOSSED?18:58
doctormocprofitt: I would19:00
doctormoVT is very near by, also near in heart.19:00
cprofittCool... when I get more information I will pass it on to you.19:00
cprofittPerhaps we could both present...19:00
cprofittand wear the FOSS/Ubuntu colors19:00
doctormoSounds good, I have lots to talk about.19:04
nigel_nbhello :)19:20
doctormohey nigel_nb19:21
nigel_nbhey doctormo19:21
nigel_nbsorry I couldn't talk yday19:21
nigel_nbgot back from work really late19:21
nigel_nbground control is great, now i have to factor it in to my course19:22
nigel_nbdoctormo: I have something else that might interest you19:22
cprofitthey dinda19:22
nigel_nbdoctormo: arent you in boston?19:23
doctormonigel_nb: I am19:24
nigel_nbdoctormo: http://mairin.wordpress.com/category/inkscape-class/19:25
nigel_nbdoctormo: its an inkscape class taken by a fedora art member in some boston area school.. the training is sponsered by red hat19:25
cprofittnigel_nb: you making use of the existing inkscape course in Moodle?19:25
nigel_nbcprofitt: didnt check yet, but we have now a partly written course for inkscape in terms of text, which may be rewritten19:26
cprofittwe already have a Moodle cours (have for months) that covers Inkscape, Gimp and Scribus19:27
nigel_nboh, great :)19:27
cprofittit just needs to be x-fered to the asciidoc format19:27
nigel_nbmy bzr course is due19:27
nigel_nbI have to finish it by end of next week19:27
sonnyI'm not learning much!22:17
cjohnstonwow.. 3 minutes22:22
Pendulumnot even. he expected to learn in 1 ;)22:24
cjohnstoni want to learn something22:24
cjohnstonlike more about the back of my eyelids22:24
pleia2btw, blogged about the project: http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=248122:29
doctormopleia2: Fantasdtic!22:39
doctormo*hugs* you've been doing a brilliant job of powering on with some documentation for the project, much needed.22:40
pleia2*hugs*! :)22:40
doctormopleia2: How would I loop through 3 set strings in bash?23:19
doctormoAh I found it23:22
Edgar1Hello anyone and everyone23:38
Edgar1I would like to join in the Ubuntu Learning Course.23:38
pleia2welcome Edgar1 :)23:46
pleia2interested in writing a course?23:47
Edgar1not sure of what I can write of. I could be a translator but more than english may not be something important yet23:48
Edgar1Im a web developer and have sometime using ubuntu(almost a year)23:49
pleia2cool, we will need translations eventually23:49
pleia2do you think you could do some review work?23:49
Edgar1thats cool, yes i think :)23:49
pleia2great :)23:49
Edgar1how and when can I start?23:50
pleia2well, there are a couple of folks writing classes now that will need to be reviewed soon23:50
Edgar1ok i see23:50
pleia2right at this moment... mostly we're looking for people to write things23:51
pleia2once we have something for review, we'll post it to our mailing list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-learning23:52
Edgar1mmm well, i dont know if its needed but i can write about web development in Ubuntu, anyway there are some pages that contain that information23:52
pleia2like programs you can use for web development, or?23:52
Edgar1yeah programs that have some relation for use in php and apache, programs written in C and can be used in php23:53
Edgar1stuff like that23:53
Edgar1also configurating MySQL could be something23:53
pleia2hmm, trying to think of where this would fit23:54
pleia2the configuring mysql and apache things would probably be under maintaining: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/SystemAdminTopics23:55
pleia2programming stuff would be under development: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/DeveloperTopics23:55
pleia2if you check out the SystemAdminTopics page there is a section we need covered called: "Web Hosting, apache, php, MySQL, .."23:56
pleia2what you'd probably want to do for something like that is take https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP and put it into our CourseLayout format23:57
Edgar1ok, i'll see that now. I have suscribed to the mailing-list23:57
pleia2great :)23:58
pleia2feel free to take your time, it's a big project so it can be a bit overwhelming at first23:58

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