xteejxHi all00:16
crimsunLaney: is #227505 reproducible for you in a current daily live of 10.04?00:27
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xteejxI found a script to tell me the depends and build-depends from the source... but I lost it, anyone know where to find it? I've googled for ages!00:43
zookoGreetings, people of #ubuntu-motu!01:07
zookoWhat does this mean? http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ubuntu.motu/644101:16
zooko(Seen on lwn.net's Distribution page this week.)01:16
zookoOh I guess I should read the referenced articles about ongoing discussion...01:16
zookoHuh. Interesting01:19
dhillon-v10hi all, while doing a merge, I find this one file present in Ubuntu but not in the Debian package, the changelog for debian doesn't mention about this file, so what's the best course of action here, keep that file or remove it03:00
persiadhillon-v10: The best course of action is always to understand what things do, and make your best determination as to whether it should keep being done.  What is the file in this case?03:21
dhillon-v10persia: thanks for the reply, the file is called: libecryptfs0.shlibs and it contains: libecryptfs 0 libecryptfs0 (>= 77)03:28
dhillon-v10persia: that's it03:28
dhillon-v10persia: bzr gives me this: Contents conflict in debian/libecryptfs0.shlibs03:28
dhillon-v10persia: but there's no marker in that file to cause a conflict03:29
persiaRight.  Read the dh_makeshlibs manpage03:29
dhillon-v10persia: okay, just a minute03:29
dhillon-v10persia: so basically look for: dh_makeshlibs in the rules and if its there then i keep that file, because it basically contains the shlibs, and if its not there (which is the case) I can remove that file right?03:31
persiaSo, if dh_makeshlibs isn't there, then that's its own problem, because you're dealiing with a library.  Note that dh_makeshlibs is implied by dh(1) or cdbs.03:32
persiaIf it is there, then you might want to check the common ancestor to see if it was there before, or whether it's really an Ubuntu addition (you may also be able to check this from patches.ubuntu.com, depending).03:33
dhillon-v10persia: alright, I'll check patches.ubuntu.com03:33
persiaAlso, you might try building the package, and see if the binary shlibs files differ with and without that file, and also inspect the binary packages produced by recent uploads.03:33
persia(because dh_makeshlibs can generate one from scratch under some conditions).03:34
persiaYour target goal should be to make sure that the binary packages (especially the -dev package) are constructed in such a way that other packages build-depending on the library on which you are working get the correct run-time dependencies from ${shlibs:Depends}03:35
persiaYou may or may not need to preserve (or modify) that file in order to reach this goal.03:35
dhillon-v10persia: yeah you are right, the file is indeed an ubuntu specific change, so I'll have  to keep it :)03:35
dhillon-v10persia: the patch says that03:36
persiadhillon-v10: Note that you may have to modify it, if the ABI has changed.03:37
dhillon-v10persia: so is that the cause of the contents-conflict bzr is giving, an outdated file03:38
persiaI've no idea about that.  I can only tell you about the contents of the packages.03:38
wrapsteri was trying to build libtspi and i get this error... http://pastie.org/79990803:48
dhillon-v10persia: another question: the po stuff that shows up in the diff should be removed right, the patch right now looks really long, because a major change was the formatting of changelog and control files03:48
wrapsterwhat does this even mean?03:48
persiadhillon-v10: Best to ask questions generally.  Someone else may have a faster or better answer.03:48
dhillon-v10another question: the po stuff that shows up in the diff should be removed right, the patch right now looks really long, because a major change was the formatting of changelog and control files03:49
persiaThat said, Debian translations are preferred except in special cases (which would be noted in the changelog).  In cases where there are translations changes, it is important to migrate only the translations that are intentionally changed, and otherwise keep the Debian translations.03:49
persiawrapster: Check your build-depends.  If that doesn't work, try regenerating the autoconf stuff (but I think that's happening at build-time, from your log).03:50
seglerhi, i am searchin' for advocates for my rhythmbox plugin, please help me. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/rhythmbox-radio-browser03:57
wrapsterpersia: there were no buid-depends issues.03:59
wrapsteryet i still get the same error04:00
persiawrapster: You're sure the desired version of all the libtool related stuff is being installed during the build?04:00
persiaIf so, you may have to relibtoolise (which is something I've not yet mastered), or it may be something else.04:00
wrapsterpersia: i just saw and one of the chid pkgs, has a dependency on libssl-dev.04:03
wrapsterand thats not installed04:03
persiaI doubt that's the cause of issues with LIBTOOL definition.04:04
persiaThat might be another issue though :)04:04
wrapsteryeah.. its not.. it was my mistake.. thats already installed. :)04:04
wrapsterpersia: well this is what i want... Im trying to build the 64bit version of libtspi.so04:09
wrapsterpersia: reading across google seems to tell me i might need to have automake >=1.9 and i do have it.04:14
wrapsteryet i dont really understand about this issue.. could you please help me/04:15
persiawrapster: I don't know anything beyond that included in your paste.  It appears AC_PROG_LIBTOOL isn't defined.  All I can suggest is investigating other build logs (especially ./configure output from a successful build of libtspi), and either following the advice from the error messages or something else.04:17
persiaIt may be that aclocal and autoconf aren't being run for some reason (if AC_PROG_RANLIB and AC_PROG_LIBTOOL are defined), or it may be something entirely different.04:17
persiaI know lots about packaging and debugging crashes, but I only have a passing knowledge of autotools, and that mostly by running stuff and seeing the effects, rather than from any comprehensive source.04:18
persia(and asking please doesn't make me any more able to help you :) )04:19
wrapsterpersia: yeah i know.. but thats just courtesy.04:41
MTecknologymakefiles are ugly..04:43
MTecknologypersia: I can't get my head around this thing at all04:44
persiaThis is because of an aesthetic concern, or something else? :)04:44
MTecknologypartly that possibly - I'm trying to fix up an itty bitty make file; it doesn't like me04:44
persiaHow are you trying to fix it?04:45
MTecknologylemme pull up the vm04:45
MTecknologyI decided to do any development in a vm only04:46
MTecknologyI know there should be an uninstall: - I don't think it needs a clean: but should probably have one04:47
persiaOK.  Which bit hates you?04:47
MTecknologybeyond that - I'm clueless04:47
MTecknologyI'm beed reading this - http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html - and just getting confused04:47
persiamake is an immensely powerful tool, and so confusing :)04:47
MTecknologyThe install: isn't right - I know that04:48
persiaIt's mostly right.  Use `install -m 644 -D` instead of cp for the manpage, and `install -m 755 -D` instead of cp for the binary.04:49
MTecknologyIf anything the man should be gzipped and sent to /usr/share/man/man1/lal.1.gz04:49
persiaAlso, you probably want to install to ${DESTDIR}/bin or ${INSTALLDIR}/bin or something, rather than /usr/bin04:49
persiaSame for the manpage.04:49
persiaOr, if you just want the makefile to play nice with a standard debian/rules, install to ${DESTDIR}/usr/bin and ${DESTDIR}/usr/share/man/man104:50
persiaIf you want to be fancy, you could use ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}/bin and ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}/share/man/man1 and add a PREFIX ?= usr/local somewhere earlier (which you'd then override in debian/rules with PREFIX := usr)04:52
MTecknologyany reason I'd do that over the other option?04:53
persiaYour all: rule definitely isn't right.  all: should generally not have any specific activities, but rather just depend on other rules.  You might add a lal: rule, and have all: depend on lal:04:53
persiaThe fancy way I described installs into /usr/local/* (unless overridden) for a local make; make install, and installs to ${DESTDIR}/usr/* if PREFIX is overridden in debian/rules, thereby building the package you want.04:54
MTecknologyhow do I override that?04:55
persiaOther tricks that might be useful would be things like CFLAGS ?= $(shell pkg-config x11 xft --libs --cflags), and then using ${CFLAGS} in your calls.04:55
persiaIf you want to be fancy, you could use ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}/bin and ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}/share/man/man1 and add a PREFIX ?= usr/local somewhere earlier (which you'd then override in debian/rules with PREFIX := usr)04:55
persiaNo problem: it's just easier for me to quote myself than retype :)04:56
persiaactually, for CFLAGS, you'd probably want += rather then ?=.  That way you can take advantage of any extra cflags that get defined somewhere else.04:57
MTecknologyso in rules:   %:    PREFIX ?= usr/local    dh  $@04:57
persiaPut your variable defintion above your rules.04:57
MTecknologyoh - you said put that part in the makefile - override in rules04:58
rhpot1991hmmm no RAOF tonight05:00
MTecknologyso in deb/rules I have PREFIX = usr/bin  ?05:00
rhpot1991persia: (or anyone else), mind taking a quick peak at this: http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/d306a3b3d05:00
persiarhpot1991: It's best to just ask a question.  Whoever happens to be around will probably answer.05:00
rhpot1991oh wait, I think I see my issue05:01
rhpot1991persia: ignore me till I fix a path issue05:01
persiarhpot1991: I don't see the point of a manual postinst: read the dh_makeshlibs manpage05:01
persiaAlso, install the file to libfoo.so.n and the link to libfoo.so05:01
persiaMTecknology: I'd probably use "export PREFIX := usr", but it might work without all the syntactic sugar.05:02
persiaYou don't want usr/bin, because you're using ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}/bin/ so you already have the "bin".05:03
MTecknologyso export pre.... goes after %: in deb/rules ?05:04
persiaActually, if you use "export PREFIX := usr", it doesn't matter, but the convention is to define the variables before the rules.05:04
MTecknologyso how do I require something else?05:05
MTecknologyin the makefile05:05
persiaHow do you mean "require"?05:06
MTecknologyinside all: require lal:05:06
persia"all: lal"05:07
persiaThat means the all: rule depends on either the lal: rule or the lal file.05:07
persia(typically rules are named after the files they generate.  For other types of rules, there'S the special .PHONY: rule which one uses to indicate make shouldn't check files.  For more information, read about .PHONY in the make manual)05:08
MTecknologyand lal: is where I build thing?05:08
persiaThe lal: rule should create the lal: binary.05:08
MTecknologyand and for lal.1? the man page05:09
MTecknologysince it will need to be gzipped05:09
persiaYou could create a lal.1.gz: rule for that.05:10
persiaIf you did, you probably want your install: rule to depend on lal and lal.1.gz05:10
rhpot1991persia: let me run this by you then, upstream wasn't including any soname data at all, I'll be submitting a patch for this.  In their build process they reference libhdhomerun.so directly.  Can I handle the symlinking myself in the packaging, or does this need to be done at the build phase?05:11
persiarhpot1991: You can handle it in the packaging if you like.  If upstream isn't including SONAME data, I strongly encourage you to create a symbols file to track ABI shifts.05:12
persiadh_link is probably interesting.  dh_install can't rename files, so you'd have to do that in debian/rules directly.05:12
wrapsterwhat does Provides: mean in the control file?05:13
MTecknologypersia: so if you run 'make' will that do what's in all: ?05:13
MTecknologyand in the install command, how do I specify the source I'm moving?05:14
rhpot1991persia: happen to have a link or anything a symbols file?05:14
MTecknologyinstall -m 755 -D ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}/bin/ lal05:15
persiaMTecknology: man install :)  I'll give you make syntax, because programming language manuals are tricky, but simple commands are easy :)05:15
MTecknologyI wasn't aware of an install command :P05:16
MTecknologyLooks like I want this -   install -m 755 -D ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}/bin/ lal lal05:17
MTecknologyI know one way to know for sure :)05:18
persiaheh :)05:19
MTecknologyyup - that was wrong05:21
persiaMaybe drop one of the spaces?05:21
rhpot1991persia: whats the proper way to handle this whole issue, currently their makefile just inserts empty soname data, I have modified this to insert some real data but now my link are backwards, should the makefile handle the linking or should everything build off the full soname file version?05:22
MTecknologypersia: I thought I was supposed to have a space after the -D /dir/ because it said that sets up everything except the last piece in man install05:23
persiarhpot1991: In an ideal world, the upstream makefile will build shared library into a versioned binary.  My personal preference when this doesn't happen is to wangle this in debian/rules and add a symbols file, but patching the upstream makefile is arguably more correct because it produces a patch one can send upstream.05:24
persiaMTecknology: install [OPTION]... [-T] SOURCE DEST05:25
MTecknologypersia: install -m 755 lal ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}/bin/lal worked05:26
MTecknologyI'm lost with the -D05:26
MTecknologygoogle isn't nice in finding examples :P05:27
MTecknologysomething about a command being called install05:27
persia-D creates any directories that didn't exist.  Like mkdir -o05:27
persiaErr, mkdir -p05:27
persiaIt's a *good* name.  The command installs stuff.05:27
MTecknology.... that makes much more sense when I read it now05:28
MTecknologyI didn't say it's a bad command - but it's a hard one to search for05:28
MTecknologyso   install -m 755 -D ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}/bin/ ./lal ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}/bin/lal05:29
MTecknologyor w/o the ./ probably05:29
MTecknologyI try that and I get install: target `/usr/bin/lal' is not a directory05:32
persiaMTecknology: Are you root?05:33
persiaAnd you had the -D?05:33
persiaOh, I see the issue.05:33
persiaread the very first line of the summary in the manpage again.05:34
MTecknology-D takes no arguments05:34
* MTecknology facepalm at man page05:34
MTecknologysorry for missing that05:35
MTecknologyalrighty - I'm guessing I should be able to start a new terminal session - make; sudo make install05:37
MTecknologyI thought lal and lal.1.gz after all had their own lines - I guess not05:38
persiapaste your Makefile again?05:38
MTecknologylittle different now05:39
persiaRight.  all: typically wouldn't depend on lal.1.gz05:39
persiainstall: needs to depend on the stuff it's copying.05:39
persiaDrop the export line from install, you want just "PREFIX ?= usr/local" at the top (above all:)05:40
MTecknologyoh.. does the user still needto do make before make install?05:40
persiaRight now, yes, but if you follow my advice above, no.05:40
MTecknologyok; I always that that was the norm :P05:41
persiaIt is, but that's for entirely different reasons.05:41
MTecknologyok, should I just have all:    lal05:41
MTecknologythen install:   lal   lal.1.gz ?05:42
persiaYou can leave all: alone or not, as you like, but if you don't specify the dependencies in install, you are prone to errors.05:42
persiaAlso, you're installing by default to /usr/local/usr/bin : is that what you want?05:43
MTecknologyI dropped /usr from that05:43
persiaI can only critique what I see :)05:44
MTecknologyI meant because you said it - just letting yoy know I listened05:44
MTecknologyheh - 'make' doesn't want to do anything now05:46
MTecknologyand I see why :P05:46
persiaThat's why you want a clean: rule :)05:46
MTecknologyjust an rm command?05:47
MTecknologyand depend on clean?05:48
persiaA clean: rule.  clean: rules typically contain lots of "-rm " lines.05:49
MTecknology-rm ?05:50
MTecknologyI know "rm" but "-rm"..05:50
MTecknologyI just tossed this together now - http://paste.ubuntu.com/365013/05:50
MTecknologyapparently wrong :P05:50
MTecknologypersia: sorry for trying to jump into this with apparently very little knowledge - I thought I knew enough to be able to do better than this05:52
MTecknologynice big learning curve that I'm hoping to overcome someday05:52
MTecknologyRAOF: hi - somebody was looking for you05:52
MTecknology23:00 < rhpot1991> hmmm no RAOF tonight05:52
persiaTwo recommendations.  1) prefix any line you don't care about succeeding with '-'.  This is useful in case you want to, for example, run `make clean; make clean`.  2) don7t bother with all the ./ entries.  make knows where it is.05:53
rhpot1991I hit up persia all good :)05:53
RAOFrhpot1991: Hah.05:53
persiaBut I'll leave the rest of it to either the make manual or someone else :)05:53
MTecknologypersia: thanks - I'll try out this sexxy beast now05:54
persiaOh, one last bit: install depending on clean: means that the stuff will always be deleted before being installed.05:54
MTecknologyI'll not do that if that's bad05:54
RAOFWell, generally you need to not delete the things that you're about to try to install :)05:55
MTecknologyerr - I was thinking depend on uninstall05:55
MTecknologywhich I guess isn't needed05:55
MTecknologyI thought -D created a directory if not exists05:56
MTecknologyIt doesn't want to isntall lal.1.gz05:57
MTecknologyIs that something that shouldn't have ${PREFIX} in it?05:58
MTecknologyjust ${DESTDIR}/usr/share/man/man1/lal.1.gz05:58
MTecknology-D  create all leading components of DEST except the last, then  copy06:00
MTecknologyIt should make that part - not complain06:00
MTecknologypersia: thats for putting up with me again - I have the ITP filed too - so it's probably figure out a few tiny things on my own - then take the peoples suggestions - then actually submit to debian and file RFS :D06:02
MTecknologypersia: I appreciate all the help and holding my hand06:02
MTecknologyRAOF: thanks for your help too :)06:02
alkisgHow can I allow 2 individuals full read/access to my bzr branch? (https://code.launchpad.net/sch-scripts)07:46
dholbachgood morning08:02
iulianG'morning Daniel.08:22
dholbachhiya iulian08:28
dupondjethis feels stupid :)08:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 513802 in gnome-do "Please sync gnome-do from debian sid" [Undecided,Incomplete]08:30
dupondjeand 1 hour after it, the FTBFS got fixed :)08:30
Laneycrimsun: (re #227505) No, I don't see that any more, but (on a dist-upgraded system, not a live cd) I'm having to toggle mute to get any sound output08:47
om26erI am having a problem with finding the copyrights of a tarrball I downloaded10:10
slytherinom26er: isn't there any COPYING or LICENSE file?10:11
directhexom26er, that's usually not a great sign. have you tried contacting the upstream developer?10:11
om26erslytherin, yes copying file is there10:12
slytherinom26er: then what is the issue?10:12
om26erslytherin, what should I look for in there? copyrights change with time10:13
slytherinom26er: Wait a minute, are you looking for license or copyright owners?10:13
slytherinI mean copyright holders for the code.10:14
om26erslytherin, copyright ownsers10:14
slytherinis there AUTHORS file?10:14
om26erslytherin, yess10:15
om26eram looking10:15
slytherinom26er: doesn't it list copyright holders?10:15
om26erslytherin, no it dont10:16
slytherinom26er: Another option. a bit manual and lengthy. Check headers of source files. grep for word Copyright in the source files.10:17
om26erI got this error http://pastebin.org/83882 while building10:38
om26erplease help I am getting the error when building  dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 211:18
maxbom26er: That is merely the consequence of an earlier error11:32
om26ermaxb, did I do something wrong?11:33
maxbYou'd need to pastebin more of your build log for people to help11:40
om26ermaxb, terminal log?11:46
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xteejxIf a source comes in several different packages, i.e. 1..the source for a program, 2..the data, 3.....the sounds ... can these be packaged separately and depend on each other without any problems?11:57
om26erhere is the terminal log http://pastebin.org/8389711:57
xteejxHi om26er :) Congrats on your Bug Control application11:58
om26erxteejx, thanx :)11:58
slytherinxteejx: Sure why not. In fact the new source format 3.0 allows different upstream tar balls to be combined together.12:09
xteejxOh wow ok :)12:09
slytherinxteejx: If you want to package it old way you will have to create 3 different source packages. Otherwise use 3.0 format - http://wiki.debian.org/Projects/DebSrc3.012:10
xteejxCool, thanks slytherin12:10
* directhex wonders if he owes bddebian cake12:43
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xteejxFTBFS: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ogre-contrib/1.6.4-1/+build/1350584  - builds fine locally on i38615:04
xteejxThe error seems to be the autobuilder did not install nvidia-cg-toolkit, whereas locally it was fine.15:10
xteejxdholbach: ^15:10
dholbachI have no idea15:10
dholbachxteejx: but maybe somebody else can - I need to sort out a few other things15:10
xteejxNo probs Daniel15:10
xteejxAnyway, I checked the control file and everything seems fine there, may have just been a quirk15:11
statikhi! is there a standard way to rename a file in a debian/patches patch? If I use cdbs-edit-patch, then rename the file directly, the resulting patch I get shows a complete removal and add of a new file, which is way more noisy than I want15:12
dholbachfinal day of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek starting in 22 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net (first up: "Writing Beautiful Code")15:39
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RoAkSoAxjames_w, Heya. Hey one quick question. While doing 'bzr builddeb' i get an error 'bzr: ERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:' on a patch I deleted. How to override or what i can be doing wrong?16:20
geserRoAkSoAx: did you tell bzr that the patch got removed? (bzr remove)16:23
RoAkSoAxgeser, nope, but indeed that was the problem :) thanks  :)16:24
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highvoltagehi, I'm reviewing zope.annotation (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/zope.annotation) it says priority: extra16:35
highvoltageit should be 'optional', right?16:35
randomactionhighvoltage: unless in conflicts with something or depends on "extra" package16:44
* jdong unamusingly glares at VMWare17:01
jdongwhich just told me that a snapshot's size ranges anywhere from 768MB (RAM size) to 10.5GB (disk+RAM size)17:01
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timhi, i am trying to build a deb of gcc-4.4.3 for karmic. the folder created by apt-get source does't contain the source directly, but a tarball ... when trying to build the package, dpkg-source complains, that the binary file content changed ... any idea, what i am doing wrong?17:39
daurnimatorhey all17:42
daurnimatorso this probbaly isn't the correct channel17:43
daurnimatorbut I'm coding a daemon17:43
fabrice_sptim, how are you trying to build it?17:43
daurnimatorbut I have no idea how to package/run/instlal/debainise it17:43
timfabrice_sp, with git buildpackage17:44
daurnimator(eg, where to install, init.d scripts, how to make a pkg for it, etc)17:44
fabrice_sp!packaging | daurnimator17:44
ubottudaurnimator: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports17:44
fabrice_sptim, if you have the source locally, you should use debuild -b17:44
timfabrice_sp, i will give it a try17:45
seglerhi, i am searchin' for advocates for my rhythmbox plugin, please help me. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/rhythmbox-radio-browser17:58
fabrice_spsegler, version should be -0ubuntu118:01
fabrice_spalso, why do you need a dir file?18:02
fabrice_spotherwise, looks good. I'll have a deeper look later18:03
crimsunLaney: which mixer element(s) do you need to unmute?18:12
ari-tczewhow can I close a few bugs in debian/changelog?19:09
ari-tczew(LP: #bug, #bug2) ?19:09
Quintasanari-tczew: If one change closes multipe bugs shouldn't they be marked as duplicates?19:10
Quintasanari-tczew: if the bugs are related but not the same and are closed by the same fix I belive you can do as you said - (LP: #bug1, #bug2)19:11
ari-tczewlike so, but I want to know19:11
Quintasanari-tczew: if the bugs in question have exacly same problems I would mark one of them as duplicate and close only one19:12
directhexsebner, how close to done is longomatch? all its build-deps are transitioned, so sponsorship is running at full speed again19:12
ari-tczewquintasan, statistic mate ;)19:13
sebnerdirecthex: hmm, I wanted to wait for new upstream version but if you give me some minutes it's ready for now too19:13
directhexsebner, well, it's RC you see... and stuff is being pulled into lucid by an eager seb128 too. we're almost done \o/19:14
sebnerdirecthex: heh, ok. then give me some minutes. I'll make it ready then19:15
ari-tczewQuintasan, btw. would you like to take sponsor now?19:15
directhexsebner, it seems to work fine against db4o 7.4, thankfully19:15
Quintasanari-tczew: uh sure, where I can get the diff?19:16
sebnerdirecthex: haven't tested that yet. Yesterday db4o was still untransitioned so I didn't bother doing testing19:16
ari-tczewQuintasan, bug 25536019:17
directhexsebner, a sexy ftpmaster (i guess bddebian) has been clearing things though NEW, which was running reasonably quickly anyway19:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255360 in liblo "[lucid] Please update liblo to 0.26 version" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25536019:17
sebnerdirecthex: heh, yeah he's great :)19:17
Quintasanari-tczew: well, builds fine, let me check debian/ then :P19:22
sebnerdirecthex: I'll give it a testbuild now, I'll tell you when ready for sponsoring19:24
Quintasanari-tczew: I like it, builds fine and I didn't find any problems :)19:26
ari-tczewQuintasan, cool, would you like take sponsor on other bugs?19:27
ari-tczewwith debdiff now19:27
Quintasanwell I have time so no problem19:28
Quintasanit would be good if someone else could review it too19:28
ari-tczewQuintasan, go ahead bug 51445319:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514453 in pyalsaaudio "Merge pyalsaaudio 0.5+svn36-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51445319:31
Quintasanari-tczew: this one is fine with me too19:33
highvoltageif anyone's around for reviewing some zope packages so that we can get schooltool back in ubuntu, there's just two left that needs reviewing:19:33
kamalmostafaScottK: hi Scott -- reminder: we've been sitting on libtifiles/libticalcs for a couple weeks now.  :-)19:47
ScottKkamalmostafa: It's pretty near the top of my Ubuntu TODO at this point.19:47
kamalmostafaScottK: sounds good.19:49
_stink_anyone know of a way to have dpkg (or some other debian packaging magic thing) (1) check whether a .deb's dependencies are already installed, and (2) return an error to the shell if not?19:57
_stink_--no-act doesn't seem to care about whether depends are installed.19:57
hakaishiHi everyone! Anyone up to advocate/review qt-shutdown-p? - I corrected the desktop file, the copyright file and the docs file as jcfp asked. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/qt-shutdown-p20:04
ScottKhakaishi: I know you've been asking a long time.  You might consider asking the Debian qt-kde team if they are interested and if they are, get it into Ubuntu via Debian.  See #debian-qt-kde on OFTC.20:05
geser_stink_: you could use "gdebi --quiet --aptline $package.deb" and check if it lists something or not20:06
_stink_geser: omg.  that is awesome.20:08
_stink_i owe you a beverage should we cross paths.20:08
Quintasanhakaishi: it's good, I think if you go to Debian they should be fine with it20:09
_stink_crap, i didn't even know about gdebi.20:09
hakaishiScottK: I thought, I get advocations only if there are no issues with the package. And since there no longer are, I thought I'll ask for it now^^20:10
ScottKhakaishi: I haven't been following the details of your package, I've just been noticing you've been asking for a while.20:10
hakaishiScottK: Everything should be okay with the new upload. The others weren't okay because of copyright and the rules file or such20:12
Quintasanhakaishi: AFAIK it would be better to get it to debian, if you want to change it just get a newer version to Debian and request a sync, both projects will gain something :)20:12
hakaishiOn which server does #debian-qt-kde run? - I mean the exact address20:14
Quintasanhakaishi: irc.oftc.net I belive20:14
hakaishiokay, thanks20:15
hakaishiIs there a website for debian-qt-kde like revu.ubuntuwire.com?20:17
Quintasanhakaishi: hmm I think you can upload to mentors.debian.org20:18
hakaishiThank you, maybe I will try to get it into debian, maybe not. I'll see tomorrow. Bye bye20:24
wind-rideron my kubuntu lucid installation the package soprano-daemon is installed20:35
wind-riderit is made dependent on virtuoso-server today / yesterday to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/50565320:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 505653 in soprano "make soprano depending on virtuoso-opensource" [Undecided,Fix released]20:36
wind-riderkpackagekit shows that soprano-daemon is dependent on it, but still virtuoso-server is not installed automatically20:37
wind-rideris that a bug?20:37
geserDepends or Recommends like the changelog says?20:38
geserRecommends: virtuoso-server (>= 5.0.12-0ubuntu3), ...20:39
wind-ridergeser: oh, then that's the problem20:39
wind-ridergeser: but that's wrong20:39
ScottKwind-rider: Probably better to ask in #kubuntu-devel.20:40
wind-riderScottK: ok, I'll do that20:40
wind-ridervirtuoso should be installed by default and not as an option20:40
geserusually Recommends are auto-installed like Depends20:40
geserbut I don't know how kpackagekit behaves at it20:41
ari-tczewfabrice_sp: ping20:42
sebnerdirecthex: ready for sponsoring :)20:51
wind-ridergeser: thx, i discussed it at #kubuntu-devel21:03
wind-riderand added a comment to the bug report21:04
MohammadRRRHi , How Gnome-do can shutdown without requesting passwird21:12
directhexsebner, ta, i'll take a peek & upload once dinner is eaten21:14
sebnerdirecthex: great, thx. Just ask if you have any questions21:15
randomactionfabrice_sp: could you check if zshdb builds for you? It FTBFS on buildd but builds fine in pbuilder. (bug 514359)21:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514359 in zshdb "zshdb-0.03+git20090920 FTBFS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51435921:20
fabrice_sprandomaction, sure21:20
randomactionmaybe it only manifests in sbuild21:21
ScottL_would someone mind looking at zynjacku package in REVU ( http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/zynjacku ) ?21:22
fabrice_sprandomaction, I also installed some 'checking' packages (don't remember the name), that are responsable of some FTBFS in hte buildd21:23
fabrice_spso let see what happens21:23
fabrice_spScottK, you should update the Maintainer field21:24
randomactionwrong nickname21:24
fabrice_sp_ScottL, also some comments in copyright (# Please also look if there are files or directories which have a21:26
fabrice_sp_# different copyright/license attached and list them here.21:26
fabrice_sp_argh. got idsconnected21:26
directhexsebner, seems to build fine21:27
sebnerdirecthex: sure, I (at least) fiXX0red the build :P21:27
fabrice_sp_randomaction, FTBFS21:27
directhexsebner, well, gotta check these things!21:28
fabrice_sp_FAIL: test-tbreak21:28
dupondjewho can accept packages that are in queue ? :)21:28
fabrice_sp_dupondje, do you mean NEW?21:28
directhexsource format 3.0? sod it, i'll upload anyway21:28
dupondjehttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+queue here ...21:28
ScottL_fabrice_sp_:  you said that ScottK should update the Maintainer field...did you mean ScottL (me) ?21:28
fabrice_sp_yes. Sorry21:29
fabrice_sp_your nicks are very close :-)21:29
fabrice_sp_dupondje, archive admins21:29
ScottL_yeah, it's been problematic sometimes21:29
randomactionfabrice_sp_: ok, so reproducible in sbuild21:30
randomactionfabrice_sp_: thank you21:30
fabrice_sp_ScottL, you should also reviewyour copyright: you have sources with LGPL and different people21:31
fabrice_sp_randomaction, yw ;-) Do you want me to do more tests?21:31
sebnerdirecthex: Yeah, I asked you 3 weeks ago (if you remember) and you didn't say to have a problem with it, else I just have to find someone else21:34
fabrice_sp_Quintasan, did you check rdepends for liblo?21:36
fabrice_sp_(just to see if we have a transition to do for the 26 rdepends)21:38
ari-tczewfabrice_sp_: I think tht nobody have time for testing all rdepends21:38
fabrice_sp_ari-tczew, so you prefer to have 26 packages that FTBFS?!21:39
ari-tczewahh, you mean check building?21:40
fabrice_sp_yes. and test some of them.21:40
Quintasanfabrice_sp_: urgh my fault, I only checked libol to build in lucid21:40
fabrice_sp_this is a huge change (from liblo0 to liblo7), so I expect some ABI changes21:40
ScottL_fabrice_sp_:  thank you for looking at zynjacku in REVU, i'm at work so I'll look at the maintainer field and copyright at home tonight :)21:40
fabrice_sp_Quintasan, no problem ;-)21:41
fabrice_sp_ScottL, I'm putting my comments in revu (discovered more stuff :-) )21:41
ScottL_oh, excellent, thanks again :)21:41
fabrice_sp_Quintasan, ari-tczew This is only that if there is a transition to do, it's easy to create a bug report and request some help (26 packages is not that huge). Just my 2 cents21:42
fabrice_sp_ScottL, yw ;-)21:42
ScottL_the whole REVU process is teaching me gobs of stuff :)21:42
fabrice_sp_last time (less that one moth ago) I requested a package review I discovered a lot of thing I forget to check in my own package;-)21:44
Quintasanfabrice_sp_: I wonder if I can somehow list all rdepends without searching on packages.ubuntu.org21:44
fabrice_sp_apt-cache rdepends liblo0 ?21:44
directhexsebner, you've closed yourself off from backports.org tho21:45
fabrice_sp_Quintasan, it's not liblo0?21:45
QuintasanI belive no, hmm'21:45
* fabrice_sp_ is beginning to be tierd :-D21:45
ari-tczewfabrice_sp_: now please just tell me, do we need check only FBTFS or FTBFS + general work all rdepends?21:45
sebnerdirecthex: that's calculated because 1) there is not really a reason for backporting any app I maintain 2) git revert. no problem at all21:46
Quintasanfabrice_sp_: it would be liblo0ldbl rather21:46
fabrice_sp_Quintasan, right21:46
fabrice_sp_ari-tczew, I would build and test some of them21:46
Quintasanfabrice_sp_: and I'm supposed to grab sources of those from debian and thest them against lucid pbuilder as well?21:47
fabrice_sp_Quintasan, I would build the lucid actual source21:47
fabrice_sp_anyway, because the lib name change, we have to rebuild all of them21:47
randomactionfabrice_sp_: I guess I'll just give a hint to DM of zshdb and leave it to the interested parties :)21:48
fabrice_sp_as the lib is in Experimental, I expect some problems21:48
fabrice_sp_randomaction, :-D21:48
Quintasanso I need to setup a custom pool for pbuilder?21:48
fabrice_sp_randomaction, when test fails, it's generally hard21:48
fabrice_sp_Quintasan, or use a chroot for that, and manually install liblo or use a ppa :-)21:49
randomactionfabrice_sp_: it fails because the script which contains the test cannot be found21:49
fabrice_sp_Quintasan, I've done that with a ppa before21:50
fabrice_sp_randomaction, oh. perhaps the script is not installed?21:50
Quintasanoh well, night it long so I might build them all as well21:50
ari-tczewQuintasan, regards!21:51
randomactionfabrice_sp_: maybe, but in this case it must be a really weird situation, as everything runs fine in pbuilder21:51
fabrice_sp_I tried that with maven, some time ago, and uploaded more than 40 packages! :-)21:51
ari-tczewbtw. please mate upload pyalsaaudio :>21:52
Quintasanari-tczew: you're going to build some too, aren't you? :>21:52
fabrice_sp_randomaction, right. I may check my build log21:52
ari-tczewfabrice_sp_: I remember maven action :>21:52
fabrice_sp_dooooomi, about bug your comment in bug 51449121:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514491 in liblo "Sync liblo 0.26~repack-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51449121:53
ari-tczewQuintasan, no tonight :( ... tomorrow I'm going on celebrations about my city Tczew (750 years)21:54
fabrice_sp_dooooomi, the problem is that old lib becomes NBS, and that we should get rid of it as soon as the new one is uploaded21:54
fabrice_sp_that's where transitions comes from21:55
ari-tczewso if I right understand, sponsors have to upload debdiffs in versions e.g. 1build1 for rdepends?21:56
fabrice_sp_randomaction, in which step does the script processor.sh built in pbuilder?21:57
fabrice_sp_ari-tczew, yes21:57
fabrice_sp_randomaction, I can't find any reference to it in my log21:57
randomactionit gets installed late in the process, no evidence of running21:58
randomactionfabrice_sp_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/365429/21:59
fabrice_sp_very strange22:01
randomactionprobably tests run it and expect it to be there22:01
randomactionthey are silent it all is ok22:01
randomactions/it all/if all/22:01
dooooomifabrice_sp_: ok. anyway, the point is that most likely all rdepends can be rebuilt using the new version of the library with no problems. though i'm not quite sure what exactly would need to be done to achieve that22:02
fabrice_sp_randomaction, but in your case, the tests are ok, so it seems it can actually  find it22:02
fabrice_sp_dooooomi, upload a new revision for each rdepends (as build1 if the package comes from Debian)22:03
fabrice_sp_randomaction, weird22:03
fabrice_sp_can you enter in your pbuilder (with login), and actually build the package? I'm getting curious when this file comes from :-D22:03
fabrice_sp_dooooomi, anyway: this is good news that actually we won't have any FTBFS because of that ;-)22:05
dooooomifabrice_sp_: i'm at least 99.9% sure about that ;)22:07
fabrice_sp__grrrr: got disconnected again :-/22:07
fabrice_sp__dooooomi, cool! :-) That will be an easy transition the n;-)22:07
randomactionfabrice_sp__: you grew an additional underscore :)22:08
fabrice_sp__I only can have 2 ;-)22:09
fabrice_sp_randomaction, in a new chroot, the package builds fine22:12
fabrice_sp_it may be because of .sh not being directly runnable22:15
fabrice_sp_have to go now. Will check tomorrow. Bye22:15
randomactionfabrice_sp_: bye22:16
=== nxvl_ is now known as nxvl
Quintasanrandomaction: got a second?22:53
randomactionQuintasan: yes22:53
Quintasanrandomaction: well, I want to sponsor ari-tczew package, I grab the debdiff from him, apply and testbuild and if everything is allight I can upload?22:54
Quintasanallright even.22:54
randomactionyes. If you use debuild, signing is done with -kKEYID22:54
Quintasanrandomaction: hmm I wonder now because the changelog will mention his name, won't debuild look for his key?22:55
randomactionso you use -k with your keyid22:55
randomactionand it uses it to sign22:56
crimsuncat ~/.devscripts22:56
randomactioncrimsun: thanks, that's handy :)22:57
Quintasanrandomaction, crimsun: thanks23:00
ari-tczewwhat about latest MOTU Council Meeting?23:04
ari-tczewwho has been joined to MOTU?23:04
randomactionari-tczew: no quorum: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/01/28/%23ubuntu-meeting.html23:05

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