stimbleHas anyone here tried launching the UEC images directly with kvm?00:21
stimbleIm trying but missing somethign, not sure what00:21
stimblekvm  -kernel karmic-server-uec-amd64-vmlinuz-virtual -initrd karmic-server-uec-amd64-initrd-virtual -m 256  -drive file=karmic-server-uec-amd64.img,if=scsi,media=disk00:21
stimblethats what i've tried, if anyone has any hits, greatly apprecitated00:22
ruben23hi anyone tried load balancing 2 apache web server on prodcution..00:24
stimbleruben23: haproxy works00:32
stimbleor if your in ec2, elastic load balancers00:32
patdk-lapthere are hundreds of ways to do it :)00:33
ruben23 stimble: any how to from ubuntu-server on it..?00:33
stimbleruben23: nothing special that i know of, but im sure there are a lot00:33
patdk-lapwill you need to balance https?00:33
ruben23stimble: i have tried googling but not fine a clearer one..00:34
patdk-lapthe main issue with loadbalancing is https and sessions00:34
ruben23 patdk-lap: i think im using http only..00:34
stimbleruben23: how about http://www.howtoforge.com/high-availability-load-balancer-haproxy-heartbeat-debian-etch00:34
stimbledebian is similar enough to ubuntu in this case i think00:34
patdk-lapwhat kind of app is it?00:35
Roxyhart0hi somebody know a manual how to configurate step by step openldap in ubuntu 9.10...tha changes are really anoying and very different than before00:39
patdk-lapcan't talk about openldap in 9.1000:40
patdk-lapbut I have done openldap several times00:40
Roxyhart0without sldap.conf file?00:41
patdk-lapslapd.conf? hmm, normally it doesn't come with one00:41
ruben23 patdk-lap:are you asking about what kind of apps im suing..?00:41
patdk-lapruben, kind of to get an idea what kind of issues you might have :)00:42
patdk-laplike is it static, dynamic, user logins, ...00:42
ruben23patdk-lap: i have a webs erevr used only for local now, its single server but as the users increases i need to add up another web server load balance them to carry all the load it needs.00:44
Roxyhart0the new versions maybe ...but i dont know how configurate without sldap.conf i tryed to follow a manual, but doesn't work ...i dont know where configure the name of my domain and details...do you know about that?00:44
ruben23stimble: i got a problem with HAproxy, i need like for server to run it..? wow...are there no solution using only my 2 web server.00:44
stimbleyou can run haproxy on one of your webserver boxes00:45
patdk-lapruben23, you can do it on 1 server with haproxy if you want :)00:45
stimblejust add localhost and remotehost1 to the pool00:45
patdk-lapit's really recommended not to, cause if one server goes down, haproxy would go down with it00:45
patdk-lapand your other server would be useless then00:45
stimblebut, if its load balancing you are looking for, and not HA, it is fine00:46
stimblenot ideal, but not awful00:46
ruben23patdk-lap: i dotn get the idea..can you explain it  alittle bit more00:46
ruben23you mean i can used my 2 web server only..00:46
patdk-lapin your case you want to balance 3 ip's00:46
ruben23without adding another nodes00:46
patdk-lapone ip for haproxy and 2 for servers00:46
patdk-lapin the example they show it as 3 computers, instead of ip's00:46
ruben23how many nodes for it..?00:47
stimblehaproxy get a public ip, and localhost plus another private ip = 300:47
stimble2 nodes00:47
stimble3 processes00:47
stimblenode1 = haproxy+first_apache00:47
ruben23thats all..?00:48
patdk-lapif node2 where to die, your would be fine00:48
patdk-lapif node1 would to die, you have issues00:48
ruben23how about my second apache..00:48
patdk-laphe meant scond apache, not haproxy :)00:49
patdk-lapI would do haproxy and apache on both though00:49
patdk-lapthen if node1 was to die, just do a dns change to point it at haproxy200:49
stimbleyeah i did mean second_apache00:49
stimblesorry bout that00:49
ruben23i can follow the hot o you give me right but i will not used another nodes.ill install itself to my apache servers00:50
ruben23i can follow the how to you give me right but i will not used another nodes.ill install itself to my apache servers00:50
ruben23 stimble: patdk-lap: ill try to follow it and test it hope your always here so ican ask if any problem arise during the setup..00:51
ruben23stimble: patdk-lap:but thanks so much guys for the idea00:51
stimblesure, good luck00:52
patdk-lapruben, just for the example00:52
patdk-lapuse your public ip's for node1 and node2 on haproxy public ip00:52
patdk-lapand for apache, I would probaby use your public ip, but alt port, (8080?)00:52
patdk-lapthen your haproxy config will remain portable00:52
patdk-lapand if you need to see what apache was having issues, you could directly connect to it00:53
ruben23patdk-lap: im not using public IP for my 2 web server..00:53
patdk-lapnothing like having php configured wrong on one box, and attempting to figure out the issue00:53
ruben23its mainly for local service00:53
patdk-lapwell, the ip you normally access the box using :)00:53
patdk-lapwhen your not on the box itself :)00:54
ruben23so ill be having for local IP for the setup..right..?00:55
ruben23i mean 4 local IP00:55
patdk-lapif you want, you only need 200:56
patdk-lapbut if you don't want to put apache on an alternate port, then yes, 400:56
ruben23patdk-lap:ok ill try this..hope this would be a success.. thanks00:58
cohonenUGHR ,m a lot inhere01:03
cohonenis there like a suggestion box for ubuntu server ?01:04
patdk-lapoh, you mean /dev/null? :)01:05
Roxyhart0pleae, somebody can explain me why the new ubuntu bersion doesn't come with slapd.conf and where is this configuration now? Please01:05
cohonenpatdk-lap: yeah something like that01:05
cohonenpatdk-lap: maybe a few good suggestion would come up,, like try to unfuck services01:06
cohonendont default to emt kernel01:06
cohonenuse sane ulimit defaults01:07
patdk-lapemt kernel?01:07
cohonenaghh forgot the name01:07
cohonenthe 36 bit mem support01:07
cohonenthat one01:07
patdk-lapheh, I wonder what limits are on freebsd these days01:08
patdk-lapI remember having to recompile the kernel cause it limited any single user program to 512megs of ram01:08
cohonencan imagine a lot of people like me wanting to install is on an older box for a small toy server og home server and reusing outdated box01:08
cohonenbut not with pae kernel you can01:08
patdk-lapall you have to do is load the -generic kernel, instead of -server01:08
cohonenpatdk-lap: hehehe,, well you could find a happy medium with ulimit im sure01:09
cohonenpatdk-lap: is that a install time option ...01:09
patdk-lapis what?01:09
cohonena install time option01:09
cohonenlike when you boot the disc01:10
patdk-lapis what an install time option?01:10
cohonenthe generic kernel vs the pae one01:10
patdk-lapI have no idea01:10
patdk-lapI haven't installed server since 8.04 came out01:10
cohoneni seem to remeber instant nasty screen telling me that my old box didnt have pae support01:10
patdk-lapthese days I pxe boot install, so it just installs -generic all the time, and I swap it for -server01:11
cohonenmnnn pretty nifty01:11
cohoneni dont have boxes enough to justify a setup like that01:12
patdk-lapya, I have edited many init.d scripts to adjust ulimit for open files01:12
patdk-lapbut that is normally the only thing I have issue with01:12
cohoneni mostly wold just like to see one that disallows for normal users to crash the system01:13
patdk-lapthat's pretty easy01:13
patdk-lapjust delete /etc/passwd01:14
cohonenit should just be a default01:14
cohoneni meant fork bombs among other01:14
cohonenbut point taken01:14
patdk-lapI have that on my user http server01:14
patdk-lapbut I set those manually in suexec01:14
cohonenwho about defaulting to locking each new user into a jail or a kvm instance01:15
cohonengoing all openbsd on it ;)01:15
patdk-lapthat has been around for a long time01:15
cohonenhow even, hmm its getting late here01:15
cohonentypo time01:15
patdk-lapusermode linux would be bsd's jail01:15
cohonenbut still not a default ;)01:16
patdk-lapit's not a default in bsd either01:16
cohoneni know01:16
patdk-lapcause it is damned annoying01:16
cohonenthat was more like a joke really01:16
* patdk-lap doesn't attempt to solve jokes01:16
cohonenthe pae thing and then cleaning up the daemon conf would be my more serious suggestions01:17
cohonenohh yea and working resonable ulimit out of the box01:17
cohonenpatdk-lap: one should think you were a sysprog01:18
ruben23hi guys how do i install linux-source on my ubuntu server coz im having problem installing an applcation saying this error--->http://pastebin.com/m1fad1e6a01:23
ruben23anyone can help and have idea01:23
ruben23i have this ---> Linux ubuntu 2.6.24-24-server #1 SMP Fri Sep 18 17:24:10 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux01:24
cohonenhave you read the error messsage =01:24
cohonenin specific ,, point 701:25
cohonenjust because you have the compiled kernel doesnt mean you have the source for the kernel you use01:26
cohonenin fact thats not the default  on any debian derived distro01:26
cohonenthats more a gentooish thing01:26
ruben23cohonen: so how do i workaround this thing01:26
cohonenyou find the src package for your kernel in synaptics or whatever and get it01:27
cohonensudo apt-get install <your kernel>-SRC01:27
patdk-lapI thought it was, apt-get install linux-source-(version)01:27
cohonenits was an example01:28
cohonencant be bothered with specific semantics01:28
patdk-laphell, apt-get install linux-source, will get the most recent kernel01:28
cohonensorry ,, syntax01:28
cohonennow its really getting late01:28
ruben23 patdk-lap: tried apt-get linux-source.. but still got same error01:28
cohonenpatdk-lap: i didnt want to assume he ran the newest although its very likely01:29
patdk-lapruben23, you missed the *install* command01:29
cohonenruben23: you need to read the messages your console gives you01:29
cohonenapt.get  randomsource wouldnt have worked01:30
ruben23linux-source is already the newest version.01:30
cohonenruben23: whats in usr/src ?01:30
ruben23that the output upon installing..01:30
cohonenls /usr/src     for me01:30
ruben23thats the one01:31
patdk-lapheh, you have -26 probably01:31
patdk-lapnot sure about -2401:31
ruben23what i will do now01:31
cohonenplus,, you might need a symlink01:31
cohonenbut im not sure01:31
patdk-lapmaybe do a ls -la /usr/src01:31
patdk-lapthis time :)01:31
patdk-lapand a uname -a01:32
ruben23Linux ubuntu 2.6.24-24-server #1 SMP Fri Sep 18 17:24:10 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux01:32
ajmitchminor version difference there, you have headers for 2.6.24-26-server installed01:33
cohonenruben23: you got the linux-source-2.6.24 from ubuntus mirrors ?01:33
cohonenyou didnt cheat and got a vanilla kernel ?01:33
ruben23cohonen: yes01:33
ruben23cohonen:what i do is install linux-source01:34
ruben23ans install linux headers01:34
ruben23thats all01:34
patdk-lapI think you need to upgrade everything01:34
patdk-lapso you don't have a mismatch01:34
patdk-lapof -24 and -26 stuff01:34
ruben23patdk-lap:already done01:34
cohonenit looks like a very generic kernel by the name01:34
patdk-lapapt-get dist-upgrade01:34
patdk-lapyou don't have -26 though01:34
Roxyhart0hi, is ubuntu 9.10 better than LTS version?01:34
patdk-lapexcept for the headers01:34
cohonenRoxyhart0: better ?01:35
patdk-lapRoxyhart0, depends what you call *better*01:35
Roxyhart0bo bugs easy to configurate and more security01:35
cohonenRoxyhart0: it will help you score with chicks01:35
ruben23 patdk-lap:im running it now01:35
patdk-lapuname says you are using -24, not -2601:35
ruben23hoep this would correct the issue01:36
cohonenruben23: linux-headers-2.6.24-26-server <-- you need the sources corrsponding to THOSE headers01:36
Roxyhart0I mean is 9.10 better: less bugs, more secutiry and easier to configurate?01:37
patdk-lapcohonen, ya but it still wouldn't work :)01:37
patdk-laphe would compile it01:37
patdk-lapbut couldn't use it, cause he is on 2.6.24-24 and not -2601:37
cohonenahh shit01:37
cohoneni turned it upside01:37
ruben23cohonen:im upgrading now01:37
patdk-lapyou will need a reboot01:38
cohonendont listen to me,, im in a sleep deprived state01:38
ruben23 cohonen:why..?01:38
cohonenworking on some poor app server01:38
cohonennot really getting much done01:38
* patdk-lap takes sleep pills01:38
ruben23 cohonen: yoga01:39
cohonenso noone ever just answers ,, GO TO BED , for this issue ?01:39
ruben23cohonen::-D after yoga01:40
ruben23patdk-lap after i reboot, ill do update..?01:41
cohonenruben23: you can do it now01:41
ruben23cohonen:i laready compile some application before..it will be lost, need to compile an d install again..?01:42
cohonenehmm , depends on if you mean a normal app og a module for the kernel01:43
cohonennormal app no,,01:43
cohonenthe kernel part,, yea,, it failed anyway01:43
ruben23cohonen: like php, mysql, lame01:43
cohonenno no no man,, keep that01:44
cohonenwhy did you compile all that yourself01:44
cohonenyou should be using gentoo for this  :D01:44
ruben23yes i need to install thos things for a bigger application.01:44
ruben23i mean i install it with ubuntu package, sorry01:44
cohonenwell,, whats wrong with getting them from the package mirrors01:45
cohonenahh okey01:45
cohonenthats fine01:45
cohonena kernel change doesnt affect user space compatibility01:45
cohonenmario ?01:46
ruben23doing good so far..01:48
cohoneninstalling new kernel is easy peasy01:48
cohonenor well it would have if it wasnt for initrd01:49
ruben23yes finally succes, thanks guys--it was not on my mind running my application with this new server verison..:)01:49
cohonenruben23: just remeber to read the output carefully01:49
ruben23im up to 8 LTS but i guess i need to test some upgrade on this..01:49
ruben23yeah thansk01:49
cohonenanother time,, someone put it there with intent01:49
ruben23 cohonen: one more thing, how do i start application automatically on ubuntu..01:51
cohonena daemon or a user script01:52
cohonenwell i cant remeber specifics but for a user command you put it in .bashrc in your homedir01:52
* patdk-lap is lasy, and adds it to /etc/rc.local01:53
cohonenfor a daemon you /etc/rc.local01:53
cohonenadd shit to that01:53
cohonenor you make your own rc file and pu tin the appropiate runlevel01:54
ruben23ok the shit is added..:)01:54
cohonenwhich is sorta messy01:54
cohonenhehe sorry about the language01:54
ruben23centos have chkconfig..a litte bit simpler..01:55
ruben23hope ubuntu would also have like that01:55
cohonenlike i mentioned to patdk-lap the deamon setup is not as elegant as it could be01:56
cohonenbut gentoo and redhatish distros beat debian here01:56
cohonenand likely also the BSD's01:56
ruben23yeah but still i love ubuntu even though..01:57
cohonenyea,, its got its own strongpoints01:58
* cohonen checks out chkconfig01:59
patdk-lapya, I love bsd's init scripts01:59
cohonenahh now i see01:59
cohonenchkconfig is like rc-update in gentoo02:00
cohonenpatdk-lap: doesnt BSD also have conf.d ?02:00
cohonenor is that a gentoo invention =02:00
patdk-lapnot that I know of, unless it's new02:00
patdk-lapI'm still on v602:01
cohonenits like this, /etc/init.d/junk for starting stopping deamon s etc02:01
cohonen/etc/conf.d/junk for telling them which ports to listen too etc02:01
cohonenas i recall it its a bit more chaotic on the debian front02:02
cohonenpatdk-lap: also have a look at the service command on redhatish systems02:03
patdk-lapI use it all the time02:04
patdk-lapbut it just makes init.d more tollatable02:04
patdk-lapdoesn't make init.d scripts easier to make02:04
cohonenhmm actually that was for ruben2302:04
cohonenpatdk-lap: nope there really needs to be a standard or some novel ideas here02:05
ballDoes Ubuntu Server have any convenient way for two servers to share a filesystem?02:13
ball(or a directory)?02:16
Roxyhart0please somebody can tell me which is the best ubuntu version for server...i mean less bugs and more security?02:17
cohonensecurity isnt a product02:18
ballI'll have a pint of security please.02:19
ball...make sure there's a wee brolly in it.02:19
cohonenball: do you mean like nfs or cifs ?02:19
Roxyhart0ok, but which version is better ...no much problems?02:21
ballcohonen: No, that won't give me two synched copies of the same filesystem02:22
cohonenare you looking for a distributed filesystem02:22
ballYes, something like that.02:22
cohonenog simple file mirroring02:23
ballmirroring I suppose02:23
cohonenrsync for mirroring02:23
ballI'm not sure rsync will be able to keep up.02:23
cohonendist filesystems are more complex to setup02:23
cohonenkeep up with ?02:24
ballI'm trying to lash together two servers, with each server having a complete copy of the shared directory or partition02:24
ballWhen one server fails, I need the other to have full access to the filesystem02:25
patdk-lapfor that you have two ways to do it02:25
patdk-lapuse unison (ugly, but works for a few things)02:26
cohonenthese sortha thing can get really really complex02:26
patdk-lapor drbd02:26
cohonenyea,, i would get the simplest solution if possible02:26
patdk-lapdrbd is simple (as simple as it can get)02:26
patdk-lapjust has latency issues, but well, you wanted reliable :)02:26
patdk-lapI did unison between 3 server for years02:27
patdk-lapfor handling 26gigs of maildir :)02:28
* ball goes away to look that up.02:32
cohonenit looks pretty good02:32
patdk-lapball, you probably want drbd :)02:34
patdk-lapunless you really want to maintain it all the time02:34
ballI want something that's going to work reliably.  I imagine we'll have to pay for a software support contract anyway.02:35
patdk-lapdrbd will work reliably02:35
cohonenas i said these things get get very very complex02:36
cohonenbanks uses hw assisted SAN on several SAN boxes02:37
ballcohonen: shouldn't be all /that/ complex... surely we aren't the only people doing this?!02:37
cohonendepends a lot of your requirements02:38
cohonenthe DRBD looks okey for a small-medium setup02:38
ballOkay, I'll bark up that tree for a few days, see what happens.02:41
patdk-lapdrbd is the best way to do it without mirrored san arrays :)02:45
patdk-lapbut it's defently not the quickest or fastest02:45
patdk-lapbut it will work for *anything* though02:45
Roxyhart0Hi is phpldapadmin  running on ubuntu 9.10? im having problems02:45
patdk-lapI hated phpldapadmin and tossed it in the trash :)02:46
patdk-lapand for me to giveup on something, is defently saying something02:46
cohonenlater guys02:48
Roxyhart0I hate the new versions...nothing running like before02:49
Roxyhart0poor documentation02:49
jongbergshi, im considering to setup a proxy server using squid with dansguardian web content filtering..i have seen many great howto's but does this setup require 2 NICs?03:03
patdk-lapit doesn't have to03:03
patdk-lapjust normally when you do it, it's on the same server that nat/firewalls your internal to external network03:04
patdk-lapso it does03:04
jongbergspatdk-lap: ok this is our current setup..our Linksys router does the NAT with IP would I setup a server using this IP to act as proxy03:06
jongbergspatdk-lap: should i set our clients gateway to point to our proxy say
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-server! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:11
jongbergspatdk-lap: will this setup http://www.lesismore.co.za/squid3.html work in my situation?03:12
jongbergspatdk-lap: hello are you still there?03:12
jongbergshello, anybody here please...03:15
* ball waves03:15
garymchi, anyone tell me how easy or hard it is to setup email stuff so all my emails are sent from my server?03:17
ballquite hard I imagine03:18
ball...to do it right, anyway.03:18
ejathi ..03:19
ejatanyone wanna comment about this http://is.gd/7geaE03:20
garymchi ball03:20
ballhello garymc03:20
garymci was doing a walk thru with you sometime back03:20
jmarsdengarymc: Setting up a simple one domain postfix + dovecot email server is pretty trivial in Karmic... sudo apt-get install dovecot-postfix  and answer the debconf questions, and you are done.03:20
garymcon adding a hard drive space to my rack server03:20
ballReally?  How did that go?03:20
garymcyeah im looking on ubuntu site it says Postfix and dovecot03:21
garymcbut what about spammassasin? do i need that?03:21
garymcwhat are debconf questions what would it ask. what would i need to know?03:21
jmarsdengarymc: It depends how much spam protection at the server level you want/need.  If thsi is just for you and your family, try without it and add "nice extra stuff" later when you are more familiar with the setup.03:21
Roxyhart0hi sorry what about clamd?03:22
jmarsdenThe questions are very simple, basically about how your server will connect to the Internet (send email via a smart host or be a full blown server sending mail out directly, etc)...03:22
garymcjmarsden : as its for work and its already a working webserver i dont want to mess anything up so just need as much knowledge before i plunge in03:22
ballgarymc: try it in a VM?03:22
jmarsdengarymc: Then set one up for fun on a test virtual machine  first (ball beat me to it!)03:23
garymchmmm i havnt got a virtual machine i dont think?03:23
garymci need to get one i suppose03:23
jmarsdengarymc: You have a server.  You have free virtualization software.  Use them and you end up with virtual machines :)03:23
jongbergspatdk-lap: ok this is our current setup..our Linksys router does the NAT with IP would I setup a server using this IP to act as proxy?03:24
garymcok i can do that stuff? I need a test server to test setting up a virtual server then lol03:24
jongbergshi, im considering to setup a proxy server using squid with dansguardian web content filtering..i have seen many great howto's but does this setup require 2 NICs?03:24
jmarsdenOn a Ubuntu desktop, virtualbox-ose is trivial to set up and use.  I did a talk about it for a LUG recently... slides at... http://crosswire.org/~jmarsden/talks/virtualbox/virtualbox.html03:24
jmarsdengarymc: Or you can even run virtualbox on a Windows PC if that is all you have available for testing.03:25
garymchmm ok, didnt know i could do all this stuff03:25
jmarsdengarymc: My talk was subtitled "turning one computer into many" :)03:25
garymcyes i m looking at it03:26
garymcthanks :)03:26
jmarsdenYou're welcome.03:26
garymcok so all i need to do is install postfix and dovecot follow onscreen instructions and bingo03:27
jmarsdenTo get yourself a working basic email server, yes.03:28
garymcand i could add as many email addresses or users as i wanted?03:28
jmarsdengarymc: Don't install postfix and dovecot separately, install the dovecot-postfix package.     Yes, as long as they are all in one domain.  Multidomain setup would need more work and more understanding of how things work.03:29
garymcor do i then need squirrel mail etc03:29
garymcim going to need multi domain i know it03:29
garymcfor other websites i need to host03:29
garymcgot any bummf on multi domain stuff?03:29
garymcok so the command to instal postfix and dovecot in ubuntu is? Ill do it now before bed :) as its 3:30am here03:30
jongbergshi, im considering to setup a proxy server using squid with dansguardian web content filtering..i have seen many great howto's but does this setup require 2 NICs?03:31
jmarsdenAdding a webmail server like squirrelmail would be pretty easy.  Going multi-domain... not really.  There is a lack of good free "pretty" config tools for that.  There are some "HOWTO" docs on various random web sites, but I've yet to find one I really like, and following one without understanding it has got several newcomers int over their heads.03:31
garymcit defo wont mess naything up?03:31
garymcok ill leave it out for now then03:31
garymcsudo apt-get dovecot-postfix03:31
jmarsdengarymc: I gave the command earlier.  sudo apt-get install dovecot-postfix  .  Don't run that on a production server if you don't know what you are doing, but it really shouldn't mess up anything unless there is another mail setup already there, or something!03:31
garymc^^ is that the command?03:32
uvirtbot`garymc: Error: "^" is not a valid command.03:32
garymcok its UBUNTU LTSP03:32
garymci dotn think any mail stuff wa son it how would i know?03:32
jmarsdengarymc: The LTSP part won't be an issue.  But it is Karmic (9.10) based, not 8.04 LTS, right?03:32
jmarsdenThe dovecot-postfix "do everything for you" package is new in Karmic...03:33
garymcI thought it was Juanty 9.1003:33
jmarsdenJaunty is 9.04 :)03:33
garymcok im jaunty03:33
* ball has a nice big doorstop thanks to Jaunty03:33
jmarsdengarymc: Then you can't use the dovecot-postfix package.03:34
garymcis jaunty bad?03:34
garymcin the GUI it says upgrade to latest version but i havnt cos was scared it would mess all my stuff up03:34
garymcwill it?03:34
garymci think it says upgrade to 10. something03:35
jmarsdengarymc: Not unless your "stuff" was pretty unusual, hand installed, weirdly configured, etc.03:35
jmarsdenDon't upgrade to 10.4 yet, that is Lucid which is still in Alpha :)03:35
garymclike my Mysql LAMP stuff?03:35
ballI can't fix my Ubuntu box without physically swapping disks around or building a PXE-boot server03:35
ball...moving disks around will be easier.03:36
garymcso why would my GUI be advising me to upgrade to an unstable version?03:36
jmarsdengarymc: As long as the LAMP stuff was installed conventionally using Ubuntu packages and you left the Mysql data in its default location, the upgrade should be fine.03:36
jmarsdengarymc: It shouldn't be advising you to upgrade to 10.4 yet.03:36
garymcok i did03:36
garymcso what version do you think it is advising?03:37
garymcim not at the office right now im at home03:37
jmarsdenYou are the one who can see it :)03:37
jmarsdenSSH in :)03:37
garymcI dont know how to ssh into the gui03:37
jmarsdenI need to go pick up my wife soon, no time right now for teaching ... and Ubutnu desktops/GUIs are technically out of scope for this channel anyway...03:38
garymci got a ssh software winscp32 is that any good for it?03:39
garymci got putty too03:39
ballputty isn't bad.03:39
ballDid I mention that it's British? ;-)03:39
garymcis there a command to get into the gui03:39
garymciam british ;)03:39
* ball <- British03:39
jmarsdenI suspect it is saying you could upgrade to 9.10.  Putty is OK.  But running Ubuntu in virtualbox-ose on your Windows box would be more fun than using Putty :)03:39
garymcI know :)03:39
* jmarsden admits to being British too, although currently living in California.03:40
* ball <- Illinois03:40
jmarsdenI need to go... probably back later on.03:40
garymcok so i upgrade to 9.10 2morow and install postfix-dovecot03:40
garymcok bye bye me too bed time03:40
garymcthanks for the help03:40
jmarsdenYou're welcome.03:40
ballI need to drag some PCs around.03:40
Roxyhart0Hi, one question there are any documentation how to configurate a openldap as backup domain ldap with ubutnu 9.10?04:04
twbRoxyhart0: did you read the ubuntu server guide?04:16
Roxyhart0yes i did, but i dont undestand...also the domain controles is a old gentoo ..i am changing it by ubuntu in a new server, but must to be gradually..so i need to configurate a new bakup domain controler with samba in a ubuntu but connecting with a gentoo domain controler04:21
Roxyhart0do you know if it is possible?04:22
Roxyhart0hi question, im installin openldap and there are a section that said dn: olcDatabase=hdb,cn=config04:58
Roxyhart0...what mean hdb is the kind of database, can I change by dbd?04:58
jmarsdenRoxyhart0: I think hdb is a "new, improved" variant of bdb.  There is no "dbd" backend for LDAP than I know of.  I don't think changing backends would be as simply as just changing that DN...05:45
Roxyhart0thanks jmarsen, so do you think should be ok if i keep hdb?06:02
jmarsdenYes, I think it is the current/new "standard" for OpenLDAP backends.06:30
Roxyhart08sorry i my netowork was down...so which is better to use on ldap DBD or HDB?06:37
twbRoxyhart08: ask #openldap06:50
twbOh, 16:45 <jmarsden> Roxyhart0: I think hdb is a "new, improved" variant of bdb.  There is no "dbd" backend for LDAP than I know of.  I don't think changing backends would be as simply as just changing that DN...06:50
jmarsdenRoxyhart08: See http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/1166.html for one sentence that confirms this.06:51
jmarsdenYou're welcome.06:52
acalvogodd morning07:17
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uvirtbot`New bug: #514196 in samba (main) "package libsmbclient 2:3.3.2-1ubuntu3.3 failed to install/upgrade: read error in `/var/lib/dpkg/triggers/update-initramfs': Invalid argument" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51419609:36
uvirtbot`New bug: #514198 in eucalyptus (main) "SSH key stopped working" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51419809:41
maxagazhow to get the list of dependences  of a package ?10:07
_rubenmaxagaz: many ways .. apt-cache show packagename is one way10:14
TeTeThas anybody lately tried euca-bundle-vol? I get a No Space left on device error on Ubuntu 9.1010:27
TeTeTmy mistake, specified wrong size10:29
uvirtbot`New bug: #514220 in samba (main) "package samba-common-bin 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51422010:56
garymcHi Im upgrading to Karmic, its asking me "Replace the customised configuration file /etc/cups/cupsd.conf ?" Do i keep or replace this file?11:03
garymcfudge it i pressed replace11:05
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BeardedChimpI have some hsdpa modems that I have created a udev rule for that calls a script to dial them when they are detected. The script after dialing creates iptables rules that varies depending upon how many modems have been connected. However I can't create the iptables rules until all modems have been dialed and so I tried created a lock file ie /etc/modem.lock, but when I first boot up the udev rules run for more than one modem so fast that they 11:49
uvirtbot`New bug: #514252 in qemu-kvm (main) "[arm] (might) need porting to thumb2" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51425212:06
garymcanyone here help me with my postfix-dovecot setup?12:16
patdk-lapgarymc, no idea12:21
uvirtbot`New bug: #514278 in authbind (main) "Bind to fails on 32 bit Ubuntu 9.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51427813:06
garymcanyone here help me get my basic email server up and running?13:06
zulfuuuuu....someone is actually using authbind?13:21
tdnI would like to have shared contacts on a server. The clients are using Thunderbird and Outlook. How can I accomplish this? Can I do it *without* LDAP?13:27
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
ttxzul: we are moving tomcat6 to dump jsvc and use authbind instead... anything against it ?14:00
zulttx: nope14:00
zulits just that I havent really seen any new bugs with it14:01
ttxright, that's good, not bad :)14:01
zulttx: agreed :)14:04
_rubenunless its because its so buggy that nobody uses it anyway :)14:05
zulttx: im updating samba today for your edification14:05
ttxthanks for edifying me14:06
ttxzul: please also advance some of the remaining MIR bugs, looks like the ball is on your side of the field14:06
zulttx: yep did some of that yesterday14:07
zulttx: ctdb is a bit more problematic since there needs alot of changes in order for it to get to main14:10
smoserwhere is the correct place to write routes that you want to be persistent (across reboots) ?14:11
patdk-wkin interfaces?14:12
patdk-wkusing the up option14:12
zulsmoser: i would just do it in rc.local14:18
smoseri think /etc/network/if-up.d/ seems right.14:18
patdk-wkI just use /etc/network/interfaces14:19
patdk-wkand add like, 'up route add ....' to the interface14:19
patdk-wkif you are really want it good, and a down command to remove it also14:19
patdk-wkthen ifup/ifdown will work completely14:19
patdk-wkI would say do that, or use quagga :)14:20
patdk-wknow if only I could make networkmanager work :(14:21
ttxmathiaz: re:UEC test infra -- good news indeed ! Please reflect progress on the spec, in a way that allows it to be > 0% completion :)14:36
ttxmathiaz: let me know when you'll be available for quick call14:38
ttxmathiaz: thx14:39
lauhello, i am trying to deploy a webdav solution on my hardy server14:44
lauusing the webbrowser interface I can see and follow the symlinks14:45
lauusing cadaver or nautilus i can't see them, any idea plz ?14:45
zulsoren: i would like to sit down with you and learn more about the automated server testing next week i want to learn more things about it if you dont mind15:11
uvirtbot`New bug: #514362 in samba (main) "package samba-common-bin 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.4 failed to install/upgrade: problemas de dependencias - se deja sin configurar" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51436215:36
orkunhi i am using ubuntu-mid with hal installed. things get mounted with iso8859 (vfat /dev/sdb1 to be specific) - i want it to be mounted with utf8 encoding. how can i change hal settings? (i hope the question would still be sort of supported, i don't want to use fstab or hal alternatives for another 4 months. please ignore if not supported)16:12
ttxmathiaz: <cjwatson> bug 512592 - believed to be fixed as of last night's debian-installer upload (and ev has closed this now); please report recurrences16:15
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 512592 in debian-installer "[Lucid] console-setup-udeb succeeded but requested to be left unconfigured" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51259216:15
MTecknologyyou guys know generally how much more a rackmount server costs than the desktop style servers?16:18
zulMTecknology: depends where you get it from but usually more16:20
MTecknologyzul: I know they're more - I was just curious how much more16:20
patdk-wk hmm, normally about 50% more16:23
Eladhow do I find a cron and disable it? I ran crontab - but don't see the cron in question16:23
Eladcrontab -l16:23
patdk-wkbut I guess it also depends what rackmount vs desktop16:23
patdk-wk2u vs midtower, midtower is about 150% the cost of the 2u16:23
patdk-wkelad, check /etc/cron.* directories16:24
Eladlooks like it is there16:24
Eladdo I just rm the file?16:24
MTecknologypatdk-wk: really? 2u would probably work perfect for what I need it for; hopefully16:25
patdk-wkthe place I'm at, 1u and 2u is same price16:25
patdk-wk3u, 4u, midtower, same price16:25
bogeyd6Elad, sometimes they are in the /etc/cron.* directories16:26
Eladbogeyd6: I found it in the directories, can I just rm file_name or will that break stuff?16:26
patdk-wkelad, you could, I normally just commened stuff out inside the file, so it's there as a reminder, if I want it back16:26
MTecknologypatdk-wk: how much can you fit into a 4u or 2u ?16:27
bogeyd6Elad, just mv it to another directory in case you need it later16:27
bogeyd6commenting every line takes a while and a simple cp script /root/script.backup is just fine16:27
bogeyd6sorry sorry i meant /home/user/script.backup16:27
ubottuWe do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.16:27
MTecknologybogeyd6: what about just toss exit up top?16:28
patdk-wkMTecknology, depends, normally more than enough :)16:28
patdk-wk3u/4u is a normal computer16:28
bogeyd6MTecknology, as a matter of opinion only i find it easier to just let newbs be newbs than to try to school them16:28
patdk-wk2u you get 6 to 8 drives, 2 to 6 pci/pcie cards16:28
patdk-wkheh? put a # on every line is simple with vi :)16:29
MTecknologyawesome :) - 6 drives should be perfect16:29
=== nxvl_ is now known as nxvl
patdk-wk2u will cost you more money than a midtower computer16:32
patdk-wkbut normally it pays itself back within 1year of colo costs16:32
MTecknologycolo ?16:34
MTecknologypatdk-wk: right now everything is under steps; when we get these servers they'll still be under steps stacked up - until we can afford moving them to a data center16:36
patdk-wkmove to datacenter = colocation16:37
MTecknologybut datacenters around here you host your own server in it16:38
patdk-wkyes, when you host your own equipment, it's colocation16:38
MTecknologywhere do we save money?16:39
patdk-wkif you don't have your own equipment, it's just, dedicated server rental :)16:39
patdk-wka 2u server costs more than a midtower server16:39
patdk-wka 2u server costs less to put in a datacenter than a midtower16:40
patdk-wkso the longer the 2u is at the datacenter, the more money you will save16:40
patdk-wkI would also say, a 2u has better cooling than a midtower, so less problems16:41
MTecknologyand generally more expansion16:42
patdk-wkhmm, not really16:42
patdk-wkboth do dual cpu's, and same drives16:43
patdk-wkdifference would be on the 2u you pick, if it has 2 slots, or more for cards, where the midtower would have 6 or 716:43
patdk-wk2u's can come with 6 low profile slots, or 3 low, and 3 normal slots, max16:44
patdk-wkthat's a 1u16:44
MTecknologyWhy does it look like I can put 8 drives in there16:44
patdk-wkcause it's not 2u :)16:44
patdk-wkoh, you can :)16:44
patdk-wk8 laptop drives16:44
MTecknologyI missed that :P16:45
patdk-wkI only use 2.5" sas drives now16:45
patdk-wkcause 2.5" drives are faster than 3.5" drives16:45
patdk-wkjust less storage space16:45
MTecknologyI didn't know that16:45
patdk-wkya, a 10k rpm 2.5" drive will be equiv to a 15krpm 3.5" drive16:46
patdk-wkI crunched those numbers awhile back16:46
MTecknologythanks :)16:46
patdk-wkdrive is smaller, it doesn't have to move as much to find what it needs :)16:47
MTecknologymakes sense16:47
patdk-wkbut I wouldn't say that holds true for sata drives though16:47
patdk-wkbut it did for the sas drives I check the specs on16:47
patdk-wkI was looking at something like that16:49
patdk-wkbut it was an hp system, 2u, that you could plug upto 4 servers in16:49
patdk-wkwas planning on doing 3 servers and 1 harddrive module16:49
MTecknology4 servers on a 2u system?16:50
MTecknologyhow do you do that?16:51
MTecknologybrb - gotta go to class?16:51
MTecknologypatdk-wk: 4 servers running on a single server.. Never heard of that without needing virtualization17:00
patdk-wkthat box you where looking at was 2 servers, in a single case17:00
MTecknologyoh- I didn't know that either17:00
patdk-wkthink of it like a blade system :)17:00
MTecknologylost me at blade :P17:01
MTecknologypatdk-wk: how do you manage something like that?17:02
patdk-wkusing the blade center stuff17:02
patdk-wkhell, on my blade center, I I can remap network ports, turn off/on/reboot, connect fiber drives, ...17:03
MTecknologyright now we have 3 servers running on linode; I'd liketo change to running those plus one other server on rackmount systems17:03
patdk-wkthat is what I have17:04
MTecknologyso do you have two boards in there to do that?17:07
patdk-wkeach blade is a full computer17:08
patdk-wkjust instead of having normal ports on the back, for power, network, ...17:08
MTecknologyI meant motherboard17:08
patdk-wkit has a single plug that plugs into that case17:08
patdk-wkthe motherboard is inside the blade17:09
patdk-wkheh, he so doesn't have the netowrk connected for that blade right :)17:10
patdk-wkin that pic, he has 14 blades :)17:10
patdk-wk6 power supplies17:10
patdk-wk2 ilo management units (that control the blade, turn on/off everything, and map network ports and stuff)17:11
patdk-wk2 fiber switchs (hba's)17:11
patdk-wkand 4 network switchs17:11
uvirtbot`New bug: #513727 in samba (main) "Samba 3.4 member server in domain fails to authenticate users" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51372717:11
MTecknologypatdk-wk: I bet that was extremely expensive17:12
patdk-wkaround 40k for the one I have17:12
patdk-wkjust don't buy a new car :)17:13
MTecknologyRight now my budget is ~1k17:13
MTecknologywe don't have that money yet either17:14
MTecknologypatdk-wk: any suggestions there?17:16
patdk-wkya, getting a nice server for <1k isn't going to happen17:17
patdk-wkyour going have to cut corners17:17
patdk-wkso you need to figure out exactly what you need17:18
patdk-wkcpu power? or harddrive speed?17:18
MTecknologyso far it looks like everything I'm seeing only gives 4GB memory17:18
MTecknologyI'd like 32GB max memory; we can start with only using 4GB RAM but that's something I need to be able to expand17:19
MTecknologydrive speed isn't as big of a deal17:19
MTecknologycpu power.. not as big of a deal17:20
MTecknology# drives is a big deal either; nor is drive space17:20
MTecknologyI'm not putting drives in that price, or ram17:20
uvirtbot`New bug: #506865 in net-snmp (main) "snmp-net not working with lm-sensors" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50686517:22
MTecknologypatdk-wk: we've had this company going for about 3mo now; we're hitting our server limits but we're not making much money17:23
MTecknologypatdk-wk: finding available money sucks.. there's too many pretty shiny servers too17:29
patdk-wkwhat is your servers currently doing? that is causing it to need more resources?17:30
MTecknologywe have a dev server that takes ~5 sec to load a simple page; production server that hosts websites; production server that hosts different crap17:32
MTecknologywe need a coding server17:32
MTecknologythe productino servers don't have enough memory17:32
patdk-wkwhat language is your stuff written in?17:32
patdk-wkwhat is the site? if I can ask17:33
MTecknologythey're linodes though - we can't bump up the memory very much17:33
MTecknologywhich site?17:33
patdk-wkthat the production stuff runs17:33
MTecknologyIt's mostly all php17:33
patdk-wkhow many hits per second?17:34
MTecknologythe server itself; about 10/min17:34
patdk-wkserving large files?17:34
MTecknologywe're very low traffic atm17:34
patdk-wkguess large would be >1mb for this :)17:34
MTecknologyour dev server is17:34
MTecknologyoh, then ya17:35
patdk-wkbut not >50megs17:35
MTecknologyIt's ram and hd space we're out of on the production systems17:35
patdk-wkyou have lots of room for optimization it soulds like17:35
MTecknology16GB HD space & 360MB RAM17:36
DrNick_which processes are using all the RAM on your production machines?  app servers?17:36
patdk-wkapache+php will suck ram quick :)17:36
patdk-wkI've switched all my stuff to lighttpd+php to handle php better17:37
MTecknologyhow much does that help?17:38
patdk-wkdepends, apache will attempt to autoadjust17:38
DrNick_still, i was only asking to check what was using the RAM.  tomcat, for example, is a huge memory hog17:38
patdk-wklighttpd doesn't auto anything, so you have to watch and change it yourself17:38
patdk-wklighttpd does cache the crap out of stuff though, why I was wondering how large the files where17:39
MTecknologyI meant how much did it save for you17:39
MTecknologyI'd say for the most part they're pretty small files17:39
MTecknologymaybe 6 files over 10MB17:40
patdk-wkwell, apache + mod_php, I could only serve 110 pages per second17:40
patdk-wkapache + fastcgi php, I was doing around 13017:40
patdk-wklighttpd + fastcgi php, I got 14517:40
patdk-wkI went with lighttpd, also cause it of how it loadbalanced php17:40
patdk-wkit made php better load the database, over how random apache used php17:41
MTecknologywhat's your opinion about mysql vs pgsql17:41
patdk-wkI know all there is to know about mysql17:41
patdk-wkI have attempting to play with pgsql some, but never seem to have enough time to figure enough of it out to actually do anything with it17:42
patdk-wkI have mysql easily doing >5k commands per second17:43
MTecknologywhat changes between fastcgi php vs mod_php ?17:43
patdk-wkmy syslog mysql does >2k inserts per second17:43
patdk-wkeverything :)17:43
patdk-wkmod_php is in all ways evil17:43
patdk-wkit's simple though17:43
MTecknologydoes source code need to change?17:43
patdk-wkbut normally you just install it17:44
patdk-wkphp_cli, mod_php, php_cgi17:44
patdk-wkthose are the 3 php versions17:44
patdk-wkyou use php_cgi for fastcgi and cgi17:44
MTecknologyI guess I'll have to look into the feasibility of changing source code17:46
patdk-wkyou guys actually hacked the php base code?17:47
MTecknologyI thought you said code needs to change17:47
patdk-wkand did it so badly that you can't just say, compile cgi17:47
MTecknology11:43 < MTecknology> does source code need to change?17:48
MTecknology11:44 < patdk-wk> yes17:48
patdk-wkyes, the same source for mod_php doesn't for work for cgi/fastcgi17:48
MTecknologyI was referring to the php code we wrote17:48
patdk-wkthat is why you get the mod_php binary, and the php_cgi binary17:48
patdk-wkyour php programs don't need change (normally)17:48
MTecknologyWhen I start deploying a new server I'll use that and see how it works out17:49
patdk-wkI've gotten extreemly good at optimizing php and mysql17:50
MTecknologyI wish I had some startup capital..17:50
MTecknologyHow do you optimize mysql?17:50
patdk-wkhundreds of ways :)17:50
MTecknologyyou compile it yourself then?17:50
patdk-wkI do, but that isn't how I optimize it17:50
patdk-wkand once I update to 5.1  Iwon't have to compile it myself anymore17:51
MTecknologyI'll have to ask you for tips later then17:51
MTecknologyI gotta run.. :(17:51
MTecknologylast question - what do you think a decent price is to host a 1u / 2u server in a datacenter?17:52
patdk-wkit all comes down to how good the internet is :)17:52
patdk-wkfor crappy internet, your talking $70-10017:52
patdk-wkfor good internet, $150+17:52
patdk-wkI don't think you need good internet17:53
patdk-wkthe different is latency17:53
MTecknologythat's goin to be out of our price range for a long while17:53
MTecknologyby that probably - at least 6mo17:54
MTecknologythanks for all the help17:54
MTecknologygotta run - ttyl17:54
uvirtbot`New bug: #456099 in axis2c "axis2c.log is full of spurious errors" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45609918:07
uvirtbot`New bug: #492235 in eucalyptus (main) "mDNS for CC hostname is only available while eucalyptus-cc is running" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49223518:26
uvirtbot`New bug: #424648 in openssh (main) ""Error: ssh program unexpectedly exited" when trying to browse files on router" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42464818:38
smosermathiaz, you have a minute?18:48
mathiazsmoser: sure18:48
mathiazsmoser: a few minutes18:48
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 506960 in ec2-init "investigate ec2 kernel/ramdisk and apt-upgrade" [Medium,Confirmed]18:48
mathiazsmoser: I'm going to board soon18:48
smoseri'm looking at/ thinking about that.18:48
smoseroh. headed to pdx already.18:49
smoserwell i'll be fast18:49
smoserbasically, i boot an ec2 instance18:49
smoserits out of date with the archive18:49
smoserapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade18:49
smoserwants a new kernel18:49
smoserit makes no sense to get a new kernel18:49
smosershould i dpkg pin those versions that the image is built with ?18:49
mathiazsmoser: is ther kernel package installed on a ec2 image?18:50
mathiazsmoser: IMO it should not18:50
smoserit should not what18:50
mathiazsmoser: because of the modules?18:50
smoser(actually, there are 2 , both ec2 kernel and uec kernel)18:51
mathiazsmoser: well - you don't control which kernel is booted from the instance18:51
mathiazsmoser: IMO we should bundle the modules in a different package18:51
mathiazsmoser: and then update that package only when we publish a new kernel in EC218:51
smoserwouldn't matter.18:51
smoseryou'd still (in an old image) be told to upgrade18:51
smoseror unless the other package didn't appear as an upgrade18:52
mathiazsmoser: yop18:52
smoserwhat would be wrong with pinning the version ?18:52
mathiazsmoser: what is kernel related in the EC2 image?18:52
smoseri dont understand the question. i think you're missing a word18:52
mathiazsmoser: what do you need to change in the EC2 image when the external kernel changes?18:53
smoseryou need new kernel modules.18:53
smoserso i just realized that this fixes the problem:18:53
smosersudo apt-get --purge remove linux-image-virtual linux-virtual18:53
mathiazsmoser: yes - as mentionned in the google groups, there's no need to have a kernel package installed on the EC2 image18:54
mathiazsmoser: neither grub18:54
mathiazsmoser: they should be removed18:54
mathiazsmoser: what you need is the kernel modules though18:54
smoseri disagree with "there's no need to have a kernel package installed on the EC2 image"18:55
mathiazsmoser: we could have an linux-ec2-kernel-modules that would depend on linux-ec2-kernel-modules-X.Y.Z packages18:55
smoseri dont see the value in that to be greater than the pain to maintain it.18:55
mathiazsmoser: and linux-ec2-kernel-modules-X.Y.Z packages would just provide the relevant kernel modules for published ec2 kernels18:56
mathiazsmoser: right - what you need in each EC2 image is the kernel modules for the running kernel right?18:56
mathiazsmoser: however the running kernel is outside of the control of the image18:57
mathiazsmoser: but we control all the published kernel18:57
smosera.) for now that is the case18:57
mathiazsmoser: so we can publish packages that have the relevant kernel modules for every published kernels in EC218:57
smoserb.) no, but the "supported kernel" with that image *is* 'controlled' in that it is the one registered.18:58
mathiazsmoser: if we push a new kernel in EC2, we publish/update the linux-ec2-kernel-modules to have the new kernel modules18:58
smoserbut see thats exactly what we're doing now18:58
smoserexcept for, when the image is built, it requests 'linux-virtual' and 'linux-ec2'18:58
smoserwhich end up getting updated, and then updgrade says "hey you need new versions"18:59
mathiazsmoser: does linux-ec2 have a kernel or only kernel modules?18:59
smoserbut if we didn't have those 2 packages, but rather only the kernel packages then it would not prompt for update18:59
smoserwho cares if there is a kernel18:59
smoseryes, its a waste of 3M19:00
mathiazsmoser: right - what matters is to have the kernel modules corresponding to the running kernel19:00
smoseri'm confused.19:00
mathiazsmoser: one related idea I had for some time is how we can notify instances that there is a new kernel available19:00
mathiazsmoser: hm - me too.19:01
mathiazsmoser: so what's the current problem?19:01
MTecknologypatdk-wk: I think you should donate a spare server + hosting to us :D19:01
smoserthe problem is that on an ec2  instance (or UEC) running an 'apt-get upgrade'19:01
smosersuggests that you install new kernel packages19:01
smoserwhich it doesn't need to19:01
smoserso you waste the bandwidth and IO19:02
smoserbut the old image package is not removed, everything still works.19:02
smoserits just confusing and a waste of resources19:02
smoserwhile talking to you, i realized that19:02
mathiazsmoser: ok19:02
mathiazsmoser: right - so don't install the normal linux-ec2 kernel package19:03
mathiazsmoser: rather a specific linux-ec2-kernel-modules19:03
smoserright. that can all be fixed by: sudo apt-get remove linux-image-virtual linux-virtual linux-image-ec2 linux-ec219:03
MTecknologyI should look into the cost of ec219:03
zulmdeslaur: ping19:03
mathiazsmoser: that will only be updated if there is a new kernel available in EC219:03
smoserthe reason i install the meta packages is that they automatically resolve to "latest in archive" for me.19:03
mdeslaurzul: yessir19:03
patdk-wkec2 is much more expensive than linode19:03
zulso explain why again?19:03
smoserec2 is not really a linode replacement. they're almost completely different things.19:04
smoserbut if what you want is a VPS, linode is cheaper19:04
mdeslaurwe ship mount.cifs with the setuid bit set, because debian does it. Other distros don't. Upstream samba doesn't want the bit set, as the code hasn't been audited for that. They've even added code in the latest release to bail out if the setuid bit is set.19:04
mathiazsmoser: right - what you really wanna install in your ec2 image are the kernel modules for which there is a corresponding kernel published in ec219:04
mdeslaurso I wonder what tools we have that _need_ the setuid bit19:05
smoserwell, yes, but the way it works now is that is all in one process19:05
MTecknologyso what si ec2 best used for?19:05
mdeslaurzul: ie: does nautilus need it?19:05
smoserimage is built, kernel is extracted, if the kernel is not published, it is published, then image is published.19:05
zulmdeslaur: have you tried using it out with the setuid bit?19:05
mdeslaurzul: well, if you remove the bit, regular users can't mount samba shares19:05
smoserbasically when publishing an image, you publish the kernel it needs19:05
zulmdeslaur: i dont think so but I dont use nautilus that much19:05
mdeslaurzul: let me investigate more next week19:05
patdk-wkMTecknology, could probably do something19:05
zulmdeslaur: sure19:05
mdeslaurit's a bit early19:06
mathiazsmoser: right - so I think what you need to install in EC2 images is the linux-ec2 package19:06
mathiazsmoser: since if there is a new linux-ec2 package available in the archive, corresponding modules should be available for ec2 images and the kernel is automatically published in ec2?19:07
MTecknologypatdk-wk: the way I'm looking at it now is I should just try to build a VM to test out what you mentioned; then try to push that to the dev server, then push it live; I should also try to manage in linode as long as I possibly can - $20/mo for each system19:08
smosermathiaz, i dont follow that last part.19:09
mathiazsmoser: if there is a new linux-ec2 kernel, is it automatically published in EC2?19:10
mathiazsmoser: ie can the new kernel be used to boot new images?19:10
smosermathiaz, basically, yes.19:11
smoserafer a nightly build takes place19:11
uvirtbot`New bug: #455294 in eucalyptus (main) "UEC Installer should point to management interface" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45529419:11
mathiazsmoser: right19:12
MTecknologypatdk-wk: I looked into it more and it could be potentially over a year before we can consider a datacenter19:12
mathiazsmoser: I think the problem mentionned in the google group thread is that when there is security update published, dist-upgrade in an instance will pull it down19:12
mathiazsmoser: that's something we wanna avoid - right?19:13
smoserwell, sort of.19:13
smoseri just posted a comment there, please read19:14
smoserin the bug19:14
mathiazsmoser: if so, don't install linux-ec2, but the actual package - like linux-image-2.6.32-301-ec219:14
smoseri actually think it all fixes itself we dont have the metapackages.19:14
smoserand that gets updates *someimtes* (within the abi)19:14
mathiazsmoser: yop19:14
smoserand you would likely want those changes19:14
smoserso, fo me, the easiest way to do this is to simply purge the metapackages after image build19:15
mathiazsmoser: well - in EC2 you'd have to rebundle the image no?19:15
smoserbecause right now i select my kernel with them19:15
smoserand that is easy19:15
smoserrather than figuring out which version is current.19:15
smosermathiaz, well now. inside of a single ABI, the kernel modules will be good19:15
smoserlinux-image-2.6.32-301-ec2 is version 2.6.32-301.419:16
mathiazsmoser: right - I'd discuss that with the kernel team though19:16
smoserthere at times are updates for that19:16
smoserand they have the same package name19:16
mathiazsmoser: as you'd just update the modules, not the kernel19:16
smoserdifferent version19:16
smoserthat is what ABI compatibility is19:16
smoserthats the reason there is that number19:16
mathiazsmoser: right - so just having the package name, without pinning the version should be enough19:17
smoserthe '301' or '11' in linux-image-2.6.32-301-ec2 or linux-image-2.6.32-11-virtual19:17
mathiazsmoser: if you don't have the metapackage installed, you won't be asked for an upgrade19:17
smoserthanks mathiaz . i think i'm fine now.19:17
smoserfor  now i think i'm just going to remove the packages after they're included19:18
smoserso that i get them at build time to help me figure out "what is the current package"19:18
smoserbut then dont need them after that.19:18
mathiazsmoser: right - you may wanna investigate the grub removal as well19:18
mathiazsmoser: right19:18
mathiazsmoser: and then we can brainstorm about how to notify of new kernel available in running instances19:19
mathiazsmoser: as hey there is a security update for the kernel - you rebundle/restart your EMI19:19
mathiazsmoser: as hey there is a security update for the kernel - you *should* rebundle/restart your EMI19:19
smoseris there any thing different there than in mnormal '-server' ?19:20
mathiazsmoser: for the kernel upgrade notification?19:20
smoseror would i be breaking that by removing meta packages19:21
mathiazsmoser: that's one of the reason for having the meta-package installed19:21
mathiazsmoser: that's how you'd be notified that there is a new kernel available19:21
mathiazsmoser: that's why I'd suggest to have a specific -kernel-modules packages, that only ships the kernel19:23
mathiazsmoser: it would be smaller and you'd still be notified about new kernel being available19:23
smoserjust maintainence19:24
smoseri have lots of things to maintain19:24
mathiazsmoser: if that happens, you'd get the new kernel modules and you could rebundle your emi with the new kernel19:24
smoseri guess i'm missing something19:25
mathiazsmoser: right - it's a tricky situation19:25
mathiazsmoser: I'm about to board19:25
mathiazsmoser: we can discuss that later then19:25
uvirtbot`New bug: #514304 in samba (main) "Samba failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51430419:26
Italian_PlumberI looking through a user's DNS queries a good way of telling what web surfing they're doing?19:42
erichammondmathiaz, smoser: I didn't quite follow all of that EC2 kernel/modules/package conversation.  However, I wanted to point out that you don't have to rebundle/build a new AMI to upgrade the kernel.  There are currently two options:19:46
erichammond(1) start a new instance with the same AMI, but specify an override of the newer kernel.19:47
erichammond(2) Stop a running EBS boot instance (not terminate), ec2-modify-attributes to change the kernel+ramdisk, and start the instance again.19:48
smoser2 actually gives a supportable path for kernel upgrades.19:49
erichammondIt should be easy to install and keep multiple kernel module versions on an instance so that it can be tested back and forth with different kernels.19:49
erichammondsmoser: but (2) is only available for EBS boot instances.19:49
smoserin both cases you have to get the modules into the instance19:49
smoseralthough it will boot successfully you wont have all modules19:50
erichammondWhich begs the term of "successfully" if you're running an application on it :)19:50
smoserwell, you can get them with 'apt-get install linux-ec2-$(uname -r)19:51
smoserif you're using package dkenerls.19:51
smoserso, that is intersting, for ebs, it seems like the value of the package "upgrade" is there.19:51
smoserthanks for your input.19:52
erichammondsure, but this being Ubuntu, I'm guessing you're going to try to find the simplest, easiest way to do this for users so they don't have to know things like $(uname -r) :)19:52
smoserso heres where this started19:52
smoserin an ec2 instance (non EBS), when there is an new kernel available, your 'apt-get upgrade' will pull it and install it19:53
erichammondsmoser: Sorry to interrupt, but I'm leaving now and trust you to work it out.  Let me know if you need my input and I'll study the issue further.19:53
smoser(it will also pull linux-virtual, which is completley pointless for you).19:53
smoserbut because without ebs you cannot change that instance's kernel, theres no point in that upgrade19:53
smoserits wasted IO19:53
smoserwith ebs, that upgrade actually does make sense though, as you oculd hten tell the user: you should stop this instance and modify its kernel"19:54
ruben23can i setup my linux server to used nas as storage..19:57
ruben23is it possible19:57
patdk-wkuse nfs or cifs19:58
Malekowhy exactly is user "irc" created by default in vanilla ubuntu setup?19:59
Disconnectso without trying to be snarky i'm really beginning to think that UEC has a -wildly- different definition of "enterprise" than the rest of us.20:00
ruben23thanks im planning to buy Qnap a Nas hardware..to be used for file server and storage for my servers..20:01
erichammondsmoser, mathiaz: Without ebs boot installing the new kernel modules could still help because the user can rebundle the running instance and run the resulting new AMI with the new kernel.  There a number of different paths for using AMIs on EC2 depending on the architecture.  Downloading a few extra MB of kernel modules seems like a small price to pay for the potential benefits, simplicity of your implementation, and to reduce the el20:12
geniiMaleko: I imagine it's a standard reserved name and uid for a service, like others such as mail, news,syslog, saned and so on20:14
Malekois there any way to know if those accounts are being used?20:16
Malekoi need to use the account name for my own use but i fear removing it will break something20:17
guntbertMaleko: I advice against that: irc is  a system account (uid=39), and cannot be accessed normally (look with sudo grep irc /etc/shadow)20:19
Malekoah okay.20:23
cihan253hi all I have an amazon ec2 and using ubuntu but I have some problems. I cant install ec2-ami-tools to the machine. so I cant save the modified ami file in S320:54
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MTecknology!info nginx22:14
ubottunginx (source: nginx): small, but very powerful and efficient web server and mail proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.62-4ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 320 kB, installed size 784 kB22:15
MTecknology!info nginx lenny22:15
ubottu'lenny' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, intrepid, intrepid-backports, jaunty, jaunty-backports, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, partner22:15
MTecknology!info nginx lucid22:15
ubottunginx (source: nginx): small, but very powerful and efficient web server and mail proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.63-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 323 kB, installed size 792 kB22:15
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Italian_Plumberhello.   I've installed a PCI SATA controller card in a Pentium III machine running hardy.  when I start up the machine, I get a "kernel panic". What could be the problem?22:56
PatrickDKhmm, maybe something on that motherboard doesn't like that pci card at all23:04
Italian_Plumberyes... with this hard drive in, the machine won't even boot up into the live CD.23:06
android60How can I tell which disk grub installed to? Also, I am getting a black screen and no prompt after boot, I can ssh just fine, just no prompt at the machine23:25
MTecknologypatdk-lap: I think I might wind up using nginx and lighthttpd inside a vm to see which I Like better23:53

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