tonyyarussoTakyoji: bunches - can you get any more specific?00:15
TakyojiDesktop applications; server applications (such as a VLE, etc)00:18
tonyyarussoWhat's VLE?00:18
TakyojiVirtual Learning Environment*00:18
Takyojii.e. Moodle00:18
tonyyarussoWell for starters, is money as issue for your district?00:18
TakyojiNot necessarily; they just burn all the money they can get it almost seems00:19
tonyyarussoOf course - if they don't spend it they won't get it in the next budget cycle.00:19
Takyojifor things like gradebook solution, library solution, etc00:19
TakyojiEverything's pretty much all Windows servers, even for their webserver00:19
tonyyarussoHonestly, you probably don't have a prayer with the district unless you can make progress in a few schools first.00:20
TakyojiThat's what I figure00:21
tonyyarussoUnless the idea of showing up to school board meetings and complaining about the wasted money sounds appealing to you.00:21
Takyojiotherwise I believe I'd be able to sway any of the teachers00:21
tonyyarussoDo that.  Make the teachers demand it.00:21
_diabloMoodle is ridiculously popular with teachers.00:22
_diablo(from my experience)00:22
Takyojiconsidering one is already pushing for Moodle; while one of the district technologists try downloading the Moodle-XAMPP bundle and have it run in a Windows server; and thus try to make BOTH Apache and IIS to mystically bind to port 80...00:22
tonyyarussoXAMPP :(00:22
tonyyarussoAlthough at least he was doing it on Windows.00:22
tonyyarussoThere was a guy in #ubuntu recently advising people to install XAMPP on Ubuntu.00:23
Takyojiand then also the district technologist said as a counter-argument to me about being "all that maintenance" if they changed the webserver to a Linux installation rather than a Windows Server installation; and have pretty much everything managed through the package manager.00:26
TakyojiIt's practically almost as if "Get the Facts" campaign must of been their bible growing up or something..00:26
tonyyarussoDid you press him on exactly what maintenance he was referring to?00:28
TakyojiI didn't get much of an answer00:29
Takyojiand another time I was lightly implying the idea of perhaps a Linux distro on a few desktops or something; but he implied that they only have students use things they'll use in the "real world"00:30
_diabloTakyoji, ugh. this kind of ignorance is the annoyance of linux. It's people being opposed to it. You can at least fight that. It's people being ignorant.00:32
TakyojiThe only thing they have that's Linux-based is a self-maintaining mail spam filter that was pre-installed with a custom Linux installation and so on00:32
tonyyarussoTakyoji: I would suggest that you aren't nearly aggressive enough.00:32
TakyojiI also love how he implied that Google Chrome will never really have a role in the browser market.00:33
TakyojiYet right now it's pretty much becoming a big competitor to Firefox00:33
_diabloTakyoji, hahaha, it's already past safari!00:33
tonyyarussoTakyoji: Remember, if you can't change their mind, humiliate and discredit them in front of their peers and superiors so you don't have to.00:33
TakyojiAdd-on functionality, faster JS, and much better performance on Linux than Firefox00:33
TakyojiTheir boss is probably even more careless or even close-minded as well00:34
Takyojithe man won't even REPLY to your emails00:34
tonyyarussoComplain to his boss :)00:34
tonyyarussoabout the not replying to e-mails, not the content (yet)00:35
TakyojiOne of the teachers were asking if they could have simple little laptops for students in a class; just something capable of web browsing. And the technology director implied that would be like approximately $800 or so per laptop00:35
TakyojiA netbook would do exactly that, with like half the price00:36
TakyojiIt's not like you'd need to run Crysis on it00:36
_diabloTakyoji, probably even less if you buy in bulk. you can get a solid netbook for 350 retail. if you watch for discounts, you can get it for 325 tops00:37
TakyojiYou can get a Mini 10v for a starting price of 30000:37
_diabloUgh. Minis are gross imo. But yeah, as a generic school laptop, you're probably right. it would be fine00:38
_diablotonyyarusso, what plans on the t-shirt thing?00:38
_diabloI would assume all results that matter are in00:39
TakyojiWe need to do more somehow...00:42
Takyojiit's just too bad that there's not really anyone in my area though00:42
tonyyarusso_diablo: why are you asking me?00:44
TakyojiThe idea is that supposedly there wasn't a whole lot of demand; and that we'd probably do something custom, correct?00:46
tonyyarusso_diablo: but the survey has a total of 10 requested.  I don't think it's really gotten enough exposure as an idea yet.00:46
tonyyarussoTakyoji: pretty much00:47
TakyojiFor those that want a shirt; perhaps they could collaborate on an idea00:47
Takyojiand if it stands out, more people could have interest00:47
tonyyarussoI think it would be a very smart idea to get at least 30 people expressing interest before worrying too much about order specifics.00:48
_diablotonyyarusso, I thought you were organizing it. Was that not correct?00:49
_diabloand yeah, that makes sense00:49
tonyyarusso_diablo: I don't recall agreeing to such at least ;)00:50
tonyyarussoI'd be okay placing the order and dealing with some distribution aspects and can suggest vendors, but someone else should do the drumming up interest and stuff more first.00:50
_diablookay, fair enough :)00:51
_diabloI'll mention it at each meeting.00:51
tonyyarussoThat won't be enough on it's own.  The mailing list readership is much larger but very little of it is involved enough for IRC.00:53
_diabloAh, well... I sent an email to people asking if they wanted a shirt. I guess this answers the question about being enough interest :)00:54
tonyyarussoYou can't just jump right in and ask the question.  You have to propose it, explain it, argue for it, and then ask for support.00:56
_diabloehhh, okay, I'm definitely not the right person to be doing this then. I am pretty ambivalent to the idea honestly. I'd buy one if offered, but am not gung-ho about this by any means00:57
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tonyyarussooh btw guys, you can add Launchpad OpenIDs to your ubuntu-minnesota.org accounts now.02:46
tonyyarussoCreating new accounts that only use that doesn't work quite yet, but will soon.02:47
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