brycehRAOF, hey how are things looking with nouveau at the moment?  got anything worth testing?01:37
RAOFHm.  Testing the nouveau->nv->vesa fallback patch would work better if I had xserver-xorg-video-nv or xserver-xorg-video-vesa installed.06:35
RAOFStrange.  It'll fallback to VESA, but not to nv.07:01
RAOFBah, it got overwritten.  I'll get a new one.07:13
RAOFtjaalton: http://pastebin.com/f3d8d0b6c07:21
tjaaltonRAOF: huh, that's funny07:34
RAOFtjaalton: http://pastebin.com/f2ab1e6fc is a log with the nouveau kernel module available, if that's interesting to compare.07:41
tjaaltonthat looks normal07:42
RAOFIf the vesa DDX isn't available & the nouveau kernel module isn't available, then X just fails to load.07:43
tseliotRAOF: doesn't it use fbdev instead of vesa?07:56
tseliottjaalton: ^^07:56
RAOFtseliot: Not in my log; X can't load that module (because I don't have the package installed for some reason).07:57
tseliotI think fbdev should be our first fallback07:59
RAOFA can change the patch if that's the case.  Will fbdev actually work well, though?  I'm not familiar with it, but isn't our framebuffer going to be vga16fb?08:00
tjaaltonvesa doesn't work at all with kms08:11
RAOFBut if we're falling back to vesa in this case then that means that nouveau has failed, which probably means that kms isn't available.08:16
tjaaltonit can fail for other reasons too08:26
tjaaltonlike intel08:26
tjaaltonor ati08:26
brycehI've got wayland built08:41
RAOFDoes that have any input yet?08:42
brycehhaven't booted it yet.  maybe not08:45
brycehjust getting it to build is a challenge08:45
RAOFThere's now something worth testing in ppa:xorg-edgers/nouveau08:46
brycehawesome, I'll todo that for tomorrow08:47
brycehhave you had a chance to test it?  any tips?08:47
tseliotbryceh: are we going to have nvidia cards at the sprint?08:47
brycehtseliot, I can bring some, but it'd be for a desktop system08:48
RAOFbryceh: Yeah, I've tested it with my laptop; it works :)08:48
RAOFWell, apart from suspend, because my laptop still doesn't quite manage to actually suspend with the Lucid kernel.08:50
brycehtseliot, I'm going to be coming from home each day so if it turns out we want a desktop box we can slap cards into, I can bring one.  and an lcd monitor, kbd, mice, etc. too08:51
tseliotbryceh: right, I forgot that you live near Portland08:52
* RAOF goes to check on the status of his kernel bisect for that.08:52
tseliotbryceh: I was asking as I'm not sure that I'll be able to test Jockey today and I'll leave tomorrow08:53
brycehgahh buildd's too slow09:16
bryceh"Start in 49 minutes (2505)"09:17
tjaaltonwhy not test it locally?09:18
brycehtjaalton, it builds fine locally09:22
tjaaltonso autoreconf helped?09:22
brycehI didn't have the original problem locally09:22
tjaaltonhmm ok09:22
brycehwell, but I'm not building in a clean pbuilder environment09:23
vishtseliot: its happening again :(   gdm log is logging X errors :(09:29
* vish reboots again without splash09:30
vishsame error repeats http://paste.ubuntu.com/365081/ , not sure how it starts :s09:40
vishnot sure why gdm logs it , but i'v noticed one problem , conky stops being displayed for some reason , even if i restart it it wont be displayed09:41
brycehtjaalton, rats.  make: autoreconf: Command not found09:46
brycehguess tseliot was right, probably needs explicit automate build-dep09:47
vishanyone? any suggestions on how to debug the above error ^ also KMS doesnt seems to setup from xorg.1.log > http://paste.ubuntu.com/365090/10:01
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tseliotvish: I think I missed the 1st error. I can only see the one about KMS10:04
vishtseliot: the same error i showed you couple of days ago> http://paste.ubuntu.com/365081/10:05
vish not sure why gdm logs it , but i'v noticed one problem , conky stops being displayed for some reason , even if i restart it it wont be displayed10:05
vishit seems to start after a few hours ... I dont notice any errors when the system is started10:06
vishthe gdm logs just eat my / space :s10:07
* tseliot looks for hints in the -ati driver10:08
vishthanks :)10:09
tseliotvish: do videoclips work?10:55
vishtseliot: yeah , i can watch videos10:56
tseliotvish: maybe you need this patch? http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-video-ati/commit/?id=e1200cb89218930d01330ba0114e013438655cce11:03
tseliotwhich reverts another commit that we have in Lucid11:03
vishyeah , maybe , tseliot when was the earlier commit?11:05
vishthis is something very recent  , has been happening since less than 10days11:05
tjaaltontseliot: umm, that's old11:07
tjaaltonvish: check the kernel changelog then11:07
tseliottjaalton: that commit, yes, but we still don't have it11:07
tjaaltontseliot: how come? the snapshot is from master11:09
* vish hmm... still trying to figure out what starts it :s11:31
tseliotvish: how much ram does your card have?11:32
brycehtseliot, btw got cairo-drm built11:36
tseliotbryceh: ah, nice, what was it?11:36
tseliotvish: really? What does the bios say?11:36
brycehyou put me on the right track.  just kept throwing deps at it.  libtool, automake, autoconf...11:37
vishtseliot: ah.. the radeon card is 512mb [i guess] let me check.. how do i check BIOS from session?11:38
tseliotthe easiest way is to just enter the bios11:38
* vish brb11:39
tseliotbryceh: which explains why it was building in your environment and failed in buildds11:39
tseliottjaalton: I guess airlied fixed that in master (after that revert)11:41
tseliotbryceh: it looks like a few macros in -ati trigger these errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/365081/11:42
tseliote.g. BEGIN_ACCEL, FINISH_ACCEL, etc.11:43
tseliotI'm wondering if we're missing something is mesa11:44
brycehanyway I'm going to bed11:46
tseliotgood night11:46
brycehlooks like I've got wayland in the bag, but a few odds and ends to finish up tomorrow11:46
tseliotsounds good11:47
tseliotapw: I think we'll be on the same flight to Portland (from Washington DC)11:47
tjaaltontseliot: I'm confused.. fixed in master means we have it in lucid11:52
tseliottjaalton: right, so I was taking back what I said before ;)11:52
vishtseliot: hehe... 128 MB  .. [with some humbug about being upto 512mb HyperMemory]  so 128 i guess ;D11:53
rippsOkay, not cool. I've lost my glx extensions in X. I can't start compiz11:53
tjaaltontseliot: ah :)11:55
rippsglxinfo just spits out: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0" a bunch of times11:56
tseliotripps: log?11:56
rippstseliot: which one?11:56
tjaaltonbryceh: the same build-deps as on every X module :)11:56
tjaaltonwhich run autoreconf on build11:56
tseliotripps: Xorg.0.log11:56
tjaaltonautomake, libtool should be enough11:57
rippstseliot:  http://pastebin.com/f666e828611:58
rippsookkaayy,,nnooww  mmyy  kkeeyybbooaarrdd  hhaass  ggoonnee  ssccrreewwyy!!11:59
rippsthere, undid an option in keyboard prefences, but I can hold down backspace to delete anymore, I have to press it a dozen times. Wth is going on?12:01
vishripps: that was something wrong with the >  keybindings reported an issue with the keybinding code not loading yes12:01
vishops bad quote :/12:01
vishripps: just set the keypress setting again ;) and all will return12:03
tseliotripps: try with sudo update-alternatives --config gl_conf and select mesa (if you're using ati), then sudo ldconfig12:03
tseliotand reboot12:03
rippstseliot: ah that was it, it was trying to load it from nvidia-current12:04
rippsvish: turning on repeated keypressess does this: hheelllloo  wwoorrlldd12:05
rippsand backspace still doesn't work correctly12:05
tjaaltonripps: why do you have nvidia installed?12:06
vishripps: weird , well for me and a few others the slider was all the way to the left... switching the setting back on and adjusting the slider fixed it... 12:06
rippstjaalton: I don't know, it installed itself with the recent lucid updates12:06
* tseliot -> lunch12:06
tjaaltonripps: ok, that's a bug then12:07
rippsshould I remove it?12:07
rippstjaalton: oh, i see what happened, my latest mplayer ppa package is pulling it in. Why would it do that?12:08
tjaaltonprobably broken libvdpau depends12:09
rippsvdpau is supposed to be optional, not forced12:09
rippsit's never forced an nvidia install before, just the one I built an hour ago...12:09
tjaaltonshow the deps12:10
tjaaltonDepends: nvidia-current12:11
rippsthe package is automatically making nvidia-current a depend, how do I change it to a recommend?12:12
rippsor rather, a suggest12:12
tjaaltonfix the source instead12:12
tjaaltonit shouldn't need to do that12:12
tjaaltonthere's libvdpau1 you know..12:13
rippstjaalton: but libdpau1 is only available for lucid, what do i do with my hardy->karmic backports?12:15
tjaaltonripps: your problem :)12:15
rippsvish: yeah that worked. I wonder how they got set all the way to the left.12:17
rippswhew... everything worked after I uninstalled nvidia-current. I had to downgrade my mplayer though. I'll have to test some builds to see if I can fix the nvidia-current dependency.12:57
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CobaltSarvatt: I tried the mainline kernel. It does not load the ath5k driver which I require for wifi connection; modprobe loads it but it does not find the appropriate interfaces, and without that, could not use the most common test-case to reproduce the crash.14:41
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SarvattCobalt: Thats no good, do you have something installed that would interfere with it like madwifi? does grep -R "ath5k" /etc/modprobe.d/ show anything blacklisting it? you might want to try a newer kernel like 2.6.33-rc5 out or try using the lucid kernel instead of the kernel-ppa ones, I do have the same problem as you when I try to use the karmic .31 kernel with newer git libdrm and intel (invalid alignment 4096 errors) and I'm pretty sure it i18:05
Sarvatts kernel related. To be honest I would recommend just putting the intel driver on hold with 2.9.1 and still using edgers for mesa and such, thats what I'm doing currently because of all of the problems18:05
CobaltSarvatt: No, I don't. Just Wicd, but that wouldn't interfere.18:06
CobaltSarvatt: grepping shows nothing.18:06
Sarvattoh thats another can of worms, i have no idea about that because I use network-manager18:07
CobaltSarvatt: The problem occurs before that. There are no wireless interfaces. Wicd is not that low-level.18:07
CobaltSarvatt: I've been withholding upgrading the driver as well, but as it appeared after one of the updates, I thought there was a regression introduced.18:08
Sarvattdoes iwconfig show the network? 18:08
CobaltSarvatt: No, it does not.18:09
Sarvattwas just thinking maybe it changed from ath0 to wlan0 recently18:09
CobaltThere wasn't _any_ wireless interfaces of any sort. :)18:09
* Cobalt headdesks.18:10
CobaltSarvatt: You know why no network interface was showing up? That's cos I don't have an Atheros NIC. I have Ralink. Damn, I need to reboot that thing and find out.18:10
CobaltSarvatt: Having said that, it also complained about /proc/mount not working and it was not able to load my Apparmor profiles.18:11
Sarvattahh that'd explain it18:11
Sarvatttry the lucid kernel18:11
Sarvattstaging is disabled for the mainline kernel-ppa builds18:11
Sarvattyeah theres no apparmor in those18:11
Sarvattits a clean kernel, apparmor is a ubuntu patch and not upstream18:11
CobaltYou have an address handy for those later kernels?18:12
Sarvatttry 2.6.32-12 from the lucid archives18:12
CobaltWhat about /proc/mount, what is that, and do I need it?18:12
Sarvattshould be on packages.ubuntu.com18:12
CobaltLet me have a look at that.18:13
CobaltI had like 15 kernels installed. I pruned it quite a bit, saved about 800MB. So much clutter since I had Hardy in this box.18:14
Sarvatt/proc/mount? do you mean /proc/mounts?18:14
Sarvattpackages.ubuntu.com isnt even loading for me, i have a really spotty connection where i am18:14
SarvattRAOF: try adding an alias for lbm-nouveau to nouveau?18:15
CobaltSomething like that, I didn't grab the exact error message. What does /proc/mounts do? Is that a list of current mounts?18:15
Sarvatthmm drmOpen is looking for "nouveau"18:15
Sarvattyeah it is18:15
Sarvattthe lucid kernel should work for you if its just the ralink problem, that would break because its a driver in staging in the kernel and thats not enabled18:16
Sarvattin those mainline kernel builds18:16
CobaltI see. And Ubuntu includes it for greater hardware support?18:16
SarvattRAOF: maybe something like this? http://sarvatt.com/downloads/0001-lbm.patch18:18
Sarvattyep, stuff in staging breaks constantly during the -rc cycle and gets fixed up before the final release usually, would be a major pain to track whats broken and rebuild a bunch of times for the daily kernel builds18:19
CobaltI'm new to all that kernel stuff. Wouldn't have known about it.18:20
Sarvattalot of the changes for intel are in the kernel, if you're using edgers its usually a good idea to keep that up to date too :D18:21
CobaltDo I need to mess with the linux-firmware package?18:21
CobaltI couldn't NOT use Edgers either, on that Eee PC, the stock drivers offered like 5FPS at best, with Compiz. And that was as fluid as anything in Hardy, if you didn't go too crazy with effects. I just use a tiny amount of transparency and whatnot.18:22
Sarvattwhat kernel are you using now? -generic -generic-pae or x64?18:22
Sarvattintel on karmic shouldnt be bad at all, there shouldnt be much of a difference using edgers. jaunty on the other hand...18:23
CobaltLucid does not seem to have a headers package. I'm using -generic. My 1000H is 32-bit.18:23
Sarvattdo you need headers? building external modules?18:24
CobaltSarvatt: Yeah, for VirtualBox, via dkms.18:24
CobaltI'm actually getting that package your link is pointing to.18:25
Sarvatterr well18:25
Sarvatttheres a bit more of a problem there18:25
CobaltWhat kinda?18:25
Sarvatti dont think the karmic virtualbox works with 2.6.32+18:25
CobaltIt seemed to compile the modules without complaining, however, I didn't use it. Still, I've not used it much lately (I have it to run XP for Nokia PhoneManager to back stuff up). Been lazy.18:26
Sarvattthe full featured ones from the virtualbox website work though18:26
CobaltI could always boot to something lower just for that.18:26
CobaltAh I see. That's what I use. Not the -OSE.18:27
Sarvattgotta run, too much time sitting in the car and i'm late for the next job, good luck with it :)18:27
CobaltThank you again. Will drop in a line about what's going down.18:27
Sarvattmorning bryce! missed you saying that in all the talk :D18:44
Sarvattapw: are your changes to add lbm-nouveau in git anywhere?18:44
brycehSarvatt, https://edge.launchpad.net/~apw/+archive/blue/+packages18:45
herman_how can i see the driver of my graphic card?18:46
brycehyour /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:46
herman_is there a specific line?18:48
Sarvattit should be really obvious in the first 2 or 3 pages of it, if you can put it on pastebin we can tell you18:57
Sarvattthis lbm-nouveau stuff really looks like it will cause more problems than just building it with dkms, packing in a whole new drm and such with different names, is it really removing the old drm/ttm and such when it loads? i dont have my nvidia machine handy to mess with it to see18:59
herman_Sarvatt, i have 3 log's Xorg: Xorg.0.log Xorg.0.log.old Xorg.20.log. What do i put in pastebin?19:01
Sarvattfirst one19:02
herman_Sarvatt, here: http://pastebin.com/m7662583819:03
Sarvattthe i915 intel driver19:04
Sarvattversion 2.6.319:05
herman_version i find19:05
herman_what line is i915?19:05
Sarvattaround line 107, its the xserver-xorg-video-intel driver19:06
Sarvatti highly recommend upgrading to karmic though, there were quite alot of problems with intel on jaunty19:08
herman_Sarvatt, it's why i'm asking this to you19:10
herman_my ubuntu looks "strange"19:10
herman_maximizing and minimizing is slow19:10
herman_everything looks slow 19:11
Sarvattyeah that should be *much* better on karmic19:11
Sarvattif upgrading is an option at all19:11
herman_i will try19:11
Sarvattyou can try a karmic livecd out and see how much better it will be19:12
herman_because, this way is terrible19:12
Sarvattit was unfortunate but jaunty was released when intel was doing some major restructuring with their drivers and there were quite alot of problems, there are some things you can do to work around it if you want to stick with jaunty though19:13
herman_and the version 8.10, do you know about it?19:14
Sarvattsorry, gotta run for a few minutes but i'll give you some xorg.conf options that will help on jaunty when i get back19:16
Sarvatt8.10 is good but 9.10 fixes most of the problems from 9.04, i'd recommend upgrading instead of wiping and downgrading :D19:16
herman_i understading19:17
herman_because i work for a project, and we use 8.10 to develop 19:17
herman_Sarvatt, do you have to go out?19:18
Sarvattherman_: the "Performance regressions on intel graphics" section on this page might help - http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/90419:42
Sarvattthe Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy" part in particular helped alot in those days on my system with firefox scrolling speed19:43
Sarvattyeah I had to drive to my next job but I'm back now for a bit :)19:44
Sarvattfrom a terminal, type sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy" at the end of the Device section (but before EndSection) and reboot19:46
CobaltShouldn't logging out and back in again do the trick?19:47
Sarvattneed to restart the xserver19:48
herman_Sarvatt, i don't want to disrupt you19:50
herman_thanks for the help until here19:51
herman_i will try update my ubuntu to karmic koala19:51
herman_i'll find you here other days19:51
CobaltWell, logging out and in seems to do that.19:52
CobaltGonna reboot to that new kernel.19:52
CobaltGah. Got lazy instead.20:02
herman_Sarvatt, hey, my ubuntu feels a bit better20:11
herman_i think20:11
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CobaltSarvatt: Interestingly, it does load my rt2860sta module. But it does not automatically put my wlan0 interface up. Maybe because the scripts originally look for ra0. Once I do that, things go okay. I still need to test the latest drivers now.21:09
brycehmy kid's first experience hacking on Ubuntu:  http://www2.bryceharrington.org:8080/files/images/ubudutch.jpg22:44
Duke`a future packager!22:49
virtualdhack the planet!22:58
Ngbryceh: laptop on the duvet! think of the airflow! ;o23:07

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