magnusit dosent shazbutts00:00
* Shazbutts crosses fingers, eyes, arms, and legs00:00
ezfoxjackhigh: is there a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file at all on your system ?00:00
Shazbuttsmagnus, it does sometimes...00:00
revelnickhi folks, how to do find /home/var/session/ -mtime +30 -exec sudo rm -v {} \; but only delete 1000 files and then stop ?00:00
r4v5argh. how do i change the dpi that X applications use? (gnome)00:00
r4v5i keep losing the particular panel where that's located.00:00
Shazbuttsthe bootloader freaks out the win7 bootloader00:00
Shazbuttsand no boot 4 u00:00
magnusshazbuttz: it dident to that with mine00:00
Shazbuttsbut i'm installing on a seperate hdd00:00
magnusneed some serius help reselution and video card.plx help00:00
Shazbuttsmagnus, what do you need help with?00:00
r4v5magnus: ask your question.00:01
Shazbutts!ask > magnus00:01
ubottumagnus, please see my private message00:01
jiohdiwhat I want to know is why my gqview needs to cache every fricken picture in the entire folder before it shows the first one I want to see?00:01
jackhighezfox: yes when i install ubuntu i get no x i need to dropinto a shell install the ati fglrx package then type aticonfig --initial to get aticofig to create a suitable xorg.conf00:01
luisthow do i list my partitions from terminal00:01
Shazbuttsluist 'mount'00:01
=== DaRIo_ is now known as IDiaz
Shazbuttsit'll list everything00:01
danbhfive!blkid | luist00:01
ubottuluist: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)00:01
UmeaboyThis is probarly the wrong place to ask, but after installing newcs & newcamd to a friends ubuntu server.. what to do to connect to it from his pc and not from a dreambox?00:02
jackhighother wireless mouses like the logitec one my son just broke just work when i plug them in00:02
Shazbuttsor that..00:02
UmeaboyA friend of mine wonders.00:02
magnuson this laptop i cant get the reselution higer then 800x somthing. and on the other pc i get the black skreen...00:02
ezfoxjackhigh: then you should delete your xorg.conf file and repeat this with you new mouse plugged in :)00:02
UmeaboyIs that illegal?00:02
jackhighok ill do that00:02
jackhighloggin out brb00:02
Shazbuttsmagnus, did you install the video drivers?00:03
tucemiuxhow do you share files with kubuntu as guest os?00:03
Blue1how do I fix this mysql problem:  ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'nwayno'@'localhost' (using password: NO)00:03
magnusdont know where to find them im all lost in linux00:03
magnusits nothing on the hardware drivers00:03
tucemiuxmagez, try using xrandr00:03
Shazbuttssystem> administration> restricted drivers00:03
magnusshazbutts: its nothing thats called that00:04
Shazbuttsmagnus, on gnomenu ( the menu at the top of the screen) go to system > administration00:04
Shazbuttsor whatever the one below preferences is00:04
magnusyea i was on hardware drivers, its nothing there00:05
Shazbuttsstay here00:05
Shazbuttslet me reboot and I'll brb00:05
magnusok ill do00:05
Shazbuttsthen I'll help you00:05
jackhighezfox: nah i give up thanks for trying, ill just buy one the same as i had last time logitec one have allways just worked for me00:07
* RandomizeR needs help desperately!00:07
jackhighezfox: serves me right for buying a cheap one :)00:08
RandomizeRi've been trying to get my nvidia driver to use the right resolution for my LCD, it's killing me!00:08
RandomizeRcan anyone help me please??00:10
magnushave the same problem dude00:10
magnusyeah it sucks00:11
RandomizeRwhat have you tried?00:11
novato_brwhere can I get ubuntu with last kernel?00:11
novato_br!last kernel00:11
novato_brI've download ubuntu from website and It got ubuntu with kernel 2.6.x.31-1700:12
novato_brthat is old00:12
shuddershouldnt it auto update?00:12
shudderonce you connect to the internet00:12
matt_keysactionparsnip_ : /quit00:12
novato_brno I want to download00:12
shuddernovato_br: oh ok00:12
desnaikeRandomizeR what card do u have00:12
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages00:12
shuddernovato_br: I don't think you can since it only releases once every six months00:12
Powderhello can any one help me with ddrescue?00:12
novato_brI need kernel > 2.6.x.x-1700:13
crichardsohi guys i got a question how can i get mount to let users mount a cif share with out sudoing? basicaly i am using kr5 to mount the share but if i have to sudo it does not see the kinit ticket because it is not the user00:13
RandomizeRdesnaike, ubuntu karmic, nvidia card, viewsonic LCD00:13
magnusshazbutts:  are you here?00:13
RandomizeRdesnaike, the driver can't read the EDID for the monitor00:13
ezfoxjackhigh: and did it work ?00:13
desnaikeRandomizeR exact card00:13
novato_brbut the kernel is on ubuntu's web it has a kernel 2.6.x.31-1400:13
novato_brthis is old00:13
danbhfivenovato_br: the new kernel will be in the next release00:14
magnusguys one lame question i downloaded ps3-media server but i cant install it what to do?00:14
danbhfivenovato_br: why do you need it?00:14
RandomizeRdesnaike, GeForce 9600 GT00:14
novato_brbecause my webcam doesn't working properly00:14
Powderi did> sudo ddrescue -r 3 / dev/sda /dev/sdc1 log00:15
Powderbut i cant seem to read the drive i copied can some one help please00:15
danbhfivenovato_br: so what do you want to do?00:15
Powderi need to access the data i copied00:15
novato_br I just want to download ubuntu with new kernel00:15
novato_brthat's all00:15
RandomizeRdesnaike, Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.com/f7baa880700:16
novato_brI don't want to wait00:16
novato_br6 months00:16
rjbhow can i change JAVA_HOME??00:16
magnuswell im waitiong for a smart ass to tell me how to fix this:P00:16
novato_brisn't there a way to install ubuntu and update its kenel?00:16
shuddernovato_br: yeah. I'm not on ubuntu, but shouldnt the kernel update for you automagically00:16
shuddernovato_br: yes00:16
shuddernovato_br: it should just be an auto update00:17
Ovidiuanyone can hlp my with a pgpkey?00:17
jackhighezfox: no it didnt ive given up now thanks for your help00:17
novato_brI have had a lot problems on ubuntu installation too00:17
shuddernovato_br: In what regard?00:17
danbhfivenovato_br: well, you can use the later release, but it is still buggy and under development.  I think there is a ppa with the mainline kernels that may have a later release00:17
novato_brI got ubuntu karmic koala00:17
desnaikeRandomizeR nvidia-settings installed00:17
shazbotmcnastyokay. I don't remember the name of the person I just told I'l help...00:18
novato_brand it does work properly with nvidia video chipset 705000:18
shazbotmcnastyI was 'Shazbutts'00:18
Ovidiuhey guys... pgp key help?00:18
shazbotmcnastyah okay00:18
magnusshazbotmcnasty: it was me00:18
shazbotmcnastymagnus, what video card do you have?00:18
desnaikeRandomizeR what driver is installed00:19
RandomizeRdesnaike, yeah, nvidia-settings00:19
magnusshazbotmcnasty: well i dont know this is my lap top....00:19
danbhfiveOvidiu: whats the problem?00:19
shazbotmcnastyif you don't know open a terminal, and type 'lspci -nn'00:19
novato_bris there a way to install the linux on pendrive by command line?00:19
novato_brmaybe it solve my problem00:19
RandomizeRdesnaike, tried both open and nvidia drivers, currently using the nvidia one cuz i need hardware acceleration00:19
shazbotmcnastythen go to pastebin.com and paste all of that information that was the output into that form and hit enter00:20
Ovidiuhi danbhfive! I have problems decrypting a mail00:20
shazbotmcnastythen link me to that page00:20
magnusok do you want to go private chat?00:20
magnuseasyer to read00:20
RandomizeRdesnaike, all i'm trying to do is tell the driver to ignore my EDID and not try to find out the resolution by itself, and just let me force a 1280x1024 resolution00:20
danbhfiveOvidiu: you should just describe your issue, and if someone can help, they will00:20
RandomizeRdesnaike, current xorg.config: http://pastebin.com/f15370b8d00:21
OvidiuI've creata a pgpkey several hours ago .. on other computer and....00:21
Ovidiunow I received a email and cannot decrypt00:21
desnaikeRandomizer could be wrong version 177 or 18000:21
desnaikewhat are u using00:22
shuddernovato_br: not sure about the command line, but you might want to check out this site: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/00:22
shudderhas guides and stuff on how to install00:22
desnaikei looked at pastebin00:22
RandomizeRdesnaike, checking, but i think 18000:22
TyphWhat's the easiest way to map keys to other keys? Specifically I want to map ctrl-; to escape00:22
g0tchahey guys, im trying to mount 2x 500gb raid0 sata disks to ubuntu, after running mdadm -Cv /dev/md4 -l0 -n2 -c64 /dev/sdb4 /dev/sdc4 its giving me this http://pastebin.com/m51f6346d00:23
g0tchaim doing this to retrieve data and not setup a new raid0, so should i continue to create the array or cancel?00:23
novato_brshudder, could I tell a little story about my troubles here?00:23
RandomizeRdesnaike, it's probably not the driver's fault, i'm suspecting it can't read the EDID cuz the monitor is VGA and the graphics card outputs HDMI, and i'm connecting it through an adapter00:23
RandomizeRdesnaike, most probably the adapter messes up the EDID stuff00:23
RandomizeRdesnaike, driver is 185 btw00:23
novato_brshudder, I'm working hardly with ubuntu.00:24
RandomizeRdesnaike, but tried older version and got the same result, also windows couldn't read the EDID either, but windows still has my resolution in the list :(00:24
danbhfiveOvidiu: you should post all the details of your problem, and use pastebin for the error.  Maybe someone can help.  I only know a little about pgp keys00:25
danbhfive!pastebin | Ovidiu00:25
ubottuOvidiu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:25
RandomizeRdesnaike, i've been pulling my hair out with this for almost a month now, and i've moved to linux completely at work and this stupid problem is making me unable to use linux at home at all :(00:25
novato_brfirst problem: webcam ( ID 5986:0241 ) from my notebook positivo premium, to solve this problem I've tried to install uvcdriver and patched it, but it didn't work. So they told me that I could try to use ndiswrapper to install the webcam. But I can't do that without internet no notebook00:26
novato_brs/on in*00:26
jolarenHow do I see what kernel I am running?00:27
novato_brso, I tried to make a network between desktop ( win7 ) and notebook (ubuntu 9.10) => it didn't working too00:27
novato_brjolaren, type: uname -r00:27
novato_brso, I thought a lot things to solve this problem with local internet00:27
KinkertonWhat would cause Gparted not to recognize a ssd drive?00:28
novato_brand I didn't know to solve00:28
Dr_Willisnovato_br:  run a tempary cable -  is proberly the easiest way00:28
desnaikeRamdomizeR did the come from ubuntu repos00:28
novato_brtempary? what did you mean that?00:28
novato_brby that*00:28
Dr_Willisrun a cable.. install stuff.. remove cable00:29
* Dr_Willis has missed the original propblem00:29
novato_brblue cable with rj4500:29
haven489i have downloaded the full ubuntu repositorys00:29
novato_brit doesn't work, Dr_Willis00:29
novato_brthere are a lot problems, Dr_Willis00:29
haven489thats 54 gb of stuff including source code00:29
Dr_Willisnovato_br:  clarify what dosetn work exactly then.00:29
novato_brwhen I was trying to solve one problem shows another00:30
Dr_Willisive never heard of using ndiswrappers to use 'webcam drivers' i would be suprised if that works00:30
=== IdleOne_ is now known as IdleOne
shudderDr_Willis: I thought ndiswrapper only works for wireless drivers00:30
novato_brto tell me that it works00:30
novato_bryeah, shudder00:30
novato_brI know00:30
Dr_Willisshudder: and even then . its slowly becomming more obsolete00:30
novato_brbut it is possible to use ndiswrapper to webcam00:30
g0tchano one here has any idea about raid?!00:30
shudderDr_Willis: I generally just use it for convenience00:30
Dr_Willisnovato_br:  ive never heard of it being used for webcams00:31
desnaikeRandomizeR what i found on google suggest the adapter and repo drivers not being as good00:31
novato_brok, Dr_Willis00:31
shudderDr_Willis: I was too lazy for find my driver for arch so I just installed the one of the cd00:31
novato_brbut this original problem is the webcam00:31
peppyciao a tutti00:31
novato_brwebcam doesn't work properly on ubuntu 9.1000:31
Dr_Williswebcams i find either work with cheese.. or are totally unsupported..00:31
arghh2d2g0tcha: did you even ask a question about raid?00:31
desnaikeRandomizeR fixes were to do manual install with drivers from nvidia site hope it works00:32
novato_brI've tried to use cheese and it didn't work too00:32
RandomizeRdesnaike, well, right now i'd be happy if i could just set the resolution manually00:32
=== Ovidiu is now known as EagleWatch
Dr_Willisnovato_br:  then it may fall in the 'totally unsupported' catagory00:32
g0tchaarghh2d2, yeah, sure i did.. im trying to mount 2x 500gb raid0 sata disks to ubuntu, after running mdadm -Cv /dev/md4 -l0 -n2 -c64 /dev/sdb4 /dev/sdc4 its giving me this http://pastebin.com/m51f6346d ..00:32
Dr_Willisall these various progreams do is access the /dev/video (or whatever its called) device.00:32
arghh2d2g0tcha: n/m i scrolled up a bit further and see your ?00:32
shuddernovato_br: is there an obscure driver for it somewhere?00:32
g0tchaarghh2d2, im trying to mount them so i can retrieve the data i have on them00:32
markizanowhat do I type in to open my firewall?00:32
novato_brno, Dr_Willis I see someone they've get to use the webcam00:32
novato_bryeah, shudder00:33
Dr_Willisnovato_br:  on ubuntu 9.10? or some other disrto?00:33
markizanoerr... what's the command I type in to configure my firewall? I can't find it in the menu :/00:33
Dr_Willis!firewall | markizano00:33
ubottumarkizano: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist00:33
RandomizeRdesnaike, i think it would work with a DVI monitor, the problem is that my LCD is connected through a DVI-to-VGA adapter00:33
jarray52After installing Ubuntu on a Vista machine and resizing the Windows partition, I can dual boot. However, after starting Vista I'm told that one of my disks needs to be checked for consistency every time I boot into Vista. What should I do?00:33
RandomizeRdesnaike, i found a tool on ViewSonic's website that would have got me the monitor's EDID on windows, but still didn't work00:34
Dr_Willisjarray52:  even if you let vista check.. then reboot back to vista?00:34
shuddernovato_br: but you need the latest kernel to install it?00:34
novato_br5986:0241  Bison (MSI Wind Top AE1900 nettop)  Bison Electronics   => http://linux-uvc.berlios.de/00:34
pfifojarray52, delete vista?00:34
RandomizeRdesnaike, if i had the EDID.bin file, i could've specified that to the driver manually and it would have worked00:34
novato_brid of the camera is 5986:024100:34
markizanoDr_Willis: do you know how to start up the GUI so I can setup ip masquerading?00:34
Dr_Willisnovato_br:  whats that from? dmesg output? thats just shows its detected the device.. dosent mean its supported.00:34
novato_brbut i've tried to compile the driver it doesn't work00:34
jarray52pfifo: I wish. My wife needs her Iphone app that only runs on Vista.00:34
desnaikeRandomizeR i agree from what i've googled it's the adapter00:34
Dr_Willismarkizano:  Nope. Not really00:34
Dr_Willis!ics | markizano00:34
ubottumarkizano: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php00:34
RandomizeRdesnaike, but i can't even find my monitor's edid.bin anywhere online (ViewSonic VA712)00:34
danbhfivenovato_br: have you tried the current alpha?00:34
pfifowhen I run 2 monitors as seprate x screens it make gnome-panel crash, dose anyone know of a fix for this?00:35
shuddernovato_br: what do you mean, it gives you errors or compiles fine and doesn't work00:35
novato_brDr_Willis, when I make lsmod |grep uvcdriver => it shows nothing00:35
BluesKajjarray52, try the BDC route , look it up , there are several tutorials00:35
markizanoDr_Willis: thanks00:35
novato_brno, danbhfive00:35
novato_brwhere can I find the alpha?00:35
danbhfivenovato_br: join #ubuntu+100:35
novato_bron ubuntu website hasn't alpha version00:36
RandomizeRdesnaike, so all i'm hoping to do now as a last resort is to tell it to ignore the EDID and just set the resolution manually00:36
airtonixpfifo, as far as I am aware gnome-panel will only run once per user session... multiple x sessions are not supported i do not think.00:36
novato_brshudder, on compilation there are two errors00:36
RandomizeRdesnaike, someone told me about an IgnoreEDID option, and i tried it but still no luck00:36
shuddernovato_br: do you have all the compile packages installed?00:36
shuddernovato_br: like build-essential etc.?00:37
haven489markizana; you should turn on cloaking00:37
danbhfivenovato_br: #ubuntu+1 has directions for the alpha.  The alpha has the x.32 kernel.  You might as well try booting that and seeing if your webcam works00:37
haven489people dont turn one cloaking anymore do they?00:38
pfifoairtonix, it starts on both monitors then crashes, the restarts, on and on till i kill it off, how about this, is there a way to disable starting it on my second monitor? really i dont even want it on that one anyway. OK and method 3 that im willing to go with, uninstall gnome-panel but what can I replace it with?00:38
haven489if they have ssh and i has there root pass (root kit) i can get in00:38
dogonHi, I'm trying to install OCRopus on ubuntu 9.04 but whenever I issue the 'scons' command in the iulib folder I get the following error: "scons: *** [utils/dgraphics.o] Error 1  scons: building terminated because of errors." here is the link for the OCRopus install instructions: http://code.google.com/p/ocropus/00:38
EagleWatchcan any ony help my importing a PGPKey00:38
VrooomHello,  is there any workaround for WUBI install.   CHKDSK /R error etc?00:38
RandomizeRdesnaike, ok, i have an idea that i think might work00:38
novato_brshudder, I think so00:39
RandomizeRdesnaike, i have my old PC now with an old ATI 9000 card, it used to recognize my monitor just fine00:39
desnaikeRandomizeR 2 packages read-edid and xresprobe installed worked for https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/universe-bugs/2009-March/065568.html\00:39
novato_bryea, Dandel00:39
jarray52BluesKaj: EasyBCD?00:39
RandomizeRdesnaike, i'm gonna unplug my monitor, plug it in that PC, try the EDID dumping tool, and see if it'll work00:39
airtonixpfifo, apologies, it's not something i'm familiar with. It's been five years since i last bothered with separate x sessions on two monitors.00:39
RandomizeRdesnaike, nop, tried that, didn't work either00:39
jarray52Dr_Willis: If I let Vista check the partition, will it still allow me to boot?00:40
pfifoits funny, in twinview mode it works, and with xinerama it works, but both of those are ugly00:40
RandomizeRdesnaike, brb, i'll try that PC switch thing...00:40
Wicked!info azureus00:41
ubottuazureus (source: azureus): BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 11912 kB, installed size 13348 kB00:41
airtonixpfifo, but as far as alternatives to gnome-panel ... depends on what you use it for ? taskbar & clock  > tint2 , launchers ? xcompmgr + docky00:41
AlexCHow do i find out if i'm behind a firewall or NAT?00:41
novato_brlook that, guys ==> http://www.pastebin.ca/177010600:41
airtonixpfifo, i find it totally reasonable that gnome panel would work properly with two monitors using twinview (since it is just one xsession whose screen boundaries are defined by the nvidia driver config tool)00:42
airtonixAlexC, behind a nat ? use an online tool to find out f your wan ip is the same as your machines ip00:43
haven489how would i change my terminal background and letter color?00:43
novato_brblah I give up00:43
pfifoairtonix, actually i fond a bug report of this exact thing00:43
haven489if they have ssh and i has there root pass (root kit) i can get in00:44
haven489oh wait cancel that last send lol00:44
AlexCairtonix: like geoip?00:44
IdleOnehaven489: we dont support illegal activities here00:44
IdleOneplease stop00:44
haven489IdleOne, was an accedent00:44
haven489I was try to repost my Q00:44
=== gilgamesh is now known as gilgamesh__
airtonixAlexC, i was thinking something more like this : http://www.whatsmyip.org/00:44
haven489how would i change my Terminal background and text color?00:45
=== tato is now known as tato_42
haven489been looking and nothing has come up00:45
pfifoI will brb, going to try this fix00:45
arghh2d2haven489: what terminal?00:45
haven489gnome terminal00:45
haven489in ubuntu 9.1000:45
arghh2d2menu's etc...00:45
haven489ok ty00:45
airtonixAlexC, big numbers at the top of the page is your wan IP... then you use ifconfig to get the inet addr of your nic card...00:45
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:46
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:46
IdleOnearghh2d2: right now, you00:47
arghh2d2no sh!t holmes00:47
LobsterJohnsonI'm trying to kill X so I can install some Nvidia drivers, but for the love of christ it keeps saying it's opened. I'm using Ubuntu 9.10. I'm alreayd in the terminal session and I'm completely lost!00:47
IdleOneplease watch your language also00:47
pfifoairtonix, well i deleted .gconf/apps/panel and now the panel atleast dosent crash :D00:47
Dr_WillisHmm. Gnome-terminal has settings here to set the background and transparancey   In its 'profiles' settings00:48
airtonixpfifo, did it reset to default settings ? (assuming you made any customisations)00:48
Justin_`It says that ndiswrapper isn't installed and I should use the apt-get command to download it.. But I can't download it becasue I have no internet connection.. Is there a way I can burn the ndiswrapper to a CD and install it like that?00:48
jarray52Dr_Willis, allowing windows to do the check seemed to work without a problem.00:48
IdleOneJustin_`: packages.ubuntu.com then copy the file over to the machine without internet00:48
shudderJustin_`: the package should be on the cd itself00:48
Dr_Willisjarray52:  Ive found that using hibernate/suspend and booting to a different OS - can often confuse things00:49
shudderjust browse through the cd to find it00:49
Justin_`Ah ok00:49
tony32anyone ever controlled gwenview with lirc?00:49
shudderand install the utils, ndiswrapper common, and ndisgtk00:49
tony32i can't get it to work00:49
pfifoairtonix, my one and only customization is a launcher to terminal, easy enough to replace, im guessing if I delete the panel from monitor #2 and logout 'saving session' it will probbally go away00:49
jarray52Dr_Willis: Thanks.00:49
Dr_Willisjarray52:  if you shareing the drive with both os's - i would suggest not using hibernate/suspend at all00:49
AlexCairtonix: they are the same. I thought i might be because i've been trying to set up a few services and can't connect properly, but it's probably my lack of configuration skill00:50
dogonIs there anybody that can help me install OCRopus on ubuntu 9.04? I get an error when I try to use the 'scons' command I get an error that there were some build errors00:50
tato_42well i'm still trying to get rid of xubuntu it's at the end and it says processing triggers for libc-bin ...ldconfig deferred processing now taking place. and now it's just stitting there with the promp just flashing00:50
=== sacho_ is now known as Sacho
IdleOnetato_42: it could take a little time00:51
pfifoHeres another thing that isnt ubuntus fault but someone might be able to help, I can only run 1 instance of gimp, that sucks for doing dual monitor graphics work00:51
haven489arghh2d2, nope didnt work00:51
tato_42ok just don't reboot then let it do it's thing00:51
IdleOnetato_42: yeah, let it.00:51
shazbotmcnastywhere does wget send files?00:52
haven489Does anyone know how to set your terminal to have a differant back ground like the windows cmd.exe command prompt>.<?00:52
shazbotmcnastywhen you don't make it send it somewhere in particular?00:52
dogonHi peeps, does anybody know how to properly install OCRopus? Could anybody help me?00:52
airtonixshazbotmcnasty, wget saves the file you "grab" in the same folder you run wget from00:52
tato_42ok thanks that's probaly been the problem00:52
Dr_Willishaven489:  Huh? the background image is setable by the gnome-terminal profile settings.. the PROMPT is setable by the PS1 variable00:53
shazbotmcnastyairstrike, okay thanks00:53
BluesKajshazbotmcnasty, usually /home/username00:53
airtonixshazbotmcnasty, which is to say ... your current working directory.00:53
haven489Dr_Willis, i mean to change the color00:53
haven489to make the background black or blue or somthing00:53
Dr_Willishaven489:  change the color of what?00:53
haven489of TERMINAL!00:53
Dr_Willishaven489:  gnome-terminal settings has all sorts of settings for the terminal itself00:53
haven489could you elaborate how to get there?00:54
Dr_Willis'of terminal' means very little.. thats the whole point of confuseion00:54
IdleOnedogon: did you install scons?00:54
Dr_Willishaven489:  edit -> profile settings00:54
haven489ok ty Dr_Willis sorry for the confusion00:54
dogonIdleOne: yes, I have scons installed but I get the following error: "scons: *** [utils/dgraphics.o] Error 100:54
dogonscons: building terminated because of errors."00:54
Dr_WillisTime to explore the menus00:54
Dr_Willisadd a dozen new profiles one for each color of the rainbow if you want.00:55
dogonIdleOne: I performed the exact steps that were outlined in the OCRopus page: http://code.google.com/p/ocropus/00:55
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.00:55
haven489Dr_Willis, i am still have trouble with find edit-> Profile settings00:55
IdleOnedogon: http://code.google.com/p/ocropus/issues/detail?id=21000:56
kellopessoreau: hey man.. was you that was helping me last night about my wireless??00:56
dogonIdleOne: LOL... thanks :) sorry for that one00:57
IdleOnedogon: np I hope it helps.00:57
Dr_Willishaven489:  run gnome-terminal, edit menu -> 'profiles...' or  'profile perferances'00:59
dogonIdleOne: Should be A-OK now :)00:59
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz00:59
haven489Dr_Willis, ty that helps alot00:59
kellopescan someone help me to part my HDD?00:59
Dr_WillisDident seem very hidden to me...01:00
kellopescan someone help me to part my Hard Drive.. i have Gparted01:00
Dr_Willishaven489:  right click on termnail window -> same menu items also..01:00
IdleOnedogon: :)01:00
airtonixhaven489, http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/40194/2010_01_29_112920_1440x900_scrot_f6mSHj.png01:00
haven489ty so much01:01
haven489all of ye01:01
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rexhaHi, in windows xp my computer used to have Wireless but in ubuntu i can't find it anywhere ?01:02
tato_42if i plug the power cord in will it mess the process up cause sometimes my puter goes blank when it plug the cord in and i have to hit enter to get back to what is was doing.01:03
* Tsuji looks around, and feels like a noob.01:03
kellopescan anybody help me to create a new partition on my Hard Drive?01:03
TsujiI don't want to sound TOO ignorant, but is there anyone here who could assist me with a network problem?01:04
jimmbowhat do i type in ssh window in openwrt to  enable  port 808001:04
tato_42battery getting low01:04
IdleOnetato_42: try it and cross your fingers01:04
kellopescan anybody help me to create a new partition on my Hard Drive?01:04
kellopescan anybody help me to create a new partition on my Hard Drive?01:04
IdleOnetato_42: how long has it been "stuck"?01:05
arghh2d2kellopes: run gparted01:05
Redachekellopes: Gparted will do it for you, have you got any data on the disk?01:05
rexhakelleopes: open terminal and write sudo apt-get install gparted01:05
KROWMANHola alguien habla español??01:05
tato_42for about ten min01:05
kellopesRedache: yes i have data on the disk.. and i started to run Gparted but i was afraid to screw uup and delete everything01:05
IdleOne!es | KROWMAN01:05
ubottuKROWMAN: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:05
kellopesRedache: can you just follow with me so i dont mess up?01:06
IdleOnetato_42: is it doing anything or just stuck?01:06
IdleOnede nada01:06
tato_42just flashing at the prompt01:06
jimmbowhat do i type in ssh window in openwrt to  enable  port 808001:06
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:07
Dr_Willistato_42:  ive noticed some issuse wehre teh screensaver/powersaver stuff kicks in when i plug in/unplug01:07
Redachekellopes: There should be an option in gparted to resize a partition, it will check what data is there and it'll move it into the resized partition01:07
Dr_Willistato_42:  its proberly best to always update/upgrade/install new stuff while on AC power.01:07
tucemiuxanyone knows if tor will work in a virtual machine?01:07
adalalanyone know of any software to manage a network (like traffic etc.)?01:07
Redachekellopes: if you go to the partition drop down menu in gparted, there should be a resize/move option, use this and it should be safe01:08
RedacheI've done multiple partition resizes without trouble01:08
tato_42yep i didn't think it would take this long01:08
ereboshow do i install a theme from console?01:08
kellopesRedache: in the partition menu they are all disabled to use01:08
RedacheYou want to resize an active partition01:08
kellopesRedache: i think so..01:09
kellopesRedache: is the one i am using now01:09
turtle^s0uphello, i'm trying to install a package "emacs21-nox" and i am unable to. i received the following message: "Package emacs21-nox is not available, but is referred to by another package."01:09
Redachekellopes: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php You'll need this01:09
Redacheit's the same as using the one in Ubuntu but it just means your drives aren't mounted so you can modify the active partition01:09
Redachekellopes: I recommend backing up your data just to be safe01:10
kellopesRedache: ok.. i will read it.. thanks for helping..01:10
jdolanhi, i'm using the fglrx driver on my 5870, this is a quad core 4.0ghz machine, yet i have strange jerkiness and screen tearing when moving windows around in Gnome.01:10
zewbEAT PUSSY01:10
jdolanwhat's up with that?01:10
Redachekellopes: If you're important data is less than 2GB then I recommend using Ubuntu One to store it for you01:10
jdolanzewb, excellent idea.  are you offering?01:10
kellopesRedache: it is already backed up.. i just want to bring it back.. but i dont want to put with the sistem partition01:10
Redachejdolan: Do you have desktop effects enabled?01:11
zewbjdolan: im askin, wheres your sister at01:11
turtle^s0upnever mind there is a newer version "emacs23-nox"01:11
Redachekellopes: Then the gparted live CD will do what you want, just remember to leave a few GB extra on the Ubuntu partition to make sure it has room to grow01:12
tato_42so what should i try it's still just flashing at the prompt01:12
happyface0How can I edit windows registry through Ubuntu (Live USB)? I need to change startup programs/services01:13
VrooomIs there any workaround for this wubi problem,       chkdsk /r doesnt work,01:13
RedacheVrooom: What's happening?01:13
infidhow can i configure how many virtual desktops i have?01:13
kellopesRedache: i will.. thakns for helping01:13
Dr_Willishappyface0:  i  recall some 'rescue' disrtos haveing some tools to edit windows reg. and other windows  things.. but ive never used them01:13
Redacheinfid: Second click on the multiple desktops icon -> preferences and you can select how many are shown01:14
VrooomIt ask me to do chkdsk /r after installing unbuntu 9.10 via wubi01:14
happyface0thanks Dr_Willis01:14
jdolanRedache, no i disabled them.  i thought that was the culprit at first.01:14
dl0chelp! i updated ubuntu 8.04 and i lost my NX connection01:14
jimmbowhat does this command do?  rm -fr / iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp --dport 8080 ACCEPT01:14
dl0ccan anyone help me getting it back?01:14
Goateehi, I hope someone can help me here. I got a problem that Ubuntu can't read my sata disk. it askes for a driver. can't seem to find the driver anywhere. It's a Samsung Spinpoint M60 HM060HI. I tried all drivers the installer offered me. non of them worked. :/01:14
Vrooomalthough there is  c:\ubuntu\disks\root.disk and c:\ubuntu\disks\boot present in the installion folder01:14
sven_oostenbrinkWill Lucid, 10.04 finally finally have fixed the VERY nasty intel driver??01:14
happyface0Dr_Willis: I found "registry-tools" under adb... I'll try these out!01:15
Redachejdolan: Does it tear and artifact or is it just when you minimize windows you see a black line?01:15
infidRedache: i dnt have an icon im using UNR01:15
jdolanRedache, tear and artifact.01:16
jdolanhaven't noticed black lines.01:16
Redacheinfid: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7175317&postcount=3 This should be what you  want01:16
dl0cif someone could help me, i would be very thankfull.. i dont know how to do it over SHH and im new to it all01:16
Redachejdolan: hmm, It could be that the drivers don't support your card 100% yet01:16
jdolanRedache, i can play opengl games etc.. just fine.01:17
jdolanperformance is excellent.01:17
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX01:17
jdolanjust the desktop that looks/feels like crap when i drag windows around :-/01:17
dl0cim on that page now01:17
charlie__how do u open a file that is compressed01:17
markizanodepends on the compression01:17
dl0cits a bit hard and im trying01:17
blakkheimcharlie__: what kind of compression01:18
markizanocharlie__ is it a .zip, .tgz, .tbz2 or what?01:18
Redachejdolan: I have no idea then, sorry that I can't help you01:18
jdolanRedache, no worries, thanks for trying.01:19
markizanoI am on ubuntu, trying to masquerade connect my wlan0 to my eth0 connection so my friend's debian box can connect to the global internet to download drivers for a wireless card01:19
jdolanmaybe i'll try blackbox and see if that works fine.01:19
dl0cplus, nothing seems to work on that page01:19
jdolancould be metacity :-/01:19
charlie__i downloaded some things from astalavista.com and i cant findthem anywhere i got an iconbut nothing supports it01:19
blakkheimcharlie__: what were these "some things'01:19
charlie__sniffers and crackers01:20
blakkheimcharlie__: hahah01:20
Dr_Willisbest to drag them to the trash and forget abnout them I imagine01:20
blakkheimcharlie__: you obviously don't know what you are doing with that kind of tool, i would agree with Dr_Willis and tell you to just delete them. (they're probably for windows anyway)01:20
charlie__imjust not familiar with ubuntu yet01:21
markizanoi've tried iptables, i've tried configuring nm-applet, some things work and allow me to connect my friend's debian box to my ubuntu, but i can't get the client debian box to connect to the global internet01:21
militanthmm is there a way to make a machine periodically poll its ethernet connection and reset it, if necessary?  my router frequently gets rebooted for various reasons and my headless box becomes unreachable/unusable until i've rebooted it (no keyboard on it either)01:21
blakkheimmilitant: ifplugd01:21
ereboshow do i enable visual effects on desktop?01:21
Dr_Willisif you cant figure out where they downloaded to...w ell... :)    either your Home or  ~/Desktop directroy or Downloads Dir...01:21
markizanoerebos: apt-get install compiz01:21
tato_42IdleOne still just sitting at prompt01:22
macomilitant: if you want to tell it to reassociate you can type "sudo dhclient"01:22
militantblakkheim, excellent, thank you, will check into it now01:22
Redacheerebos: System - Preferences -> Appearance -> Desktop effects01:22
macomilitant: well, really, dhclient renews ip address01:22
karpushi, if I play downloaded music (legal, of course) with banshee once, deluge redownloads certain parts of the music torrent, so does banshee "manipulate" the actual music files in any way?01:22
militantmaco, there's no access to anything on it unless i'm ssh'd in, which isn't possible when the router has been reset.  i have no monitor or keyboard on the box in question01:22
IdleOnetato_42: not sure what to recommend.01:22
macomilitant: oh. :-/01:22
RandomizeRdesnaike, i am glad to tell you i FINALLY solved it!01:23
tato_42ok thanks01:23
RandomizeRdesnaike, the nvidia driver resolution problem01:23
desnaikeRandomizeR share01:23
RandomizeRdesnaike, thanks for your help :-D01:23
RandomizeRdesnaike, well, i kinda went low-tech on it, i can't imagine i was so stupid as to never have thought of this solution before01:24
resnowhats the app of choice for window animations compiz?01:24
RandomizeRdesnaike, i plugged the monitor to my old PC and scanned the EDID from there01:24
Dr_Willis!compiz | resno01:24
ubotturesno: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz01:24
Dr_Willisresno:  compiz doezs all the fancy eye candy :)01:24
resnoDr_Willis: thanks. thats what i thought.01:24
Dr_Willis!ccsm | resno01:24
ubotturesno: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz01:24
ponyofdeathhi, can I am trying to get 3 monitors via an ati card using fglrx and an intel onboard using intel driver. here is my current attempt which is working for the two monitors connected to the ati but not the one to the intel. http://pastebin.com/m7201f2f4 and here is Xorg.0.log http://pastebin.com/m1773b61701:24
resnoDr_Willis: does it do doc as well?01:24
Dr_Willisresno:  'doc' ?01:25
RandomizeRdesnaike, then used nvidia-xconfig to tweak my xconfig file a little, it has an option called "--custom-edid" that points to an edid file01:25
resnoDr_Willis: dock. like the the "mac" doc01:25
markizanoi'm trying to bridge a connection from my wlan0 to my eth0 so i can download some wireless drivers for my friend's debian box01:25
RandomizeRwait, i'll pastebin my new xorg.config01:25
desnaikeRandomizeR sounds like ur windoze days paid off01:25
Dr_Willisresno:  thats not a feature of teh window manager.. thats a seperate program01:25
blakkheimmarkizano: why not use a flash drive01:25
resnoah, i see thanks Dr_Willis01:25
Smifresno: no, look at awn, gnome-do or docky01:25
RandomizeRdesnaike, new xorg.conf: http://pastebin.com/f1b6db78001:25
markizanoblakkheim: getting all the dependancies would be a pita :S :/01:25
Dr_Willisresno:  thers dozens of 'docks' you can try.. i find most to be useless01:25
RandomizeRdesnaike, yeah, i guess you could say that01:26
EremiteDocs are useless, especially when a taskbar that isnt expanded IS a dock.01:26
roniq: i need python-support 0.9 but ubuntu only has 0.87 or something. do I need to enanle a repo or something so i can upgrade?01:26
blakkheimmarkizano: just for a wifi driver that shouldn't be a problem..01:26
resnoDr_Willis: yea, just getting my machine all set and looking to try a few new things01:26
markizanouhm... atheros?01:26
markizanoit's a series of drivers...01:26
RandomizeRdesnaike, or my linux days are finally starting to pay off ;-) i can't believe how dumb i was to not have thought of this solution earlier!01:26
markizanoand other packages only available in the debain repos... :/01:26
blakkheimmarkizano: grab a madwifi snapshot tarball or something?01:26
magnuscan some one help me i cant get into my pc after activation my graffic card the skreen is black01:26
RandomizeRdesnaike, here's the magic line:     Option         "CustomEDID" "ViewSonic VA712:/etc/X11/viewsonic-edid.bin"01:27
TsujiI've looked all over google for an answer to my question, but to no avail. Is there anyone who would be interested in helping me with a wireless networking problem?01:27
desnaikeu try to hard and miss the obvious01:27
ereboseven with compiz i cannot set visual effect to work01:27
erebosnot even to normal01:27
erebosany ideas?01:27
blakkheimerebos: what gpu do you have01:27
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plustaxerebos you have a video card that supports visual effects?01:28
markizanoblakkheim: this is a debian base-install which means i'd have to not only get the madwifi drivers, but all of its dependants, which is a lot more than i thought it was :/01:28
magnuscan some one help me with ati 4850 cant get it to woork01:28
PingFloyderebos: you probably are running a video driver that doesn't support it01:28
markizanoblakkheim: well, not this system, but the target system is01:28
erebosplustax Ati radeon x160001:28
RandomizeRdesnaike, thanks again for your help :-)01:28
PingFloyderebos: did you enable to fglrx driver?01:28
blakkheimmarkizano: are you sure? i just compiled them and loaded the module :/01:28
plustaxerebos perhaps you dont have your video drivers completely updated?01:28
desnaikeRandomizeR post the fix at ubuforums i found people that could use it01:28
militantblakkheim, would there possibly be any way to sorta 'kick' my headless machine to make it reset the ethernet *now* so i can configure ifplugd?  the router runs linux, so i'm wondering if there's sorta a reset or wakeup i could do from it?01:28
RandomizeRdesnaike, ok, will do ;-)01:29
plustaxerebos I can vnc in and see if I can fix it if you have remote desktop turned on01:29
blakkheimmilitant: not that i know of bro01:29
markizanoblakkheim: hmm... how many packages was installed with the install?01:29
magnuscan some one help me with a black skreen?01:29
PingFloyderebos: real easy on ubuntu01:29
desnaikeI'm out01:29
blakkheimmarkizano: they weren't packages. it is source code that you compile into a kernel module that you load to make the wifi work01:29
PingFloyderebos: System > Administration > Hardware Drivers01:29
erebosplustax sorry man router had firewalled01:29
markizanoblakkeheim: oh, i thought that was depricated in favor of the module-assistant01:29
PingFloyderebos: it will do the grunt work for you01:29
blakkheimmarkizano: don't even know what that is01:30
PingFloyderebos: please don't PM me01:30
erebosups sorry01:30
markizanoblakkheim: $apt-cache show module-assistant01:30
blakkheim!pm | erebos01:30
ubottuerebos: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.01:30
militantblakkheim, okie.  one last question.  ifplugd is for physical disconnects, so would the 5-10 seconds my router is rebooting actually trigger it?  it's never actually unplugged from the ethernet01:30
magnuscan some one help me out? can get on my pc, the skreen turned black after i activated the ati driver and rebooted01:30
blakkheimmarkizano: i know how to work aptitude already :P01:30
PingFloyderebos: System > Administration > Hardware Drivers01:30
resnohow do i restart xserver from terminal?01:31
PingFloyderebos: then activate the proprietary driver01:31
markizanoblakkheim: i was jst referencing the package so you could see it's detail :P01:31
blakkheimmilitant: it seems to work pretty well on my server, especially when my old router would drop out for a few seconds/minutes01:31
resnois it x11-common? to restart xserver01:31
PingFloyderebos: if that works, then you should be able to enable the desktop effects from there01:31
magnuscan some one help me update and install my ati driver from the terminal+01:31
DunkirkIf I try to pull a lucid package into karmic (there's no backport), am I just asking for trouble?01:31
militantsweet, perfect.  thank you01:31
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markizanoblakkheim: u said u didn't know what module-assistant was, it was more-or-less my way of letting you know how you could get more info on the package and what it does...01:31
blakkheimDunkirk: probably not but everyone in this channel will jump all over you and say not to do it01:32
rcmaehl<rcmaehl> Condoulo, Donald needs help with these errors on ubuntu:01:32
rcmaehl<rcmaehl> E: libxml-sax-perl: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 201:32
rcmaehl<rcmaehl> E: libxml-sax-expat-perl: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured01:32
rcmaehl<rcmaehl> E: libxml-simple-perl: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured01:32
rcmaehl<rcmaehl> E: checkgmail: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured01:32
FloodBot1rcmaehl: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:32
rcmaehl<rcmaehl> E: libsexymm2: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 201:32
Dr_WillisDunkirk:  i would say yes.01:32
PingFloydrcmaehl: use a pastebin01:32
PingFloydrcmaehl: see the topic01:33
magnuscan some one help me install my driver from (recovery mode) terminal?01:33
DunkirkSince it's libvirt, it's fairly low-level stuff, so I figure I'll get screwed. I just don't want to compile from source.01:33
blakkheim!ati > magnus01:33
ubottumagnus, please see my private message01:33
DunkirkThat's why I run a distro!01:33
blakkheimDunkirk: compiling from source is a part of linux that shouldn't be "scary" or avoided01:34
magnusblakkheim: just type !ati?01:34
blakkheimmagnus: no01:34
blakkheimmagnus: read your pm from the bot01:34
Dunkirkblakkheim: Oh, I no. I've been running Linux for 14 years. I'm just coming off 4 years with Gentoo. I thought I'd be avoiding the hassle with Ubuntu. :-/01:34
magnusaaah tu01:34
wellshi all01:35
blakkheimDunkirk: can i ask why did you switch? i use gentoo :)01:35
macman_my computer keeps going to sleep even when i told it not to .. how do i stop this01:35
Dr_WillisDunkirk:  Cutting edge vs  as stable as they can get it.....01:35
wellshow to have mic. feedback on 9.10?01:35
Dr_WillisDunkirk:  there may be some PPA repios for whatever it is you are looking for01:35
Umeaboymacman_: Have you updated your system?01:35
macman_Umeaboy: im on 9.1001:36
UmeaboyYes, but are you fully updated?01:36
macman_i think so yes i am01:36
Dunkirkblakkheim: Well, I still haven't committed. I'm weighing my options. And, you're both right, libvirt is latest in Gentoo's portage right now. The PPA has the lastest for Ubuntu only in Lucid, and like I said, there's no backport.01:36
PingFloydcompiling shouldn't scare you, installing should though enough that you'll be smart and make it a package01:36
TsujiHokay. I have a networking problem. Ubuntu says I'm connected to the selected network, but I am not able to browse the internet.01:36
infidRedache: i have unr 9.10. i dont seem a 'preferences->Switch desktop' or anything01:36
macman_Reading package lists... Done01:36
macman_Umeaboy: yes i am01:36
blakkheimDunkirk: stay with gentoo imo01:37
Gangrelhow can i uninstall kde from ubuntu?01:37
DunkirkIt just seems like Gentoo's "quality" has been slipping lately, and I'm afraid all the "critical mass" has swung Ubuntu's way.01:37
markizanouhm... did I jst b0rk firefox or something, i try to visit a site and it says the connection has been reset... but all my other connections/browsers and all that gud stuff still work....01:37
Dr_Willis!puregnome | Gangrel01:37
ubottuGangrel: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get --purge remove kdelibs4c2a kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal01:37
=== tato is now known as tato_42
blakkheimDunkirk: i agree, gentoo's had a bit of trouble lately, but someone is bound to send an "!ot" our way if we keep talking about it here01:37
PingFloydDunkirk: "lately"?01:37
macman_Dunkirk: cause you don't have to be leet to run linux .. gentoo and linux are the same thing just diffrent distor's .. being l33b h4x0r is so the 90's01:37
PingFloydDunkirk: that would be like the last 5 years01:37
magnusblakkheim: well the problem is that i cant get to my desctop01:38
Umeaboymacman_: Have you been to ubuntu+1 to talk with the devs about it?01:38
blakkheimmagnus: you dont need to, you can use a tty to install the driver01:38
macman_Umeaboy: no01:38
UmeaboyFeel free to do so.01:38
UmeaboyIt can't hurt.01:38
DunkirkThis is why I'm considering moving: http://trends.google.com/trends?q=fedora|redhat|centos%2Csuse|opensuse%2Cgentoo%2Cubuntu|debian%2Cfreebsd|openbsd|netbsd&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=201:38
tato_42idleOne i'm back to pure gnome i did a reboot from the terminal and that fixed it01:38
PingFloydDunkirk: what package are you trying to get?01:38
blakkheimDunkirk: is this for a desktop or server01:38
TsujiHokay. I have a networking problem. Ubuntu says I'm connected to the selected network, but I am not able to browse the internet.01:38
macman_Umeaboy: i have to leave right now i can't go atm .. it just goes black for some reason .. i can still wake it up but it is annoying01:39
magnusblakkheim: tty? im just new to ubuntu and having this bad start..01:39
IdleOnetato_42: good, glad to hear it worked out.01:39
infidfor minutes01:39
Gangrelthanks Dr_Willis01:39
infidwhy dont compizconfig-settings-manager run in UNR? i typed 'sudo ccsm' and it's beeing saying 'loading icons..'01:39
DunkirkI'm trying to run libvirt with PXE boot. It's only supported in > 0.7.1. Karmic's at 0.7.0. :-(01:39
magnusblakkheim: so i just want to fix it asap01:39
Umeaboymacman_: Report it to launchpad if it hasn't been reported yet.01:39
Matr|xi have problem with installing perl modules give me erro with dpkg01:39
macman_Umeaboy: ok01:40
Dunkirkinfid, you don't need to `sudo' to run ccsm.01:40
Dr_Willisinfid:  UNR also uses metacity by default - not 'compiz' I belive..01:40
=== root is now known as Guest72130
mvsnhello, im wondering if someone might be able to help me.. I used to be able to type \\Machine Name\ , that no longer works... i cannot access any shared folders or log in to ftp, i am not sure what to do next as i tried complete removing and reinstalling and just doesnt work :S01:41
infidDr_Willis: i installed fusion-icon and it says it's using compiz01:41
magnusthe problem is that i dont know what half of this means01:41
infidand i want to use compiz01:41
Dr_Willisinfid:  i install the normal gnome desktop. and disavble the maximus program, and the fancy unr launcher. to get a normal desktop01:41
infidside by side01:41
Matr|xwhen i press this command01:41
blakkheimrunning gnome on a netbook? :/01:41
Dr_Willisinfid:   go for it then.01:42
=== EagleWatch is now known as _Ovidiu
Dr_Willisblakkheim:  ive done it for ages...01:42
* _Ovidiu is away: Gone away for now01:42
infidDr_Willis: i disbled maximus and the fancy unr launcher, it is NOT the normal desktop though01:42
blakkheimDr_Willis: seems sluggish to me but i have used it some01:42
Dr_Willisinfid:  its as normal as my desktop machine here. I dont see much differance01:42
Matr|xapt-get -f dist-upgrade its not working and give me erros  E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:42
infidfor the current gnome01:42
GangrelDr_Willies gimme the command once again if possible please01:42
Matr|xhow can i fix dpkg01:42
Dr_WillisGangrel:  what command?01:42
wellshow to have mic. feedback on 9.10?01:42
infidDr_Willis: it doesnt give me a bottom panel nor do i have any preferences or extra workspaces01:42
jongbergshi, im considering to setup a proxy server using squid with dansguardian web content filtering..i have seen many great howto's but does this setup require 2 NICs?01:42
GangrelDr_Willis on how to remove kubuntu instalation01:43
Dr_Willisinfid:  add a new panel.  and add on the extra panel applets you want.01:43
Dr_Willis!puregnome | Gangrel01:43
ubottuGangrel: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get --purge remove kdelibs4c2a kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal01:43
dlp211i have a raid 6 server with the OS on a seperate HDD....I want to swap out the ubuntu install with linuxmint, can i just add the raid 6 array using mdadm?01:43
karpusafter deluge has been running for a while, and I exit the program, it takes 100% cpu for 30-60 seconds... can I see what it's doing in some way? the program just grey out01:43
Matr|xapt-get -f dist-upgrade its not working and give me erros  E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:43
PingFloydDunkirk: I'm not all that versed with libvirt, but if the binary package doesn't support it, then you probably want to use the deb source package and use the config options you need01:43
Dr_Willisinfid:  2 panels take up too much space on my littl enetbook screen01:43
PingFloydDunkirk: that way it makes a nice clean package01:43
infidDr_Willis: how can i add a panel it wont let me01:43
Matr|xhelp PLzapt-get -f dist-upgrade its not working and give me erros  E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:43
macman_can you send a report to launchpad from your system or do you have to actually go to the website ?01:43
Matr|xhelp PLz apt-get -f dist-upgrade its not working and give me erros  E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:44
infidDr_Willis: if i right-click anywhere on the desktop nothing happens01:44
Dr_Willisinfid:  you got to right click on the other panel in the proper area to get the right menus01:44
blakkheim!repeat | Matr|x01:44
ubottuMatr|x: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.01:44
PingFloydDunkirk: what ever you do, I'd recommend making it a package then installing01:44
infidDr_Willis: i'd prefer to just have one panel but i dont get any extra workspaces if i dont have the bottom panel01:44
Dr_Willisinfid:  remove some of the extra applets in teh panel, or move them around to find a panel area to click on01:44
magnuscan some one help me dont undeerstand all this01:44
DunkirkPingFloyd: I used to do a similar thing back when I ran RedHat. I'll have to read up on how to do that.01:44
Dr_Willisinfid: workspaces are handled by a panel applet.. add it to the panel once you get to find the right area to click on01:44
Matr|xhelp PLz apt-get -f dist-upgrade its not working and give me erros  E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:44
TsujiHokay. I have a networking problem. Ubuntu says I'm connected to the selected network, but I am not able to browse the internet.01:44
blakkheimMatr|x: see the previous message from ubottu01:45
Matr|xi saw it01:45
blakkheimMatr|x: then please stop repeating your question so quickly01:45
Dr_Willisinfid:  now youknow why the KDE panel has done some changes to this 'area of annoyance'01:45
PingFloydDunkirk: and that's why there is source packages for everything in addition to the binary ones -- for those times you need something compiled differently01:45
littlemiss07HELP----Under SYSTEM  how do I get preferences and administration back?!! They are gone!01:45
DunkirkPingFloyd: Well, I need to start with a later version of the source, so I expect I'm off to a bad start, but I'll look...01:46
magnuscan some one help me? my skreen is all black where im going to log in, afetr activating the ati garffic card01:46
PingFloydDunkirk: I'd check the deb-src first though01:46
IdleOneMatr|x: what error?01:46
blakkheim!please | littlemiss0701:46
ubottulittlemiss07: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude01:46
PingFloydDunkirk: will save you some headache if there's one you can use01:46
Matr|xE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:46
BlackFlag20can someone help me with a tar.gz file problem?01:46
IdleOneMatr|x: sudo apt-get install -f01:46
blakkheimBlackFlag20: whats the problem01:47
magnuswell no help to gain here01:47
TsujiCan someone assist me with a network problem?01:47
BlackFlag20ok so im trying to get adobe flashplayer 10 and i downloaded it from their site. saved the tar.gs file to my desktop. extracted it and now the file is called libflashplayer.so. i dont know what to do now.01:47
infidDr_Willis: i can click on that one area but there's still no option to add a another panel or to enable more workspaces01:48
blakkheimBlackFlag20: just install it from the repos instead, it will be easier for you01:48
Matr|xnow come with erro Errors were encountered while processing:01:48
Matr|x dpkg01:48
Matr|xE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:48
Dr_Willisinfid: You use the 'add to panel' thing to add the workspace changer.01:48
arandBlackFlag20: place it in ~/.mozilla/plugins/01:48
BlackFlag20but is that 10? i already have the flash plugin installed. but i need it for full tilt poker and everytime i sign on it says i need to download adobe flashplayer 10.01:49
infidDr_Willis: ahhh thanks01:49
littlemiss07could someone point me in the right direction of how to get Administration and Preferences back under the system drop down menu??01:49
arandBlackFlag20: are you using 64 or 32bit ubuntu?01:49
TsujiCan someone assist me with a network problem?01:49
Justin_`Im still having problems getting my wireless internet working. Says something about 'Failed to load drivers'01:49
BlackFlag2032 bit01:49
blakkheimBlackFlag20: Version:
Eremitelittlemiss07, right click on a panel and choose Ad to panel.  Then choose MENU BAR>  Then right click the extra bar you get and remove it from panel.01:50
TrekJustin_`: what version of Ubuntu and what type of computer01:50
Dr_Willisinfid:  i move teh 'system tray' applet away from the time/date applet - so i always have a little space btween the 2 i can use01:50
BlackFlag20i just dont know what to do with the file called libflashplayer.so01:50
blakkheimBlackFlag20: someone already told you01:50
Justin_`Trek, 9.10 (desktop) and just a normal desktop computer01:51
Dr_WillisBlackFlag20:  dont use the one from their site. use the ones from teh repos.01:51
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash01:51
TrekJustin_`: what kind of wifi card01:51
Justin_`WG111 i believe01:51
BlackFlag20in the repos it says that abode flash plugin 10 isnt available for my hardware architecture01:52
Justin_`There was a command that I could type in and it would give me the product name of it01:52
blakkheimBlackFlag20: what architecture?01:52
wkharold_We're considering a move from RHEL to Ubuntu Server. My boss wants to know how fast Ubuntu generally turns around security patches, i..e., he claims when there's a CERT alert RHEL generally has a patch in a few days, how does Ubuntu Server fare in this regard?01:53
littlemiss07i have had no success in finding a solution to fix it01:53
infidhow come sometimes tab-completing packages doesnt work when i do 'sudo apt-get install foo[tab]' even if that package definitely exists01:53
blakkheimwkharold_: stay with redhat01:53
Smiflittlemiss07: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=528536   a bit old tho...01:53
goosewhen using "tar xvf tarball.tar.gz", what's the parameters to name the outputted folder something specific?01:54
BlackFlag20wow. i am sorry for wasting your time01:54
BlackFlag20i just figured it out01:54
IdleOnejrib: ping01:54
BlackFlag20i just made the switch to ubuntu not too long ago01:54
BlackFlag20haha good lord thanks anways01:54
Eremitehi emma01:54
emmaHi there.01:54
EremiteTest confirmed.01:55
ronaldo__ubuntu here01:55
emmaIt's odd because last night my wifi connection was very unstable. When I switched to windows I was not lagging or disconnecting so I thought it must be the linux drivers. But now tonight, so far, I seem to be connected alright.01:55
emmaso I can't account for that.01:55
emmaLinux wifi shouldn't just 'heal itself' i wouldn't think.01:55
Eremiteemma, Karmic has been a bumpy road for many people, not just you.01:55
ronaldo__is redhat better than ubuntu?01:56
Justin_`Whats the command to find out what product your Wifi card is?01:56
Redacheronaldo__: Depends on what you like01:56
ronaldo__why do you like redhat better?01:56
bla_they got the cooler logo01:57
RedacheI don't like redhat better01:57
RedacheI prefer Ubuntu01:57
Smiflittlemiss07: try right-clicking on the menu bar and choose "Edit menus"01:57
Justin_`Whats the command to find out what product your Wifi card is?01:57
ronaldo__sorry, i meant to address it to blakkheim01:58
SmifJustin_: lspci01:58
karpusif I play downloaded music (legal, of course) with banshee once, deluge redownloads certain parts of the music torrent, so does banshee "manipulate" the actual music files in any way?01:59
littlemiss07i tried but nothing at all happened02:00
macokarpus: it would be interesting to see a diff or something...02:00
militantblakkheim, thanks again, ifplugd and finally configuring a static IP combined did the trick.02:00
macokarpus: possibly it writes ID3 tags?02:00
Dr_Williskarpus:  fixing tags.. perhaps.02:00
libtechis there anyway to get multitouch working? (forward and back browser functions)02:00
infidwhat could disable a keypad on a netbook running UNR? FN+j should type '1' but it doesnt do anything02:00
karpusmaco: how would I check that?02:00
blakkheimmilitant: glad to hear it02:00
macokarpus: im not sure. you could use maybe audio tag tool to view the original tags, then open in banshee and see if its the same?02:01
jiohdiinfid, my fn+j does nothing, but fn+numlk makes j=102:02
jongbergshi, im considering to setup a proxy server using squid with dansguardian web content filtering..i have seen many great howto's but does this setup require 2 NICs?02:02
infidjiohdi: the prob is that still doesnt let me ctrl+alt+numpad 1, which is what i need for compiz 'grid'. is there something safe i can remap ctrl+alt+numpad1 to?02:03
jiohdiinfid: why not just ctrl+alt+j02:04
Smifjongbergs: simple answer: no02:04
CarlisI installed ubuntu 9.10 and detected the wireless and now doesn´t detect the wireless. How can i fix this issue ?02:04
infidjiohdi: well i need something for all the numpad numbers to be remapped to02:04
cantwhat file would I use to play a .vob file?02:05
infidjiohdi:  is ctrl+alt+1, 2...9 safe to use?02:05
infidjiohdi: or does some other app expect those02:05
Smifcant: ex. vlc02:05
jiohdiinfid, if it is not it will tell you that there is a conflict02:05
CarlisI installed ubuntu 9.10 and detected the wireless and now doesn´t detect the wireless. How can i fix this issue ?02:05
infidjiohdi: good po0int, thanks02:05
jiohdiinfid, you can also use super+alt+whatever02:05
jiohdiinfid: what is compiz grid?02:06
infidjiohdi: lets you resize windows to fit side by side02:06
infidby pressing keypad numbers for where you want them located02:06
jongbergsSmif: so, i have to setup clients gateway to point to proxy server?02:07
infidie what windows7 does that impresses everyone so much but they charge you for02:07
CarlisI installed ubuntu 9.10 and detected the wireless and now doesn´t detect the wireless. How can i fix this issue ?02:07
speedbaroncarlis: type 'lspci' to see if Ubuntu sees the wifi card02:09
Coachjare running application supposed to show in the bottom panel?02:09
jiohdiinfid: I find the spinning cube sufficient wow for me :)02:09
hikenbootthere has been a lot of talk of memory leaks in firefox. When is firefox 3.6 becoming available for karmic?02:09
libtechwindows 7 is free for me :)02:09
infidchrome works in karmic02:09
Smifhikenboot: never.02:09
jiohdihikenboot: when they fix the yahoo as default search eng :)02:10
Smifi hate that! :P02:10
Random832Coachj; in the default setting yes - you might have removed it02:10
Justin_`what I type 'ndiswrapper -l' it shows that 'netwg111: invaild driver!' - How do I remove that driver?02:10
canthus13maco: you around?02:11
Coachjxchat is showing there now but earlirer when I had 3 apps running nothing showed02:11
libtechdoes multitouch work in ubuntu? i know scrolling works, i would like forward and back functions in my browser like i can do in windows.02:11
Carlisok i am going to do it thanks speedbaron02:12
Coachjto anyone interested I have been using PCLOS for years after giving up on Ubuntu...but Ubuntu on my 2nd try 8years later is awesome.02:13
soreauinfid: The good news is, in grid 0.9 you can drag windows to edges and corners of the screen and they'll be resized that way so you don't need keybindings for it02:13
ezaso i tried unetbootin, but could not get it to boot off my external hd02:13
canthus13Coachj: Wow.  Cool. I didn't know there was a Ubuntu prior to 2004. :)02:14
ezaso using a frugal install on the hd, can i actually overwrite windows and just install ubuntu?02:14
CarlisI am going to go to ubuntu now02:14
ezaie, does the frugal install write to it's own partition?02:14
canthus13Coachj: But It's definitely cool to hear that it meets expectations. :)02:14
CoachjI could be wrong about the time line LOL02:14
the_dark_warrioIf I maximize a gnome-terminal window, it gets darkened. Anyone knows why? This is so strange02:14
cndeunderbe quiet02:14
IdleOneCoachj: off by 3 years or so02:15
karpusmaco: seems to be the tagging, banshee creates id3 v2 tags on songs that doesn't have v2, making the two songs differ... I looked in banshee, but I can't find an option to disable tagging :/02:15
Coachjtime flies when you are old02:15
the_dark_warrioI mean, my screen gets darkened when I maximize a gnome-terminal window02:15
jiohdithe_dark_warrio: darkening means there is a heavy load on your cpu for some reason02:15
cndeunderyuare ingland02:16
the_dark_warriojiohdi: no02:16
cndeunderesto es un cipote02:17
DrManhattanwhere can I find a good guide to migrate from gnome-screensaver to Xscreensaver?02:17
infidsoreau: cool how can i tell which version of grid i have and upgrade if it's not 0.9?02:17
rwwubottu: english | cndeunder02:17
ubottucndeunder: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat02:17
cndeunderpay for plus02:18
the_dark_warriojiohdi: it just darken, but I use it normally. I'm doing some tests now, if I just resize the terminal window to a big one, the screen darkens too02:18
the_dark_warrioI will try disabling compiz02:18
cndeunderopen router port02:18
the_dark_warriodisabling compiz doesn't help02:18
kslenhello there. i'm using ubuntu karmic on a lenovo s12 and the fps in compiz is horrible compared to my mates eMachine which has pretty much the same specs. anyone know about issues with the intel 945 gme chip?02:19
BlueSherpaanyone here familiar with bonding / teaming ethernet ports in Ubuntu?02:19
huntHi, I wanted to shrink my /home partition, so I booted in a live-cd. Once I opened gparted I found that /home was too big, as I didnt delete the items in the waste bin, so I did gksudo nautilus and went to ~/.local/share/Trash/files and deleted them, the problem is that gparted still shows a too big partition, the partition is 40GB but it should be 20GB.02:19
the_dark_warrioSooo strange, I will reboot02:19
MeXTuXI hava a FTP server (vsftpd) and I have always connected to it using the browser without a problem. Now the server is behind a Xterasys router and I can't connect to it anymore using browser (Error 425). The funny thing is that command line ftp client works fine. Any idea?02:20
=== benji is now known as Guest75682
soreauinfid: 0.9 is the latest development version of compiz. It isn't ready yet though it works already02:21
soreauinfid: and by grid 0.9 I meant the version of grid that is compatible with the new code02:22
cndeunderin bar02:22
cndeunderen ber02:22
cndeunderin bar02:22
cndeunderin bar02:22
blakkheim!op | cndeunder02:23
ubottucndeunder: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:23
karpushow can I disable automatic tagging in banshee?02:23
happyface0How can I get the media controls on my keyboard to work with Ubuntu (9.10)? (The controls on my laptop work already)02:23
=== upd_ is now known as upd
tonyyarussoMeXTuX: Do you have *both* port 20 and 21 properly forwarded?  That'd be my first guess.02:24
MeXTuXI will check it02:24
MariusAZAnyone here know of a really good WSYWIG HTML editor?02:25
MariusAZI thought I was in #ubuntu?02:25
tonyyarussoMariusAZ: KompoZer for free, Dreamweaver for non-free.02:25
MariusAZYou guys all running Windows or something?02:25
MariusAZI haven't seen a linux version of Dreamweaver02:26
Random832MariusAZ; you're the one who said the W-word.02:26
svipSo like; my system has 3 discs, and I need to install the boot loader on the second disc (according to the listing of Ubuntu's partition manager), do I select /dev/sdb or /dev/sdb1 (/dev/sdb1 being /)?02:26
UmeaboyMariusAZ: Have you even looked in the database?02:26
Random832learn 2 html in vim02:26
MariusAZYes, there's tons of them02:26
MariusAZAnd it's not for me, it's for an end user02:26
aaron11Can someone help me run my DWA-130? Im having trouble starting it up you know, the light on it doesnt even glow! Its a D-Link Wifi adapter02:26
blakkheimsvip: install the bootloader to the mbr of the disk you want, not the first partition02:26
MariusAZWhat about Quanta or Bluefish?  Any good?02:27
UmeaboyMariusAZ: I suggest you go to packages.ubuntu.com02:27
svipblakkheim: Gotcha.02:27
svipI was getting tired of Slackware.02:27
UmeaboyMariusAZ: Blender is quite good.02:27
MariusAZI'm gonna fucking smack you02:27
kslenhow much memory should ubuntu use after a reboot with no apps running?02:27
tonyyarusso!ohmy | MariusAZ02:27
ubottuMariusAZ: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.02:27
svipSome sentences are one words.02:27
MariusAZHow can you not use swear words running Ubuntu?02:28
svipLanguage, young lady.02:28
tonyyarussoMariusAZ: Quanta and Bluefish are not WYSIWYG.02:28
UmeaboyMariusAZ: Linux isn't Windows.02:28
Random832WYSIWYG is crap anyway02:28
svip>:O Don't make me send you to your room!02:28
cndeundersoy de madridd02:28
tonyyarussoMariusAZ: You can use them all you want, just not here.02:28
Random832write structured html with style sheets02:28
blakkheim!es | cndeunder02:28
ubottucndeunder: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:28
tonyyarusso!es | cndeunder02:28
aaron11MariusAZ: Next time its !ops02:28
Random832if you need to know what it looks like your browser's right there02:28
blakkheimtonyyarusso: too slow02:28
tennesseani feel a ban comin' on!!!02:28
svipUmeaboy: Ah, it is true.  With Windows I curse all the time.02:28
Justin_`I have installed the drivers for my wireless network card but it will wont connect02:28
bona_is there an auto volume leveling in rhythmbox?02:28
jongbergsSmif: so, i have to setup clients gateway to point to proxy server?02:28
aaron11Can someone help me run my DWA-130? Im having trouble starting it up you know, the light on it doesnt even glow! Its a D-Link Wifi adapter02:29
cndeunderpero si hablais tan rapido no os entender'e02:29
jerkfacehi. i am using top, and most of the text turned red for some reason? wtf?02:29
blakkheim!es > cndeunder02:29
ubottucndeunder, please see my private message02:29
Justin_`I have installed the drivers for my wireless network card but it will wont connect02:29
bona_what is a good player for ubuntu with auto volume leveling? one with smaller footprint?02:29
blakkheimbona_: mpd02:29
Random832lol, shouldn't it say mira mi mensaje privado?02:30
tennesseandoes anyone have a fix for making flash work for ubuntu 9.04 ppc?02:30
CarlisI have saved a file in the desktop of ubuntu. can i open it in windows ?02:30
UmeaboyMariusAZ: Tell me ANY program/game made with closed code for Windows that you can help to develop.02:30
UmeaboyA program/game that ONLY exist for Windows.02:30
blakkheimtennessean: does flash even have a PPC port?02:30
=== andy is now known as Guest81750
huntI've got a seperate /home partition, how can I delete this partition and have my /home in my / partition?02:30
tennesseani have been told that it does not02:30
UmeaboyI guess he felt jumped on.02:30
blakkheimtennessean: then there is your answer02:30
svipNo, but in all seriousness, saying 'mistranslation from Ancient Greek' is a lot funnier than saying an 'encoding error'.02:30
UmeaboyAnyone think that I jumped on him?02:31
Random832hunt; do you have stuff on it you want to keep?02:31
tennesseanthat sux, because i am running 9.04 on my imac nicely02:31
CarlisI have saved a file in the desktop of ubuntu. can i open it in windows ?02:31
huntRandom832: yeah would be nice to keep my config files02:31
tennesseanjava works, but no flash whatsoever unless in run gfv02:31
kslenCarlis, easiest way is to have a separate harddrive or partition formatted with fat32, that way you can exchange files between the operatingsystems. other options are a usb-stick or burn stuff to cd or dvd.02:31
blakkheimCarlis: not unless you used ext2 and are using the ext2 windows driver02:31
Justin_`I have installed the drivers for my wireless network card but it will wont connect02:31
tonyyarussoCarlis: Depends on the file.02:31
bona_blakkheim: does it have the auto volume leveling?02:31
blakkheimbona_: i am not 100% sure02:31
jerkfacethis is what I'm talking about http://i.imgur.com/144PL.png02:31
Random832hunt; ok, you need to first log on as root in single user mode. mount the /home partition somewhere else, move all the stuff to /home, and remove it from fstab - then you can reboot to the livecd and remove the partition with gparted02:32
Carlisthe file is *.txt02:32
jerkfaceany idea why it turned red?02:32
tonyyarussoCarlis: then yes.02:32
gooseI'm trying to write a small "bash script" to configure a piece of software, I want to display in terminal "You need x y and z packages installed. Once you have installed these, press "Enter" to continue" -- how do I do the "wait until any key is pressed" to continue?02:32
blakkheimgoose: /j #bash02:33
huntRandom832: single user mode? how do I do this? just enter "root" in gdm?02:33
Carlishow do i open it. The file is saved in the desktop of ubuntu02:33
svipWith magic!02:33
Random832hunt; you know the "recovery mode" you never use in the boot menu?02:33
blakkheimCarlis: windows cannot read linux filesystems, with the exception of ext2 (with a 3rd party driver)02:33
Random832that's single user mode.02:33
gooseblakkheim: before I do, I should clarify, it's not an actual scripting language I'm using, just a series of separated commands (cd ~; svn co http://blah.net blah; echo SVN downloaded, press enter to continue)02:34
kslenhow much memory should ubuntu be using after a reboot with no apps running?02:34
blakkheimkslen: ubuntu is pretty bloated so i would say a few hundred mb02:34
huntRandom832: yeah... but there is the problem that I use opensuse grub with custom ubuntu entry, I'm already on a live-cd can't I do it from here?02:34
Umeaboykslen: That depends on your computer.02:34
aaron11Can someone help me run my DWA-130? Im having trouble starting it up you know, the light on it doesnt even glow! Its a D-Link Wifi adapter02:34
Random832you didn't mention that02:34
kslenat the moment, my laptop is using 987 of 1017mb .. o__O02:34
kslenand there's nothing running besides xchat02:34
blakkheimkslen: free -m | grep buffer02:35
Random832where are the drives mounted in your live cd environment?02:35
Umeaboyaaron11: Have you tried with the windows-driver using ndiswrapper?02:35
kslenblakkheim, -/+ buffers/cache:        471        52202:35
blakkheimkslen: then you still have more than half of your ram free02:36
huntRandom832: under /media/02:36
kslenblakkheim, Mem:   1017288k total,   980684k used02:36
Random832ok just move the stuff from the one that's in the home dir to the empty home dir in the root one02:36
cndeunderhello blak02:36
kslenblakkheim, does ubuntu confiscate the memoryspace or something?02:37
Carlisanyone here said do this lspci to see if Ubuntu sees the wifi card. I saved the content in file.txt and is saved in ubuntu desktop and I want to show it to u because Ubuntu 902:37
Random832you should probably actually copy and delete02:37
Random832cp -a02:37
Carlis9.10 can´t connect to the wirelss02:37
blakkheimkslen: the command i had you run will show how much ram is used/free. linux caches ram for future use and that's why it appears to be using almost all of it.02:37
Justin_`When I run 'iwconfig' It only shows "lo     no wireless extensions." <-- I have installed the drivers...02:38
blakkheimJustin_`: is the interface up?02:38
Random832hunt; then just remove the dir from the etc/fstab, unmount both drives, and run gparted02:38
Justin_`How do I check that?02:38
blakkheimJustin_`: ifconfig02:38
huntRandom832: what does the -a do in the command?02:38
blakkheimhunt: man cp02:39
lifestreamHi, I've tried Ex Falso,  EasyTag, Cowbell, Picard.... I want a program that will go through my entire Music folder, check each file by itself, and find Tag and Album Cover, and save it to the file. Is there something?02:39
Justin_`No, Only some "Local loopback" is showing02:39
Carlisanyone here said do this lspci to see if Ubuntu sees the wifi card. I saved the content in file.txt and is saved in ubuntu desktop and I want to show it to u because Ubuntu 9.10 can´t connect to the wireless02:39
huntblakheim: I looked there, it says archive02:39
blakkheimJustin_`: then it's not up. run ifconfig -a02:39
jongbergsCarlis: upload the file to http://pastebin.ca02:40
Justin_`there is no diffrent betweet the commands blakkheim.02:40
Justin_`They show the exact same information02:40
blakkheimJustin_`: then your module isn't loaded and the interface isn't available02:40
huntRandom832, so I cd to /home and then do "cp -a username /media/OTHERPARTITION"?02:40
Justin_`blakkheim, I followed 'https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Netgear_WG311_v3'02:41
huntRandom832: or should I add sudo?02:41
cndeunderthis is channel of help02:41
tonyyarussoMeXTuX: If you're using SSL, take a look at http://geekswithblogs.net/Lance/archive/2005/08/23/50912.aspx02:41
CarlisHow do i upload the file if I don´t have connection to internet in ubunu02:41
tonyyarussoCarlis: transfer it to a different computer first.02:42
cndeundera ver media whitch02:43
svipHow do I recover my password with a livecd?02:44
tonyyarussosvip: You can't, but you can reset it.02:44
CarlisI don`t have flash memory right now02:44
sviptonyyarusso: How?02:44
Dr_Willissvip:  chroot into the installed system and use the 'sudo passwd' command to change it02:44
CarlisThanks for helping me02:44
tonyyarussosvip: what he said :P02:44
Dr_Willissvip:  or *not reccomdneded* alter the /etc/shadow file to make the password blanl.02:44
aaron11Umeaboy: yes02:45
Dr_Willisactually it would be 'sudo passwd username'  to set teh users password. :)02:45
tonyyarussoDr_Willis: Ubuntu's PAM policy doesn't allow blank passwords currently.02:45
Dr_Willistonyyarusso:  ive not tried it in ages. :)02:45
aaron11Umeaboy: Too scared tho02:45
tonyyarussoDr_Willis: You can however use crypt() to come up with the hash and copy-paste that into shadow to avoid the chroot step if you can at least mount it.02:46
datzhi, how can I edit or delete profiles in the network manager? There is one that doesn't give me the options to do this. "ifupdown (eth0)"02:46
kslenanyone know of a good guide for resolving performance issues?02:46
Dr_Williskslen:  would depend on the issues i imagine02:46
=== vbits is now known as Vbitz
nightsjammiesdoes anyone in here run an ipod touch?02:46
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod02:46
nightsjammiesI installed ifuse, but am now having a bit of a problem getting it to work02:48
Justin_`How can I remove any drivers for my network and any network connections02:48
happyface0Is there a way to auto ssh-add keys at startup?02:48
Umeaboyaaron11: To scared to?02:48
=== zz_b0w is now known as b0w
nightsjammiesnow if I try and run ifuse in the terminal, I get: A path to the USB device must be specified02:48
nightsjammiesHow do I do that?02:48
ubuntu_travelerI'm having problems accesing ubuntu-one from the web. I keep gitting OpenID authentication failed: Nonce already used or out of range02:48
Dr_Willisubuntu_traveler:  you might want to ask in #ubuntuone02:49
ubuntu_traveleroh ok thanks02:49
jiohdiubuntu_traveler: put ubuntuone.com in and it will work02:49
datzhi, how can I edit or delete profiles in the network manager? There is one that doesn't give me the options to do this. "ifupdown (eth0)"02:49
Dr_Willisjiohdi:  i was about to tell hiom i got identiocal issue.. seems like a server problem02:50
datzI'm using the network manager applet02:50
Dr_Willisbut he left befor i could try it02:50
jiohdiDr_Willis: I found that after it happens I put in ubuntuone.com and it works fine02:50
kslenDr_Willis, everything becomes very sluggish as soon as i load a few apps. prism, pidgin, skype, xchat, firefox, thunderbird and quicksynergy. nautilus is also very slow, takes 2 good seconds before contents of a directory is shown. another quirk i've noticed is that the system monitor app uses between 30 and 50% of the cpu, so i'm not sure where to begin.02:50
cndeunderbabe1 tower tactil keyboard02:50
huntCan I chown my /home/USER from a livecd?02:51
b0wHello!! today i got some important update at Update Manager but i got this ERROR, anyone help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/364950/02:51
ricerockethey guys, is there a way to create a program launcher from the terminal?02:51
Dr_Williskslen:  Hmmm could be harddrive/dma issues.. but thats rare these days.02:51
kslenand yea, vinagre completely chokes the machine when i'm connected02:51
Dr_Williskslen:  test with a live cd -0 see if acts teh same way02:51
Schiz0Hey. I have DVD that I'm trying to copy to an ISO for archival purposes. I'm using Brasero to do so. However, partially way through the process, it gives me errors. The Brasero log is at http://pastebin.ca/177023502:51
Dr_Williskslen:  vinagre can be a bit of a load.02:52
Schiz0Does this mean it's a hardware problem, or the disk has a scratch?02:52
Dr_Williskslen:  and anything with flash can alsi cause issues02:52
macokarpus: this is really really hacky, but if you want to prevent a file from being changed at all, at the filesystem level, "chattr +i filename" you could do that on the music files02:52
Schiz0(from looking at the disk with my eye, it looks brand new...)02:52
jiohdiDr_Willis: with UNR I could not access ubuntu one from the computer said needed to wait for server upgrade or some such... but last update made it work02:52
kslenDr_Willis, yea, flash is horrible in fullscreen.02:52
Dr_Willisjiohdi:  i just trioed it on this desktop. gatting openid failed error02:52
Dr_Williskslen:  correction 'flash is horrible'02:52
jiohdiDr_Willis: and putting in www.ubuntuone.com right afterwards did not work?02:53
b0wHello!! today i got some important update at Update Manager but i got this ERROR, anyone help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/364950/02:53
karpusmaco: I've been messing around with the plugins in Banshee, and I found out that it is the Lyrics plugin that is doing something with the audio files (writing the lyrics to the ID3?)02:53
karpusmaco: so I'm contacting the author atm02:53
Dr_Willisjiohdi:  ok that now worked.02:53
macokarpus: ok02:53
karpusmaco: thanks for your help though :)02:53
Justin_`Howcome whenever i run a 'sudo' command it shows - "sudo: unable to resolve host FML"??02:53
Dr_Willismust of set a cookieeee. :)02:53
ricerocketb0w: i would say you screwed the pooch02:53
Umeaboyaaron11: Try installing madwifi02:53
Dr_Williswork time for me.02:54
Dr_Willisbye all02:54
datzhi, how can I edit or delete profiles in the network manager? There is one that doesn't give me the options to do this. "ifupdown (eth0)" I'm using the network manager applet.02:54
jiohdiDr_Willis: that was my guess02:54
Justin_`Howcome whenever i run a 'sudo' command it shows - "sudo: unable to resolve host FML"??02:54
b0wricerocket: i would say you should be banned from this HELP channel02:54
ricerocketb0w: why02:54
UmeaboyJustin_`: Install madwifi.02:54
rwwJustin_`: because your hostname is set to something that doesn't have a corresponding entry in /etc/hosts02:54
b0wHello!! today i got some important update at Update Manager but i got this ERROR, anyone help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/364950/02:54
Justin_`Umeaboy, Where would I find that02:55
rwwJustin_`: you probably need to do "sudo nano /etc/hosts" and add " FML"02:55
Justin_`rww, Ok, ill remove it02:55
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.02:55
UmeaboyJustin_`: packages.ubuntu.com or your official or closest mirror.02:55
happyface0How can I remove the (auto login?) default keyring password unlock?02:56
Justin_`Umeaboy, I don't have network/internet access on my Ubuntu02:56
UmeaboyJustin_`: How are you connected now then?02:56
Justin_`Windows Vista laptop02:56
charles__anyone here have a moment to maybe help me out with some audio/video driver questions i have and maybe a little help with wine?02:57
svipSo... what scripts does X run when it starts up?  I believe a leftover script from prior Slackware installation is causing my X to restart upon login.02:57
datzhi, how can I edit or delete profiles with the gnome network manager? There is one that doesn't give me the options to do this. "ifupdown (eth0)"02:58
ricerocket!repeat | datz02:59
ubottudatz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.02:59
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svipI tried commenting out all in .xinit03:00
=== Ox0000 is now known as Ox000000
=== jongberg1 is now known as jongbergs
b0wHello!! today i got some important update at Update Manager but i got this ERROR, anyone help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/364950/03:01
Trekb0w, you got a segmentation fault, but i'm not sure exactly why, so I'll let others comment on this03:01
ricerocket!repeat | b0w03:01
ubottub0w: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:01
sirninjaIf I wanted to install ubuntu on a usb where I could install new programs and keep my settings, would I be able to just pick the flash drive as the disk in the installer from the live cd?03:01
bazhangsirninja, use unetbootin03:02
b0wTrek: well thanks anyway for your helpo :)03:02
=== Ox000000 is now known as use
mjl08has any one updated to the firefox 3.6.2pre yet?03:02
sirninjabazhang: that just let's me boot the live cd image, but if I were to install new programs, they would be gone next time I booted03:02
Trek!ot | mj10803:02
ubottumj108: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:02
bazhangsirninja, well then you need a persistent install ; /msg ubottu usb03:03
=== use is now known as Ox0000
levihello ubuntu03:03
jiohdisirninja: you would have to make the flashdrive bootable03:03
=== Ox0000 is now known as alid
mjl08lol @ trek03:03
psychonaut_hi :)03:03
=== alid is now known as sample
sirninjajihodi: so setting up the install to the flash drive and installing grub on it wouldn't be enough?03:04
=== sample is now known as Ox0000
b0wTrek: well thanks anyway for your helpo :)03:04
b0wHello!! today i got some important update at Update Manager but i got this ERROR, anyone help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/364950/03:04
jiohdisirninja: with gparted you can set a boot flag on the flashdrive03:04
b0wTrek: sorry for that hehe03:04
Myke1anyone have an idea on how to make all video icons appear in nautilaus?03:04
Trekb0w: no problem03:04
tonyyarussoMyke1: you mean thumbnails?03:04
sirninjajiohdi: I'm on a windows system when I'm installing it... the installer wouldn't automatically install grub to the actual hard drive if I select the flash drive as where I want to install ubuntu would it?03:05
Myke1@Tonyyarusso Yeah, only .avi are appearing, not mp4 or flv's03:05
psychonaut_every  body needs help like i me too :)03:05
jiohdisirninja: using wubi?03:05
tonyyarussoMyke1: but you have the codecs to play them?  Are they comparable sizes?03:05
psychonaut_but im realy nob :]03:05
svipIs there no log of my X failing to start?03:05
Myke1yes i can play them and yes they are all about the same sizes03:06
magnusnight all03:06
sirninjajiohdi: I didn't have much luck with that last time03:06
psychonaut_easy question ... how can i find the path to kernel ?03:06
leviI have xubuntu 9.10 Karmic koala on amd64 with no dvx or usb and I want to switch to ubuntu studio jaunty.03:06
jiohdisirninja: what method of install then?03:06
psychonaut_like this make KDIR=/path/to/kernel ?03:06
sirninjajiohdi: what I ideally want is an ubuntu install on a flash drive that I can install programs to and keep things on and will work in multiple computers03:07
jiohdisirninja: I think someone said you can use unetbootin and it will make your flashdrive like a live cd03:07
psychonaut_easy question ... how can i find the path to kernel ?03:08
psychonaut_easy question ... how can i find the path to kernel ?03:08
psychonaut_like this ... make KDIR=/path/to/kernel ?03:08
FloodBot1psychonaut_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:08
levidoes anybody know how to fix the flash crash problem on 9.10?03:08
datzhi, how can I edit or delete profiles with the gnome network manager? There is one that doesn't give me the options to do this. "ifupdown (eth0)"03:08
psychonaut_im to shy to past that anywhere ok :)03:08
yokobrhi guys. How do i fully set my system do use just ALSA as sound server on ubuntu karmic?03:08
zacktuCan I set a preferene so that the "save as" dialog doesn't show all hidden files?03:09
MindVirusHow do I get the UUID of /dev/sda2?03:09
psychonaut_im trying to install 05ca:1810 HP Pavilion Webcam - UVC03:10
b0wHello!! today i got some important update at Update Manager but i got this ERROR, anyone help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/364950/03:10
psychonaut_like always i quit when it says find path to kernel03:10
* datz will take a look as he is waiting and bored03:10
MindVirusb0w: That is very not good.03:10
MindVirusb0w: Have you been overclocking?03:11
b0wMindVirus: why? what does overclocking mean, i just installed the "IMPORTANT" updates via update manager03:11
datzb0w: humm, have you checked your ram lately?03:11
b0wdatz: i got 2.5gb np on that03:12
MindVirusb0w: It's either a hardware problem or you downloaded your program wrong.03:12
MindVirusb0w: No, your RAM may be faulty.03:12
datzor HardDisk maybe?03:12
MindVirusAs in it may not be storing data correctly.03:12
jjmor97chanyone know if there are any chat rooms on digital tv and linux?03:12
b0wMindVirus: how can i download again the file and reinstall it?03:12
psychonaut_leave man alone03:12
psychonaut_b0w, nothin serious :)03:12
MindVirusb0w: sudo apt-get autoclean if you can do that.03:13
b0wpsychonaut_: heheh great, you now how to fix it?03:13
garymchi, anyone tell me how easy or hard it is to setup email stuff so all my emails are sent from my server?03:13
cabreraHi my names Abraham and I have a question about BusyBox v1.10.2 for the Ubuntu 9.04 PPC version03:13
yokobrhey guys. I've removed pulseaudio stuff, and it's working fine with alsa now. But still i can't set my mic and if i go to system>settings>sound it doesn't reconise my sound server.03:13
garymcI already have my Ubuntu LTSP running as a web server03:13
PlasmaSheephttp://pastebin.com/m4afed68c << I get this error when I do sudo apt-get install -f03:13
psychonaut_b0w, no but im optimist :)03:13
garymcis there a decent guide walkthru as im a noob03:14
b0wpsychonaut_: hahaha cool03:14
PlasmaSheephttp://pastebin.com/m4afed68c << I get this error when I do sudo apt-get install -f03:14
cabreraDoes anyone know how to use BusyBox?03:15
datzhi, how can I edit or delete profiles with the gnome network manager? There is one that doesn't give me the options to do this. "ifupdown (eth0)" I need to remove/edit it to set a static IP.03:15
MindVirusb0w: Did that help?03:15
b0wMindVirus: cant do that i got this error: E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.03:16
bazhangxyz, dont paste spam here03:16
albech_psychonaut_, is your lsusb similar to this? Ricoh Co., Ltd Webcam 100003:16
Out_ColdI love you ubuntu!!03:16
datzubuntu dislikes you Out_Cold,...sorry03:16
Out_Coldunless ubuntu is a guy.... then in that case i just like you...03:16
albech_cabrera, yes i use it, but not on a ubuntu system03:16
b0wMindVirus:  and when i do dpkg --configure -a i got the Error on the pastebin page03:16
bazhangxyz, stay on topic or you will be removed03:16
MindVirusb0w: same error?03:16
xyzwho are you bazhang to tell me what to do on irc03:17
Trek!ot | xyz03:17
ubottuxyz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:17
cabreraalbech do you know how to mount a hard disk on it and copy contents from it to another hard disk03:17
bazhangxyz, this is ubuntu support only; #ubuntu-offtopic for chat03:17
Trekhow does one call an op into the channel?03:17
bazhangTrek, what is up03:17
albech_cabrera, same way as on a normal system03:17
PlasmaSheephttp://pastebin.com/m4afed68c << I get this error when I do sudo apt-get install -f03:17
xyzbzahang is a homosexual03:17
b0wMindVirus: yeah the same, look: http://paste.ubuntu.com/364960/03:17
cabreraWell I don't know how to can you enlighten me03:18
dragondongreetings all03:18
cabreraHello there03:18
ray66GConf backend: There is an unsupported value at path /apps/compiz/plugins/scale/allscreens/options/initiate_edge. Settings from this path won't be read. Try to remove that value so that operation can continue properly.03:18
Trekyou two arguing is up, unfortunately, bazhang.  and he needs kicking in addition to banning, doesn't he?03:18
jjmor97chhow would one search for chat rooms with ubuntu digital tv content?03:18
albech_cabrera, depends where your disks are mounted.. do a 'mount' and it will tell you03:18
MindVirusb0w: Restart and select memtest86.03:18
Out_Coldxyz, bazhang is taken it upon himself to volunteer his/her time to help regulate and maintain this channel that offers us all support03:18
cabreraOk your not helping me03:18
dragondontrying to setup irc and it seems that the server is runing but not listening on the port, yet the conf is set, any ideas?03:18
ezaso i tried Unetbootin but it didn't work on my usb, and then i tried the frugal install but i couldnt overwrite the disk space i needed to, so how can i install ubuntu without a cd?03:18
ray66Have found value but cannot delete using gconf-editor03:18
b0wMindVirus: ok ill do that, well c-ya later03:19
PlasmaSheephttp://pastebin.com/m4afed68c << I get this error when I do sudo apt-get install -f03:19
MindVirusb0w: If you see red then your memory is broken.03:19
albech_cabrera, not helping?? im trying to establish where your mounts are.. that is considered help03:19
MindVirusAs in, lines of red, with numbers and 0xs.03:19
b0wMindVirus: ok, hope not03:19
cabreraWell mount doesn't do that for the version that I'm using03:19
MindVirusb0w: Aye.03:19
albech_cabrera, so you are getting no return from 'mount' ??03:20
dragondonlooking for some IRC gurus here.....any takers?03:20
=== b0w is now known as zz_b0w
Out_Coldcabrera, what was your issue?03:20
PlasmaSheep!ask | dragondon03:21
ubottudragondon: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:21
albech_cabrera, yes you are getting a return or no you are not getting any return?03:21
datzI would like to manually edit the profile for a wired connection that is visible from the network manager, where can I do so?03:21
dragondonso, what would be the most common reason why port 6667 is not sowing as open?03:21
Trekdragondon: firewall is blocking that port03:21
Out_Colddragondon, usually it's filtered bud..03:21
cabreraWe3ll I just want to mount to drives, one internal mac drive and and external hard drive so that I can copy the contents of the internal one to the external...03:21
dragondonOut_Cold nope, firewall is explicitly set to allow it (Guarddog)03:21
albech_cabrera, where are you running a busybox setup anyway?03:22
ray66GConf backend: There is an unsupported value at path /apps/compiz/plugins/scale/allscreens/options/initiate_edge. Settings from this path won't be read. Try to remove that value so that operation can continue properly.Have found value but cannot delete using gconf-editor03:22
cabrera9.04 alternate install cd03:22
albech_cabrera, mount /dev/[device] /[mountpoint]03:22
svip:( X restarts restarts when I log in.03:22
svipWhy did I say restarts twice?03:23
cabreraand where would be the mount point?03:23
charles__anyone here have a moment to maybe help me out with some audio/video driver questions i have and maybe a little help with wine?03:23
=== Ingsoc is now known as wnstn
yokobrplease, i need to make my ubuntu to use alsa as default sound server03:23
albech_cabrera, thats what im trying to establish, but you say i am not helping you ;)03:24
dragondonturned off my firewall, no change in listening status for IRC server.  HTOP shows it as running.'03:24
cabreraOk then how can I determine my mountpoint03:24
ice__manhi all,03:24
albech_cabrera, the mount points depend on the hardware you are using, but look for devices in /dev/sdxx or /dev/hdxx03:24
dragondonhey ice_man03:24
=== zz_FeiRuoWa is now known as FeiRuoWa
MindVirusHow do I get the UUID of /dev/sda2?03:25
cabrerashould I use the list-devices command?03:25
rick__anyone know when ubuntu will come out with newer nvidia restricted drivers?03:25
mediaserverhaving a few problems trying to figure them out. first off this is an x86-64 amd system, with ubuntu 10.x beta.    I'm getting an error saying The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_TSClientApplet".03:26
bazhangmediaserver, #ubuntu+1 for lucid03:26
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)03:27
datzrick__: I noticed there was a #nvidia, I don't know if that will help you, otherwiese I don;t know03:27
bazhangMindVirus, sudo blkid03:27
PlasmaSheephttp://pastebin.com/m4afed68c << I get this error when I do sudo apt-get install -f03:27
albech_MindVirus, google is your friend, http://blog.mypapit.net/2008/04/linux-how-to-get-harddisk-uuid-number.html03:27
MindVirusbazhang: sda1's on there but not sda2.03:27
rick__thanks anyways datz, i'm sure thats just a general nvidia room, they won't specialize in ubuntu03:27
datzrick__: I don't think those drivers are limited to ubuntu03:28
dragondonircd-hyvrid.conf has host = 192.168.03:28
dragondonircd-hyvrid.conf has host = and port = 66703:28
albech_cabrera, just have a look in the /dev for those devices03:29
cabrerayeah there is a pretty big list03:29
albech_cabrera, and please start replies with the persons name you reply to. makes it much easier to help you03:29
datzI'm looking for where the local IP address is stored, so I can edit it. WHere is it held? thanks.03:29
albech_cabrera, ls /dev/sd*03:29
rick__albech_ how do you auto add the persons name to respond in konversation?  i forgot how to.03:30
psychonaut_albech_, Bus 001 Device 005: ID 05ca:1810 Ricoh Co., Ltd Pavilion Webcam [R5U870]03:30
albech_rick__, not sure03:31
ice__mandatz, do you want change your IP adresse ?03:31
psychonaut_albech_,  i make it works on skype but just in test03:31
datzice__man: yes I want to change my machines local address03:31
fatumI'm using an AMD Sempron prossessor, and whenever I try to enable advanced effects, "Could not enable advanced effects" is returned back to me.  Never had such issues before, how could I troubleshoot this?03:31
MindVirusbazhang: any advice?03:31
ziggzcan somebody help me with my sd card reader03:31
cabreraalbech_: I get a No such file or driectory msg...03:32
albech_psychonaut_, its not the same i have been fighting with then03:32
ice__mandatz, so try ifconfig command03:32
albech_cabrera, no /dev?03:32
ziggzfor some reason its not being read03:32
ziggzsd card issue03:32
cabreraalbech_ yeah I have dev03:32
cabrerajust no sd03:32
ziggzhelp please03:32
ziggzit worked before03:33
datzice__man: thanks.03:33
marks256What is flash's problem on 9.10? It will load things (like youtube videos for example), but it's not possible to click any buttons on it? It's totally unresponsive to interaction. Anyone else have this problem?03:33
ziggzbut now it appears as if i dont have a sd card drive03:33
cabreraalbech_ I have hda, hda0-9 here03:33
datzice__man: I'll see what I can do thanks03:33
fatumI'm also using Gnome03:33
ice__mandatz, you are wellcome :-D03:33
fatumMaybe KDE would work out insteadc?03:33
dragondonmarks256 had a problem, removed it, reinstalled mostly cleared....get flickering in Chrome and it sucks in firefox03:34
MindVirusHow do I get the UUID of /dev/sda2? /dev/sda1 is there but not /dev/sda2.03:34
ziggzis there a command i cant type in the terminal to read my sd card03:34
morphixMindVirus: type "sudo blkid" in terminal03:34
morphixit should show all hard drive uuid's03:34
marks256dragondon, i think i found a fix for it. i'll try it quick and let you know if it works03:34
cabreraalbech_ when I use the list-devices command it returns hda...03:34
morphixactually no need for sudo03:34
morphixjust blkid03:34
dragondonmarks256 thanks, that would be awesome03:34
MindVirusmorphix: Again, /dev/sda2 is not there but /dev/sda1 is.03:34
yokobrplease, could somebody help me to get alsa working on karmic?03:34
Trekyokobr, did you try a restart after updating?03:35
fatumIs AMD Sempron not supported?03:35
Trek!amd | fatum03:35
JoAnneThraxHi, everyone...03:35
Trekdarn lol03:35
rasstarsince when can you install ubuntu to bios raid drive03:35
dragondonhas anyone isntalled irc on their home ubuntu pc?03:35
ziggzwas that tip for me and my sd card issue03:35
cabreraJust use pidgin03:35
ice__manziggz ,if you are under UBUNTU  it will be mounted automatic03:35
JoAnneThraxMy installation of firefox seems to default to "Document Reader" for pdfs, and I was thinking I'd prefer Acrobat Reader...but ubuntu can't seem to find the package.03:36
ziggzim using ubuntu studio03:36
=== paradox is now known as Guest56761
JoAnneThraxAnyone know how I install it?03:36
yokobrTrek, is not that. I've removed pulseaudio due to many problems and installed alsa... But if i go to system>settings>sound, it doesn't reconise and i can't use my mic.03:36
dragondonsoory, I meant an IRC server03:36
marks256dragondon, I got it working. http://astoryworthtelling.wordpress.com/2009/11/09/cant-click-in-flash-using-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-try-this/ easy peasy03:37
evonCan someone help me fix my ctrl+alt+backspace. it's not working anymore for some reason03:37
ice__manziggz, so try to mount it with 'mount ' command !03:37
fatumThe preformance is also a little bad, it worked better on my lower end intel.03:37
ziggzhow do i do that03:37
L2TPVPNhi everyone!03:37
Trek!hi | L2TPVPN, jazz03:37
ubottuL2TPVPN, jazz: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:37
albech_cabrera, which hda's are available? the number behind /hda is the partition03:37
Fudgeanyone here familiar with foremost data recovery software?03:38
L2TPVPNhow to create a L2TP vpn connection WITHOUT IpSec?03:38
cabreraalbech_: 1-1103:38
dragondonmarks256 now if I could jsut get it to play smoothly.....03:38
ziggzhow do i use the sd card mount cmd03:38
jazzhow can i compress  files?03:38
ice__manziggz , 'mount /dev/sd?  /path/to/dir'03:38
albech_cabrera, then you need to know which of the 11 partitions hold the data you want03:38
marks256dragondon, i've never had a problem with flash not playing smoothly (at least in the lastest versions of ubuntu) What are your system specs?03:38
ziggztype that in the terminal?03:38
cabrerawill how can I mount anyone of them for example the first one03:39
fatumThe exact number is LE-130003:39
ice__manziggz, yes03:39
L2TPVPNjazz: what file format do u want?03:39
cabreraalbech_: then I'll just unmount and remount till I find the data I'm looking for03:39
albech_cabrera, that is one way ;)03:39
jazzL2TPVPN,  a format i can uncompress with ubuntu 9.1003:39
ziggzis says no such file or directory03:39
jazznot sure what03:39
dragondonmarks256 dell dimension 1100, dGH, 1GB, radeon 9250(256MB) PCI vid03:40
JoAnneThraxapt finds other packages that reference acroread, but not acroread itself...03:40
evonCan someone help me fix my ctrl+alt+backspace. it's not working anymore for some reason03:40
albech_cabrera, fdisk -l /dev/hda might give you more information, like partition size etc03:40
fatumIs LE1300 not supported?03:40
marks256dragondon, i've never dealt with ati video cards in ubuntu03:40
jazzi need to reinstall, i have  140 gigs of files i need to shrink into 30gigs is that at all possible?03:40
Trek!ati | dragondon03:41
marks256dragondon, i take that back. my last video card was ati03:41
ubottudragondon: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:41
L2TPVPNjazz: if it's for linux only, u can simply   "tar -cfvz abc.tar.gz abc/03:41
ice__manziggz , first create a temp directory then exec the command03:41
andcarroHey can someone help me with some things03:41
andcarropm me03:41
cabreraalbech_ I dont have that command in BusyBox03:41
fatumMaybe it's my graphics card instead of my prossesor?03:41
datzice__man: didn't find a way to se the local IP with ifconfig03:41
L2TPVPNjazz: depand on filetype03:41
jazzthanks  brb03:41
yokobrTrek, any clue?03:41
andcarrohelp please03:42
cabreraalbech_ what about mapdevfs?03:42
ziggzi feel so dumb how do you create a temp directory03:42
datzice__man: anyway, I'm trying to fix a problem, and I think it might actually be the router, so changing this may not be necessary.03:42
Treksorry, yokobr, i don't have any ideas why it wouldn't work... i'll let others comment on this though03:42
L2TPVPNjazz: if it's 140g jpg, then it's impossible, but if it's text file it's totally possible03:42
Trek!hi | andcarro03:42
ubottuandcarro: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:42
evonjazz: good luck with that one03:42
evonjazz: try deleting files03:42
andcarrocan anyone help me with a few things03:42
albech_cabrera, im not sure what is included in the busybox you are using, as i mentioned earlier i use busybox for embedded solutions03:43
evonandcarro: just ask and someone will help you if they can03:43
Trek!ask | andcarro03:43
ubottuandcarro: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:43
L2TPVPNanyone could help me? how to create a L2TP vpn connection WITHOUT IpSec?03:43
iflema!dontzap | evon03:43
ubottuevon: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap03:43
ice__mandatz : good luck so03:43
andcarrocan someone help me..... oh yea03:43
evonubottu: thanks03:43
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:43
evoniflema: thanks03:43
cabreraalbech_: Ok then how can I mount hda1 then?03:44
andcarrois it possible to upgrade from Ubuntu 9.14 to Ubuntu Server 9.1403:44
ziggzcan you please tell me how to create a temp directory03:44
datzice__man: its stange really. I have port 80 forwarded for the pc, but it forward to the router instead.03:44
dragondonmarks256 well, goona try the proprietary drive as ubottu suggested :)  gotta reboot, we'll see how it goes.03:44
datzso router comes up with I input domain name03:44
ziggzim new to linux so please dont use the expert terms03:45
datzbut with local addres I get server03:45
jakethepythonhey room i have a creative sound card 05:09.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs CA0106 Soundblaster and i can't seem to get it to show up or have sound out...it finds it in the LSPCI thouhg03:45
jakethepython a03:45
albech_mkdir /mnt/mymount && mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/mymount03:45
albech_cabrera, mkdir /mnt/mymount && mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/mymount03:45
ice__manziggz , just create the  directory in /tmp03:45
tmrayI had a package update that I ran on my kubuntu system last night and now it wont boot up. Anyone know what might have caused it?03:46
L2TPVPNHow to create a L2TP vpn connection WITHOUT IpSec?03:46
PlasmaSheephttp://pastebin.com/m4afed68c << I get this error when I do sudo apt-get install -f03:46
fatumMaybe it's the card?  I'm using ATI HD320003:47
ziggzice man i just came to linux from windows03:47
fatumI'm unable to enable advanced desktop effects and the preformance is very bad.03:47
ziggzcan u please break it down to me as if i am a retard03:47
Billyis anyone know about samba and file permissions03:47
Trekfatum, perhaps your card isn't compatible with the desktop effects03:47
ice__manziggz  : wellcome to GNU/linux ;-)03:47
Trekfatum, check for proprietary drivers03:48
Billydoes anyone know about samba and file permissions03:48
cabreraalbech_I got an error message03:48
ice__manziggz : mkdir /mnt/dir103:48
cabreraalbech_ failes: Invalud argument03:49
cabreraalbech_ Invalid*03:49
ziggzcan you write down what i need to do and give me a paste bin link03:49
Goateewhen I try to install ubuntu server 64 bit on my laptop it won't detect the driver from my Samsung Spinpoint M60 HM060HI (S-ATA) hard drive. Non of the given drivers during the disk-detection are working and I can't seem to find the drivers for the disk anywhere. Any ideas?03:49
ziggzi just typed mkdir/mnt/dir103:50
albech_cabrera, did you make /mnt/mymount?03:50
ziggzis said permission denied03:50
cabreraalbech_yeah I made a dir that was "test1"03:50
andcarroCan ubuntu be upgraded to ubuntu serverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr03:50
albech_cabrera, try just to type 'mount'03:50
jazzL2TPVPN,  im back,03:51
cabreraalbech_ then what?03:51
L2TPVPNHow to create a L2TP vpn connection WITHOUT IpSec?03:51
=== Hisakata is now known as Kata|Gone
ice__man ziggz : ok ,first you create a directory ; in you terminal  type   'mkdir /mnt/sd_card'03:51
Billyis there any samba gods in here03:51
L2TPVPNjazz: nice 2 c u again03:51
L2TPVPNare there any vpn gods in here?03:52
jazzmp3 and avi a few txt and some pics are what i need to shrink03:52
updziggz, sudo mkdir /mnt/sd_card  ... you need to be root03:52
albech_cabrera, what does it say?03:52
tmrayare there any kubuntu users here?03:52
* andcarro smacks you all with a very large fish03:52
ice__manupd : thanks ;-)03:52
albech_cabrera, try 'mount --help'03:52
marks256andcarro, you just made my day. you have no idea.03:52
L2TPVPNjazz: for multimedia files , that's just impossible, they're already compressed03:52
Billyso samba people03:52
cabreraalbech_ did that nothing comes up03:52
jazzgot ya03:53
paulusi'm trying to connect to my cable modem, but if I click on the Network Manager, it says "Wired network:  device not managed."  What does THAT mean?03:53
andcarromarks256 do you know if ubuntu can upgrade to ubuntu server?03:53
judibeeflwhere is the "guest additions" in ubuntu 10.04?03:53
cabreraalbech_ all I get is usage: mount [flags] DEVICE NODE [-o options, more-options]03:53
jazzi just looked and  i have 139.7g to move03:53
marks256andcarro, what do you mean?03:53
andcarrolike I have Ubuntu 9.1403:54
andcarrocan I upgrade it to Ubuntu Server?03:54
marks256andcarro, you mean, 9.10?03:54
Carbonishhi can someone tell me how to add apps to my path?03:54
albech_cabrera, you should be able to do 'mount /dev/hdaXX /mnt/mymount (replace XX with the partition number you wish to mount)03:54
Carbonishi did this...and it's a no go03:54
Carbonishexport PATH03:54
L2TPVPNjazz: txt,html,sources... these files can be shrinked a lot03:54
* andcarro is ecstatic that someone has finally spoken on his first question... idiots03:55
totemhi peeps03:55
jazzlol if the mp3 didnt take weeks to torrent id just delete them for now03:55
totemhi Bill gates03:55
Goateewhen I try to install ubuntu server 64 bit on my laptop it won't detect the driver from my Samsung Spinpoint M60 HM060HI (S-ATA) hard drive. Non of the given drivers during the disk-detection are working and I can't seem to find the drivers for the disk anywhere. Any ideas?03:55
marks256andcarro, there really isn't a difference between normal ubuntu and ubuntu server, other than the fact that ubuntu server has a bit more specialized packages included. Ubuntu desktop can be used as a server, and ubuntu server can be used as a desktop. Also, don't be so critical of everyone here. Everyone is looking for help just as much as you are.03:55
cabreraalbech_: http://spblinux.de/2.0/doc/busybox.html03:56
andcarroik... but like rarrr03:56
L2TPVPNjazz: burn dvd is quite cheap03:56
andcarroit's not a difficult question but whatevs03:56
jazzi reinstalled my os and now my volume randomly lowers and mutes03:56
L2TPVPNjazz: r u from usa? how to avoid feds...03:56
andcarroI has another q.. I have a dell computer with Ubuntu running on it.. and I am trying to install my printer on it.. but it doesn't find the model.. it finds the printer but not the make03:57
fygg7Enter text here...062706440633064406270645 06390644064a0643064503:57
jazzL2TPVPN, yep us with bad spelling03:57
marks256andcarro, is there something close to your printer? what is the make/model?03:57
ezaso i tried Unetbootin but it didn't work on my usb, and then i tried the frugal install but i couldnt overwrite the disk space i needed to, so how can i install ubuntu without a cd?03:57
fygg7063506280627062d 06270644062e064a063103:57
meanburrito920_how would i use rsync to copy all hidden files in my home directory03:57
albech_cabrera, why you send the man for busybox?03:58
albech_cabrera, try with another partition, you may be trying to mount a swap or incompatible fstype03:58
fygg70644062f064a 0645063406430644064703:59
Random832fygg7; ???03:59
cabreraalbech_ yes trying03:59
jazzhow do you pm in xchat03:59
jakethepython9.1 does not display my soundcard however in the LSPCI it displays can someone help me to install the sound card prperly>?03:59
L2TPVPNjazz:  'slash' msg04:00
fygg706470644 064a0648062c062f 0627062d062f 064406440645063306270639062f064704:00
andcarroDell AIO 962 Photo Printer04:00
andcarroto Marksblahblahblah04:00
albech_cabrera, i got to run for a few, but this is basic linux stuff most people here can help you with04:01
gerrinlooking for help with evolution email program04:01
cpyargergerrin, whats the problem04:01
L2TPVPNjazz:  'slash' msg nick04:01
Umeaboygerrin: Go to #evolution to. ;)04:01
Random832fygg7; what language is that?04:01
Random832hmm if that's unicode in some weird hex encoding04:01
Random832!ar | fygg704:01
ubottufygg7: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe04:01
Random832wtf is arabic?04:02
FloodBot1Random832: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:02
ubottuFor Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية04:02
gerrinnoone in there lol04:02
marks256andcarro, Doesn't look like that printer is going to work under linux, at least without a fight04:03
updhah he don't know what is arabic lol.04:03
fygg70645062d062a0627062c 062706440645063306270639062f0647 064406280631064606270645062c 062706460627 06450633062a062e062f0645 062c062f064a062f 064406440627064806280646 062a064804:04
L2TPVPNnumeric ...04:05
jazzdoes anyone have any volume trouble?04:07
evoncan someone please help me fix an error in my xorg.conf file please? I am following these instructions http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d3caefc4b and this is my error and my xorg.conf http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index.php/howto/srvlayout04:07
evonjazz: i do not04:08
jazzwith a hda intel alc 882 not working and pulse audio lowering and muting?04:08
evonjazz: on a laptop?04:08
predator_x@ jazz.. i had volume problem04:08
L2TPVPNremove pulseaudio04:08
jazzevon on an hp pabillion desktop04:08
L2TPVPNi'm not using that anymore04:08
jazzpredator_x,  how did ya fix it04:09
predator_xis ur volume low?04:09
jazzi did once and lost my speaker icon l2t04:09
jazzpredator_x, yup  i turn up and it lowers and mutes like a ghost is doing it04:10
jazzand when its muted it keeps trying to lower and mute04:10
predator_xim not sure04:10
jazzi had no prob b4 till i did an reinstall of my os and updates04:11
predator_xi had low volume prob.. i went to volume control and increased the volume level of PCM & LINEIN Boost04:11
Gananghi i am new to linux, i am using ubuntu 9.04 and  i have a simple question. Can i get firefox 3.6 directly from the repository and install it? If yes which one should i use?04:11
jazzhow do i get to pcm?04:12
kslenhm. seems xfces file manager thunar is a lot faster than nautilus..04:12
predator_xclick on speaker icon04:12
predator_xvolume control04:12
jazzi have  and still noting with pcm04:12
blakkheimkslen: xfce is a little faster than gnome, but still bloated04:12
Juan___I want to know what make this better then all of the other 10+ versions of linux04:12
blakkheimGanang: no04:12
ice__manGanang : yes you can04:12
jakethepythonwhen i go to my speaker icon and right click and go to properties and hardware nothing shows up in the list but my souncard registers with LSPCI04:12
predator_xgo to preferences04:12
kslenblakkheim, yea, but nautilus is like rediciolously slow in comparison. what do you use?04:13
Juan___I have a question04:13
blakkheimkslen: i don't use a lot of gui programs, i use ls :)04:13
ice__manGanang : just download ,decompress the file04:13
Juan___can someone help me04:13
blakkheimkslen: but i like pcmanfm for a gui file browser04:13
predator_xi have 9.04 running..shld i upgrade to 9.10? i read a lot of negative reviews abt 9.10 release04:14
Ari_Lazarus___hi guys. Something very odd has just happened. I was playing Freeciv when my desktop display suddenly changed. Changed in the sense that my themes no longer seemed to apply to it. It looks reminisce of Windows 95 now. Any idea what I could've pressed or done?04:14
jazzthere are two things there predator_x04:14
Juan___ predator_x so what make this better then all of the other 10+ versions of linux04:14
evoncan someone please help me fix an error in my xorg.conf file please? I am following these instructions http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d3caefc4b and this is my error and my xorg.conf http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index.php/howto/srvlayout04:15
Ganangice_man: but decompressing and installing is different on linux or not? I mean i wanted to have it installed and not portable ( sorry for the question but i am new with linux)04:15
predator_xselect pcm, lineinboost04:15
Ganangice_man i already have the version 3.0 installed and i wanted just to upgrade it04:15
=== switch-testing is now known as switchgirl
jazz1 is an btb78 audio capture04:16
predator_x@ jazz whats ur device?04:17
jazz2 is the  internal audio 5.1 audio output04:17
ice__manGanang : with firefox , it very simple ,when your file is decompressed ,it's ready to run :-)04:17
Juan___I need to know what is the best version of linux04:17
ziggzok ice man04:17
ziggzare you still on04:17
ice__manziggz : yes04:17
predator_xdid u select pcm ??04:17
predator_xcheck the volume level in tht04:18
ziggzyou did tell me to reboot correct04:18
jazzi dont see a pcm anything04:18
predator_xdid u go to preferences?04:18
ice__manziggs : which connection ?04:18
Ari_Lazarus___Huh. Weird. Running System -> Preferences -> Appearance fixed my problem.04:18
ziggzi just rebooted my laptop04:19
Ganangice_man: yes but how can i have it like installed on my desktop, with icons and so on! one more question, should i remove version 3.0 before?04:20
ice__manziggs you repeat the process :make directory and mount the device04:20
ziggzwhat the command to mount the sd card reader04:21
predator_x@ anyone, can u help me with installation of vlc player?04:21
karpusin ubuntu 9.04 I could see weeks in the clock applet, how can I enable this in 9.10? I googled and found /schemas/apps/clock_applet/prefs/show_week_numbers but I can't set it to true04:21
ziggzis it.......mount sd_card04:21
ardchoillepredator_x: sudo apt-get install vcl04:21
L2TPVPNHow to create a L2TP vpn connection WITHOUT IpSec?04:21
predator_x@ arhchoille, thanks mate04:22
jazzok when i make partions i make the swap and the root and the home, can i make one for my files so when i do reinstalls i dont have to lose my filles?04:22
nightsjammieswhat's the best way to install virtualbox with karmic?04:22
ice__manGanang : not necessary to remove the older version04:22
nightsjammiesso that it works?04:23
Ganangice_man:thanks,  how can i have it like installed on my desktop?04:23
Goateewhen I try to install ubuntu server 64 bit on my laptop it won't detect the driver from my Samsung Spinpoint M60 HM060HI (S-ATA) hard drive. Non of the given drivers during the disk-detection are working and I can't seem to find the drivers for the disk anywhere. Any ideas?04:23
kad__hey need help i install windows xp then Ubuntu, but XP not display when it boot i try to go to live CD: sudo grub-install /dev/sda1 (where /dev/sda1 = win xp) but not work :(04:24
ziggzim sorry but can you make me a paste bin link with the instructions04:24
kad__i try /dev/sda5 (where /dev/sda5 = ubuntu give me : http://pastebin.com/m1195282e )04:24
Ganangice_man: because decompressing would stay inside a folder right? how can i have it properly with icons on my desktop bar?04:24
evonnightsjammies: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads04:24
predator_x63% of vlc player is downloaded..but after thts its stuck...not downloading anymore04:24
kslenactually, nautilus is faster in xfce than in gnome -.-04:24
kslenso it's gnome i should be directing my frustration at..04:25
ardchoillepredator_x: Just wait, it can do that sometimes04:25
nightsjammiesI decided to just do it from synaptic04:25
ziggzis their a manual on how to write commands in the terminal04:25
ice__manGanang : you do it manualy04:25
jazzGanang,  i wanted to go to firefox 3.6 also but didnt bother i dont know how to install it either04:26
evonnightsjammies: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads04:26
evoncan someone please help me fix an error in my xorg.conf file please? I am following these instructions http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d3caefc4b and this is my error and my xorg.conf http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index.php/howto/srvlayout04:26
ice__manziggz : use 'man commande' to get information about you commande04:26
predator_xim using Firefox 3.0.. some websites doesnt load at all.. the loading bar just says transferring data but the site doesnt load...is it due to firefox or wireless?04:26
predator_xsometimes i have click on refresh for the page to load04:27
evonpredator_x: try installing opera or another browser to determine if it's firefox or something else04:27
predator_xyes installed opera04:27
predator_xsame problem04:27
jazzim using firefox 3.5.7 im all good here except when connection bogs out04:28
ziggzfuck linux is so cool but it makes me feel dumb....i was the man with windows04:28
nightsjammiesso does anyone in here have an ipod touch?04:28
predator_x@ ziggz..same here04:28
predator_xyes i have04:28
happyface0How can I remove the (auto login?) default keyring password unlock?04:28
jazzZiggz i agree04:28
nightsjammieshow do I put music on the darn thing?04:28
switchgirlyoutube videos wont play, nore redtube, nor iplayer whats wrong with flash for firefox in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - the Lucid Lynx ?04:28
predator_x@ switchgirl, i think its due to plugins04:29
kad__hey need help i install windows xp then Ubuntu, but XP not display when it boot i try to go to live CD: sudo grub-install /dev/sda1 (where /dev/sda1 = win xp) but not work :(  i try /dev/sda5 (where /dev/sda5 = ubuntu give me : http://pastebin.com/m1195282e ) can someone help me :( thx alot04:29
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Jeruvy!lucid | switchgirl04:29
evonpredator_x: you try connecting the computer with the ethernet cord?04:29
ubottuswitchgirl: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:29
ice__manziggz : don"t tell this man ;-)04:29
socommswitchgirl: does flash work at all?04:29
predator_xi have wireless04:29
predator_xyeah i shld try that04:29
ziggzi will not give up04:29
predator_x@ ziggz..thts the spirit04:29
Guest42587hai guys04:29
socommziggz: whats the problem you're having?04:29
switchgirlnot a jotter socomm04:30
ziggzcompiz kicks azz04:30
socommGuest42587: hai2u04:30
socommswitchgirl: and it is installed, corect?04:30
ziggzim trying get my sd card reader to work04:30
switchgirlyeas flash installed correctly04:30
jazzlol i jumped in linux feet firstm was fine till the vol prob..04:30
sebsebsebziggz: try not to swear here, and there are websites for learning commands, also for basics commands aren't really needed,  however it's quicker sudo apt-get install program instead of using graphical programs to install stuff04:30
socommswitchgirl: have you tried filing a bug?04:30
switchgirlJeruvy, if they where alive sure04:31
predator_xswitchgirl.. trying disabling unwanted plugins in firefox.. i had the problem of videos not streaming04:31
ziggzi am a 24 year old man who just got in trouble for say the f word04:31
pcmagicbackup suite filled up my drive for some reason I didn't have it setup to backup on hard drive on another drive I am not sure if it was backup suites fault but it filled my drive completely04:31
happyface0I wish flash for linux didnt suck so much :(04:31
predator_x@ ziggz..chill04:31
pcmagicI have used parted magic to free up some space04:32
sebsebsebeven though Flash is an issue on Karmic as well,  really switchgirl  should be in #ubuntu+1 and anyone else that wants to help her04:32
pcmagicwhat would have taken up so much space?04:32
socommflash works fine on karmic, for me at least04:32
pcmagichow does flash not work?04:32
pcmagicflash works fine04:32
=== yy is now known as Guest97145
sebsebsebsometimes Flash goes wrong in Firefox on Ubuntu04:32
socommpcmagic: media files (audio, video, image)04:32
LinUxHow do I format a 500GB HDD in NTFS useing GParted on Ubuntu 9.10 please?04:33
ziggzcant somebody please type down instructions in paste bin for me and give me the link04:33
predator_xcooool i have vlc finally :) @ thanks to archoille04:33
judibeeflI just got an error when trying to use Package Manager :04:33
ardchoillepredator_x: \o/04:33
pcmagicjust do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras switchgirl04:33
socommLinUx: http://maketecheasier.com/how-to-reformat-an-external-hard-drive-to-ntfs-format-in-ubuntu-hardy/2008/09/2904:33
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:34
ziggzice man thank you but  its hard to follow when the room is steady moviing04:34
nightsjammiesAnyways, I've got a newer ipod touch with the 3.1 os. I can't get ifuse to work with it..'04:34
switchgirlpcmagic, i have donethat 4 months ago :)04:34
pcmagicdo alt+f2 then type gnome-terminal press enter then type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras press enter then enter in password wait for it to complete download and installation04:34
socommnightsjammies: don't expect ipods to work too well, or at all, on Open Source systems04:34
jazzhow can i navigate  to a folder in my home?04:34
LinUxsocomm, Thank you, I'll check it out!04:35
sebsebsebswitchgirl: i'll try and help you a bit, but in the correct channel :D04:35
ardchoillejazz: cd ~/foldername04:35
judibeeflSwitchgirl what are you trying to do?04:35
=== kad__ is now known as helper
pcmagicwell not sure what site are you having a flash issue? switchgirl04:35
nightsjammiesOkay. I'm installing Virtualbox right now to run itunes through :)04:35
jazzardchoille,  thanks04:35
pcmagicperhaps you need the latest version of flash04:35
socommnightsjammies: good luck, might be hard for your VM to access your USB ... never tried it myself04:35
socommnightsjammies: not to say, that it wont work though04:35
predator_xis there any messenger software other than pidgin? sometimes it doesnt seem to login in msn & yahoo04:36
pcmagicvirtualbox is fine with detecting usb devices04:36
switchgirlredtube youtube and iplayer pcmagic04:36
nightsjammiesOh shoot. I forgot all about that part..damnit.04:36
ardchoillejazz:  http://ardchoille42.blogspot.com/2009/08/command-line-cheatsheet.html04:36
socommpredator_x: tons of it just search the web04:36
switchgirlok sebsebseb04:36
jazzardchoille,  im trying to give gnomenu  a go, so i should so make install cd~/foldername04:36
nightsjammieswell, I'll try it out anyway..04:37
jazz2 points for misspelling04:37
helperhey need help i instal win xp then install ubuntu after restart win xp not display on boot, someone told me install grub2 when i install grub2 give me this error : http://pastebin.com/m5b18cacf => how i can fix it ? i try to sudo grub-install /dev/sda5 (where sda5 = ubuntu ) but don't work too :(04:37
socommnightsjammies: yeah, give it a shot04:37
ardchoillejazz: That's the hard way, there is a PPA for gnomeneu04:37
jazzardchoille,  really?04:37
ardchoillejazz: search for gnomenu here:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas04:37
socommhelper: what are you trying to do?04:37
helpersocomm,  i want to boot with xp too04:38
nightsjammiesI plan on it...I just want some damn music on it.04:38
nightsjammiesWhat do you use to sync yours?04:38
pcmagichold on switchgirl04:38
happyface0is there a way to auto start in terminal when opening a specific file?04:38
socommhelper: not sure how good you are with computers but you may wanna try a utility called GAG04:38
ardchoillejazz: This one's the best:  https://launchpad.net/~globalmenu-team/+archive/ppa04:38
socommhelper: http://gag.sourceforge.net/04:39
helpersocomm,  for what ? can't fix with "gurb" ?04:39
socommhelper: pretty cool little util04:39
LinUxsocomm, How simple was that! :-) Thankyou!!04:39
socommhelper: grub might be too complex/intimidating for beginners04:39
helpersocomm,  i install it.04:40
socommhelper: but if you feel brave try googling grub ubuntu xp dual boot04:40
predator_xi will never go back to windows!04:40
ardchoillepredator_x: That's the spirit!04:40
Drunken_Ironythat is the spirit04:41
helpersocomm, before it was work with ubuntu 9.0 i just enter: sudo grub the root (hd0,1), then setup (hd0), when this ubuntu 9 come with new grub  make me mad!! don't work like before04:41
jazzthe first one didnt have anything to click  how ever i do have it installed already and according to youtube cids i just gotta make install04:41
stevenfgsdfgHow do I view syslog from CLI and how do I open syslog on Desktop from CLI?04:41
ardchoillejazz: no, you don't have it installed yet if you haven't done make install. Make install installs it, what you did was compile it04:41
judibeeflanyone know how to get VMAdditions for 10.04?04:41
socommhelper: hold on04:41
ardchoillejazz: Also, it's easier to update it if you use a PPA04:42
helpersocomm,  give me error on: /boot/grub/device.map it's wrong :04:42
jazzardchoille,  is there a difference in globalmenu and or gnomenu?04:42
ardchoillejazz: What exactly are you looking for? the menu that displays menus in the panel? or the special menu the reorganizes Applications, Places, System ?04:43
Justin_``Whats the link for installing java?04:43
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository04:44
socommhelper: try this https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/switching/dualboot-custom.html04:44
Justin_``!Multiverse repository04:44
jazzi was watching youtube gnomemenu with the different icons and vista , xp, and differnt menus- thought id see what the fuss is about04:44
ardchoillejazz: I may have given you the wrong link, if so I am sorry04:44
jazzardchoille,  what was it you gave me?04:44
ardchoillejazz: ah, yes, that is gnomenu, not global menu04:44
helpersocomm,  ya this is old grub which i used to make it now there's no menu.lst ,there's grub.cfg instead :(04:45
ardchoillejazz: I gave you the search link and the link to globalmenu, don't use the globalmenu link I gave you04:45
jazzim new to linux so  im looking at all kinds of things before 10.4 lts comes out04:45
hippiehackerTrying to dim the backlight brightness on iMac10,1 with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 / 21.5". The default is insanely bright. Tried aticonfig --set-dispattrib=lvds,brightness:-60 but thats not backlight control...04:45
ardchoillejazz: hold on a sec04:45
jazzardchoille,  sure..04:46
=== homer is now known as Guest93654
ardchoillejazz: I found a gnomenu link:  https://launchpad.net/gnomenu04:46
jazzaedyeah thats what i downloaded and  got to where i needed to make install but didnt know how to navigate to the file04:48
jazzardchoille,  is there a ppa for that link?04:48
ardchoillejazz:  You should bookmark this page, it'll help in the long run:  http://ardchoille42.blogspot.com/2009/08/command-line-cheatsheet.html04:48
Gananghow can i completely remove openjdk from ubuntu and install the official jdk from sun through the apt?04:48
ardchoillejazz: Let me look04:48
ASUSeeePCI'm trying to install Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix04:49
mkquisthey all, anyone know if gparted can resize win7 partitions safely?04:49
jazzardchoille,  ooo "bookmarked" thanks!04:49
ASUSeeePCI'm booted into it Ok (from a USB Memory Stick), tried lauching the install, only got to the Timezone part, then it died on me - system hung up / rebooted04:50
Justin_``WHy am I getting a error - "couldn't find package openjdk-6-jre-headless04:50
ASUSeeePCSo I try to restart it, but clicking the icon it says 'starting...' but setup doesn't come up :(04:50
ardchoillejazz: I don't see a PPA but I do see downloads here: https://launchpad.net/gnomenu/trunk04:50
ASUSeeePCCan I launch setup from the terminal in verbose mode or something, or include a switch to restart setup - not sure if it's hung up on something ??04:50
=== lizzzyAway is now known as lizzzy
jazzardchoille,  i did  that i gave a folder named eyecandy with some emerald themes in there and  gnomenu in there as well,04:51
paissadwhen we remove a  repository from sources.list, how can we remove the related repository from  /var/lib/apt/lists/ using an apt comman like ( in order not to use rm command ^^ )04:51
jazzardchoille,  i just didnt know how to navigage to a file withing the file thats in the home folder04:52
paissadi see that the related repository contains some files into /var/lib/apt/lists/ , Packages.gz , Contents & release files04:52
jazzard what is "foo"? i see a comand sudo aptitude install foo?04:52
jazzform the link you gave me04:53
ardchoilleThanks ubottu04:53
keeleyt83I'm having an issue with my java installation. Could anyone help me?04:53
judibeeflI had update errors tonight04:53
ardchoillejazz: "foo" is like a generic term: "ls foo", "man foo", etc04:53
hippiehackerracking my head on this backlight issue04:53
ASUSeeePCfoo as in foobar as in fubar, as in f*cked up beyond all recognition04:54
keeleyt83it's strange. my JAVA_HOME is set somewhere but I don't know where04:54
drew31paissad  I tend to use synaptic to add/software software and add/remove repositories, and not mess with remove .04:54
jazzardchoille,  thanks for the cheatsheet04:54
ardchoillejazz: you're welcome, pass it along :)04:55
judibeeflASU, lol :>04:55
saraqualGuys, I've installed postfix this side for smtp purposes, but for some odd reason when I point evolution to it gives me the finger.  Any ideas why? Says connection was refused04:55
uorygl_I have an Ethernet port. Can I configure Ubuntu to present an interface over this port?04:55
jrcarr2how do I recursively search a dir for a filetype?04:56
jrcarr2like *.png?04:56
uorygl_I'd like to connect a network device to this port and have this network device be assigned an IP address.04:56
yokobrhey guys, new issue04:56
yokobrnone of my usb devices are working04:56
judibeeflwhere do i  get VMAdditions for Ubuntu 10.0404:56
ardchoillejrcarr2: find /path -name *.png04:56
yokobrwhen i plug my webcam i get " hub 2-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 10"04:56
Myrtti!lucid | judibeefl04:58
ubottujudibeefl: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:58
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap04:58
Kyletstrandquestion: i'm new to ubuntu and i have been curious about virus issues.  is there a problem with viruses in ubuntu or linux in general.  i've been on for about two months or so and haven't even acquired viruses, spyware or malware of anysort.04:59
ASUSeeePCtrying to restart a failed install, but setup won't re-launch, what's the command so I can run it from terminal?04:59
tony121hi for all04:59
ardchoillekyleN: you do't usually have to worry about those things, but still good to be careful what you download and run from untrusted sources04:59
ardchoilleKyletstrand:  you do't usually have to worry about those things, but still good to be careful what you download and run from untrusted sources04:59
Out_Coldi wish i had a remote root shell :o/05:00
blakkheimOut_Cold: you could rent/buy one05:00
Kyletstrandardochoille: that's what i was thinking.  i'm always pretty careful about who and what i download, but i feel a whole lot safer on linux than i did on any windows OS. Thanks!05:00
JulieJulieI'm wondering if 512mb of ram is too little to run Ubuntu 9.10?05:00
Out_Coldblakkheim, i should.. but they don't let me play with CCs05:00
rwwubottu: viruses | Kyletstrand05:01
blakkheimOut_Cold: or set one up at a friend's house and not tell them lol05:01
Out_ColdJulieJulie, it should be fine... just not super fast05:01
rwwubottu: virus | Kyletstrand05:01
ubottuKyletstrand: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2105:01
Out_Coldblakkheim, i always ask for permission ;)05:01
ardchoilleKyletstrand: Read this:  http://ardchoille42.blogspot.com/2009/02/linux-and-viruses.html05:01
uorygl_Can I tell what to put in /etc/network/interfaces by the output of ifconfig?05:01
JulieJulieOut_Cold, so the some what feeling of stammering when opening and closing is normal for 512mb? heh I even made the appearance properties with no effects05:01
Out_Coldblakkheim, may i have root access??05:01
tony121windows is the best05:02
ardchoilletony121: Please take that elsewhere05:02
Out_ColdJulieJulie, it's not fast... if you switched to a  window manager you would notice improvement but less graphical eye candy05:02
blakkheimOut_Cold: sure, on a virtual machine using someone else's wifi :P05:03
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  How would I do that?05:03
jrcarr2tony121, I agree. I like linux, but windows integrates with everything better05:03
jrcarr2I mean come on! Why is it so complicated to just slam my laptop on and off a docking station and have it just work?05:03
ardchoillePerhaps we should take the Windows chat to another channel?05:03
Out_ColdJulieJulie, you can install dummy packages such as xubuntu-desktop (cant remember exact name)05:03
blakkheimjrcarr2: which part of your docking station doesn't work with linux05:03
tony121jes i mean just like u jrcarr205:03
Out_ColdJulieJulie, i'll find for you05:03
predator_xis website not loading quickly maybe due to poor connection? i have like 70%05:03
gtni wish linux had a monolithic kernel05:04
jrcarr2blakkheim, for reasons that elude me, it never comes back when i remove it from the docking station unless I reboot05:04
uorygl_Hmm. When I use ifconfig to set an interface to be pointopoint, shouldn't that result in the remote device having an IP address I can see somewhere?05:04
ASUSeeePCNeed help with install on my netbook - anyone know how to start the install from a terminal or restart it?05:04
Out_ColdJulieJulie, yes sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop05:04
uorygl_I'm trying to connect to my modem. Literally; it has an embedded web server.05:04
blakkheimASUSeeePC: are you using like unetbootin or something05:05
Out_ColdJulieJulie, there are many managers to try that use low resources05:05
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  thats what I would type in the command line?05:05
jrcarr2but of course that's my only nitpick. it annoys me because I PREFER to work in linux rather than on windows05:05
Out_Coldsudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop05:05
blakkheimxubuntu/xfce is still pretty bloated05:05
blakkheimnot going  to make a huge difference05:05
Out_ColdJulieJulie, you can get ones that look like windows 3.1 that are really light05:06
ardchoilleJulieJulie: You could try fluxbox or window maker, they're more lean than xfce05:06
jrcarr2just run kde205:06
JulieJulieOut_Cold, lol ah I dont want to look at something that is not as pretty lol05:06
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  I know sounds vain lol.05:06
JulieJulieardchoille,  thanks! Ill look into that05:07
jrcarr2you know, I remember being awestruck by Enlightment 0.17 back in the day05:07
Out_ColdJulieJulie, other than a background pic, the rest is really just windows that you can color and menus05:07
jrcarr2it ran on my 233Mhz pc... so shouldnt be a problem05:07
keeleyt83could anyone help me with a jvm issue?05:07
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
jrcarr2keeleyt83, sure05:07
jrcarr2whats wrong?05:07
drew31JulieJulie: Xubuntu works well with 512.05:08
JulieJulieOut_Cold, drew31, if I install xubuntu now will I still have everything I have now?05:08
keeleyt83ok, my JAVA_HOME variable points to a java installation that no longer exists05:08
Out_ColdJulieJulie, yes05:08
JulieJulieooh fancy I will do that now, if I dont like I can always upgrade back right?05:09
Out_ColdJulieJulie, plus a bunch more apps that come with the xubuntu package05:09
jhb1608I have a important question, I have a old 700MHz eMac G4, which ISO I should download?05:09
keeleyt83and I can't find where to change it. i have tried adding a JAVA HOME to the bash file and another entry in an environment file and it hasn't worked05:09
Out_Coldjhb1608, check the hardware site..05:09
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:09
keeleyt83i imagine the variable is being set somewhere but can't find where05:09
drew31Xubuntu runs the xfce4 desktop, which is 'lighter' than gnome and meaning it is a bit easier on memory use. JulieJulie05:10
jrcarr2oh JAVA_HOME?05:10
BoogahbooMy god...Java...05:10
jrcarr2I fixed that before... hold on05:10
jrcarr2Boogahboo, boohoo05:10
Boogahboojrcarr2: no, boogahboo. it has "gah" in the middle.05:10
jrcarr2keeleyt83, you might need to update-alternatives05:10
jhb1608Not Found, Error 40405:10
jhb1608The page you are looking for no longer exists.05:10
keeleyt83tried that, but no dice05:11
tucemiuxis it possible to run tor with kubuntu as the guest machine? I keep getting the error: The proxy server is refusing connections05:11
JulieJuliedrew31, I am just getting into all this now heh its helpful that you are explaining this perhaps there is a site that I could read more up on the differences and what not?05:11
jrcarr2let me check my configs... I think I had to manually override it05:11
keeleyt83maybe i didn't do it right? ill try again05:11
jhb1608I tried finding supported harrdware but got error 40405:11
keeleyt83"update-alternatives --config java"05:11
jrcarr2keeleyt83, I had this issue alot because of maven05:12
jazzanyone follow 2600?05:12
BoogahbooI r bringin teh sexy back.05:12
Out_Coldjhb1608, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport that site works05:12
keeleyt83im trying to run jedit. new version came out :) it uses the JAVA_HOME in the startup script05:12
tucemiux!ot | Boogahboo05:12
ubottuBoogahboo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:12
jrcarr2keeleyt83, afaik, update-alternatives doesnt update JAVA_HOME right...05:13
jhb1608Out_Cold, it don't work in my side05:13
jrcarr2hold on05:13
Boogahbootucemiux: Hokay, going thurr then05:13
jhb1608hold on then05:13
Out_Coldjhb1608, i'd refresh then?05:13
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  thanks for the help I am going to see how it goes now heh05:13
tony121bye for all05:13
jhb1608oh works had to copy and paste05:13
Out_ColdJulieJulie, you know how to change it?05:13
keeleyt83i tried most things here. they talked about java-alternative: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-9221.html05:14
Boogahboofack, need to ID. no fun.05:14
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  lol Im sorry change what?  like over to xubuntu?05:14
Out_Coldyes to the xfce manager05:14
drew31JulieJulie I don't have one handy, the desktop and file manager are intergrated in gnome and in the KDE desktop, making them use more memory. Xfce is simply a less demanding dessktop and it is part or the Xubuntu version of Ubuntu.05:14
jhb1608only 6.06 works with my old eMac?05:14
jhb1608I cal it crazy.05:15
jrcarr2keeleyt83, try this maybe? sudo bash -c "echo JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/ >> /etc/environment"05:15
Out_Coldjhb1608, and there is no support for that stuff05:15
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  not a clue I thought I was supposed just type that into command line?05:15
jhb1608Then Yellow Dog Linux will be only way05:15
jhb1608goodl uck then05:15
Coachjshould the Medibuntu repo be added to a new install of Ubuntu 9.10?05:15
Out_ColdJulieJulie, after it's installed, you log out and change your session05:15
keeleyt83jrcarr2, comes back empty. i dont have it set in the environment or in the bash settings file05:16
keeleyt83:) sry i think i misunderstood05:16
keeleyt83nm. still get an error. what does that cmd do?05:17
jrcarr2adds it to your etc/environment file05:17
PostingBearcan anyone boot me some listerine?05:17
jrcarr2best I can think of05:17
keeleyt83i tried adding it there and to the bash. no luck. hrm...05:17
keeleyt83its like it is set somewhere05:17
PostingBearthe white man wont sell me his minty fire05:17
voss749coach, why not?05:17
jrcarr2keeleyt83, yeah05:17
Out_Cold!ot | PostingBear05:18
ubottuPostingBear: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:18
keeleyt83whenever i say echo JAVA_HOME in a console, it returns a value05:18
jrcarr2the problem is, I'm on a laptop where I didnt have that problem... my other laptop I fixed it on is somewhere else :(05:18
keeleyt83where would that be set at?05:18
JulieJulieOut_Cold, I will see how it goes thanks!!05:18
keeleyt83where would i look for that?05:18
updis the monitor resolution like 1024x768 like x,y cordinates ?05:18
keeleyt83lemme see05:18
mkquistanyone know if gparted can safely resize a win7 partition?05:19
Out_Coldcan someone tell me the name of the desktop menu on the UNR?05:20
keeleyt83it was in there :-[, jcarr2. must have set that a while back. i guess i have to log back in to see a change05:21
keeleyt83thanks for your help, jrcarr205:21
robs227Hi I was wondering if anyone knows if the closed via video driver support tv-out openchrome doesn't do the job05:23
robs227ive heard vias drivers a joke05:23
robs227hi ezrafree05:23
ezrafreeanyone know how i could get rid of the choice to boot into my old kernel version in grub?05:24
blakkheimezrafree: get rid of the old kernels, update grub's menu05:24
PostingBearsacrifice tobacco to the metal buzzing box god05:24
robs227edit grub.conf I believe05:25
robs227anyone know anything about VIA video drivers?05:25
MyrttiPostingBear: stick to the topic, please05:25
jimisrvroxIf anybody has a minute I would appreciate some help with my rt2500 that is showing device not managed. I went to nm settings and changed the ifupdown=false to true and restarted nm-applet but it did nothing.05:26
=== mrqbuster is now known as sensodyne
ravic!by chiruvol05:28
=== bukharin is now known as gorgonzola
ezrafree"sudo locate grub.conf" pulls up no returns...05:28
ezrafreedid an updatedb first as well05:29
bazhangezrafree, grub2?05:29
robs227well perhaps someone could point me to a link on how to install closed drivers from the terminal?05:29
ezrafreebazhang: not sure, this is ubuntu 9.10 if that helps05:29
robs227i can't seem to find a decent guide05:29
bazhangezrafree, was it fresh installed or upgraded, and if the latter did you choose the maintainers version ie grub2  sudo update-grub should work if so  /msg ubottu grub2 for the wiki link05:30
ezrafreefresh install here05:31
bazhangthen check the wiki, that command should do it05:31
ezrafreeahh yes, update-grub seems like it works cool05:31
robs227I think maybe you want to look for menu.lst instead of grub.conf05:32
bazhangrobs227, not for grub2, and never want to directly edit the new grub config file05:32
robs227I guess that makes sense.05:33
robs227im just getting into gentoo, editing grub.conf is what I would do there, thought it might be the same05:33
robs227but i do need advice on installing closed via drivers though, are they in the repositories for ubuntu?05:34
robs227how do I search the repositories using the terminal. I am building a carputer with linuxICE (ubuntu based) and can only use terminal05:35
Ox0000Is there any tool to tag files on linux, so that one can do tag-based search?!05:35
Out_Coldrobs227, aptitude would be handy05:37
judibeeflmy firefox wll not launch :/05:38
charles__is there anyone around who is familiar enough with Pidgin to perhaps help me dagnose a problem i am having connecting to facebook chat?05:39
blakkheimcharles__: /join #pidgin05:39
charles__thank you :)05:39
blakkheimrobs227: aptitude search $string05:39
Out_Coldblakkheim, what if you have no $string?05:40
blakkheimOut_Cold: you're supposed to replace that with the term you want to search for.. :/05:40
robs227okay ill try that05:40
Out_Coldblakkheim, but does it search inside descriptions?05:40
blakkheimOut_Cold: try it yourself05:41
Out_Coldmake me open a terminal :/05:41
mikedep333hey, is anyone else havinng trouble accessing ubuntu one?05:41
blakkheimOut_Cold: $ aptitude search rss | wc -l05:41
Out_Coldcool.. i always just used the curses05:42
freerideplease help, how to apt-get install with no deps?05:42
blakkheimfreeride: man apt-get05:43
jimisrvroxIf anybody has a minute I would appreciate some help with my rt2500 that is showing device not managed. I went to nm settings and changed the ifupdown=false to true and restarted nm-applet but it did nothing.05:43
freerideblakkheim didn't find there05:43
mikedep333can anyone test if they can (re)connect to ubuntu one?05:43
ubottuUbuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/05:44
judibeeflwhat is unbuntu one?05:44
mikedep333Myritti yes. I just went there! neither the ttop nor the app login works05:44
Myrttihow about #ubuntuone, mikedep33305:44
mikedep333*the http nor05:44
mikedep333Myrtti, oh, thanks05:45
z3aubuntu one wrx for me05:45
ubuntuhi people05:46
=== lordmortis is now known as lordmortis|away
ubuntui need a little help05:46
blakkheim!away > lordmortis|away05:46
ubottulordmortis|away, please see my private message05:46
Out_Coldblakkheim, amazing how many ways you can get something done05:46
blakkheimOut_Cold: this is true05:46
ubuntuum..... i need to sort out the 'error 15' in grub during start up05:47
ubuntuhow do i do it?05:47
JulieJulieOut_Cold, I switched over05:47
ubuntui have been searching about google... but am not a experienced user to understand what to do05:47
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  it seems a lot more fluid05:47
Out_Coldblakkheim, amazing how many ways you can get something done05:47
blakkheimOut_Cold: you just said that dude05:48
Out_ColdJulieJulie, and how do you like it?05:48
Out_Coldhit up  accidentally05:48
rumpsyhaving /boot is the safest method05:48
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  I really don't mind it05:48
ubuntudoes anyone know what i can do?????05:48
=== ybeddyj is now known as Guest74911
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  it still seems like ubuntu to me nothing really changed except maybe its more straight lines than rounded out lines05:49
tavo-mcexcuse me I need some help with hardware related topic05:49
tavo-mcit's about my ram ddr05:49
Out_Coldubuntu, you know which version of grub??05:50
blakkheimtavo-mc: you might want to /join #hardware05:50
ubuntui don't konw Out_Cold05:50
tavo-mcthanks a lot blakkheim :D05:50
ubuntubut i can do waht you tell me to do.... whatever i have to type in the terminal05:50
_710mhello, when I unplug my AC from my Dell 710m, the computer goes straight to sleep and goes back to sleep when I wake up, which takes two presses of the power button to turn on05:50
Out_Coldubuntu, should say at start up05:50
ubuntui am running in live CD.. if i start up again... it will be another 15 mins :(05:51
ubuntuisn't there any other way?05:51
blakkheimubuntu: if starting from the livecd takes 15 minutes i think you might want to consider a hardware upgrade bro05:51
ubuntuyes.... i am ready for that mentally.. not financially05:51
blakkheimubuntu: specs?05:52
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »05:52
ubuntumy finances right now are very bad.. and thanks to windows and a bad motherbaord purchase, even my good one year old harddisk went bad!05:52
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  the way that I installed xubuntu, ubuntu from before is still taking up space on my hd?05:52
blakkheimJulieJulie: yes05:52
JulieJulieblakkheim,  so if I wanted to gain that space back I can just make a boot cd of xubuntu and reformat the drive and start from scratch to gain the space back?05:53
blakkheimJulieJulie: that's certainly one way of doing it, yes05:53
Out_ColdJulieJulie, yes and no... it's lots of little packages that take up that space05:53
ubuntublakkheim: AMD X2 3GHz proc, an old IDE 250 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM kingston is all fine I think. It is the motherboard that has been bad: BioStar 740G05:53
JulieJulieblakkheim,  is there a better way of doing?05:53
blakkheimOut_Cold: i wouldn't call gnome + ubuntu bloatware "little packages"05:54
blakkheimubuntu: sounds ok to me, not sure why it takes so long to use the cd05:54
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  i only have 40gbs heh so I try to utalize as much as I can05:54
blakkheimJulieJulie: i would do what you were planning (although i would use a minimal iso instead of the full one)05:54
Out_Coldblakkheim, well much smaller than the whole05:54
JulieJuliea minimal iso?05:55
blakkheim!mini | JulieJulie05:55
ubottuJulieJulie: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:55
ubuntubut either ways.... i will change the motherboard soon as i have soem money. right now is starting up all over again, then booting again in live CD, then installing chatzila the only option for me? or can I type someting in the terminal or searchthrough the installation folder??05:55
jazzardchoille,  u still around?05:55
Out_ColdJulieJulie, after you install the minimal you just type "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop05:55
JulieJulieoh like before?05:55
blakkheimor.. use something less bloated05:55
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  what is the difference from the normal iso that i've downloaded compared to this minimal?05:56
Out_Coldyes but from only a cli... no desktop yet05:56
Out_ColdJulieJulie, a minimal would be without gnome... no bloat05:57
jrcarr2java... java java java :)05:57
=== jrcarr2 is now known as TheJavaKid
ubuntuok then... i have no other option, I wil restart and write down the grub version. anythign else i should do before coming into live CD blakkheim ?05:57
Out_ColdJulieJulie, and only 1/4 of the download time ;)05:58
predator_xhi .. i want to get poker ...where can i find it? any idea?05:58
Out_Coldubuntu, what version is installed??05:58
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  and what is on my pc now is with or without gnome? lol05:58
blakkheimubuntu: you don't have to do all that just to find the grub version lol, if it's 9.10 it's grub2, if it's earlier it's not05:58
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  what a lovely wink lol05:58
=== schajee_ is now known as schajee
Out_ColdJulieJulie, with gnome AND xfce05:58
ubuntuwell... it's 9.1005:58
=== lordmortis|away is now known as lordmortis
nightsjammieswhere do I d/l the virtualbox puel edition?05:58
blakkheimubuntu: then it's grub205:58
ubuntuyes it is05:58
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  lol so will it look the same?05:59
ubuntui thought that number was too silly to say05:59
ubuntuso i kept quit05:59
Out_Coldubuntu, grub2... but i don't know grub2 at all05:59
Out_ColdJulieJulie, after you install the minimal, and the xubuntu-desktop it will be just like now...05:59
JulieJulieOut_Cold,  thank you very much for your patiences :)05:59
ubuntuso what do i do now?05:59
ardchoillejazz: I am06:00
Out_Coldubuntu, here is a good start https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Err1506:00
Out_Coldubuntu, that may even just work for ya06:01
Out_Coldmy google-fu is in full spectrum at this hour :p06:01
ubuntuok blakkheim... reading it. thanks :)06:02
jazzardchoille,  i now understand foo lol,06:02
Out_Coldyes thanks blakkheim ??06:02
ardchoillejazz: ok :)06:02
razz1I installed vim using synaptic manager, but I cannot find it? please help06:03
Out_Coldrazz1, VIM IS A COMMAND LINE TOOL06:03
blakkheimrazz1: whereis vim06:03
Out_Coldstupid tiny net book06:03
blakkheimrazz1: should be /usr/bin/vim06:03
jazzardchoille,  thanks for the help earlier06:04
Out_Coldi have such big fingers for such a tiny kb06:04
nomnexin GNOME, I would like to increase the number of Directories in Places, before it creates a sub-link, anyone knows how to do it?06:04
ardchoillejazz: Any time :)06:06
razz1I am learning bash scripting and going through the doc - bash beginners guide from LDP, it recommends vim, is there a GUI for vim06:06
jazzardchoille,  is it possible to sepatate my /home partition and install 10.4 on release?06:06
JulieJuliehmm is the a way i can boot from a usb?06:07
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:07
ardchoillejazz: IT is possible to keep $HOME on its own partition but I don't know how06:07
Myrttirazz1: vimtutor, Im told06:07
ubuntublakkheim: dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc this command, the instructions say taht i have to press SPACEBAR to select the device06:07
Flannel!separatehome | jazz, ardchoille06:07
ubottujazz, ardchoille: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome06:07
Flanneljazz: If you're referring to install, you'll see it's partition during the partitioning step, mark it to be used as /home (mount point) and make sure 'format' is *unchecked*06:08
ardchoilleFlannel: Ah, thanks!06:08
ubuntuif i dont things right is the device option supposed to come automatically after pressing SPACE or am i supposed to type /dev/sda3 after pressing SPACE blakkheim ?06:08
Out_Coldubuntu, what do you see?06:08
ubuntuit i do* things right*06:08
jazzwow - thanks06:08
ubuntuin the terminal?06:09
Out_Coldafter that command?? any options?06:09
ardchoillejazz: Now I'll learn about it too :)06:09
mkquisthey all, anyone know if gparted can safely resize windows 7 partitions?06:09
ubuntui mean... the insturctions say don't process without selecting the right device, so i am worried of pressing ENTER after pasting in thaat command06:09
blakkheimmkquist: i think you mean NTFS partitions, and if you have ntfsprogs installed, yes it can06:09
jazzardchoille,  yeah i am hoping to keep my home when i install 10.406:10
jazznow i know how06:10
mkquistblakkheim: resize the actual win7 system part?06:10
blakkheimmkquist: see my previous message06:10
ardchoillejazz: sam here06:11
Out_Coldubuntu, first screen hit enter....06:11
predator_xubuntu 10.4 ?? when is it releasing?06:11
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+106:11
Out_Coldubuntu, something like the 3rd screen is where you use the spacebar to toggle06:11
Out_Cold**toggle on/off06:12
cyphasenote to self.. file bug report about gnome background not changing when resolution changes06:12
ubuntusorry Out_Cold .... i don't konw waht 3rd nd first screen mean in terminal06:12
nomnexincrease the number of dirs under Places in Gnome anyone?06:13
Out_Coldubuntu, when i run dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc i get what's called a curses display... then first screen asks you a question, hit enter and go to next screen06:13
blakkheimnomnex: #gnome might be a good place to ask06:13
nomnexblakkheim, thanks06:13
Out_Coldubuntu, third screen, select /dev/sda-something06:13
Out_Coldif that's your boot/grub partition06:14
ubuntu The following Linux command line was extracted from /etc/default/grub or  │06:14
ubuntu │ the `kopt' parameter in GRUB Legacy's menu.lst.  Please verify that it    │06:14
ubuntu │ is correct, and modify it if necessary.                                   │06:14
ubuntu │                                                                           │06:14
ubuntu │ Linux command line:                                                       │06:14
FloodBot1ubuntu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:14
Out_Coldyes hit enter06:14
Out_Coldlike i said06:14
jazzardchoille, i think im going to reinstall this 9.10 and just make a partition to house my files and just use the the rest of the hdd for the os is that possible? so installing 10.4 is  a matter of normal installation and still retaining my partiton as a normal mount? like a cd or hdd?06:14
ubuntusorry... how am i supposed to show what's happenign on my screen without looking like an enemy to the flood bot06:15
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:15
Out_Coldi already know what's happening06:15
razz1should I use gedit or vim to learn scripting?06:15
Out_Coldbut use ^^^06:15
blakkheimrazz1: vim06:15
Flannelrazz1: Either one is fine06:16
Out_Coldrazz1, emacs06:16
Flannelrazz1: Whichever you're more comfortable with.06:16
macorazz1: where you type isnt as important as how you type06:16
ubuntuuse ^^^ before and after the line you mean?06:16
macorazz1: er... as *what* you type06:16
* maco fails at wh-words06:16
razz1blakkheim: if vim is command line tool how do I use it06:16
Out_Coldno ubuntu use pastebin06:16
ardchoillejazz: I was thinking about doing that this weekend06:16
Out_Coldrazz1, vim text.file06:16
macorazz1: if you want to learn to use vim, type "vimtutor"06:16
blakkheimrazz1: ..in the commandline06:17
Flannelrazz1: Use gedit06:17
ardchoillemaco: I don't think vimtutor is installed with vimtiny06:17
Out_Coldgedit uses color coding for a lot of different types of languages.. easy for noobs06:17
macoardchoille: bah well its still a good tutor!06:17
ardchoillemaco: It is indeed :)06:17
Flannelardchoille: No, it's not.  But vimtiny is hardly vim anyway, so there's not much to tutor06:17
jazzardchoille,  wow im watching  kitchen nightmares this is too funny....06:17
ardchoilleFlannel: good point06:18
macoOut_Cold: :syntax on06:18
razz1blakkheim: thanks got to vimtutor, reading it.........06:18
Out_Coldmaco, in vim?06:18
macoOut_Cold: yes06:18
macoOut_Cold: though really id use a .vimrc06:18
Out_Coldamazing... and this is why i come here this often06:19
ubuntuOut_Cold: i had to press ENTER a couple times before the screen arrives asking me 'GRUB install devices: [ ] /dev /sda'06:19
ubuntuwhat now? Out_Cold ?06:19
Out_Coldubuntu, you said you know it's sda3?06:19
Out_Coldthen press space on sda306:20
ubuntubut sda3 is not appearing06:20
ubuntujust blank space or asterick bet ween the brackets06:20
Out_Coldubuntu, you only have one option to choose?06:21
ubuntui did the first few things the link blakkheim  send me06:21
ubuntui don't think i did them wrong06:21
Out_Coldi sent the link..06:21
ubuntuSORRY SORRY you sent it06:21
Out_Coldwhich was your /boot partition??06:21
=== zz_b0w is now known as b0w
Out_Coldwhich did you mount?06:22
Out_Coldcan you pastebin your fdisk -l?06:22
ubuntui will tell you the whole story... just typing06:22
rumpsyi think he is not having /boot06:22
MauritianGuyhi there06:23
robs227how can I check what video driver X is using since in Ubuntu things are dynamically chosen and I cannot check xorg.conf?06:23
ubuntuwindows xp was creating problem so i had a one day old installation of ubuntu 8.10 just to be able to get online and download 9.10. while installing, 8.10 was in the partition with / and when doing a clean install an hour back, i put the format option and installed in the same partition as /06:23
rumpsyrobs227: what type of video card do you have?06:23
MauritianGuyi need some help playing DVD's i insert any DVD's and its not reading the DVD's i can browse the dvd's but cant play any .vob file06:23
robs227via so it is probably openchrome but I would still like to know a command06:24
rumpsyrobs227: you check that in terminal , lshw -short06:24
jazzcan i make a "home" partition with the 46g i have left on my hdd and retain my current "home" as partiton that will be constant throughout various installs?, how can i make the 46g partition be the default home rather than the one  on now?06:24
robs227openchrome won't let me output to composite to use tv-out, all I get it scrambled graphics06:25
Out_Coldubuntu, can you pastebin your fdisk -l?06:25
MauritianGuythe Xserver gives u an exact detail of ur graphic card and allows to configure settings manually06:25
ubuntuok... scrolling up to find what the pastebin was06:25
Out_Cold!pastebin > ubuntu06:25
ubottuubuntu, please see my private message06:25
rumpsyrobs227: goto system->administration->hardware drivers , you have a look, so that you check for good drivers for your card06:26
ubuntubut....  now i have the dark grey screen asking me the option.. not the normal terminal window. am i suppose to just close the terminal start over again?06:26
=== KN| is now known as RainbowEyes
Out_Coldubuntu, it could be that you have grub installed in /dev/sda1 when you originally dual booted with windows. Do you still use XP?06:27
robs227rumpsy, if I am not mistaken that command tells me what hardware I have, whereas I am interested in what drivers are being used to communicate with the hardware06:27
b0whi!! i got some upgrades today from ubuntu serves and now im stuck on this ERROR, anyone can help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/365022/06:27
ubuntuNO...  i have comeeteply give nup on windows. just linux one distro on my system right now06:27
Out_Coldubuntu, ctrl + alt + f1 or f2-f606:28
robs227i have linuxICE and no GUI to use to check that06:28
rumpsyCheck that in xorg.conf, under driver06:28
ubuntusda1 is shown as the swap memory06:28
robs227i need terminal command06:28
jazzubuntu same here i gave yp on windows as well06:28
rumpsyif you see, default, then it uses vesa !06:28
robs227xorg.conf doesn't contain anything because xserver is dynamic in ubuntu06:28
Out_Coldubuntu, this is a fresh install?? i would maybe try installing again and paying close attention to the install questions06:29
MauritianGuycan anyone help me with dvd playing .vob file06:29
MauritianGuyis there a special player i need to download06:29
indusMauritianGuy, use vlc06:29
indusMauritianGuy, will play all formats06:29
b0wMauritianGuy: use SMplaer06:29
Out_Coldubuntu, even a manual install with a different partition for swap, /boot, / and /home is a good idea06:29
indusMauritianGuy, i wonder why people use totem really06:29
robs227i manually set it to vesa and I cannot see video (movies) in that mode therefore when it is not set manually it cannot be vesa because I can see video when it is dynamic06:29
b0wMauritianGuy: SMplayer **06:29
b0whi!! i got some upgrades today from ubuntu serves and now im stuck on this ERROR, anyone can help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/365022/06:30
rumpsyrobs227: you can also make your xorg.conf for your card, by using this command, this command will exactly includes driver for your hardware, sudo X -configure, do this after stopping GDM06:30
Out_Coldtotem should be taken off..06:30
fsufitchHi, I'm using Karmic and I can't get my Wacom Bamboo Pen pad to work at all. none of the stuff on the forum's helped so far. could someone point me in the right direction?06:30
robs227okay I'll try that command06:30
macofsufitch: did you do the stuff on the wiki?06:31
b0whi!! i got some upgrades today from ubuntu serves and now im stuck on this ERROR, anyone can help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/365022/06:31
macofsufitch: the wiki worked with my "bamboo fun" in jaunty and karmic06:31
fsufitchmaco: yes, and the pad doesn't even appear in "xinput -list"06:31
baaliI am getting this error on ubuntu 9.10 "chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': Exec format error", any hints?06:31
rumpsyrobs227: if you find errors on x again , please use the backuped, old xorg.conf06:31
macofsufitch: i never tried that command. i couldnt find any way to configure it at all. it just happened to work in gimp06:32
macofsufitch: once i had that .fdi that is06:32
fsufitchmaco: i tried two .fdi files, but neither worked06:32
fsufitchmaco: which wiki page did you use?06:32
macofsufitch: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom#Ubuntu%209.04%20e%28Jaunty%20Jackalope%29 i used the Wacom.fdi that's linked on ther06:34
macofsufitch: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom#Ubuntu%209.04%20%28Jaunty%20Jackalope%29  sorry my typing screwed up the link06:34
macofsufitch: i never managed to use the xsetwacom stuff06:35
robs227sudo killall gdm results in no process killed06:35
sambarinoif anyone has any help regarding this error it'd be much appreciated: The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_mintMenu".06:35
Out_Coldrobs227, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:35
fsufitchmaco: i just want it to be recognized and at least work as a mouse... i'll try your link06:36
b0whi!! i got some upgrades today from ubuntu serves and now im stuck on this ERROR, anyone can help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/365022/06:36
rumpsyrobs227: use this, /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:36
macosambarino: it remove the mint menu from the pane and re-add it06:36
rumpsyrobs227: or service gdm stop06:36
sambarinomaco when i do that it gives the same error06:36
ubuntuOut_Cold: what was the ctrl alt f1 you told me to press?? it made my screen blank and yelow lines .. i had to reboot in live CD again06:36
macosambarino: try uninstalling and reinstalling the mint menu package?  ive had it happen with other applets before back when i used gnome. i got the impression its some kind of corruption thing06:37
rumpsyrobs227: prefix with sudo for those things always06:37
Out_Coldubuntu, maybe if you have bad hardware config. it opens a different terminal06:37
macoubuntu: it should take you to a command prompt06:37
sambarinook, i'll try that06:37
ubuntubut then i have no way to know what to do....06:38
ubuntuisn't there anything i can do in the normal termnal?06:38
ubuntui wil paste the results of the command Out_Cold  told me to06:38
ubuntupls give it to me again.. the command06:38
sambarinomaco, how would i go about it?06:38
rumpsyubuntu, try to choose between f1-f806:38
=== desi_transporter is now known as phpmonk
Out_Coldubuntu, the easiest way would be to do another install... but you can sudo fdisk -l and http://pastebin.com if you want to continue so far06:38
qiyonghow to re-setup locales ?06:39
fsufitchmaco: no good...06:39
macob0w: any chance you ran out of space in /boot or / if you dont have a separate /boot ?06:39
macosambarino: remove whatever package you installed to get the mint menu?06:39
b0wmaco: im ok on space a have like 60 gb free on my HDD06:39
macob0w: and not separate partitions?06:40
ubuntuok i pasted i there06:40
b0wmaco: nop, just the regular one like SWAP06:40
b0wmaco: any clue?06:40
Out_Coldhit the send link  and paste the link here06:40
sambarinomaco, it came installed, i am using mint06:40
macosambarino: we dont support mint here06:40
maco!mint | sambarino06:41
ubottusambarino: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #remote-exploit)06:41
putu-shinodahi everyone06:41
macob0w: is 2.6.31-17 your new or current kernel?06:41
Out_Coldubuntu, and you are trying to get rid of windows?06:41
ubuntui already did06:41
sambarinowell thanks for the help anyway06:42
putu-shinodahow to setting pidgin so that it can connect to ym?06:42
robs227x is still running even though I stopped gdm06:42
macob0w: does "uname -a" say you're currently running -17?06:42
robs227how do I kill x06:42
blakkheimmaco: uname -r would be better for that06:42
b0wmaco: well this came after some upgrades today, this is my uname -a result Linux b0w-laptop 2.6.31-17-generic #54-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 10 16:20:31 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux06:43
macoblakkheim: meh06:43
Out_Coldubuntu, i cannot say 100% but quite possibly grub is in sda106:43
=== xtr-2 is now known as xtr
ubuntubut i thought SDA1 is for the swap?06:44
robs227usually swap is put in sda206:44
ubuntuok... i saw while the system was starting up 1.5 something06:44
ubuntuis that something?06:44
ubuntuand then the error 15 shows06:44
Out_Coldanyone else care to look at the fdisk -l? http://pastebin.com/d249d78f106:44
macob0w: try "sudo update-initramfs -u" and see what happens06:45
=== jimio1 is now known as jimio
Out_Coldubuntu, you said you installed 8.10 or 9.10???06:45
ubuntui installed 8.10 yesterday in order to get online and download and burn 9.1006:45
ubuntuand today... while installing 9.10, i formatted the partition with 8.10 leavning everything else by itself.. was i supposed to do anything more?06:46
Out_Coldubuntu, so we are looking at the 8.10 install or the 9.10 install??06:46
ubuntuwel right now there is only 9.10 in my system... not sure if 8.10 has left any remnants. i dont' knwo much about how linux works :-/06:46
b0wmaco: exact same error as running the dpkg configure -a06:47
macob0w: ok what if you do -c instead of -u ?06:47
ubuntuthere's 9.10 in my HDD and i am in a 9.10 LIVE CD06:47
Out_Coldubuntu, i would recommend you start fresh. is the last partition your files disk??06:47
jayim allowed to ask for help here right?06:47
ubuntuyes yes06:47
ubuntubut i think i did a fresh install.. didn't I?06:48
jimioWhat does -c and -u etc. mean? What do you call them?06:48
=== jay is now known as Guest86186
Guest86186i have 2 problems that have been frustraiting me for 2 days now06:48
Out_Coldubuntu, grab a paper, and we'll make a partition layout for you06:48
ubuntui mean.... when the partition menu came for 9.10, i clicked on 'change' for the 8.10 partition and clicked the 'format' option and clicked 'next'06:49
ubuntuisnt't there anything else i can do????06:49
Out_Coldjimio, those are options and you can use man <command> to see what they mean06:49
Guest86186i cant seem to get my dvd's to work nore can i get the PSX emulator to work06:49
jimioThanks Out_Cold! I'll try that.06:49
hiatusUbuntu: what's the problem?06:49
Out_Coldubuntu, i'm not too sure what happened but you do have some weird partition setup.. and the grub error06:50
Out_Coldhiatus, grub2 error 1506:50
Guest86186the movies just wont play and the psx freezes at the load screen....06:50
c_nickare these 2 stmts different export PATH=$PATH=$HOME/Desktop/bin and export PATH=$PATH=/home/Desktop/bin06:50
Out_Coldon a re-install06:50
hiatusOhhhh, bad grub install06:50
ubuntubut why does it say 1.5 in the start Out_Cold ?06:50
Out_Coldubuntu, it would be 8.10 if it was grub 1.506:51
b0wmaco: i think we are missing something http://paste.ubuntu.com/365030/ already did adding at the end initrd.img-2.6.31-17-generic and 2.6.31-17-generic06:51
ubuntui dont' ikonw much about the grub. just sure that there is a full 9.10 installation on my HDD right now06:51
MauritianGuyindus there is VLC for ubuntu?06:52
MauritianGuywow should have downloaded it ages ago lol06:52
Out_Coldsudo apt-get install vlc06:52
MauritianGuythanks Out_Cold  i appreciate that06:52
hiatusYeah, vlc is even gpl software I believe06:52
hiatusIts more of a linux player then it is a windows player06:53
MauritianGuygpl software what's that?06:53
ubuntunow waht am i supposed to Out_Cold ?  hiatus ???06:53
ubottugpl is the GNU General Public License. See http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html06:53
MauritianGuyupdates are so fast compared to windows06:54
hiatusUbuntu: is it a fresh install?06:54
Out_Coldubuntu, i think you should remove partitions 1-3 and install again. this time make sure you install grub on sda1 and also /boot06:54
MauritianGuywow its already done06:54
ubuntuhow do i make sure of what you just said Out_Cold ?06:54
Out_ColdMauritianGuy, and it doesn't ask you to restart 3 timnes in a row06:54
c_nickare these 2 stmts different export PATH=$PATH=$HOME/Desktop/bin and export PATH=$PATH=/home/Desktop/bin06:55
ubuntuif it is jsut the grub, why can't i install just the grub right now or something like that??? why go through the whole linstallation of the rest of the files?06:55
PingFloydubuntu: did you by chance forget to tell the installer where to mount /boot?06:55
hiatusUbuntu: do you have a raid setup or multiple hard drives?06:55
ubuntujust one old IDE HDD right now hiatus06:55
MauritianGuyi know Out_Cold  it so much better06:55
PingFloydubuntu: I spaced the other day like that, and the installer didn't complain, but discovered it when the grub installation phase was giving errors06:55
MauritianGuybut u cant have everything Out_Cold06:56
LtHummusIs there anyway to invoke scp to copy files to my local machine from a server while connected via ssh to the remote server?06:56
Out_Coldubuntu, when you go to partition... remove 1-3, then start fresh... make 3 new partitions in this order.. 300mb /boot, 2xRAM swap, 10gb /, everything else /home06:56
MauritianGuybut there is excellent support here its worth it06:56
PingFloydubuntu: in other words, during the partman phase of the installer, did you tell it where to put /boot?06:56
hiatusUbuntu: its just easier to reinstall then manually deleting the old grub, reinstalling a new grub, pointing to the operating system, etc. Etc. Etc.06:56
ubuntuok wait.... out_06:56
ubuntuOut_Cold: w/e i have done is this:06:57
Out_Cold** 4 new ones06:57
c_nickare these 2 stmts different export PATH=$PATH=$HOME/Desktop/bin and export PATH=$PATH=/home/Desktop/bin06:57
karpusin ubuntu 9.04 I could see weeks in the clock applet, how can I enable this in 9.10? I googled and found /schemas/apps/clock_applet/prefs/show_week_numbers but I can't set it to true06:57
Out_Coldubuntu, i know what happened roughly... but the point is it's easier to start over again than troubleshoot06:57
Flannelc_nick: $HOME is /home/username/06:57
PingFloydthat's a rather large /boot06:57
b0wmaco: any clue?06:57
Flannelc_nick: (so yes)06:57
Out_ColdPingFloyd, 300mb is not overkill but still ok for bloated use..06:58
PingFloydI used to put my /boot at 250MB, but seems like 150MB ends up usually being plenty for a few kernels06:58
Out_Coldi make smaller if i'm short on space.. but 300 is like pocket change06:58
macob0w: sudo update-initramfs -c $(uname -r)06:58
c_nickoh ok thanks Flannel06:58
macob0w: (my flatmate's the one telling me what to tell you)06:59
c_nickso $HOME is /home/username.. hmm now i know why it was not working06:59
ubuntui had 40 GB for C drive in windows with the rest of 200 GB for the media files so both were NTFS. when installing 8.10, i deleted the c drive partition (whatever i was called in linux terms) and created a swap with 1GB and rest of 39 GB ext3 / (just / ) did i do anything wrong? so that is two partitions and leaving the ntfs intact.06:59
procan anyone point me in the right direction of why named and exim dont work correctly when i start them from init scripts they fail, if i start them by hand, they work?06:59
c_nickFlannel: where can i get all of these06:59
ubuntumy ram is 2 GB btw06:59
Flannelc_nick: all of these?06:59
Flannelc_nick: `echo $HOME` will display its contents06:59
c_nickFlannel: yeah $HOME $ something else u know06:59
PingFloydubuntu: make your swap as large as your RAM if you want to use suspend06:59
proand if anyone says www.debian.org/download then dont worry, im thinking that too06:59
indusMauritianGuy, vlc is a 'free software' available on all platforms06:59
Out_Coldubuntu, ideally you want 3.. but you can work with 2....06:59
c_nickthanks FLannel06:59
PingFloydubuntu: and remember the partman in the installer is showing gigibytes, not gibibytes07:00
b0wmaco: ok np so i just type that? or i puta uname -r between the ()?07:00
macob0w: yeah07:00
ubuntuso right now when installing the 9.10 , just clicked on the format optin for the second partition that had 8.10.. is that something wrong?07:00
PingFloydubuntu: so if you tell it 4GB it won't be quite big enough for suspend because it will actually be under 4 GiB07:00
hiatusWhy not have him do an automated fresh install? No need to make things more complicated then it needs to be07:00
indusMauritianGuy, it doesnt need any additional codecs, has its own libraries which plays every thing, can plat tv from a tvtuner, steam your desktop over the net etc etc etc07:00
Out_Coldubuntu, go back into the installer, remove sda1, sda2, sda3 and make a new sda1 for /boot, a new sda2 for swap, sda3 for / and then mount sda4 on /home... make sure you DO NOT format sda407:01
PingFloydubuntu: I mean 207:01
c_nickhow to remove a set path07:01
b0wmaco: same result the menu of options07:01
hiatusIs he dual booting?07:01
Out_Coldhiatus, not anymore07:01
proc_nick, PATH="" and then export PATH="put your shit here again"07:02
Out_Coldhiatus, he didn't quite erase the partition though07:02
hiatusWhy not just have reinstall everything then and choose to delete everything?07:02
ubuntusorry.... i should not format sda4 or sda 2? and which should i mount in /home? *what ws the 2 for in the second line?*07:02
Out_Coldhiatus, sda4 is ntfs for files07:02
Out_Coldubuntu, why not erase sda2???07:02
Out_Coldsda2 is where your old windows looks like it used to be07:03
ubuntui have no idea was sda2 in the current situation  is... sda 5 is my media files i suppose. so i want to keep that..07:03
Out_Coldoh nevermind..07:03
hiatusShould still wipe the ntfs partition if he a single hard drive and selects to erase hard drive and install07:03
Out_Coldsda2 is an extended partition07:03
macob0w: sudo update-initramfs -c -k $(uname -r)07:04
=== zz_FeiRuoWa is now known as FeiRuoWa
hiatusWorst comes to worst, he can just use gparte, unflag/dismount everything, erase it, and reinstall07:05
ubuntuok Out_Cold  and hiatus pls (looking at my pastebin) tell me one final way of how i should set up the partition without losing my media files which are in the 202 GB partition07:05
Out_Coldubuntu, you have a very weird partition layout and it's not making too much sense to me07:05
hiatusOhhhhh, your trying to keep your media files07:05
b0wmaco: that worked! but same ERROR :/07:05
ubuntuyes yes...07:05
b0wshould we remove it first?07:05
Cameron_hey guys, im new to irc am i in the ubuntu help?07:05
macob0w: what if you add -v ?  itll still fail but might give info as to *why*07:06
macoCameron_: yep07:06
Cameron_thanks :)07:06
Cameron_first off, how do i change my nickname07:06
Out_Coldhiatus, swap seems to be a primary, then sda3 is ubuntu inside a extended partition... then sda4 for his files07:06
Cameron_ive got tons of questions07:06
macoCameron_: on irc? /nick newname07:06
=== Cameron_ is now known as newname
=== newname is now known as Nanner
hiatusI would just boot ubuntu from the live cd, delete everything that is not in the 202 gig partition, then reinstall07:06
Nannerthere this is Cameron_07:06
macoNanner: we know :) it tells us when you change nicks07:07
Nannerahh okay07:07
ubuntuok i cna do that.. but pls give me the layout for the new partion format07:07
Out_Coldubuntu, i agree....07:07
Nanneralright i dont have any cd's that i can burn too07:07
Nannerhow exactly can i load up ubuntu to download it07:07
Out_Coldubuntu, use roughly what i said earlier07:07
macoNanner: running windows right now?07:07
koshariNanner use a usb device07:07
Nanneryeah vista07:07
ubuntuok just a min Out_Cold07:07
maco!wubi | Nanner07:07
c_nickthanks Flannel07:07
ubottuNanner: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.07:07
Nanneri dont have a usb drive07:07
ubuntutrying to read wat yo usaid07:08
koshariNanner buy one they are only 4 dolalrs07:08
gerzelAnyone know what I need to install to play snes spc music files in xubuntu?07:08
hiatusUbuntu should automate the partition layout, you just pick the option of installing it "side by side"07:08
ubuntufor some reason windows partitioning was easier for me to undersatnd... not that i am complaining but i wish i could understand the linux style more!07:08
Out_Colddollar store sells them for $1/cd07:08
Nannerlol im broke07:08
b0wmaco: i think we are getting somewhere, take a look http://paste.ubuntu.com/365037/07:09
ubuntui have tried reading as much as i could do in the forums and google07:09
ubuntubut i ended up with this :-/07:09
koshariNanner borrow one07:09
Nanneroh wait, brb im gonna see if i can find my old usb drive07:09
hiatusUbuntu: its a learning curve but its not hard07:09
indusso whats the problem ubuntu07:09
DivineBrevityhaitus, have tried the other partitioning software available with Ubuntu?07:09
=== _xmd__ is now known as __xmd__
hiatusDivinebrevity: hm?07:10
Nanneralright i dont have a usb drive07:10
Nanneror atleast i cant find my old one07:10
macob0w: might want to check your hard drive is ok with smartctl and your memory using the "memtest86+" on the live cd... because bus errors shouldnt really happen on good hardware...07:11
Nanneroh wait, it might be in my backpack i used for highschool07:11
DivineBrevityHow do I whisper again?07:11
macoDivineBrevity: what is whisper?07:11
koshariNanner !chat07:11
macokoshari: what?07:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:11
macokoshari: Nanner is trying to get help with installing ubuntu without optical media07:11
b0wamaco: i already did the memtest ill do the smartctl07:11
macokoshari: that is not offtopic07:11
b0wmaco: i already did the memtest ill do the smartctl07:11
macob0w: ok07:12
hiatusI have used parted, gparted and fdisk, but no point in makingt things more complicated then it needs be.07:12
ubuntuindus: based on what hiatus and out_cold said my problem is weird :-/07:12
kosharimaco whether he can find his school backpack is hardly on topic07:12
pat|nGmorning all!07:12
b0wmaco: so you think its  a hardware problem?07:12
DivineBrevity!chat haitus Did you do your install and partition, or were you trying to make a new partition after install?07:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:12
indusubuntu what weird problem07:12
macokoshari: it was about finding a usb drive to do a usb-creator install07:12
ubuntumy partitions... i am having a grub error 15 problem07:12
macokoshari: one off-hand comment is not something to go off about. just long tangents07:12
macob0w: yea, likely07:12
indusubuntu thats not weird07:13
ubuntumy partitioning seems weird07:13
ubuntucheck out the pastebin07:13
indusyeah grub 2 iam sure07:13
ubuntubut it says 1.5 in the system startup07:13
ubuntui had 8.10 first for a day07:13
b0wmaco: okey thanks a lot c-ya later!07:13
macoubuntu: 1.5 is the stage of grub, not the version07:13
ubuntuused 8.10 to get onlien and download 9.10 becoz i was in a bad condition with windows07:13
indusubuntu even mine says the same, but it works anyway07:13
ubuntuok ok07:14
=== traveller_ is now known as traveller
macoNanner: if you cant find a flash drive, you can use wubi to dual boot with windows07:14
gerzelhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/libopenspc0 seems to exist but if I do apt-get install libopenspc0 it says that it doesn't exist07:14
indusubuntu can you change boot flag to sda207:15
indusubuntu or change it to the last one, the hpfs07:15
ubuntuindus: i am not a complete noob, but neither am i really well versed in linux. so i don't really know hat changing boot flag means07:16
Nanneralright how do i download wubi07:16
indusubuntu see that star near /dev/sda2?07:16
=== arash_ is now known as |PiP|
Nannernevermind i downloaded it07:16
indusit should be near sda1 or the sda 507:16
ubuntui see a star near sda307:17
induswell,iam no expert either,but its always near windows for me07:17
Nanneralright so do i just download this and open it with wubi07:17
indusubuntu the star means it is the boot partition07:17
pat|nGi got an nmap 5.00 and there is a new version 5.20....how can i upgrade my 5.00 nmap to 5.20?07:17
indusin your case, sda 3 is not so grub cant find anyting to boot07:17
Nannerso i just download this right?07:18
Nannerand once the donload is done i open it with wubi07:18
ubuntuok. i understand that. then indus ?07:18
maco!wubi | Nanner07:18
ubottuNanner: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.07:18
=== b0w is now known as zz_b0w
macoNanner: check out the link ubottu just gave you07:18
indusubuntu use gparted and change the flag07:18
indusubuntu it gives you an option i believe07:18
Nanneri downloaded wubi07:19
Nannerbut it says07:19
ubuntuok.. i wil jsut check what i can do07:19
Nanner"there is no disk in the drive. please insert a disk into drive E:.07:19
=== ghis|away is now known as ghisen
indusubuntu you have windows xp too i believe07:19
macoNanner: ok then yeah download the iso... i thought it offered to do that...it used to07:19
koshariNanner a vm is even a better option than wubi07:20
Nannerahh okay07:20
Nannerive got 32 minutes left, just started the download07:20
ubunturight now nothing at all..07:21
ubuntujust 9.1007:21
Nanneralright another question07:21
Nannerwhen i get it installed and everything07:21
Nannerdo i have to install drivers and everything all over again07:22
Nannerlike for my graphics card and stuff07:22
ocTobafusthey room07:26
DamianI have a quick question, since I dont know how to do it. I'm trying to change it to where I boot up nongui and only run gui if I type startx. Only thing I've been able to try is to change the runlevel to 3 but it doesnt change anything. I really dont know what I'm doing.07:30
llutzDamian: sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove07:30
=== sacho_ is now known as Sacho
llutzDamian: changing runlevel won't work, since *buntu uses 2-5 the same way07:31
DexterLBhi. This may be a little off-topic, but there's no one at #parted, so I'll ask here07:31
DexterLBI'm on a console only system (damn small linux without X). It has a 8GB hard drive at /dev/hda. I want to make a single 8GB partition on it, so I start parted with sudo parted, and I'm in the parted console. So I type: mkpartfs primary ext3 0% 100%, but it returns error: Unable to open /dev/hda - unrecognized disk label. Why is that?07:31
Damianthank you llutz07:31
PingFloydDexterLB: why not use fdisk and mkfs?07:32
DexterLBPingFloyd: well, I'll try07:33
nixjri put in a playstation1 cd but it didnt come up on my desktop, what can i do?07:33
kosharinixjr buy a playstation?07:34
nixjrkoshari, not very helpful, i want to image it and use an emulator07:34
DamianI just did what you suggested llutz, and I'm at the gui login screen again07:34
koguregoog evening07:35
llutzDamian: sry no idea then. ask those clever guys who forced the use of upstart :(07:36
kosharinixjr you didnt mention that in the initial post07:36
nixjrkoshari, it need to be able to see the disc before i can image, working on one problem ata  time07:36
kosharinixjr it will only mount if its a recignised file system, afaik ps discs are proprietry, i would imagine you would need some kind of iso rippong utility, however i dont know.07:37
* Killeroid is away: I can see Russia from my bottle!07:40
mobi-sheep!away > Killeroid07:41
ubottuKilleroid, please see my private message07:41
Leoneof`hi, everytime i write in terminal this "sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up", because /etc/network/interface is not attach the settings to eth0, this info in interface file: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d1b89ae4707:42
DMJChi  I can't seem to execute binary executables in the linux commandline anymore?07:43
DMJCeg ./fheroes207:43
Leoneof`please :(07:44
DMJCI have permissions set to: -rwxr-xr-x 1 james james   2028908 2010-01-29 18:06 fheroes207:44
DMJCand trying to execute as root says permission denied07:44
=== GhostEyes is now known as RainbowEyes
llutzLeoneof`: indent the lines below "iface"07:46
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
Leoneof`llutz: ?07:47
llutzLeoneof`: put leading tab/whitespace in front07:47
pat|nGi got nmap 5.00 and i want to change it to 5.20...what would be the command to download it from source?07:48
burkeyIs there a command to see who is logged onto windows terminal services servers in the ubuntu terminal07:48
llutzLeoneof`: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m1e68f71807:48
onetinsoldierpat|nG: if 5.20 is not in the karmic repositories, then there won't be a command you can do to download the source07:49
DMJCI can't execute commands with ./ anymore?07:49
Leoneof`llutz: ah thank you, these spaces in front of text will effect?i didnt know07:49
llutzLeoneof`: afaik the're needed, try it07:50
rumpsyLeoneof`: what changes you made?07:50
Leoneof`llutz: thank you, will try ^_^07:50
rumpsyLeoneof`: what changes you made?07:50
llutzLeoneof`: and btw, you don't need to define network/broadcast07:50
Leoneof`rumpsy: there was a bug in network-manager, so i removed it, and tried to use /interfaces instead07:51
Leoneof`llutz: i see07:51
rumpsyLeoneof`: i can see you pastebin url, so what changes you made to correct it07:51
llutzLeoneof`: but it won't harm07:52
Leoneof`rumpsy: i never changed, i will put spaces in front of text, like llutz said07:52
Guest67480Mind if I ask a newbish question here?07:52
rumpsyLeoneof`: where exactly?, spaces?07:53
llutzrumpsy: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m1e68f71807:53
rumpsyllutz: Is that indent matter?07:54
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
Guest67480I'm trying to get a program to start using 'Startup Applications Preferences', but I just want it to open in the system tray, not have its window pop up everytime my comp starts. Is there something I need to add in the 'command' box?07:55
rumpsyOnce i had that problem , what i did, just removed network manager, and works fine, no indents at all, but anyway i 'll try this too07:56
huntHi, how do I install grub2 from livecd?07:56
mobi-sheepGuest67480: What program?07:56
rumpsyGuest67480: ^^, reply him07:57
llutzrumpsy: network-manager "should" ignore interfaces defined in /etc/network/interfaces, unfortunately it's somewhat br0ken07:57
=== jason_ is now known as kindofabuzz
Leoneof`llutz: rumpsy : the funny thing in network-manager is that when i disconnect LAN, the ppp0 of wireless will disconnect too07:58
kjelleHey. I'm trying to install a package through apt-get with no mirrors in /etc/apt/sources.list. What I have done is to move my <filename>.deb into /var/cache/apt and try to do 'apt-get install <filename>'. But that aint working, what else is required to be done?07:58
llutzkjelle: install it with dpkg07:58
karpusin ubuntu 9.04 I could see weeks in the clock applet, how can I enable this in 9.10? I googled and found /schemas/apps/clock_applet/prefs/show_week_numbers but I can't set it to true07:59
kjellellutz: then I need to do dpkg like 10 times in correct order, isnt it much easier to just move shit to a folder, and hit apt-get install?07:59
Guest67480mobi-sheep: Umm, Transmission?07:59
rumpsyapt-get local?07:59
indusubuntu hi?07:59
llutzkjelle: sudo dpkg -i *.deb  && sudo aptitude -f install07:59
kjellellutz: ty07:59
rumpsyGuest67480: command is transmission -m08:00
mobi-sheepGuest67480: "transmission --help" in the terminal. You want --minimized08:00
kjellellutz: trying it.08:00
llutzkjelle: apt-get cannot directly install debs, you need a local-repo08:00
Guest67480Thanks rumpsy and mobi-sheep, I will try :D08:00
rumpsyGuest67480: I'm sure, it should work08:01
kjellellutz: but apt-get uses dl'ed files, right?08:01
kindofabuzzok i just want the deluged damon and the deluge-webui, but in order to get the web-ui i have to install deluge whcih installs the deluge-gtk, I don't want the gtk! on a headless server. any suggestions?08:01
kindofabuzzoh using the PPA08:01
llutzkjelle: kinda, yes08:01
huntHow do I install grub-pc from a live-cd to /dev/sda?08:01
kjellellutz: run.sh: line 4: aptitude: command not found08:02
kjellellutz: it's a very limied system ;)08:02
Guest67480rumpsy: Cool. I'll come back if it doesn't. lol ^_^08:02
llutzkjelle: use apt-get08:02
llutzkjelle: sudo dpkg -i *.deb  && sudo apt-get -f install08:02
hiatusApt-get vs. Aptitude war >:308:03
rumpsyApt-get will get success :o08:03
kjellellutz: yepp ;) got it. ty08:04
roothey! does anybody know how can I enable universe?08:04
=== root is now known as ubuntuussser
mobi-sheepubuntuussser: System --> Admin --> Software Sources08:05
ubuntuussserI am in shell08:05
ubuntuussserI am installing now ubuntu08:05
MrZhias root no less08:05
DMJCok can someone explain to me why I can't execute?08:05
rumpsyllutz: i'm not sure about this command working feature, sudo ap-get -f install without internet connection08:06
melchioris it possible to open a *.deb file and explore its content like i would open a *.tar file ?08:06
MrZhiDMJC: whatcha trying to execute?08:06
mobi-sheepubuntuussser: /etc/apt/sources.list08:06
ubuntuussserI see thx08:06
mobi-sheepmelchior: Yes. You can explore stuffs in there.08:06
acmeincanyone around?08:06
DMJCMr Zhi: any executable in my home folder08:07
onetinsoldiermelchior: yes. 'man dpkg-deb'08:07
=== zz_FeiRuoWa is now known as FeiRuoWa
DMJCthey have perms set to 75508:07
DMJC+x is set08:07
ubuntuussserthank you very much the help, I am going to leave byeeeeee08:07
DMJCbut I get permission denied even when user/group owner is my user account08:07
acmeincBy chance could someone explain what an example failing SATA drive entry in the /var/log/messages log would look like.08:07
papulhi. i am facing a strange problem. i can see my partitions in nautilus. even the places>computer doesn't open. pen drives don't mount automatically. not even cds :( it has happened suddenly08:07
acmeincPapul, have you checked the Removal Drive and Media section in Settings08:08
acmeincPapul, be sure each of those are checked08:09
papulacmeinc: they worked fine before. and why doesn't my partitions show up?08:09
papuli have to mount everything manually08:09
papuland thats very annoying08:09
ls22123can a user hide where he is logged on...i have 3 users and only 2 terminals open   heres a screen shot  http://i49.tinypic.com/2dtcdol.jpg08:10
papulacmeinc: what to check there?]08:10
NooberHello, I have a box that has 2 32 bit Intel processors on the main board, I tried using 64 bit ubuntu CD. But received an error saying that my computer couldn't handle 64 bit. Is there a way to by pass this?08:10
SwedeMikeNoober: if your CPUs won't do 64bit then they won't do it. only way would be perhaps to emulate somehow, but your performance will be very bad08:11
ardchoillels22123: you are logged into the desktop, that'ts the third user08:11
mobi-sheepls22123: Try "users" -- It should display currently logged users08:11
ls22123shows 208:11
NooberOk, thank you for your help Mike :)08:11
ls22123not 308:12
ls22123gnome and tty7 - 2 but under 'w' it shows 308:13
firekoolHello I am trying to use xargs to pipe in a filename to remove a bunch of files however when I used the > paramiter to output the file paths it did not include the "" aound the file names what would be a good way to do that08:14
firekoolI preformed find -name *1.ogg > dups.txt08:14
firekoolI want to preform xargs rm < dups.txt08:15
rumpsyhey, Diverdude  o/08:15
firekoolbut the paths in the file have spaces in them08:15
DiverdudeIs there any way you can have like a 5 day local weather forecast displayed on the desktop...e.g. in the calender window in the upper right corner?08:15
firekoolDiverdude: search weather in the symantic package manager08:16
papuli cant even open places > computer08:17
pat|nGi got a .tar.gz file...how can i install this on my laptop?08:17
papulit says nautilus can't handle computer: location08:17
ardchoillepat|nG: which app is it?08:17
ardchoillepapul: computer:///08:17
mobi-sheepDiverdude: Conky Script? I use Firefox Addon.08:17
papulardchoille: ?08:17
KyletstrandDiverdude: there's also a simple applet that does it, i haven't used it myself, but i know it's there.  you can just right click your panel and add the 'Weather Report"08:17
NuclearFishAnybody know where i can get a free email account hosted in china or hong kong?08:18
ardchoillepat|nG:  sudo apt-get install wireshark08:18
=== GhostEyes is now known as RainbowEyes
ardchoillepat|nG:  always check the repos first08:18
papuli cant even open the computer icon in my desktop08:18
DiverdudeKyletstrand, how does that work08:18
theadminNuclearFish: That's offtopic, sorry.08:18
Diverdudefirekool, isn't it called the synaptic packet manager?08:18
SachoHi guys, I'm running ubuntu 9.04. There is an option under System-Preferences-Keyboard called "Mouse keys", which I keep turning off, but at arbitrary points of time, it seems to turn itself back on. What could be causing this?08:18
KyletstrandDiverdude: the applet it self or installing it?  i'm not familiar with the program, i just know it exists08:18
Oli``Is it possible to make a launcher work with a environment setting without writing a bash script to do it? In my case I want the command "WINEDEBUG=-all wine ..." but the launcher complains about not being able to find WINEDEBUG08:18
firekoolYes I was saying something off the top of my head08:19
papulso whats my problem?08:19
DiverdudeKyletstrand, hmm i see..you don't know the name of it?08:19
acmeincHas anyone seen a drive failure/write error message in  /var/log/messages before?  If so, do you have an example for my records?08:19
karpusin ubuntu 9.04 I could see weeks in the clock applet, how can I enable this in 9.10? I googled and found /schemas/apps/clock_applet/prefs/show_week_numbers but I can't set it to true08:19
KyletstrandDiverdude: it's called "Weather Report."  right click your panel and click on 'Add to Panel' and it's in that list of applets08:20
DMJChmm drive is default mounting noexec08:20
papuli cant even open places > computer08:20
papuli cant even open the computer icon in my desktop08:20
papulit says nautilus can't handle computer: location08:20
DiverdudeKyletstrand, yes...i found it...but it says weatherreport not available for current location :(08:21
ardchoillekarpus: in gconf-editor, try /apps/panel/applets/clock_screen/prefs/shwo_week_numbers08:21
KyletstrandDiverdude: hmm...i'm playing around with it too, but i'm getting a full detals08:22
=== Dan_H_ is now known as Dan_H
onetinsoldierDiverdude: you probably need to configure it. you probably need to enter in a local METAR station08:22
DiverdudeKyletstrand, where are you sitting? Maybe i can try to change my location to the same place on the computer and see what happens08:22
KyletstrandDiverdude: Rochester, Minnesota, USA08:23
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, aha...that sounds very plausible....Where can i enter that?08:23
onetinsoldierDiverdude: well, i was just guessing. let me install it and see08:23
DiverdudeKyletstrand, hmm it did not change anything...i still have no details in my weather report08:24
KyletstrandDiverdude: did you click update? i had to click that to get the details08:24
acmeincHas anyone seen a drive failure/write error message in  /var/log/messages before?  If so, do you have an example for my records?08:24
DiverdudeKyletstrand, yes i tried that several times08:24
mobi-sheepDiverdude: Firefox Addon (Firecastfox) or Conky Script. :)08:25
karpusardchoille: perfect, it's working great! thank you :)08:25
KyletstrandDiverdude: not sure.08:25
Diverdudemobi-sheep, hehe maybe that will be the last resort :)08:25
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, any news?08:26
ardchoillekarpus: yw :)08:26
ardchoillekarpus: fwiw, usually you only need to change stuff in /apps08:26
llutzfirekool: find -name *1.ogg | |sed -e 's/^/"/g' -e 's/$/"/g' >dups.lst08:28
onetinsoldierDiverdude: nope. not yet anyway. looks like it just goes by where you choose you on the 'Location' tab... still looking tho08:28
KyletstrandDiverdude: Can you get the any location information, like for random places, or are they all coming up blank?08:28
burkeyIs there a command to see who is logged onto windows terminal server in the ubuntu terminal08:29
onetinsoldierDiverdude: i chose my area and it's working as expected08:29
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, okay i found out about choosing the location..sorry...my bad...i thought i figured out the location by itself from my ip-address08:29
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, i=it08:29
onetinsoldierDiverdude: roger :-)08:30
firekoolThanks llutz08:30
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, hmm but okay....i was kind of hoping for a prognosis...like a 5-day prognosis or so...08:30
mobi-sheepDiverdude: There are not any -- except for one but that's in Spanish. ;\08:31
mobi-sheep!info gnome-inm-forecast | Diverdude08:31
ubottuDiverdude: gnome-inm-forecast (source: gnome-inm-forecast): the Spanish weather forecast applet for the GNOME panel. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.1-1.1 (karmic), package size 178 kB, installed size 620 kB08:31
onetinsoldierDiverdude: seems like it gives one to me... Right-click on it --> Details --> Forecast tab08:32
Diverdudemobi-sheep, yes okay...actually i saw that one in synaptic as well....but unfortunately i am in greece right now :)08:32
hiatusSomeone wants weather forecasts on there desktop?08:32
will_234hey guys. when's the fix for "x is intalled on this computer" in the ubuntu software centre going to come through? :p08:32
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, hmm strange i do not have this ta08:32
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, tab08:32
llutzfirekool: typo, only one pipe (|)08:33
hiatusWhy not use a firefox addon, there are a ton. One click weather, weatherbug, etc. Etc.08:33
onetinsoldierDiverdude: no? hmmm. looks like it's giving me a full weeks forecast on there08:33
stronzei have an issue with my sound and need help fixing it. detials are at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=873994608:33
onetinsoldiera full one wekk forecast08:33
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, wauw you lucky son of a .... :D I wish i had that08:33
mobi-sheephiatus: That suggestion have been tried and is prioritized as the last resort. :308:34
hiatusAh, ok08:34
onetinsoldierDiverdude: maybe the Forecast just isn't available in your area through this app. i don't know08:34
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, i tried changing to berlin...and still no forecast tab :(08:34
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, what is your location?08:35
KyletstrandDiverdude: you're getting current info but no forecast for your location?  how about radar map?08:35
onetinsoldierDiverdude: roger. try my area08:35
DiverdudeKyletstrand, i can get the radar map tab...and window....but its just totally gray...no map in there08:35
onetinsoldierKyletstrand: radar map? where's that? i don't have that. you are talking about the little gnome-panel applet.. right?08:35
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, your area is?08:36
KyletstrandDiverdude: did you right click the icon and check preferences?  it's in the general tab to enable radar map08:36
onetinsoldierhmm, i don't have the radar map it doesn't look like08:36
onetinsoldierDiverdude: North America --> Colorado --> Aurora08:36
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, you have to go to preferences and press enable radar map08:37
onetinsoldierDiverdude: ahhh! roger. thanks08:37
stronze_i have an issue with my sound and need help fixing it. detials are at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=873994608:37
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, aha now i also have the forecast as soon as i changed to your location08:37
onetinsoldierDiverdude: and the radar map works too!08:38
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, yes indeed it does08:38
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, so all i need now is to move to Aurora, Colorado :D08:38
SachoHi guys, I'm running ubuntu 9.04. There is an option under System-Preferences-Keyboard called "Mouse keys", which I keep turning off, but at arbitrary points of time, it seems to turn itself back on. What could be causing this?08:38
onetinsoldierDiverdude: yep :-)08:38
Diverdudeblast.....this is probably because there is no service in athens08:39
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, copenhagen also has none :( And also not finland....alll the places im gonna stay for the next year has no service :( blahhh08:40
onetinsoldierDiverdude: :-(08:40
rumpsyDiverdude: Next year, are you moving for projects? or what?08:41
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, ohh well...then i might as well remove it again...08:41
stronze_i have an issue with my sound and need help fixing it. detials are at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=873994608:41
=== zz_FeiRuoWa is now known as FeiRuoWa
Diverduderumpsy, yeah i am08:41
burkeyanyone  Is there a command to see who is logged onto windows terminal  server in the ubuntu terminal08:43
wicaHello, I have more than 1 IPv6 adres for my eth0. But now I have to use post-up ip -6 addr ....... Why Can I use eth0:0 eth0:1 ...08:44
pat|nGi installed wireshark but it seems my intereface ain't detected...what will i do?08:44
llutzpat|nG: use it with gksu08:44
llutzgksu wireshark08:45
razz1how do I find help on IRC, like how to use IRC08:45
haffeAre there any emacs wizards here? Is there a way to change the default language of a buffer when using flyspell mode.08:46
pat|nGnothing happens08:46
haffeI.e loading a diffrent dictionary in ispell.08:46
llutzpat|nG: try gksudo wireshark08:46
mobi-sheeprazz1: Just use it more often and you eventually get it. Pretty self-explanatory unless you're tinkering with advanced IRC clients.08:46
pat|nGgot it08:46
AdvoWorkHi there. im running ubuntu on a server, and was wondering if there was any way, that i could ssh in(i already do) and load a gui of the server, as if I were there?08:47
llutzrazz1: just read topics and read about "smart questions"08:47
llutzAdvoWork: freenx/vnc08:47
onetinsoldierDiverdude: that forecast and radar image are only available in the USA08:49
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, ahhhh okay i see...that makes sense....darn08:49
DiverdudeI have another question...i really like the screenlet widgets....but it is really quite annoying that when i minimize all windows(the small button in the lower left corner) all screenlets are removed, and i have to add them to the desktop again...is there any way to avoid that?08:50
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Rhorystronze_ meatbun bj0rn2 al1irv Andria badbandit Zuwer shinao1 G_A_C ssam trucklover_ Morten_ b0x_ burkey Kraln sync cime ChaosR dlemaitre napster kishor sm_ bentob0x Callum_ anders__08:51
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napsterRhory, ?08:52
trucklover_what's going on?08:52
jrochawhat's going on with Rhory?08:52
Myrttiyour guess is as good as mine08:52
=== indus is now known as newname
Myrttiback to normal programming people, do not feed the troll ;-)08:52
onetinsoldieri use compiz. is there a setting where it will save all my windows when i log out? so my apps are all started up and right where i left them when i logged out?08:52
=== ubuntu is now known as india
=== newname is now known as indus
trucklover_now that everyone's attention was grabbed...'08:53
stronze_myrtti - but i wanna keep him.i like trolls, specialy in cages so i can poke them with sticks08:53
bikeronetinsoldier: I know how to to that but on kde :p08:53
onetinsoldierbiker: roger08:53
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, maybe you can just hibernate your computer?08:53
onetinsoldierDiverdude: nah08:53
stronze_i have an issue with my sound and need help fixing it. detials are at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=873994608:53
bikeronetinsoldier: let me see if i can find it on gnome08:53
=== nand_ is now known as nand
bikeronetinsoldier: ok I found it08:54
onetinsoldierbiker: someone said it might be a compiz plugin that you have to install08:54
bikeronetinsoldier: naa08:54
onetinsoldierbiker: oh? cool08:54
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, i think that would be the same thing...i mean it would have to remember the state of all programs you have running...meaning virtually a memory dump to the harddrive...which is what a hibernation does as far as i know08:54
=== india is now known as easyLIFE
bikeronetinsoldier: go to "Preerences" > "startup programs"08:55
onetinsoldierbiker: ok08:55
bikeronetinsoldier: i mean: "startup applications"08:55
bikeronetinsoldier: then go to the options tab and there is it08:55
onetinsoldierbiker: roger08:55
onetinsoldierbiker: ahhh! thank you :-)08:55
easyLIFEguys............. been having some helpful hints for my problem. but having no sucees with my grub problem :-/08:55
bikeronetinsoldier: no problem :)08:56
=== ola is now known as Guest43404
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, ohh i wonder how this function then works compared to a hibernation08:56
bikerDiverdude: I think hibernation spends energy right?08:57
llutzDiverdude: just make a list of running apps, add window-position, workspace, geometry08:57
onetinsoldierDiverdude: it won't be just like you left it with this option. the apps are just started up fresh and new. and it doesn't work for every single app/widget/applet in the world either i'm pretty sure08:57
llutzDiverdude: hibernation doesn't work well with lots of configurations :(08:58
Diverdudeonetinsoldier, ahh right okay then it makes sense08:59
mobi-sheepOh no. Bots, me think.08:59
Diverdudewhats going on???08:59
mobi-sheepDiverdude: Silly bots.08:59
updshit fuck :)08:59
Myrttiupd: mind your language09:00
Diverdudemobi-sheep, somebody made a bot to pick a random channel and totally flood it?09:00
llutzbot-nets, thanks to all those "i have no clue but run a server" guys09:00
EastDallasDiverdude: they do it all the time09:00
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.09:00
DiverdudeEastDallas, pardon my language....but such morons09:00
hiexpoEastDallas, morning09:00
EastDallasFloodBot was pretty slow to react this time....09:01
razz1llutz, mobi-sheep: just trying to find some channels and finding it tough, and not really sure how to register for each channel.09:01
mobi-sheeprazz1: You should only register once (on a server).09:01
llutz!register | razz109:01
ubotturazz1: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode09:01
Diverdudemobi-sheep, do you know about screen lets?09:01
EastDallashiexpo: good night soon for me....although, I guess 3am is technically morning09:01
NachturnalThose antics actually bring back fond memories from Dalnet about 10 years ago.09:02
razz1thanks guys09:02
mobi-sheepDiverdude: Err, I did use it in the past but what about it.09:02
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.09:02
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.09:02
papulguys, do u know any good client for mpd? i am using sonata now09:03
Diverdudemobi-sheep, yeah...i mean i have tried to use it...but stopped using it again...because its really very annoying that when i minimize all windows....the screenlets are also removed from the desktop....and i have to add them all back again09:03
=== elapse is now known as Guest25657
=== Guest25657 is now known as holycrap
EastDallasrazz1: I sympathize...it took me a few days to figure out how to register on freenode09:03
holycrapwhat's up09:03
Myrttithe benefits of registering to freenode outrun the cons by far09:04
jack5463how do i get flash to work on firefox, i'm using ubuntu livecd09:04
mobi-sheepDiverdude: All for weather? Use FirecastFox($EASY) or Conky script($HARD).09:04
easyLIFEcan anyone help me again as to what i should do on my 9.10 install which boots only in comand prompt mode?09:04
EastDallasGuest43404: you should type /join <channel name?>09:04
papulguys, do u know any good client for mpd? i am using sonata now09:04
EastDallaseasyLIFE: login and type startx09:05
Myrttipapul: sonata is one of the best09:05
Diverdudemobi-sheep, but may the firefoxcast be shown on the desktop or in a panel like gnome weather report? Or do i have to have a firefox running?09:05
Nachturnaljack5463, I believe you'll have to install the flash plugin, like normal. The only problem is, you'll have to do it each time you boot with the live cd.09:05
easyLIFEafter that?09:05
easyLIFEi got to remember these commands09:05
EastDallaseasyLIFE: let's see what happens first before we move on....09:05
easyLIFEIRC won't be availabe to me during that time .right?09:05
easyLIFEso i am logged in right now through  the live CD EastDallas09:06
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.09:06
easyLIFEi will restart and type 'startx' without quotes.... right?09:06
mobi-sheepDiverdude: It'll show in Firefox status panel. Also, you get popups on new informations (ie weather alerts). I find myself using web browser all times so I just leave it running most time.09:06
jack5463Nachturnal, i installed it but doesn't work09:06
EastDallaseasyLIFE: right09:06
ubottuThere are people around who think it is funny to abuse a bug in certain routers by sending invalid DCC commands. When bitten by this bug ops in #ubuntu remove users so they are no longer targets. To fix it have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit09:06
Diverdudeplease ban acasia...he is trying to send me windows7 pirate CD's09:06
easyLIFEok... brb EastDallas09:06
Nachturnalwhich version did you get? Adobe's?09:07
trucklover_ditto what Diverdue said09:07
tobiaszWHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!09:07
trucklover_I had about 9 file transfer messages pop up.09:07
Diverdudeyeah me too09:07
tobiaszwho is that retard Acasia09:07
rumpsyme too09:07
tobiaszme too09:07
Myrttimove on09:07
Myrttiit was a spammer, who is now removed from the network09:07
Kristian0000vicguys is it normal to get [UFW AUDIT]  in your log file over and over again?09:07
jack5463Nachturnal, there are three that come up including adobe, none of them work09:07
ismetternme too09:07
EastDallas!exploit | Diverdude09:07
ubottuDiverdude: There are people around who think it is funny to abuse a bug in certain routers by sending invalid DCC commands. When bitten by this bug ops in #ubuntu remove users so they are no longer targets. To fix it have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit09:07
Nachturnaljack5463, I'm not sure then. I had trouble with the "free" versions but Adobe's plugin worked for me. Which version of Ubuntu is it?09:08
stronze_i have an issue with my sound and need help fixing it. detials are at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=873994609:08
tobiaszEastDallas I am connected through 8001 port09:09
DiverdudeEastDallas, hmm but i am not on my own network now...im at the university09:09
DannonN N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N09:09
DannonI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I09:09
DannonG G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G09:09
DannonG G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G09:09
DannonE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E09:09
DannonR R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R09:09
FloodBot3Dannon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:09
FloodBot1Dannon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:09
FloodBot4Dannon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:09
jack5463Nachturnal, 9.1009:09
vivekrp__who is Acasia??09:09
Kristian0000vicguys i have some weird activity on my network my log is acting up , i keep getting [UFW AUDIT]  in my syslog and my internet is going crazy any ideas09:09
DannonN N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N09:09
DannonI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I09:09
DannonG G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G09:09
DannonG G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G09:09
DannonE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E09:09
FloodBot1Dannon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:09
FloodBot3Dannon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:09
Kristian0000vicon which log file i should really be looking at09:09
pat|nGin wireshark why is it that i only got eth0?09:09
updthis is funny09:09
upddon't kick, BLOCK!09:09
Nachturnaljack5463, Sorry, I'm not sure what the problem is. I've only used 9.04's live cd with flash. Have you tried 9.04?09:10
mneptokupd: pay attention09:10
vivekrp__who is Acasia??09:10
Myrttivivekrp__: spammer09:10
Myrtti!cn | Johnny_09:10
ubottuJohnny_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:10
EastDallasDiverdude: acsia is the one trying to exploit the bug...I was just putting the exploit msg back up...09:10
Kristian0000vicarghhhhhhhhhhhhh anyone good with networking security in here??????????????/09:11
vivekrp__Myrtti : ok thank you09:11
DiverdudeEastDallas, ahh right i see09:11
updKristian0000vic, ja sam dobar :P09:11
rumpsySpammer, makes everybody to listen for a while, that's usual, don't care about that, ops take care of them09:11
llutz"Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind." [Terry Pratchett]09:11
updi care about spammers!09:11
Diverdudellutz, hehehe true :D09:11
rumpsyjohnny_you are in a wrong channel !09:12
Kristian0000vicso do i and i haven't touched up on my serbian in a while09:12
Myrttiupd: move on, or you can care about them somewhere else very soon09:12
llutzKristian0000vic: disable logging if you don't understand what is logged09:12
mneptokupd: do you have anything on-topic to contribute to the channel?09:12
tobiaszEastDallas changing port doesn't help, and my router firmware is newest09:12
Kristian0000vicit's not about the logging my network is going crazy09:12
updKristian0000vic, okey than :)09:12
Myrttitobiasz: if you didn't drop out of the network, then using the port 8001 is good. You weren't affected by the exploit09:12
updMyrtti, okey.09:12
Kristian0000vici just plugged into my alpha sheild so i can get online and talk to you guys gere09:12
tobiaszMyrtti good to know09:13
Kristian0000vicim installing wireshark to find out more on what's going on with my network09:13
EastDallastobiasz: what Myrtti said... ;p09:13
=== Guest20020 is now known as Mannevond
Kristian0000vici was just wondering if ufw audit repeating itself millions of times over and over agian was normall09:13
Kristian0000vicwhat port or type of exploit are u guys talking about?09:14
billobobHey trucklover_09:15
Kristian0000vicwow im getting hit with arp redirects from my isp , i got to go guys i have to take care of this im going to go hop on my laptop :)09:15
Diverdudemobi-sheep, hmmm the firefox cast is not really consistent with the gnome forecast....one says 15 degree celcius and the other says 9 :/09:16
Kendahljohow jugger90 Kendahl billobob kingmano1 harrisony raingrove MadAGu LifeHmm saihtam wildur ior3k Tweetyt RoosterJuice_ Cyberthunder lighttooth racerx cbx33 blob84 x3cion yarvin jussi0109:16
KendahlMetaBot mvn071 jasonjang Kyletstrand gnomefreak morfol farhad kulight rambo3 larry1 NET||abuse Kristian0000vic dsearle hipitihop aishumoorthy napterk mikobuntu ezfox jones- NetEcho fenre09:16
Kendahlteddymills flipp Urda onchom Dkennedy cB- kslen XLV Grim76__ bbelt16ag ColdFyre greg_universe Paraselene__ faitz Greyhound- Seveas teflon Metzgerr hiexpo krups Guest43404 FREDDIEMERCURY09:16
FloodBot3Kendahl: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:16
Kendahlnikolam schimera schmidtm Myke2 fieldse nand [NL]Tjibba macsim _710m1 lord_hypnos grandrew__ scythe gamphani shriekout bushwakko AdvoWork pshr_ wica sirex` Tomcat_ha MblKiTA njpatel andruk09:16
nikolamKentrel, ?09:16
llutzMyrtti: fulltime-op today :(09:16
nikolamsorry Kentrel wrong guy09:16
ardchoilleWe need a sing that says "you must be this high to play here.."09:17
Myrttillutz: whole week09:17
mneptokWelcome To Freenode09:17
ezfoxthese bots arent registered, right ? why not only let registered users join this channel ?09:17
mobi-sheepDiverdude: Your mileages may vary.09:17
Myrttiezfox: here, have a new set of glasses.09:18
ardchoilleezfox: because many new users don't evn know how to register09:18
llutzezfox: because it will be quite silent here then09:18
ardchoillellutz: indeed09:18
Myrttidoh. Right now, the channel can be joined only by registered users. That's the magic of mode +r. Pay attention, IRC geeks ;-)09:18
ezfoxah, comeon - one who isnt able to ask in #freenode how to register or how to look in the faq SHOULDNT be in this channel anyway, duh ?09:19
hipitihopcan someone explain my nick mention by Kendahl09:19
zetheroois it possible to mount ext4 hard drives in Hardy?09:19
Myrttihipitihop: a spammer09:19
llutzezfox: you believe in santa too?09:19
ardchoillehipitihop: ignore it09:19
SwedeMikehipitihop: flood/spam bot or just annoying person.09:19
hipitihopMyrtti, ok, thanks.09:19
=== lordmortis is now known as lordmortis|away
mneptokezfox: anyone that can't read 30 seconds of scrollback before making suggestions is not exactly in a position to tell others how to use IRC :P09:20
hipitihopSwedeMike, thanks09:20
ardchoille!away > lordmortis|away09:20
ubottulordmortis|away, please see my private message09:20
zetherooI have a machine with Hardy on it and need to mount my USB EXT4 external to it ... but it says it cannot mount because it's EXT4 ...09:20
zetheroocan I enable EXT4 recognition in Hardy?09:20
zirodayzetheroo: not easily, its recommended to wait until the next LTS release09:21
DVS01hi all09:21
DVS01i'm loving roundcube :D09:21
futurama140did i do this right? test, am i in the right place?09:21
futurama140oi vey.09:21
mneptokrumpsy: AJAX webmail09:21
DVS01its very nice09:21
numencan anyone explain me, how i can do this command automatical on systemstartup? ./xboxdrv --wid 0 -s -l 2 --deadzone 800009:21
DVS01numen: add it to /etc/rc.local09:22
ezfoxmneptok: ouch, that did hurt ^^09:22
futurama140hey could someone give me a hand for a second?09:22
DVS01however, you have to specify an absolute path09:22
DVS01not ./09:22
DVS01numen: do you understand?09:22
futurama140after installing ATI drivers, i can no longer boot into ubuntu, just have random colors, cant reboot or anything. can i change back to the opensource drivers using the root terminal or do i have to rebuild the system?09:23
hipitihopfuturama140, you need to ask a specific question09:23
rumpsyfuturama140: no09:23
futurama140i have to rebuild it?09:24
rumpsyfuturama140: don't go for fresh installation!09:24
meborcfuturama140: it is possible from root, don't rebuild09:24
apwi am not sure no to an or qyestion helps09:24
numenso add to rc.local /home/gamepad/xboxdrv-linux-0.2/xboxdrv --wid 0 -s -l 2 --deadzone 800009:24
numenis this done as root?09:24
elfrannewith the cpu scaling gnome applet they ask for admin password each time ... any idea how to change that ?09:24
meborcfuturama140: there is some info at wiki.ubuntu.com on how to install/uninstall video drivers09:25
rumpsyfuturama140: just uninstall those drivers09:25
maveasI'm not able to connect to my wireles AP.. it's weird09:26
futurama140today is my first experience with a unix based operating system, so this is pretty confusing09:26
maveasAnd for the record.. there is nothing wrong with the key etc.09:26
SpaceGhostC2Cfuturama140: here is a hint, with unix, you almost never have to restart or reinstall.09:26
turtle^s0updoes anyone know how to display audio bitrate of a Flash video file?09:26
elfranneunless you upgrade kernel09:27
rumpsyfuturama140: turn back to original driver, after uninstalling newly installed drivers, and once you got that, get in to System->administration->hardware drivers and make your decision09:27
SpaceGhostC2Celfranne: even then, you can sometimes not reboot to load it.09:27
futurama140rumpsy: how do i uninstall the new drivers and go back to the old ones?09:28
rumpsyfuturama140: how do you installed those new ATI drivers09:28
rumpsyfuturama140: how did you installed those new ATI drivers09:29
elfrannesudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets do not appears to works ...09:29
futurama140rumpsy: i used the apt-get xorg-driver-flgrx09:29
rumpsyso, use this, apt-get remove xorg-driver-flgrx09:29
rumpsyfuturama140: ^^09:29
futurama140ok, thanks, just a sec09:30
futurama140rumpsy: ^09:30
llutzSpaceGhostC2C: no need to reboot seems to be out of interest of all those guys, trying to minimize boot-time in thousands-of-sec steps09:31
maveasI haven't got any problems with my wifi earliere so this is just confusing.. The other users in the resident haven't got any problems with their laptops so I know that it isn't the AP09:31
SpaceGhostC2Cllutz: yes, but their solution to problems is reinstall.09:31
llutzSpaceGhostC2C: quite common here, yes09:31
SpaceGhostC2Cllutz: there were two parts to what I said.09:31
maveasIt happened after I updated to 9.10 :/09:32
futurama140rumpsy: system is attempting to reboot now09:33
rumpsyfuturama140: okay09:33
llutzSpaceGhostC2C: and btw, the times without need to reboot are gone, since all these closed/half-free graphics-/wifi-drivers appeared09:33
futurama140rumpsy: ok, the GUI is back to let me boot. is there any additional configuration i need to get rid of any lingering bits of the old drivers?09:34
=== johan is now known as Guest68078
SpaceGhostC2Cllutz: we're chatting, we should move ourselves into #ubuntu-offtopic. I'm already there.09:34
sandro_ciao a tutte/ti09:34
SachoHi guys, I'm running ubuntu 9.04. There is an option under System-Preferences-Keyboard called "Mouse keys", which I keep turning off, but at arbitrary points of time, it seems to turn itself back on. What could be causing this?09:34
rumpsyfuturama140:goto  System->administration->hardware drivers and make your decision09:35
Guest68078There seem to be several spell applications in apt, but I want to install the swedish package that would work for gedit. So does gedit use, ispell, aspell, myspell or something else?09:35
futurama140rumpsy: ok, thanks for your help!09:36
rumpsyo/ ;)09:36
secrethey guys, i have a problem with update. since today i cant update anymore. over the shell it says "Connecting", then i see an IP but its not updating. when i go to the softweare sources and try to choice "the best server" then i receive an error message "no server found".. anybody an ifea?09:36
meborcGuest68078: try openoffice language packs... i'm not sure, but a lot of programs use those09:37
meborcGuest68078: texworks for example, uses openoffice packs for spelling09:37
futurama140how do i tell what xorg version im using and how do i go about upgrading it?09:38
DVS01i use postfix. when i installed at, it ended up installing courier, which overwrote my newliases executable. after removing courier, newaliases no longer exists. what would be the best way to replace the file, which comes with postfix?09:38
DVS01should i reinstall postfix?09:38
Guest68078meborc, well, for one I'm going to keep to gedit. And I'm not root on this machine, so I have to bother the admins everytime I want something, so I kind'a need to know.09:39
futurama140rumpsy: ^^09:39
hexaSpaceGhostC2C, hi there09:39
SpaceGhostC2CHey mate.09:39
SpaceGhostC2Chexa: what's up?09:40
hexawow, glad I'm having time right now09:40
hexawell still the issue09:40
rumpsyfuturama140: if you want to upgrade, use this, apt-get install xserver-xorg09:40
meborcGuest68078: i don't know how to help you, my gedit has spell-check already09:40
llutzDVS01: why not dovecot?09:40
DVS01llutz: i use dovecot09:40
hexaTamarr, srsly? :)09:41
DVS01llutz: dovecot is imap, postfix is smtp09:41
secretguys, my issue? update? anyone?09:41
llutzDVS01: courier...09:41
futurama140rumpsy: ok, how do i tell what version im running right now?09:41
DVS01llutz: what about courier?09:41
=== hexa is now known as hexa-
rumpsyfuturama140: what version of ubuntu?09:42
llutzDVS01: you wrote you used courier, that's why i asked why not using dovecot09:42
DVS01oh. no, installing at caused courier to get installed09:42
DVS01i was already using dovecot09:43
hexa-SpaceGhostC2C, do you still have your idea?09:43
SpaceGhostC2Chexa-: PM me.09:43
futurama140rumpsy: 9.04 i believe09:43
stuartm_morning peeps.  I'm having a problem downloading Wine.  I have logged on launchpad but wondered if someone could assist here?09:43
rumpsyfuturama140: so look here, http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/xserver-xorg09:44
llutzDVS01: but to answer your question, you should reinstall postfix for newaliases09:44
DVS01llutz: yup. i did that. worked :D09:44
hexa-stuartm_, you might want to add the ppa09:44
stuartm_ppa ?09:44
hexa-personal package archive09:44
hexa-wine developers are packaging current versions09:44
rumpsyfuturama140: i guess that may help you . ;)09:44
hexa-stuartm_, if you are using ubuntu karmic you may add the repository via $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine09:45
hexa-stuartm_, then update the package list (sudo apt-get update) and install current wine (sudo apt-get install wine1.2)09:45
DVS01this is gonna be fun09:45
DVS01i did a manual tarball installation of mailscanner with spamassassin and clamav09:46
mo_hello all, im trying to send some files fom ubuntu section of my hdd to my vista section, i have used wine to access my c: drive but when i started windows the files were not there or not visable any ideas, p.s im a novice so no experiance ith linix my first try09:46
hexa-https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wine/+archive/ppa this is the url to the repository09:46
stuartm_No I was using out of the box synaptic and also software centre.  Both failed to find the winbind dependency09:46
futurama140rumpsy: ahh... actually none of that makes much sense to me :P09:46
DVS01now i realize that it would be much more organized to use the packages09:46
DVS01so now i gotta locate all these files and delete them and then install mailscanner from the package :P09:46
hexa-stuartm_, did you edit your sources.list?09:46
llutzDVS01: it's better to use native packages in most cases09:46
DVS01yea i know09:46
DVS01or at least use checkinstall09:46
meborcmo_: the c: in wine is a virtual one... not the real c: :) you need to mount the partition your windows is on09:46
Myrttimo_: wine doesn't give you any kind of access to your vista partition09:46
futurama140rumpsy: im just trying to enable 3d support on my legacy radeon, the drivers you just helped me remove were supposed to be the correct ones, but it just screwed it all up. ubuntu will be a burden if i cant play world of warcraft :(09:47
rumpsyfuturama140: more than that  you can have look at xorg logs, /var/log/xorg.o.log09:47
SpaceGhostC2Cfuturama140: I'm helping hexa- set up wow right now. Want help?09:47
=== ubuntu is now known as simple_
=== lordmortis|away is now known as lordmortis
simple_i'm doing an rsync between two drives using a ubuntu livecd. Speed varies between 100 meg/second and 5meg/second every few minutes09:48
simple_any ideas why?09:48
mo_thats what i was thinking, read somewhere its ore like an emulater but more complicated, how would i go about mounting the partition please meborc, and ty aswell Myrtti09:48
rumpsyfuturama140: i said to you already, goto system->administration->hardware drivers09:48
tarzeau_simple_: a lot of small files09:48
rumpsyfuturama140: what it shows?09:48
hexa-futurama140, do you get "err:winediag:X11DRV_WineGL_InitOpenglInfo Direct rendering is disabled, most likely your OpenGL drivers haven't been installed correctly09:48
simple_tarzeau_, hmmmm09:49
futurama140SpaceGhostC2C: well, i need to figure out if theres any way to get 3d support for my old card first :P09:49
simple_so this is ok?09:49
meborcmo_: there is a lot of information on wiki.ubuntu.com... search for mounting ntfs... it is a long story to type in irc :)09:49
futurama140hexa: havent made it that far.09:49
SpaceGhostC2Cfuturama140: I can help you if you want.09:49
simple_i'm doing rsync with checksumming09:49
_rubensimple_: your drives cant handle 100meg/sec most likely ... so while its flushing the data to the disks, the transferspeed will drop drastically09:49
simple_if that makes any difference09:49
futurama140rumpsy: it shows absolutely nothing :P09:49
hexa-futurama140, SpaceGhostC2C, lets meet up in #ubuntu-wow then?09:49
mo_meborc, ty will do :)09:49
simple__ruben, this is read speed09:49
rumpsyso, don't use 3D drivers, until you get proprietary driver from ubuntu09:50
rumpsyfuturama140: ^^09:50
_rubensimple_: even with reading, standard drivers dont do 100meg/sec09:50
meborcmo_: try this - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions?action=show&redirect=MountNtfsOnBoot09:51
simple_in short, tis normal and i should just let it run its course?09:51
rumpsyThe safest way to keep ubuntu stable, use default drivers, don't make it force to work on it09:51
Leoneofllutz: i added like this: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m1e68f718 , but eth0 still cant attach the settings like ip and netmask09:51
simple_does a livecd stop/spin down if i don't use it? (ie. will the transfer slow down when it goes into screensaver mode)09:51
indussimple_, what transfer09:52
_rubensimple_: a drive wont be spun down when its active obviously09:53
simple_indus, rsync09:53
SpaceGhostC2C!enter | simple_09:53
ubottusimple_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:53
simple_Thanks everybody09:54
=== bibekpaudel is now known as bibekp
Leoneofanyone know how to attach the ip settings to eth0 by using /etc/network/interfaces ?09:54
llutzLeoneof: exact the way you did. read man 5 interfaces09:55
llutzLeoneof: have you disabled networkmanager?09:55
Leoneofllutz: yes i removed network-manager, i'm trying to use manual settings09:56
Leoneofllutz: should i add "ifup eth0" ?09:57
llutzLeoneof: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart09:57
Leoneofllutz: it will restart all network, and will leave the chat :/09:58
Leoneofllutz: but should i add "ifup eth0" ?09:58
llutzLeoneof: add where? ifup is a command09:58
Leoneofto interfaces file09:59
llutzLeoneof: ifup is a command, not an option09:59
llutzLeoneof: "auto eth0"   should bring the iface up09:59
=== st__ is now known as aleanne82
aleanne82how to get ubuntu's kernel source code? i've tried  apt-get source linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic but it says that package is not found10:03
SolarisBoyapt-cache search?10:04
hexa-aleanne82, apt-get source linux-source10:04
hexa-aleanne82, eh nvm that10:05
hexa-aleanne82, apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)10:05
nesunoHi! Copying files from an ntfs partition to another ntfs partition is safe with ubuntu live cd, or better to use a win boot cd?10:05
aleanne82> E: Cannot find a source package for linux10:06
llutznesuno: better use win-cd10:06
hexa-nesuno, could imagine that this would be cruelly slow10:06
aleanne82nesuno: it will ruin your NTFS permissions, so take care10:06
hexa-aleanne82, output of uname -r?10:06
aleanne82i said, 2.6.31-14-generic10:07
nesunollutz: hexa-: aleanne82: Ok, thanks for all!10:07
SolarisBoythat was an example of what the search command returned10:07
SolarisBoyapt-cache search image |grep source10:07
hexa-aleanne82, ah sorry, they seem to have changed something here10:08
hexa-aleanne82, basically you could also take the git repo10:08
hexa-aleanne82, $ git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-karmic.git10:08
stuartm_Hexa, thanks for that (sorry for delay had to take a call).   I will give your suggestion a bash.10:09
sh0neHey, guys, which type of Ubuntu distribution is better for programming (C, Python, Perl): Ubuntu Desktop or Ubuntu Server?10:09
SolarisBoysame diff mostly10:09
stuartm_Depends if you wanna use an IDE or not10:10
llutzsh0ne: use minimal-cd and install what you really need. neither server nor desktop might be what you want10:10
stuartm_IF you are just using it as a build engine use server.  If you are developing visual apps and want to use something like eclipse use desktop10:10
SolarisBoyserver implies no X running?10:10
SolarisBoyi didn't think so10:11
sh0neThank you, guys, you helped :)10:11
stuartm_You can use x on server but it doesn't install out of the box (or didn't pre 9.10)10:11
stuartm_Nice to see your now using a proper OS SolarisBoy :-)10:12
callum__hi people10:12
callum__just wondering if there is a way to terminal reset the theme of 9.10 ubuntu remix?10:12
callum__or anyone know what the theme originally is?10:13
callum__So i can change it back thanks10:13
zvacetstuartm_:  maybe he is dual booting  ;)10:13
SolarisBoyi use solaris at work and debian or ubuntu @ home10:13
SolarisBoyyes i dual boot10:13
zvacetSolarisBoy:  that is good but this is off topic I'm afraid10:15
callum__Is there anyway i can reset the theme/s10:15
SolarisBoythanks for your inputs10:15
=== p3rror is now known as mezani
SolarisBoycallum__: right click the desktop and choose change desktop background select the theme tab and choose human atleast thats the default on 8.1010:16
stuartm_Right off to do some work.  Thanks for the assist guys10:18
clockonthewallare all networked external harddrives compatible with ubuntu?10:18
=== tato is now known as tato_42
meborcc u guys10:19
SolarisBoynfs/samba/cifs ntfs/fat is mountable and is available to ubuntu so unless some propieratry protocol or software is being used yes it should be accessible10:19
SolarisBoyiscsi as well10:20
irenicussolaris>ubuntu   @ solarisboy?10:20
clockonthewallwhich file system is better?10:21
SolarisBoyext3 =)10:21
SolarisBoyirenicus: ?10:21
aleanne82clockonthewall: ntfs10:21
SolarisBoyoh well if i was forced to choose a windows based fs yes ntfs is preferrable10:22
Myrtticlockonthewall: depends on the usage10:22
clockonthewallntfs now works with linux?10:22
hexa-sure does10:22
Myrtticlockonthewall: to a certain degree10:22
aleanne82clockonthewall: poorly10:22
irenicusubuntu can r&w on ntfs ^^10:22
llutzntfs would be fine, if free10:22
maveasntfs-3g ;)10:22
clockonthewallwhy would you want to use ntfs if it works poorly?10:23
irenicusonly if u dual boot xp for playin games xD10:23
aleanne82clockonthewall: you're interested in your data or your OS?10:23
SolarisBoydoesn't for me.. works absolutely fine10:23
clockonthewallaleanne82: data10:23
clockonthewalland os10:23
clockonthewallwait what do you mean10:23
aleanne82clockonthewall: ntfs is portable, stable and feature-rich10:24
zvacetclockonthewall:  and you want access from windows and ubuntu to that data10:24
llutzaleanne82: but not free and ntfs-3g is awfully slow10:24
Myrtticlockonthewall: if the main usage is on Windows, then use NTFS/FAT. if main usage is on Linux, then use EXT3.10:24
Myrtticlockonthewall: both are read/write on both systems, but both have problems in the features on non-native systems.10:25
aleanne82ntfs supports compression, encryption and ACLs, ext3 does not10:25
Myrttialeanne82: wrong10:25
llutzacl.... sure10:25
irenicuswho wants 2 compress their harddrive man :p10:25
zvacetclockonthewall:  if you want access to that data from both os then ntfs is your choice10:25
aleanne82Myrtti: what is 'wrong'?10:26
axos88Hi! Where can I find some docs about how to read the dpkg -l output?10:26
axos88ii, rc, etc10:26
Myrttialeanne82: ext3 has access control in Linux, and you can encrypt it to their hearts content. it's not usable in Windows. I've not heard NTFS ACL's to be portable to Linux with any system10:26
SolarisBoyman dpkg10:26
axos88SolarisBoy, nice try, doesn't have it10:26
irenicusext3 bad if u got some confidential stuff10:26
Myrttialeanne82: as said, neither work 100% in non-native systems10:26
irenicusdifficult 2 erase trace ^^10:26
llutzaxos88: header line in output10:27
axos88SolarisBoy, i just read through the man page10:27
SolarisBoy-l simply lists each package10:27
axos88llutz, yeah, that seems to have some relevance, but why are there two letters?10:27
SolarisBoyim at a loss for the misunderstanding?10:27
Leoneof`llutz: i did /etc/network restart , and it did attach the ip address to eth0 , but it does not attach automatically in startup, why?10:27
SolarisBoyif you need more options or formatted output look at the format options10:27
llutzaxos88: 1st state, 2nd error10:27
clockonthewallthanks guys10:27
axos88SolarisBoy, the first two letters (ii, rc, etc) is what's of interest to me. The rest of the line is obvious10:27
axos88llutz, there is no "Error flag" with "i"10:28
indusi agree with the compression on ntfs ootb10:28
indusand encryption10:28
=== Brendanf is now known as [BT]Brendan
callum__Does Ubuntu Desktop 9.10 work on EEE PC 701 With WIFI?10:29
SolarisBoyaxos88: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-users/2006-July/006993.html10:29
SolarisBoytheres a legend there10:29
llutzaxos88: my bad, 1 desired, 2 state10:29
Cube``hi. i have ubuntu installed on my eee pc, but would like to add the backtrack distro as dual boot. how can i do what without screwing up my current ubuntu installation?10:29
axos88llutz, aha, so if they are not the same, it's probably because dpkg has been interrupted?10:29
axos88llutz, or some error occured?10:30
llutzaxos88: ii "to be installed" "is installed"10:30
callum__Cube'' what EEE DO you have.10:30
kanzieIs there a filelimit on FAT, Im trying to copy some MKV-files to my FAT-fisk and get error file to large10:30
jussi01callum__: I think so, but probably better to use the netbook version10:30
SolarisBoyi think so10:30
irenicus@Cube I think we r on the same boat lol!10:30
Myrttikanzie: yes.10:30
aleanne82kanzie: 2GB for fat1610:30
induskanzie, yeah 2gb10:30
induskanzie, umm wait10:30
axos88llutz, probably this should make it's way to the man page... Thanks for your help10:30
FendarilWhat c/c++ IDE do you linux dudes use10:30
llutzkanzie: 4GB on fat3210:30
callum__Jussi01 how to enable full dekstop mode on NETBOOK REMIX 9.10 Please?10:30
indus4 gb10:31
SolarisBoyFendaril: vi10:31
indusyes llutz is right10:31
Fendarilthats a text editor10:31
indusntfs is good ,10:31
SolarisBoyits way more10:31
kanzieso what is recommended then for a media-disk... ext3/4 or NTFS?10:31
Cube``Callum_: 1000he, and im using eeebuntu, to answer your previous question10:31
kanziellutz: ^^10:31
Fendarilit doesn't have autocompletion10:31
callum__Oh ok thanks cube i have 701SD :(10:31
Fendarilor a build option10:31
callum__EEEBuntu is netbook remix or something different?10:32
axos88Fendaril, try eclipse10:32
aleanne82Fendaril: don't listen to them, they're vi/emacs trolls10:32
induskanzie, hmm? ext3/4 is only for linux10:32
llutzkanzie: vfat, i don't have files >4GB :)10:32
Cube``Callum_: both10:32
SolarisBoywell not neccesarily im just being honest10:32
callum__oh ok - thanks10:32
SolarisBoyi use vim for C perl and just about anything else10:32
Myrttiindus: there is a driver for ext2/3 support for windows10:32
FendarilI woul never use wordppad fr c++10:33
indusyes its experimental i heard10:33
Fendarilso why use VI for c++10:33
SolarisBoycheck vim site and see the many plugins scripts and extensions available10:33
indusMyrtti, yes experimental so i didnt mention it10:33
indusnot sure10:33
Leoneof`hi, i did /etc/network restart , and it did attach the ip address to eth0 , but it does not attach automatically in startup, why?10:33
axos88Fendaril, I use eclipse + cdt, try that.10:33
aleanne82Myrtti: it's unusable, since it doesn't support inodes>128b10:33
Callum_Cube``: what?10:33
Fendarilok axos88 thanks10:33
callum__Good games for Ubuntu netbook remix or apps?10:33
callum__Hey Callum_ How's life?10:34
Callum_oh, you're responding to my alter ego...10:34
Fendarila 3d mmo for linux10:34
callum__Callum_ LONG TIME NO CHAT :p10:34
ikoniacallum__: please stop messing around10:34
callum__Callum_ do you know if ubuntu 9.10 desktop works on eee pc 701 with WIFI10:34
FendarilSolarisBoy, hows ubuntu goona fiar against chrome10:34
ikoniaFendaril: this is a support channel, you may like to discuss that in #ubuntu-offtopic10:35
llutzLeoneof`: make sure modules for your networking-card are loaded at the time, networking starts10:35
Fendarilok sorry10:35
Leoneof`Ubuntu will use Yahoo as default website in Firefox10:35
SolarisBoychrome is not prepared for that contest in my eyes... until the world is truly ready to have a OS thats very 'web service based' o dont think it will bite10:35
callum__the off topic-ubuntu room is full of trolls.10:35
callum__don't go there.10:35
aleanne82how much space ubuntu kernel source takes?10:36
SolarisBoymines is 465M10:36
hilts_I rock!!10:37
mrAZhello, i am looking for driver for midi-usb cable 1x1 from swissonic. any hints appreciated !10:37
aleanne82gods, and how much space is needed o compile it?10:37
callum__I think Ubuntu netbook remix has a error? - battery is 78% and it's flashing a green light on battery icon on eee pc 70110:37
callum__is this bug?10:37
ikoniacallum__: enough - #ubuntu-offtopic is acceptable channel to use10:37
SolarisBoynot sure never crossed an issue doing it on moderately resourced systems10:37
Callum_callum__: It's been a while lol... umm, technically it should work, although it wouldn't be as fast as something like Xubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Remix or Eeebuntu10:38
sikor_sxehello i want to do a customization (in source code) to an ubuntu deb package, what would be the correct way to do this?10:38
callum__Oh OK thanks! how do you enable full desktop mode do you know i cant see anything on netbook remix10:38
SolarisBoycompile from source10:39
aleanne82who is in charge of this channel?10:39
callum__like no icon for desktop mode10:39
Callum_callum__: as to the wireless, if it is compatible with Eeebuntu there is a good chance it is compatible with standard Ubuntu10:39
qweqweqwehow do you get grub working with a usb keyboard?10:39
sikor_sxeSolarisBoy: it's not that easy. the package in question is network-manager-openvpn and it's tightly coupled with the os10:39
SolarisBoythats vpnc10:40
sikor_sxeno openvpn10:40
Myrttisikor_sxe: repackage it and rebuild it with launchpad or opensuse build service10:40
SolarisBoyone sec...10:40
SolarisBoyyour right my bad10:40
callum__wow you guys talk about alot of complicated things i dont understand i just my eee pc for facebook and music and msn :S lol10:40
angelo_how come I can see my desktop or my wallpaper?10:40
sikor_sxeMyrtti: thx! any hint where i can read up on this?10:41
callum__anyone know about ubuntu netbook remix desktop full thing like ubuntu os?10:41
Myrttisikor_sxe: I've found the help sections of both web services to be quite good10:41
angelo_anybody have any clue on what happened to my desktop?10:41
rumpsyangelo_: what is your prob?10:41
callum__angelo_ what Ubuntu version are you using10:42
sikor_sxeMyrtti: ok, i got an account on both. i'll start with lp :)10:42
angelo_i cant view anything but a black screen10:42
SolarisBoyactually can't you completely remove network-manager with no issues? i dont use it10:42
angelo_no background no widgets, nothing10:42
angelo_the latest one10:42
angelo_9 i believe10:42
callum__angelo_ there is terminal command line that puts the desktop and start bar back to normal i dont know it though10:42
sikor_sxeSolarisBoy: i don't want to remove it.10:42
angelo_what should i do then10:43
rumpsyangelo_: do you have a prompt in that screen?10:43
SolarisBoynot my point,, shouldn't that allow you to recompile with whichever option you need?10:43
SolarisBoywithout borking the OS?10:43
angelo_which screen10:43
callum__anyone know the command line that resets the desktop to default values using terminal?10:43
=== Leoneof` is now known as Leoneof
rumpsyangelo_: press alt+atrl+f110:43
SolarisBoyyou would need to disable it first and configure interfaces i believe if youd like to stay online...10:43
sikor_sxeSolarisBoy: i don't want to bork network-manager.10:44
rumpsyangelo_: press alt+ctrl+f110:44
angelo_that brings up applications10:44
callum__rumpsy since i have had this problem also before - what does alt+cntrl+f1 do for future reference thanks10:44
rumpsyangelo_: press alt+ctrl+f1 , this bring you a terminal window tty110:45
aleanne82is universe repo ever updated?10:45
SolarisBoysikor_sxe: what option is it you need to enable?10:45
rumpsyangelo_: got that?10:45
sikor_sxeSolarisBoy: i guess ubuntu has nm customized in some way. i don't want to install a whole new nm infrastructure. i just wan't to add some needed functionality to the nm-openvpn plugin and provide a deb.10:45
callum__cntrl+alt+T is terminal10:45
callum__oh thats xandros10:45
sikor_sxeSolarisBoy: specifically it's: '--mssfix --fragment & ---maxtun10:46
rumpsyCallum_What you want exactly?, Are you spammer?10:46
trupheenixis there a channel where i can get help on shell scripts?10:46
industrupheenix, #bash10:46
llutztrupheenix:  #bash10:47
callum__rumpsy dilligaf idgaf wyt10:47
rumpsy!ask | Callum_10:48
ubottuCallum_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:48
angelo_anybody figure out how i can reset the desktop?10:48
callum__oh i asked if anyone knows how to get full desktop mode on 9.10 remix10:49
ubottuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz10:49
angelo_why did u tell me to click ctrl alt F1?10:49
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz10:49
sh0neIs it possible to download ubuntu desktop iso file, burn it on USB flash stick and install ubuntu on computer from there10:49
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:50
oCean_!fishing > Gangrel10:50
ubottuGangrel, please see my private message10:50
callum__i can never get wine to work :(10:50
angelo_same here10:50
callum__if you use wine can you run windows live messenger?10:50
Myrtti!usb | sh0ne, yes, it is10:50
ubottush0ne, yes, it is: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:50
angelo_i need help finding my desktop10:50
aleanne82callum__: wine is not supposed to work10:50
callum__rofl what?10:50
angelo_why not10:50
callum__WINE Is meant to make windows programs run?10:51
aleanne82they're living off selling commercial versions that do work10:51
callum__oh so the free wine doesnt work?10:51
SolarisBoysikor_sxe: i see where that can be an issue10:51
aleanne82callum__: it _barely_ works, not enough for any productive work10:51
bullgard!language | ghostcube10:51
ubottughostcube: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:51
angelo_please somebody help me figure out the issue im having with the desktop10:52
oCean_bullgard: ?10:52
aleanne82bullgard: who is ghostcube?10:52
SolarisBoyangelo_: you can't find your desktop?10:53
aleanne82angelo_: had you tried to install gnome-desktop or something like this?10:53
callum__so wines junk10:53
callum__oh well10:53
SolarisBoyworks fine for me @ wine10:53
angelo_no gnome desktop does the trick?10:53
SolarisBoyi actually just got finished playing project 64 in my wine10:54
callum__WIne never works, and doesnt run windows programs i trie for 30 hours or so10:54
angelo_yes gnome desktop is installed10:54
SolarisBoyOcharina of time10:54
oCean_callum__: stop discussion in this channel10:54
oCean_callum__: join #ubuntu-offtopic for discussion10:54
SolarisBoywine doesn't work for EVERYTHING10:54
SolarisBoyits not supposed to10:54
angelo_solarisboy have any idea what i can do?10:54
callum__Oh Ok END OF STORY10:54
BreezHi - I have had an issue where I tried to install server kk, wouldnt recognise the LAN, im new to linux, kep that in mind, found the driver and added to  flash drive, then workee out how to mount it etc, large learning curve, then tried make install, come up and said coaqnt find compiler, so having heaps of trouble getting apts without internet connection, loaded onto a disk and did an apt-add and then an update, nothing found, 10:54
Gangrelwhere can i install wine? because the wine site gives a damaged package10:54
SolarisBoynot unless you can give a better description of how you go to the issue of missing desktop10:54
callum__i need full desktop mode in ubuntu remix10:54
SolarisBoyits in repos10:55
oCean_!prefix | SolarisBoy10:55
ubottuSolarisBoy: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:55
angelo_ive never had a desktop10:55
SolarisBoythanks for your inputs oCean_10:55
angelo_i installed the OS Ubunto and a desktop never came up10:55
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:55
angelo_oh ok sorry10:55
Myrttiangelo_: which cd did you use to install it, do you remember?10:55
angelo_um the one i downloaded of their website10:56
angelo_i believe10:56
SolarisBoyummm i knew that,, just a personal habit of mine10:56
callum__Sex me Up :D Im out babes - Love you all take care x10:56
cpk1so I only have one cd drive and want to burn the alternate cd while in a livecd session, do I need to load the whole cd into ram or anything like that or will it manage to work without me doing anything?10:56
SolarisBoypardon me if its really bothering the room like that10:56
Myrttiangelo_: there's plenty of them on the site, you need to be a bit more precise10:56
angelo_myrtii_: hold on ill check10:56
irenicuswithout internet how do u chat on irc xD10:57
angelo_i downloaded Ubantu 9.1010:57
SolarisBoyif IRC server is on your lan wouldn't need the internet10:58
SolarisBoyif not you wont10:58
irenicuscool :p10:58
Breezgot windows one online and linux one sitting laughing at me10:58
angelo_Myrtii u there>10:59
aleanne82is universe repo ever updated?10:59
Myrttiangelo_: ok... so are you using ubuntu now or are you on another os?11:00
angelo_im using it11:00
Callum_hmmmm, callum__ is an interesting fellow11:00
angelo_how can i address messages to someone specific11:00
llutz!pm | angelo_11:01
ubottuangelo_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:01
=== hexa is now known as hexa-
angelo_i didnt send pm11:01
SolarisBoyhe just asked...11:01
llutzpreventive ;)11:02
aleanne82angelo_: type his name and ptess [Tab]11:02
Myrttialeanne82: or her11:02
angelo_aleanne82, thanks. any idea on how i can get my desktop to appear. All i get is a black bg11:02
SolarisBoyis gnome-desktop installed?11:03
angelo_whats that11:03
w3l54666hey guys, need some help installing a programme, TEAMSPEAK211:03
tc111can someone please show me what i am doing wrong? all my livecds worked prior to karmic (and moving to a new machine), now none of them do. http://pastebin.com/m5259d99b11:03
garymcHi Im upgrading to Karmic, its asking me "Replace the customised configuration file /etc/cups/cupsd.conf ?" Do i keep or replace this file?11:03
w3l54666anybody willing to give 1-2-1 help??11:03
SolarisBoycommand to start graphical environment giving it exists and confugre properly11:03
angelo_SolarisBoy, are you talking to me?11:04
SolarisBoyangelo_: command to start graphical environment giving it exists and confugre properly11:04
cpk1w3l54666: the client?11:04
angelo_how do i do that11:04
w3l54666cpk1: yup11:04
SolarisBoytype startx11:04
garymcanyone know about this upgrade from jaunty to karmic?11:04
garymcwell i replaced11:05
SolarisBoyare you looking at a blinking cursor and a prompt on that black background or is that you have a truly all black screen in front of you?11:05
angelo_no im just looking for my icons and wallpaper11:06
Callum_garymc: its usually a good idea to keep the local version installed as it keeps your sessions from the existing installation11:06
angelo_everything else is there11:06
Callum_garymc: s/sessions/settings11:06
czr_hi. can't seem to find any doc on how the network sharing feature in network manager 9.10 is implemented? any ideas/links? I need to find out whether I can implement one scenario with it or not..11:06
SolarisBoydid you change the theme?11:06
SolarisBoyahhh i get you now =)11:06
angelo_lol oh yea?  what did i do wrong11:07
SolarisBoyand right clicking on the 'desktop' provides no menu?11:07
angelo_i get menu actually11:07
garymcCallum : too late i pressed replace :(11:07
angelo_option to change background11:07
SolarisBoychange desktop background there?11:07
cpk1w3l54666: first you need to make the file you download from them excutable11:07
cpk1w3l54666: then you simply run it11:08
oguncakhi. can anyone help me with my dvb-s card?11:08
garymcCallum : what is the session?11:08
SolarisBoyfrom there navigate to the tab titled themes...11:08
w3l54666cpk1: how do i do that??11:08
SolarisBoyangelo_: next select human or some other theme11:08
angelo_nothing. just the theme changed11:09
w3l54666cpk1: pm chat so we can get it sorted??? that ok??11:09
angelo_desktop is still invisible11:09
cpk1w3l54666: there probably is an option somewhere in the properties if you use the gui or you can open a console in the directory the file is in and do "chmod +x nameoffile"11:09
cpk1w3l54666: dont need to use pm11:09
angelo_SolarisBoy, now what11:10
Cube``how can i add another distro to my ubuntu and have them run in dual boot?11:10
w3l54666cpk1: in the file there is a setup.sh is that the 1 i need???11:10
SolarisBoyangelo_: is this a fresh install?11:10
SolarisBoyangelo_: which theme caused this issue?11:11
Elefanthello :) I have a question about printing, how to turn on grayscale printing and configure the quality?11:11
cpk1w3l54666: ??? make the .run that teamspeak gives you executable and then run it11:11
angelo_im not sure11:12
w3l54666cpk1: .run i dont see 1 of them files11:12
SolarisBoyyou changed a theme and then this happend correct?11:12
rumpsyangelo_: restart GDM, that may help you11:12
angelo_i had the brown background before11:12
SolarisBoytry what rumpsy said11:12
SolarisBoysudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart11:13
angelo_rumpsy, :whats the GDM11:13
SolarisBoygraphical display manager11:13
angelo_how to i get to that11:13
rumpsyangelo_: this is what i telling you from the beginning ...11:13
SolarisBoydefault for gnome11:13
SolarisBoy'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart'11:13
SolarisBoytype everything but the qoutes11:13
rumpsyto restart GDM, at first you have to stop GDM11:13
angelo_SolarisBoy, where do i type that11:14
angelo_thats what im confused about11:14
rumpsypress alt+ctrl+f111:14
=== john is now known as Guest17831
SolarisBoyisnt there a shortcut key for term...11:14
chiiiiiz_88What does limit the amount RAM memory in a Ubuntu based PC?11:14
rumpsyangelo_: ^^11:14
SolarisBoyahh menu shortcut11:15
angelo_if i pres alt+ctrol=F1 i have to restart my computer11:15
erUSULchiiiiiz_88: 32 bit vs 64 bits11:15
angelo_i get stuck in a command prompt11:15
bazhangchiiiiiz_88, how much do you have and which arch 32 or 6411:15
cpk1w3l54666: oh thats right you're using teamspeak2...11:15
BreezHope someone can help me - I have had an issue where I tried to install server kk, wouldnt recognise the LAN on install, im new to linux, keep that in mind, found the driver and added to  a flash stick, then worked out how to mount it etc and copy to a subduirectory, large learning curve, then tried make install as per instructions, ubuntu come up with an error and said cant find compiler, so I need the appropriate apt i believe11:15
rumpsyangelo_: you don't want to! restart11:15
SolarisBoythe command prompt is where you need be at11:15
chiiiiiz_88so far, 32 bits and 2.25 Gb11:15
w3l54666cpk1: yh as ts3 is only beta atm11:15
angelo_rumpsy,  how to i exit it then once i restart GDM?11:15
bazhangchiiiiiz_88, you can use 4gb with 32bit, just need to install linux-generic-pae under karmic 9.1011:16
zilkomaaCould some one help me please, after ubuntu 9.10 install i cant boot to windows xp from grub. After pressing enter in grub menu it only loads grub menu again, no error messages and nothing.  Here is the disk info's windows xp is on sda1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/365124/  and here grub.cfg http://paste.ubuntu.com/365126/11:16
SolarisBoyangelo_: quick question,, have you restarted the computer?11:16
angelo_not right now11:16
chiiiiiz_88and under 64 bits arch?11:16
angelo_i did like 10 minutes ago11:16
SolarisBoyhmm so why would gdm restart fix this?11:17
rumpsyangelo_: follow this, press alt+ctrl+backspace, then press ctrl+alt+f1, login in terminal , sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart11:17
erUSULchiiiiiz_88: in 64 bit is practically unlimited11:17
cpk1w3l54666: then just run setup.sh11:17
w3l54666cpk1: double click it yh??11:17
angelo_ok let me try it11:18
cpk1w3l54666: yup11:18
rumpsySolarisBoy: ;O , how long you helping angelo_ !11:18
chiiiiiz_88I guess that there are other limitations... Can any debian based distro work under 64 bits? Are there any hints or disavantages in 64 bits distros? UbuntuStudio and all applications can work on a 64 bits based arch?11:18
w3l54666cpk1: im confuse myself sometimes11:18
w3l54666cpk1: cheers11:18
Elefantdoes anyone here have a printer?11:18
SolarisBoyrecently actually ,,i initially thought he didn't have gnome installed, further explanation lead to this11:18
SolarisBoy30 minutes maybe?11:18
chiiiiiz_88I must choose the components of my new computer... that is why I need to know what I am going to be faced to11:18
rumpsySolarisBoy: i donno , why they are not following us!11:19
sandro_ciao a tutte/ti11:19
oguncakhello.. i have an avermedia a706 dvb-s tv card. can anyone help me installing the driver?11:19
angelo_rumpsy, it didnt work11:19
rumpsySolarisBoy: you continue ;)11:20
SolarisBoylol k11:20
angelo_thanks for your help guys but i appreciate it lol. im having major issues here. i just switched over from vista11:20
Myrtti!it > sandro_11:20
ubottusandro_, please see my private message11:20
=== jenda_ is now known as jenda
zilkomaaCould some one help me please, after ubuntu 9.10 install i cant boot to windows xp from grub. After pressing enter in grub menu it only loads grub menu again, no error messages and nothing.  Here is the disk info's windows xp is on sda1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/365124/  and here grub.cfg http://paste.ubuntu.com/365126/11:22
angelo_SolarisBoy, should i access GDM through terminal?11:22
SolarisBoythat would be the only method at this point however after a reboot of the system GDM would have restarted11:23
angelo_yea it didnt. what should i do?11:23
angelo_am i screwed?11:23
SolarisBoythats an odd issue you are facing,, honestly id like the EXACT details of what happend11:24
rumpsyangelo_: Try for a New theme, download from ubuntu repo11:25
SolarisBoyare you running compiz,, did you get this theme from offline? (like mac4linux.sh)...things like this11:25
angelo_i installed the system successfully. Then i had the original brown background image. then I went to change the background and thats where my desktop went to hell lol11:25
angelo_i dont get it.  i've tried everything11:25
angelo_im running compiz11:25
ubottuwinamp is a windows music player. On Ubuntu you can use audacious as alternative.11:26
angelo_and the pic i selected for a background was online if i remember correctly11:26
garymcanyone know how to install dovecot-postfix correctly?11:26
hawodiam having problem starting firefox 3.6 on Ubuntu karmic. When I click to start it, it doesn't come up. When I try starting it from the command line, I get the following: (firefox-bin:2891): GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times11:26
garymcor how i configure it11:27
rumpsyangelo_: we need exact thing, what theme you selected to have this type of buggy window?11:27
angelo_i did a custom theme11:27
angelo_made some changes but nothing major that would result in this11:27
tc111can someone please show me what i am doing wrong? all my pxe / netbooting livecds worked prior to karmic (and moving to a new machine), now none of them do. http://paste.ubuntu.com/365130/11:28
SolarisBoyangelo_: can you still access a command prompt?11:28
rumpsyangelo_: did you downloaded any new themes?11:28
Nachturnalanyone know why cairo-dock freezes after i use VLC?11:28
=== switch-testing is now known as switchgirl
angelo_by command promt you mean Terminal?11:29
hexa-does anybody know how to install 32bit mesa in x86_64 ubuntu?11:29
angelo_rumpsy, no i didnt11:29
angelo_i downloaded a matrix bg but thats it11:29
angelo_yes i can do that11:29
SolarisBoyok give me a second im looking for something11:30
rumpsyangelo_: can you please go to tty1, press ctrl+alt+f111:30
switchgirlanyone into HAM radio?11:30
rumpsyangelo_: there is one solution to reset gnome theme11:30
angelo_rumpsy, that doesnt do anything11:30
angelo_it returns erroe11:30
rumpsyokay, logout, login as a failsafe11:31
rumpsyangelo_: ^^11:31
angelo_logout of what?11:31
SolarisBoyyour session11:31
angelo_what u mean log in as failsafe?11:32
angelo_what session. im so confused11:32
SolarisBoyi dont think this will benefit anything as you tried a reboot11:32
angelo_yea ive tried all that11:32
rumpsyThis is a option in login window manager11:32
SolarisBoywhen you login to ubuntu linux etc usually we can consider this a session11:32
angelo_how do i log off11:33
angelo_ill try it. maybe it works11:33
SolarisBoydought it11:33
rumpsyangelo_: in login screen, there is the word like option at bottom, click that and choose failsafe11:33
quietonerumpsy: what does ^^ mean?11:33
SolarisBoymeans look @ my last statement11:33
garymcso anyone know how i configure dovecot-postfix so i can host my own emails instead of using a third party?11:33
ugliefrogyay, im back in ubuntu, had to try W7 but i messed up grub, but i finally fixed it11:33
SolarisBoygarymc: to do what?11:33
rumpsyangelo_: in login screen, there is a word like option at bottom, click that and choose failsafe11:33
angelo_how do i get to the login screen?11:34
rumpsyangelo_: do you?11:34
riktkinghow do i access a fatx partition ?11:34
angelo_without restarting11:34
SolarisBoyyou need valid dNs to host mail11:34
rumpsyangelo_: press alt+ctrl+backspace11:34
riktkingangelo_ , click logout11:34
Justin_``Hey, When I try to install java, It says package not found?11:34
angelo_rumpsy nothing happens when i do that11:34
rumpsyangelo_: you have to press all at once11:35
angelo_you think i might have a faulty installation?11:35
riktkingangelo_, look under system menu11:35
rumpsyangelo_: you have to press all at once11:35
angelo_i did11:35
SolarisBoyJustin_``: openjdk i believe is in repos,,, for sun java etc need to dl from the site and run the ./*bin afaik11:35
riktkingangelo_, click on system->logout11:35
LinuxGnomehallo ciao!!!11:35
rumpsyangelo_: goto system->logout11:36
Justin_``No such file or directory: ./*bin11:36
SolarisBoywell... need to dl it first,, and that was to represent some filename.bin11:36
angelo_rumpsy, i dont see logout option11:36
SolarisBoynot literally that it is a file name *.bin11:36
Cube``hi. i have ubuntu installed on my eee pc, but would like to add the backtrack distro as dual boot. how can i do what without screwing up my current ubuntu installation?11:36
zetheroohey ... I am running Ubuntu 64bit :)11:37
zetherooall looks well ...11:37
SolarisBoyyou need to download a file like install_java-version.bin then make it executable like 'chmod +x install_java-version.bin' then run the file like ./install_java-version.bin11:37
rumpsyangelo_: do this, press and hold ctrl, and press and hold atl and press backspace11:37
riktkingrumpsy, tried that on my pc, its not working either11:37
angelo_yea nothing is happening11:38
aleanne82how can I tell which module is a driver for my usb hub?11:38
ugliefrogzetheroo--- me too11:38
SolarisBoythe java install is available from sun/oracle site (not sure how that all works now)11:38
angelo_im begining to think something might be wrong with the installation of the system11:38
SolarisBoyangelo_: me too11:38
angelo_ctrol alt backspace does nothing when i press11:38
SolarisBoyangelo_: are any numlock keys on?11:38
zetheroougliefrog: yeah? ... cool .. I am eager to see how performance will be with encoding video ...11:38
rumpsyangelo_: open terminal11:38
angelo_i think so11:38
SolarisBoythat wont work then with numlock i believe11:39
angelo_ok opened Terminaql11:39
julikokohi gurus11:39
zetheroougliefrog: have you noticed any performance difference between 32 and 64 bit?11:39
julikokopls is anybody there11:39
angelo_it still wont work even with numlock off.11:39
ugliefrogzetheroo--- very much so :)11:39
rumpsyangelo_: rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity11:39
angelo_rumpsy, i opened terminal. now what11:39
zetheroozetheroo: hi11:39
zetheroougliefrog: yeah? like with what?11:40
FloodBot3airo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:40
rumpsyairo: stop11:40
rumpsyangelo_: ?11:40
SolarisBoyor better yet 'mv .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity /tmp'11:40
julikokopls does gedit dosent work on ubuntu?11:40
angelo_rumpsy, im here. what do i do with all that?11:40
angelo_enter it in the command prompt?11:40
rumpsymv .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity /tmp11:40
SolarisBoyfirst type cd ~11:41
rumpsyangelo_: ^^11:41
SolarisBoybe sure your in your home11:41
SolarisBoythen do the move command11:41
=== deegee_1 is now known as deegee
ugliefrogzetheroo--- i have alot more apps going since it can utilize more memory11:41
rumpsyangelo_: yes, goto home folder, and use that mv command11:41
rumpsySolarisBoy: i think that may help him11:41
SolarisBoyyea should get recreated with defaults i believe11:42
zetheroougliefrog: right ... I have 4GB and tried the PAE kernel but it did not really improve the performance ...so I am trying the 64bit11:42
angelo_home folder?11:42
angelo_and put command where?11:43
SolarisBoycd or cd ~11:43
SolarisBoyangelo_: type this..11:43
al1irvI've got an ubuntu server with a samba share for windows users on the network. I have some external windows users that want to have a permanent connect to the samba share through the linksys firewall/router so I have to set up a VPN, which I know nothing about, anyone point me at something that might help11:43
angelo_rampsy can u please explain step by step in one message everything i should do11:43
SolarisBoy'cd ~ ;  mv .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity /tmp'11:43
julikokotrying to edit some of my php docs in my web directory ie /var/www/.... n use gedit  but got this (gedit:5803): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:11:43
xotahi! when I install a .deb file with dpkg -i can I force ubuntu to install the dependencia automatically11:43
rumpsyangelo_: opened terminal?11:43
SolarisBoyeverything but the quotes11:43
rumpsytype ls11:43
julikokois there anybody there to help?11:43
rumpsyangelo_: what you see?11:43
al1irvxota, doesn't it do that anyway11:44
SolarisBoyjulikoko:  echo $DISPLAY11:44
angelo_some stuff popped up11:44
rumpsyangelo_: type this command, ls11:44
julikoko trying to edit some of my php docs in my web file directory ie /var/www/.... n use gedit  but got this (gedit:5803): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:11:45
angelo_i got some blue letters response11:45
rumpsyangelo_: can you see folder like Desktop, Documents, and so and so11:45
SolarisBoyjulikoko: who is the user you are opening GEDIT with,, and does that user have a display?11:45
SolarisBoyecho $DISPLAY11:45
FunkyWeaselAmarok has crashed and I have a looping sound stuck.  How can I stop it?11:45
Quan-TimeSIMPLE paint program... kgo ! what is there ? and dont say gimp.. gimp is NOT easy, nor simple.. i want like "mspaint" simple11:45
rumpsyangelo_: what command you used?11:45
hexa-Funkeh`, killall -9 amarok11:45
Diverdudeis there any way to mark text i want to copy in the terminal using only keyboard (NO mouse) ?11:45
FunkyWeaselSolarisBoy: Seriously?11:46
SolarisBoyno kill amarokapp11:46
hexa-FunkyWeasel, killall -9 amarok11:46
SolarisBoykillall -9 amarokapp11:46
julikokodo u get that?11:46
FunkyWeaselSolarisBoy: "amarokapp: no process killed"11:46
SolarisBoythen  killall -9 amarok11:46
rumpsyangelo_: now use this, just copy and paste, mv .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity /tmp'11:46
SolarisBoyand if still no reboot11:46
rumpsyangelo_: without quotes11:46
SolarisBoyi've had this issue before with amarok on 8.1011:46
FunkyWeaselSolarisBoy: Same thing.11:46
rumpsyangelo_: now use this, just copy and paste, mv .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity /tmp11:47
FunkyWeaselAnd, what, *seriously*?  I have to give it the windows salute?11:47
julikoko@solarisboy expecting ur response11:47
Quan-Timegpaint.. cheers for the help everyone.. *snigger*11:47
rumpsyangelo_: ?11:47
garymcI keep getting FAIL when i run sudo dpkg-reconfigure dovecot-postfix11:47
xotaal1irv: I think that it doesn't do it11:47
SolarisBoyjulikoko: sorry did you ever give what returned from echo $DISPLAY?11:47
Diverdudeis there any way to mark text i want to copy in the terminal using only keyboard (NO mouse) ?11:47
xotayou must resolve references manually11:47
SolarisBoyim sure root doesn't have one11:47
SolarisBoytry to open the file as a normal user11:48
angelo_it wont allow me to cut and paste11:48
garymcFatal : listen (, 2000) failed : Address already in use11:48
angelo_but i typed it in and i got errors11:48
SolarisBoygarymc: lsof -i :200011:48
alabdwhere is keyboard layout files11:48
angelo_such asno such file in directory11:48
julikokoso what do i do?11:48
ragsagariam gonna download ubuntu 9.10 alternate installation cd, which download manager will be faster?11:48
SolarisBoyjulikoko: dont open the file as root11:48
SolarisBoyor set root display11:48
SolarisBoyone or other11:48
julikokoshld i use "vi"11:48
SolarisBoythat too11:48
rumpsyangelo_: again, type,  ls11:48
SolarisBoyvi wont go open a display it will open in the terminal so that will be fine11:49
FunkyWeaselOn a more general note - I have had a lot of audio problems with the nvidia MCP61 with Ubuntu.  Is it "just one of those things I need to get used to"?11:49
angelo_ok i typed ls11:49
rumpsyangelo_:what things you see after this ls com?mand11:49
Diverdudeis there any way to mark text i want to copy in the terminal using only keyboard (NO mouse) ?11:49
angelo_desktop, documents, downloads, etc11:49
FunkyWeaselAlong with having to reboot the work pc at least once a week because of audio problems?11:49
SolarisBoyFunkyWeasel: i have as well im not having that many audio issues it creeps up usually when im over exerting things on the audio side11:49
rumpsyangelo_: rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity11:50
angelo_next to downloads it says Firefox wallpaper.png11:50
julikokotanx man11:50
FunkyWeaselSolarisBoy: I wouldn't think running amarok would overtax ubuntu though.11:50
SolarisBoyi dont think it does11:50
rumpsyangelo_: rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity , type these and press enter11:50
SolarisBoyi think it confuses the audio system and gets held up in wait states11:50
garymcSolarisBoy : I did this what now?11:50
FunkyWeaselSolarisBoy: Good to know, but shockingly unimpressive.11:51
=== Knightlust is now known as Igorots
Diverdudeis there any way to mark text i want to copy in the terminal using only keyboard (NO mouse) ?11:51
SolarisBoygarymc: if a pid wsas returned then something is listening on port 200011:51
SolarisBoyand that pid is what it is11:51
angelo_rumpsy,  i typed it in and it just returned to another command prompt11:51
angelo_has anybody figured out why the desktop background doesnt show?11:52
garymcnothing was returned SolarisBoy11:52
rumpsyangelo_: what it says?11:52
SolarisBoygarymc: where is the error coming from you pasted in a while back?11:52
rumpsyangelo_: any errors for that command?11:52
julikoko@solaris "vi" is somehow fustrating11:52
julikokocldnt save11:52
rumpsyangelo_: restart your system11:52
SolarisBoyvi is text-god11:52
garymcwhen i run sudo dpkg-reconfigure dovecot-postfix SolarisBoy11:53
SolarisBoysudo vi11:53
SolarisBoyif its under /var/www11:53
SolarisBoygarymc: interesting,, can i see your output again?11:54
garymcFatal : listen (, 2000) failed : Address already in use11:54
SolarisBoyoh i se11:54
SolarisBoysee the webgui port11:54
quietonerumpsy: just checking. the 'ls' was to confirm home directory? and why not restart gdm instead of reboot?11:55
FunkyWeaselSolarisBoy: Ah well, thanks for the help.  *rebootan*11:55
julikokobut i need  to get myself acquainted  vi11:55
garymcSolarisBoy ?11:55
rumpsyquietone: he can't goto tty111:55
SolarisBoythe web gui runs on port 200011:55
SolarisBoysomething else on your system is running that port as well11:56
rumpsyquietone: And we are helping him for more than 45 min11:56
garymcim running an LTSP server11:56
SolarisBoyyou need to review the ports listening on that server11:56
garymcim a noobie im clueless virtually11:56
SolarisBoyif 2000 is being held open by some process that wont work unless 1. stop the process presently listening on port 20002. make the web gui listen on a port other than 200011:57
SolarisBoyand oh yea do sudo 'lsof -i :2000'11:57
angelorampy i dont know what we did but it works. Awesome11:57
Justin_``Gah this is rather annoying. I can't get apt-get to download the java package!!11:57
quietonerumpsy: thx. you are examples of patience.11:57
angeloand thank you too Solaris \boy  for helping out11:57
garymcSolarisBoy : i did the lsof thingy nothing happens11:57
SolarisBoyremoving all the .* files allowd them to be recreated with default settings,, nice one rumpsy11:57
angeloawesome work11:58
SolarisBoydid you do it with sudo?11:58
rumpsyangelo: ;)11:58
angelonow how do u make some extra money lol11:58
SolarisBoyif not you likely wont see any proc root is running11:58
intgrHi; I following the network bridging guide in Ubuntu 9.10 Server Guide, but when I try to start the network through 'ifup', I get "br0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device"11:58
intgrAnd yes, I did install bridge-utils11:58
SolarisBoyif root has a process listening on 2000 thats the issue11:58
rkrusehello all11:59
garymcsolarisboy yes with sudo11:59
=== rkruse is now known as Ace
SolarisBoyok and still nothing?11:59
garymcSorry i didnt use sudo inow i do11:59
joshua1does anyone know if there is a package for nautilus to get a thumbnail view option?11:59
shafiI have an external hard disk , but I can't mount it automatically in my ubuntu (Kramic) , can some one help please: this is the partition table: http://pastebin.com/m60bab1dc11:59
SolarisBoythats in options for nautilus joshua111:59
=== and is now known as Guest55736
SolarisBoylook at the top menu and check the preferences12:00
tobiaszwhy is ubuntu such a resource hog? Drag n dropping is lagged, and sometimes I need to try few times until I succed using it, when no apps are running still about 400mb of memory is used wth?12:00
Justin_``Would there be a reason why when I try to go to 'http://sun.java.com' it shows a page in google saying its not found?12:00
ubuntu_madcan some one help me with KDE desktop?12:00
tobiaszcan someone explain it to me?12:00
SolarisBoytobiasz: thats not ubuntus fault12:00
tobiaszit is12:00
SolarisBoytobiasz: dought it12:00
garymcSolarisBoy : http//pastebin.ca/177064912:00
indusubuntu_mad, #kubuntu12:00
Justin_``Would there be a reason why when I try to go to 'http://sun.java.com' it shows a page in google saying its not found?12:00
AceHi just need some help with networking information12:01
tauerwhy can't I join in #ubuntu-devel channel?12:01
SolarisBoyJustin_``: sun was bought by oracle12:01
industobiasz, yeah thats how ubuntu is12:01
ubuntu_madindus: thanks12:01
SolarisBoylike yesterday12:01
industobiasz, you could try other distros like arch12:01
SolarisBoysince that official news i have been having issues on the sun site as well12:01
industobiasz, but they aint easy to use or administer like ubuntu12:01
SolarisBoytry the oracle site12:01
tobiaszindus arch would take too much time to do simple things12:01
industobiasz, yes12:01
tobiaszindus ubuntu is just slow, xp is thousand times faster12:02
industobiasz, you could try removing some apps runing in background12:02
ekontsevoyHow can I launch any GTK-based app in a given directory via Gnome launcher? Right now it launches in "/" which is super annoying12:02
industobiasz, thats not correct, how much ram you ahve?12:02
SolarisBoytobiasz: this is not true12:02
nyaahello, has there ever been a case where suspend or hibernate ruined a bios to the point where you can't even see a post message?12:02
tobiasz2gb ram gf 7800gt amd athlon 64 4000+12:02
indusubuntu is faster to boot to desktop , and later as fast as xp when navigating,12:03
joshua1hmmm if you're talking about file management preferences, i don't see an option to set up a thumbnail view.12:03
tobiaszindus not true in my case12:03
joshua1any idea where i can find the nautilus config??12:03
industobiasz, windows xp will slow down over time you will have noticed, ubuntu stays same12:03
silv3r_m00nany issues with ubuntu 9.10 64bit on a  core2quad+ 1gb ram12:03
Justin_``The oracle site still dose the google error :S12:03
industobiasz, tell us your system specs12:03
industobiasz, turn off desktop effects to get more speed12:03
tobiaszindus I had perfectly solid xp for few years with no performance drop, just ned to clean things from time to time12:04
Justin_``But then on my vista laptop it loads fine?12:04