ubuntu_travelerI'm having trouble accessing ubuntuone from the web. I keep getting OpenID authentication failed: Nonce already used or out of range02:52
duanedesignanyone know of any bugs using the web ui with Internet Explorer?03:57
mikedep333hey are other people able to access ubuntu one?05:45
mikedep333I ran into this bug05:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 510866 in ubuntuone-servers "OpenID failed" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:49
mikedep333but there is an easy workaround05:49
magatzhi, is there a summary of the activity/decisions amda during the yersteday Ubuntuone biug day?08:07
magatzsorry for the mispelling ...08:10
duanedesigndarn spammers. 'Be Gone Already'! :)12:58
duanedesigni came across a bug report and forum post in regards to Internet Explorrer and the Ubuntu One WebUI. Is this a known issue?13:17
rtgzduanedesign, depends on what the bug is13:19
rtgzduanedesign, if that is IE, then that is WONTFIX :)13:19
duanedesignrtgz: ;)13:20
duanedesignrtgz: Internet working better today?13:20
duanedesignrtgz: we had an ice storm where i am. Crossing fingers that internet and power stay on13:21
rtgzduanedesign, i had a pretty strange day yesterday. When I needed the internet most, in the evening, the ISP's ppp responded 'Access denied'. Will connect a backup one on Tuesday...13:22
rtgzduanedesign, here, in Ukraine we don't need ice storms for the internet or power outages to occur. It is a value-added feature.13:25
rtgzwhy do we use IRC these days if XMPP prevents ^ from happening by requiring valid users...13:30
* rtgz hates local laws14:06
rtgzwith banks still forced to live in 196x, where facsimile transactions are not trusted but no replacement is provided...14:08
jblountrtgz: Banks are the worst.14:10
rtgzjblount, nope, banks are all "yes, sir, sure, we will cooperate..."14:11
rtgzjblount, but then there are various government-related requirements that force the remote party to rewrite the agreement so that it can be accepted by the local authorities...14:13
rtgzso, abstracting from local laws... Has anybody checked whether couchdb is able to replicate via http proxy?14:14
rtgzi made syncdaemon work with the proxy, as I already said earlier; but this is only a part of ubuntuone. The other part is couchdb which either has it as a native capability or the same hack will be required.14:15
* dobey hates stupid CTCP bombs14:17
* rtgz thinks about routing PPP via IRC...14:18
rtgzhm, this seems unrelated14:19
rtgznobody from couchdb/desktopcouch here?14:19
dobeyhave you tried to see if it Just Works (TM)?14:19
dobeyi really don't understand the bot attacks on #ubuntuone14:21
aquariusrtgz, hey14:33
aquariusI don't know if couch supports proxies...I'll check.14:33
rtgzaquarius, hey14:33
* aquarius asks #couchdb14:34
jcastroaquarius: happy birthday!14:46
aquariusjcastro, not until tomorrow, pal :)14:46
jcastroyeah but I won't see you tomorrow14:46
aquariuscheers :)14:46
aquariusshall see you the day after, though!14:46
jcastroI am getting in early14:47
aquariusI won't be there until 9pm or so14:48
urbanapegood morning, everyone!14:49
jblountMorning 'ape14:50
dobeytomorrow man14:54
dobeyi get to PDX at 10, assuming midwestern storms don't f that up14:55
urbanapegotta rebootie. I'll be right back (though I won't disappear from here)14:55
rtgzbug. evolution.GGGGRRRRR14:56
dobeyjcastro: clearly you don't understand the significance of tomorrow :)14:56
jcastrodobey: what happens tomorrow?14:59
dobeyjcastro: well it's not only aquarius's birthday15:01
dobeybut also mine15:01
aquariusu1 birthday day15:02
jcastrodobey: fill it in on facebook15:02
jcastroit's also evand's bday15:02
jblountDesktop+ MEETING BEGINS15:03
jblountSay "me" if you want to wish aq and dopey a happy birthday (or if you want to take part in the meeting)15:03
aquariushappy birthday dobey for tomorrow :)15:03
dobeyjcastro: it is on facebook15:03
aquariusalso, dopey. harsh by jblount15:04
jblountaquarius: I'm not good with tab completion ;)15:05
jblountI need to jump on a phone call, so I'll start it off and let everyone catch up:15:05
jblountDONE: Some code review, some work on start page stuff15:05
jblountTODO: Get start pages jiving with translations, get that up so people can review it, figure out yahoo's search stuff.15:05
jblountBLOCKED: Nope15:06
aquariusvds is afk at the moment and will fill in his stuff when he gets back15:06
aquarius⚀ DONE:15:06
aquarius⚁ TODO: test suite for music downloader design; cry about twisted; split library page into three, write tests, and commit;  have music library page send message to downloader daemon; make tomboy first-sync experience nicer15:06
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED:15:06
aquariusgo go gadget dobey15:06
dobey☺ DONE: Blocked on libubuntuone mess. Got libubuntuone packages built in beta PPA, Landed branches, Fixed Makefile to allow running make test without make check15:07
dobey☹ TODO: Fix some bugs I filed (#510351, #510353, #510348, #510355)15:07
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:07
dobeyvds, urbanape, CardinalFang, etc... FIGHT!15:07
urbanapeDONE: Mostly fixed the subsequent-client branch, what remains, I believe are bugs that can be filled against Bindwood in general (which I will do). Started on migration branch.15:10
urbanapeTODO: Finish migration branch, write up some testing strategies, possibly some scripts to automate these tests.15:10
urbanapeBLOCK: None, thank the maker.15:10
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Urdais anybody having Ubuntu One connection issues this morning?15:47
mhall119|worki don't think so15:48
dobeywhat sort of issue?15:48
Urdawell for one, one the web I get random "OpenID cannot auth" issues15:49
Urdaand two of my three ubuntu clients keep prompting to be added to my account, even though they are already added15:50
dobeyUrda: for the web issue, just go to one.ubuntu.com again after you get that error. there's a weird openid issue that people are looking at15:51
dobeyUrda: i'm not sure why it would be reprompting you to add your account repeatedly though, what version of the client are you running on those?15:54
Urdadobey: I should be running the latest standard client, I check for aptitude updates a lot15:54
Urdadobey: seems to be behaving now that I am in IRC, must know I'm here lol15:54
feutetehello--today I have started getting a browser window popping up about every 5-10 minutes asking me if I want to add my computer to my ubuntuone account16:21
feutetethe thing is that this computer has been on the account for months now16:21
feuteteI see this in the syncdaemon log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/365254/16:22
feuteteis there some sort of system issue on the u1 servers that is causing this?16:22
dobeyfeutete: what version of ubuntuone-client do you have please?16:31
feutetedobey: what's the best way to find that out?16:33
dobeydpkg -l ubuntuone-client-gnome16:33
dobeyrun that in a terminal16:33
feutetedobey: /msg 1.0.2-0ubuntu216:34
feuteteer... 1.0.2-0ubuntu216:34
feutetedunno how /msg got in there :s16:34
feutetethis just started this morning...I've  been running fine for months16:34
dobeyfeutete: ok, can you open System->Administration->Software Sources, and under the Updates tab there, enable "Proposed updates", then close the dialog, let it refresh, and update the ubuntuone packages from there?16:35
feutetedobey: done. now I'm on 1.0.3-0ubuntu116:38
dobeyfeutete: ok, if you right click on the applet and choose "Quit", and then wait a few seconds, and then run Ubuntu One again from the Internet menu, and let me know if you still have the same issues please16:42
feutetedobey: will do...16:50
dobeyi must go now. bbiab16:53
feutetethanks dobey16:53
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feutetedobey: when you come back, ping me please...the original problem has cleared up, but now I have problems staying connected17:34
statikhi artir17:51
statikgah freenode17:51
duanedesigndarn script kiddies need to do something productive17:52
dobeyfeutete: hi17:54
feutetedobey: hi17:54
dobeyfeutete: i imagine you're still getting the errors from the server, causing the disconnect. not sure why you're getting the errors. let me poke someone17:55
feuteteso, now I'll stay connected for a while, and then the applet icon will show a red X and I get this in syncdaemon.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/365293/17:55
dobeyfeutete: ok, there should be some logs on the server about why it's doing that, so hopefully someone can figure it out soon and make it better. i doubt you're the only person that's seeing it :)17:58
rtgzdc replication stops on any avahi error18:04
feutetedobey: thanks18:04
dobeythis is getting annoying18:08
rtgzopenid failed18:08
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rtgzwoo-hoo, backup ISP arrives on Sunday :)19:10
dobeyyay more spam19:12
rtgzubuntu needs to provide @ubuntuone.com XMPP accounts and/or email forwarding. To get rid from IRC :)19:13
dobeyubuntu.com jabber server would be neat, i do agree19:17
* dobey wonders how to make irssi ignore CTCP VERSION19:21
beunodobey, I think /IGNORE * CTCPS19:24
beunowill do it19:24
dobeybeuno: yeah, but i think that ignores ALL CTCP, not ONLY VERSION :)19:25
beunothat's ok   :)19:25
dobeyoh well19:26
rtgzdobey, desktopcouch does not bear "Just Works with Proxy(TM) Logo"19:27
dobeynot fun19:29
mandelCardinalFang ping19:30
CardinalFangmandel, hi!19:31
mandelCardinalFang hello!19:32
mandelCardinalFang one stupid question, on a MergeableList, why dont we have a remove method?19:32
CardinalFangmandel, No idea.  I'll go look. ...19:33
mandelCardinalFang thx :D19:34
CardinalFangmandel, It's an oversight, it seems.19:37
CardinalFangmandel, I'll hack one up in a few minutes.  Want to review it?19:37
mandelsure, I'll be more than happy19:37
rtgzaquarius, dc replication while proxy in place http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/365369/19:39
aquariusrtgz, yeah. I am told by the Couch people that couch doesn't support it yet (well, the underlying erlang http thing doesn't)19:39
aquariusI need to file a ticket with CouchDB upstream about it19:40
rtgzaquarius, and 80/443 ports are not accessible for applications...19:40
aquariusfeel free to do that instead of me if you get there first ;-)19:40
rtgzaquarius, so making UbuntuOne work behind proxy is making syncdaemon work with proxy then couchdb and then desktopcouch.19:40
aquariusyes, although desktopcouch shouldn't need to do anything new, assuming that python's urllib library supports proxies, which I'm pretty sure it does19:41
dobeyaquarius: HAHAHAHA19:43
dobeyaquarius: you assume too much19:43
rtgzThe urlopen() function works transparently with proxies which do not require authentication19:43
rtgzProxies which require authentication for use are not currently supported; this is considered an implementation limitation.19:43
* aquarius puts on his depressed-and-hard-done-by look.19:43
dobeyyeah, using authed or socks proxy with urllib is a no-go19:43
dobeyunless you write some funky magic, like for doing ssl validation19:44
rtgzso this leaves people in the universities w/o UbuntuOne...19:45
rtgzokay, this limitation can be worked around by running local tunnel through the proxy and have syncdaemon and couchdb connect to localhost... but it looks like it will create even more problems... I feel that it will create them19:46
rtgzfirst of all this is a hack19:47
rtgzsecond: this is a hack19:47
dobeyi wonder if it's just ubuntuone-client that breaks19:47
rtgzdobey, hm... basically... proxy support seems to be left as an exercise to the user...19:49
dobeyrtgz: unfortunately :(19:51
CardinalFangmandel, until .remove()  is implemented for a time, I think the best way to handle deletion is to use "del foo[N]".19:51
mandelCardinalFang, thx I'll do that I noticed the problem is that I have the value and not the key, that is why I was asking and finding the key will add an overhead to the operation19:53
dobeyrtgz: i'm not sure what to do about that19:53
dobeyrtgz: clearly the python std libraries need to be fixed19:53
dobeyand why does desktopcouch try to access *MY* keyring in the tests?19:54
mandelCardinalFang, I really do not know how would be a good implementation, maybe a double two way hash would do the trick19:57
mandelCardinalFang, a would implement the MergeableList as a modified HashBiMap by using buckets for the value->key map but not for the key->value that will allow to perform the operations as expected20:09
mandelan O(n) in both directions... I think :P20:10
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mandelCardinalFang, actually I got the O(n) bad... it would be O(1) with a possible large constant in both dirs including adding and removing since if you have a bucket when removing you dont care and just remove the first element in it20:29
CardinalFangmandel, right!  This is a good idea.20:31
rtgz*WALL* Currently urllib2 does not support fetching of https locations through a proxy. This can be a problem.21:47
rtgzIT IS!21:47
dobeyyes  it is21:50
* jblount sets fire to thunderbird21:53
dobeye-mail is so passe.21:58
rtgzOkay, happy birthday to everyone celebrating. Have great parties and have a lot of fun!22:15
* rtgz is shutting down for sleeep now!22:16

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