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RyNy_new to bzr and have a few questions02:58
RyNy_anyone there?02:59
saullawlI can try to help, lol03:00
RyNy_very basic questions03:00
saullawlAlright, shoot03:00
RyNy_I'm running lamp but want want to run Bazaar Explore for Mac, can I connect via ssh to my server?03:01
saullawlIt should be possible03:02
saullawlSo long as Bazaar Explore is an X11 app on the mac03:03
saullawlYou'd have to set up X11 forwarding on the SSH server and the SSH daemon.03:03
RyNy_lost me, sorry what's x1103:03
wgrantRyNy_: Why do you want to connect to the server? Is the branch there?03:03
RyNy_Yes, I'm using bzr to version control an install of LAMP running drupal03:04
wgrantRyNy_: In Bazaar Explorer, try checking out a path like bzr+ssh://user@server/path/to/branch03:06
RyNy_wgrant: my LAMP install is on AWS EC2 and uses a private key. Does Bazaar Explorer support ssh + private keys?03:07
wgrantRyNy_: It relies on Bazaar, which relies on your operating system's SSH stack.03:08
RyNy_wgrant: sounds like it's possible then? Is there any documentation for my needs?03:09
wgrantRyNy_: http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/Bzr_and_SSH03:10
RyNy_wgrant: cool. Let me try. Much appreciated!03:11
RyNy_wgrant: do I need to have both Bazaar and Bazaar Explorer installed on both my server (LAMP) and my desktop (Mac)?03:12
wgrantRyNy_: You need Bazaar on both ends, but Bazaar Explorer need only be on the desktop.03:14
RyNy_wgrant: thanks again03:15
RyNy_stuck here. trying to install QBzr but the help doc is rather vague: http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/QBzr03:35
RyNy_Am I missing something on this page? There's the source tarball and a universal Windows installer. No Mac installer.03:37
Kamping_KaiserIf i want to acces the 'bzr info' and 'bzr status' of a repo from a python script, should i import bzr libs and call them, or is a system() call going to wokr just as well?03:42
Kamping_Kaisersomething tells me its a silly question. oh well03:42
wgrantKamping_Kaiser: Why not import bzrlib? That's surely going to be easier.04:16
Kamping_Kaiserwgrant: thats what i suspected, thanks.04:25
lifelessKamping_Kaiser: they provide different interfaces; using the lib should be pretty easy.04:27
Kamping_Kaiseroh right. I'll go and have a look at what goodies bzrlib can do. thanks both :)04:28
wgrantannotate is lieing to me.06:12
elmoyou started it06:18
lifelesswgrant: how so?08:58
wgrantlifeless: In lp:~wgrant/launchpad/sprb-new-model-columns, annotate says that lib/lp/soyuz/model/sourcepackagerecipedata.py:130 was added by me in r8911. But the 8910->8911 diff doesn't show that.09:47
mgedminran out of disk space and bzr dropped my commit message on the floor10:27
mgedminsubversion would've at least left a svn-commit.tmp lying around10:27
* mgedmin hates being forced to re-type things10:27
napsterHello all...13:14
gerard_who wrote update -r ?13:44
gerard_I don't really get it13:44
PengWhat's not to get?13:48
PengErr, does that sound rude?13:48
PengIt's for updating to a particular revision instead of the tip.13:48
gerard_yeah, but normally update performs a merge...13:49
gerard_so when you specify a revision, I expect it to merge with that revision13:49
gerard_and merging with something in your own history shouldnt have any effect13:49
PengBut that wouldn't be useful, so it doesn't do that. :P13:50
gerard_that's not really a reason...13:50
gerard_it doen't feel like it should be part of the update command13:51
PengI don't feel like thinking about merging, but it probably makes sense. :P13:51
gerard_what you'd want is pull . --local -r 1 --overwrite13:51
mzzmerging with something in your own history should have an effect, afaict.13:51
gerard_it should?13:51
mzzyeah, I think you want pull.13:51
mzzwhat if I make a change, decide it's stupid, and want to commit a new revision with the change reverted?13:51
gerard_bzr revert?13:52
mzzthen again, it's not like I use update often.13:52
gerard_oh, not13:52
mzzand I can't think of a use case for update -r off the top of my head at all.13:53
gerard_what do you guys use for working with several people with a central repository?13:53
gerard_just merge & push?13:53
Penggerard_: That's what I use, but it's not a super-busy project.13:58
gerard_what I dislike from the merge & push is that the merge should have it's parents swapped somehow13:59
gerard_because you otherwise have to summarize other peoples changes13:59
gerard_also, i like to be able to review all the changes I'm going to commit13:59
PengWait, how does it prevent you from reviewing changes?14:00
gerard_well, if you only want to have one branch on your own computer14:01
gerard_you'd have to merge the new changes from the master into your own, and then push14:02
gerard_so you'll see then changes the other people made14:02
gerard_and when you commit & push you mess up the history14:02
gerard_it won't be as nicely linear with sidetracks14:03
Penggerard_: Yeah...you shouldn't do that.14:18
mzzfor a pretty history I suspect it's preferable to merge your own changes into a separate "trunk" branch than vice versa.14:21
mzzyou *can* do crisscross merging like you're suggesting but the resulting history tree won't be quite as pretty.14:22
gerard_in fact update does what I like it to do14:25
gerard_the only problem is the double merge bug, and the fact that update; revert will lose all local changes14:26
gerard_I spotted another duplicate for that bug #113809 btw14:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 113809 in bzr "update performs two merges" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11380914:27
gerard_yeah, I'll keep spamming that until it's fixed ;)14:28
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shakaranhi, I have a user with hardy and making a branch says: bzr: ERROR: Unknown branch format: 'Bazaar Branch Format 7 (needs bzr 1.6)\n'15:22
shakaranhow to fix it?15:22
Pengshakaran: What version of bzr is the user running?15:27
Pengshakaran: If it's something really old (in this case, pre-1.6), the user could install a more recent version from the PPA, https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/ppa15:27
shakaranthe user says that it have: Bazaar (bzr) 1.3.115:32
shakaranI send the ppa, I am waiting his answer15:33
shakaranPeng: yep, it works for the user. Thanks16:07
mkanatHey mwhudson.17:14
dvheumenthe Bazaar site seems to be unreachable, do you guys know that?17:23
dvheumenokay, and now it works again :P17:30
alamatiHi all18:04
alamatiwhen I want push I got this error:18:05
alamatizr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(lp-64863248:///~alamati/opencd/opencd/.bzr/branchlock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport18:05
alamatican you help me?18:05
alamatiwhat do I do?18:05
Pengalamati: It's an svn import. It's read-only.18:06
alamatiya, its svn import,18:06
alamatiwhat do i do?18:06
alamatiI switch from SF to launchpad18:07
PengWhat are you trying to do? Do you want your revisions to wind up in https://opencd-fa.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/opencd-fa? Are you gong to get rid of the svn repo, and want the Launchpad branch to be the main location?18:07
Pengalamati: You can push to another location on Launchpad.18:08
alamatiI want to wind up my project in SF, I want to continue developing in launchpad, I imported it to launchpad18:10
alamatipeng: where I push? what mean another location?18:10
PengWherever. lp:~alamati/opencd/pengismyhero or whatever you want.18:11
alamatiyou mean that I enter this command:18:12
alamatibzr push lp:~alamati/opencd/18:12
PengWell, almost.18:13
Pengbzr push lp:~alamati/opencd/something18:13
alamatiwhat is something?18:14
PengWhatever you want.18:14
alamatiSo I must create new branch in launchpad?18:14
PengThat's what I'm suggesting.18:14
PengIt's possible there are other options, like turning the import into a regular branch, but I don't know how, and this is easy.18:15
PengYou could even rename the other branch out of the way and then give the new one the same name.18:15
alamatialamati@ThinkPad:~/opencd$ bzr push lp:~alamati/opencd/OpenCD18:16
alamatiUsing default stacking branch /~alamati/opencd/opencd at lp-64863248:///~alamati/opencd18:16
alamatiCreated new stacked branch referring to /~alamati/opencd/opencd.18:16
alamatiIs this true?18:16
PengIt's not lying. :P18:19
PengThe new branch will probably catch on fire if you rename or, worse, delete lp:~alamati/opencd/opencd.18:20
PengIf it's just a rename, it might not break, and it's fixable. If it's a delete, ehh, hope you've got another copy of the data.18:20
PengI dunno if Launchpad prevents you from doing dangerous things or fixes them.18:21
alamatithis was my first push, after this any one can obtain new revisions?18:22
Pengalamati: What do you mean? Anyone can obtain a copy of it, yes.18:23
Pengalamati: You can even set it as the development focus branch so "lp:opencd" will redirect to it instead of hte old branch.18:23
Pengalamati: Although people who already have a copy will need to "bzr pull --remember lp:opencd".18:23
alamatiOh, where is my new rev? there are not in changes http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Ealamati/opencd/opencd/changes. why?18:25
Pengalamati: Because that's not where you pushed.18:26
Pengalamati: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Ealamati/opencd/OpenCD/changes18:26
alamatiI confused18:26
PengI tend to cause that, yes.18:27
alamatireally thanks, dear peng, but how I can merge this two branches?18:27
PengI don't know.18:28
mkanatIs there a way to change branch options like append-revisions-only on remote branches?19:21
mwhudsonmkanat: hitchhiker19:22
mwhudsonmkanat: abentley's thing that allows you to poke around at the vfs layer19:23
mkanatOh ugh.19:23
PengIt's like a basic sftp client, only for bzr's vfs.19:23
PengThere's no method in the API to change append-revisions-only?19:23
Pengs/the API/bzrlib/?19:23
mwhudsonoh i guess you can use .set_config_option or something19:24
mkanatOh, hitchhiker is actually pretty cool! :-)19:28
PengIndeed. :D19:29
mkanatThis is particularly handy because I can't get a prompt on this server.19:30
mkanatmwhudson: Did you see my questions on the memory leak bug?19:33
mwhudsonmkanat: not sure i saw the most recent ones19:34
lifelessreconfigure should do this to19:35
lifelesspatches needed ;P19:35
mkanatYeah, just a generic --set-option or something for reconfigure would be nice.19:36
mkanatIs there a way to differentiate a "bzr up" from a "bzr co" or "bzr push" in pre_change_branch_tip?19:38
mkanatMaybe I should just use pre_commit instead.19:39
lifelessmkanat: what are you trying to do19:44
mkanatlifeless: I'm trying to make sure that on the server, when somebody commits a change, the "committer" is always set to the logged-in SSH user.19:44
lifelessan no, pre_change_branch_tip doesn't know about user level operations like up/co/push19:44
lifelessmkanat: pre_change_branch_tip is what you need for that19:44
mkanatlifeless: Yeah, the problem is that if somebody tries to do "bzr up" on the server itself, it fails.19:45
lifelessmkanat: so, perhaps 'don't do that' ?19:45
mkanatlifeless: Yeah, that's possible. The problem was actually updating the plugin itself on the server. :-)19:45
lifelessmkanat: I generally suggest plugins look for a config option to enable them19:45
mkanatI was considering that as a possibility, too.19:46
lifelessor you could look at the branch path19:46
mkanatOh, that's a good idea, if it's going to stay just a mozilla.org plugin.19:46
lifelessit will get userspace-chrooted but you can map to the local path19:46
keturnoh, I found the bug entry.  I can't figure out how to configure authorization for smartserver because smartserver has no auth mechanisms.20:35
keturnthat explains it.20:35
EdWyse_MobileIs there an easy way to change a commit message a few revisions back? I started working with redmine and if I say bug "#n" it will mark it, but if I leave off the hash mark ('#'), it doesn't. I accidentally left it off a few revs back. It's not a big deal, but it would be nice to have it look right.20:49
PengEdWyse_Mobile: No.20:50
PengThere are ways, but not very easy, and it would change the ID of the revision and its descendants.20:50
EdWyse_MobileOk, thanks.20:52
EdWyse_MobileI know I could just make diffs for each rev, uncommit to the one before the one I want to change, check out, patch, commit... Way too much work for aesthetics.20:54
PengYeah...it's possible to automate it more, but that's basically the end result.20:54
mkanatMade a nice little bzr-to-cvs sync script here, if anybody ever wants it: http://bzr.mozilla.org/bzr-plugins/bzr-to-cvs/files21:12

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