QuintasanZorael: almost built00:07
Quintasanwaiting on i386 :P00:07
Quintasanhmm guys, did anyone manage to share a printer via samba?00:09
ZoraelQuintasan: I see it, I'll give it a shot.00:15
QuintasanZorael: damn, please wait for a second, this damned dpatch doesn't add patch to apply list @_@00:21
Quintasandpatchきらい <-- am I doing it right? :P00:22
Zoraelkirai, yes :300:23
QuintasanI hate dpatch00:23
Quintasanquilt is sooooo much better00:23
Quintasan<3 quilt00:23
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QuintasanZorael: 嫌い <-- that's the kanji?00:24
* Quintasan was guessing, really00:24
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* Quintasan hands cookies to Guest4431100:25
ZoraelQuintasan: it's hard to see in 7pt fonts, but yes, that looks like it00:26
Quintasan7pt? oh wow, I would die using so small fonts on my screen00:27
Zorael1024x600 on a 10" screen makes you very screen budget-aware :)00:28
Quintasan7pt on 23" == instant death to eyes00:29
ZoraelQuintasan: If you're poking about in the packages, could you copy/paste the bits in uim-xim that creates the existing 'uim-toolbar-qt' choice in im-switch, into a uim-toolbar-qt4 one? The files the choices refer to are at /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/00:30
Zoraelor just change uim-toolbar-qt to start the qt4 panel, since the qt3 panel is really of dubious use at this point00:30
macoMamarok: i found the sidebar thingy that was in the kontact screenshot! apparently there's an invisible handle you can grab one in every 5-10 tries to change the size of the sidebar from "not visible at all" to "takes up space"00:31
QuintasanZorael: urgh I'll try, but I think this package needs more love and update in Ubuntu00:33
ZoraelQuintasan: all right, no worries :)00:33
Quintasanthose patches in japanese-testers could go to Ubuntu package instead of sitting somewhere in PPA00:33
QuintasanI'll look around for help and get it done00:33
QuintasanZorael: uploaded new version with patch applied00:35
Quintasanhope it will work this time00:35
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ScottKSigh.  How many channel notifications does it take to get through a day?00:55
crimsunScottK: none! I ignore them in my server buffer ;-)01:26
ScottKHeh.  Yeah, I think I'll set that up now.01:27
ScottKActually I'm not sure I can.01:28
_Groo_hi/2 all01:55
ScottKNew design metric for a networking project: What's the combination of topology and cable reuse that results in me have to crimp the minimum number of rj45 connectors....02:20
nixternalScottK: wifi :p02:49
nixternalyou could also go back to coax02:50
ScottKGotta get the internet to the wifi.02:53
nixternalthat is only 1 cable, therefor 2 crimps02:53
freinhardhi! any plans to update pykde/sip? software properties kde doesn't work with kde 4.4rc2 installed (wrong SIP api version)02:58
nixternalquickly is making some good noise03:24
nixternalseems people are using it quite often now in the gnome side, or ubuntu side rather03:24
dhillon-v10nixternal: do you have an idea where the code for ubuntu brainstorm is? I need to fix a typo :)03:26
nixternalno idea...worry about docs and not brainstorm03:28
dhillon-v10nixternal: wait there was a typo in docs. ??03:30
* nixternal heads back to date night03:30
nixternalI am sure there are plenty...need to pull in all of the docs and freeze the branch tomorrow03:30
nixternalif all the docs are done, go fix the world then03:30
dhillon-v10nixternal: okay :) will look through everything that I did again03:30
nixternal0 active reviews or unmerged proposals03:31
nixternalmeans I am still waiting for docs from you and others03:31
dhillon-v10nixternal: yeah, I was going to mail you so its convinient for you to push them03:31
nixternalmailing isn't convenient though, requesting a merge is far more convenient03:32
nixternalas I can look through the diffs03:32
nixternalheadin' back out for a bit03:32
dhillon-v10nixternal: the merge proposal is turning out stupid, it says like the last time I have modified 53 files and a diff over 7400 lines so I deleted the proposal, I think I made an error while pushing the branch up or something, so what should I do now??04:11
ScottKdhillon-v10: My advice is he can better answer that question if he can see the branch, so push it again.04:21
dhillon-v10ScottK: I just pushed it like a few minutes ago and then deleted it so should i do that again04:22
dhillon-v10ScottK: I guess I answered my own question :)04:23
dhillon-v10ScottK: its done: https://code.launchpad.net/~dhillon-v10/kubuntu-docs/dhillon-v10/+merge/18329 thanks :)04:26
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nixternaldhillon-v10: something isn't right, 53 files...actually everything...don't know what you are doing on your end that is different04:41
dhillon-v10nixternal: probably some problem in creating the branch, yeah I think that should be it, sorry for that but I did check some docs. and no typos so far, still looking over 2 more docs. for typos04:48
dhillon-v10nixternal: do you think I should create a new branch and push my stuff again, if that fixes the stuff04:53
Tm_Tnixternal: so it did hit planets, excellent04:59
shtylmanRiddell ScottK JontheEchidna: are we gonna package the kdm theme? also... how are we gonna handle the wallpaper mess? I would think you guys want the package size smaller?07:56
faboRiddell: how have you created kubuntu_07_phonon_4.3.80.diff patch ?08:09
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schmidtmi just filed bugreport #515138 regarding a problem with kded414:19
ZoraelDoes the Amarok in the beta ppa work for anyone? It insta-crashes upon start here, even after having wiped its settings. (Thought I'd ask before submitting a bug report.)14:28
vishalraojust a quick "thank you" for the folks who did "ubuntu developer week" from a random-joe-user-turning-drive-by-patcher :)14:57
JontheEchidnaanybody up for a quick revu? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/plasma-widget-smooth-tasks15:10
JontheEchidnahmm, the orig didn't make the upload somehow15:11
JontheEchidnafixed in new upload15:15
QuintasanJontheEchidna: and you probably would need to request removal for plasma-widget-stasks15:26
Quintasana) broken15:26
Quintasanb) unmaintained15:26
JontheEchidnayeah, that's the plan15:26
JontheEchidnaI actually did this packaging because another stasks bug got filed today :P15:26
Quintasanwell I got the input issue solved out15:27
Quintasanit will work when your locale is set to jp_JP15:27
Quintasanbut if you have another one15:27
Quintasanlike pl_PL here15:28
Quintasanyou need to do im-switch -z pl_PL -s ibus <or uim>15:28
Quintasanthen ibus will be default one and you don't need to change it by hand15:28
QuintasanI wonder how do we implement it :/15:29
ryanakcaHmmm... could somebody tell me if a new "feauture" of KTimeTracker is a regression? Previously, KTimeTracker allowed me to modify the total time. Fo example, say I started working on X at 1:00, but at 1:30 realized that I forgot to start it, I used to be able to add 30 minutes. Now, I have to change the times between which I was timing, and to add say 15 minutes, (unintuitively), I'd have to start then stop the timer for a task, then ...16:01
ryanakca... manually modify the start / stop times...16:01
ryanakcaIt's much more complicated and much less pleasant...16:02
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ari-tczewis there any sponsor for main?16:20
ScottKshtylman: I'm leaving that for Riddell to figure out.17:04
yuriyis kdebindings broken in Lucid? looking at bug 51479617:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 514796 in userconfig "kcmshell4 crashed with AttributeError in createWidget()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51479617:07
yuriyit's failing on parsing the UI file17:09
ScottKWe just had our first 4.4 kdebindings upload, so it wouldn't suprise me if it has issues.17:13
ScottKJontheEchidna: Be sure to put that acpi fix on your core-dev application.17:13
ScottKI can verify it fixed the problem for me.  Thanks.17:13
JontheEchidnaNot really my fix; I just made a debdiff out yofel's patch. I suppose in retrospect I should have made that more clear in debian/changelog17:18
Riddellshtylman: what wallpaper mess?17:56
hungerLex79: I read that nepomuk is supposed to work now? I still have some issues with it, are you the right person to ask about it?17:56
Lex79what's the problem? btw I don't think it's yet ready to work17:59
hungerWould it be possible to have strigi not index svn, cvs, git, hg, bzr, etc. directories by default in kubuntu? My index size went down from 1.1GiB to 25MiB after excluding that...17:59
hungerLex79: Is it supposed to work? I think it does for me, but the config dialog claims that strigi never started.17:59
hungerLex79: No. of files indexed is always "Calculating", too, so I am a bit confused.18:00
Lex79I don't know exactly, maybe it's a virtuoso issue18:00
Lex79we need to wait the new upstream release of virtuoso to see what happens18:01
hungerLex79: Virtuoso is installed and index size does give some values.18:01
hungerLex79: OK. I was just wondering since I saw your name after "Done" in some wiki page yesterday:-)18:01
Lex79well, same here but I can't find my files via dolphin for example18:02
hungerLex79: Something else that is annoying: I can do Alt-F2, do nepomuksearch:/something and get a dolphin with lots of files.18:02
hungerLex79: But I can not open any one of them. That makes the whole thing kind of useless:-)18:03
Lex79yes, I hope all issues will be fixed with new soprano and new virtuoso :)18:04
hungerLex79: Trying to open anything gets me "File or folder strange-nepomuk-name-with-some-hash does not exist.18:04
hungerLex79: Great. Poke me if you need testers or something.18:05
ejatLex79: when it will be release ? soon ?18:05
Lex79for soprano I think yes, for virtuoso nobody knows18:05
shtylmanRiddell: there are (including the kdm theme) 3 copies of the same wallpaper18:32
shtylmanthere is one for /usr/share/wallpapers18:32
shtylmanone for the ksplash18:32
shtylmanand one for kfm18:32
shtylmanand in each case there are multiple resolution versions18:32
shtylmanso we have lots of duplicate files and wasted space18:32
shtylman(I talked a bit about it in my kubuntu-devel mailing list post)18:33
neversfeldeI got an answer from upstream about basket in Lucid. They expect a release before FF and wants us to ship the new version. I also prepared a package, so that we can update once it is there.18:45
neversfeldeguess it is best to send a mail to the list to prevent doubled work on this18:46
Lex79neversfelde: yes18:46
neversfeldeLex79: was rc3 delayed?18:47
Lex79it's not tagged yet http://websvn.kde.org/tags/KDE/18:48
Lex79I'm wondering about the reasons to release a RC3 when the final release will be tagged on 3 February18:49
neversfeldethey want to check the tarballs, but they should have already done it18:50
Lex79If RC3 will be tagged, I think we don't want release that (I hope), since after 3-4 days we have to packaging the final18:51
Lex79it seems for me a  doubled work18:52
Lex79and no make sense18:52
ScottKI'd say it shoulnd't be that hard to do and if it does uncover something, so much the better.19:25
neversfeldeI have plenty of time the next days, so I can help :)19:30
sheytanHey guys ;)19:35
sheytanMaybe someone here will answer my question: Why sun-java6-plugin depens on firefox?19:36
rbelemsheytan, maybe because of npapi19:38
rbelemjust a guess19:38
sheytanrbelem what is it,  and how can i install java plugin when i onnly use chrome? :P19:38
rbelemsheytan, it is the netscape plugin api19:40
ScottKNeither Firefox, Sun-java6, nor Chrome are Kubuntu apps, so this is almost certainly not the best place to ask.19:41
sheytanrbelem  is there a way to install java plugin anyway?19:41
sheytanScottK but these are kubuntu packages.  Someone did make them ;]19:41
tsimpsonit depends on firefox or xulrunner19:42
ScottKsheytan: Kubuntu and Ubuntu share the same repository19:42
rbelemsheytan, http://paste.ubuntu.com/366378/19:42
ScottKThere's nothing Kubuntu specific about them.19:42
rbelemsheytan, it depend on one of these browsers19:42
sheytanrbelem ScottK so there's no way to install java plugin only?19:43
rbelemsheytan, nope19:44
ScottKsheytan: I don't know.  All I'm saying is this isn't the right place to be asking19:44
ScottKProbably #ubuntu-mozillateam would be better.19:44
sheytanok, guys, thanks ;)19:44
QuintasanAnyone knows how can I make all "make" jobs to be run with -j6 ?20:20
shtylmanexport MAKEFLAGS=-j620:21
shtylmanQuintasan: ^20:21
Quintasanshtylman: thanks20:21
Quintasanyay, magnet support in new KTorrent20:26
Quintasancan't waint20:26
Quintasanthis is just great, I launch kvm machine from command line - I have network inside kvm, I run it from virt-manage == no network :/20:43
neversfeldeQuintasan: what is magnet support?20:45
Quintasanneversfelde: torrents without trackers20:52
neversfeldeok, I don't know anything about it, so I cannot imagine what they are for. Was only curious.20:54
neversfeldeScottK: you told me once not to mention a new maintainer in debian/changelog. Do I have to say someting about a new homepage?21:04
dhillon-v10nixternal: just got your email from the merge, so what do you say, should I create a new branch and then push all my work in there ? then you can easily merge it in21:06
QuintasanLex79: \o21:21
Quintasanapproved to kde-l18n-pl21:23
ari-tczewkaffeine 1.0 pre3 released, I'm on it, will done @ weekend21:27
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neversfeldeso to the batcave? :)21:46
nixternaldhillon-v10: bzr branch lp:kubuntu-docs22:13
nixternalmake your changes, bzr commit them22:13
nixternalthen bzr push them, it should push them to a personal directory of yours for kubuntu-docs22:14
nixternalcreating a new branch and pushing everything in it, is what is causing it to want to overwrite everything22:14
dhillon-v10nixternal: yeah I'll do that, another question: while packaging pbuilder tells me Score is -9850 what is that ??22:30
nixternaldepends on which packages aren't being satisfied in the depends22:32
nixternali never pay attention to that score, as its meaning is useless to me22:32
dhillon-v10Aptitude couldn't satisfy the build dependencies22:32
dhillon-v10E: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed.22:32
dhillon-v10that's what I get in the end of the build22:32
nixternalfailed on what22:32
nixternalwhich package(s) is it failing on22:33
dhillon-v10nixternal: I am building this one package for a merge called: xserver-xorg-video-vmware do you want me to pastebin the output its not long22:34
dhillon-v10nixternal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/366470/22:37
Lex79JontheEchidna: what is the Debian channel in OFTC? I don't remmeber :(22:55
JontheEchidnaLex79: debian-qt-kde22:56
Lex79JontheEchidna: I talked with fabo about the issue, I'm happy that they talked on it...can you paste their conversation?23:02
dhillon-v10nixternal: SUCCESS :) 6 files modified23:03
JontheEchidnaLex79: I'll just give you the whole backlog :D23:05
Lex79ok :)23:05
JontheEchidnaScottK: This might interest you; notification design for 4.5: http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/plasma/design/notifications?view=markup23:07
Lex79oh, I looked for 23.00-00.00 pm but you're still on ~18.00 :)23:08
Lex79uhm no decision, doesn't help :(23:14
Lex79btw I tried to building Qt without phonon stuff in the control file, and I've this issue23:15
Lex79since webkit needs libphonon shared library which is not present anymore in the packages23:16
neversfeldeah notifiactions23:23
neversfeldeLex79: I tried a build of colibri that fixed the issue, you remember?23:24
neversfeldeit does not work :(23:24
Lex79uhm :( did you disable plasma notification? iirc you sholud disable it and enable colibri in system settings23:25
neversfeldeas I have to talk to agateau about these new tray menus and you are busy with phonon, shall I talk to him aboti it, too?23:26
neversfeldeLex79: I restarted and there is no colibri in systemsettings23:26
neversfeldeand I did dot disable it23:26
Lex79yes take my package please :)23:27
neversfeldeI'll have a look at it23:27
Lex79no colibri in notifications in system settings neversfelde?23:27
neversfeldeLex79: nope23:27
Lex79read the readme file in the sources23:27
Lex79neversfelde: Colibri installs a configuration module in23:29
Lex79the "Appearance" category.23:29
Lex79from the readme file23:29
neversfeldeLex79: yep, I know, but could not find it23:29
Lex79ok it's broke then lol23:30
neversfeldeI'll have a look, it is important for us to ship it with lucid, because it was a standard feature in karmic. So it sould be available in 10.04 in my opinion23:30
neversfeldealso I like it :)23:31

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