turtle^s0uphi all, does anyone know why DNS /etc/resolv.conf  automatically changes?00:00
floh79turtle^s0up: Maybe you're running KNetworkManager00:00
floh79turtle^s0up: Or using dhcp?00:00
turtle^s0uphow can i tell if i'm using dhcp00:01
floh79robinr: You mean with ndiswrapper?00:01
turtle^s0upit's just defautl install00:01
turtle^s0upno ndiswrapper00:01
floh79turtle^s0up: I'm using b43-module I didn't need install anything.00:01
turtle^s0upjust wicd, because i had a wireless card with preconfigured open source drivers00:01
floh79turtle^s0up: Sorry, I dunno about wicd.00:02
turtle^s0upright now wired connection, no wireless00:02
turtle^s0upbut /etc/resolv.conf automatically changes00:02
claydohturtle^s0up: iirc networkmanager and maybe even wicd don't necessarily use those settings files00:02
turtle^s0upeven if i add my own DNS00:02
floh79turtle^s0up: No idea but isn't there any comment in /etc/resolv.conf like "configured by..."?00:02
turtle^s0upjust goes back to my ISP dns00:02
turtle^s0upor points to the modem IP00:03
floh79Sound like its caused by dhcp.00:03
floh79turtle^s0up: did you enter IP-address manually?00:03
turtle^s0upi have static ips00:04
floh79If you're sure you don't use NetworkManager, then doublecheck /etc/networks/interface00:04
turtle^s0upi can remove wicd if you think that's an issue00:04
floh79Ok, if you have static ip, then I dunno why resolv.conf is being changed. (in my case it happened because of NetworkManager).00:04
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turtle^s0upOK, thanks.00:06
floh79No probs.00:06
floh79Well I'm leaving. Good night.00:06
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lovrehi all00:37
lovrei have just installed karmic, what repos should i enable?00:37
lovrei cant install skype, says no install candidate, so i suppose i dont have the right repository enabled00:38
titan_arklovre: download it from their site00:38
titan_arkand u can  then install it00:38
lovretitan_ark: i have allways installed it via apt, so i would like to do so now.... why cant i00:38
titan_arklovre: sorry no idea.. .00:39
lovretitan_ark: and also, it wont be updated unless i install it like this?00:39
titan_arku will probably have to wait for some of the pros to respond then00:39
BluesKajlovre, skype static is your best bet , it's a  not in the repos, look for this ; skype_static-
lovreBluesKaj: what is taht00:41
BluesKajit's aversion that works on linux , and you can download it from www.skype.com00:42
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lovreBluesKaj: ok, another question, why dont i get anything when i press tab in console? No auto complete anymore, and i had that beofore, its really annoying. For example, sudo apt-get install pidgin, and it cannot autocomplete pidgin. It did so before..00:44
BluesKajlovre, dunno00:44
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topprecioshello who use Loquendo in Ubuntu?00:50
elliotjhugHi, I'm trying to configure a system for a beginner user where security really isn't a priority. The built in password-strength enforcement is causing me problems - how do I disable it?00:54
samietalguien me lee00:57
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:58
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hishis there anybody try to install kubuntu 9.10 on Dell E540001:24
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redIagohey, svn seems to be giving me this weird error " error: Repository moved permanently to"01:53
redIagoany ideas why?01:53
marcosRzI'm with this question here --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8751150#post875115002:16
marcosRzAnyone knows where I can control daemons startup on KDE? On systemsetting there is only KDE daemons, I want to control startup of crond/mysqld/apache2d and so on. GNOME has this tool, but I can't find one for KDE02:16
s3lcukanyone has wireshark complex command line defitions for ubuntu02:37
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vinnie_can someone help me with samba? I share a folder via the share tab in properties dialogue. I can access the shared folders from my windows machine, but I dont have write access. How do I correct this?02:43
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wardredSamba can be a trick to configure properly.  Hate to say it, but I think that's one of the things I'd point you to google and / or the samba sight for.02:59
wardredYes, Samba will share with Windows, even Vista or 7, but you really want it configured properly.03:00
* wardred - looks at my own mess of a configured samba share...hides the details.03:00
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kaddidoes konqueror use addblocking by default?03:04
kaddiah found it03:05
wardredI'd guess no, but since you found it, does it?03:10
wardredOr at least if it's built in, it's not on by default?03:11
vinnie_wardred: did you use the gui or smb.conf?03:18
donnnew user to ubuntu here03:18
wardredI used smb.conf.  The gui may be a better way to do things if you're new to Linux/samba03:19
wardredI spent a bit of time on the manual / how to pages to see how to get things the way I wanted.  Basically I wanted a big read/write share that required a password.03:19
kaddihi donn :) hope you like ubuntu :)03:20
vinnie_wardred: im not so sure... I open the samba settings from the system settings menu, and Im blown away03:20
torasukuGood KDE/Qt FTP client?03:33
sabgentonwhat is eqivalent to gedit in  kde03:54
Tm_Tsabgenton: Kate03:55
sabgentonTm_T: i thought there was a more simple one?03:56
Tm_Tah, simple, then its Kwrite03:57
sabgentonwait kedit?03:57
sabgentonis kwrite good for editing scripts and things?03:57
Tm_Tno, Kate is (:)03:57
Tm_Twell yeah, both works very well03:57
sabgentonTm_T: I know im being anoying but how do you spell them on the comandline03:58
sabgentonkate kedit and kwrite03:58
sabgentondo you need capitals?03:58
sabgentonor lower case03:58
Tm_Tall lowercase03:58
Tm_Tsabgenton: and no you're not annoying (:03:59
sabgentonspelt like that ^03:59
sabgentondoes kedit exist still?04:00
sabgentonrings a bell04:00
sabgentonor did I just make that up04:00
sabgentoncan't see it anyware04:01
sabgentonkate and kwrite04:01
Gamarok__hi guys04:07
OKATESTYINGhi, i want to make a program include version numbers of all major libraries used at compile time, and gcc version. I am on ubuntu how do i make this happen?04:11
OKATESTYINGwhat i am asking is how do i substitute enviormental variables into source code?04:12
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papapapaphi! i'm a happy user of Karmic, but since today I acquired a 24" monitor I want to give Kubuntu a "pro" try since I suspect i will be really cool. However, I don't want to lose my current installed applications, so the question is: is there any way to install Kubuntu and still keep my installed applications? Thanx!!04:35
Tm_Tpapapapap: you mean you have Ubuntu currently?04:37
papapapapTm_T yes!04:38
papapapaplet's say i want to give kubuntu a try and if i get the feeling with it then i will clean install kubuntu and reinstall all my apps04:39
Tm_Tpapapapap: well, Ubuntu and Kubuntu are same thing, just different default apps04:42
Tm_Tpapapapap: so, you can just use your already existing Ubuntu and install kubuntu-desktop package04:43
Tm_Tpapapapap: then you just choose between KDE and GNOME session in login screen04:43
crimsunmeaning that Ubuntu and its derivatives share a package repository but what is installed by default can cause problems04:43
papapapapTm_T, ok, what should i install, kubuntu-desktop or kubuntu-kde4-desktop!?04:44
Tm_Tpapapapap: if you're in Karmic, kubuntu-desktop04:44
Tm_Tcrimsun: hm?04:44
crimsunTm_T: I'm referring specifically to various audio backends and their necessary Phonon configurations04:45
papapapapcrimsun, hi, yeah, i know what you mean, i will try for a while kde and look what happen. in the end i will clean install kubuntu or just recover the backup i will make now04:46
papapapaptnx guys :D04:46
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kerncoIs anyone here sharing files from their Kubuntu computers to Windows?  I have samba set up, and on windows I can see the computer and browse the directory tree, but when I try to play a video file it doesn't work.05:15
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Guest23904running kde4.3.2 kubuntu 9.10 system keeps booting into the terminal,,have edited grub and about a thousand other things, i'm tired out any help?05:36
theeraWho can told me regarding Vedio net protocal on Kubuntu?05:55
naftilos76Has a repo been setup for Kubuntu, reg 4.3.5? Does anyone know?07:56
OKATESTYINGhi, i want to make a program include version numbers of all major libraries used at compile time, and gcc version. I am on ubuntu how do i make this happen?08:10
OKATESTYINGwhat i am asking is how do i substitute enviormental variables into source code?08:10
tony32my network manager icon is gone now in the plasma panel. is there a way to recover it? i can't connect on my linux partition08:24
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nikihrHello, i just installed kubuntu from ubuntu with apt-get install kubuntu-desktop. How can i now remove ubuntu apps and whole gnome?09:20
Tm_T!purekde | nikihr09:24
ubottunikihr: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »09:24
mauriim not able to use firefox in openoffice09:35
mauriAizram: non si puo sbaglaire09:51
mauriim not able to use firefox in openoffice09:51
tony32anyone know if kubuntu will uninstall my beta packages if i uncheck the beta in the repository?09:51
Neremorwhy isn't "eclipse-cdt" in the repos anymore?09:53
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mudassarsome problems please somebody help10:50
mudassarfirst is "(gedit:6852): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :010:50
mudassarI did "/usr/X11R6/bin/xhost +" but got the same error10:51
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emeteomudassar: maybe you xserver doesn't accept tcp connections,10:56
mudassarhow to fix that ?10:56
emeteogo to /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc10:57
emeteocomment "-nolisten tcp" with a #10:57
emeteoin ServerArgsLocal10:57
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mauriim not albe to start firefox from a link in the openoffice document....konquer still to be used11:03
mudassari m sorry, but can you tel me how to find -nolisten tcp using vi ?? :)11:03
emeteowith / key11:04
emeteowrite "/nolisten11:04
mudassaryes got11:06
mudassarI switched off the whole line11:06
mudassarincluding the serverlocals11:06
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mudassarstill I am getting the same error11:07
mudassarNo protocol specified11:07
mudassar(gedit:8820): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :011:07
mauriim not albe to start firefox from a link in the openoffice document....konquer still to be used11:08
mudassarwhen I write "set" it shows me DISPLAY=:011:09
mudassarhow to change that ?11:09
Speedy2Hey all.  Where does Kubuntu 9.04/KDE3.5 series store font settings?  I *really* like the look and feel of it and want to move the settings to another machine.11:12
mudassargedit works for normal user but when i run it for root user the following error comes Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: localhost:0.011:18
mauriim not albe to start firefox from a link in the openoffice document....konquer still to be used11:19
terran4000Does anyone have a solution to the dell throttlegate issue?11:31
BeatRitwhats the issue?11:31
terran4000It's called the ThrottleGate11:32
terran4000more or less11:32
BeatRitill google it, hold on11:32
terran4000The laptop scales down because it "overheats" though it really is not11:32
terran4000There is a workaround in Windows11:32
terran4000Though ... I haven't heard of one for linux, I was wondering if anyone knew of one.11:33
BeatRitmy logic tells me to ask if theres a bios update for it?11:33
terran4000There have been, 2 actually11:33
terran4000Yet neither has helped11:33
martinjh99Is this the best place to ask about KDE4.4RC bugs?11:33
insanepotatohi all =]11:33
terran4000martinjh99: for kde specific things, probably #kde is your best bet11:34
BeatRitterran4000, "According to reader postings, the issue can be triggered by playing a video or performing another processor-intensive task."11:34
terran4000It is11:35
martinjh99Well this is 4.4 from the Kubuntu beta repos... I'm guessing here or a devel channel would be ok...11:35
terran4000Though I need said 'processor intensive' tasks, in my case I need to use a VM for programming11:35
insanepotatoi compiled a static library using my sytem, running a x64 version of nix. would this file still link and work fine on a x32 version of nix?11:35
BeatRitmartinjh99, if its for "complaining" about bugs, youre at the wrong channel mate, theres a reason for the RC label11:36
BeatRithm, lemme keep searching terran400011:36
martinjh99:) True11:36
martinjh99Ah welll never mind11:36
terran4000BeatRit: danke shin11:36
terran4000insanepotato: nope11:37
insanepotatooh shux. ty terran4000.11:37
ngongwhere can I find a networkmanager dialog?11:37
terran4000insanepotato: only x64 is compatible with x32 ONLY with 32bit libraries installed ... x32 is NOT compatible with x64. Would be nice though :-P11:38
Peace-ngong: systemsettings11:38
ngongPeace-: ok, thank you11:39
BeatRitterran4000, so far as i can see theres only a bios update11:39
BeatRitand cuz those laptops prob dont ship with Winblows preinstalled, they ignored Linux11:39
terran4000BeatRit: thanks, meh ... I guess I'll just have to wait until I can replace this laptop T.T11:39
BeatRitim gonna search some more11:39
BeatRitdont give up :p11:39
terran4000I'm not, though I'd been searching for a linux workaround for over a month11:40
terran4000(on and off of course)11:40
terran4000I'm at the point where I just want to get work done, and am debating just buying a mac11:40
ngonghow can I force to try a WLAN0 reconnection ?11:41
BeatRitterran4000, prepare to feel sad when ur mac gets outdated lol11:42
Peace-ngong: in the dock there is a widget like in windws...11:43
BeatRitterran4000, im gonna ask in another channel11:43
Peace-ngong: double click and it recconect you11:43
terran4000BeatRit: sweet, thanks!11:43
BeatRittell me the exact problem so i can copy paste ok?11:44
BeatRitso i wont miss something out11:44
ngongPeace-: there is a globe symbol, if I click on there I get recommendations to install new software, is this ok?11:45
insanepotatoi have a copt of UPX for windows which runs fine in kubuntu. is this normal?11:47
mudassarI have installed myphpadmin how to access that ?11:47
mudassarit says page doesn't exist11:47
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BeatRitterran4000, ...?11:49
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terran4000BeatRit: sorry, afk for a bit, wife problems :-P11:53
BeatRitnp :p11:53
terran4000Let's see, the exact problem12:03
terran4000Anytime the cpu is under any serious load for a while 10+min the temperature will rise, of course12:04
terran4000except the issue is that even though the temp is within safe ranges12:04
terran4000it will throttle the CPU down from 2.54ghz12:04
terran4000down to 800mghz and stay where until the temp drops at least 15 degrees C12:04
terran4000then eventually it will go back up again12:05
terran4000and then back down12:05
BeatRithm, terran4000, would u mind joining the channel im in?12:05
terran4000Like a roller coaster, except not fun12:05
terran4000not at all, which one?12:05
BeatRitu using xchat?12:05
terran4000I'm too lazy to install anything else :-P12:05
BeatRitdo u have geekshed available?12:06
BeatRitthats an IRC12:06
terran4000no idea what geekshed is ...12:06
BeatRitwell, this is #kubuntu at FreeNode12:07
BeatRitoh wait, would u rather use the webservice?12:07
BeatRitthen u dont need to setup and such12:07
terran4000I can use this or the webservice. It all really is the same to me.12:07
BeatRitok, go to live.pirillo.com12:07
Peace-omg pirillo here12:08
* Peace- kill himself12:08
BeatRitmake up a nick and click join12:08
terran4000hey, I remember this guy. He was on TechTV way back when.12:09
ngongPeace-: ok, found it, thank you .. what is the best way to install Skype?12:09
BeatRityeah terran4000 :D12:09
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga12:09
ubottuekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga12:09
terran4000any particular channel I should join in there BeatRit?12:10
BeatRitur already in the channel terran4000, just ask ur question now :)12:10
terran4000k, danke12:10
BeatRitur german?12:11
terran4000Nope, but I've been stuck here in the EU for over a year so I've picked up a few things12:11
BeatRitk :p12:11
BeatRitterran, u might have to wait a bit >.<12:15
BeatRittheyre being slow12:15
terran4000It's only 1:15pm here ... so I've got all day.12:15
BeatRitits 13:15 here too :p12:16
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BeatRitterran4000, ask again if its going too slow :p12:18
BeatRitwe need to fix it asap cuz 1 month has been way too long12:19
terran4000It's just wrong, though it is mostly Dell's fault T.T12:20
terran4000Does anyone know how to get direct access to the CPU on linux? Maybe I'll just make my own CPU Clock Modulation program12:21
robinrterran4000: there are lots of CPU control programs.12:25
robinrand a lot of things can be controlled by writing to /proc/some/file12:25
terran4000robinr: I know, there is for example cpufrequtils12:25
terran4000though the problem is not that, it's a problem of the cpu being underclocked by hardware12:26
justin3hi everyone12:26
terran4000there is a workaround in windows which forces a change in the cpu clock modulation12:26
terran4000though there is no such thing in linux, as far as I know12:26
terran4000thus, i'm trying to get to the bottom of this12:26
terran4000or my laptop will get to the bottom of this very tall building at 9.8m/s^212:27
timo33672I'm new to KPackageKit, shouln't I see lots of package names there? It's empty now, is that ok? How to populate it?12:27
terran4000timo33672: you have to search for something12:27
robinrthat might get you a very low cpu frequency :)12:27
terran4000robinr: that's why I'd have to set it correctly :-P12:28
terran4000From what tests show, someone published a 54 page pdf on this issue, it is a problem of the CPU modulation going from X to ~512:28
terran4000or so12:28
timo33672terran4000: I typed openoffice and clicked on serach - still empty12:28
timo33672terran4000: I included the skype repository, typed skype to search for, and it is still empty, what did I miss?12:29
terran4000timo33672: just to make sure we're in the same place ... to get to where you are you clicked on System Settings -> Add and Remove Software12:29
terran4000timo33672: if you happen to have x64 bit kubunty installed, you can't install skype that way12:30
timo33672timvdm_: it's an old PC but working, yes, we're in the same dialog12:31
terran4000so it's probably x32 ... hm12:32
terran4000:: shrug :: :-P12:32
terran4000I just use the command line for everything12:32
terran4000oh, idea12:33
terran4000maybe even though you added the repo, you forgot to update the list12:33
terran4000if you click on "Software Updates" then click refresh12:33
terran4000and then search again12:33
terran4000might help12:33
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timo33672In KPackageKit I'now able to look up a package, however how do I install it from there?12:43
terran4000on the right side there is a little grey arrow12:43
terran4000click that arrow12:44
terran4000then click apply at the bottom12:44
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timo33672terran4000: ok, thank you, don't know what I did wrong12:45
jussi01How does one find out whivh /dev/ a usb device is assigned?12:54
terran4000What is the average cpu/gpu temperature for a laptop?12:58
tsimpsonjussi01: with dmesg or lshw, I guess12:59
tsimpsonor blkid, that should help13:02
* terran4000 sighs13:05
terran4000Always a love-hate relationship with my little Dell13:05
* terran4000 wonders where he put the hammer13:07
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Kaneljust for testing konversation13:50
Kanelwhich client do you prefer?13:50
LjLsee also #ubuntu-bots for people's opinion polls13:51
Kanelthx dude13:52
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* terran4000 sighs14:03
terran4000Anyone here have a dell laptop that have the a heat issue?14:04
petsoundswhat's the temperature?14:07
terran4000the core(s) temp goes up to at most 160F14:07
greyhatMy /home harddrive are full... i havent downloaded anything to that disk, i save all my work/downloads on my 1,5TB harddrive14:08
greyhatHow can i see what taking all the space14:08
terran4000gpu core was higher but still within normal ranges14:09
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tdnHow do I backup my mobile phone's contacts to my computer using Kubuntu 9.10? I have installed kmobiletools, but it does not seem to work.14:55
alexandernstHow can I set the color of a windows that isn't on focus and will receive some changes? (just like that orange color in windows when somebody talks to you in messenger)14:55
BeatRitwhich open-sourced VoIP program runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac?15:21
timoterran4000: i have a queation my pc need tp play videos the flahplayer how can instal the flash player ? working with linux is very hard:D15:21
terran4000timo: hmm, if you openup a flashpage with firefox15:22
terran4000such as youtube and click on a video to start watching it15:22
terran4000firefox should automagically ask you if you want to install Flash15:23
timoterran4000:  i try this15:23
terran4000you can try installing: flashplugin-nonfree15:23
timo in witch program ?15:24
timopaket manager ??15:24
terran4000from command line it should be: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree15:24
timothis is my first pc  lol15:24
terran4000from the 'normal' way15:25
terran4000Go to System Settings15:25
terran4000Click on Add and Remove Applications15:25
timook normal way please15:25
terran4000type in 'flashplugin-nonfree' in the search box, press enter15:25
terran4000then click on the little arrow on the right side of flashplugin ....15:25
terran4000and then click apply to install15:25
terran4000(and download :-P)15:25
* terran4000 really thinks he should make a kubuntu 101 screencast soon15:26
BeatRitwhich open-sourced VoIP program runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac?15:29
timocool the download start now15:29
timothank you very much15:29
terran4000no problem15:30
timook thanks15:30
TheAncientGoatBeatRit: ekiga works on all 3 I think15:30
ubottuekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga15:30
timo can i ask you evry time or other people15:30
timolinux is very cool15:30
BeatRitekiga sucks imo15:31
terran4000timo: you can ask me, though not sure if I'll be able to answer all the time15:31
timothats ok  sometimes you are in the chat thaknks for help!!15:32
BeatRitterran4000, is ur problem solved? :)15:32
timoterran4000:  ohh one question when i instal windows live messenger15:32
terran4000BeatRit: not even close >_>15:32
TheAncientGoatBeatRit: Well, I'm not aware of any other foss voip progs. Skype works on all 3 but its not opensource, and it also sucks :P15:33
timois that the same way15:33
BeatRitwhy does it suck ancientgoat?15:33
TheAncientGoattimo: You have to use a different client for windows live messenger15:33
timowitch client15:33
timo ??15:33
TheAncientGoaton kubuntu, kopete will work15:33
TheAncientGoatit should already be installed15:33
TheAncientGoatjust add an account, select hotmail/windows live, and enter your details15:34
TheAncientGoatBeatRit: Their protocols, their policies..15:34
timoterran4000:           windows live messenger and linux not compatible????15:34
TheAncientGoatI mean, in usability terms, its better than ekiga ofc.15:35
terran4000timo: no, That's why it's called "Windows" messenger15:35
TheAncientGoattimo: you can still use it though15:35
TheAncientGoatjust not that specific client15:35
terran4000timo: if you want to chat on the windows messanger network, I would suggest you use Kopete (the default KDE chat client) or Pidgin15:35
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin15:35
BeatRitfuck it, there should be an FOSS VoIP Crossplatform :@15:46
jtheueryeah, BeatRit15:49
BeatRitthe us can ask skype to tap ur calls15:49
jtheuerlet me know if you found one - plus one that works on smartphones15:49
BeatRitthey cant ask it if it would be foss right?15:49
BeatRitjtheuer, imma build my own if i cant find one15:50
jtheuerthey can still ask ;-)15:50
jtheuerthey can also ask for my private key...15:50
BeatRitffs :@15:51
BeatRitu dont have any privacy on ur computer15:51
BeatRitwindows has nsa progs, mac prob too, google reads ur mail and logs ur search queries, the gov can tap ur skype calls, the world sucks!15:52
chuckfBeatRit: none of that is effective until you reach out from your computer15:53
chuckfgoogle only reads your clear text mail15:53
BeatRitsorry my english aint good enough to understand that sentence, can u try to say it in other words?15:53
chuckfwhat is on your computer is yours. Once you go onto the internet you are at the mercy of those services that you decide to use15:54
chuckfthe gov can tap your skype calls, but they can also tap your land line and cel calls. What is the difference?15:55
BeatRitoh cmon!!!!!!!!!!!15:55
BeatRitchuckf, u gotta help me15:58
chuckfwhat do you need help with?15:58
BeatRitill be switching to linux to avoid all these problems15:59
BeatRitill use kubuntu15:59
BeatRitthen next: a mailprovider that doesnt log/read like google and M$ do15:59
BeatRitcant u get username@linux.org or so?15:59
chuckfBeatRit: and where are you going to find that?15:59
BeatRitgood question :/16:00
chuckfif you want private email you have to encrypt what you send/receive16:00
BeatRitchuckf, how do i do that?16:00
chuckfgpg is the standard16:01
chuckfthere are plugins for most mail clients today16:01
chuckfhttp://gnupg.org would be the starting place16:01
BeatRitand can u get @linux.org?16:02
BeatRitor @kubuntu.org?16:02
BeatRitthat would be awesome16:02
chuckfI don't have a way to get a @linux.org email16:03
chuckfyou can get @kde.org by becoming a kde contributor I believe16:03
BeatRitand @kubuntu.org?16:03
terran4000You can always just make your own domain and have your own server :)16:04
shreehow enable smaba16:04
BeatRitterran4000, is that gonna cost me money?16:04
chuckfterran4000: that still does not help as you are communicating with people @gmail.com and other domains you don't control16:05
BeatRitchuckf, what do u use?16:05
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
chuckfI use google hosted email16:05
terran4000BeatRit: yeah, unless you can find a free domain name :-P16:05
chuckfand encrypt what I don't want google t oindex16:05
BeatRitnice :o16:06
BeatRitbut wait16:06
BeatRitif i send a mail from @kde.org google can also read what i wrote to the gmail user?16:07
chuckfif it is clear text, yes16:07
terran4000just enable https and use gpg16:07
terran4000If you use pop, then just enable TLS or SSL16:08
BeatRitgoogle prob has a deencrypter for gpg16:08
chuckfI'd be surprised if they did16:08
BeatRitthey hacked china back, so they can do anything16:08
chuckfthat's a differnet thing entirely16:09
chuckfthe gpg encryption scheme is different than hacking a computer16:09
BeatRitif they can hack into a gov they can have a deencrypter for gpg16:09
terran4000BeatRit: They didn't hack a goverment, that would break US federal law16:10
terran4000All they did was go around the hardware and software firewalls16:10
BeatRiti mean that, soz16:10
chuckfcould they have a way to crack gpg? sure its possible but it is not probable. For them to have something like that is about the same as someone getting sturck by lightning three times in the same place over three years on the same day16:11
unomystEzi can't seem to find a boot.img.gz for the latest version of kubuntu16:12
unomystEzi found old ones from 200816:12
unomystEzI need to install via usb drive16:12
chuckfunomystEz: are you trying to create a custom boot USB? If not, why not just use the USB creator?16:15
unomystEzI only have windows installed16:15
unomystEznot sure what the USB creator is16:15
unomystEzI just want to install kubuntu16:15
unomystEzI don't have a CD/DVD drive on any of my boxes16:15
chuckfdid you download the kubuntu ISO already?16:16
unomystEzthat has a link to an old old boot.img.gz though16:17
unomystEzI don't think kubuntu builds them anymore16:17
chuckfgo to https://fedorahosted.org/liveusb-creator/ and download that for windows. Click on the 'browse' button for 'use existing live cd' and point it to the kubuntu iso. Then for target device use your flash drive for that16:18
chuckfthat is the method I use for creating live usb drives under windows from fedora or *ubuntu isos16:19
unomystEzone more thing16:19
unomystEzI have always used gnome in the past, but I don't really like it so much16:19
unomystEzthe only diff between ubuntu and kubuntu is KDE?16:19
chuckfnote that that will wipe out whatever is on your USB drive16:19
chuckfthat is the biggest difference yes. The package choices are different so some utils that are on Ubuntu are not there by default on Kubuntu16:20
chuckfand vice versa16:20
terran4000unomystEz: KDE and kde stuff. Kubuntu is built on and around KDE while ubuntu is all gnome16:20
unomystEzwell I hope I like KDE16:21
unomystEzwill like*16:21
chuckfMost people do:)16:21
chuckfand if they don't they are wrong:D16:21
BeatRitchuckf, what do u use for voip?16:21
BeatRitur on linux right?16:21
chuckfas a client I use twinkle16:22
BeatRitffs: available for Linux only16:22
chuckftwinkle connects to my asterisk box16:22
BeatRitnvm chuckf16:23
BeatRitchuckf, what do u do with skype contacts?16:27
chuckfI don't worry about it as it hasn't come up yet16:28
terran4000Does anyone here use KDE 4.4 RC2?16:28
lookingouthi guys, this morning i switched to kubuntu since now i have a good 23" monitor kde is a pleasure, but so far i found an issue: it won't install propietary drivers for my ati 5750hd video card and won't recognize its HDMI output, any idea on how to solve this!?16:29
chuckfI've not had anyone only have a skype contact for voice. The one time I did have that happen was a friend so I set him up with an account on my asterisk box and connected via that16:29
terran4000lookingout: what do you mean "won't install"?16:29
lookingoutterran4000, hi, well, you know, i click the new hardware drivers icon in the traybar and it shows up with the ATI driver shaded in grey16:30
chuckfBeatRit: if it does come up I'll probably just get a skype account if needed16:31
lookingouti can't choose it to install16:31
lookingoutin ubuntu this don't happen16:31
terran4000lookingout: try doing this from the command line: sudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx16:31
terran4000that should work16:31
chuckflookingout: have you run an update on your system yet?16:31
lookingoutterran4000, ok i'll try chuckf yes i did16:32
terran4000good luck16:32
lookingoutguys, i will install kubuntu again,16:32
lookingoutonly one more question, please, i really enjoy actual compiz settings plus emerald decoration, is there any possibility i can use them in Kubuntu?16:33
lookingouti mean, is KDE/Kubuntu compatible with emerald and compiz?16:33
BeatRitchuckf, next question then, what do u use for chatting with wlm ppl?16:34
chuckfwhat is wlm?16:34
tdnHow do I backup my mobile phone's contacts to my computer using Kubuntu 9.10? I have installed kmobiletools, but it does not seem to work.16:35
chuckfI don't have a msn account16:35
BeatRitaim then?16:35
chuckfIf I needed to though I could use kopete, and I use kopete for aim16:35
chuckfand pidgin works for both of those protocols as well16:36
sid_Hello Guys!16:36
sid_I got a big problem with mi iPod Classi16:36
sid_Evrytime yhay i Plug th iPod16:37
sid_Kubuntu does't reognize it16:37
lookingoutsee ya guys, time to reinstall kubuntu!!16:37
sid_My iPod appears connected just for a few seconds, and then it appears to be desconnected, waht can I do? I need your help16:38
chuckfsid_: is it being mounted? Do you see it as a device?16:39
sid_because in a few second the iPod just disconnect16:40
BeatRitchuckf, did u get my pm?16:40
chuckfsid_: do you see it when you do a lspci16:40
Alarmhello, is it possible to configure my taskbar to look exactly the same in the systemtray area as in the rest of the taskbar ? ( http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/4508/snapshot10l.jpg )  if u see the jpg you will notice that the taskbar is seperated in to two different colours16:40
sid_so, I can't use as a Externa HDisk16:40
chuckfBeatRit: yeah I did16:40
chuckfsid_: lsusb is what I meant16:41
Alarmi am using oxygen style16:41
sid_I'm new at Kubuntu, and I love it16:41
chuckfAlarm: are you talking about the green/black difference?16:42
chuckfor the dark/light coloring16:42
sid_but I need all the funcionts of my Ipod, and I think that the better solutions is to migrate to "iWindows"16:42
Alarmchuckf,  yes , the "greek" is actualy transparent16:42
sid_please, help me16:42
Alarmwhere my tray icons area is black and not transparent16:42
terran4000sid_: the good ol' ipod should be detected automagically16:43
sid_yes. but it doesnt happens16:44
chuckfsid_: from a command line if you run lsusb do you see a line there indicating the ipod?16:44
sid_what can I do?16:44
terran4000other than that, I don't know what else :-P16:44
chuckfAlarm: I'm not sure if you can change the background color of that. I've never tried and checking real quick I don't see an obivous way16:45
sid_I don't know nothing aabput commands16:45
Alarmwell i had it completely transparent before updating to the new versions of the styles :/16:46
sid_please, explan me , what Can i Do to coppy all my daa to the iPod16:46
terran4000Alarm: if I remember correctly, the panel will now only be transparent if you have compiz enabled16:47
chuckfsid_: we need to figure out if the system is seeing the ipod first. Open a terminal window and type in lsusb and one of the lines there should indicate the existence of an ipod16:47
Alarmwell i dont plan adding compiz. i just noticed the change after adding new styles. some styles allow a unique scheme of color in the whole taskbar where others dont. so i thought that i did change some settings without realizing16:48
terran4000Alarm: I don't know much about styling in KDE/kubuntu, but like I said transparency for the panels is ONLY via compiz. Color changes and stuff that is only via the style16:48
sid_command not found16:48
terry_hi I was wondering if someone could give me a quick hand.. I'm geting an error with Kpackagekit saying that Depedency Resolution failed?? Any ideas?16:49
=== harjot_ is now known as harjot
chuckfsid_: what did you type in the terminal window?16:50
=== terry_ is now known as Terry_SC
sid_but the problem is, that onece yhat I plugg in the i Pod its automaticalley ddisconnected16:51
chuckfthen at the command linst type in 'sudo apt-get install lsusb' without the quotes then run the command16:51
chuckfsid_: the problem is we have to figure out if the usb controller is dropping the device or the system is just not mounting it16:52
sid_sid@I:~$ [sudo] password for sid:16:53
sid_[sudo]: command not found16:53
sid_sid@I:~$ Leyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho16:53
sid_Leyendo: command not found16:53
sid_sid@I:~$ Creando árbol de dependencias16:53
sid_Creando: command not found16:53
FloodBotK3sid_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:53
kamolai downloaded it https://fedorahosted.org/liveusb-creator and created it16:55
kamolaso all i have to do is to reboot my netbook?16:55
chuckfkamola: in theory, and then tell the bios to boot from the usb drive16:55
kamolai created kubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso16:56
kamolait's a new asus eee16:56
kamolathx chuckf16:56
kamolado u know how to open bios on that eee?16:57
chuckfnot off hand16:58
kamolai'll have a look16:58
chuckfthere is probably an option when its starting saying something like 'F8 for boot options'16:58
chuckfand it may be set to boot from the USB first by default. i don't know16:59
avsuHello! Can I change icon for my individual .sh file?16:59
mauriim not able to set firefox as default browser17:02
terran4000avsu: Theory states that you only have to right click on the file and go to properties and pick an icon there17:02
chuckfmauri: have you gone to system settings -> default applications?17:03
maurichuckf: of course17:03
avsuterran4000: it will change icons for all .sh files. I mean for individual file.17:03
terran4000avsu: eh, I was afraid of that T.T Sorry can't help you dude. If you ever figure it out please let me know. Cause I'm curious about that as well.17:04
maurichuckf: the problem is when open a link inside open office doc17:04
avsuterran4000: cheers ;)17:04
chuckfmauri: I belive OOo has a seperate area for that setting17:04
terran4000chuckf: the bigger question is why does it have a seperate area for that!17:05
maurichuckf: i've tried to looking at, but nothing17:05
chuckfactually it may just be an integration issue with OOo and KDE17:06
WaltzingAlongmauri: and you set system settings / default applications / web browser to use firefox? and instead OOo opens the link with konqueror ?17:07
NikofTimeGood morning KDEians!17:08
chuckfWaltzingAlong: yep. I just tried it here with the same results17:08
mauriWaltzingAlong: yes....i have to remove konqueror fropm the system17:08
terran4000NikofTime: good evening17:08
WaltzingAlongmauri:  and what about the settings under system settings / advanced / file associations ?       for say text/html     ? which program is listed first?17:09
NikofTimeSo what are 266 people up to today?17:10
peppino87why if i download a file with firefox and then i click on it in the download window it doesn't work?17:10
terran4000260 are away or not paying attention, and 6 of us are semi-paying attention while trying to do our own things :-P17:10
mauriWaltzingAlong: Firefox, i've already changed it....in fact every html file is opened with firefox17:11
NikofTimewhat is your own thing terran?17:11
terran4000writing an article, planning a KDE-Kubuntu case study, thinking of what to do with my master's thesis and wondering what to sell next17:12
chuckfpeppino87: FF does not know how to handle the file17:12
timohi @ all17:12
NikofTimeTIMO! COMO ESTAS!17:12
timoterran4000:  i have a question sry17:12
BluesKajpeppino87, in linux you go to the file firefox downloaded the file to17:12
terran4000timo: no worries, what is your question17:12
timocomo estas17:12
WaltzingAlong!es | timo17:13
ubottutimo: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:13
NikofTimeMuy Bien!17:13
peppino87i know, but why? In fedora it works17:13
timoterran4000:  i would like to go in a chat and the chat needs java17:13
timoWaltzingAlong:  no espanol sry17:14
terran4000timo: install this: "sun-java6-plugin"17:14
timothank why you know all the stuff here17:14
timoyou are very intelegent  respect17:14
terran4000I don't know all the stuff, I just like to know the best and fastest ways to get things working. Because I'm tired of things not working17:15
BluesKajpeppino87, setup the link to download destination file in FF17:15
* terran4000 blushes17:15
terran4000timo: Thanks17:15
timono matter17:15
timook i try this17:15
terran4000good luck17:15
terran4000one more thing17:16
terran4000I've always had trouble getting the darn java plugin working in Firefox17:16
peppino87BluesKaj: where can i setup it?17:16
BluesKajin ff17:16
terran4000if you do you firefox, try using Google Chrome, Chromium or even Konqueror instead for that java applet17:16
terran4000*if you do use17:17
Alarmehm i got a "simple" question. when pressing the "delete" button , i can delete files but i do not get any notification asking me for confirmation to delete the files. where can i  activate this ?17:17
NikofTimein Dolphin?17:18
Alarmyes . generally in my kde17:18
NikofTimesettings -> configure Dolphin -> General -> ask for confirmation when:17:19
Alarmit just deletes files without asking me for confirmation17:19
WaltzingAlongAlarm: ^^17:19
Alarmok i will check that. :)17:19
NikofTimeYay i helped!!17:19
chuckfgood job NikofTime!17:19
NikofTimethanks chuck!17:19
NikofTimenice assist!17:19
Alarmok "ask for confirmation when deleting files or folders" is checked . but still no confirmation seen17:20
NikofTimewhat about "moving files or folder to trash"?17:21
Alarmokie, that works . i am too stupid :)  thanks17:22
Alarmthought moving to trash and deleting was sort of the same17:22
NikofTimei use the option in Dolphin to show the "Delete" command to bypass trash17:22
NikofTimeunder dolphin settings -> general -> context menu17:23
mauriWaltzingAlong: do you havve any thoer idea17:25
WaltzingAlongmauri: ask in #kde ?17:26
NikofTimewhat's up mauri?17:26
NikofTimei want to help!17:26
NikofTimejust re-discovered "Night at the Rooxbury" jesus the 90's were funny17:27
NikofTimeand no one cares!17:27
NikofTimehow are there 269 "peopl" here and no one talks17:28
mauriNikofTime: when i open a www link from a openoffice documents, it is used konqueror instead firefox. I've already set it as default17:28
* gastly talks :p17:28
NikofTimei am so on that!17:28
elexodusAnyone know how to change an MBR to a GUID partician table?17:30
elexoduspartition length of 11671431345 sectors exceeds the msdos-partition-table-imposed maximum of 429496729517:33
binMonkeyhow can i get byobu to autostart with konsole?  i can't figure it out.17:34
gastlymauri, do this, "sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser" and then select the one which you want to use :)17:36
NikofTimehey mauri!17:36
timoterran4000:  No Login? Then Java is deactivated or is absent!17:37
NikofTimewow gastly! good work17:37
gastlyhehe thnx NikofTime :)17:37
timoterran4000:  what I make now around in chat to come,17:38
maurigastly: great...it works. But is it not possibile to do the same thing using grafic interface?17:38
terran4000timo: Hm? worry I don't understand17:38
gastlymauri, hmmm I don't think so hehe17:38
gastlysome things just *have* to be done in a terminal17:39
NikofTimewhy would OOo use the alternative browser settings? seens odd being that the help shows it uses system default17:39
timoi have instal the paket an i make a restart and try it again17:39
binMonkeygastly: was that update-alternatives command to set the deafault browser?17:39
timobut its dont work he sais java is not instal17:39
gastlybinMonkey, yup17:39
timoi dont kniw what i make now17:40
terran4000timo: it says java is still not installed? interesting17:40
timoyes not instaled sais the chat17:40
timo the paket manager sais all is ok17:40
maurigastly: ok thanks. I ahve seen that in kobuntu there was a default application setting but it dont work17:41
terran4000timo: did you also install flashplugin-installer17:41
elexodusAnyone know how to change an MBR to a GUID partician table?17:41
timoyes the java sun17:41
NikofTimei though guid had to be setup durring partitioning17:41
timo he found one paket and this have i instal17:41
gastlymauri, yw :)17:42
terran4000timo: ok, give me a few minutes to look into it. I also want to finish one article first. I'll get back to you soon.17:42
timoI hope I do not irritate17:42
gastlytimo, simplest way that I can think of is do: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras17:42
NikofTimehey timo.... what does "about:plugins" show in ff?17:43
NikofTimenobody knows, the troubles i've seen17:44
NikofTimeno body knows my sorrows.....17:45
timoterran4000:  how I come in  program with the black window17:45
timogastly:  how I come in  program with the black window17:45
terran4000timo: I don't know ... that does sound familiar though. I'll look into it soon. I'm going to finish writing this article first17:45
timoterran4000:  ok17:46
NikofTimetimo! i do not understand the words coming out of your "mouth"17:46
gastlytimo, you mean the terminal? Press Alt+F2 and type in 'Konsole' and press enter17:47
elexodusI have 4x2TB in RAID5. There are currently 3 formatted particians: Dell Utility, Boot, and Ubuntu (ext4). There is an additional buttload of empty space that won't format. All I want is to make that extra space usable with TrueCrypt. Using gParted, I get the error message "partition length of 11671431345 sectors exceeds the msdos-partition-table-imposed maximum of 4294967295"17:47
timosry my english is not good17:47
terran4000NikofTime: oi, be nice man. No need to be rude like that17:48
NikofTimei just wanted some clearification17:48
NikofTimesorry timo!17:48
Alarmsorry, but where are the system shortcut keys configuraiton ? In the Keyboard & Mouse settings "global keyboard shortcuts" there is nothing to be found like "Kill xserver" or anything similar. just kmix, kwin , kdedeamon shortcuts17:49
timono problem17:49
timoi speak german17:49
timo im in germany also 9 month17:49
timobevor i was in germany i never speak or write english17:50
BluesKaj!de | timo17:50
ubottutimo: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.17:50
NikofTimeso timo.. you need java in FireFox Right?17:50
timoand i thin thats ok for this hheeheh17:50
timothats right17:50
timofor a chat17:51
timothe name of the chat is knudels17:51
timoyou know this??17:51
NikofTimecan you put "about:plugins" in the firefox address bar and tell me what it says?17:51
NikofTimedo you mean knuddels?17:52
timoi understand what you say but i dont know how17:53
timothis is my first pc :D17:53
timoyes knuddels17:53
NikofTimerun firefox17:54
timoand than17:54
NikofTimeand were you would put www.google.com or whatever... put in about:plugins17:54
gastlytimo, open up a terminal window. Application Launcher->Applications->System->Konsole and then type this: "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin" and then restart firefox17:54
timook i try this one mom17:54
timothats to much for my one at the time17:55
timosry im not so fast17:55
gastlyhehe sorry, but that will solve your problem17:55
NikofTimecopy and paste it17:55
NikofTimegotta go lvoe my kids... one minute17:56
=== jan is now known as Guest17489
terran4000timo: I'm back. Have you fixed the problem?17:57
Guest17489Hi. I just installed Kubuntu by using the "sudo apt-get  kubuntu-desktop" command. Kubuntu works but I have no sound atm. :( It worked fine in GNOME. Any sugestions what I can do?17:58
timoterran4000:  no17:58
gastlytimo, just install the package: sun-java6-plugin and then restart firefox17:58
timogastly:  i have instal the program17:59
timoaber its not run17:59
timoidont know why17:59
gastlyGuest16915, have you checked if it's not muted? hehe it happens alot17:59
timook look18:00
Guest17489gastly: No it isn't muted. I checked it18:00
terran4000eh I forgot, timo, we are trying to get the java plugin to work right?18:00
jtheuerhey, how can I turn on my wlan? normally the LED is turned on, but the keystroke doesn't work - I think there was some cat 1 > /proc/... command?18:01
kamolacan someone tell me how to install kubuntu on an Eee PC 1101HA?18:01
gastlyGuest16915, ahh ok. Open up system settings and then select 'Multimedia'. Now you will have a list of sound devices, choose each one and press the 'Test' button on the bottom and see which one works.18:02
terran4000timo, go to this page and tell me what you see in the middle: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml18:02
kamolai createdi used the liveusb-creator 3.9 and the kubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso and flashed it18:03
kamolait doesn'18:03
kamolai opened the bios and enabled removable device as 1. boot device18:03
kamolanothing happened18:04
kamolawindows xp started again18:04
timoterran4000:  there one is empty feld18:04
timothis is not good???18:04
terran4000no error messages or anything?18:04
kamolamy internet connection is too slow for downloading a kubuntu netbook version now18:04
timoone min18:04
kamolait's 8GB Patriot usb stick18:05
timoterran4000:  If your applet is not displaying properly, please check these additional configurations.18:05
timoEnable Java through your Web browser18:05
timoEnable Java through the "Java Plug-in Control Panel"18:05
timoClearing your Web Browser Cache18:05
FloodBotK3timo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.18:05
Guest17489gastly: Well, the first one in the list works when I hit the "Test" button. But if I play a file nothing happens18:05
terran4000timo: huh, interesting18:06
terran4000timo: are you using firefox?18:06
timono firefox18:06
timogoogle is my start site18:06
timofirefox is not instaled18:06
terran4000So what do you use as your internet browser?18:07
timoa blue window and in the middle is google surching18:07
terran4000eh, I mean the name of the program :)18:07
timoohhh sry18:07
terran4000yes, the name of it18:08
gastlyGuest16915, open the mixer window (click on the speaker icon in the system tray and select 'Mixer') and increase the volume for all the devices listed and then try playing the file. btw, which type of file are you trying to play and in which player?18:08
timoterran4000: Konqueror18:09
timoaha good or not good??18:10
terran4000neither, just a 'aha now I understand :)18:10
gastlyI thought you were using firefox, timo hehe18:11
timono i have firefox in in the program to instal18:12
timoi not use firefox18:12
Guest17489gastly: mp3 file in totem and vlc. It works now with headphones but if I pull them out I hear nothing (in GNOME it switched to the "normal" speakers)...18:12
=== zbenjamin is now known as zbenjamin|away
Guest17489(I'm using a laptop)18:13
gastlytimo, goto Settings->Configure Konqueror and then select 'Java and Javascript' on the right and make sure the 'Enable Java Globally' checkbox is checked18:14
gastlyGuest16915, does it happen when you play files in a native kde application, like Amarok?18:14
OKATESTYINGhi, i want to make a program include version numbers of all major libraries used at compile time, and gcc version. I am on ubuntu how do i make this happen?18:14
OKATESTYINGwhat i am asking is how do i substitute enviormental variables into source code?18:14
Guest17489gastly: the same :(18:16
terran4000timo: try what gastly said. Sounds like a good way to enable it. I'm not a konqeuror expert at all.18:16
kamolait seems that it doesn't work with that version on my netbook :(18:17
kamolait seems that windows xp is too much integrated into Eee PC 1101HA18:18
Guest17489aaaah, now it's working. I used the wrong "master channel"18:18
Guest17489thanks for your help, gastly! :)18:18
gastlyI'm glad it worked Guest16915 and you're welcome :)18:19
gastlykamola, try kubuntu netbook edition18:19
gastlykamola, https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Netbook18:20
kamolathank u18:20
kamolai don't have the time today to dl it...   internet slow18:20
kamolaand i gotta go to hospital now18:21
kamolac ya guys18:21
gastlycya kamola18:21
=== cqe4qr is now known as kanel
kanelhi @all18:29
kanelwhom can I turn to for troubleShooting?18:30
aftertafHey all :) Which is the right debug symbols package for kwin 4.4 RC2 ?18:34
Dario_AndresHi. Quick question.. where are the qt4.6.1 packages going to be released ? thanks in advance18:38
aftertafsame here18:39
aftertaffor amarok fix18:39
Peace-use offcial repository18:39
Peace-or you will mess up the system18:39
aftertaffor 4.6? didnt think to look :)18:39
aftertafwell I have a crashing amarok dur to bug in 4.5. Reported bug with bugtracker and got a message saying 'resolved' : fix is installing qt4.618:40
Dario_AndresI guess the 4.6.1 packages should come from the same place which is distributing kdesc4.4 (or another qt4.6.0)18:40
Peace-aftertaf: well i use vlc ... and a service menu for that18:40
Peace-pretty nice18:40
Peace-amarok 2 is shit for me18:41
Peace-*for me*18:41
tsimpsonPeace-: language18:41
aftertafservice menu?18:41
Dario_AndresI need to give an answer to a user in kde bugtracker..18:41
aftertafcare to elaborate?18:41
aftertafDario_Andres: i guess its me your user :)18:41
aftertafdw@gmail.com :)18:42
Dario_Andresmh, nicks don't match .. https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=215392#c4918:42
Dario_Andresoh, ok18:42
Dario_Andresthen you can find the answer here..18:42
Peace-aftertaf: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/01/29/vlc-play-cd/ and http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/vlc+append?content=118298 made vlc perfect for me18:42
aftertafhope so.... looks like its VLC :)18:42
Dario_Andressorry about the noise... seeyou18:42
aftertafPeace-: will test :)18:47
aftertafjust installed append18:47
aftertafppa:mapopa/qt4.6 is the way forward... about to test...18:52
Peace-aftertaf: so you have tested?18:52
Peace-have you18:53
aftertafnot convinced18:53
aftertafaded that to my repositories, and updated : same versio as before 4:4.6;XXX18:53
Peace-beta2 ...18:53
aftertaf1. bug is back -or-18:54
aftertaf2. fix not yet in this version18:54
aftertafeither way, arse !18:54
aftertaflooking at vlc :)18:56
aftertafi see it has a library function :D18:57
* aftertaf is on a qt 4.6/amarok spamming mission19:02
aftertafPeace-: hey :) OK now i got music lasting fo r more than 2 songs dude , thx :)19:06
aftertafany other cool vlc things? widget for controlling, etc?19:06
Peace-aftertaf: no i have made only the service menu19:07
aftertafto save me some google mileage :)19:07
Peace-but you can compile it..19:07
aftertafok, so where do i see it/use it?19:07
Peace-aftertaf: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/01/11/vlmc/19:08
Peace-aftertaf: there is a tutorial to compile vlc but...19:08
aftertafcheers :)19:08
noaXess_kubuntui know, i don't need the root password.. but i have removed the single user from adm group.. now i can't sudo anything..19:08
Peace-aftertaf: to your own risk19:08
aftertafok course.19:08
noaXess_kubuntui have only one user on that system.. and it0's groups are now juser his user gropa and video19:09
aftertafi just installed vlc by apt and your menu by sudo ./install19:09
Peace-noaXess_kubuntu: go on grub menu19:09
aftertafnoaXess_kubuntu: chroot via a live cd19:09
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:09
Peace-noaXess_kubuntu: then select recovery19:09
Peace-noaXess_kubuntu: then select drop to shell19:09
Peace-noaXess_kubuntu: then type: adduser dude19:10
noaXess_kubuntuPeace-: okay-- then change groups for that user19:10
Peace-noaXess_kubuntu: then type: adduser dude admin19:10
noaXess_kubuntuadm or admin?19:10
Peace-eye adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare19:10
Peace-those are mine ...19:11
aftertaf:) peace to Peace-19:11
aftertafok back sson, compiling ;)19:12
Peace-aftertaf: i suggest to don't do xD19:12
Peace-aftertaf: vlc by repo is fine19:13
Peace-keep that19:13
Peace-then if you are not scary about compiling ...19:13
* Peace- peace is crazy compiling everything lol19:13
aftertafi like compiling . . .19:13
aftertafbut better delete from apt before no ?19:14
Peace-aftertaf: on that tutorial it said ... remove every stuff :)19:14
aftertaflol step 2 :) didnt read that far19:14
aftertafwhat does this compiled version of vlc have that the apt one doesnt ?19:14
Peace-i didn t remember well19:15
Peace-the last time i used not compiled version was a lots of time ago19:15
Peace-well well i go19:16
aftertafdoes it have a better interface? VLC has always frightened me that way19:16
Peace-have fun :( bye from italy19:16
Peace-aftertaf: i liked but there is a lots of skin for vlc19:16
Peace-just download an tryit19:17
noaXess_kubuntudone... thanks Peace19:18
acidtoijust installing kubuntu dudes =D19:20
acidtoiso different to gnome19:20
acidtoibit heavier thouhg on my quadcore 8400 2.6 with 4gb ram19:21
acidtoiand an ati 5750 hd w/1gb ram19:21
acidtoistill bit heavier than gnome19:21
acidtoiso far dolphin rocks!19:21
acidtoii hear my cpu fans work like crazy, may be kde is givin' em a hard time xD19:22
sheytanHi there ;D19:33
sheytanhave a question19:33
sheytanWhy sun-java6-plugin depens on firefox? :D19:33
=== fernanda is now known as Guest96577
WaltzingAlongsheytan: depends on a browser, apparently19:42
WaltzingAlong/notice sheytan19:42
WaltzingAlongfirefox | firefox-2 | iceweasel | mozilla-firefox | iceape-browser | mozilla-browser | epiphany-gecko | epiphany-webkit |19:42
WaltzingAlong         epiphany-browser | galeon | midbrowser | xulrunner | xulrunner-1.919:42
FloodBotK3WaltzingAlong: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:42
aftertafok. so bug is fixed with qt 4.6.119:42
aftertafwhich is not in any repository as yet19:43
aftertafshame, as it is a bugfix release....... but then again ppl need time to test and make packages..19:43
WaltzingAlongaftertaf: which bug?19:43
=== Deimos is now known as Deim0s
aftertafamarok crashing due to a bug in qt4.6.0 with http cover downloading19:43
aftertafeven lucid doesnt have 4.6.1 yet, so . ..19:45
karim__hi how r u all19:52
aftertafgood. no amarok but good19:54
mauri_when i click on a link in a openoffice document, it sayys that no browsser is found20:01
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aftertafmauri_: there is a way of setting a default browxser i think20:06
aftertafyou have one set in kde?20:06
mauri_aftertaf: no, i didnt find it20:06
aftertafand one is set in kde?20:07
mauri_aftertaf: I set firefox as default browser20:09
mauri_aftertaf: the problem is that openoffice says that no browser is found but firefox being opened haowever20:10
aftertafyou sure of exact path to command line?20:18
aftertafyou see, firefox, forefox-3.0, that type of thing20:18
OKATESTYINGlol diarael20:19
mauri_aftertaf: firefox work propeerly20:21
mauri_only when it is start from openoffice i have problemù20:21
=== ubuntu is now known as eitreach
eitreachSomething has gone horribly wrong somewhere. I am told that my external drive "cannot yet be mounted" when I boot my system.20:26
eitreachWhat can I do to fix that?20:26
eitreachOut of nowhere I get "something cannot yet be mounted" on startup. What do I do to fix that?20:38
timohi good evening20:46
timoi have a question  i would like to instal icq20:46
timohello some one here to help me please20:47
timoi dont know how to instal the icq messenger20:48
timoterran4000:  hello20:48
timoterran4000:  ok i think no body is there!! see you tomorow bye bye20:49
crimsunkopete, pidgin, empathy, all handly icq20:49
crimsunall handle*20:49
timoall handle20:49
mm_202Hey guys, I just installed 9.10 on a HP dv6000 laptop and all the text is HUGE.  Its completely unusable.  I need to somehow change it via cmd, where would I look first?20:51
WaltzingAlongas in the resolution in general is much too small? (800x600 for example)?20:53
mm_202WaltzingAlong: no, its at about 1200x800, just the text.20:53
mm_202I didnt have this problem with 9.0420:54
mm_202But am a bit stumped.20:54
mm_202I even ssh'ed in and ran systemsettings via X on a different computer and forced the DPI to 96 and still no-go.20:54
WaltzingAlongmm_202: set a font dpi? system settings / appearance / fonts20:55
mm_202I think that it may be more hardware / X settings?20:55
n-iCeis it possible to block the deplacement of the icons and plasmoids on kubuntu? that only the sudo user can move it20:58
WaltzingAlongn-iCe: as in a kiosk mode?20:58
mm_202WaltzingAlong: I think I may of found it.  Xorg.log shows some driver errors.  Thanks for the help, though!20:58
WaltzingAlongmm_202: ok!20:59
n-iCeWaltzingAlong: sudo konqueror... then properties on all the icons, then make root the owner of each icon/etc21:01
n-iCeWaltzingAlong: and make em read-only, dunno where your plasmoids are stored, you'll have to find em... perhaps /home/user/.plasmoids ?21:01
WaltzingAlongmight be other ways though21:02
aftertafn-iCe: maybe with the network plasmoid function ?21:05
aftertafin 4.421:05
petr_hello girls21:07
=== petr_ is now known as Guest7029
=== Guest7029 is now known as Guest7029rloop
=== Guest7029rloop is now known as killerloop
n-iCeaftertaf: I'm in kard21:08
killerloophello girls one more21:08
n-iCe9.10, karmic!21:08
killerloopMy firefox is born CPU21:08
turtle^s0upHello all, I'm on Kubuntu Karmic, which package should I install "koffice" or "koffice-kde4?"21:09
n-iCeaftertaf: what are your ideas21:09
killerloopturtle^s0up   stends in queue21:09
killerloopI am first21:09
killerloopMy firefox born the CPU21:09
Mamarokkillerloop: behave, please21:10
killerloopMamarok http://cars.auto.ru21:10
Quintasanturtle^s0up: If you want STABLE koffice please install "koffice" package21:10
killerloopopen this site in firefox21:10
killerloopMamarok   do it21:10
Mamarokkillerloop: certainly not, and you shouldn't, neither21:10
killerloopMamarok  why?21:10
Quintasanturtle^s0up: koffice-kde4 contains new KOffice which may lack features21:10
turtle^s0upQuinstasan, thanks for replying. Does the stable "koffice" packe not use Qt 4?21:11
killerloopMamarok   you are bad man21:11
crimsunsigh, trolls.21:11
Mamarokkillerloop: please behave, told you so earlier21:11
BeatRitdoes toshiba sell laptops that come preinstalled with linux? so that they also dont have a winkey?21:11
WaltzingAlongturtle^s0up: "koffice" is 1.6.x; "koffice-kde4" is 2.1.x21:11
killerloopMamarok  lets talk?21:11
Quintasanturtle^s0up: and yes, they were written in KDE3 ages so Qt3 instead of Qt4 AFAIK21:12
Mamarokkillerloop: what about? Your question made no sense to me21:12
killerloopMamarok   my firefox open page   and CPU is braining21:12
turtle^s0upI understand now, thanks for the information.21:13
killerloopis borning21:13
Mamarokkillerloop: what do you mean by that? This word doesn't exist in English21:13
killerloopMamarok   my cpu are loaded in 100%21:13
killerloopMamarok   do not say me what words exists in English21:14
Mamarokkillerloop: close it and reopen it then, and don't go on sites that load unnecessary stuff21:14
Mamarokkillerloop: borning? that word is not English21:14
BeatRitdoes toshiba sell laptops that come preinstalled with linux? so that they also dont have a winkey?21:14
killerloopMamarok  I look at pages with mercedes w 14021:15
killerloopMamarok  what do you thik about w140?21:15
Mamarokkillerloop: a site that uses Flash?21:15
QuintasanMamarok: why don't we ask staff to get rid of him?21:15
BluesKaj!offtopic | killerloop21:15
ubottukillerloop: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!21:15
killerloopQuintasan yes21:15
MamarokQuintasan: I am staff :)21:15
* Quintasan bows in respect21:16
QuintasanMamarok: It's not even funny anymore :P21:16
n-iCeI don't really care what's going on in here, will I get my help!21:16
Mamarokkillerloop: please behave or leave21:16
Mamarok!patience | n-iCe21:16
ubottun-iCe: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.21:16
Quintasann-iCe: and with what do you have problems?21:16
killerloopMamarok do not say me what I should to do!!!21:16
n-iCekillerloop: stfu21:17
Mamarokkillerloop: I do so, please behave or leave, last warning21:17
* n-iCe laughs21:17
n-iCeMamarok: thanks!21:17
Mamarokn-iCe: you behave, too!21:17
* n-iCe jumps on Mamarok 21:17
killerloopMamarok  OK I choose behave21:17
n-iCeI'm Staff too!21:17
n-iCe:/ shit, the ChanServ thingie didn't work21:17
n-iCeAnyway, I found how to solve it, thanks guys!21:18
n-iCeEnjoy and keep the good work up!21:18
killerloopGuys   What meant |Flash|?   If I use flash then firefox stupidly work?21:18
Mamarokkillerloop: it depends on your Firefox version21:19
killerloopMamarok please behave or leave21:19
killerloopMamarok  last21:19
* Quintasan hands cookies to Mamarok21:20
Mamarokthanks :)21:20
aftertafnot funny, really... but lol all the same21:20
aftertafgood one Mamarok21:20
QuintasanPaitience is a virtue but I would kick him right away :P21:20
MamarokOK, back to business21:20
QuintasanPatience even21:20
Izinucs /me thinks what killerloop was saying is his CPU was maxing out when viewing the page mentioned... (despite the fact that it might have contained a trojan for windows .. being a .ru site)..21:21
BeatRitdoes toshiba sell laptops that come preinstalled with linux? so that they also dont have a winkey?21:21
MamarokIzinucs: most likely, or some badly coded Flash running wild21:21
BluesKajMamarok, i think he had a legit problem , but the attitude towards solving it was a bit nutty :)21:21
MamarokBeatRit: I don't know, sorry21:21
MamarokBluesKaj: indeed21:22
IzinucsIt was a language barrier .. "borning" might have been a direct translation..21:22
MamarokBeatRit: but the WinKey can be used as a Meta key in Linux, so it might be useful nonetheless21:22
MamarokIzinucs: Google translat is easily available, and I did understand when he said 100%21:23
Mamarokanyway, let's get back on topic21:23
IzinucsMamarok: missed the 10021:23
Izinucs% line21:23
BeatRitMamarok, i want a complete linux computer, meaning that windows logo key has to disappear :p21:23
MamarokBeatRit: put a sticker on it?21:24
BeatRitMamarok, its not the same21:24
IzinucsBeatRit: scrape the win logo off21:25
MamarokBeatRit: you should search in Google, I really can't help you, sorry21:25
BeatRitnp Mamarok21:25
BeatRitnice idea Izinucs21:25
Mamarokscartching it off damages the key21:25
FloodBotK3BeatRit: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:26
BeatRittake care all21:26
Izinucscareful application with a sharp knife should result in little damage21:26
* Izinucs likes his binary clock widget21:27
nikola_hey, all. Is there any way to make banshee work ? I installed it but it won't play any mp3s21:28
Mamarokhm, patience is indeed a virtue :)21:29
=== house is now known as Guest47709
=== ubuntu is now known as eitreach
eitreachMy system refuses to boot, because my external drive "cannot yet be mounted". What can I do to fix this?21:34
WaltzingAlongeitreach: and if you remove the external to boot without it, then connect it later?21:34
eitreachWaltzingAlong: haven't tried that yet.21:35
eitreachI tried removing it from fstab though, but that didn't help.21:35
Izinucseitreach: you also might remove the "boot from usb" bios option so you don't have to deal with that21:35
=== Guest40163 is now known as jussio1
eitreachI just don't understand what went wrong. My plasma crashed, and after that, it started failing.21:36
eitreachIt works fine with my live cd though.21:37
eitreachAnd if I simply re-install, it could end up happening again, without me being able to fix it.21:38
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eitreachMy system refuses to boot, because my external drive "cannot yet be mounted". What can I do to fix this?21:48
Dekanseitreach: just wait a few minutes, it does not block the boot for me21:52
eitreachDekans: I waited around thirty minutes.21:53
eitreachstill nothing.21:53
Izinucseitreach: is this a pretty fresh install?22:01
eitreachIt's a few days old.22:02
Izinucseitreach: laptop? desktop with pcie video slot (used or not).. homebuilt or store bought22:02
eitreachIzinucs: desktop. store bought.. don't remmeber the brand though.22:03
eitreachwouldn't know about the pcie slot.22:03
Izinucseitreach: when you installed was the external drive plugged in?22:03
eitreachI really don't know what happened. I changed the theme style in KDE 4, plasma crashed, and after that I couldn't mount my drive anymore.22:04
eitreachIzinucs: yeah.22:04
Izinucseitreach: might have been the theme that did it.. could be a video issue.. could be a /etc/fstab line that needs commenting out (if the installer listed the external drive there)... could be the same issue I have. I have to have a mod in the kernel line to get mine to boot at all.. pci=nomsi .. due to pci buss conflicts because of PCIe implimentation on the motherboard and a bios that isn't "correct" so to speak.22:06
eitreachIzinucs: I tried removing the fstab line as well.22:07
Izinucseitreach: if you don't have anything important on the drive how about simply reinstalling.. 30 minutes and you'd be back up.. if you do that don't have the external drive plugged in..22:07
alumno00Hallo, Can any tell me how can I configure my TV card for watching TV? It's a Avermedia HDTV DVB-T, USB-2.022:08
eitreachIzinucs: because I want to be able to fix it, in case it happens again.22:08
eitreachbecause god knows it will, at some point.22:08
Izinucsunderstandable.. unfortunately I don't have much other advice.. it's a quirky problem..22:10
eitreachthanks for trying. :)22:10
Izinucseitreach: have you tried in #kde?22:11
eitreachIzinucs: not yet.22:11
Izinucsmight be worth a shot22:11
pressleyhas anyone in here used 'good OS' or 'fluxbuntu'?22:21
BluesKajalumno00, try tvtime22:21
gaylordJe viens d'installer Kubuntu 9.10 64 bits avec succés.... Ca marche très bien.22:29
gaylordJuste pour Kopete : je n'arrive pas à avoir la webcam sur un compte MSN. Est-ce normal?22:30
ubottugaylord: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr22:32
Koliagaylord: afaik kopete does not support webcam for msn22:32
gaylordok sorry for my french . I go to ubuntu-fr. Thank you for your answer Kolia.22:33
=== zbenjamin|away is now known as zbenjamin
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kaddihi, how do I change the icon for the "about kde" entry in the help-menu of every kde application?22:45
kaddithis is how it looks right now: http://www.pic-upload.de/view-4439913/help.png.html and I would like the "about kde" entry to take up less space22:46
pghpeteI downloaded and tried to run the kubuntu live cd... it asks language, then I select "try out kubuntu", the the screen goes blank and it hangs.  I have tested the media, it says it's ok.22:54
pghpeteI know it hasn't booted fully, since I do not get any audio, ctrl alt del doesn't work and not even the caps light on my keyboard will turn on or off.22:55
pghpeteI have to hard power off the system.22:55
pghpetethere are so many things it "could be" that I am having troubles finding an answer with google or on the kubuntu site.22:56
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mbanay doesn't the file mananger show the preview of a video files23:07
ilumimbana: why would you want it o23:09
=== jay is now known as Guest72567
mbanailumi: i hope u're joking23:15
elexodusI have 4x2TB in RAID5. There are currently 3 formatted particians: Dell Utility, Boot, and Ubuntu (ext4). There is an additional buttload of empty space that won't format. All I want is to make that extra space usable with TrueCrypt. Using gParted, I get the error message "partition length of 11671431345 sectors exceeds the msdos-partition-table-imposed maximum of 4294967295"23:15
alumno00Hallo. I've a laptop and a video camera connected by HDMI cable. Is possible to watch camera in the laptop? Which program can I use?23:16
chuckfelexodus: it sounds like you're running into a FAT limitation23:19
acidtoifew moments ago made the switch from ubuntu to Kub and so far i found this thing it's annoying me: how do i do to make .bash_aliases work in konsole!?23:20
elexoduschuckf: Yes. I need to create a gpt partician table, but I'm trying not to lose the Dell Utility partician or the boot partician. I see that in Gparted, I can make a new partician table, but it will screw everything up.23:21
elexoduschuckf: I'm assuming that gpt is most ideal for a 5TB+ partitian. But I also need to be able to get Truecrypt to install an encrypted sector into that space once the new partician table has been made.23:23
RumblePurehi all!23:25
RumblePurejust installed kubuntu on laptop, but that 3D globe wallpaper isn't there. Any idea how I can get it?23:25
chuckfwhat I'm saying is that for the ammount of space you are trying to format it is not possible to do the way you are trying because of FAT limitations. What file system are you using for the format and how much space is it that you are trying to manipulate?23:26
Dragnslcracidtoi- shouldn't have to do anything special. Konsole just starts a regular bash shell23:26
Black_HorseXhave you installed graphic card driver ?23:26
RumblePureBlack_HorseX: moi? just installed nvidia driver v. 19023:26
acidtoiDragnslcr: hello dude, ok, but back when i used ubuntu i used to have a .bashrc file in ~ alongside .bash_aliases so different aliases were predefined and loaded in terminal session, this didn't work in kubuntu since .bashrc file is missing!23:29
acidtoiDragnslcr: I managed to find a cool .bashrc file in the net i'm adapting now to my needs, thanks anyways =)23:29
RumblePurethe 3D earth desktop wallpaper for my laptop, any ideas?23:32
RumblePurenvidia drivers up and running. desktop effects good too.23:32
mbanay doesn't the file mananger show the preview of a video files23:34
ghostsanim a ubuntu newb23:37
ghostsanim having issue playing a matroska file with video lan23:38
ghostsani tried different players but it wont play right23:38
ghostsanit keeps crashing or no sound on videolan23:38
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Duskaodoes anyone know how to have a second hard drive automount?23:50
Duskaoapon logging in, starting up.23:50
ghostsaneveryone afk, i think i ask question too, but no answer23:50
Duskaowhats your question?23:52
Duskaomaybe I can help23:52
ghostsan[16:37] <ghostsan> im a ubuntu newb23:53
ghostsan[16:38] <ghostsan> im having issue playing a matroska file with video lan23:53
ghostsan[16:38] --> dedechan has joined this channel (~quassel@
ghostsan[16:38] <ghostsan> i tried different players but it wont play right23:53
ghostsan[16:38] <ghostsan> it keeps crashing or no sound on videolan23:53
FloodBotK3ghostsan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.23:53
Duskaohmmm, not too sure.23:57
DuskaoYou use kubuntu or ubuntu?23:58
Duskaodoes your sound and video work with anything else?23:58
Duskaogaming? music?23:58
ghostsanyes, just with this particular fiel23:59
Duskaook, well you know your on the kubuntu forum eh23:59
ghostsani guess the file is bad23:59
Duskaoyeah, if it's just the single file, it's likely it is the file23:59
Duskaoyour best bet then would be VLC23:59

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