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dhillon-v10hi all, I am trying to merge this branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~dhillon-v10/kubuntu-docs/dhillon-v10 which i created a little while ago, but when I request a merge it tells me that I have modified like 53 files which isn't true, why does it say that did I make an error while creating a branch03:46
wgrantdhillon-v10: Your branch is not derived from the one to which you proposed the merge.04:00
dhillon-v10wgrant: it says it was stacked on kubuntu docs. and that's what I actually did, first I got the branch down, then pushed it up to a new one and started working on my stuff and kept it in this seprate branch04:02
dhillon-v10wgrant: is there a way to fix this now?04:02
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AtomicSparkI don't visit your home page very often, but I noticed the left side of the page is very short compared to the right side. You could fix this by extending the amount of blog posts being shown. :P07:29
LaibschThere seems to be a problem when converting a ticket into a question:         OOPS-1492O77209:50
mwhudsonLaibsch: ironically, that oops report page itself errors :-)10:03
mwhudsoni think this means i should go to bed10:03
Laibschgood night, mwhudson10:05
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slytherinis datecreated tag needed when importing bugs from sourceforge?12:05
wgrantslytherin: If not present, it should be set to the moment that the bug is imported. But why would you want to omit it?12:13
slytherinnot that I want to omit it. But the date field format in SF's data export is different than what LP requires.12:29
slytherinwgrant: ^12:30
wgrantslytherin: You'd surely be much better off converting it...12:33
slytherinand I don't know how to convert it using XSLT. Looks like I will have to write a program.12:37
emmajanegmb, ping12:50
gmbemmajane: Howdy12:50
gmbSo, let me just test this to see how Launchapd behaves12:50
emmajanee.g. https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr has a big green DOWNLOAD button.12:50
gmb(This isn't my usual area of work, so I don't acutally know for sure)12:50
emmajanethat's what i'm trying to get.12:50
emmajanemine just says, "you have no files for download"12:50
gmbemmajane: Right, so I think you need to add a tarball or some other downloadable gubbins...12:50
gmbLet me check for you.12:50
emmajanethe docs just say that I need to makethe branch accessible.... nothing about uploading a tarball.12:51
gmbemmajane: Well, these are two separate parts of Launchpad. And OH MY GOD this is annoying... I can see why you're baffled by it.12:51
emmajaneIf jml were online I'd throw tiny rocks at him. ;)12:52
gmbemmajane: I actually think this isn't jml's fault (and I blame jml for everything, because he's smarter than me)12:53
emmajanethumper's too fearsome to blame though.12:54
gmbYes. He's bigger than me, so I'm nice to him.12:54
gmbemmajane: So. You're going to hate this. To get your Download This button, you need to: go to your trunk series, add a release to that and then add a download file to that.12:56
emmajaneI can't see any other page on help.lp.net that would tell me how to make the download button be attached to something.12:56
gmbIt's utterly, utterly rubbish UI design, that.12:56
gmbemmajane: We appear to have been sucking on the crack pipe when we came up with that, and I apologise.12:56
emmajaneI don't see how to "make a release"12:57
emmajaneI can "change status"12:57
emmajanebut that doesn't work. I'd already tried just calling it "merged" manually.12:57
gmbemmajane: It's rather oddly at the bottom of the series page.12:57
gmbemmajane: And not under code.lp.net12:57
gmbemmajane: Look at https://edge.launchpad.net/100mileclientroster/trunk12:57
gmband then look for the "Create release" link near the foot of the page12:58
gmbUnder the heading "Milestones and releases"12:58
emmajaneok. Not under the branch then.12:58
* emmajane tries not to smash her face into the computer.12:58
gmbemmajane: Yeah. It's...12:59
gmbWell, I need this laptop for work, so throwing it at the wall in frustration would be counter productive12:59
gmbBut it's that kind of hulk-crush making.13:00
emmajaneand I love that there are unmarked required fields to make a release.13:00
emmajaneand then *seriously* I have to make a tarball and manually upload it?13:00
gmbemmajane: Sadly yes.13:00
gmbThat is crackpottery in the highest extreme.13:01
gmbemmajane: Apparently there are bugs for this. I will find them give them a kicking.13:01
* emmajane sighs.13:01
emmajanethanks, gmb :)13:01
emmajanefeel free to subscribe me to them as well.13:02
gmbemmajane: Okay. I'll also file a bug for making tarballs of branches available, if there isn't one already.13:03
emmajaneOMG. and then you could be /just/ uploading a README?13:04
emmajaneand there are MORE required fields here too that don't warn you.13:04
emmajanehttps://edge.launchpad.net/100mileclientroster <--- I have a download button now, thanks gmb :)13:05
gmbemmajane: Glad to help; sorry that it was so weirdly and bizarrely complex.13:05
emmajanegmb, you don't have nearly enough whiner^w beta testers. ;)13:06
gmbemmajane: Not for that feature, apparently :). They're all concentrating on the bug tracker and translations. Must get them doing something else ;)13:07
emmajaneFortunately I have no contributors yet. Maybe they'll have bug tracking and translations perfect by the time I do. ;)13:07
gmbemmajane: Yeah, and we're going to have beer at a penny a pint and the sun shining every day, too...13:09
emmajanegmb, btw, what time zone are you in right now? BST? or PST?13:09
gmbemmajane: So, bug 161187 seems sort of applicable, so I've sub'd you.. though it's triaged low, rather irritatingly. Might be worth commenting with your experiences to try and get it looked at again.13:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 161187 in launchpad-registry "not obvious how to add a download file for a new release" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16118713:10
napsterI'm using launchpad with bzr. How can I invite a friend to collaborate to my project? What are the requirements? How does the system works then?13:16
emmajanegmb, added my notes.13:17
emmajanenot my best bug report ever, but breathing white flame in the comments section didn't really feel appropriate. :)13:18
gmbemmajane: Thanks.13:18
gmbemmajane: I've also filed bug 515128 about the branch-to-tarball feature.13:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515128 in launchpad-code "Launchpad should make tarballs of branches available for download" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51512813:20
gmbThough it might be a bit incoherent as I've got a head full of flu at the moment.13:21
emmajaneheh. It's 2am here and I'm trying to release "code." I assure you I'm no better.13:21
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* emmajane calls it a night.13:48
emmajanegmb, thanks!13:49
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pablohofhi, i'm getting a (7, 9, 'No public key') error when uploading the signed CoC in https://launchpad.net/codeofconduct/1.1/+sign . i've been trying since yesterday. i know there are several tickets around about this problem, but none of them have helped. any idea?.  my user: https://launchpad.net/~pablohoffman my key: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?search=0x5BEE3CAF18F8A7264E517421195C4B0DD2E7F7B6&op=index16:18
qenseI'm writing a website that's using launchpadlib for Launchpad integration. I want to use Launchpad.login_with() to get authenticated access, but I can't find a way of doing this while nicely integration it into a website. The API documentation talks about having to press enter in the console after you've gave allowed access in the web page that was opened, but I want to redirect my users to that page and get them back afterwards. Is that p16:54
qenseAh, I found it. launchpad.credentials.Credentials does the trick, although LP still doesn't redirect you to where you came from. Any idea for that?17:03
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Viper550The download button on some launchpad pages is a bit well ... not wide enough on my monitor?19:34
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Laibschoopses are still not fixed, someboyd please take a look.  OOPS-1492M1835 and OOPS-1492O772.20:26
mwhudsonOperationalError at /oops.py/ database is locked :(20:29
Laibschgood morning mwhudson20:29
Laibschapparently still the same issue, then20:29
james_wI'm getting js errors on comment submission for a merge request on lpnet23:26
james_wone of the "the following errors were encountered: [ok]" errors though23:27
james_wappears to be on page updating, not submission, as I have no submitted the same comment multiple times23:28
borschtyhow can i view already closed bugs?23:44
geservia "Advanced search"23:45
borschtythanks, i always forget that ;)23:47

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