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vishthorwil: > http://blogs.gnome.org/nacho/2010/01/31/looking-for-a-new-logo-in-gedit/18:34
vishdamn! troy isnt here to trash talk spec work :(18:34
vishtroy_s: another person you need to send a note > http://blogs.gnome.org/nacho/2010/01/31/looking-for-a-new-logo-in-gedit/18:47
troy_svish: Greets vish.18:47
troy_svish: And it is hardly something that I can tackle alone. It takes an awareness - not just a 'stopping' of. The point of avoiding random contest rubbish is that (1) it is completely destructive to the creative landscape in Free Software (2) prevents solid execution via iteration and design thinking at the start / onset.18:50
vishtroy_s: they posted a request in the art work page , and I wonder why he announced the contest soon after that :s18:51
troy_svish: In short, it takes more people to understand this and see why the process is flawed. Voting / contests / etc. has led our art and design _exactly_ to where it is now - an aesthetically bankrupt mess.18:51
vishlol , already people posted icons o.0  ... must be the stock icons they already had :D18:54
troy_svish: Still misses the point.18:54
troy_svish: How goes the cover design?19:00
vishtroy_s: hmm , yesterday there was a discussion which regards to style and other issues[of which i was half awake]..  thorwil seems to be full fledged in it , he knows more he has done the initial layout..19:02
* vish tuned out a bit lately :(19:02
thorwiltroy_s: i still have to edit the log to distill what has been said about the audience19:04
troy_sthorwil: Just worry about upping the output :)19:06
troy_sthorwil: Have you guys got a general direction to start brainstorming in?19:07
thorwiltroy_s: not quite yet. maybe we have when i'm done with my next mail about audience/tone/message19:08
troy_sthorwil: Heavy weight. Make sure you don't lose everyone.19:15
thorwila user needs a little help here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Lucid/Homosapien21:12
thorwilbut i'm logging out for the day now, bye!21:12
dashuakwwii, Is there any delay on the ml?  Just making sure my e-mail wasn't lost.21:58
Equietdashua: What mailing list?22:01
dashuaIt used to be pretty fast.22:01
EquietI am subscribed and no e-mail from dashua or something similar.22:02
dashuaSame here.22:02
dashuaAh, there it is.22:06
Equietdashua: Good theme, but I don't like the gradient for title bar. Especially for unfocused window.22:21

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