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qenseIs it true that only ASCII signs can be used in (FAT32) disk labels? I got a bug report from someone complaining that he can't set a Chinese disk label, but I suspect that's because of the spec of the file system.13:47
qensebug 51512214:00
ubot4Launchpad bug 515122 in nautilus "Nautilus can't display Chinese volume label correctly." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51512214:00
LimCoreGNOME panels are all missing at random. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/51513914:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 515139 in gnome-panel "Icons from gnome panel are missing at random on startup" [Undecided,New]14:23
vishqense: hi.. did you check the nautilus bug i marked incomplete?14:26
qensevish: Ah, that. It's on my ToDo list, actually.14:26
vishah , ok ;)14:26
qenseI'll check it right now14:26
vishjust wanted to make sure :)14:26
qenseok, that's good14:27
qensevish: yep, you're right. I do have two different emblems here.14:28
om26erLimCore, I think its a dup.14:28
vishqense: yeah , it might just be a problem in the theme the user is using14:28
qenseyes, that must be it14:28
LimCoreom26er: where is the other bug?14:29
vishcjohnston: yeah , jono in the icon would be kinda nice.. we could grab his hackergotchi :)14:32
cjohnstonvish: I was kinda joking.. but it would be funny.. are you able to make it? I'm not a graphics person, otherwise I would have..14:33
LimCoreom26er: please mark it as a dup if you can find the duplicated (I googled for a short moment but I do not see it)14:33
vishcjohnston: yeah  ,we have added have his name in the latest mediaplayer icon in gnome icon theme ..14:34
vishcjohnston: inside joke for banshee banning his song ;) > http://imagebin.ca/view/gynCQJ.html14:37
cjohnstonthats awesome14:37
vishwe might remove it in the final version though :)14:38
BUGabundoI'm trolling.... sorry... feld pissed https://bugs.launchpad.net/nautilus/+bug/509079/comments/715:51
ubot4Launchpad bug 509079 in nautilus "nautilus has tabs on bottom" [Low,Triaged]15:51
kklimondanautilus has tabs? ;)15:55
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ari-tczewkklimonda, since jaunty IIRC15:55
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* vish wonders how useful tabs in nautilus really are ... [rarely uses them]16:17
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bullgard4I am going to file a bug report to Launchpad using '~$ ubuntu-bug seahorse'. I believe that this will generate a public bug report. I am concerned that it may contain secret keys of mine. Can you quiet me on that?22:19
greg-gbullgard4: before it submits any data, it gives you the option to review what it is sending. So, try it and see what it will send.22:28
greg-gbullgard4: I'm guessing that the developers are smart enough not to send your passwords :)22:28
bullgard4greg-g: Yes, I will scrutinize them. --  Thank you.22:29
greg-gbullgard4: you are welcome, thanks for taking the time to submit a good bug report!22:34

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