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pittichrisccoulson: hey, thanks for pointing out the gconf problem!02:49
pittichrisccoulson: fixing now02:49
* pitti hugs chrisccoulson02:49
kklimondapitti, ping14:14
kklimondahmm, it's sunday so I can pinging him :)14:16
Amaranthcompiz bugs apparently have no heat17:45
Amaranthtold it to sort by heat and even the top one has no flames17:45
geserAmaranth: see bug #51138219:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 511382 in malone "Bug heat flames should be calculated based on the BugTarget's max heat" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51138219:02
pittikklimonda: pong (please don't send contentless pings; just ask, then I can more sensibly respond)22:39
pittiAmaranth: you have to enable the "flame menus" plugin first :)22:39
kklimondaright... do you know about this regression: http://syntaxhighlighted.com/media/regression.png after suspend&resume with nvidia?22:40
kklimondaI couldn't find it on the launchpad but decided to ask first (maybe it's not filled under nvidia driver)22:41
pittikklimonda: no, I don't know about it; but it does look like a driver bug22:46
kklimondaok, I'll report it then22:48
chrisccoulsonhey pitti, how was your flight?23:10
chrisccoulson(thanks for sorting out the gconf issue btw)23:10
Amaranthkklimonda: go to the nvnews forums and tell nvidia about it23:32
Amaranthkklimonda: filing a bug in launchpad will basically accomplish nothing as far as getting it fixed23:32

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