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gmendozafolks... I've been searching for a little while here... but where are the style definitions for the xml tags used by yelp.  For example, it was decided a while back that <userinput> tags would be bolded.  This is the case in the browser builds, but not in the reading of xml files by yelp.09:34
gmendozaI was going to submit a bug report and propose a patch but the style sheets/definitions are eluding me.09:37
gmendozaworking on the lucid docs branch.09:38
shaunmgmendoza: gnome-doc-utils, with some overrides in the yelp package itself16:41
alkisgAre we allowed to post localized content in the Ubuntu wiki? We are searching about where to post ~100 pages concerning Ubuntu installation/adaptation to Greek schools.16:43
mdkealkisg: I would suggest a greek Ubuntu website17:51
gmendozashaunm, hmm okay... I did a list of all files included in the gnome-doc-utils package, grepped through for "userinput", found only a couple files not appearing to have any effect.  Any chance you or anyone else might know exactly where these defs are?17:51
alkisgmdke: Thank you. We have a loco team and a website, but the maintainers suggested to look elsewhere17:51
gmendoza/usr/share/xml/gnome/xslt/docbook/html/db2html-inline.xsl seems to have the structure, but I just don't know if this is really being referenced by yelp when looking interpreting font style.17:52
alkisgmdke: as administration is a little hard, no backups are taken, and the hardware is not theirs, so they told me to ask if we could move all the wiki.ubuntu-gr.org to wiki.ubuntu.com..17:52
mdkealkisg: probably the greek team's wiki is the appropriate place. We don't encourage the use of localised content on the international wiki, preferring to use local team's websites17:54
alkisgmdke: Thank you. Unfortunately the greek ubuntu wiki is not an option, because it isn't maintained and is about to be closed. We don't want to risk loosing many months of work because noone took a backup.17:56
mdkealkisg: if hosting is a problem then that should probably be taken up with the provider - Canonical offers hosting for approved local teams17:56
alkisgThe main problem is administration17:56
alkisgThe person who took care of the wiki doesn't have time to update / maintain it anymore17:56
mdkeisn't there a team, rather than a single person?17:57
alkisgThere is a team, but it's not well organized17:57
alkisgThe hardware is in some university, if the professor there decided to close it down, we'll just loose all of our work.17:57
mdkeas I say, Canonical offers hosting for approved local teams17:58
mdkethere is also the ubuntu-eu team which does the same17:58
alkisgI think ubuntu-gr.org was hosted in the european cluster previously, and they left because of lack of support17:58
alkisgMaintaing lots of web software isn't easy for the loco teams...17:59
mdkefor some I guess that is true. That's why Canonical offers their support17:59
alkisgI think they tried that as well17:59
alkisgI don't know if things have improved18:00
alkisgDoes canonical hosting also include a wiki?18:00
alkisgMaybe we could arrange to transfer the wiki to the canonical servers?18:00
mdkeI don't know all the details, but it certainly does for many teams18:00
mdkehave a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoHosting18:01
alkisgI talked to the person in charge of the wiki some hours ago, and I told him about that option, but as I understand he told me that they tried that and left because of lack of support18:01
mdkeanyway, there is no *prohibition* on non-English content in either the documentation wiki or the team wiki, but it's a bad option and we don't encourage it18:01
alkisgSo I guess I'm running out of options here, about where to put my ubuntu - related content... :-/18:01
alkisgI guess I'll have to use http://el.wikibooks.org18:02
mdkeif I were you, I'd try to work with the ubuntu-gr team to see if the situation can be improved, or use your own site if the material has a specific purpose. But if you're absolutely desperate, you could use help.u.c/community as a temporary measure18:03
alkisgIt's an official manual for installing Ubuntu to greek schools18:03
alkisgAll Ubuntu-using schools in Greece will use it18:03
alkisgI do have my own servers & domains and everything - I'm just looking to put it under an official namespace...18:03
alkisgSo I wouldn't want a temporary solution...18:04
mdkeyou might try and use a subdomain of ubuntu-gr.org18:04
alkisgI will have to maintain a moinmoin - I wouldn't want to do that long term18:04
alkisgWhat's the proper way to contact Canonical about its hosting options? (through the loco team, of course...)18:05
mdkeI see. Well my advice is the same - try to encourage the greek team to sort their hosting out, or if you're desperate use the English language documentation wiki. But it's a shame to plant it in the middle of a lot of English material18:05
alkisgMaybe things have improved, and they include a wiki with the hosting (I doubt it, though :()18:06
mdkealkisg: it's set out on the LoCoHosting page18:06
alkisgThank you mdke, you helped a lot :)18:06
mdkealkisg: wiki software is definitely included, most local teams have it18:06
alkisgThe french team uses docuwiki18:06
alkisgIt doesn't use moinmoin18:06
mdkethey are not hosted by Canonical18:07
mdkethey host themselves in the ubuntu-eu team18:07
alkisgAnd I think they left because the had problems with the canonical hosting18:07
mdkethat's not entirely accurate. But anyway, they have more control over their own hosting18:07
alkisgAnyway, I'll look at this option at more depth. Thank you for your time and your thoughts :)18:07
mdkebecause they have their own servers18:07
mdkeno problem, good luck18:08
shaunmgmendoza: db2html-inline.xsl creates something like <span class="userinput">.  the css for that is in db2html-css.xsl19:51
gmendozashaunm, yeah thanks... I actually just figured it out... hehe19:54
gmendozait was driving me crazy... but then clicked...19:55
gmendozaline 1121 of db2html-inline.xsl changed to    <xsl:with-param name="bold" select="true()"/>  does the trick.19:56
shaunmoh, yeah, that works as well19:57
gmendozayeah thanks a bunch for helping...19:57
gmendozaso I guess I'll file a bug report against that package and submit a patch.19:58
shaunmin launchpad?19:59
gmendozaeh, I guess maybe not... this is not a package maintained by doc team, huh.20:01
gmendozaI guess I'll need to ask what would be the appropriate step would be.20:01
gmendozaI can ask mdke unless you have a suggestion...20:03
gmendozaThanks agai, I'll shoot off an email.20:08

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