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rbelemhi asac 19:20
rbelemr u there?19:20
asachi rbelem 19:20
asacwhats up?19:20
rbelemasac, plasma mobile is almost ok, i just have some doubts about licensing19:21
rbelemasac, the upstream author added some files19:21
rbelemasac, and did not insert the copyright19:22
rbelemand i want to discuss an idea about kdm19:23
rbelemasac, can you take a look at the plasma-mobile package?19:24
asacdo you have te link at hand?19:26
rbelemasac, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/plasma-mobile19:27
asacpersia: already in portland?19:42
asacrbelem: usually files added without copyright are assumed to be governed by the same license as the full source (subtree)19:43
asacso thats ok19:43
rbelemasac, cool!19:43
asacits only problematic if it explicitly says: "all rights reserved" witout a license19:43
asacbut if there is no info about copyright etc. then its usually fine19:44
rbelemasac, i think tomorrow i will talk to the maintainer and i will ask to him update the copyright or just clarify the situation with him19:46
asacright. thats best19:46
asacoterwise its usually ok19:46
asacas i said19:46
rbelemasac, about kdm now :-)19:47
asacbut perfect would be to have full license info in the files themselve19:47
rbelemi'm having some problems with kdm19:48
rbelemi was currently trying to build it outside kdebase-workspace19:49
rbelemi get almost 90% of the code compiled19:49
rbelemasac, just a second - someones at the door19:51
rbelemthe problem is a dependency in kcontrol inside the kdebase-workspace19:55
rbelemthe kcontrol builds a .so that is installed in the kdm package19:57
rbelemso probably i need to take out this code to build it19:59
rbelemthis is what is missing to get it ready20:01
rbelemi was thinking about some features that would be nice to have on kdm-mobile20:01
rbelemcreate something like an initial setup20:02
rbelemto do what oem-config does today or something like it20:03
rbelemcreate an alternative method to authenticate and login20:05
rbelemlike a pin code on mobile phones20:05
rbelemor a lock screen like android's20:06
rbelemthis shouldn't be too difficult to hack20:07
rbelemwhat do you think about these ideas?20:07
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rbelemasac, http://identi.ca/attachment/8072583 plasma-mobile screenshot :-)21:16
ograrbelem, cute 21:18
asacwhat is that number pad?21:19
rbelemasac, i don't know :-)21:20
* rbelem kicks keypad21:20
rbelemogra, it think it will get more attractive as time goes by21:21
ograwell, it looks quite good already :)21:21
rbelemogra, one nice thing about plasma-mobile is that it will use qml, so the look n' feel can be changed completely by changing a template21:24
asacrbelem: do you know if something like the PIN auth already exists?21:25
rbelemasac, well i think we can do this via ofono http://ofono.org/21:27
rbelemasac, i used this before :-)21:28
ian_brasilrbelem, i will update the blueprint/burndown if this is packaged 21:29
rbelemian_brasil, ok :-)21:30
rbelemian_brasil, but i just discovered a bug21:30
ian_brasilrbelem, we need to get moving for FF with the kwin & kdm stuff also21:32
rbelemian_brasil, ok, i think for kdm we don't need to bother about kdebase-workspace packaging changes21:34
rbelemian_brasil, this week we will work on kwin21:35
ian_brasilwhat will you do and is it a lot of work?21:36
ian_brasiloh and unless you can do the PIN stuff quickly i suggest leaving it until after lucid21:36
rbelemian_brasil, i don't know yet :-(21:42
rbelemat least it is not very clear21:42
rbelemian_brasil, maybe we should go back to the virtual keyboard integrated with kwin21:43
rbelemian_brasil, the plasmaboard plasmoid is not enough for mobile needs21:44
ian_brasilrbelem, damn..shame that did not work out21:45
rbelemian_brasil, it is just a plasmoid it is not gonna save the world :-P21:47
asacrbelem: ok yeah ... we could also use modemmanager probably ... i think we have no ofono in the archive yet. do you know if thats completely free software?21:48

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