BUGabundokenvandine: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/32717200:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 327172 in gwibber "Gwibber lists jump to top of page when updated" [Medium,Confirmed]00:13
BUGabundonever fixed ?00:13
asacomg i feel like dying;)00:19
asachorror trip00:19
asacnow in portland00:19
recmajkemii installed 3.6  via ppa. how do i uninstall it?00:19
asacrecmajkemi: what does uninstall mean?00:20
asacdowngrade to 3.5?00:20
BUGabundoasac: wb00:20
BUGabundowhat happened ?00:20
asacdont ask ;)00:21
asacwell in the end all was good00:21
asacbut it was like going through minefields00:21
asacfirst 3 hours on the runway in hamburg00:21
recmajkemiasac: yes downgrade00:21
asacbecause of snow00:21
asacthen late in frankfurt almost missed the plane (was stnading in security still 30 minutes after the depature time)00:21
BUGabundotoo late... just did00:22
asacsame in seattle due to the delay ;)00:22
asaclost a bunch of things (not sure what exactly yet)00:22
BUGabundoasac: next time *shave*00:22
asacin one for the many security stuff00:22
BUGabundoso you don't look like a terrostist00:22
BUGabundoohh that's bad :(00:22
BUGabundothat's one of the reason I don't want to set foot into USoA00:23
asacand all that with 3 hours sleep the day before and almost no sleep yesterday ;)00:23
asacso now i am bad ;)00:23
asacrecmajkemi: at best uninstall all firefox packages ... then remove ppa and install them again00:23
ftaBUGabundo, next auto-respin is at 5am (my time) so if they fix it quickly, it will be ok00:27
BUGabundothey _won't_00:28
ftaso we're doomed00:28
ftaasac, nice to see you're still alive :)00:28
recmajkemiasac: idid that but via desktop shorcut im still able to open ff 3.6 ill try to reboot00:28
ftaBUGabundo, i don't understand why to pushed it in trunk if it's broken00:29
ftatrunk is always supposed to work00:29
BUGabundothey didn't test lucid00:29
BUGabundoit works in 9.1000:29
BUGabundolololol segphault is _debuging_ in identica00:31
BUGabundothe stuppidest thing: they are changing gwibber in the same week it finally get to work without any probs :\\\00:33
BUGabundoMurphys Law, I guess00:33
BUGabundoif it is broken its gonna get worse. if it is working, don't care, it will break00:33
BUGabundofta: ♺ @segphault: @BUGabundo: I pushed a fix to trunk for the bug you found on 10.04. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!01:02
BUGabundofta: it working, but mostly borked01:11
BUGabundono qaiku, no StatusNet servers other then identica, no jaiku, no themes,01:11
ftaBUGabundo, are the deb empty?01:53
BUGabundono idea01:54
BUGabundoall I know is what I read on identica01:54
ftahm; indeed01:55
ftanot my fault though01:57
ftawhoever introduced gwibber-service broke it01:58
BUGabundooh great... a one he said, she aid fight02:00
ejatfta: after upgrading gwibber .. i can open/execute it :(02:03
ftaread above02:03
ftafunny, when built on karmic, the debs are not empty02:04
* ejat reading .. 02:04
kenvandinefta, which packaging branch is the daily head builds using?02:06
kenvandinefta, i pushed it to lp:~gwibber-team/gwibber/packaging.trunk02:06
kenvandinewhich has worked for several people today, that installed it from my ppa02:06
kenvandinefta, are you still seeing problems?02:07
ftawhen i build locally, it's fine, but in the ppa, the debs end up empty02:07
ftalook close to the end02:08
ftai didn't do anything special02:08
kenvandinewhich packaging branch is that from?02:09
ejatdiff .. bzr496 n bzr50202:14
ftai wanted to fix it, but i have no idea what's causing this02:14
ftaand it's 3am+02:14
BUGabundoejat: there just a few commts in to fix some bugs I found02:14
ejatowh ok02:15
BUGabundowe are now at 50402:16
BUGabundoand one more coming02:16
BUGabundoso I assume that tomorrow gona be a bad day for gwibbers daily ppa02:17
ejatBUGabundo: haa :p02:17
ftadh_link -pgwibber                                                                                       dh_link -pgwibber02:17
ftadh_installmime -pgwibber                                                                                dh_installmime -pgwibber02:17
ftadh_pycentral -pgwibber                                                                                  dh_pycentral -pgwibber02:17
ftarenaming debian/gwibber/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages to debian/gwibber/usr/lib/python2.6/dist   <02:17
ftadh_installdocs -pgwibber-service ./README ./AUTHORS                                                     dh_installdocs -pgwibber-service ./README ./AUTHORS02:17
ftadh_installexamples -pgwibber-service                                                                    dh_installexamples -pgwibber-service02:17
ftadh_pycentral is not doing the same thing02:18
ftain my karmic pbuilder, i see "renaming debian/gwibber/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages to debian/gwibber/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages", it's not done in the ppa02:20
ftaso your *.install files don't match and the debs end up empty02:20
ftakenvandine, ^^02:20
kenvandineoh... so it is failing in karmic and not in lucid?02:21
BUGabundoI tought it was the other way around02:21
BUGabundoOOHH WAIT02:21
kenvandineor the other way around02:21
BUGabundomaybe it's the fix for lucid02:21
BUGabundothat seg added02:21
kenvandineit is building in my ppa fine for lucid02:21
BUGabundoits messing it up02:21
kenvandinethat was a trivial change02:21
ftanope, it's failing everywhere02:22
BUGabundofrom branchs it was running in karmic but not lucid02:22
BUGabundoand he pushed a fix02:22
kenvandineright, if the db hadn't already done it's oauth thing02:22
kenvandinebut that was trivial, no impact on packaging02:22
kenvandinefta but in my ppa the debs aren't empty...02:23
* kenvandine will look deeped02:23
kenvandinefta, the py_central thing must be version specific02:24
kenvandinedh_pycentral -pgwibber-service02:25
kenvandinerenaming debian/gwibber-service/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages to debian/gwibber-service/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages02:25
kenvandinedh_strip -pgwibber02:25
kenvandinefrom the build log in my ppa02:26
kenvandineso the question is why isn't that happening in the ~gwibber-team ppa02:26
ftaall the "copying build/lib.linux-i686-2.6/gwibber/..." are missing too02:32
ftahm, no, nm02:33
ftakenvandine, no idea, i give up :(02:47
kenvandinefta, i'll try to look at it more02:47
kenvandineit's bazaar02:47
kenvandineit works in my lucid pbuilder and in my ppa02:48
kenvandinecrazy that it doesn't work in that ppa02:48
ftakenvandine, pycentral won't rename if pversion is ('python2.3', 'python2.4', 'python2.5')02:52
=== ripps is now known as ripps|sleep
gnomefreakanyone awake? i have an issue i neeed to know source package for?09:46
gnomefreakit seems to be a known bug fixed it by changing settings in keyboard menu :)10:24
* gnomefreak goes and lays down while updates and scripts are running10:24
Milos_SDFirefox 3.7 still doesn't work!!!!12:14
Milos_SDand upstream Firefox 3.7 works12:14
Milos_SDso, it is problem with your packages12:14
Milos_SDfix it!!!12:14
micahgMilos_SD: can you be more specific?12:16
Milos_SDFirefox 3.7 freezes when needs to load flash12:17
Milos_SDit has been fixed upstream (I downloaded precompiled binary from mozilla ftp)12:17
Milos_SDand it works12:17
Milos_SDbut yours from PPA still freezes12:17
micahgMilos_SD: which version upstream?12:18
Milos_SDjust a sec12:19
Milos_SDfrom here12:22
Milos_SDeven the one from 29. works12:23
micahgyou're running the latest daily from us?12:27
Milos_SDand it freezes and loading flash on web sites12:27
Milos_SDbut the one from that ftp link, doesn't12:27
Milos_SDit has some issues with youtube controls, but it doesn't freez12:27
* micahg is attempting a backtrace12:34
ftakenvandine, http://paste.ubuntu.com/366164/12:41
Milos_SDmicahg, any success?13:08
=== ripps|sleep is now known as ripps
nasamIs icedtea java plugin incompatible with Firefox 3.6?13:36
BUGabundohumm chanserv dead?14:01
ftaBUGabundo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/366169/ was it your error?14:10
BUGabundofta: yep14:11
BUGabundoI have gwibber upgrade on hold14:11
ftaso it's still broken14:11
BUGabundoand am testing a few branchs a gain14:11
BUGabundoI'm on yesterday deb :D14:11
BUGabundoI hate to say it (or maybe not) but I told you so14:12
* BUGabundo duck14:12
ftai thought segphault fixed it yesterday after you complained14:12
BUGabundohe pushed a few things, and it worked14:13
BUGabundobut then it broke again14:14
ftai still don't understand why couchdb is needed in a microblogging client14:17
BUGabundoit syncs between PCs14:17
ftasync what?14:17
BUGabundogwibber status14:18
ftabut you need an http(s) server for that, right?14:18
BUGabundofta if you start gwibber-service14:19
BUGabundowait for it to pull stuff and only then start gwibber, it works14:20
BUGabundoTrunk is WFM fine14:20
BUGabundofta: it uses UbuntuOne for sync14:20
ftai don't have an U1 account, and i don't want one14:21
ftaif it's now mandatory, bye bye gwibber14:21
BUGabundodon't need one14:21
BUGabundoI don't have mine up (or even instaled) and gwibber trunk is working14:21
BUGabundobut its TOO soon to make it trunk14:21
BUGabundono themes, no StatusNet server support, no spellchecker14:22
BUGabundono jaiku (lost and not ported since 1.x) , no qaiku14:22
BUGabundobut I really love the new side pane :DD14:23
BUGabundouber nice for small screens14:23
ftapfff http://paste.ubuntu.com/366231/14:24
BUGabundo*trunk ?14:29
BUGabundoNow on revision 506.14:31
BUGabundo./bin/gwibber-service & ; sleep 30; ./bin/gwibber14:31
ftaok, byebye gwibber, it's not usable, and they don't really know how to keep a trunk alive and attractive for testers14:34
ftaBUGabundo, how do you shorten a link in the web interface?15:05
BUGabundofta: where?15:08
BUGabundofor manual links I use punny.sl.pt15:08
BUGabundofor posting to SNs I use hellotxt and ping.fm15:09
ftai don't why there's a pref then, it doesn't do anything15:15
BUGabundofor ?15:16
BUGabundohey Tallken15:45
Tallkenam I the only one who has been experiencing random lookups with Firefox-3.6 ? I downgraded o Karmic's Firefox to see if the lookups continue (since I didn't uninstall the plugins) but still I thought I'd ask here15:46
Tallkenhey BUGabundo15:46
BUGabundoTallken: separated processes in daily15:49
BUGabundoturn it off for a few days, until fixed15:49
Tallkenhum? in 3.6 ?15:49
ubottuMozilla bug 543037 in Plug-ins "OOPP freeze" [Major,Unconfirmed]15:50
BUGabundo[reed]: we are doomed... your guys don't even know where to start fixing it :(15:50
Tallkenbut ain't that supposed to be in the firefox-3.7 package??15:51
BUGabundo3.6 also has it15:52
Tallkenwill continue with firefox-3.5 then15:54
Tallkenthanks for the explanation, BUGabundo15:54
BUGabundojust turn it off15:54
BUGabundoand remember to enable it in a week15:54
TallkenBUGabundo, well, because it's slower but stable15:54
BUGabundo3.7 is now stable for me again15:55
BUGabundofound the bug, reported, work around it15:55
BUGabundoworld is happy15:55
TallkenBUGabundo, if I kill mozilla-runtime the browser returns from the dead?15:56
BUGabundono idea15:57
Tallkenhum... will stay with firefox-3.515:57
Tallkenif i get too pissed with its speed will go back to 3..615:57
TallkenBUGabundo, thanks for the help & links :)15:57
BUGabundo3.5 isssss slloowwwww15:58
BUGabundo3.7 is faster15:58
BUGabundoand chromium is just another league15:58
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
TallkenBUGabundo, concerning "and chromium is just another league" http://www.srware.net/en/software_srware_iron_chrome_vs_iron.php16:45
Tallkenanyway, gotta go16:46
micahgbdrung: should devscripts bugs be filed against the ubuntu package with a task on the m-dev project?17:06
bdrungmicahg: it's up to you. either this or you can file a bug against the package in debian17:18
micahgbdrung: ok17:39
micahgbdrung: BTW, it worked great once I removed the langpacks that had a bad install.rdf17:39
Milos_SDmicahg, is there hope that firefox 3.7 freez issue with flash be fixed in tomorows update? :)18:16
micahgMilos_SD: depends if I have time to debug...probably not :(18:16
micahgmaybe tomorrow18:16
Milos_SDmicahg, ok. But why debug? Problem is part-fixed in upstream (I think)18:18
micahgMilos_SD: well, we build upstream's version18:19
micahgso if I can figure out which function is roke18:19
micahg*broke, I can see the patch that fixed it and try to figure out why it doesn't work in our build18:19
Milos_SDis there a way I can help with backtraceing the problem? :) Or do I need programing knowledge to do that?18:20
* micahg thinks he'll just ask upstream :)18:21
ftaasac, i'm trying to clarify/update the d/copyright file for the codecs package, what do you think? http://paste.ubuntu.com/366321/18:22
bdrungmicahg1: great18:34
bdrungmicahg1: 515217 is not a bug in m-d, but in rdflib18:38
micahg1bdrung: k, sorry, i'll ,move it18:42
bdrungmicahg1: i moved it18:43
micahg1bdrung: k, should I invalidate the m-dev task?18:43
bdrungmicahg1: already done. ;)18:44
* micahg1 is checking upstream18:45
micahg1bdrung: I filed a bug upstream19:03
bdrungmicahg1: yes, i saw it19:04
asacfta: so ... maybe use the dep-5 format style instead of "Here is the text of the MIT license:"19:17
asacyou can use19:18
asacLicense: MIT19:18
asac License text ...19:18
asac line 219:18
ftahow do you add comments?19:18
asacwhat is a description in what you pasted?19:19
asaci see license texts19:19
asacthose would be one-char indented19:20
asacso you can refer in a files: block to MIT .... and then you would have one License: MIT block at the end with the license text19:20
asacbut i guess thats not what yo umean19:20
ftal4-10, 30, 68-70..19:21
ftaimho, l30-65 is just confusing19:22
asacso instead of "most files under balbalbla/ are licensed under LGPL..." you just say19:23
asacFiles: balbalbla/*19:23
asacLicense: LGPL-2.1+19:23
asacand then you name specific files with different license19:24
asacFiles: ffmpeg-mt.tar.gz!/ffmpeg-mt/libavcodec/x86/h264_deblock_sse2.asm19:24
asacLicense: MIT19:24
asacthe license 4-10 belong to README.sources19:25
asacnot copyright19:25
asacline 1-2 can be scratched19:25
asacinstead  use debian/*19:25
asacCopyright Fabien Tassin...19:25
asacand then19:26
asaclike you did just below19:26
ftawell, i only checked in details the files that are build (those listed in the gyp file), for the rest, i just pasted the LICENSE file19:28
micahg1asac: I think tb-locales is ready19:33
* micahg1 should probably test build on Lucid though...19:33
asacmicahg: does it work on karmic?19:44
asaccan you put that stuff up somewhere and send me a link?19:44
asaci am probably not in that much longer19:44
micahgasac: https://edge.launchpad.net/~micahg/+archive/mozilla-test/+packages19:45
micahgjust need to rename .orig.tar.gz and changelog entry19:45
micahgit shows up in my shredder install, but not as compatible since I'm running 3.0.1pre19:45
asacmicahg: does the ${xpi:recommends} etc. work?19:46
asac(iassume so ... just wonder if you checked it)19:46
asacso it inserts "thunderbird-3.0" rather than thunderbird?19:46
* micahg forgot to ask bdrung about that19:46
bdrungmicahg: what do you want to know?19:47
micahgasac: shredder picks it up properly in thunderbird19:47
bdrungmicahg: gimme the source, please19:47
micahgbdrung: https://edge.launchpad.net/~micahg/+archive/mozilla-test/+files/thunderbird-locales_3.0~micahg+try2-0ubuntu1~karmic~ppa3.diff.gz19:48
micahgasac: should we make a bzr branch for TB localeS?19:48
bdrungmicahg: dsc or bzr branch?19:48
micahgbdrung: https://edge.launchpad.net/~micahg/+archive/mozilla-test/+files/thunderbird-locales_3.0~micahg+try2-0ubuntu1~karmic~ppa3.dsc19:48
micahgasac: I filed 3 locale bugs upstream and cc'd you19:49
bdrungmicahg: it's your fault :P19:52
micahgbdrung: k, please enlighten me19:52
bdrungmicahg: you use "%:dh --with xul-ext $@", but % is never called, because you define the other targets19:53
bdrungmicahg: you either use the override_* targets or you call dh_xul-ext manually19:53
micahgah, so do I just add % to the install target?19:54
micahgor build?19:54
micahgbdrung: ^^19:55
=== micahg is now known as micahg-test
bdrungmicahg: either drop configure, install, binary, clean rules (and use the override_* targets), or you drop the % target and call dh_xul-ext in binary-indep target19:57
=== micahg-test is now known as micahg
bdrungmicahg: man dh19:57
* micahg is at a loss20:01
micahgbdrung: do I get rid of the install and buidl targets then?20:02
bdrungmicahg: yes20:03
micahgbdrung: k20:03
bdrungmicahg: dh calls all these dh_* commands20:04
micahgbdrung: still doesn't work20:07
* micahg is sure he's missing something simple20:07
=== BUGabundo is now known as BUGabundo_dinner
bdrungmicahg: your rules file should look like http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-xmms2/abraca.git;a=blob;f=debian/rules;h=d42a2ee134247c9d487b71fa523da6e64f4a7d01;hb=HEAD after the cleanup20:08
* micahg is testing20:12
micahguh oh20:13
micahgI missed something20:13
micahgI'm getting copyright errors20:13
micahgor rather warning20:14
bdrungmicahg: you may run install-xpi with -r20:15
micahgwhat does that do?20:16
bdrungmicahg: man install-xpi :P20:16
micahgno, but it was installed before20:16
bdrungmicahg: installed before?20:17
micahgyes, in the previous version20:17
micahgbdrung: nm20:24
micahgneeded a full rebuild20:24
micahgbdrung: if I think I can bump to compat 7, should I?20:30
bdrungmicahg: if you use dh, then you have to.20:30
micahgbdrung: thanks for your help, I'm still learning debhelper20:34
bdrungit takes some time20:34
* micahg found lintian.debian.org which is nice20:34
micahgdh is really amazing20:35
micahgbdrung: I've got one weird character issue20:36
bdrungmicahg: which?20:36
micahgon the nb-no locale, is there some way to make sure the shell is using UTF8?20:36
micahgwhen building the file?20:37
micahgif you take a look at the control file...20:37
bdrungmicahg: isn't utf-8 the default?20:37
* micahg would think so20:37
micahgbut for some reason, that locale when generated from the system locales gets mangled20:38
micahgit's fine in the original xml file20:38
micahgit's getting mangled somehow in here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/366409/20:38
bdrungmicahg: gedit opened the control file as iso-8859-1520:39
micahgbut it should be UTF820:40
bdrungmicahg: you should remove the last line ( .) in package.template20:40
micahgbut for some reason, it's generated like that20:40
* micahg didn't know if it did anything20:41
bdrungdunno how to fix the utf-8 issue20:43
micahgbdrung: ok, here's an issue maybe you can help with...as asac pointed out, it seems to Enhance TB3.0 instead of just TB..is there anything I can do?20:45
bdrungmicahg: does it support thunderbird 3?20:46
micahgyes, but the package will be thunderbird20:46
=== BUGabundo_dinner is now known as BUGabundo
bdrungmicahg: so no versioned thunderbird package?20:46
micahgbdrung: in archive20:47
bdrungi meant: no versioned source tb package?20:47
micahgbdrung: in archive20:47
bdrungwhere else?20:47
micahgin PPA yes, but in archive no20:47
bdrungmicahg: will tb 3 land in lucid?20:49
micahgbdrung: yes, I think as soon as this package is done :)20:49
bdrungand the source and binary package will be called thunderbird?20:49
micahgbdrung: yes20:50
bdrungmicahg: ok, then we have to update m-d to the new package name.20:50
micahgshould I make a merge proposal?20:50
bdrungasac: are there other renaming which m-d should be aware of?20:51
bdrungmicahg: merge proposal?20:51
micahgbdrung: firefox will be unversioned in lucid20:51
micahgfor m-dev20:51
bdrungmicahg: why merge? we have to release it to sid first and then sync it20:51
micahgto .head?20:52
micahgif you20:52
micahg're doing it that's fine20:52
bdrungi can do it.20:52
bdrungmicahg: aha, you meant a bzr merge proposal?20:52
micahgyes :)20:52
bdrungmicahg: then go ahead. :)20:52
micahgis head at lp:mozilla-devscripts?20:52
bdrungmicahg: yes20:52
micahgbdrung: just this file: xul-app-data.csv.Ubuntu20:56
micahgalso, will this break the PPAs?20:56
bdrungmicahg: no, because it is in recommends20:57
micahgso these versions are just for archive then20:59
bdrungmicahg: yes21:00
asacbdrung: thunderbird-3.0 -> thunderb ird ... firefox-3.6 -> firefox ... thats it for now21:04
asacwe are not yet sure what to do about future branches and the packag ename21:05
asacmost likely firefox-dev firefox-next firefox-beta or something21:05
bdrungwow, asac is alive.21:05
micahgbdrung: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~micahg/mozilla-devscripts/ff-tb-unversioned21:06
micahgasac: we fixed xpi:recommends and such21:07
micahglast hiccup is it recommends tb-3.0 instead of tb21:07
bdrungmicahg: you shouldn't have thunderbird twice21:08
micahgasac: should I make the unversion firefox and abrowser be * for EOL or leave it 3.6.* fo rnow?21:11
bdrungi would assume *21:12
ftaBUGabundo, what (gnome/gtk) alternative do we have to gwibber?21:13
ftaBUGabundo, btw, did you file a bug for ch loosing passwords?21:13
BUGabundoµblog purple plugin?21:13
BUGabundofta: only in mozilla21:13
BUGabundoI'm tempted to file one, but need to look deeper21:13
BUGabundosince it began happening in my android21:13
BUGabundoso it may be on google side, if I can't reproduce in other sites21:14
micahgbdrung: updated21:17
asacmicahg: good question.21:20
asaci would also think * ... but not sure about all the consequences atm21:20
asacso test use *21:21
* micahg supposes he could push a version now to test...21:22
* micahg is testing21:30
bdrungasac: what will happend to xulrunner?21:42
bdrungmicahg: i integrated your changes21:42
micahgbdrung: move to universe21:42
bdrungmicahg: but what how will the name scheme be?21:43
micahgbdrung: versioned I think still since it has to do with build-deps21:43
micahgbut firefox will not be using it21:43
bdrungmicahg: will there be a xulrunner 1.9.2 in lucid?21:43
micahgbdrung: yes21:43
* micahg was working on that last week21:43
bdrungmicahg: so i have to add it, too21:44
* micahg just had to diff xul191 and xul192 to see if anything is missing21:44
bdrungmicahg: will there be other new package?21:44
micahgbdrung: not that I know of at the moment21:46
asacbdrung: yeah. xul = versioned ... ffox = unverseioned/release channel named21:49
asacok off for lunch and some shopping in the land without sales tax ;=)21:49
bdrungasac: are you aware of this: http://www.cywhale.de/firefox-3-6-font-rendering/ ?21:50
ftakenvandine_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/366164/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/366169/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/366231/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/366239/22:51
LLStarksasac, will dailies by getting cairo again?22:55

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