croppaGood morning I was wondering if anyone can steer me in the right direction00:02
croppaI have just upgraded from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 and mythtv works fine on the backend/frontend machine00:03
croppabut other front ends cannot connect to it.00:05
croppaMythtv scema version has upgraded to 124400:05
croppaIt seems to be that the outside frontends are havng trouble connecting to the database00:07
croppamy reading seems that others are having trouble with the database not upgrading properly00:08
croppaI am not an expert on mysql (infact am probably below newby) but love mythtv and have been using it for years00:10
croppaThe outside frontends report cannot login to database.00:12
klucasYes, croppa, I'm rapidly falling in love with mythtv myself.00:13
klucasif you log on to the front end and fire up a command line00:14
klucasare you able to log into the database with the CLI mysql client00:14
klucashand on I'll look up the command00:14
croppawould this procedure from nerver fixit http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130213500:15
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org] [SOLVED] Can't Upgrade Database - Ubuntu Forums00:15
klucasmysql -u <username> -p -h <host IP>00:15
croppaIs the password that is asked for the one used by the frontend to connect to the database?00:18
croppaie the 8 character one00:18
klucascroppa: it'll depend on what you entered for the username.00:19
klucasThere has to be a username/password on the backend database that the front end can use to log into your mysql database00:19
klucasokay is there a user 'mythtv' on the back-end mysql database?00:20
croppahow am i able to check for users on the database?....I did a normal install of 9.04 setting up ontop of ubuntu and it was working fine untill i uprgaded00:24
klucaspersonally I use the webmin mysql module to do database administration but a lot of people use phpmyadmin00:32
klucaseither will show you what users are set up.00:32
klucasreally there are only 2 things that could be wrong00:32
klucaseither the front end can't 'see' the backend00:32
klucaslikely because of firewall config or other network conditions00:33
klucasor it can see the backend but can't log in00:33
klucasusually because of user/password issues00:33
croppaas the problem has started with the upgrade and effects all the previously workin front ends would you suspect something like the firewall?00:35
klucasforgive me, I'm a bit late to the game here but are you saying that every thing was fine until you did an upgrade?00:36
klucasokay was it the backend, front end or both that you upgraded?00:37
croppaand the frontend on the frontend/backend machine works fine00:37
klucasso you've got a fronend/backend combo on one machine and a master backend on another?00:38
croppajust that the other frontend machins cannot conect eventhough thay have also been upgraded to 9,1000:38
croppano i have onlyt one backend with a frontend and other machins which also conect to it00:39
klucasah, okay.00:39
klucasso you know the username 'mythtv' that the working frontend is connecting to00:40
klucasif you log on to one of the non-working frontend only machines00:40
klucasopen up a terminal00:40
klucasand type mysql -u mysql -p -h <ip address of backend machine>00:41
klucasmysql -u mythtv -p -h <ipaddress of backend machine>00:41
klucasand enter the mythtv user's database password00:42
klucaswhen prompted what do you get?00:42
croppaI have done that and tried every password i can think of and no luck loging in00:44
croppaI have also tried on the backend machine00:45
croppaIs there a way to reset the password?00:45
klucasokay, yes00:45
klucasif it were me00:45
klucasI'd load webmin on the backend machine00:46
klucasif it wasn't installed00:46
klucasthen launch a web browser on it00:46
klucasand point it to https://localhost:1000000:46
klucasand log on as root with the root PW00:46
klucasnavigate to the servers section00:47
klucasthen mysql00:47
klucasand find the mythtv user00:47
klucasthen in there there's an option to reset the password00:47
klucasthere's probably a way to do it with either the command line mysql client or phpmyadmin but I don't know them off the top of my head00:47
klucasI'd set it to something that I'd know (clearly) then go back to the front end machine00:48
klucasin questino00:48
klucasand run mythtv-setup00:48
klucasand in the section where it asks about which backend to connect to00:48
klucasI'd plug in mythtv as the username00:48
klucasand the password I'd just created00:48
croppaI have been trying to use that password before but to no avail00:49
croppaThe front end on the frontend/backend has that password in its setup00:51
klucasI'm sorry, I don't think I follow?00:51
croppabummer webmin not in ubuntu repos but not a problem00:51
klucasThere's an installer on the webmin site one sec...00:52
Zinn[www.webmin.com] Webmin00:52
klucasthe senior guy where I work shits on webmin all the time but I find it useful00:53
croppathe password that is in the frontend setup on the frontend/backend machine (which works) is the same as the other frontends and is also one which i tried with stuart@stuart-ubuntu:~$ mysql -u mythtv -p -h
croppaI have used webmin befor and found it very usefull00:56
klucascroppa: okay so that tells us that the mysql server on the frontend/backend machine is just not accepting remote logins00:57
croppaAm just downloading webmin anyway00:58
klucasif you log on to the fronend/backend machine and do mysql -u mythtv -p -h then plug in the PW does it let you log on?00:58
klucasif not try mysql -u mythtv -p -h on the frontend/backend machine00:59
Zinn[] MaineFish Productions00:59
klucasto go at the DB locally00:59
croppaI am flicking between 2 machines with a KVM switch00:59
klucasor better yet try mysql -u mythtv -p on the fronend/backend machine01:00
klucasthen plug in the mythtv pw and does it let you in?01:00
croppaYes that lets me in01:00
klucasso mysql on the backend just isn't listening on the external interface01:01
croppayes that sounds possiable01:01
klucasIf I'm not mistaken there's options in the mysql module of webmin that'll tell mysql which interfaces to allow logons for for a selected user01:01
klucasif you tell it to listen on in addition to localhost01:02
klucasthat should solve the issue with the remote frontends.01:02
croppaok I will now install webmin01:02
klucasI believe <sp?>01:02
croppaThank you for your help if you are gone befor i get back 8-)01:03
klucasback shortly (note I didn't use 'brb') :)01:03
klucascroppa: what video card do you prefer on you frontends?01:13
klucasI want to upgrade the one on mine (currently using an on-board intel one on an old xcube)01:13
croppaklucas: I am using a Nvidia and conecting to the LCD tv through the digital output01:43
klucascroppa: cool, which nvidia?01:44
klucasI've got this thing connecting to a vga port on my tv at the moment01:44
croppaI have not been able to connect to the data base through mysql -u mythtv -p -h and have tried a lot of changes in webmin01:44
klucasand I'd like to go dvi/hdmi but I'm limited to low provfile01:45
klucasokay, so then I'd be looking to allow the mythtv user to connect on the external interface01:46
croppathe card i am using is an onboard gforce 6 on a ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard01:47
klucasand possibly looking to see if the mysql port (can't remember what it is) is allowed through the firewall01:47
klucason the backend machine01:47
klucasonce you get it working from the command line the mythtv gui should just fall into place01:48
croppaPort is 330601:48
klucasokay so is the firewall on the backend allowing connections to 3306?01:51
klucasand check to see that the mythtv user is allowed to connect via remote hosts in webmin01:52
klucasif so01:52
klucasthen try to connect via the front end01:52
klucasby going on the front end and doing mysql -u mythtv -p -h
klucasonce you get that logon working your front ends(s) will be fine.02:03
croppathankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou a change in webmin which i hadnt found has made all the difference02:06
croppaIt was stopping all but
Zinn[] MaineFish Productions02:07
klucasya  if it's only allowing then that's all that'll be allowed to log in and your frontends are fucked02:09
Zinn[] MaineFish Productions02:09
croppaklucas: mysql server configeration > listening address02:09
klucascroppa: yep, I knew I remember seeing it in there somewhere02:09
klucasglad it's going for you02:09
croppaThankyou very much again................saved my bacon with management (She who must be obeyed) She likes Mythtv very much02:10
klucasawesome :) enjoy myth like I said early, falling in love with it more and more day by day02:11
klucascroppa: I still want to know which nvidia card you're using :)02:12
croppacan put some tuners back again which were a problem with 9.0402:13
croppaklucas: the card i am using is an onboard gforce 6 on a ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard02:13
klucascroppa: cool thanks02:14
croppait is onboard so can still use a small box02:14
croppaI dont know if the motherboard is available still02:15
klucascroppa: ya this aopen xcube is a pretty small box and not going to deal with a motherboard swap verry well02:16
klucasso I'm looking for a pcie card that'll fit in the low profile box02:17
klucasand have vdpau compatibility02:17
klucasI was looking on the mythtv wiki earlier and could only find cards that had partial vdpau compatibility02:17
klucasat my local retailer02:17
klucasthanks for the tip though I'll find out what chipset it's running and see if I can find something similar for the kinda money I'm looking to spend02:18
klucascroppa: where are you?02:19
klucas'night all02:37
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zepheaddoes anybody have experience w/ PVR-150 IR blaster?  If so, I would greatly appreciate some help :)04:26
zepheaddoes anybody have any experience w/ PVR-150 IR blaster?  If so - I'd /greatly/ appreciate some guidance ;)04:38
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].04:39
zepheaddoes anybody have experience w/ PVR-150 IR blaster?  If so, I would greatly appreciate some help :)04:49
ZinnDon't repeatedly ask your question more than 1 time per 2 hours.  It makes the mods mad and you will be kicked.05:58
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Zdenohello guys anybody alive who is using iptv?13:49
Zdenoim using gentoo+mythtv ( iptv ) and got problem with load on cpu... does any1 has same problem like me?13:51
Zdenobtw hw conf: MSI Media Live Barebone with 4400+13:52
rabotnikMythfilldatabase runs perfectly if I run it manually, but the backend never seems to run it by itself even though I specified it to run daily.  I've searched for a solution but can't see what I'm doing wrong.14:27
boxer_hi folks - my mythbuntu9.10 is doing samba-sharing of myth stuff perfectly; but how do I add an arbitrary folder as a separate share?15:37
boxer_aha, found https://launchpad.net/thunar-shares which is prob what I want15:43
Zinn[launchpad.net] Thunar-Shares in Launchpad15:43
boxer_Zinn: thanks :) timing15:44
boxer_(btw great job mythbuntu folks - been running it for a couple of months, v nice integration)15:48
arriflextest post16:37
arriflexdunno why, my jobqueue table got screwed up16:38
arriflexhad to do a repair table jobqueue use_frm; to fix it16:38
eggheadanyone know how to assign multiple key strokes to one remote button press in lirc. trying to editing my ~/.lirc/mythtv config file to send a key macro20:27
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dodddummyi bought a hauppauge hvr-1600.  decided to take my old cards out and put just put it in.  but my graphics card goes into low res mode when i do that.22:43
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Guest9761i get the following error when trying to reconfigure my backend on 9:10  Failed to create or modify database (incorrect admin username/password?)23:10
dodddummycrap! just as i decided to put the other cards back in i found the solution.  back on my knees!23:17
jarrod1Hi. I've got mythbuntu karmic on a laptop, and a UIR-compatible receiver working through a USB serial adapter. when it suspends to ram then wakes up, the device name always changes from /dev/ttyACM0 to ttyACM1. so the remote stops working. it only changes if lircd has locked it before the suspend.. any way to fix this?23:57

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