Tm_T^ ssl and all set up now <300:04
Myrttibazhang: +++00:04
bazhanghave him in PM00:04
Guest66030Tm_T: how are you authing with ssl?00:05
Guest66030are you still using the same old /quote nickserv way?00:05
CrashOverridebastidrazor> op that dumb ass00:06
Guest66030would be nice if you could just a ssl cert for it, trying that cap_sasl script00:06
CrashOverridecan someone unban me pls00:06
nhandlerGuest66030: Have you read http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml00:06
Guest66030nhandler: yeah, it sucks00:06
Guest66030i have followed that and another one00:06
Tm_TGuest66030: I use password in server connection00:06
Guest66030honestly, opensuse has better docs on it than freenode does00:06
bazhangCrashOverride, was there something you wished to discuss?00:06
CrashOverrideI wish to be unbanned00:07
CrashOverrideI meant to say yes not bbyes00:07
Tm_TCrashOverride: you have to first understand why your behaviour is not acceptable00:07
CrashOverrideGive me another chance and I will behave00:07
CrashOverrideI promise00:07
bazhangCrashOverride, I asked you to read the code of conduct and the guidelines, and you responded that you did not care.00:07
CrashOverrideI told you that I already read it so I dont care00:08
CrashOverridePlease read more carefully next time00:08
bazhangI can pastebin if you wish00:08
CrashOverridego ahead00:08
bazhangyou are currently muted00:08
CrashOverridebazhang> read those should you care to be unmuted in #ubuntu00:09
CrashOverride<CrashOverride> i already have00:09
CrashOverrideI wish to talk to someone other than bazhang00:09
CrashOverrideHe/she is not being polite00:09
bazhangthat is perfectly acceptable00:09
Tm_TCrashOverride: read again then, with thought, as your behaviour hasn't shown me that you have understood those documents00:09
CrashOverrideIm trying to00:10
CrashOverrideI already read it00:10
CrashOverrideI dont need to read it 18914618941321621 times00:10
CrashOverridemy gosh00:10
Myrttithen why should you be unmuted?00:10
CrashOverridebecause I ALREADY read them00:11
CrashOverridelike I said00:11
CrashOverrideThis proves that ops at Ubuntu are abusive and stubborn00:11
Myrttiyour behaviour isn't acceptable and you clearly do not understand what you've read00:11
CrashOverrideI have00:11
CrashOverrideI just have a bad temper00:11
Tm_Tthat's no excuse00:12
CrashOverrideOk thats it00:12
CrashOverrideIm out00:12
CrashOverrideIm not fucking around with you bitches no more00:12
CrashOverrideI asked once nicely00:12
CrashOverridenow I going to have to ban envade00:12
CrashOverrideand also post how you bitches are stubborn assholes00:12
Tm_Tthat isn't smart thing to do00:12
CrashOverrideand Im never going to use Ubuntu again00:12
CrashOverridecause your stubborn assholes00:12
Myrttithen in what part of the document does it say that helping for x hours a day gives you permission to flood, rant, curse and abuse?00:13
Myrttioh well00:13
Tm_Tquick, we have to keep him using Ubuntu00:13
Myrttilol, no00:14
Guest66030we just needed acid burn in here to be golden00:14
Tm_Twhy we have so many quests in this channel? (:00:14
Guest66030anyone authing with ssl and irssi?00:14
Guest66030or do I still need to use the old way of plaintext passwords00:14
Tm_Tis ssl auth even possible?00:14
Guest66030supposedly with the cap_sasl script it is00:15
Guest66030i ssl auth on oftc00:15
Tm_Tah, interesting00:15
Guest66030i have done the set /sasl set Freenode nixternal yousuck dh-blowfish00:15
Guest66030but that doesn't auth me00:15
jpdsGuest66030: /sasl save00:15
CrashOverrideI am back00:15
jpdsGuest66030: Then /save00:16
CrashOverrideI caimed down now00:16
Guest66030jpds: trying now00:16
CrashOverridewhat where thoose links again00:16
CrashOverrideI dont really want to reread them00:16
CrashOverrideBut I guess I have to00:16
bazhang!coc > CrashOverride00:16
ubottuCrashOverride, please see my private message00:17
nixterna1_jpds: I hate you! :p00:17
bazhang!guidelines > CrashOverride00:17
jpdsnixterna1_: The feeling is mutual, my friend.00:17
CrashOverrideOh gosh00:17
CrashOverrideThats alottttt of readinn...00:17
nixterna1_jpds: oh pay back is coming :D00:17
bazhangnot really00:17
nixterna1_wtf does "Nick nixternal Juped" mean?00:17
CrashOverrideBe considerate00:18
CrashOverridethat wasnt me00:18
CrashOverrideRespectful.. not me00:18
CrashOverrideI can change that all starting now00:19
jpdsnixterna1_: I can see you're cloaked though.00:19
bazhangCrashOverride, good to hear00:19
nixterna1_yeah, but I can't use my nick though00:19
nixterna1_18:19:45 >>> Nick nixternal is Juped00:19
CrashOverrideCan I please have another chance?00:20
jpdsnixterna1_: /msg NickServ release nixternal <password>.00:20
bazhangCrashOverride, certainly no bans/mutes are long term, except in extreme cases00:21
CrashOverrideOh. How long must I wait?00:21
CrashOverride1 week or what?00:22
Tm_Tnixterna1_: please write quick howto if there's no one yet so others can enjoy it too (:00:23
nixterna1_Tm_T: yeah, i will probably just do that, but i can't get a straight answer via freenode on this new issue00:24
jpdsTm_T: http://blog.freenode.net/2010/01/connecting-to-freenode-using-tor-sasl/00:24
Tm_Tjpds: tor?00:24
=== nixterna1_ is now known as nixternal
jpdsnixterna1_: You probably have enforce set on your nick, which caused the Guest'ness, hence why you had to release the nick.00:24
nixternaloh this is stupid as hell00:24
=== nixternal is now known as Guest44311
jpdsTm_T: Scroll down to the "irssi" bit.00:25
Guest44311holy f*)#@$)*@*00:25
Tm_TGuest44311: nownow00:25
Guest44311here, this is my now now00:25
CrashOverridebazhang: Did you see my question I asked?00:27
=== elky is now known as Guest19067
=== ryanakca_ is now known as ryanakca
CrashOverrideCan someone unban me from #Ubuntu now?00:48
CrashOverrideunmute srry00:48
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
elkyWhy were you muted?00:49
CrashOverrideI already talked to bazhang00:49
CrashOverridebut he didnt reply back about it00:49
bazhangCrashOverride, hi00:49
CrashOverrideI was muted for being disrepectful as well as cursing00:49
bazhangCrashOverride, looking back at the logs, this seems the second incident you were involved in today00:50
CrashOverrideI have now read the Terms Of Conduct and Guidelines I was given00:50
CrashOverrideI was only banned once today00:50
CrashOverrideand that was this mute00:50
bazhangand were spoken to by an operator earlier as well00:50
CrashOverridei dont think00:50
CrashOverrideI dont recall it00:51
CrashOverrideCare to refresh my memory pls00:51
bazhangan incident involving cowbud00:51
CrashOverrideis he an op?00:52
CrashOverrideI remember him but I didnt get in trouble for it00:52
CrashOverrideno +b or +q00:52
CrashOverrideor anything00:52
bazhangCrashOverride, that being said, please come back in 24h and we can discuss again00:52
CrashOverrideNot uh00:52
CrashOverrideI didnt get in trouble earilier00:53
CrashOverrideI been patient here all this time00:53
CrashOverrideNormal people would just leave and forget it00:53
bazhangthat's fine. 24h and we'll discuss again.00:53
CrashOverrideI didnt do anything wrong before00:53
CrashOverrideso no 24 hour ban00:53
CrashOverrideI deserved a mute yes00:53
CrashOverridebut not a 24 hour ban00:53
CrashOverridethat is not right00:54
bazhangCrashOverride, you're rather dramatic exit a short while ago changed the considerations involved00:54
CrashOverrideIs their a op abuse channel I can talk with00:54
CrashOverridecause Your abusing me and Im not gonna let it happen no more00:54
bazhang!appeals > CrashOverride00:54
ubottuCrashOverride, please see my private message00:54
CrashOverrideI been calm all this time00:55
CrashOverrideYour appeal process online takes 84 hours00:55
CrashOverrideso no00:55
CrashOverrideI been waiting here caimly this whole time00:55
CrashOverrideIm not just about to leave00:55
bazhangwell the alternative is to return in 24h and discuss again00:55
CrashOverrideso that way you can say 24 more hours over and over00:56
CrashOverrideThis is just racist man00:56
bazhangnot really.00:56
CrashOverrideRace being the op00:56
CrashOverrideand race by me being the user00:56
bazhangthe sooner this is resolved the better00:56
CrashOverrideI say we resolve it NOW00:57
CrashOverridenot in 24 hours00:57
bazhangso please return when you have had time to cool down and consider your behaviour of late.00:57
CrashOverride24 hours will make it so I wont ever help again00:57
CrashOverridethats all ima say00:57
bazhangie , in 24h00:57
CrashOverrideI want to talk to someone else00:57
CrashOverrideOther than an abusive op like yourself00:58
CrashOverrideWhere is your supervisor00:58
CrashOverrideSomeone in charge of all the ops00:58
bazhangyou have been given the appeals link, is that not correct?00:58
CrashOverrideI dont care for those00:58
bazhangardchoille, hi00:58
CrashOverrideIm not gonna waste my time00:58
CrashOverrideappealing online00:59
ardchoilleSuspicious users in#ubuntu. Take a look at the first 7 nicks after the floodbot00:59
ardchoillebazhang: hi00:59
bazhangokay ardchoille , thanks for the heads up :)00:59
ardchoilleThat nick configuration reminds me of spambots but they all have "AAA" in the nick00:59
ardchoillebazhang: yw :)00:59
CrashOverrideyah he is right01:00
CrashOverridethere is a bunch of bots in your channel01:00
CrashOverrideI want someone to assist me now01:01
CrashOverrideother than bazhang01:01
bazhangCrashOverride, that's perfectly acceptable01:01
CrashOverrideWhere is he/she then please...01:02
bazhanghave to get out for some breakfast as a matter of fact :)01:02
CrashOverridedon't care for you01:03
CrashOverrideYou are an abusive operator so I don't care01:03
elkySo let me get this straight. you a) got a warning, then, b) got muted, then, c) had a tantrum in #ubuntu-offtopic, and now, d) want us to dismiss the mute because you'd been given the benefit of a warning first which you chose to ignore?01:12
CrashOverrideI didnt though a "tantrum" in any channel01:13
elkyyes you did.01:13
CrashOverrideTantrums are what kids have01:14
CrashOverrideI just said what was on my mind01:14
elkythat is a tantrum01:14
CrashOverridetheir is a different01:14
CrashOverrideI said what was on my mind01:14
CrashOverrideno it wasnt01:14
CrashOverrideYour an idiot for thinking so01:14
elkydo you really think calling the person you want to unmute you "an idiot" is going to help you any?01:15
Tm_TCrashOverride: hmh, you're starting it again01:15
elkyTm_T, indeed.01:15
CrashOverrideIm sick of this01:15
CrashOverrideI been here for like 5 hours01:15
CrashOverridetrying to get unbanned01:15
CrashOverridebeing calm and all01:16
CrashOverridebut nothing01:16
CrashOverrideFigures with Ubuntu01:16
Tm_TCrashOverride: you calling names is not calm01:16
CrashOverrideThat just started01:16
CrashOverridecause I been waiting for 5 hours01:16
CrashOverrideMy gosh01:16
elkyCrashOverride, and you keep taking steps backwards with your behaviour. Calling folks an idiot and being abusive in #ubuntu-offtopic is really not compatible with "calm"01:16
CrashOverrideIm sick of this01:16
CrashOverrideIm leaving and not coming back01:16
CrashOverrideIm have to post soem complaints about your support online01:17
CrashOverrideand tell the world how bad you guys are01:17
CrashOverrideCause its obvious you dont give a flying SHIT about your customers01:17
CrashOverrideand such01:17
elkyThis isn't a right, CrashOverride. it's a privilege.01:17
CrashOverrideThe people that use your software are01:17
CrashOverrideSay that to my ass elky01:18
elkyIf you want to be treated to customer service, then pay for the service. Canonical offers it.01:18
CrashOverrideI was thinking about buying it01:18
CrashOverridebut I lost my intrest01:18
Tm_TCrashOverride: all needed links has been provided to you, something else we can help you with?01:18
CrashOverrideBecause of this01:18
CrashOverrideIm not01:18
elkyThese irc channels are volunteers who for the most part have not had any part in the creation of the software. they owe you nothing.01:19
CrashOverrideI dont care01:19
CrashOverrideYou treat your customers like SHIT01:19
Tm_TCrashOverride: all needed links has been provided to you, something else we can help you with?01:19
CrashOverrideforget it01:19
CrashOverrideIm not gonna01:19
elkyOk then. Bye.01:20
CrashOverrideI might be back in 24 hours to appeal01:20
Tm_The doesn't buy what?01:21
elkyCanonical support. Because a completely different set of people in these here channels won't let him abuse them whilst he asks for help.01:22
elkyTotally logical and all that.01:23
Tm_Tinteresting logic overall01:23
PiciWell handled, as always.01:23
Tm_The has already said he will do some ban dodge01:24
Tm_Tso you might need to watch for it01:24
elkyTm_T, has he actually enacted it yet?01:24
Tm_Tnot that I know, as he's not banned, just muted01:24
PiciI was busy reading the scrollback when I saw that elky had already started to respond, thought I'd wait in the wings.01:24
elkyTm_T, if it's not been enacted yet, then it probably won't be.01:24
Tm_Telky: Pici: if you didn't see his first visit here, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/01/31/%23ubuntu-ops.html01:27
Tm_Tright at the beginning01:27
PiciYeah, I read it, twice actually.01:27
elkyyeah, it is in my scrollback too01:29
Tm_Tnow back to hunting pink unicorn pony ->01:33
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, funkyHat said: !rww is a ridiculous factoid02:03
nixternalTm_Tr: http://blog.nixternal.com/2010.01.30/freenode-irc-connect-and-auth-securely/02:36
nixternalstupid planet.ubuntu.com grabbed a copy of my un-updated version that fixes Freenode and freenode02:39
pleia2nixternal: oh no, you're telling people to edit .irssi/config, beware the wrath of #irssi :)02:41
nixternalscrew them02:42
nixternaleasier to config irssi that way02:42
nixternalplus, I can't remember the commands and didn't feel like looking them up02:42
nixternaland, people who use irssi should be comfortable editing a config file :)02:43
elkyi should probably find an update for chanserv.py some time too...02:43
elkyoh well, off to buy disposable fountain pens02:43
Flanneland auto bleh02:44
FlannelIsn't someone already working on it?02:44
nixternalthere, added a warning to it :)02:44
* pleia2 gives nixternal a gold star02:45
nixternalWARNING: It has been brought to my attention that the Irssi folks get mad when people tell you to edit the config file instead of using the commands, so with that, backup your config file first, and if anything goes wrong, not my fault :)02:45
elkyFlannel, yeah, several folk i think. this sort of stuff really ought be in vcs somewhere02:45
elkyFlannel, in fact... we should be putting this stuff in vcs, with branches for different folks' preferences02:46
FlannelThat would make sense though.02:47
FlannelWe can own a bzr branch as a team, that'd make the most sense.02:47
FlannelInstead of [someonee02:47
FlannelInstead of [someone's server], which while useful, will go offline in 2 years when we need it most.02:47
elkyFlannel, yeah02:48
AmaranthSo anyone get chanserv.py going again?03:34
nhandlerAmaranth: pastebin the script, I'll modify it for you03:49
Amaranthnhandler: actually it looks like tsimpson already did03:50
ubottuIn #ubuntu, sudipta said: ubottu:my video card is nvidia GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS05:44
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood)07:06
ubottuAtomicSpark called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()08:46
=== Guest98536 is now known as jussi01
Tm_T!away > eaglewatch09:41
=== Pricey is now known as pricey\
=== pricey\ is now known as pricey|
=== pricey| is now known as Pricey
FlannelForwards are different now, right?11:01
Tm_Tor, no I have no idea actually11:02
Flannel$ instead of ! and... oh, bother.11:02
Flannelyou have to have access in both channels.11:02
FlannelWell, lets see if this works11:02
Flannelaha.  Old format still works for setting, they just get translated11:03
Flannelbut, still need access, so lets see if this works.11:03
FlannelWe need to set this channel to +F11:05
FlannelAnd I guess in the meantime, just keep an eye out for DryGrain11:06
Tm_Tworks now?11:07
FlannelIt should, let me test11:07
FlannelWe'll need unregged and read-topic to be +F as well probably11:08
Myrtti!away > travmon11:10
tsimpsonFlannel: we don't need to, the floodbots have +o in them11:21
Tm_Ttsimpson: are floodbots only one who will do redirects?11:22
Flanneltsimpson: I wonder if you need it to remove forwards?11:22
tsimpsonTm_T: 99.9% of the time11:22
tsimpsonFlannel: no, it's just a normal ban in that case11:22
Flanneltsimpson: Also, I don't think +F would hurt, and who knows what someone might need to do manually one of these days11:22
Tm_Ttsimpson: I would keep +F even for just 0.01 %11:23
tsimpsonall ubuntu/member/* people have +o in both those channels too11:23
Tm_Thmm, are all ops members too?11:23
FlannelIs there any downside to having +F?11:23
tsimpsonnot at the moment anyway11:23
tsimpsonthe only downside (or upside, depending on your POV) to +F is that ops for other channels can forward there11:24
FlannelIs that an issue we've had previously? (since that used to be the case anyway)11:25
tsimpsonthere is really no way to tell11:25
Tm_Ttsimpson: its upside, remember locos11:26
tsimpsonwhy would a loco set a ban-forward to -read-topic or -unregged?11:26
Tm_Tthe same reason we do in core channels, I guess11:27
tsimpsonand no one should need to forward to -unregged anyway11:27
Tm_Tthat is true11:27
tsimpsonbut -read-topic and -unregged only work for #ubuntu11:27
tsimpsonit won't exempt them for the loco11:27
FlannelYeah, I have no idea how join throttling would work with +F, I just assumed it might be necessary and I'd rather not figure this out after things go south11:27
tsimpsonthe +F has nothing to do with +f11:28
tsimpsonas it's not a ban-forward, just an overflow channel11:28
tsimpsonit's probably going to take us a while to get used to all these new modes and how they interact with each other11:29
Flannel+f does need +F (or operator)11:29
tsimpson+f is separate11:29
tsimpsonor, should be11:29
Flannelto set +f or forwarding ban, you need +F or ops in destination (and source)11:29
tsimpsonit was working yesterday11:29
Flannelbut, join throttling isn't +f, is it?11:29
tsimpsonit is11:30
Flannelisn't it +j?11:30
FlannelAh, there's an +f there too11:30
Tm_Ttsimpson: "An operator can only set mode +f #channel2 if they are an op in #channel2 or if #channel2 has mode +F set (see below). "11:30
tsimpsonwithout the +f when +j is set, people would just be sent a "can not join" message11:30
tsimpsonTm_T: but the +f was already set11:30
Tm_Ttsimpson: true that11:31
tsimpsonyou only need +o in both or +F in the dest _when_ you set the mode11:31
Tm_Tthis is a mess (:)11:31
Flanneltsimpson: right, but "because its set now" isn't really a good policy.  Accidents happen11:31
tsimpsonthere is a fix, mlock ;)11:32
Flannel.... I don't see why you're so opposed to just setting +F on those two channels11:32
tsimpsonI'm not11:32
tsimpsonI'm just discussing the other pov11:33
tsimpsonall these new modes/policies can be confusing, so discussion is a good thing11:33
Tm_Twith all these new modes we might like to collect "the ops rulebook" what to do and when11:33
Tm_Tso we can slap each other when someone does otherwise (;11:34
FlannelTm_T: Not sure where you got that previous line, but mine was from here: http://dev.freenode.net/ircd-seven/browser/doc/hyperion-migration.txt  which might have some stuff yours doesnt11:34
tsimpsonwhile we're on the subject, is everyone familiar with the extended ban format?11:34
Flanneltsimpson: I know there's some letters involved, and other assorted silliness!11:34
Tm_TFlannel: tsimpson http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml11:34
Tm_Ttsimpson: no idea what that even means11:35
tsimpsonit's not too difficult when you get used to it11:35
tsimpsonif you want to set a "real name" ban, you use +b $r:real?name11:35
tsimpsonreplacing spaces with ? or using * as wildcard11:35
tsimpson(r == real-name)11:35
tsimpsonyou can now also ban an account, with $a:account11:36
tsimpsonthese also work with quiets (+q)11:36
Tm_Troger roger11:36
tsimpsonyou can also invert a ban, so +b $~r:my?name will ban everyone who does _not_ have the real name "real name"11:37
tsimpsonthat's how the ban on unregistered users work "$a" would be all registered users, and "$~a" is the inverse (unregistered users)11:37
tsimpsonyou probably won't use them much, but for specific bans, it can be useful to know them11:39
* tsimpson pretends he made no typos in the above lines11:40
K99Brainhi all12:08
K99Brainsomeone can remember me which was the command for the ubottu to store the mask for the identification?12:08
tsimpsonK99Brain: supybot support is in #supybot12:10
K99Braintsimpson, thanks12:10
=== K99Brain is now known as K99Brain_
=== K99Brain_ is now known as K99Brain
tsimpsonA quick note to #ubuntu ops: as well as here, it's also a good idea to idle in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (so you can monitor what the floodbots are doing, force them out of emergency mode etc, and see their warnings). To get access to there just poke one of the IRCC12:52
tsimpsonalso for ops in #kubuntu, there is #kubuntu-ops-monitor12:52
Mamaroktsimpson: I can't join, channel mode is set to +i12:53
tsimpsonMamarok: that's why I said to poke one of us ;)12:53
Mamarokconsider you poked, then :)12:53
* jussi01 sighs, gives up on newcs for now. 12:57
=== Martinp23 is now known as Martinp24
Trekgot a question for the ops, if they know of this14:39
Trekis there a specific ubuntu channel for 10.04 or currently-in-development versions?14:39
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+114:41
Trekthanks man14:42
Tm_Tnp (:14:42
Trekand is there a list of the ! commands for ubottu available somewhere?14:44
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-ops's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots14:45
Treknice, thanks again14:46
Tm_TI wonder if one could have long serious discussions by only using factoids (:14:47
Treklol, i know that you can be annoying to the bot, especially when you're bored14:47
Trekone of the funny things was giving it a "bot treat" and it responded semi-intelligently14:49
Trekkinda like this: !botsnack14:49
ubottublakkheim called the ops in #ubuntu ()15:41
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood)15:41
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (Copinstan)15:43
nhandlerHas +R (which was converted into a +q against $~a) and +r been removed from the various Ubuntu channels? The spam link attack (which was the reason for setting it in the first place) has been fixed with the move to ircd-seven16:57
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (wert)17:00
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu (wert)17:00
Tm_Tnhandler: should be17:05
jussi01REMINDER: Ubuntu IRC Council meeting in ~40 mins! ( #ubuntu-meeting )17:22
Tm_Tjussi01: surprisingly I have to skip that, gotta get R. sleeping17:23
Myrtti-meeting, I assume17:23
Tm_Tanyway ->17:24
Myrttiteadict: ?17:25
teadictMyrtti: I'm wondering why there's champagne and caviar in here and not in #uo17:25
Myrttiteadict: huh?17:25
teadictMyrtti: nevermind17:26
teadictso, what's the purpose of this room?17:27
Myrttitopic is quite informative17:27
teadictwell then, to the matter at hand.. I'd like to apply for operator17:28
jussi01teadict: please wait a few weeks - not long from now there will be an announcement about operator applications.17:31
jussi01best if you subscribe to the ubuntu irc mailing list also17:31
ubottuMail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com17:31
teadictallright then, thanks17:32
ikoniaare the floodbots currently working, there is a user in -proxy-users who's not getting an exempt in #ubuntu (at one point floodbot said it granted him one, but in #ubuntu it didn't)17:39
ikoniaok - that's two users now in the #ubuntu-proxy-user channels that can't join #ubuntu even though floodbot is telling them an exempt has been granted17:45
ikoniaI think the floodbots aren't working at the moment17:45
Trekgot a question for you about the #ubuntu channel...17:52
ikoniago on17:52
Trekwhats with the group at the top of 20<RANDOMLETTERS> on the channel list?17:52
Trekreplace random letters with random letters17:53
Trekits actually a group of 5 users, seems to be random connections17:53
ikonia??? where17:53
Treki'll hilight them one second17:53
Trekthey're at the top of the users list...17:54
Treki'll list them...17:54
ikoniaI don't know where you're looking or what you're looking at17:55
Trek20QAAAABY, 20QAAAAJB, 20QAAABJ9, 50UAAANCL, 5EXAAADN8, 77CAAAZPU shows up on the connected users list on my xchat window for #ubuntu17:56
Treknot sure if they're random connections or a glitch, hence why I'm asking here17:56
ikoniathey are just users17:56
ikoniathat's there nickname17:56
Trekwow, how rare is it that people choose those nicks...17:56
ikoniamaybe part of a bot tool17:56
Trekbot-net, maybe?17:57
ikoniawho knows17:57
Garyikonia: charybdis (and so seven) tries to not kill on nick collision by renaming the loser to their unique id, which is what those users have had happen to them.18:00
jussi01Pricey: Daviey PING - you have an item on the meeting agenda, please be there18:01
ikoniathere we go, simple answer18:01
Davieyjussi01: I already am :)..  No idea how that item got there TBH, but i'm there.18:02
MenZaIt's been there for q while18:03
ikoniaDaviey: clearly you have power18:03
jussi01Daviey: think pricey added it18:03
ikoniawow - Daviey is the puppet master,18:03
ikoniaI wish Pricey would be my social secretary too18:03
* MenZa thinks adding a "Added on" column to the MeetingAgenda would be a good idea.18:04
tsimpsonitems usually only last for one meeting, it's just been a while since the last meeting18:05
nhandlerThat isn't a bad idea MenZa. Especially if we don't process the entire agenda each meeting18:05
tsimpsonMenZa: add it to the agenda ;)18:05
MenZatsimpson: but the meeting's started already! altering an agenda when it's running is a Bad Idea(tm)!18:06
nhandlertsimpson: I don't think we need an agenda item for that. We can simply add it to the wiki. There is no harm in having it. I also don't think a vote is needed for it (just like how we can add/remove from the agenda without a vote ;) )18:09
tsimpsonwell I wan't really serious about actually adding it18:09
* nhandler will add the column after the meeting18:12
ikoniahello Trek18:28
Trekhiya, was gonna bother you about someone spamming letters, but they stopped18:29
ikoniatypical timing18:29
MyrttiTrek: feel free to report problems especially now, the concentration of some of us might be a bit dispersed18:34
Myrttithe ops trigger works nicely in this ;-)18:35
=== TrekCaptain is now known as Trek
ikoniawell hello18:36
Trekyeah, i forgot to leave the channel18:37
MyrttiTrek: the ops trigger works nicely in reporting issues and problems of the channels, just remember to add "| <the cause of alarm>" in the end... ;-)18:37
Myrtticrashoverride seems to be banevading?19:27
ikoniaubottu doesn't seem to think so19:27
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:27
ikoniabut I concur, I remember him being banned also19:27
tsimpsonMyrtti: ubottu searches for bans on the current nick/user/host combo, so if they are evading ubottu won't detect it19:29
MyrttiI see [02:02] ~~~mode/#ubuntu [+q *!*@fl-67-77-173-128.dhcp.embarqhsd.net]19:29
Myrttibut no -q19:29
tsimpsonthen it's not ban evading, as there was no ban19:29
Myrttimute then19:29
tsimpsonwell they weren't blocked from the channel, just muted19:30
ikoniabut he's talking now19:31
ikoniaso he's evading the mute ?19:31
Myrttidoesn't show on irssi's bans either...19:31
tsimpsonthe IP has changed19:31
Myrttithis might be a problem19:31
Myrttiatleast for me19:32
tsimpsonMyrtti: mutes/quiets are on a different list than bans19:32
tsimpson/mode #channel q should show the quiets19:32
Myrttitsimpson: yup, so my script is somewhat b0rked19:33
Slartsomeone should have a talk with guest_89 in #ubuntu19:52
Slartoh.. nevermind19:52
Slartalready done19:52
Myrttiso, where were we20:02
Myrttidoes anyone want to take the ball of CrashOverride? should he be talked with? I'm heading for bed soon to feel sorry for myself and prevent doing retail therapy, so I'd more than happily decline20:03
Myrttithough, he quit already...20:03
Myrttibut if he should rejoin again20:03
ikoniaMyrtti: I'll have a polite word if he rejoins20:04
ikoniaI'm sure we can remove the +q20:04
FlannelWhat was he doing?20:04
ikoniajust doding a quiet20:05
Myrttistfuing people20:05
FlannelAh, there it is.20:05
Myrttiand being generally rude20:05
ikoniamay not have been intentional, but just a quick "hi, remember how to behave" will be enough for him to fall in line with the guidelines20:05
Myrttiheads up for Diareal20:13
Myrttihe complained about the gnaa spam that didn't even happen, in #maemo, by pasting the message on the channel20:13
tsimpsonhe already hit #k20:14
Myrttiwas k-lined once, I see20:15
Myrttiand now with a new ip20:16
ikoniawe'll see20:17
FlannelK train again20:17
ikoniaoh yes20:17
Myrttithankies for staff20:17
ikoniahis ip appeared to be the same20:17
Myrttiit amazes me how fast the ip addresses are rotated by some isps20:18
MyrttiI've had the same ip for two years now20:18
Myrttiwhich has had several router powercycles20:18
Myrttirighty-o, I'm about to buy an expensive electric toothbrush from a webshop in Germany, I think this is a sign that I should go to bed instead of being online.20:50
Myrttinight night20:50
=== Guest32953 is now known as Seeker`
Seeker`how can we help you?21:27
CrashOverrideI been helping the Ubuntu team for awhile21:29
CrashOverrideI wish to become a member of a Loco team if possible21:29
CrashOverrideor some kind of team21:30
CrashOverrideI searched Ubuntu's site for it but I couldn't find any site myself21:30
CrashOverridebah nvm21:30
CrashOverrideJust found it21:30
CrashOverridesrry abt that21:30
=== Guest40163 is now known as jussio1
jussi01!idle | CrashOverride21:37
ubottuCrashOverride: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.21:37
CrashOverrideIm sorry21:38
CrashOverrideMy bad21:38
ubottuIn #ubuntu, meowagi said: !forget the winblows bootloader21:50
MenZajussi01: How'd the meeting go?22:08

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